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. ITRI.lSfir.D I!f C0ODS05,
Jit Virginia aortica of the Town.
it us!icJ every Tuesday at $2.00 per an
tin. It is furniaual tocluba often at $1.00
per Copy. m"J"
' ..'' s si ' O sssavM
The Editor of theNrwRig not responri
Me fc-rnPixtoss expressed by eorreiipend
ents. '
3 ' jf:
First inch . . . . ,
Each fuleeqUent inch ",. "" . 4,00
To find tha mt for iiortf!r tiRi", f rst fintJf
the rate for oiie enr, then 60 prr of it
wf!l tSe rate fr - di wonth J
4U per cent ' ' 4-sKtkree u.ontb
."D ' ' ' -tiro nionth.
20 " - -. ooe tuontb
15 ' " pro week
J0 " -".. Mwk
Local advertisemcnU, Trsn;ct''f
F.v.owtel with neatness and dispatch at
KtwYoik prices.
TUESDU.;HARCH 31. 1374.
rum c . -i i- ar .. . .1 i
1 - . -
. " - - ' 1
QCKtN Victor', in lier address to the
r.ew l'afliaDK'ntr.ays: '."The delaj'
Ktxl expenses attending tlie transfer
of laud in Eiiia: d, has been felt to be
a reproach to our law and a serious ob
stacle to dealing in realwtate property.'
Tliia rouud very much like Queen
Vic is no old 'foy. Call it young
tnglaud if you wih I - " ...
The lady crusaders r gainst the whis
key hhoptt of Cleveland Ohio, have
lieeii mobbed, several of them hurt,
u.d a policeman kiLed while attemp
ting to protect them.'' All of which
Koea to prove that woman can't rule
men by ruling w hiakey, though they
may rule whiskey by rulii.g men.
' t - -
Judjre Dent, LroUier-in-Iaw of Pres
ident (J rant, a Democrat, a catholic,
and at one time anti-administration
candidate for Governor of Mississippi,
The Norfolk Gift Concert, goes over
U the oil) of May.
The E. Tenn. V. & Ga. R. It. Co ,
on Tuesday hint, declared a seiuuii an
nual dividend of three per cent, paya
ble on the 1st of April.
The Mayor of Cleveland Ohio,
ha -warned the woman cru
saders, thai he will protect all person
in their lejral rights, and will with the
whole power of the city police, dis
perse all assemblages in trout of any
ones place of business. We guess he
w ill get a dead head ticket for 1874, to
every bar-room in the city, lint then
we can't see how the Muyorcojl J have
done less that ho has.
The Raid Mountain continues to bel
low its f-ubterrancau thunders, to ihe
terror of the natives. We still believe
it is the spirit of old Hickory awaking
from its democratic sleep of fifteen
. The 13iit!ish troops undertook tocar
ry civilization to the Kingdom of Ah
nntee, and after a triumphal entry into
Otomassie, the Capitol, laid the "beau
tiful and wealthy city of that bold and
'iergelio people in ashes, just because
King Koli'ee uid not come in and treat.
We guese Afrit a has now a poor opin
ioij of i he eivilizaliou of England,
The Legislature, after slaughtering
ihe bill to i lie lease the jurisOiction of
Justices to $1(H), liave taken fresh hold
.f the inattir, and it is hoped they will
pass it, fur certainly under the new
toiu t bill, it is a necessity.
The Spanish government has ap
pointed with unlimited powers, Don
Jim de la Concha. Governor Gener
al i f t,'tila, and Porto Ki -a. instead of
.loxelar. How is ttiat for a Republic?
Appoint one man to rule Cuba with
unlimited powers. itjuri;;!, who
butchered the crew of the Virginias,
has been rewarded with lank ol Field
Itanium ndverlif in London for
the const i uclion cfliis transatlantic
I'.a'IiKiu Of course if it be made in
London, it will be transatlantic, but
, lo it.- crossiiig the Atlantic in 1674,
ii will have to be done on board some
MH'cl and the custom house ofiicers
will prick it piii-k-r than did Prof.
AVic the Giaj'bic bubble.
Lewis who arrested Wehb, the sur
viving murderer of old man Reynolds
near Knoxville, and the three bartins,
who pretended to have done ho, have
kept Knoxville supplied with disor
der since their entry within the city
The .Sartins watch for Lewis, and ti-
; jially Lewis t-hoots oneof them. Then
Mayor Staub has them arrested on
p ace warrants, unloads them of their
arms and requires security in $10.01)0
-a h, to keep the H-ace. Lewis gives
hond and the Sartins go to jail. Le'
is is acquitted of shooting Martin, but
tilted for bhooting within the corpoia
tion. Ami this warrants the conclu
n:n that if he had only shot Sartin
outside the cit-, he would have done
perfec tly right. Hartin is very low,
but teiug very mean is not dead, and
means to get well. Sic transit jloria
A'voxvilfc. '
. r-
Rev. M. T. Llppt", the Delegate from
Wise Count', is an Ironside liaptlst
j reacher and prenehet nearly every
iSuiday for the Penitentiary convicts
in Richmond, and thus while he has
iMn sent as a delegate to the Legisla
ture, he goes as one also to the lost
Mheep of Virginia.
The Petersburg Nfnvssays lion.
A. II. 11. S'tiart, will, in a tew
'lays; introduce a new measure
booking lo federal aid in nettling
: the debt of Va. "It eets out wi'h
iho? three declarations that, where
" as Virginia, in past j'care, volunta-
rilv gave much the largest jwrticn
of her otigral domain to the gov.
eminent ol the United States; and
'. whereas, ia the late war, the State
- "was violently dismembered and a
' new State carved out of her territo
ry ; atid whereas property in slaves,
upon which the public debt of the
States was originally mainly based,
was destroyed by the war, and onr
State dive6tcd of its sovereignty
jind reduced to a territory; there
fore, resolved that the government
' oft lie United States be requested
to pay over to the treasury of Vir
ginia the federal revenues annually
' collected ix thk State from re
ceipts on tobacco and vhiskey
which, in the space of a few years
i (designating the number) will cn
. . lirely extinguish the State debt,
; and at the eanie time, not embar
. rase materially the federal govern
ment. Judge Cochran's plan is tor the
U. S., to endorse evecteett mil--lions
of our bonds. These we - can
have- catheJ, and with the pro
ceeds full, up to our old ones at their
. iuarVet value, butt we presnme this
very . lueasiiro would much exalt
their "market value. On lafrt Tucs
day, the Ilouse took np a joint res
olution in regard to the further ad
justment of the debt of the Com
monwealth. The latter pronoun
ces the adjustment by the funding
bill as unjust, inequitable, onerous
and calculated to impair the com
mercial and industrial interests of
the State, and provides for the ap
pointment of a joint committee of
five to devise some plan ot legisla
tion looking to a further adjust
ment between the State and its
creditors, having due regard to the
losses 6nstaiue"d by the State during
the war. and to the present market
value of bonds. Mr. llolbrook,
the patron of the resolution, claims
that there is a large and liberal.class
ot bond-holders, both among those
who funded and those who did not,
who are willing to make a fair sot
tlcmunt with the. Common wealth,
iu view of the poverty of her peo
After long and tedious debate
before the country, the House of
Representatives on the 23d voted
squarely and overwhelmingly in
favor of inflation, lixing the volume
of Greenbacks permanently at
5400,000,000. The old limit va
356.000,000, with ; a reserve ot
$44,000,000. Of the latter the
Secretary of the Treattiry issued
20 millions during the panic, and
quite an vtfjrt was made, first to
return to the 356 millions atid next
to adhere to the present volume of
3S2 millions. It has been argued
by Nev England and the Eastern
States that to increase the curren
cy volume would leave no more in
circulation, but the West and South
failed to see the force of the jirgu
menr, and they carried the day. It
seems evident that an increase
would make money m re abindant
and tend to weaken values The
debtor would find it easier to pay
and creditor easier to collect. If
S'tch effect should follow, the infla
tionists will have done something
towards squaring the accounts of
the country and thus equalizing the
distribution of money.
The Senate has yet to make the
The town that btats B'istol
must be the terminus of two rail
roads of national importance, have
seven churches, twenty stores, five
graded schools, two woolen facto
ries, one cotton factory, one tobac
co factory, one Sash and Door fac
tory, one Furniture factory, one
Boot and Shoe Factory, three
newspapers, three thousand and
three hundred people, a score of
beautiful young ladies, be illustra
ted and pufed in Harper and
Scritner, and something more, tor
Bristol has all these and stretches
out hands for more.
The Legislature of Rhode Is
land made a terrible mistake in
voting forewomen suffrage. ,As it
is the men have scarcely room in
the State to vote and if hoopskirts
are to come to the polls what a
terrible bustle there w ill be.
The Republican party need not
ruu and swear that Bald Mountain
is going to explode. We just
"busted a cap" in Kew Hamp
SellLshiicss Kebuked.
A clergyman who lived in a New
Jersey village wbicu was not bii(. -piieu
with waU;rtrk a Hie lor.
lunaie iA!esor ol a weil oi ood
aier. borne ol the wells in m
i.eiiiboriiooJ were uol as good asliu;
and by common consent, and lou
custom, many neighbors came into
uis lot ana die ier at ins well. It
cosi biin ujliiiDg except tne trauip
t.ng do'A'ii oi a iiUlvi grass over uich
tlie people nod. liui'he got uied
ol aC4-ouuivduiaig li.e pulii.c aiU
nailed up his back gate, ulUxio lo it
a sigu warning ait people agains
uiavvlug water iruia his wed. He
ujU a pciiect right lo Uo so; no rea
joiiabie person could dispute tlie
legal correctness of Ins position
But a day .r two atterwards, when
Ihe ueiguoors (meinbets ol his cou
giegation) began to say be had done
a .smalt thiuii. he was startled to hud
ou bis gate a noiico erected by some
critical unbeliev er, and reading taus:
The po:)d uan saw his mistake. He
had not meant to he mean, but he had
done a., bliheral thing. If he was
calling his neighbors todrin.i'ot the
water of life, was it the right thing to
forbid them to fill their buckets at
his well? lie tore down the bars, and
threw open his pate, and let the peo
ple come and take of his well wa
ter freely And he felt that the g"ood
will of his neighbors was more than
compensation tor the annoyance.
Christian at Work,
I Suggested by viewing the Corpse of J. G.
English, Jr, . .
'." BT A FRIEND. "..
And this is death, enthroned npon
The cold and pillid brow or one
Whom nature noblj made ;
With whom in golden hours of youth
At Learning's fount I sought the Truth,
. . And through the valleys played. : y
: The gen'rous heart, from which did flow
Such kindness then, is silent now
The cheek has lost its bloom ;
The hues of youth have led that face
And what remains is called to grace,
A dark, relentless tomb.
And will that lip no more impart
A word to gl id a comrade's lie irt, .
Amid some seme of mirth f
The tear-drop burning on my check
Reminds me, "No, he's gone to t-eek
A brighter world than earth."
: v " ' "iv.
The kindly Spirit which we mourn
Ou wings of Light has gently flow.'
Beyond the glit'ringftars.
And would we wish it back again,
Amid t' e sordid cares of men,
Within Lie's prison bars f '
Ah, no ! for it is happier now
Thau e'er it was w'tli us below ;
And we hhould hur-h our grief,
For though that body will decay,
The lovely character will stay
Embalmed on memory's leaf.
. ' VI. ,
- Till after Sorrow's gloomy Night,
W,.eu joy shall come with Moridn'n light.
And lriendb, from earth icuioved,
May hope to hear, uou that t!:ore
' Where friends may meet to part no more,
The voice of hi in thej loved.
Bristol, Mar. 20th, lf74.
L,aiidiiir of the Duke and
Duchess of Iklitigimrjr in
UiiRland A Welcome
by tlie Poet Laure
ate. London, March 7. The Dtike of
Edingliiirxh ha l.roiitfM home his
bride. They landed at (Jnmend lliia
morning, having made tlie pa.xs;e
from Antwerp in a roval steam yaehet.
The weather was raiiier routli. Her
Imperial Highness is not much of a
sailor, and ahe whh very ill durinj: the
voyage. However, during the passage
of the yacht up the river she quite re
covered; and hy the time Gravesend
was reached she displayed im traces of
her recent indisposition, save that her
eyes were a little swolUn and her
cheeks rather pale. She is not hand
some,' when she smiles she lias a
pleasant expression, hut that is all.
She seems to he an amiable young
lady, ami they nay that she is very
clever, I don't doubt it ; hut tne en
comiums which have been written
upon her beauty hy the English cor
respondents at St. Petersburg are sim
piy aiisurd
Mr. Tennyson has been compelled
to sing on this occasion ex-olhcio.
Here is his Ming:
The Hon of him with hom wetroT for powr
Whose will l.i lord thru' all hta world -domain
Who made the ttrf a man, and burnt his ehaiu
giren oar 1'rince his own imperial flower,
And wlcnme, Rnnsian flower, a people's pHdft,
To Hrilf', when her Sow r r bein in blow !
From love to love,, from hon a to home 7 uu 10.
From tuolher unto roctLrr, xtnfelv bride.
Maris Alexaoifiowtia !
II - . -The
golden new along the cteppea is blown.
And ai thy name the Tartar tents are stirred ;
Etbarz ..J nil the CKDcat.au have heard ;
And all the sultry palum of India known,
t Alexandrowna,
The Toicw of onr nnivenal tern.
On capes of Afric aa on cliff of Kent,
The Maoris and that Isle of Continent,
And loyal pii.ts of Canada rnurmrr thee,
Marie Alexandrowna!
Fair empires brancbin both, in Insty life !
Yet llarold't Knj;l:ind fell to Normiiti swords ;
Yet thiKe own land Las hnw'd to Tartar hordes
Since English Harold gave its throne a wife,
For thrones and peoples ar as walls that swing.
Anl fl-utt or fall, in endless ebb and flow ;
hie who lore b: t kaTe best Ihe grace to know
That love by riht divine is deathless kiiift.
, t Marie Akxandrowna!
And love has led then to the stranger land.
Where men are bold, and strongly euy their (ay:
See, empire upon empire smile to-day.
As tboa wlihlhy yotng lover hand in hand,
Alexundr'-woa !
So now thy fnller life is in tbe West,
Whose hard at home was graciont to thy poor;
Thy name was hlest within the nsirnw door;
Mere also, Maiie, shall thy name be blest.
Marie 1 texndr.iwna !
Shall fear and jealous hatreds fixme a iin?
Or at thy coming I'riticess. everywhere.
The bine heaven break, and sou. diviner sir
Breathe thro' the world aad change the hem ts of
Alex in Irowna t
Bnt hearts that change not. love that cannot crae,
And peace be yonte, the peace ol boo I in soul !
And howsoever this wild world may roll.
Between your peoples truth and manful pence,.
Alfred Alexandrowna '
The Ashantce War.
The LonJon ttlegrujJi ol the 7th
contained the hdlo.Miic :
Coomassik. February ii. Aftei
the severe haille at n-oil'ulour men
continued to fiylit tl.eir way throig- a
series of ambushes up to this city.
which our troops entered in triumph
last evening We had a very r-liarp
engagement wit ii the enemy ye-ter-
da at Ada-ii or Aa.-n, tdiei." the
As-nantees ii. enormous iuim't er as
st uibled to reisi our puss;:je .l ttte
lliver Dan. Tin- Wd, their hist erlort,
and Kiug KulFee, with all ln.s cliu is.
was i ie.-eul at the bi tiie 1 lgiif.ng
commenced at a l ait-nt-t seven in
tbe morning and cooih ucd mitti had-
past two P. M. Tlie Ashantees touht
with desperate determination : out
our men wxiiibited most admirable
coolness, intrepidity, and courage,
and carried every point, fpue ot tne
immense advautage which forest and
tlie na'iiral formation of tlie country
gave to the defenders. Sir Ai cuiba d
Alison was in command of the at
tacking force, as at Aruoaful, and
lull" lit all il.roupU the eniiageiiUMit :
he wan rejo tied, however, during the
Colonel Wood's lorce.
Our losses were Lieutenant Eyre aud
Captain Muir, Forty-second High
landers, Killed; La ptam Wauchope,
Forty -second, slightly wounded, and
about thirty ntlier Wnite troops wound
ed, besides natives. Ou the part of
tne Ashautees tlie losses must have
been very heavy . At the close of
the day the King and chiefs were
panic. stricken aud for-ook their men.
We know that two of their 4,caboceers'
were among the killed. Messengers
were instantly despatched from the
Queen Mother to Sir Garnet Wolse ley
begging for peace. Although our
men were excessively fatigued by
over seven hours' fighting it was de
termined to press on to Comnassie.
and we reached the Ashantees capi
til at dusk. In emering th city the
same order was maintained as has
been observed in our progiess from
the Prah The first man actually
within Coomassie was Lord Giiioid.
who has gallantly led the way witn
his scouts and been in the thkk of
all the fighting He as wounded
and had to be carried into the city.
Next came the Black Watch, which
has fought so gallantly and lost so
iieavdy. Their ranks have been
sadly thinned by the fight i;g of these
hist few days, but. they were yet in
sufficient force to raise a tremend
ously hearty Highland cheer as they
ciiiue within the black capital. il
felt that they were entitled to a (.hunt
of trumph. ftext followed the de
taclitnent of tlie Twenty-third Regi
ment, after them the Kine Brigade,
and finally the gallant Naval Brigade.
King KohveVs capitol is a much
super or tow n to w hat we' had expect
ed to find Tie Ki'g's palace s
really a handsome building. It was
toud to contain . quantity of silks
and a large imount of -curious and
even val rable lurnishing, all of which,
by the MijorVs command, has been
jealously guarded. In the night there
was some looting . aud tlie Fanu es
fired several kouscs, causing im
metisc coii-tertiati-iti among the in
habitants who remained Everything
has been done, however, lo keep our
native allies within bounds, and
some looting Kos.-us have been hang
ed by way of example One fright
f.il ,t raw hack to the the place is the
stench of exposed corpses which is
encountered in all directions. The
scene at the "Execution Ilouse" was
Tlie Kmg and the chiefs - pre still
in the bust) on the north ol tlie town,
hir Garnet V ol.-ele) despatched a
messenger to His M jesty requesting
his attendance neie, mid a reply was
sent back immediately, arriving n
the course of the night, thai the King
woul.i come at once. His arrival lo
sign a treaty ot peace is hourly ex
pected. Oil the morning of the 7t!i Lieu
tenant Wood, aide-decamp to Sir
Garnet Wolseley. arrived in Loudon
bearing despatch, dated Agiainmn.
Februiry 7, from which it appears
that on t'tC evening of the t . ol V l
ruary the troops occupied (omas-ie.
The General in ide rt pea ted efforts lo
communicate with iHe King, but
lai.ed , the King's envoys refusing to
bear tne letter to - him. Sir G u nei
then concluded that as a treaty would
be valueless and would be difficult to
obiain. nothing remained but to lave
a lasting mark of the British power,
and g ive orders for the desti uction of
the palace and Ihe burning of the
city, abandoning the project b'lr.iiug
the Bantoma, or sacred burial place.
The demolit on of the p'ace was
completes He believes the main
object of the expedition has been
perfectly secured. Ihe troops were,
w hen he wrote, on their march home
ward and would embark lor Eng
land immediately on reaching Cape
Tbe same officer brought also the
following dd-p.itu,
, February 9, 187.
Messenger from the King just ar
rived in camp requesting pence I
halt with native troops north of
Audansi Hill until the I3lh or 14th
instant lo allow time for negotiations.
Enemy has not attempted to uiteifere
with our iroops returning
G J, Wolsely. Mij General.
The Itight Hon. the Secretary of
State of War,
Interest on Hcriey
The following is the interest bill as
passed hy both Houses of the General
As-cnildy :
1 . Be it enacted t.y the Central Aa
senihiy. Tint tiie recl.mis 4. 5, C, 7.
and X ot chapter 137 of tne Code of
1878, and section G of chanter 5'J ol
Hit Saul be ameuded aud rcenacted
so as to read as follows:.
4. Legal interest shall continue to
be at the rale o! six d dlais upon one
hrJudred dollar.- hr a year, a d pro
j ovtioiiaoly tor a greater or less sum.
or tor a longer or shorter time; and
n person upon viy contract shad
take lor a loan or fobean.ee of money
or other thiug abo.e ihe value of such
5. All contracts and assurance.
m .de. directly or indtre. tly, lor the
loan or forbearance of money or other
tiling at a grealtr rale ol interes
than is ahoned by the pieceed ng
section shall be deemed to be for an
ilieal cousideiation as to excess be-
yi nd the principal anr-nnr s loaned
or forborne.
6. Any bank authorized tor carry
on business as a bankot circulation,
deposit. aud oi.- ount.hiay loan money
for a peiiod not exceedu. six noa.hs,
and discount any bill of exchange,
promissory note, or other negotiable
puper for the payment of money
hich will be piyab e within ix
months from the time of discounting
the same. Such bank may take
interest on its loans or discounts at
the rate of one hall of one percenlum
for thirty diys. and tlie interest may
be received iu advance. - -
1.- Any licensed broker, or banker,
aud any coropration authorized by
I i w to make loans or to purchase or
discounts bonds, bills, notes, or o her
paper. m;iy loan money or discout
bonds, bills, notes, pr other paper;
may loan monev or discount anv bill
of exchange, promissory note, other
negotiable paper, at a rate of interest
not exceeding one-half of one per
centum tor thirty days, and" may re
ceive such interest in advance.
8. Any defendant may pied in
general terms that the contract, or
assurance on which the action is
brought, was for the, payment of
interest at a greater rate than is al
lowed ny law, to which plea the
pla Dtiffsh ill reply generally, butmy
give m evidence, upon the issue made
up thereon, any matter which could
be given in evidence under a special
replication. Under the plea afore
said tl e defendant may give in evi
dence any fact showing, or tending
'.o show, that the contract or assur
ance, or other writing upon which
the action was brought, was for an
usurious cons deration : and when no
such plea is made if the contracc or
assurance be in writing, and usurious
interest be provided for therein.
j:idgmeut shall he rendered for the
principal sum only.
C. The money received on deposit,
a:'d other futd of the institution,
society, or hank, may be invested in
or loiiud no any stocks or real se
cunty . -r be u-ed in purchasing o
d scounting b -nds- bills notes, r
other paper, subject lo the following
restrictions: I'hat nosirety for mon
ey or other valuable thiim. which
may havf become payable other
than certificates ol this State or ol
the United Slates, or of eorporatioris,
shad be purchased for less than the
full value thereof, with all the in
terest due threon, and no tlebt or
claim to becmne due other than such
Certificates, sh.wl he pur:haed o"
discounted at a rate of discount or
interest exceeding rate of one-half oi
one per centum tor thirty days but
the interest in aav case may be re
ceieved in advance.
2. Section 10 of chapter li7 of
tlie Code ol 173 is hereby repealed
3. This act shall be iu fmce on
and from ihe 1st day ef June, 1 S7 1 .
The hill now goes to Ihe Governor
for approval.
A Motlvrii Kip Van Winkle, mi
nus the Sleej.
On last Sunday an old gentleman
eutereii the ears at t-abula oi' the train
coming north, and in conversation
with u icliow-iiasseiijjer confided lo
him au mteiesiuii; portion of bis his
tory, which is as follows: Some time
previous to the late war he purchased
a farm nearGieeii Island, paying half
tlie purcha-t money down, ami mar
i ied a widow, who was also his second
wife. When the war began he eiitertd
tlie army ai.d in oiii of the hotly eon
tested battles lost a leg, for which, up
on returning home he sulwtituled a
cork limb. His last union was blest
with several ch Mien, and all went
along smoothly until the year IstitJ,
when he and his wife began discussing
the virtues of their former spouses,
which produced a serious quarrel,
ending by the wife driving him lrom
home. Like Kip Van Winkle, he
k'ssed his children and departed with
out uue word of complaint or reproof.
From his own threshold, he wandered
over almost every portion of ihe world,
and for eignt years his family nei'er
received either letter or message from
him. On Saturday, when he took the
ears at Saimla, he was within a few
miles of his old home, from which he,
too, had never heard a word since t he
day he left. Ou the train he met an
olJ acquaintance, who informed him
that his wife, supposing lfe had died,
had married ai a in and had two chil
dren by her hfcft union ; 'hat she was
living tu the same old farm, aud, ai
Enot k Arden was tnhl of An'iie, "was
happy," Tbe old man replied that be
was not grieved at that, but that he
returned to see his children, of whom
he epoke very a-ti'ectionately The
third station the train stopped at, a
young lady entered, who upon per
ceiving the old gentleman, examined
him very closely, after which bin.
asked his name. He told her, and
exclaiming. 4 Then you are my fai her, '
fche threw herself iuto the old man's
arms. Both shed ters of joy at tbe re
union, and our informant dcribes
the scene as very atheiing. Tbe old
gentleman has aeeumula ed qurt a
neat sum of money in his wrtnrreritrgs.
which he says he intends hiniseif and
children to' ei.joy, and that he will
leave his Wife inid her new husband
to themselves on iheoM farm adding
that h" will he I aiq-y in Company
Willi his ila tig hrer,- who Is married,
and that be fee in no destie to intt-rfeie
with t'-e happiness of his wife. Du
buque Herald
The V udcrwood-McVoiAli Case.
Mr McVeigh yesterday received
from his lawyer in Washington a tele
gram informing him that the Sup
reme Court o the Uuileil Mates hail
dismissed the writ of error granted
some time auo to Judge John (J. Un
derwood. This writ of error was to
the Virginia Court f Appeals order
ing. Underwood to surreder Me
Veigh's house. We do nt know
Whether the writ was dismissed upon
a suggestion of the- death of Judge Un
derwood o because his heir decline to
prosecute tbe suit. In either ease, Mr.
McVeiah will probable soon come into
the possession of the valable mansion
outofthe osseKsioii of which he has
been so long unjustly kept. Rich
mond. Dipaf-h.
Comptaa's Surprise Potatoes
t?1"l i'OoNOo grown from I lb of eted
tLL pliiuteJ. Tl.e wouiiertul produc
tiveness of tlii mw potato, yielding at the
rate oi 826 bubela per acre, with its fine
eating quality, its freedom lrom dine;i, and
toeing -!t enm Ood ke-ir, render it one
of the nroat Vufmi'.lc orts ever rown. '.lur
etock Wius grow a fruiii Bred purclisii-(l direct
rom Mr". Com p; on, tt the t!t of 8'6W per
bushel, laxt e-nons Price t U, tor 75c, 3
lbs, for gl-oii, one peck io.ou, balf bushel
96 O). oe bunhftl i i i.0
W ii. KELLY & CO,
Mrch 9 1874tf-
. Lynchburg, Virginia.
FROM this dais L. W. S OVII.LK, Msnsijsrof
lh ffiFHijdTiij Ilorfit, is admltt'l as a
Psrtnrr in th Snin of si4 tlonss. 1 ha basi
ness will be eundncted ur.Jor lb slyla and Arm of
s W SeoTill Qq
wak forth Xow Oniitern aeoiiMnns.'lon of th
pssronsjjof mv Frlxnds and the Pablir.
May 1. !ST1. m if- T. C.S. FKK(?lTSO
EniraTlnis, Mi, Stationery,
Miscsllanssus . Fubl:catcr.s
Ml 110 W. Ualllmorf Nlrrrt,
(Opposite Sun Iron Cuil linp)
Order? promptly attended to.
Eclectic Magazine
Foreign Mteratnrr, slonre, and Irt.
(T H I imCT H YEA R.)
T" this (toprlmmit, thj EtlLEfTIf! gives Inr
ger spaci linn any otliar n.aK1"'" lull's
H-nrld not exclusively scientific. It not only
presents from mouth to month rn siftj'le rerora of
discovery and invention, but entliers from th
whol Qrld of foreign current lit-ram re the best
articles of th most autlinr.tlativs tbinkrrs and
writers ; i t such men sis Profs. Ilnxley ai d Tyn
dll, Kicbard Proctor, H. A.. Prof. Owen, ir. W.
K. Carin(ei, iltx duller, and Mr J. Xcrmsn
Lockyer, all of wunm have bbtjn reiri-senteil in re
cent issues of the ! liritine.
The Eclectic also fimls room for an amy f in
strnrtivti and nnteri, lining iirticles in onrntl liter
atnre which is snrpsssd by none of the littra
. mni.tliMi s Its selections are made from all the
hnglish p riodiculs, and occasionally lrom those of
France and flern-miy. mid enrtr a ht-rn'nre Incom
paraMy ticher and more rodiieiive than any oihe,
lo which the reader can find acres, t cl-s ot
writers contribute to the tnxli.sli maKaziiies and
newspapers such as seldom appear in iiieriran
pcrliuiittils, and the belief these Kssys, Keviews,
-ketches, Critic sins, a-e reproduced iu the Kclic
Tic. Fiction.
Tlie Eclectic, without giving andne promin
ence to this department, offers its nadirs the best
serial stories to be hsd. together with the short
stories for which the Kojlish maguines he
high and dcservnd reputation.
Editorial Department.
The Editorial iepartineiit are I.itkhast !f .iti
rt., dealing with tlie lo ki published at home;
nii"in i.ircKSET .Notes, eiriinr the freshest in
f matioti about 111. rary nnitt r abroad ; SCIKXCE.
which snpilfmeii-s tiie longer srlicles will, brief
parag ai-bs covering the whole scl.'nlilic Held ; sod
in VaRItifs will be onnd choice readinas. eiil
le. frotn new hook and foreign journals, Ao Uinr
Ec tr.l ic iithl icaliun attempt any thing like iheie
Steel Engravings.
F.scli number contains a fine btrfl Engraving on
some snbjeel of general interest usual. y a
portrait and eah year's volumes c nla n twelve
or more of those engravings, which executed .In
Ihe l:est lnsnner by the best arttst.. These engrs
vings are ot perin inent value, aid add greatly te
the attr.tctivf ness of the Jagazine,
vjTThe aim of the Eclectic Is to be in'frnctive
without beingdnll, and nt-rttn!iig witiiont being
Irival ; and it will lie found Indispensable to al)
those readers wiio en leavi.r in keep up with Ihe va
ried intellectual activity of the time.
TK CMS : Mnglo copies. 4.1) cnts : one r py one
veiir. $5 ; two copies one year 4a . flvo i-opies Ofio
year. :Jo. Agents wanted to get n; c!ub. Ad
dress, E. R. PF.LTOS. PnMsher,
loS Fulton struct i'ew-Vork.
P. O. Pox, 5"G0. X. 4J Cedar Street,
coiner William street.
Solicit CO'ifie;nniC!its of Oin.st'n, Fe.itliors,
Uoeewiix, Ur:ea rruit, r urn, Kiiie--a ltoitf
Metals, l.ig.. il.ix,ccil, &c, Zic, &c, &c.
Prompt nml careful nttetttion jiven to nil
Bin intents, anl Hoxotint Kslen with rrrnitt-
taace renIeieaoti all t lets wit'iotit tlel.iy.
Nkw York PiKFf--RKrK3. Mnrine N.itiott-
nl Iimk; revrntb - tV;irit Niiiinil U nk,
esrti. II Al.l.tiABTKX & !'., nt) well rs alt
respectable ruerehitu tlivotigiiout Vir'raia
and iYnnt.'B'-ce.
Jan. 2t, li't4
' Lynchburg Rspablican.
Inilynnl Tri.v:y.
fji'ict fniier In the Mate.
Now Hit T nie to biibseribe.
Tekjis cas?h7n ADVANCE.
rTlHE PI(OIKIRrntii of the above old estsh.
JL Itshel and well kno -n jouriutl, aonld call
attention to tlie iillh iT RKHij. I'l'i.S they linvs
recently msde in their su scrijitiu'i lates, which
now renters u the cheapest piper In tbe St te ;
and would respectfully solicit the s a .port ami en.
conrss-ement of lh public genera' -y.
L.os. at the following low i-ciiedtrh; of rati.:
One Tear 00
S'.r Months 3 is
Three -lonths I 6i
One Vear H no
Six y ali- 2 i
. Thrto Menllis... I 23
These fiienres are crtsinl below thwe hrred
by any other first-class jonrimi In the S'ale, and
places the KKpmt.lcax within the ability of al
most .vry reaifing prrVsii to beeoiHM a.abscii
b;r ."p-eial attention will be given lo funrb-cing cor
rect r polls ol all tbe !-.! log n:ark.-t. i,ns ak
'ng the paper invaluable to oar e U"tr frien is,
while In the n atter of general new It will be In
ferior to no other paper.
As an adveitising medium the Krpri i(v of.
f rs superior advantages, our terms' for which will
be msde vert moderate.
Remittances should be made hy rhek, express,
iraft. Or registered letter, or by orders on r-ptn-siblc
city merchnnts. which Later will always be
fee.ij.nfted secas'j s.d jrrss
1'arblwhens K-.ul ;ean,
tJiMrtiS!', Va.
25X)00 Apple Trees.
11 E offer for p latifi rvz ill Spr? n srtock
TF r3 year oil TREES, weil-grown-,
thrifty, large an! fine, 7 to !) it' liij:ii,of
the best aorta ioi thie section. Will ber
eeond and third ye;ir with proper care.
fTftv reiee kirsHs Price ?3 j.er d -ten,
60 for 810, M0 for SWT tor $85, V 0V for
9150, delivered at tbe Nuretrj.-
Alro 2) Trietie of l'sachen I year
bntlders 83 per dozen, $2a per 100.
Cherrie .V)c K:ich. Standard Tears 75c;
Dwarf Pears Zc iul.
Our Htoek ia Warranted troe to name and
of tl hewl quality P-odtice r grxin taVa
in exchnre. Nursery rarrn 3 uiilei West
of town on Joneehoro' rotd. J lrt
, W. B. KKLLY k CO.
- Abin"li)u. Va
- March 3 1874 tf ...
No. 447
Dr. J- H. Scales.
. -
(Graduate of Baltimore Collcge of Dental Surgery )
0TFEI1S his professional Kervices to the
fitirens of Drislol and vicinity.
OFFICE opposite the New York Cheap
Store, Bristol. ... Mar C. ":-tt".
1. 1 . .
F. J. C03IAO. -
;t5 iuitaH bailor .
ITlaiii Mrrrt, UrtfU
Dee. 3. -72- If. A.. & TEW.
Uristol Vusiness Cards.
0 all ICuids of 'Furniture
March 8, '72. tf
J- T. &. G. W. JORDAN.
Va. & Ts?:x.
HAYING locateil in thin place e res
pectfully solicit the patronnjre of the
citizens of DrietoI-tiooUMon, Washington,
Scott, Smyth: au'l Lee counties:, Va., ani
Sullivan, WnuLiogton and Green, Tenn..
Sa'artlou (. iraurel. Orxamlntii.
HrJcre from town anil country promptly
attended to. Give us a trial. oct l.Vtf
rc rrprctfnriy hifwrmed that I hare
on hnd a food stuck of Donble tlltnt.
Kinsle iainiH. Kiflra, ;nm Unkm, allot
potieliet i it t Ponder l-'!ak. Kine Fow
der. t aps, srtrul-es for all Untie anil IMstoU
A line assortineiitoi' fislols of all principHl mskers.
Hoy's 'ions of all styles. Walking l'ais. Unns
ma.Ie to order ; Hue Can- sta cked and repaired in
the best aianner. Keys lilted to Locks Oi um
ker's material. All yoods caarsnteed as repre
sented. Uouds sold aud work done as low as tbe
S, O. CIHIir.n.OnnnMher,
Oci. 5. ly. BKlaTot. TISS .
Sure Your Honey I
V.y aoiii"; ti Hie Mioe &. Uaol
Fnrt'ery f . IV. rr.j;ST & lUi.,
wiipt-p-yott can jret work tlint i both dnrahle
nnd he.'iutilitl, and w.trr:inte.1 not to rip, tor
len money than yon Can get similar btock
Do von wir.li to "elect from t!;c lurget
lock pofKilde f
lo you wish to pationiec l.omeente'piitfC T
Do vou wish the bet work at tiie lowcet
Thencflll on G. W, FKOST & CO., at ti e
Mm n Main Street wt eret'iey keeo
thorm phly wHorted ttck of tients, Lidiee
ftiiH CI ildre i'd Siinen and lioote, of ull clusa
ea and desc-iptions.
Q W, FliOal'-A CO.
May 20, '73.-tf.
fie topeuen tj
' J. M. THOMAS, '
Main Street, Urlstol, Tenn.
IlfAVK again reopenftl th Thoni-u.-s
House, on Main Srrt,' fx inn
Ir'fart'il to furi,t.m t;rnt-t l;ix arcruu
niodattuii to the public. N mom-v
and no p.-tins wilMe npari.il i. make
ti;e!iot:l ull it was in iu palrrieM
jioarders will be received on .iol
liefiio; provirleti wftft frootl Mt.ib'eH I
nnt prep&n tl ti furiiihtr stalla. food autt
attentioato horKf". .
Kail nwl patssfiiKera will Onrt Ihe
house located ineany dr-timtv ttl the
Passenger Ejcchaiiiie. tlit tabrPS Well
turtiishexl ami Irxlititr unsnrpassseil.
Porter reguhxrly ut tlie tratiis to re
ceive rjmftraijre auti eowluvt punsw Hers
Jun6 '7tf
' UOOTS and SliOEb'
MAD la to OKDElk.
lgd Ma,B Srreet, Eiintol,
- ' "cnTl-- wxc 'loor weft of
Kiug & 11 ill Look otore.
BCLlEVINtJ that my experiecce in a etif
ficienl wtiat-ftntee of sitisfnition to a die-
crimiuistiau public which )mn accorded me
rtrf patronaga in verr ec.uervu mauner ia
th paet I ak a ccntir uaaea f the same,
with th fall eurane of aa ability But
only to exc but that wJricn will jtMtly
Compensate tltosu whonhall deem me worth j
of their confidence. . '
Having tlie latest patter' s.'and with a fine
assortment of French Calf J'kins on hnnl,
together with the niatrrial id the tnake f
a jroo 1 Shoe aai loof, I eualleage coiueti-1
tion, . - j
Jan .,I-tf -
Re5.rlrly . 5 " perliuaj
For ronre. Lei.-lature. r County ofTl
r rL . - . . $5,001
Town and TowbfLId (Ecu . T.5C4
Tho abovt rates wHJ be rigfti y tiJired to
Qrofessionat Cards,
r. I.. YtRK.
- a. rrr.Ktnso?i
tooiiso. n;ii.vivi,Vs. t Ttao.
13 RACTIC'ErepuIarlv ialnii) t.e
I Courts in Vn.'iiiij(itoi! t-omity, Va.,
and in Wnsliinifton airtl Sullivan oun
t"es,Tcnn. slid attend to the pIlwlU'i
of all i-laiiii in outliwest Va. at 11.
Teiinessev. ...' -Office,
on Ctini!et'.aud Street flw"
soti. Va. b I '0-t .
M. L. Biackley.
- ' U.K.- Km'suA.
Blacfcley & BlacHey
Solicitors . in
- BRISTOL, V.. f EN.V. ''?
Will prnctice in the Court fff Sullivan
Curter, Wnehinton and (Ireene rrmatiee.
tentiefoe, v ;ielunpton, irg'.aia. , .
Also, In the District Court of lie United
State for the Southwe-tern Pif. ef V ai
Abinjrdon. ilarsU ll-tt
JLtfoTioj at! Law-.' '
URTSTtHi', TENN".--'. "
ritACTICES in tie nevertil Courta'cf tl,
anrronnding Countic. .. I'niDipt atiuatia
tven t tlie colioctioii of t-liiims,
Office, Main t-trcet, in L'r. Ki.rm DrTtT
More.. ,i . :5:cpJ7lHU
-Attorney- rt iav.' "
iVii.i. prncTi-e in the t miitty aft-f f frenl
Courts ef Wililntn, feoltpmythe and
lliift-ell. Alno in the Court of Avycula aad
L. S. District Court.
Special attention pnid to Buits In Tt;nk
ruptcv (.Xlice Main Street, AbinjiJou Va
So?. 2ly
,S. Raxtir,
abiniduo, Vi
M. L. Bts si.r.
Uristol, Va. a lsin.
Baxter & Blackley, v
Alfurufyvat! aw mid SIIf(Oi
in ('IiMitrerv. .
Will practice In all the ,.rta pf WsV.soi
conntr, a. , the t ooit of Vrysml wl Wyijesvilla.
and 'h I'nitei .Stales IvT,,f nj I ! suk toorte
al Abli fHon. .
ct -is, l7.i If.
airron.NKY at law
t:siii.Li:viLT.rf vi.
pitACTICKSit, tl.e Court j. of rh adjoia
I iii Cotititirs .mi in , e Stitt ior ConrH
of the St-te, Promt ettention piven t
collections in Stiuthaeet Van antl iOaat Ten. .
July 3', 172- 1?.
D. F. Hui.' v
eV I). tf.-rwieUKT
bailey .'StoCzbsfcey,
Attorcsys ari Scatters,
iiiir.-; roL. tenn., & va.-
Ar?e:i. nTfO tr CrnnU i Pa'.'.ivsa aa-t
Wachin'ton Conntiifi,- Tertn.-, Waehingto
nl Scott, Va.: mid l e.lcral Court et Knox
ville and Abinplun. ' - " Aujr. ii Jy
1 AniNGt)ON, va:' -
I-RACTr('ESin all the CoirVta'or vTmb
itij&t ia tu 1 RunKell counties, Cirtnit
'unitrf ol Scitt and lf, aiid in Federal ronit
tt Aliiir.xtrm. 3- -5- tr.
-. V. lea.lerl;U. f. L.York. A,raiaereow
BsfeM, Ttri & . Fnllero.
AtloT'ticy? n ( Liu'. ' 2
f ILL prti-tiee ia all thermtrtu of Sul
Jiv.in turd Hiuliiuon Ctiuutiaa, id
Ti!" Supreme C unit of 'lie- Sr.itr, and United
.-' f.i Ci.ut t at Knovville. AU' claiutod-
betel. July ir;3tr.
Attorney at Iav
Will !' in r irtiJnr nttendanoe on tfi
rnnriai.f Tazewell, the 'ciniiit rours
of Washington arid Ilusiell i:ouutie,
ami Federal court St Abintlon. ppei
ia, attenllofr jei y r to the ehtlnif
rIilor.H naiiit bankrupt. lr t
Federal t-oiirt at Abii;j'doji. -
WILL fiirnii.b . partial or fn1i iett rf
Tctrru nccordinu; to ti e tnoat itnprot
id method, an l vhere fattice ciuaot tUtt
iiid t)t!ioe, will nil aiI r.ke uyf"T
Filhityt and Fxtra'-tine; 4ni, -and alt wovlc
gua nistccJ. So wr.4 olit. ird tatet Jy
- ::. . Situ;iT-i
. DR. DUim .
lititiilvllt DfHtiff.
, ; JjUL?T0L, TEN 5,
- OfrtrK over Xio k. Hrti.a Pok ter.
Jan. ii. '72, if. Cfciid Kb l:,'73.
far alio rr'e
Old London DockGin. I
Sepeciallr rfrstjrBe. f,.r the B of- the M4if I
Priy'ss-ai .1 the Fi'Bt.y, p ssessira those f I
e-issre m i eim! prMrtV whtr'a klnaMm J
A I ai -4 Hare (.ia. j
l.iMi:Sabl to FeRs.les. C.rtni Ut I
Coo.pwids. A lelllon 1 .la Put Up V r u
eimta)Hifi( nie l--ew lutttiu eseh J" Jit a'l
arnirlsts. sr.ers. W ' . M. , r X- t
taiU"- 15 l-'STHt ir et, Xre V , 1
X..T.3-aa ' - , )

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