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i.e. FOWLKll,
edi roil am it r-KorniKToit.
"TUESOIY. MO 12. 1374.
SpKAKror niain.i a few day? ajrn vaca
ted the CWir, and called JUniey, Hie
K. C. colored member to occuny it.
Thin is naid to Iks the lint Instance of
a negro presiding in the House of Bcp
reseutatives If tliere be otie in which
mi x-con federate nas been si ilarly
honored, we are not aware of it.
The nuptial event of theenoou, in
the high circle nt Washington, was
the marriage of Bessee, dauclitpr of
.Senator Stewart, to Lieut. It. C.I look
er, of the U. 8. Navy, the 4th int.
The wedding was costly and the bridal
presents numerous and rare. No bri
dal tour.
The Editor of the Pulaski PmjUe
k-iv the fruit in that region, is unhurt.
Now we have seen a good deal of I he
apple bloom of that County fcin. e the
freeze, and we venture to predict to
Hennaus, that tlu fruit crop will pan
out vry noorly in those diggings.
Let him report a month hence.
Every paper in the State seems bent
o?i deadheading a new law firm of
Richmond, on a first class advertise
ment. And yet one of the firm is the
author of the Funding Bill, What's
the use to have a press convention, if
fucIi management iu4o continue?
.1. R Htognl, Postmaster at Boydton
Vh.. Iuih heen removed to make room
for Mary, wife of Dick Jones, a negro.
Sieirat has given ths highest degree of
HtitVetion, but Coiisrressnian Stowell,
who hails from Massachusetts, found
Jn9 opposed to him, and lias
had this change made in order to in
duce Dick and his colored friends to
Mipjrt him at the next election, -rstowell
and Speaker Blaine heem to
think the negroes carrj the balance of
jxwer, and they are willing to humil
iate their own race, in order to acquire
place and power.
Lx-President Johnson made a speech
before Colyar's Con veiitioti in Nash
ville last week. He took strong ground
in favor of reducing taxation and pay
ing but three erent. interest on the
) lulic debt, allowing the remaining
three per cent, to run over for a more
oiiveiiif nt season. He is now in
Memphis and is said to be looking af
Isi the iSciiatorship.
Oen. O. (). Howard has been honor
ably acquitted by the Court of iiHjuiry.
The fl'ds are subsiding in the Mis
sissippi Valley, but starvation and des
titution still prevail. It is estimate!
that .Vi.oOl people in Louisiana are de
pendent aloue on public aid for bread.
a rm:i: pass not good
One of our State Senators from
tii2 S. . having; f.mht the A. M.
.V (). R. Ii. Co., with all of his
feeble jMivvLTa liming the recent
Kcssion, on his way home with a
free ticket in his pocket offered his
trunk to be checked to his nearest
dejwt, and was called on lor 50c.
us it took about two darkies to lift
in into the Icigiraire ear. Throwin"
''is roaelied frontlet six feet into
t!n air ho hauled out: "Ye?,
tint's the way! "Whenever
s-nie men hv their heads
o:i this road they are spot
t .-d!" Ai a vj i;iiiiia:i(;e at his el
low remarked tltat he doubted
whether any one oti the road knew
Inn. His trunk was a fair hized
one for parking purposes, and
fieml to Le full of mnr n'.u
l o.'H-e fur his years consumption.
re think the compiny ought to
grant tha S-jtiator a free pass for
his family supplies.
An Instance.
Messrs. Leu A: Tavlor Hros.
write us that in fionscqnencj of the
uhoininaule and unjust tax imposed
upon merchants hy the present
J-'inlature, they desire to diminish
t'ltir business, rather than extend
ji, and eonserptently they decline
to advertise. After the statement
that our delegate Col. Fulkerson,
opposed this onerous and unjust
tix, we havff only to say to our
liends, Me srs. L. & T. Uros., that
they have been very liberal adver
tisers in the p ift, and have deserved
ad the business th"y have had, and
in spite, ol thur protest, we hope
the Southwest, will gjo ahead and
literally overwhelm them with
rich c:i5i!ii!i?Mts. Better men
than they arc not often found.
Ton war in Arkanta, has con
tinued during the week, but there
is promise of au adjustment. The
troops of the two rival Governors,
have come into almost dailv con-
tact, and piite a tiuinber have been
killed. JvIo.,t of the troops are ne
jrroes. Last Thursday a regiment
f lrok's negroes twenty-five
miles h'oovu Little R'urk, waylaid
aud fi ed into a steam boat con
tain eoin'j of Jiiixtti's troops,
a nJ Lille i fciv or seven of tl cm.
JJ.Toki and Haxter have both
agreed to allow tho Legislature to
a-rmblc, the President reeoui
nie.ndint? that thu Hrok ittcthbers
be iiot.ti d, :ind allowed to attend,
and tlint tiicit tiieir Jcciciuu tlutll
be final. This foIu:krti will, probr
blj', uevail
It i radical fight.
JVIissod St Aain.
Tiie I.yaclKpirg: KepuMican etatcs
elit; i illy thrrt if Senator Pride
more should strx-ecd in Ls efforts
at election to Conres.;, Col. Rich
mond of Scott, will -uececd him in
the State Senate. We will state
that Seott County, including we be
lieve, its delegate Col. Richmond,
is in Senator J no. II. A. Smith's
distrbt, and not in Gen Pride-
mort a.
Tuk Editor of the Abingdon
Yikginian, experiences some diffix
cnltv in uude'standing how a little
boy was lost in the Streets ot Bris
tol, lie should not be discouraged.
It is generally so with those who
live in villages that have but one
street. If he will c une down to
Bristol, we will show him how eacy
a matter it is for the unsophisticated
t get lost in a growing city. We
wdl lose him in fifteen minutes,
and a local advertisement in the
News will bring him irp in an hour.
A money order office lias been
established at Emory Va., at least
we see the statement in print, and
such fchoulJ have been the case
long ago.
It is said that during the sitting
of the grand jury at Abingdon last
week, there was a paucity of that
material which goes to make up
the muster rolls of young Ameri
ca. The Virginian immodestly
suggests that the tiger was the
cause of the'stampede.
a "i i -
The Council of the Episcopal
Church in the Diocese of Va. will
assemble in Charlottsville on the
Thk Lcc County Sentisei., xc
regret to learn, has suspended pub
lication. We hope it will soon re
new its visits to our tabl
More Historical Verdicts.
Stevens. Outside the Constitution
he smote his foes,
lleckless end merciless to his ac
count he goes !
Moirroy. Pious a? Itobespicrrc,
comely as Coiithoii,
Tender as" Marat! is tricky Morton
IJutep.R. All crimes of men ex
hausted, he aped Haynau,
And roams without the pale of man,
alike, and iviw !
Mits. Keechek Stowe. IVniate
Mokami! Tin Silver veil of Iivi'
May find its dupes below but not
Si:w.rii. Not. Alaska, or China
Japan, or the Pole,
Can v, ve sleep to thy pillow or peace
to thy soul !
Mits. J I MA A. Huownk, was the
daughter of William Chapman, and
was born in Pearbburg Va., on the
I'Jlh of Srptember ISia. On thelOih of
June 1844, she was married to Itev.
(. W. (i. Browne, of JelFersonville
Va.. and she died in the city of Austin
Texas, on the l!7th vf April 1S74.
A lite of unobtrusive, but patient de
votion to duty, is not apt to attract the
attention of mankind to any marked
extuit. Its fruits are both beautiful
and valuable, but they are gathcml
and admired with too little recognition
of the painful labor and self de
nial which have produced them. It
would be Ix-tter if the world could be
induced to pause and analize I lie vir
tues of those sublime lives which are
worn to dust on the altar of duty.
So common and consuming is the
thirst for fume, that the absence of it
is too apt to be regarded as the absence
of genius. But I have seen and.
marked one lite which was at once so
lu-auiifu! in its projMjrtions and so un
obtrusive, in its bearing, that while I
must dissent from likening it unto the
ivy which grows ami glistens among
ruins, I i.m by it reminded of the ten
der woodbine, which, doomed to the
shadow of the forest, breathes its frag
rance into every passing breeze, and
Inch, while it please and surprises
the passer by, haves him to wonder
over and enquire theorigin of so much
sweetness. Suc h a life was that which
these lines are intended to commem
orate. Julia Ann Chapman was born
in an age which is said to have been
fruitful virtue. The shadow of Na
poleoii had passed off t lie old world
and the ow r of Knglaud had again
been overthrown in the new one. A
long and proserous era ot eace had
dawned, and our fathers and mothers
hail been remanded by events, to a life
of simplicity an 1 industry. Those of
them who came west of the Illut
Ilidgc and erevted their tabernacles
in its most fertile localities, like the
defendants of Noah, left the pomp of
the world behind tliem and brought
up their children in a school whose
discipline has never been excelled.
The subject of this sketch seemed to
have imbibed in her nature, the gran
deur of the niigjity mountain, which,
in some past age. took their erpelual
positions along th New Biver Valley, j
The modesty of its beautiful valleys,
and the purity of its streams, which
there fill their crystal urns, and start
upon tl.cir silvery paths to th Ohio,
were iniaeed in her beautiful life. Sh
was beloved by all who ever looked
down into the depths of her spaikling
eves, and those who were permitted to
sound and learn the purity of her heart
regarded her with a devotion which
was incapable of alloy. In her J-lh
year, she fi rst met and embraced Jesus,
aid during the remainder of her life,
she walked in all the painful ways ot
duty, supported by His mighty hand,
ami eomforted by His counsel a-id His
promises. Need I add, that at its close,
stie gladly went out with Him into the
splendid heritage to which si e ha I so
long and patiently journied? ForlSi
years she lived in a distant land, but
thine who stood beside her, as she laid
aside the weapon of life, mid bowed
her head to receive the crown of the
new lif. tell us that at last she had
entered leiicatl cloudless Jkf, The
storm, even in this life, had all ceased,
the thorns had all dUapneared froix
the way. and as she leaned forward to
receive the stroke, the merciful execu
tioner dexteriously and painlessly
(dinned the jewell from the ruined
ca-iket, and bore it to the paLca of the
In many years of derest intimacy I
have never known her to ak a cruel
word. Wherever a friend was entan
gled in the web of sorrow, herdelicat ;
fingers were found disengaging the
tangled web. Wherever a neighlh.r
was known to be in the smoke of af
fliction, her cooling hatii wasJbuuJ..
Ytvn writer of this barren tribute lias
i eawii to bless her for her good works
whit!ie fever burned in his frame,
and if in other days he ever aided in
lightening one of the many sorrows
whieh sat upon her bruised and weary
heart, it was but a poor recompense
for the fyrapathy and the innumera
ble bene fits fhe extended him. She
was mother, and wife, and pister, in
all the inexpressible fullness of lan
guage, and though the pure water of
her life have all run by, so that I could
not now gatlier tin-m up, they have
cooled many a burning brow, and fer
tilized many a waste, until it lias bud
ded and brought forth delectable fruit
Those waters will, in another clime;
be gathered by the invisible fingers of
some brighter sun, and again they will
come down and leave many a match
less rainbow to adorn the bu?y world,
which will forget her, as it has forgot
ten her fathers. As for the writer of
this while life lasts, her name will,
like a green olive bough, lie on his
memory and refuse to fade. Good
spirit may we meet the again ! For a
season farewell ! But many a bereaved
heart will mourn thy journey in ad
vance of husbr.nd and daughters, and
son and friends, to a world of which
it would seem thy good works and pa
tient faith have made thee worthy.;
In the peace and rest of thy blessed
home, thou art beyond the need of
praise, but we will keep for our brief
day thy memory green, and point
many a weary one to thy example, for
thereat they may
TakxoarMg and coont lbirtrml roull
For beTi will nake DienU for all.
Cordial Reception of Com
missioners of the Northern
The formal Reply Referred to a
Committee of Nine.
Louisville, May 8 The great
fensation in the proceedings of the
General Conference to day was in the
reception of ihe three commissioners
from the M. K Chirrch North, ltev.
A. S. Hunt, 1). D., lie v. 0. II. Fow
ler and Gen. Clinton B Fisk. They
were formally introduced to the Gen
eral Conference and presented their
commission from the bUhops, Tuey
were presented to the bench ok
bishops by Dr. L. M. Lee. of Vir
ginia, lr. J. E. Evans, of Georgia,
and Hon. S. Bobo, of South Carolina,
After an interchange of introductions
and greeting between the bishops and
visitors, they were presented to the
Conference by Bishops McTyeire, and
Dr. Hunt addressed the Conference
in a long speech. la the course ol
his rem rks he said :
We glory together in our peculiar
doctrines, in our peculiir doctrines ol
Methodism. We glory in the same
founder. We should certainly come
together occasionally to exchange
such fraternal feelings.
In concluding, Dr. Hunt read a
very old letter from Bishop Asbury,
lull, as he expressed it. of jottings ot
Methodism. With these bonds of
common history we come before you
with bonds of cu'.hUMasm charac
teristic of Methodism we aUo come.
Let lexicographers rage if tliey n il!:
let it be denounced in unmitigated
terms as it was. Enthusiasm is one
of the strongest and steadiest inciters
to no'o!e deeds. We take it and go
forth villi it and achieve glory for
the cause we have espoused .
Dr. Fowler, in his remarks,
referred to many points rf union
between the two Churches. lie
referred to
van i ei:i; i lt' s endowment
of Vanderbilt University as a symbol
of brotherly love felt by the North
towards the South, and concluded
there is no longer cause for estrage
tnent. When we know one another
we will love one another. This day,
in the name of the company I repre
sent, I give you my hand, as you
have my heart, leav ng the question
of union to be settled in the lu ure.
Gen, Fi.sk made a very eloquent ad
dress, and was frequently interrupted
by hearty applause.
At the conclusi n of General Fi.-k's
remarks, Itev. A. W. Wilson, Wash
ington City, in viov of the impor
tance of the subject, and ia o.der to
its proper presentation for considera
tions of tle Conference, moved that
a committee of nine be appoin'cd by
the Chair to prepare and present to
the General Conference for its con
sideration, a sutiable r spouse to the
greeting borne by the fraternal mes
sengers. The motion was adapted,
and the Chair said ne would announce
the committee hereafter.
bishop m'tyeike
then turned to the Commissioners
and addressing them, announced
that in dun time and in a formal
way the General Conference wou'd
make a response to the message borne
by them; meantime he cordially in
vited them to the freedom of the bar
of the Conference, and to occupy
scats upon the platform expressing
the hope that their sojourn would be
pleasant and productive of good.
The utmost harmony and good feel
ing appeared to prevail during the
meeting, and expressions of good
will were made by the Commissioners
as expressing the sentiment of the
Northern Church received with hearty
applause." Among other matters
presented to the Conference was a
memorial from Alabama' in regard
to the General Conference tnLinr
into consider ition the expelling from
the Church all members engaged in
for other than medicinal uses. Ue
ferred to the Committee on Tem
M-rnce. Also a memorial from
Lou'siana in favor of a resolution in
regard ta the expediency of e.ectirg
two or
more msiiors,
in view of the increasing power a- d
nfhicnce of the Church, llefirred
ti the Comnittie on Episcopacy.
Civil Rights An Important
Compromise Probable.
Washington, May 8. At an ad
journed meeting of the Senatoral
caucu this morning, there was a
long discussion of the pending civil
rights bill, with a view of miking
it acceptable to all members of the
majority by agreeing upon some
modification of its provisions. No
definite conclusion was reached, but
it is believed action will be taken at
another caucus . to provide for such
I chingas in the bill as will clearly
admit of separate schools being
provided for white and colored chil
dren, and also for separate accom
modations by inn-keeper.?, pro
prietors ot theaters, etc., on. cjc
j dition that equal advantages, arc
ttcurci to all tla.scs.
; Coleiuan in the Penitentiary.
"Chester" writes the Petersburg
Aei Ift regard to W. D. Coleman's
lodgment in the penitentiary :
'Coleman was of opinion that he
could not be removed from the jail
until the date, but being apprised that
that was not the case and also apprised
of the fact that lils term would not
commence until he reached the peni
tentiary and that all the time spent in
jail would be that much lost, lie made
no objections when told at 5 this
morning to prepare to go. ' He and the
jailor left the jail in a close carriage
about nine o'clock. On the way lie
was tolerably calm, but when he ar
rived at the institution he lost control
of his feelirgs and wept bitterly. He
continued to weep all the lime he was
being dressed in hisptriped suit. Of
all the officers preset. t there was not
one whose eyes were dry. Every man
cried. The jailor turned to go when
the striped suit was brought out, but
so overcome wa3 with emotion and so
blinded with tears that he coKld scarce
ly find the door. So Coleman now be
longs to the herd of striped convicts
who wear the uniform of disgrace, and
hope is shut out froni Ids heart, for he
has no idea that the executive clemen
cy will pe extended to him. Coleman
sat up the greater part of last night
working upon his "vindication" or
"statement." He did not finish it and
took the manuscript with him to the
southern" baptists.
They Meet In Convention at Jef
son, Texas
Jefferson, Tevas, May 8. The
Southern Baptist Convention is In ses
sion here. About three huudred dele
gates are present. James P. Boyce. D.
I)., of Louisville, presiding. Drs. Bur
rows, of Richmond, Jones, of Nash
ville, Crane, of Texas, IJeratio, of
Georgia. Vice-President. .Report of
the Foreign and Domestic Mission
Boards were presented.
& N. If
Suit Decided.
The verdict of the jury in the case
of Peter C. Fox, who sued the L. &
N. It. It., for loss of a leg, claiming
$150,000 damages, was rendered to day,
giving the plaintiff $3-3,000. Applica
tion for a new trial will, probably, be
made by tLe road to-morrow.
The next proposition of the crema
tionist will be to utalize the ashes ol
the dead for the use of the livii g :
If Ca?sar's body, "dead and turned to
May stop a hole to keep the wind away"
Why may not Frothiugham combined
with plaster,
Be used to make our garden truck grow
faster ?
Or Bergh reduced to ashes, fine and
Be boxed and labelled "concentrated
Some Yankee genius, on invention
May find in Beecher's urn a good ce
ment, And Butler's carcass, by the flames
Polish the silver spoons he leaves be
New Tin & Stove
THK alnive parties have opened a
New Tin and Stove Emporium for Ihe
pi.rjKise of carrying on the Manufac
ture and Sale of all kinds of '1 in and
Sheet Iron Ware. Also keep no hand
a sidect assortment of first-class -toves.
among which, are the "Fanner,"
"Planter," "Premium" and "Live
Oak" Cook Stoves. They possess su
lerior qualities, and we desire the pub
lic to call ami examine them, together
with our other stock.
iny, Gutleri'ig
V or I; Tioof
and licpair-
of all kinds done at reasonable rate?,
and at shoit notice.
May 5, 1671. ly.
T-tijE GEM
wonderful scientific j rod net ion ot the
nineteenth ccnti ry. It furnishes the power
of a liiU priiswl intriinieiit for a mere trifle,
n.l exceeds ia iipefulness nny micioscope
evei invented. It reveals the hidden won
dens of minute creation ns Eels in Vinegar,
Animal in Water. Bntterfllies' Haficr,
thettoMen Marrow of a Ibur, Infects' Eyes,
the Pad--, llsiwp, Jo:iita, nnd Hairs of a
Fly's Foot, makes Hopes of Fibers of Cloth,
Crowbar of a Needle's Pint, and eoon
indefinitely. It furnishes hours of instruc
tion, intert.iiimient and nrmn-.-ment for
the young and old, and every family should
po.-sess it. It :s invaluable to ttudeute,'
profecsors, teiicherf," ph veiciang, in fvet
encryboily. an t especially in ti e HUME
CHICLE it it a GE l, It is cheap, and.it
the Fame time of gre.;t value, Price
$1 50. Mailed post-paid to any address
on r-ctipt ff price,
FUR AGENT1 Yen and Women, Born and
Girls. Whole t me, or leisure moments nn.l
cveainjip, It world jttxt as will by
lump-Ughl us Ly doy-liyhl. Parent
buy it for their children. Liberal cash
commission paid. Exclu-ive territory.
Congenial employment. It excites the
curiosity, which produces a desire to hac ir,
ml requires no talking by the a.ent.
Conip t'te Outfit mailed, o-t-paid, on
receipt of $l.i0. Circulars a id tirm
free. Send for it and make money. Ad
977 Wabaso Ave., Chicago
25.000 Apple Trees.
WE offer for planting this Spring a stock
ora year oil TKEEM, well-giown,
thrifty, large and fine, 7 to 'J feet high, ot
the best sorts for this section. Will bear
second and third year with proper care.
Fifty eeiect kinds. Price $3 rev den,
50 for $10, 100 for 820, 500 for 85, 1000 for
$150, delivered at the Nursery.
Also 20 varieties of Peaches 1 year
budders 8." per dozen, 820 per 100.
Cherries 50c Each. Standard Pears 7ic;
Dwarf Pears 50c each.
Our stook is warranted true to nam and
of the best quality. P-oJuce or grain taken
in exchange. Nursery farm 3 miles Wost
f tovn ou Joaet-oro road. A Jd;C"s
W. B. KEl.l.Y K ti ,
Al'nudou. Vat
Match 3. lcTl.-tf-
iBiarTfirKi' Volte, Soivnpss,
;l Lameness. ISams, Sprains
!j Toothache, Scalds Wosmds
j SnrfT Throat. Ulcer. liruisos
I Kheutism, Keraorrhasss,
March 3 3ui.
jmerican Tortine
Manufactured by
Proprietors of the
GLOlili IKON WORKS, Dayton, Ohio.
Guaranteed to be the beet Wheel in the world
as has been demo.-ist rated by reccut teste at
Holyo';e, Mass.
w C!,t .IfxniP nnd Trice List, of
Stout, Mills & Temple, Davton, Ohio, or
Jarne M. w iiaie, Agent, asuviue, ienn.
Feb. 24, '74-ly
For Sale at the Nikels House
Salt. j
Meal. "
, Chestnut,
- Apples,
&c., &c.
we ofTer to
customer! and the Trade, in any juan
tity, at very low prices.
AS Ri:PRK6KNTED. Satisfac
tiod guaranteed.
We buy and nay cash for all good
Farmers and Producers come
and see us before you sell or buy,
Williams & Kkkjilku,
Nickels House Corner,.
Dec. IbVTJ. Bristol, Tenu.
Clothing House
liri. str, l a. ,1 1 '..
Sill Alive cnl C'jVij.
Suits fur Ten Dollars
And suits for Fifteen,
As new .Hid ;is t:t.ty
A v er w:is seen.
A grmle or two liotl'-T,
We huve tliesi? in plenty,
And even yet elioieer.
At Kijrlitet-n :ind Twenty
.uits in profusion
For liu.-iuess or street,
And suits for the p.nlor
Siirprisinaly neat ;
For eliureli or for we Ming
For I'Mity or lill,
No .ui:s in t he maiket
:ill liL'ilt IIS lit Sail.
We are ahead in nil Seasonable
(iOOD.S for .Men and Hoys. Whatev
er others may do, we are cjuite confi
dent that our prices will he found con
siderably less, while our goods are in
feiiorto none. We only ask a call
and examination ot our Stock before
purchasing elsewhere, as we have
nought up our stock of piece goods at
panic prices which we are now daily
having made up and receiving We
feel confident that during the remain
ing Winter month and Spring to otler
inducements rarely met in this" mar
ket. With fair dealing and jmlite at
tention we hope to receive a lileral
James' Block.
Apl. 1 '73-tf
CATALOGUES for 1874. of
175 pacs, and
containing 2 fine largo colored
plates, arc now ready. To our
patrons, they will be mailed aa nsnal,
free ; to all others, on receipt of JKc,
which we return ia Seed cr Hants,
with first order.
AU jivrchaMri of our Soote, titlier
fiardmlnt for FroOt,
r PrrcllcAl Florinxltnrr.
rrice, $1.50 each, (prepaid by mait),
hare their name entered on our
list, and will receive above
CalaUyptes annually,
free of charge.
Seedsmen, 35 Cortlandt Street. New York.
1 SEE PS in
oD:Ksv: L
st. K:;v Ss-
stsrsi !
Jimt published, a ntw edillon of
11 r. 4'nlverweU'a Cclebrnted
tnnf on the rmiUnl ciiee (wit hoot
medicine) of Srric AToaaHnm or
Stni'ial ireakne, Involntitarjr eminal Lse.
laP0TB5rr, Mental and l'hinical Incapn-itr, lmpe
diianita lo Marriage, i-tc. , alo, Coxsr PTo., tp
ilept and Pit, induced j elf.ir4olseat or
rxnat extraraganre ; Pllea, e.
VSVric in a aealed enTe!atfl, only ix cnt.
The eelebrated author, in tt,U admirable Canar,
clearly d-inontrlra froni a thirty yrars' aucpr
fal practice, Ibal fbe aiarniin CMiieqnrnce of
etf-abuaa uy t rJ!caIly ( urcd wiih.-nt the
datiKerou uh ,f internal mellcine or th appiica
tion of Hie knife ; pointing a mode ofeuieat
onre almple, terlai. and af -rtnal. br meat) of
whioh eerj fafferi-r, no Blatter what hi oniH
tion pa? 'a, may e;re hlmnrlf cheaply, jiriralely,
and riflicuHy.
gTThla Lertnre hnild h In ?h ; hxi.i of e.
r yooih andee wan In ihe land.
sent umi-r el. in a nlin bii eloj.e, t any ad
die, U'M-iioilaK, felpt of x cent or two
pol ainmpa. AI1.0. UK. H I.LSBEE'S
PILES. Bon f.wieiiB!ar.
Addieaa the I'oUIU-he'.
17 f'i(rrr, Nv V ;ca-k I i t'iK.e I'i. i'lie...
Mr 5 IcTi
in ench roonfy fir thv .Vprinic and Summer,
f 150 per monin. send lor nrcaiargiTiiig ion
particulars. ZIKULEK & JlcCPKHY,
Philadelphia, T
The Inng-cmUrttd Suit of ihe
Florence hettlutr aiarhln Co.
.iraiimt tli Sini:r. Whtn-ler WiUon,
i and iirvwet l nWrr CouiiHiuies,
J $250000
T In iniillu deeUUil In the
iuvo Thie
Yfinnrm-oiirlnf Ae I niK-d States
T So preme Court " the I'nilfd
V i.if T.roflhe .OKK.(K,
il .ne Iim Mioktn the Monnpo'y of H gi
The New Florence
ltht lSLY machine that rtv ;!.
tMid mul fwuMtrtl, or to right nn-J
left. Himp'eM-.lheitytntBnit.
ArniL, Il KLVtlJIiSv
Latest Improved
Horse Powers,
.Nbi ii ii f:u tn rod nd nM by
Purlin who with to pnrrlime nrnr i.ines that hare
proved to be nunrrior to all olhi will 1.i well
to nd for circo'ar aid d'tniplire prl lift,
wblcb win be Iurwrdea apon application. In e.
(Xo Tar ud), for outside work and luide, In-
a l of latcr. Kelt Carn-li c, .Vc. send two
S cent atauip for Cin nl:.r and Smnpl a.
C. J- r V, a tide i, A. i .
ADVERTISERS honld aend to Gro. F.
Kow-ei.l 41 I'aik Kow, X. V. Kiylty-
page i iiuiphltt. rout ining 1M of 3.MK) newnpa-
per, rliowniK cwi ul Mrtruiiig. juaiiea iree.
llfi eimer e r ualoate ana gain ine
lore md affection i.f any peron thejr ehixwr, in-
ataiitly. Thia nitiipla mental acqnirenient m'.l can
uok. free, br mail, lor '.'n cent . lotretuer wltb
a MrriaK liuiJ , KtfTtWn Orarle. l'reino., to l.a-
iliee. A qneer bo. k. 10),nou aold. Ailiea T.
H.LU.U & CO., I'abliehera, Philadelphia.
v v HOUSE,
AMngdon Virginia.
THIS House lias recently been re
built and it is now en for the accom
modation of summer hoarders, and the
general public. A comfortable Omni
hits, with polite Porters will meet all
trains, and convey visitor to and from
ihe Hotel.
JOS. L C TEIGG, Proprietor.
Fjb. 10 Bm.
Are rf!jf f tnilly Infer nid that 1 have
un liin-l a f Ktork tf HwnUl (mi,
flnsle iiiii. KlllfW, Jnm IlrtjiM, shot,
ponchos rikI Pawilrr t'lnk. Fine i'ttw-
l-r, i'n, 'itrtnU- " Uiiii- mid l'Ut!
A Bum M.irt miitof 'Utuli ! nil primlp.il linker...
Bov'n ilnim of ll tTl'. Walkiiie I'micn. iiin
niMtl ti. rlr ; 1 in linn- t-rkril nil rjaitil tri
ih brut maimer. KrtiinttiMl tn l.irki Ui-uiiri-krr'n
uiatriiil. All (fU enn ranted rt-prr-fiiti.t.
GimhI: fold anil work tlone aa low audi
S, O. FlSlIKH.itiiimikr,
Oct. 4. ly. BlilSTl'l.. Tt.NX.
J- T. 6l G. W. JORDAN,
Va. & Tnnx.
HAVING lucntfd in tlii. j'lace we res
pectfully solicit the patronise of the
citizenH of Ihistol-GiMxlMui, Wasliinjrton.
Soott, Sinythe nnd I.ee countien, V:t., ann
Sulli v-:n, W:iK!iintoii mix! (JrMi, Trim.
SatL-fartlon fcuaraiitretl. Oknamknt.ii
tlnleri from town :inl country prnmrtly
nttended to. Give us :i trial. oct 15-tl
CU UJi Cli S Til EE T,
Ijyrieliburi?, Virginia.
FSOM tlil.Jatel.. W. SCOVII.I.R. Minagr of
t)l W.MBI.HITnJ HorK, i llliillf'l a a
P.rt..;. ii.. i...i.... r tl..n.. 1 l.n.i.
u. will be eondnrtsd m.lcr the ;yl and firinol
w i!c forth" Sew dnrern aro-itlnm.'ion of the
proiiac of my Prliril iiJ lii etlir.
ilay 2. lf-71. ni 26tf- T. C. S. Fl.ltaUSf Ji
Market Tleporls.
I. IB. IDTJIsriT & CO.
BBISTOL. 7. 5- 184
Apples, Dricil
li.-v.-on, 3 pouii'l, nsw
Beef, retail of butcher,
"( II.
f ( 6
.... 25 to.'S'.i
2 ? to2:
311 33
... lo fi:sl6.''
... 6'.'to65
... C.")tiT5
4 55
....3 ZOQi 00
75 to 9
Butter "
Cuadlea, common,
Chickens, live
Coftee, Kio, "Jib
Cotton Varus,
Corn, per bushel,
" Meal, per bushel, ....
Cement, Jinnes River, bbl
Bg, pr doicu,
Flax SoeJ
Flour, sck
Feathers "J?!b
Iron, bar, "Jp tt
" rod and band, 11) .. ..
" tire,
" scrap,
Lard, "
Leather, sole, "
" npper,.... 41
Lid "jp bar
60a" 0
Oats, bii&bel.
Peaches, Drlcl..
Powder, rile, ..
ll to 12
... 2.M
....4 25
Rage, .
Salt, Virginia, per sack,.. .
" Liverpool."
Snake Root, Virginia,,,..
Seneca '
susrar, crown, par t. '(fcil4
" refined .. A, B, C, 1", jg.l
muow.perio , 10r12
Tow Linen, ,Bj,
Wheat, per bo..iLel l fito 1"0
Wool, waahed .H"At
Honey, per 10 to 12 to unlity
rm 11 ,
JOB WORK o all kir.ds neat
ly executed a' :Lc "tuE ec c, '
So do not liesitate about sendingyonr orders, a? von will "ct v
at the same price as
Excellent Fast Clored Calicoes at
Lancaster Printed Cam' rlcs at 15
cents per yard.
Domestic Ginghams at 8J, 10 nnd
i'2K cts rer vard.
-tT 1 it lAI aa.b nuii v tA
asu x opuns ai i." itun i' j
' "
worth ICS.
Wash Poplins, 28 inches wide, nt IC
cents rcr vard worth 25 cents.
New York Suitings. 28 inches wide,
at 1C cents per yard, wor 2o cts.
Black silks from 1 CO to S4 00 per
vard. nil verv cheao.
Co'lhrcd Silks from 1 00 to $2 50
per vard, extraorduitiry oargains.
Striped Silks at $1 00, would be cheap
at $1 2 i.
Japanese Poplins at 25, SO and 35
cts. decided bargains.
Japanese Silks from 50 cents to $1 00
per yard. .
We call special aiieiiu""
-r II
Stripes 50 ce ti per yari, wen
worth 75 cei.ts.
De Deces, Mohairs and Alpacas in
all the new shades, from 25 cents
to 75 cents per yard.
Ulack Alpacas and Jl.diairs from "25
cent to $1 25 per yard, all very
cheap gopds.
DIack Australian Crepe at 50 cents,
woitli 75 cents per yard.
Black Cashmere at 25 cents, worth -10
cents per yard.
Bombazines Tmnise and De Laines
for nviun ing in all quali'.ies.
Trimming Silks, Satii s and Velours
for trimming. '
Shirted f PuhVd muslin at 50 cents,
WiTth $1 00 per yard
Tucked Cambrick at 85, $100 2nd
Si 25 per yard.
Soli finished C:nn rick, full yar I wide
at 20 ccnts; worth CU coins er
xa d,
Victor Lawn, Sw.s Muslin and
Checked Muslins, at great bargains,
India Twill Long Clotli at 25 c irs.
worth 35 cents fcr yard.
Curttii Muslin, striped, with work d
horde1, at 20 c irs per yard, o lb
30 e is.
Ci.nsii 1 .Mu I n. extra wid (embroM.
ered) a 25 cts. cost 3 cents gojd
to import ami us all aold at ')0
cents ier y rd.
Elegant Lice '"it ait s finio $-' 00
to ?75 00 a set for two window-.
Il.iiid.-onie Nottingham L ice Curtains
at 52 50 a set lor two windows!
Abo a full assortment fr- m $-0 00
$30 CO a set for tw. windows
Nottingham L u e f r Curtains fini
20 cuits to 51 25 per avd al. wry
Uini's Eye Diaper, wnrranted li en.
nt 25 ai d 35 cents, pt r ya;d, w.rih
:,0 and 40 cents
lnen Finish Cotton T iaper t $! 25
for a piece of 10 yards, sold eery
where $1 5() a piece.
Li 1 en S leeting, full 10. w"de. r.t
$1 00 worth $1 35 per ynd.
Table Clothes lull two yaitN long,
and warranted all ue lien at
. $1 00, worth $1 50.
Iluckabuck Toe!s al $1 2.V Si 50,
$2 00, $2 25 and $3 00, all . f ..I. ch
arc very much below regular pri
ces. Linen Doylies or l-rinsed N ipkius at
50, f0, 75 em's and $1 UU prdo. -en,
all ery cheap except those it
50 cents.
-fi 0. i
If ITT liun la!!i1 14 . , ,
Zl Otuoa MQWloa oareftau vnomml ummr
of th nm of the w-k. broo.bt tSthw?fn
oth,iu ndixnee, m10
Weekly, l notttht, in advance, , yo
'"5"2T? mI t by draft, mimej onW. v
Mull. taWtatoittjp .i,lrr
Wood, Marsh & Co.,
Importer ud Jobbers in Dry Goods
and Notion.
39 A 311 T.irkel ,.,
it you were present.
N.ipkirs. 1 re she Dnro linon
SI 25. SI oU and (m . : mi
llnney l,onb QiiltsatSl 23 91 -
n ni i 7s nil Afv l
n . 1 ) f( II .
v j. an eira lare s.yiw . . i
i . ' " "I
tii'ibii u-.nu iciiiar prices.
l.TMn CI7A M'lrCoPla 1..Tt.
i'ioi.iii uii.saf i rta
? A .i r '
and $G 03, worth SG 00 and 4-..
Genuine French wove Linen V
Isoms at !.' cts, worth 25
and no mistake.
English Cheviou JShirtinjjs at 2'") cti
per yard; no t d .t.'t p;lv ;;r'Ce.,
riscwi erj ior iue same jjoimIs.
Cash's Trimmings, suitable for trim-
mms uime ana V lnldren s ar
merits at 50 cents for a piece..r
12 yards, worth $1 00.
Lob in Fde, pure linen, IS vnr h
for 50 cts, would be cheap at 5
per yard ; Daisy Kuffla at l. and 2;,
cents for 4 piece of 'J yards, wor.h
iunrj ; ijvcriasiiri" Km,
l 1 ' I - f A - 3
uromery r. igc at cents t.r a pice;
of I- yards, worth 10 cents pvr vir,!.
. Pillow Case Laces at 50, 75 t,.Is
and $1 00 per dozen yards, very
che ip; Crochet J-Hgi-igs at I:, :iruj
25 cents for 12 yards . worth 5 cents
per yarJ ; Hamburg K Icings and I.
sertings from I2J cents tI5 lp,.r
yard : the nevT atyle Gilt and Silvered
Hill E ir.llings and Sleeve and Cnilar
B atons at all prices ; Jet Net'; Lv
ce-., Breast Pins. Eir-U:ngs, llract-
lets. Studs and Sleeve Bu to is ; l.V
bleached Knitting. Cotton, j a,
f strands, at .'t cents per ponml;
Bleached Knitting Cotton in ba,at
75 cents per pound for all siz s; Cnt-
ton Yam at $1 10 per bundle of live
p -Minds . Co a's. John Clark. Jr., and
Clark's 0 N, T. Spo I Cor ton at
7 cents p?r dozeu ; I'aj er Cnll fir
L tdies at 25 cents f r a box of ten
p iii, always sold at ."iU cents; Linen
Collars nr.d Culfs of all ia itits nf
the I -test styles ; a fu 1 ass .rinniut ..f
re idy-m idf (diemises, .N g!n (Jnwiis.
J)rc sing Js icfj ie-. Drawers an I
Aiiphis : Sewing Machine Oil at l
c t p r bo't'.y f.r the be t i-i iim;
S'witej .Midline Neet.l s ;n 10 ;i .
i0 cents for a piper !' it? 1 N il, ;
L'neii II fkerchiefs.it 7" c 'v , ?' " I
$1 50 a. d $1 00 per (I.1..11 ; Km .m i'.
ered and .Lice 11 .nkruli eiai ,i'H
;reat b:ira ii s ; t ipetl u Cm
('iiton II ise lir Ladi and t'ii I
divn ; I'iri-olsin great va-iety an I
al i ry ureal bargu.is; S .-' I
S'rmU. Lice Pom. I! o k .M tih
Sii ih N, and a full a so tnient of o ! .
er sty! s fi r the se.i.soti ; lufoi'-'
Fruek Waists from 50 etit to r:; no
I a ts HniSroiili n il Kol es. t.o 1
Si . 0 to $10 Oil; Striped and pltia
An ng Duck ; O.I Cloths Bed Cn.r';
nnd Wl.ile M ittinjr. Bugs, Mats an i
Oarj.ets i;i sreat a:iety ; Xe.v V ' t k
Mills and WYni.ulU Cotton at I
etit.s per yard ; Kroit of the Loom
I" cents; D r 1 C ttmi at ll'.-! ceii?-
lull vil;b I'ub'e.iched Sliret in :it -s
con's; lull width Bleached .S:ueri:''4
at 33 cents per yard ; Bh ached an I
I'nMe.tdifd Co ton of all lire popular
ni ikes, retailed ; t w'odesale pii f;
Laurel D yard wide Unbleached Cot
ton at 11 cents per yard; and thou-s-
nds of o her articles not enumera
ted in this advertisement, a'l of which
wi'J be so'd at the I iwcst prices t'jf
cash on!y, at wholesale or retail.
1017 na 1019 UAlli TfttflT.
Richmond IV
Main Strekt, BnisTor. , Tenn..
Provisons Grooeri ?s
ail Coaniry Mi:.
CiotHls deli.xered at II u.srsi
Dtfe.O. '.VMf
2V000 Bushel Oats.
25.000 " Com.
2.".000 " (Jood clean Wlieat.
For wliitli u-f will pay t asj! on deliv
ery. Bugs alway on hand.
Williams a KkkBlkk.
Nickels IIou- Corner.
Dec. 1G-T3.
Re ope-.ed by
IMain Street, Bristol, Tenn.
I II A V'K again reopene-1 the Tlmrc
as House, on Main Street, uml "
preparetl to furnish .tirst-chvss .nf""
nioilation to the public. N 'iiotu'
and no )vain.s will be tpar.'d u i:r
the hotel all it was in its palffiui
days. .
i'oardcra will be received on
terms iT
Beinr provided with pood
am piejiared to furnish stall. foJ" au
attention h horses. , .i.
liail road passenpera will n'"1 J
house loented in easy tl'tanee .
ra.stntr Bxehamje. the tabl p
furnished and Kxlginjc iiiisiirpa--
Borterd rej:nlarly a: the trains i
"iive bajrarriiie and eomltiet n.i--1''---JiU
ii' '7-i-tC

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