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i c. rowin,
The recent rains 1 nve run the vari
ous nveis of Tentni-sce out of their
bunks, and Jet-tioyid much projauty.
Nashville wks visiu d htht w-k, hy a
cyclone which utsrtft-'. iver ;W h.ms
s, and destroyed O.tKiU worth of
property. The'Cumberland Itiver has
U-fii higher than at any time previous
mice li?47.
The Amerirjup, another of the first
da. steamers of the ill-fated Trans
Atlantic; Line, bus go;.e down, like its
isters, the Vide du Havre, and the
.Europe. Her parf-eiigeis and ercw
were rescued by the Norwegian.
Another duel was fought hist Thurs
day, near New Orleans, belveu nl
Je Wood, and A. J. K.iHiewiii. The
hitter whs t-hfit through the thigh at
the first lire, l' tols ivcio used at 12
The Newborn Prot'f if opposed to a
convention in this Conj;rt-iiial Cam
paign foroiir District. It wi.-hessome
of 'die candidates to see how Ihey arc
estimated by the people.
It is nid to he all a lie about Dr. ,
Munsey going on a hui;e salary to Ai-
gusta (iu., hut then Dr. Muney is
wortliy of such a ioitioi . and nuch u
K!:iry. There is no lie about that.
B-ggen cut to the contrary not
m itlistanding, Bald .Mountain con
tinues to roar with terrific violence.
'l lie latest says an eruption is deemed
Henry E. B?(dr, the Delrgate from
K'sa.ioke, has b-en elected Judge, in
siead of Jude Mahiwid whoresigne-l.
The members of the Legislature have
rrowa f-unous at picking up the
crumbs that fall from their own ta
ble. Mr. Blair is aged 4S.
l.eil, thp lea lor of the Bed Bivcr rc
h'Kion if 1X70, lias re nliy been ciee
ted to the Canadian Pal !iaiiie::t, and
whs on tin; Hitb expelled by a vote of
ll'l to OS.
A rkansas comes lie xt with her war.
In iS72. she aimed to elect a Gover
nor. Brooks claimed el.vtien, but the
I.cjjixlatuie decided tli.it (Jov. Baxter
hud Ix-en re-elected. A few days ago
Brooks seems to have taken advantage
of the absence of Baxter's Counsel, and
oh (.lined favorable action of the Cir
cuit Court, of Pi;laki County, and iu
a ffv moments took forcible possess
ion of tilt; State llniifc, and ejected
Gov. B.txter t herefrom The l itter
ha taken quarters at the Stl John's
Colleire. B.dh parties have is-ucd
proclamation, and both have, appealed
to tne President for a;d, and both have
lieeii refused. B).li parties have
uroied their I'oree.i. (inv. Baxter says
lie will retake the State House, and
lie has aiieady taken armed possession
of the telegraph oliUv. Grunt keeps
iiis burned lingeis oul of the ati'air.
In this issue, ol the r kws wim
hive iMpicd the views of various
journals touching the late letter or
Gov. Kemper to t lie Editor of this
paper, in rej ly to the Abingdon
i i solutioiis. There are la fore us
ct itici.sms thereon from others
which we would ''py but f ,r want
of pare.
We eauiiot s:e that the Gover
nor has erred in taking this occa
sion to show a !eecnt regard for
I lie adverse and harsh crittbisms o
those who disapproved rf his veto
message. Nor can we see that he
Las erred in the statement that we
have lost none of our rights, how
ever tliev mrtv have been invaded,
for our. rights and liberties are like
"Truth,1' which, though "crushed
to car'h v, ill rise again.' Iiis
views touching extremists are oor
reel and are litlingly exemplified
by the hot and impassioned re
marks of a portion of the Virginia
The letter is lucid tv. d forcible
j;t;d I. ears the imprccs of both, hon
est' and statesman.-liip. It is a
t'iigular fact that those cf our pub
lic, men who lought the enemv
lrgett and hardest, are now most
willing to be at pt ace with the
national authoiitv, Those who
fought most bravely while our
tlarr was up stem most ef.ietent at i
repairing our ruin m:ico its
The "ar is oer and Gov,
per recogni.cs the fact.
Tun House of
Delegates has
unanimously passcil the resolutions j
of the investigating Committee, en
dorsing the management id the
finances of the A. M. A: O. II. 11.
Co. So all this noise and obtrusive
accusation of mismanagement and
misappropriation is now b atided
by the House as t-o much ba;l air
which its authors had nothing what
ever wherewith to biibstautiafc. It
lias been charged that those who
have tnnde ll.is groundless and in
excusJiMe. as.-iul upon the com pa-
UV merrlv wi.-hcu to curtail its i
power and impair its uelulnrss, by
a wanton mjmy -f its lin.incial
EtHiiJing. Jf l:''' !,:lvc t,ltIr
reward, for wi h this endorsement
Jter patient investigation the
.vmpany can gc before the wo.-IJ
.rA 4 fy iraer.emics.
-rv "' ri" V r ' v-
"mrrrrTTTii n rm
Jlr. Fj vc, of tlio Pcarisburgf.-rA.-ZETTK,
UndlCS (o know how Dr.
Jlr. Fj vc, of tho rcarisbur'''.TA -
Stiibliling could promptly ftirnihh
accommcnJntions in the Western Lu
natic Af-ylum to Col. Alayo, late
Treasurer of Virginia, when lie
could not possibly receive old Mrs.
Given., of Giles County, who lias
for four months been insane and
has had to be confined at home.
Th ans'ver is easy enough. Old
Mrs. Givens has not distinguished
herself by stealing $3,000 from the
Commonwealth, and as a matter of
i.uiltiiig oliieials m our asylums
t'.ian in the Treasury department.
The Lynchburg I.kpcmjcan
makes thy positive announcement
that Ex-President Johnson has
declared himself a candidate for
Congress in the 1st Tennessee Dis
trict. We have some opportuni
ties for obtainimg r.dorma'ioii
touching this matter, an j we will
venture to assert that there is about
as much truth in this assertion of
the I1ki'I i;i.cax as there waa in its
item to-ichiiig Dr. Mnnsey.
Ex President Johnscn has not
announced himself for Congress,
and we don't Udievc that he has
ever yet entertained the-idea for a
A Kndieal Judge, a Kadical.Tr.ry,
and a J:udi -al Verdict.
On Friday of last week, the case of
Peter Yoakley vs John Hawley, Geo
Galloway, Adam Bowery and F. 51.
j onu. oaIlie UP lor tra' at Jonesboro
j before Judge Gillen waters, and a jury
j (,f Washington County Tenn. The
jt fof boxca iakpn
from Yoak ley's store house 0 miles
South of Blountvi.Ie, byY. P.. Hunt
chief Enrolling officer of Sullivan
County, and a squad of men under or.
dor of Col. Jno F. Terry commanding
Post at Bristol in Oct. Yoak ley
had left home and joined the Federal
ar.-My, at least he so admitted in the
pleadings. After the tobacco was ta
ken, the jT-ities taking it sent an offi
cer and two men to Jno. Hawley 's
lu-Usc 3 miles from Yoak ley's, and im
pressed his wagon and team, and dri
ver, a negro boy A fter they had ta
I ken his waon, team and driver, Jno.
Hawley followed on to look after his
wagon, team and driver. His wagon
was leaded with Yoakley's tobacco,
Jno. Hawley putting one box iulo the
wagon, by order of W. P. Hunt, and
the next day driven by Hawley him
self to Bristol, and under order of
Hunt, turned over to the Confederate
Siatej authorities and Hawley re
turned home with his wagon and team.
The proof showed that John Hawley
went along to take care of his wagon
and team, as did Crawford, Fain and
others, whose wagons and teams were
impressed by the same parties, and for
the same purpose.
There was no proof connecting Jno.
Ilawhy with thr; taking, beyond that
above stated. He was a private in the
Home Guards at the time, and all the
other defendants were iu the Cofed
erate service.
The proof showed that Hunt
went to Yoakley's, acting under the
order above mentioned. The order
itself was produced on the trial, idee-
Lified by Col. Terry, who stated that
he issued it that the tobacco was ta
ken, carried to Bristol, turned over to
C. S. authorities,' and destroyed iu
December following, by Stoueman's
Jno Hawley was the responsible de.
I'emtant and strange to say the Jury
returned a verdict, acquitting Bowery,
Galloway and Wolfe, who were along
with Hurt all the time, but finding
Jno Hawley guilty, and assessed dam.
ages against him for $4900.
This can only tie accounted for, upon
the hypothesis' that the war is still
progressing in Washington County
Tenn., and they are operating upon
the Andy Johnson-Brownlow pro
gramme of "making treason odious
and impoverishing rebels'"
The case had been twice removed
from Sullivan to Carter County by
change of venue and last to Washing
ton County where it was finally tried.
St. John, Logan and Kii kpatrick,
represented plaintiff, and F. W. Ear
nest, Deaderiek and York, the defts.
Case was taken to Court of Appeals.
Gov. Washburn, has been elected
Senator from Mass., rice Sumner de
ceased. Tiik notorious Albert Forti.ne has
again escaped from the Penitentiary.
Gold 1.13J.
rii.ts ouu i:xuii..c ta
AriiKXf , Ti:xn.--'o.-. The wheat
iu McMinn and Monroe is heading
and the people are carrying the largest
ones to the 7W office for Pro. Ivlns
to look at. lie says they are short but
I good and very plenty.
Philadelphia does not mean to al
low .Sweetwater to gel tlie lellicoar-
row Guage B. It. if die can help it.
Em: Co. Sentinel. An average crop
of fruit is promised, notwithstanding
the late frosts and freezes.
An Iron Forge has been started on
North Fork, H miles northeast of
Jonesvillc. Wm. Pcnnmgtou. is the
W ytiikvii.lt:. E.Jcrpric. The
Town Hall has been let to contract.
It will be 50x73. two s'ories. Mr.
James Fields gets the contract.
Mokkistown, Sj;. V. G. Pryde,
the Memphis policeman who recently
while on nmht duty, shot and killed
John tiazaiio, a wen Known grocer
while engaced in burglary, was for
merly a citizen of Morristown.
The colored people of Morristown
have held a convention and appointed
delegates, favorable to Butler, to li e
Bull's Gup Convention, which meets
the 1st of May.
O;? the IT'lli K.v. W. II. Smith, at
vmim ;
uimrl liiiitiil in runt ri mntiv Mr
, - i i --- - j . . .
i Ki,m'1 Jatk and Miss Ko'i.. We
presume iMiss 14 became Mrs. Jack
nii-kfr limn nnp iihjII uv Tix-b
j RoLInsoiu
The tSjyg thinks Cii lien waters will
beat Mutler 8,00 vot-es, but then this
is not the first Spy that deserved hang
ing for imviiig made extravagant cal
culations which did not pan out
A writer in the .Syyr signing himself
A Soldier of the late War" svs "they
Bay he can tkin Butler's moccasins.' As
to how East Temresseeans "skin moc
casins" we are not informed.
PEARisBUitn. Gazette Mr. E. T.
Maho d has removed to Princeton,
W. Va., where he will practice law.
TL.i 1 . r 1 . rrt I
j playing at Princeton.
r,., ,
The fruit crop promises favorably,
and Gilts is a remarkably fine fruit
The State Press On Gov
pers's Letter.
The Richmond "Whig speaks
in' exalied term3 cf the letter of
Gov. Kemper in reply to the Ab-
iugtlon resolutions.
Tli6 Petersburg Nkws uses the
following temperate and dispassion
ate language touching it :
The letter we publish this mornirg
from Gov. Kemper upon the political
status of parties and events, wid of
course be read with attention by those
uho take a special intere-t in such
matters, as intelligent readers gene
rally do. The Governor s3's much
that is very good, and much that we
take pleasure in heartily commending,
but we entirely dissent from him
when he -ays that tlire lias been no
change since the wr in the rights ol
the States and the liberties of the
people. We consider that the three
last amendments to the federal con
stitution, acquit cii by co-ercion ,
destroyed the fundamental principles
upon which this government was
tornu d, and that the rights of the
State and the people now, as con-
trusted wr.h those cmranteed
ia the original constitution, are no
more alike than is a pure African
negro compared with a pure white
man. The great founders of the
government, if now living, would
never recognize such au instrument
as their offspring, nor sanctiond it
either, except, "as we do, from necess
ity. Ti e present is not the government
of our fathers, and the ILimi.toniau
and not the Jeliersoniaii creed of
"State rights" now prevails, Still,
we agree with" Gov, Kemper that the
situation is one which we have ac
cepted, and though we accepted it
under compulsion, it is nevertheless
a situation by which we -are compel!
ed to abide in good faith, however
distasttf'il it may be to our vieu
and feelings concerning the proper
government of the country. The
past is gone ; the present and t he
future must be worked out with all
the wibdoiii and prudence we can
command . Principles, not, men,
s!:o i!d govern.
Bat this is no time to discuss ques
tions that are calculated to impair
hie harmony of our party, and upon
which the best of men may differ
without subjecting their motives, or
fidelity to the best interests of the
state and party to suspicion. We
are not extremists of either class and
stand, and always have stood, where
Gov, Kemper says the great mass cf
our people stand, the antipodes of all
The Index fe Appeal cuts loose,
after the following wild and dis
organizing style, which the people
of Washington have disapproved
of and which will find a feeble echo
But it needless to answer riqtnarole
with reason. When Epiiuaim joins
is idois, neither expostulation nor
vituperation nor prayers nor tears
nor anything else can reform him.
Let him alone! Governor Kempeu
has crossed the Rubicon. He has
lett Conservatism behind. He would
remand Southside Virginia to a hope
less enslavement to the negroes, lie
belongs now to our enemies, and not
to the catagory of our friends and
allies. He has chosen his way and
we say let him gang his gait. Every
utterance he has mvde since his elec
tion shows how far and fast he has
strayed from the true doctrine, in the
faith and fear of which he should
rather have died, lie seems to have
been fatally bitten by the ambition
of Presidential or Vice-Presidential
honors which has betrayed to i idicu
lous failure so many Southern poli
ticians. We haie heretofore resented
the deep wrong done by him to Pe
tersburg ; we n;onru now the injury
hi would fain inflict on t!ie State.
But while in the former instance his
veto sufficed, the people will in turn
veto his proposition when he tries to
betray them to the authors and the
architects of their run. AH honor
be to Governor Kemteu's record in
the war! All the more blame ntd
shame to the policy of compromise
and surrender which now seems
likely to link his name with that of
such Conledcrates as Longstreet?
The Dispatch is always eooland
generally wise. Here is what it
says :
Governor Kemper's lx-tter.
We publish this niomiitg Governor
Kemper's lotter to Mr. I. 0. Fow
ler, of Washington county.
U'e must frankly -say tiia'. while
our f'aitl. in the publ.c. d otio:i s.nd
high and lionoinb'e ei.r.rnc'.er of
Governor IvEMPEU is m no wise
n ha ted we csomut coin'iir i.i ail that
is iu this li tter. We U-iiee inat
the civil war has destroyed rights of
the StAtes, and that wrongs have
been indicted upon the States in
which they formally acquiesced un
der duress In short, that the bayo
net has in time of peace overridden
the public will and foicibly establish"
ed what would not have been allowed
to exist if left to the public Ieclio.i.
We are faithfully devoted to the
Conservative party and the principles
of that party as interpreted by the
Governor in speaking of one article
of ti e i i;. form , when lie "derlarer
our ;.: fiance to principle aud our
desire to d exact justice as belwect.
ourselves and ail others, by cultivat
ing h uiuo' ions relations villi the
common -t grptrOj government,
and by going precisely so far and no
far.her in that direction than our
plainly avowed principles will let us
But, loathing the wlvde policy of
reconstruction, we are unwilling to
hica coerced s it. mission interpreted
into the consent of a free people,
ft or can w e look forward with nny
expectation or hope that the social
system created by the Federal Gov
ernment in the South is susceptible
of final assimilation and peace. We
do not suppose that Governor Kem.
feu does ; but we cannot sympathize
with the full emphasis given in his
letter to points that might lead t
the inference that he does.
lint we do not mean to discuss these
questions'. There is no need for their
discussion in the Conservative party.
And we hope, as- the Governor is
thoroughly vindicated upon the sub
ject of the veto, that the whole mat.
ter is now ended. Richmond Dis
patch .
The Van Alike n llcport Punet-uretl-The
A. 31. & O. K. IS.
Co., Endorsed.
AYe elip tlm following from the
proceeding of the House of. Dele
gates on last Wednesday.
Report on Charges against the
. A. 31. & O. It. 11.
The fpecial committee appointed to
investigate the charges and allegat'ons
made iu the minority report of the
Committee on lioads, made March
3th, against the Atlantic, Mississippi
and Ohio railroad in connection with
the extension of that road to Cum tier-
land Gap, submitted the following ie
port :
Jccmivccl, That nothincr has been
discovered in the management of the
affairs of the Atlantic, Mississippi and
Ohio Hailroad Company or the condi
tion of its accounts to sustain any in
jurious allegations in reference there
to, and it appears from the reports of
said company that the funds realized
trom tue sale of their first mortgage
bonus nave been applied to the mi
provement and repair of the line in
I accordance with their construction of
l,"e ol i"e cnarter granted in
June, 1870.
And old Carter county citizen judges
of the wheat prospect every j'ear by
which of two guui trees iu his yard
blooms first. This year he says the
wrong tree has bloomed first and
there will not be a good crop.
Then we presume he gums it
up !
The Substitute for Mr. Sumner's
fi.il ltights bill reported by the
Ji.dciary Committee on Tuesday,
provides that all persons within the
j irisdiction of the United States
shall be entitled to full and equal
enjoyment of inns, public conveyances
on land or water, theatres and other
places of public amusement, and also
of common schools and public in
stitutions of learning or benevolence,
supported, in whole or in a part, by
general taxation ; and of cemeteries
so supported, subject only to the
conditions and limitations established
by law and applicable alike to citi
zens of every race and color, regard
less of any previous condition of
servitude. Any person denying to
any citizen and privileges conferred
by the bill shall pay ?5U0 to the per
son aggrieved, and shall also be
deemed guility of a misdemeanor,
and upon conviction thereof, shali
be fined not less than $1,000 or be'
imprisoned not less than thirty days
nor more than one year.. The Dis
trict and Circut Courts of the United
States are given, exclusive of the
courts of the several States, cogid
znnce of all offences against the til!,
and actions may be prosecuted in
any United States Court -alien-ever
the defendant may be found, without
regard to the pa.tv. Any District
Attorney bo shall wilfully fail to
institute and prosecute the proceed
ings required shall, for every such
Tlie Case of Ilev. Dr. Huston.
It may not be generally known that
the case of Itcv, Dr. Huston, former
ly of Baltimore, convicted of grossly
immoral conduct and unanimously
expelled from the Baltimore Con
ference, will come up again at the
general conference in Louisville, in
May. The Baltimore Conference of
M. E. Church, South, when the trial
came up, assigned llev. Dr, S.
Roszell. now of Stauton, Va., as the
counsel for the accused. After the
verdict, Dr, Koszell, not thinking the
evidence justified it, appealed tht
case for his client to the highest
church tribunal the Oeneral Con
ference and it be heard tlu-rc at
th! -ippru'ichiiig session. II :viirj
taken the case up. Dr. Kosz' Ii uiii.
we i resume, sMil ie tlie oim.sel in
the case. -Stauton Vindicator.
First Opinion of Chief Justice
Waitc Decision of Bank
Suits, Utc.
Washington D. C. , April 13.
The Chief Justice delivered his first
opinion on the bench of the supreme
Court tu-day, in a case from Illinois
touching the nht of the State to
tax non-resident national bank
shereholdcrs al the residence of the
hank. Tne members of the bar who
heard it, and his brelhcru on the
bench speak of it in eulogistic terms,
lion. lleerdy Johnson is compli
mentary in his remarks both as to the
merits of the opinion and manner of
delivery. The chiif justice delivered
his first formal opinion considerably
earlier than the late chief justice
Loudon and Monroe.
t'-l W.J. l'i'i.r is prominently
ken t ,-.s ti V:i-i rvative candi
date to repusM.t Jlonroi; and London
counties in the p" u ar branch ! the
i.er.l 0;ner! Assembly. Wu belie -that
Flolerial district sent a Republi
can to the la.st Leg U la lure. Ct I. F ,
who is one of the imt mtelient
and prosperous farmers of his section,
will make an excellent Represent.
ive. Alliens Post.
t the old Sinon Shop
1.TJ. Wauoxs, Lkjuiks, SrRixii and Jer
sfeT Waogoxs. Kepniring of all kind
done promptly. All work vnrrauted, and
all or Jen promptly attended to.
I Ncc:.ilgla, Piles, Heartache.
I D&rrsisfti, IJoil, Soreness,
; Lameness. Burns, Sprains,
fi Toothncho, Scalds Woanu
Sore Throat. Ulcers Krui.sc.si
AthenniatisiH) Hemorrhages,!
March 3 3m.
ommissioners' Sale
PcKeCAXTtoa ile.Tce made and entered
in the Circuit Court of Washington county,
Virginia, at the special term of the January
Court 1S74, in the case of Sheffey Ji Oihuore,
Coin'ra. vs Chns C. Campbell, we will oTer
for Hide at public outcry nt the Court House
door iu Abingdon, on the firt day of the
April term, 1S74 of the County Court ol said
county, tlie property known as
situated on the South Fork of Ilolston River
in taid County, and containing 145 acres,
upon which is a dwelling and other out
house, together with a Saw and Grist Mill--TheSaw
Mill in running order. This prop
erty is considered the most valuable water
power in Sauth West Va.. with some improvement-;.
Also, ny authority ofsa u decree we wu.
also oner for sale
Ox tiik 23th Dat of April 1871,
on the premises, in the Town of Goodson, at
public auction, the following proporty, to
wit :
front ing on Main Street, containing acre
each, running back to an alley.
And one vacant lot fronting on Virginia
Street, containing one quarter, more or less.
Cash in hand tufflcier.t to pay cost of suit
and expenses of sale. The remainder iu
equal installments of one, two and three
years, with interest from day of sale, with
good security and a lien retained upon the
property until all the j urchate money is
t aid.
D. F. BAlLEv, )
Mar. 10 td:-.
SiicfPs Pianos.
Upwards of fifty First Premium
Gold and Silver Medals, were awarded
to CII AS. M. 8TKIKF. for the best
PIANOS, in competition with nil the
leading factories iu the country.
Office and Warerooms, No. 9N. Lib
erty St., Haiti more, Md.
The superiority of the Unrivalled
Stiett' Piano Forte, is conceded by all
who have compared it with others. In
their New ftrand Square. 7J Octaves,
the manufacturer has succeeded in
making the most perfect Piano Fort
PricoM will be found as reasonable
as consistent with thorough work
manship. A larre assortment of Second Hand
Pianos always on hand, from 7o tc
YVe are agents for th celebrated
Burdett Cabinet, Parlor and Church
Organs, all .-tyb-s and prices, to suit
every one, guaranteed to be fully c-ual
to any made.
Send for Illustrated Catalogue, con
taiuinir names of over l.'OO Southern
ers, ofxj of whom are Virginians,
J00 North Carolinians. 130 Fast en
nesseeans. ami others throughout the
South, who have bon-rht the Stiell
Piano since tlie close of the war.
- May 7, '73 -1 y.
CATALOGUES for 1874. of
173 pages, and
ontainins i fine larjo colored
plates, aro now ready. To onr
patrons, they will be mailed as nsnal,
. free ; to all others, on receipt of 25c,
which wc return in Seeds or Plants,
with firet order.
AU intrchatert of our Books, tilher
Gardening for Profit,
or Practical Floriculture.
Price, $1.50 each, (jnvpaid by mail),
fiare their name entered on our
lints, and will receive abort
Catalogues annually,
free of charge.
Seedsmen. 33 Cortbndt Street, New York.
h 33 Cortlandt Street, r
THE WtKKLV SUX in too wid.-ty known to re
qmru any exlendi-d recommendation ; but the
r'aona wlncli hurt; already nirvn H fifty tbouKand
Kncribcia, and which w.ll, we hone, gire It many
tlumi-aiids more, are brn-flr a follow :
It i a first-rate newspaper. A II the news of the
day will be found in it, condensed when Dnliu
poitant, at foil length when of Moment; and al
ways presented in a clear, intelligible, and inter
exting manner.
It U a Brj-t-rate family paper, fnll of entertain
ing and lnstrnclive reading of ererr kind, bnt
containing nothing that can offend tiia moaC deli
cate and acrnpulona taste.
It is a flrst-ratc story paper. The best talea and
romance" of cuirent literature are carefully
(elected and legibly printed In its pages.
It is a first-rate agricultural paper. The moat
fresh and instructive artirlxs on agricultural
topics regularly appear in this department.
it is an indeperdent political paper, belonging to
no parly and wealing no collar. It fights for prin
ciple, and tor the election of the beat men to office.
It especially devotes its energies to tue exposure
of the great corruptions tlirt now weaken and
disgrece oar country, and threaten to nndermine
r-pnblican institutions altogether, Jt has no fear
of knaves, and asks no favors from their sup
It reports the fashions for the ladies and the
markets for the men, especially the rattle lurr
kets, to which it pays particular attention.
Finally, it is the cheapest paper published
One dollar a year will eeeure it for any sub
scriber. It is not necessary to get up a cine to
have THE WEEKLY CX at this rate. Apt one
who sends a single dollar will get the paper for a
We have no traveling agents.
Thk Weekly Srs. Eight pge, fifty . six '
ninns. Only M a yeai. jo discount Iroui tuls
The Skmi-NVrkki.T Sex. Same in as the
liallv Sun. fi a r.'ar. A dlsconut of 20 per
nt. to club-.of 1 or over.
Thk I'aii.t Sr5. A large rmr-i-ae nwsnapir
of tw,-nty-eigiit coin inns. I'aily cirrulaOon i.ver
l'''.n(hi. Mi toe news tor z cents snusrrmtton
price 5o cut a month, or a year. To clabs
of In or over, a disc-mot of 20 per cent.
Address, "THK SU," Xew York City.
Main Street, Uiustol, Texx
dealer ix
Provisons Grocer iss
and Country Prolan
Bg, Goods dUAtrtd a.t Ifouses.
Dec. Pi, 'SU-tf ,
A riFMotiiiTic Wbski.t. EhUtilfelied ISM. It np
jiorU It'Aiie 8itjrtitu.tcy, political and uncial. T-rins
PTjrer. Totlnbp, nine eoit- for Spe
riu.ru oj.ir fre .. AJdrr DAJ-BOOK, Sew
York Glty
Ami Insect Powder
For Rats, Mice, Roaches, Ants, Bed-buss, Moths, &c
J. , HLttV, UKKAl & to. J i. Sole ku
Rrrei ruble l? the Stal In payment of Taxes
and Mfrnwn: frirvalr in Katun to suit, and aent
by express, payable on deliTery, if lifired.
l.'i4 Hal tin, St.. JiAL'J IMOliE.
TO AiVKIH ISKRM. All pern who con
iPHiplati iiikktup re tniHii with iietr;ipiT f.r
the iiiiaertion ol adrertUeuieiil aliouid aend 21
rtn to
tier, r, R0WKI.L & CO., II Park Row. 1. T
for their OXE nrytKKU 1"UE 1MI.4U PHLET
eonlainiiiK lit of S.nliO nrwpaern and ett
niafa, abowliig the eont of ailTertiKina.
HlURDIiIL umphant aV"i'u. V'd
W ,V,-r and yon.ip, male ai.d fe
male, make more money selling i.ur Jtict liy, Unut
and (i immihun at anything rise. Jreutet Indnce
nienta to A;eiit arid litrcbaer. ratuloKiiea,
Terms and full particular nnt free to al). Addfrss
P. O. VICKEKY, lc;il. Main
. 5 c'iii
j t"
a "S .
-g :
poahively cored. Tho worst ch, of longeat
atandinK. by using l)U. HtBB K1'S CfRE. A
bottla ;nt free to all aldrvvinK
J. K. Dibbi.ee, Druggist, si 4 6th Are,, X. T
AMngdon Tirginia.
THIS House has recently been re
built and it is now open for the accom
modation of summer boarders, ami the
general public. A comfortable Omni
bus, with polite Porters M ill meet all
trains, and eontfey visitors to and from
the Hotel.
JOS. E. C T2IGG, Proprietor.
Fab. l'J 6m.
re rrpf:rlly informed that I haxr
on hmd a pnod Mock of Double inn
Slnslc ;nnM. IliQea, Jniii H:)fH, hhol.
oiic!iet nl PowtKer I'lnskx, Fine Tow
lr, Cara, 'artridi; for all Uiui and Pisttila
A tiii aurtmi':ilof 'intoU ifall princijuil lu:ikr
Boy' iinii of al! ty 1. Waliiin; Cane, tinnfc
tiiailn tu order ; t in iun. it cktd and rriaird it.
t h best inanncr. Kiiys fitted to Locks 0'.uii!S
krr'a material. All (food jrnaraiiteed .it rcprr-
ntfl. OwJ cold and work ilune u lw aitlu.
S, O. FISlI3;U,liiii.iAkr.
Ofe. ly. BRISTOL. TESJf.
5- T. & G. W. JORDAN,
Va. & Tnnx.
TTAVIN'O located in t!;i rbw e we rcs-
11 prct fully solicit t!ie jntroiiae of lie
citizens of Iiristol-Ciooiisnn, Washington.
Scott, Sniytlu and Lee counties, Va., aiui
Sullivan, Wsistiington fint Jren, Tenn.
Satlpfartin tuitiftntre!. Dunamlxtai
Order from town and country promptly
attended to. Gire us a trinl. (.ft 15-il
CII Ull CU S Til Eli T,
Lyrielibm'y, Virginia.
ItOM thladateL. W. SCOVILI.E, Managorof
thei v aihimitus IIiiraR, adiuitteil aa a
Partner In thr" hnin'sa of aaid llonr. 'I ha bni-l-
neaa will bs condoeted under W atyle and firm ol
nk forth Xew dneern aoinllnnniion of tli
iaronattr of my Frlnnds and the Public.
Mar 2. IS71. m28tf- T. C.S. FEKGUSOS
Market Ticporls.
i. 33. iDXJisrisr & co.
BSIST0L, April. 17. 184
Apples, Dried
lificon, -t pound, new
Decf, retail of butcher, ....
Candles, common
Chickens, lire
Coffee, Rio, lb
.... 7ft;lrt
12 10
. . . fi(5?6
. . 2 to2.i
'A't 37
4 65
.3 604 00
.... 5ufo.55
... 75to9'
. .... A t'iy 5
.... 3.':l 4 4
... 8,1D
. . . .5Hal tin
. .. ti
ii to I-7.
Cotton Yarns,
Corn, per bushel,
" Meal, per bushel, ....
Cement, Jumes Kier, y bbl
EiPcr dozen,
Flux Heed
Flour, p suck
Feiithem fMb
Iron, bar, "t It)
" rod and band, fTo ... .
" scrap,
Lard, "
Leather, boIc, .. .."
L-.iid bar
X.iilrt, "
Out, l.tisliet
Peaches, Dried
Powder, rile,
Salt, Virginia, per sncS,
" Liverpool f .'..'....
3vl,,t trfl.... ...........
1 f f
ft f '
. 250
.4 2o
. 10
Sn.ika Root, Virginia,...
........ 10
....... 40
seiac& u
Sugar, brown, pr lh....
" ?fin4, .... A. B.- C. 1-. i ic
1 crushed and granulated, ...... . g
Tallow, per lb t " oa!2
Tow Linen,...,.. lfinjo
Wheat, perbuehel .. . I:5t 130
iiwijantUBl, ira50
Honey. r 10 to 1J!J "o quality.
JUl WUUlv of all kinds nea
j executed at flic News 02icc.
2 tA
J - Si." .l.2
2o Our Slock of 3?K0A2)CL07r&, 3)2 AGONAL SU2T
2AGS,. FA.YCY CA.sS.lfEXXS, 302TSAj,V CAS'6'2
JJ?J?S', 2 irj? DX, r2?S22YG6 A2?S2 UCKYttAXS;
which ire hare just received direct Jro?n the 2mjorler$
Another lot of th.it WIDE CHECK
31 US LIN at 30c. poryard. worth 50c,
: v.--rth ; r ; ::!.
WIDE V It iUUiA LAWN, with
side-!n rd fi!r Inn niii.:, at 25c
worth -IU; per y .id.
LINS in all qualities.
New Stock of PARASOLS.
tieces f New York SUITING at
ICSc. per yard. Never sold before
at less than 25e. These GOODS are
twenty-seven inches wide. Loth sides
alike, and will make excellent dresi.es
for Spring.
We are making dailv additions to
our Stock of DRESS GOODS, to
which we call particular attention
New Stock of PARASOLS.
We show n very lare and choice
.election rf the above-named
GOODS, and ftel confident in sta
ing that we have the best assort
ment ever offered in any establish
ment in this city.
Look at our PARASOLS
It will pay you to loo?; at
stock of
jEEP alwavs on Iiaiula a full
Stock of School, Ulank and
Letter, J ofe Cap, .Houriiny
and 2m'ttal ' 2'ajjer, Jure
lojyes, 2nky '1 cu t. 1 en- j
cits, Ac, dr.
Agents for Stick's Piano.
Fel., 2 tf,
Siw Buiw BiCUsj, S3, a StrwtJ
IMnta aU toleraphle Dews of Aaaoclatod Praas danv
!r V"? D lu gss dpartmct second to no paper ia
1vkl?ZuJacl'uiia, mrket -Ports sad tlearaph;
WmIUi edition eontaina earefally prepared summary
oiu W press, tarnished for 1X74 at foilo-in rates-
1nwth rf "". to oo
2", . Y' X month, in advance, S OO
Weakly, 14 montlis, in advance, 9 OO
BlBrs may be mad bj draft, mon-r order, or
ecMtored letter, at our risk. Give Puet Of lice address
luU. to?dnJLS'' Cooot,, and address.
Garden and Fl irer Seed.
Before orderiiijr elsewhere send for
Cataiioi'e, which is now realy and
will be mailed gratis on application.
Our L'hromo, "Mule Florid," a
beautiful Parlor Picture proijfuiiiortl
by Judaea a success. 5 r.tiw wut fre tn
J all who favor us with ordare to the
I Chase Bkothkksa Woodward
JaI1. 13 :l.tt y"cdsu,en- --tester
Mm iin
i iiill
Pillow-case cotton;
SERTINGS in two hundred and for.
ty-three different patterns.
half of regular prices.
LACES of all kinds, and a krge
Assortment of
for Ladies at
Look at our PAR YSOLS.
SCARPS can now be nad at
LEVY brothers;
BONS, and SCARPS, at
SUiTA at lDo.
and YAM
Ei;U"nt (-i,-)rt-rifiis!i) vanNwiJa
COTTON, a: 12Sc ., per yard, at
1017 1019 JiAi sti:i:t.
Ilichnumd Ffr.
' CIotMng House
Urixto', ft, t'c Trnt'.,
Still Alive anJXb'ciij.
Suits fur Tfti I) )M.r
Ami mi't-s fir Fifteen,
Art new aiitl ji.s tasty
Ah ever w:w seen.
A graiie or twt bettor.
We linve tluMe in plenty,
An I even yet ehoieer,
At IU litern ami Twenty
.-uits in profusion
For (iu-iiies-4 or Ptrcet,
A" sti ts for the parlor
Sur i Hi iv .li ar. ;
l' .r rch !: f r wedding
'' -r i. rty t 1 all.
N -ui:s iu til -inaiket
-a . e t is at all.
' i'l Season ab!a
; i : iv. Wluitev
v .u. ouite coiili-
: ... . . . . d
!::.! II I - 'V.li l.f totlllil COII-
-i ' i -1' . I i . i s, iviiilfour tHMlHiirein
f iio,-t. '.tiif. We only a.sk a call
u.i I t-x nu n tiion t ur Sttx-k before
p .r .'ii ts: nz e h -re, as we" liave
on in up our xtncK of piece (foods at
it .- i ii f-i wiiicit we are now daily
i mi : :o .le up an I receiving Wo
: i :!-.-iit tiiat tl-.irini; the remain
V :i i-r month and Sprinsj to often
i f in: nt rarely met m this mar-k'-;.
v tu fair tleiilim; ami polite at
t vri ui we hope to receive a liberal
;lti i!i;me
3KTo. ?
Apt. 1 '73-tf
I(e oe.ieu by
i i o Street. Rrstcd, Tenn.
IllAV'Eaairj reopened the Thom
as House, on Main Street, ml am
prepared to furnish first-class accom
modation to the public. N money
ami no pains will he epared i. make
the hotel all it was in its palmiest
Boarders will he received on p.od
Being provided H'iUi pood "table I
am prepared to furnish stalls, food ana
attention to horses.
liail road a.-senper will find tho
house lnoateii in easy dl-tanee of tbe
I'assenrer Kxuhantre. the tables well
furnished ami bulging uncurpassetl.
I'orters reupjrlv at ttie trains tt n
ceive baggage and' conduct faenj; r
Jan' '74-tf

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