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j. ( row i a:i.
nuroi: i iMtriti.roir.
OU. Ml 12. 1374.
LO'-! .
T',e Xrw insd of AU-rm.-ii for
-to!, u;n orir:tii!Z"'l on Mond.iv of
vvcci;. CM:. Vanw, v.w re Clot
It 1 11' CiiAvr.
.Veto Jfoi.-Mr. Vll. r II. r.oheit
- Lawyer, and Mr. J. M. Wheeler,
..Uiu'iapher, itl of WyllK-vilie, are
uoving to lirUtol. The Enterprise.
,;ards tin-in us a hrs i Wythevilie
... an acquisition to Hristol, ami we
t..a- pleasure in introducing thcin fa.
vuralily to our citizen."
Yr.ccwc,'. President 11. T. Vi!on
:.t. 1 V. P. J . .Tatties were at I ho
N.clieU ll.)ii- on l;i-t Frid ay. Mr. j
v'i!.iii left o!i the noun train for New
Votk, u.id Opt. J ifj-nfi on the" P. M. ;
r it-! for Knox ville. j
C'pt. Ja'j'jo infornn as that dm in?
i .t . ear his road sptnt in Hast Ten- i
? ..-.see half a million .f dollars, more
;.i:ui the entire business of that section
paid his line. feels greatly relieved :
by the late change in the control of.
n'ie M.&CMl. It. j
Ttatt Ftdarg Cm!. The? Com irr,
pi.ldishcs a report that the old Urisfoj J
i;.,aid indulged ill the luxury oi a
.-alary Cial" before retiring. We
n-e taken the trouble to interview
j;-:.I.yor Smith o:i the subject, and
:; i I t lit: ficts as follows. Sergeant
i-Iinuiert was voted .rl-"i) for police du- i
:y ; llecorder (Ml. Vance was voted
iJT) over the imial allowance hereto
fore, but h; ha- since donated it to the
Town; Mayor Smi'h was voted the
u.ual allowance of StOiand no more.
Mr. J. M. Wheeler, Photograph Ar-ti-t.
pulled up stakes in this place to
il. iv and look his departure for Slristol,
which is to be the theatre of his futuie
oi eiiitioiis, for some time at leas , in
the picture business. Joe has made
mauv li'inds in this place, and as he
i- a"ood artist and a irood fellow he
innot fail to make a good impression
in IJristol also We wish him luck in
his new quarters. II 'ytlmiHc Enter
pi i'.
1)1 KD. On the morning of the l-th j
. e . f : l lu-l M ..... f 1 1 . I mirli f ir I
l il II, Ml I, .'iiw .'ii.n i., ............
r Mr. and Mrs. William L. llartsell,
o.' 15ig Lick, Va , formeily of lhistol,
l'ciiii. Alice was just budding in!"
in:i.-iuhood : was the id(l of the fami-
ciicle. Our loved one has faded
i,o:n our sight, and left a vacuum
liM'h none can li'l.
jiut. dear friends, let us not sorrow
too deeply over our loved one. Our
i). :nitif.il llo.vt r b is only Ix-en trans
pl.inted into a more fertile soil, and a
in .ie genial clime. Jt has only laid
t;.-i.le its mortality for the robes of im
i i .riality, and is imw blooming in
liiat glorious world whore sicklies,
t tin. nord.ath can never enter. Her
i-i not set. but like the beautiful
.Homing star, has only nicked away
n;o the light of heaven.
Alice remembered her Creator in
I'.ieiUjs of her youth, end followed
h. -r Savior into the liquid grave. She,
a. well as her parents and an only sis-
were members of die liristoS JJ.ip-
i. -t Church. She had been ailing lor
c.-cral days, but notning serious until
a :"ew hours before her death. Soilc
two weeks before her death she told
n- r parents that she would soon leaxc
tlcni, so it was not unexiwctcd to her.
This is the third death of the young
'.i ii. s of the Pristol Chinch with n the
:.i-t eight nioirhs. I"irt, Mittie, then
Nannie, and now Alice, what a lovely
little group on the other shore. May
lu.s be a warning to us who survive,
t tu.t when thai hour shall come to us
i.i.ty w; be als ready. And this
h-hould console us that, although they
cannot come to u, yet we can go to
A Co'otcd 3Iau o i tit? Co'oro'.l
1 Vopl.
W.vsiiiMiioN Coi ni v, Va.
April 10th, 1S74. j
To Tin: Va. ok Tin: Ii:istoi. Nkws.
Will yoa please be so kind as to al
low space in your columns for me to
say a lew words in behalf of my race
ami color? If I were to say no more
i ban this, that we are a oor and iirno
i;Uit race, it would be saying nothing
more than what we .ire, this is well
known. 15ut here istheUesiion, what
are v to do to help ourselves? Can
v do anything? In all probability
there are some who will say 1 am mis
taken, ? far as our ignorance is con-
ci ned. Put. let them look at this fact
and be convinced that they are in the
I appeal to the rreneral community j
oi my colored brethren to look at our :
noii-iin rovcmciit. We have been set I
;.t liberty for a number of years ami :
can we say with any candor that we !
;,rc any better oil now than we were j
w hen liU rated? Ar: we making any
progress whatever towards becoming a
jcopic? I say, according to my honest
i pioion, there is none. There may be
a lew doing what we might say tole
rably well, Hut if there be such liny
reeni to keep it all themselves. There
jiie four million or more of the coh.rcd i
population in the I'nited States. Ami
ut of Hi it vast nuinner wotim i oe
justitiable by saying that ninety-one
per cent are doing no good ?
This may be a very unwise estima
tion, but, however, if it be true, there
i-. a very small number that are doing
:uiy g x I. Say nine per cent of the
lour m llions. When we see so many
of our race going tr. destruction, would
it not be proper for us to tell them.
For instance let us examine this fact.
At the emancipation our State prisons
were not tilled with the color;. 1 popu
lation 'as they are now. (Jo to the
Penitentiaries of the dillerent States
and inspect these matters for your own
fa;isfaeti.,n. Of course I do not say
you will find uootheis there but col
ored prisoners, but can you-not find a
very large per cent, over ami above
-1. - .1. . . .A.I...
the numner inai wcie tueie me
emancipation? locs this not prove
our ignorance? Nine years of liberty
and we are wcrse oll'than when libe
ra'. 'liicn I eonstralnol tosiythat
iiint ty-one per cent, of the colored po
pulation are pursuing; the wrong course.
You have U-eii led for more than seven
xars in succession, in one solid com
bination, and what has it profited you?
1 1'ct.r o'u have been inisied or misin
formed. Yi have lieeii told by those
who profess to be jour friends, mat if
i.u broke this combination you would
doubtlessly be enslaved. Is this not
true It ousrht o he answered in the
..(urinative, without deception. Now
if vou only could conceive of these
matter I think thcie would ea von
tiJerable alteration. Accord. n-to any
candid opinion I Io not believe hat
,he Dtmucrutic parly has any finch ih-t-uUou-
(ranwH.iotbutbe.e ve the
white population are dc irg U f
.b,v than they did whci tit: t..- t-3
II-'.' y.-r I reason, liii-y ;ne saved I
.f a ureal m ni v cXpen.-i s now to vh;t! j
llic-v were ilu-n. j
Then I wiil say inza'ii. if it was it ;
fur o;ir iii inr.in- or iin ap.iliiliiies to '.
ju.l-pof tli.-e maxim, there mij.I.t U-1
-.ifi.' i-i le hope of ovr dine ion. (
;.ut I hope iitot-t siueerely that when j
wept knowledge our inahilitr. that the !
mint? intelligent classes, t-i-peeially j
liioMr rrf the Commonwealth of Virgin- j
i.i. irr their magnanimity, will hold lis j
irr-siion!iiiie. . o wn nsianni sin we
have a woIk to do and it is hij.h lime
we were up and doing. When we sec
our iioii-inirovenient, our stupidity
or extreme ilalh icss of pel cc j 'I ion , it is
evident we ar making no progress
whatever, citfMT nniral or intellectual,
then it is certain wc must ciiane our
c iiive. The (jiiet ion in:iA" arise what
are we to do? The only alternative I
can conceive of is this, we iniisl un
dergo a reformatio!', we must in all j
probability reform mm elves. This i
omliiiiation of partyi-iu doubtlessly j
must he i o.; -n a-ni ner, iiiou.-:! n
in iv look a-, dark s it did in the dajs
of old. Wl r u ih clouds w re gathei
iu over Martin L'lther ami tlie 1b
toi mation the appeal to a general
council was a new atlack o:-i the pajial
Forasmuch then bs we fee the course
We have Uen pursuit. g has not gained
us anything. I would say to every one
of thtr i.iiiety-one jcr cent, of the four
million, there is great necessity of a
n formation. 1 will say furthermore,
we must go to work to bring about
this point.
I will now turn my discourse to the
intelligent piop'e of the Virginia Com
monwealth and ask their assistance in
these matters. .What can we do to
eflect ibis reformation ? Will you not
help us? IMucation is what is Herd
ed. Something to redeem us from our
You are now ready to say that we
are all Republicans, . or Radicals, as
you some'imes call us. Ibit you need
not say that, for we are not all Repub
licans. You may hear from again
Kmory and Ilrnry College..
Vie received by mail yesterday a
copy of the catal ijmic of Emory and
Mcnrv College, session l i TI.e
mi rhcr of students prc-ent during
the scsiio'i was KI.', and these -.j be
b!i2 ti t!.e senior class. The i hhc
cxaiiiinatioii will commence June 1 1 ill
and tlie commencement exercii.es
wiil take pl.ite Ju te 17. The llic
call urea te sennoa w ill be p' eached
by IIjv. I-. Muasey June 11; the
iddress before t!i-' Ahnntii, by Hon.
John (Joode, of Norfolk, will be
d divi red June 111. and the address
heft ire the Literary S icieties. by Prof
J, L. Ruchai-.a ". Jane 17i.h. '1 he
liiei.ds of this popular inlitutioti of
learning have seldom been invited to
a richer lilcary feist thin the fort'.i.
coming one promi.-cs to be.
lie Norfolk .Masonic
Jiav. in tru.
Noiikoi.k, May o. The .'filli ticket
dtavvn. No. 770!. drew the capital
prize of .f'i.COO. This is the only prize
of any size yet drawn.
HtX'oM) iMSI'ATCir.
Not: i-oi.K, Va., 11:1") P. M. Jame
Reid, a bak:i, of this city, drew the
capital prize.
Ticket No. ."!) 40 drew Sli.oOO. The
holder of the ticket is not known.
NoitKoi.K. ". Wm. 15. Dii.-gs, cx
sheritr of Norfolk drew ihu scconi-'
pi ize.
."..son drew $G.2oO. No. 2.17S
drew ii'.oiKI.
Many numbers hae hern drawn,
La:t only a few of the ptincipal juizes.
IVcs of Slieriils and Serjeants.
The bill in illation to the pay of Se -gea;.tsaiid
Sherills, wi-.ich was jias.-ed
by the Legislature and approved by
the liovernor, allows these ollicers the
same fees for Common weaiih's servi
ces as are now allowed to constable;,
as follows:
For summoning a witness, 20 cents ;
for summoning any accused in a crim
inal proceeding, o ) cents; for execu
ting a search warrant, -M cents ; for
making an arrest in any case, other
than felony, for which d i.-. now paid,
50 cents; provided that in case of con
viction, except for felony, the Com
monwealth shall not be liable for these
fees. Forattending on any cireuitcoui t
except the Circuit Court of Richmond.
2 per day to each principal officer,
and the same to each deputy required
to a: tend by the court. These officers
have never been paid by the State lor I
any of these services, except for attend-!
ing upon the circuit courts, for winch
they received not exceeding sJ'l per
annum. The per diem is intended to
equalize the matter bet ween the large
ami small counties. It i- est hinted
that this bill will le a draft iion
the triasiiry to the amount of jO.tKKl.
Mi ini, k Vutiiixi .v. L dl'crty still
has '"Middle Virginia" on the brain.
We thought he had time t 'tough to
cool ofi'and simmer down Rut he Iras
broken out in a fresh place. He says
"the Valley has never been aroused as
it is now since 1S71." If he had writ
ten it "the dazr-tlc" instead of
, i
Valley" it would have been nearer the i
truth. Tl e Valley seems placid and j
serene, uui noi so nun me uazt.uu. ,
It is hi a high stateof excitement we ;
were aiouttosay mad as a March'
hare. It ought to take soothing po- j
tions and keep quiet. The last turn
which its frenzy has taken is to call
a conve.ilion of Middle Virginians to j
consider their wrongs and demand j
tlluil- ,'i.rlil r.i.villt t III 111, tlhlff !
and the 4th of July the time named.
It should have been the first day of
April and at, Staunton. Lynchburg
We desire, in all Kindness but in
good earnest, to say to our subscribers
that ve arc positively m need of the'
little amount they are due us. Itisj
absolutely nreces-ary that we must j
collect al once and we hope th cy wil j
without further delay, let us have
our money. This call is intended to
apply to every subscriber w ho owis us
as much as ten cents.
The X marked on the Xctvs mean
that a remittance would be in order
and very acceptable. The number
marked or printed is the one to be sub
straeted from the "'whole n umber" or
the present issue. Multiply the re
mainder by 4 cents and the product
will be about the amount you owe on
For example, the "w hole numbc r'
of the issue is 421. If :i(i: should U
the number marked or punted on the
outMde of your paper, you will owe for
o2 numbers or one year.
I'lauk ooils.
Wc have printcl ti 1! mi ted num
ber of );eds. which arc exactly in
conformity to the code, with ac
knowledgments printed for both
the husband and wife. They are
printed on Mac tough Bond Taper,
and will bear folding and handling
without damage. Parties wishing
a handsome s tat-toryf fcr deed
will apply i 'I-;; :CJ
Manufactures nl ! ial Tttulc
AVIiat i:i'3Iacl it ml What is Sold.
t is our design to keep before the
readers of the JIhi.stoI' Nkws th'ise
exclusive enterprises of our town
uhu-ii are worthy of the confidence
;l!U attention of the pul.lic.
The Foundry and Machine Shop
of Messrs. Dixon, Smith & Co., may
be found on Fourth St , near the Ten
nessee Depot. - They make a very tine
article of Cast-iron Hollow ware.
Mill (Jearing, Tilt Hammers, Coal
(J rates for dwellings, a large variety of
Plows, which are stocked in a manner
which is not equaled at any other es
tablishment within our knowledge,
ai.d a large number of other articles
too mi. nerous to mention. The busi
ness is supei intended by Mr. Dixon
originally trom eastern Virginia, but
more recently from the State of (leor
gia. Mr. Smith is tlu practical ma
chinist and is oneof the most compe
tt and skilled w nkmeii we ever
saw. Mr. Nelms gives his attention
to the moulding department, and also
to the stocking of plows. A twenty
hore power engine is employed. No
piece of work is allowed to leave the
etsablishmeiit unless tested and be
lieved to be of good quality.
The Sash, Blind and Door Fac
of Me. srs. Mattox, Lee & Ferguson is
on Lee Street and has combined with
it the
Furn it n re Business,
which is under the immediate super
vision of Mr. (i. 11. Mattox. who has
been successfully at the business for
many years, and is well known in the
country. Quite a large business is
done for distant points, and a very su
perior article of Furniture is made at
prices which are low. The styles are
the very newest and best. This
branch of the business has been suc
cessfully introduced to the public as
far East as the New River valley and
West to Morrbtown.
The Sash and Door department ;
mperinb mhd 1 y Mr. .John Lee, rt.- j
eently from Culpepper C H., a. He
is a skilled workman and has already
gotten the business upon such a basis
that its success has been beyond his
own expectation. Sash, Doors. Frames
and Flooring are turned out with
great rapidity, and in large quantities
i and are shipped Uaiiv to points in r.
W. Va.. and East Tennessee. Orders
are lilleil in almost an incredibly short
time and the work is of excellent
quality. A thirty horse power engine
and about one dozen hands are em
ployed. Tobacco Factory.
Maj. Reynolds- will soon have his
large Tobacco Factory under way. He
ig a first class business man, and will
bo a very useful member of our man
ufacturing community. His house is
ttxSU) and is three stoiies high.
The Bristol Mills,
are now in the hands of Mr: Waldie
of the large foreign house of (leo. R.
Ewing.t- Co., ami has just been placed
in the finest possible condition. Three
pairs of Rubra and Rolters are in use.
All grain is passed through the Fan
and when necessary through the Smut
ter, and the Flour is strictly up to
brand. " The " White Rose " is about
perfection itself. All packages are de
livered, and the business conducted on
a cash basis. A forty horse power
Turbine wheel is used.
The Hardware Business
is conducted by Mr. S II. Ferguson,
formerly of Portsmouth, Va., and
who is thoroughly educated to the bu
siness. His stock is very complete,
well assorted and sold at prices which
we regard us low.
Mr. Doriot has a stock of Wat'-hes,
and Fine Jewelry vhicli is not equal
ed between Richmond and Nashville.
He is a repairer of Watches, Clocks,
itc. He has had twenty years expe
rience. Jc ircler.
Mr. A. Picket!, late of the city of
London, has had along experience as
a workman, and keeps on hand a com
plete and excellent stock of the finest
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry of all
kinds, to be had in any market.
Vans, Fistols, ,lc.
Mr. tS.O Fisher, formerly of Lynch
burg, has a fine stock of (juns, Pi.-tols,
Sporting Tackle, Canes, &e. He is a
practical gun and lock smith.
Merchant Tailor
Mr. W. (L St ration keps on hanu
lice only lot of tine cloths :::.' cassi
mercs in our tow u and is doing quite a
good business. He has had long ex
perience and has given fine satisfac
tion in his work.
Millinery and Mantnct Making.
Mrs. Rcttie Calloway is entitled to
preeminence in the department of
fashion for the ladies. Her business
has been enlargiil and nil of her stoci
is carefully purchased in the eastern
cities by herself in person. Hergood
taste is acknowledged, ami her success
no longei a question.
Airn. :-caies, nas a iii'e suck m ui-
' lllieiv ititi.i in me it.'tn
. . the 15.is
iI(K.k Sl,e is a la
tol A '. in Kane sH
idv of taste and well
worl,,v of lUL. ,(UUiic. patronage.
Mrs. Frost and Mrs. Dowler, have a
good stock of Millinery (Joods, in
Rosang's Rlock. Caldwell's old stand,
and have qualifications for and expe
rience in the business. They are per
fectly reliable and worthy of a share
! ,,f liwi iipks imvv sn iillv ileveloti-
ing in Rristol.
Messrs. J. Rambeiger &, Co.. have
one of the prettiest establishments in
town, and their stock would do credit
to any city in Virginia or lennessee.
Their prices seem to be low and they
have met wilh a good trade.
Dr. J. CI. Pepper on Main street, and
Messrs. lianting & Pepper on Front
street, have establishments fully equal
to the demands of the country. Their
stocks are both pretty and quite com
prehensive, and they are each doing a
good business.
Boohs and Stationery.
Messrs King t Hill have a very
nice assortment of Books and Station
cry, and are selling them low. Their
stock is very well selected and fully
meets the wants of tlie community.
Their building is on Main street, be
tween 4th and 5th,
Commission House ami Family Gro
ceries. J. li. u inionw in give promp:
attention to this department of busi
ness, and guarantees satisfaction.
Bristol Xursery
Trof. J. H. Winston has a growing
business in this department, and sells
choice family trees of his own growth
at prices below those of any other
nursery we know of.
II. A. Bickley'a Furniture Factory
Is at the corner of Depot and Ed
mond Sis., Va. Hill. Bedsteads, liu
eaus, Safes, &c., made to order. Horse
Kwer 13 used for running machinery.
A siipph" of inetalic and other burial
cases kept on hand and supplied to or
der. Mr. Jiickley has ati extensive
trade, and is well known as a reliable
and vxcvllent workman.
M r.
Feldlmrg manufactures
Hair and, .Shuck Mattiesst s to o ih ,
ami keeps them on sale in Keller s
block, west of the budge. Main Street.
His work is said to b, very superior in
MUiility and first late in appearance.
Tin Ware, Stoves, fc
Keller t IJrewer have a large siock
of Stores ami Tin Ware on Main st ,
and keep on hand a large stock ol
material. Thy run eight teams con
stantly into the country, acd furnish
rootling. souting and guttering to or
der on short notice. Their work is ol
the best quality.
Geo. W. llanimit
on Main Street, keeps on hand Stoves
and Tinware and manufactures ware
'or general stock, and to order. Fui
nihliBS roofiing, spouting and gutte -ing.
He is an experienced and relia
ble workman
Boots and Shoes.
ii. W. Frost t Co., have a large
Shoe Factory at corner of Main ami
lith streets. They are equipped with
improved machinery, and furnish a
large amount of stock to jobbers.
Their work is equal in appearance and
superior in quality to Northern work.
They also keep on hand a fine stock of
northern shoes for gents, ladies and
children. There are now employed hi
the establishment, fifteen bauds, end
it is in contemplation to increase the
force to thirty hands. The house is
certainly superior to any similar enter
prise which has been in the country.
J. C. & W. M. Rurrow at 200 Main
Street, have a huge collection of pic
tures, and do the largest business of the
kind in the South. They ndrcrtie in
800 papers, and publish a paper of their
Job Printing
is done at the office of the Bristol
Nkws, in all styles, from the plainest
dodger, to the most elaborately colored
and shaded bills, cards, bill heads, let
ter heads, circulars- &c. The motto ol
the office, is "work done in city style,
.,t eitv prices," and with thisinsci
UJ0n"it.- :imoi-, the Nkws has
tlie j0j, Work it can do, but is ge
nil of
ready to do more. 1 he demand :
Job Work is becoming greater, and we
mean to meet it.
Toys and Confections
are furnished in great variety b
Messrs. E. Kuhnert &Son, who manu
facture an excellent article of pun
candy, ami keep their counter supplied
witii a nice article of cakes. They also
furnish outfits for wedding tables..
Kxtkhimusks not advertised in the
Xcic. can be inserted in this column
at a fair ju ice in money.
Tiristot: Advertisements .
Fre)ic7i Candies,
J ats, 'fiaisins, -Fiys,
tCe., arrivitf reyaartr.
Baking done to order.
KAKEKS BilKAD furnished and
WEDDING CAKES baked atulbeau
tifully iced and ornainened on short
E. Kuhnert & Son.
tT?AVlXfl reentlv returned from a trip, fur the
JLJL pnrptme ( alo'tiug nil late inipritveinentn in
.ia.u iiiiitTT mi llic .tonii, wr are ow frfijirou if.
make and furnish I lie following Machinery and im
plements :
Stationary ami Portalile Engines, Cir
cular Saw Mills, C ri.-t ami Saw Mill
(iearimr, Sorliuni Mills, Toliact'o
Fixtures, Hore I'owers, Thrasli
in4 Maeliines, Superior Smut
Machines, IJark Mills, AVool
Carding Machines, Tick
ers, Plows ami Points, of the
most approved Patterns, Hailing,
Columns, Stoves, Uuilding Fronts,
Cast Windows, and Door Fr imes, Sor
ghum lioilers, &e.
The attention of MILL-WKIGUTS ia particularly
invileu, as we wiilpnt up
e uitalile for every variety of Water and Steam
I'oirer that they ttiay prefer. Merchant in tlilnaud
the adjiitiiittf cot'iities will be supplied ith
New York Premium No. 3nd 4, Bradley', Liv
iinittoii atid Hill Sid .- I'lowsof all size.
Old Iron and Copper taken in Exchange for Oast
Ins. We ar Mannfaelnreis Agents 0r the sale of
French Buhr Mill fitoii".. Bolting, Mowers and
Reapers; to-.-ether with any other Machinery wan
ted that we do not make.
Besttjnali'y of M.iter kept rop.tantly on hand.
A Teweuty Horse Engine and Circular Saw Mill now
for sale LO II"; also one Forty-six inch Circular
J. li. I JAR RETT & CO.,
Wytheville, Va
Mes..r I. U. nXX Jt CO., Bristol, Tenn., are
our atrente tor sale ol all gootts kept by Its.
March 11, lS7l).-tf. J B. BiKBBTr & Co.
Groceries and Pro
CHANTS, Will bcII Groceries cheap for cash o
Country Produce.
We have on hand a large lot of Fanii
and Extra Flour Choice brands.
(Jive us a call at llaruieiing's Build
t-S" We have adopted and will strict-,
ly adhere to the Cwh SYSTEM,
Mar. 31, 1ST 4--3m, .
PA 1 EX t M ED I ClX t S,
R. R. R.
In from Ofie to Twenty Minutes.
after rea '.Ing this advertisement need anjono
It was the first and Is
Tlio Only rain Tfcemetly
that instantly stop, the most excrncians pain, nllav
Inflammation!, and cure. Conirestitin. whether ol' the
Liinm. Stomach, Bowels, or oilier flauJa or organs, Ljr
one application.
no matter how violent or xrrncltltiff the pain the
RHKl'MATIO, Bed-riit1en, Inflriii. Crippled. Nervous,
Neuralgic,- or prostrated with disease may suffer,
The application ot the Ready Rellerto the part or
parta where Hit pain or tlillivuitv t-xisis will afford ease
ami Coniturt.
Twenty drops In half a tumbler of water will in a ferr
Traveler tlitmltl alwav earrv a bottl of ISnd
wav' It end v Relief with them. A tew drops in
water will prevent rickneiM or pains front rhanee of
water. It is better tlinu French Brandy or Bitters as a
FEVER AND AGUE enred for fifty cents. There U
not a remedial ageut In this world that will cure Fever
and Acuc. and all other Malariou., Bilous, Scarlet,
Tvphoid, Yellow, and other Fevers faided bv RAD
WY S riLLS so quick as RADWAY'S READY RE
LIEF. Fifty cents per bottle.
Sarsaparilliaii Eesolveiit
Every Day an Increase ia JM
ail MM is Seen ail Felt.
Ererr drop of the RARSAPARII.LIAN' KESOIj
."EST cotninunuates through the Blnotl, Sweat. I'rine,
;iut ttther Kliii'ls antl inieesof the system the viiror of
Ine. itir it n-pair the wastes of the body with new and
Kin ml material. Srroiuta, Svphilis. Consumption,
(ilandtilar di-ase. Ulcers in the throat. Mouth, Tu
mors. Nodesiu thetilaudsand other tartsofthesyittetn.
Sore Eves, Struiuurous dischames irom the Ears, ami
the worst forms of likiu duca-tes. Eruptions, Fever
Sores, Scald Head, Ritii Worm. Salt Rheum. Erysipcla".
Acne, Black Spots, Worms in Ihe Flesh. Tumors. Cnn
cers in the Womb, and all wenkenite,' and painful dis
chantes. Night Sweats, Loss of Sperm and nil wastes of
the life principle, are w ithin the rurative ranire of this
wonder of Modern Che-ni-ttry, and a lew days' n-e will
prove to any person using it for either ol these firms of
2ieae its potent power to cure them.
If the patient, dailv lieeominc reilnced by the wastes
aud decomposition that is continually prii;rcin;.'. sue
ceeils in arresting these wa-tes. ami repairs ihe sanrn
with new material made from Jiealthv blood and this
the SARSAPARILLIAN will mid 'Iih-s secure a cure
Is certain; for when once this remedy commences its
work of purification, and ecceila in diuiinishinc the
loss of waste, its repairs will be rapid, and every day
the patient will feel himself growinc lictterandstroneer,
the food digesting better, appetite improving, and llesli
and weurht incrcnsitic'.
Not only does the SARSAPAmr.i.tAtf Hesoi.vs-nt excel
al! known remedial lejenls in the en re ol'l'hntnie. Scro
tuio.s, :oiistiiutioun:, and Skin dist-OMss; but it is tlm
only positive cure fur
(Kidney A; Bladder Complaints,
Urinarv and Womb diseases. Gravel. Diabetes, Dropsy,
Stoppage of Water. Incontinent of Urine, lSnj-'ht's Dis
ease. Albuminuria, and in all rases where there arn
brick-dust deposits, or the water is thick, clotidv, mixed
with substances like the white of an iVn, or threads like,
while silk, or there is a morbid, tljrk. bilious appear
ance, and white bone-dust deposits, aud when there is
a pricking, buminK sensation when passim; water, and
pain In the Small of the Back aud along the Loins.
Tumor of Pi Years Growth
Cured by Badway's Resolvent.
perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated with sweet pirn,
purse, resulaic. purify, cleanse unit strengthen. Kad
wav's I"tlK for the cure of ali.lisordersoi the Stomach.
Liver. Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder. Nervous Diseases
Headache. Constipation. Costiveness. Indigestion, Dys
pepsia, Biliousness. Bilious Fever, IiiHaHiinatiou of inn
Bowels, Piles, and all Derangements of the Internal
Viscera. Warranted to effect a positive cure. Purely
Testable, containing no mercury, mi lie rubor dcleteri-
""I'lewdosea of RADWAY'S PILLS will free the sys.
lem from all the above named disorders. Price.Ia cents
per Box. SOLD BY DllUOOIsTs.
READ "FALSE AND TRUE.-' Send one letter
stamp to RADWAY k CO., No. S2 Warren St.. New
York. Information worth thousands will I sent you.
, iV. x 1 O
C ,T. A. niJCKXKIl 'V
Wholesale Clothiers,
Jabtr of c!oths, fapsliaeref, Testing,
Good adapted to Men' 11 'car.
212 Haiti 111 ore S(.
Jan. 12. ly.
B. F.
.VC 4 1Wi
At tjik Sk;x ok tiik
Big Boot.
1 V.1 In 2 cm
. .2 6 to :t co
.... 3 oo to 3 flo
.... .5 oo to f ;mi
, ... .1 oo to 3 .'to
... ..ti oo to H 5o
lo no
... ..1 5o to S oo
j no to 8 .'to
" oo to .1 So
4 oo to U oo
2 7i to 3oo
French Calf Oaltor ,
French Kip G".er-
Fremh C'a'f Signed tiatters
Boot", i,,iuet1
Caif Toot, Krenel
Calf Boot, American
Kip B';ol, Anieiican
t'linil.itvn Btot
S'.itclied.down Brogans
Finest lS-thread Laslir.g Coil
Mttrroco (ittat..
Kid -
" FieucU Calf
Fine Calf Oaiters
- Shoes
..2 :o to 5 75
2 7.)
. .'i f to 3 ;a
..in to Soo
4 7..
..3 oo to 3 io
All Work
So you Be for yourselTCs, that pri.-cu
haTe been greatly reduced, Tlie reduction
amounting o at least 25 per cent, oa thie
of 173,
Yieare pnttinjr up, on an average, 3H
paira of Hio6 ml lioots per day, ami are
compelled tt sell them low.
GOOD TRODUCE nlvrsiya taken Cnsh,
at Cash rates, and all woliK warranted.
gGcntIemeti or InlieK will please not
send their children or servants lor cither
Bew or repaired vork, without Bending the
niiirfr, ilojeiis there be a epecial under
KlHUuinz fc?t'Wi,pii itn. For we lositively
Cannot sel (' -edit.-'
April H-tf,
Taffrrit Medicines
Dr. J. "Walker's California A'iu-
e2;ur Jlillers arc a tnnvly Ve.ctablo
preparation, made chiclly iVom the na
tive hcrhs lound on the lower ranges of
ti e Sierra Nevada nioiuitains of Califor
nia, the- inedicinal properties of which
are extracted therefrom without the use
tif Alcohol. Tlie question is almost
dailv asked. "What is the cause of tlio
unparalleled success of Vixkhai: Hrr
TKiLsf' Our answer is. that lla-y remove
the cause of disease, and the patient re-i-overs
his health. They are the -Treat
t.;M il purifier an-i a lii:-i in.: principle,
a perfect .Kcnovator and I :i isolator
of the system. Never before in the
history of the world lias a medicine heen
i-oittiMHiiitlt'tl pussessiu-r tint n-niarkalile
ipuiiiii's of Vinkijak Uittkks in healiii? tlie
sick of every disease lu.iu is heir to. They
art: a -rt-atle I'arirativc as well as a Tonic,
relievi!: Contrt-.-iioii or Iii'laamiatioii of
the Liver a:;d Vi.-cer.il Organs ia ililioas
The proporlies cf D::. Wai.kek's
Vi.nkiiau lirn ki:s are . pi-rieiit. liiajihoretic,
Carminative-. Nuiriii-ins. Laxative: Dinn-tie,
Si.-daiivo. Connii-r-1 rritaat Sudorilic, Altera
live. and Anti-!:i!ioa.
Grateful Thousands proclaim Tix
egau Bitteks the most wonderful In
vigoraut that ever sustained th sinking
No Person can take these Bitters
nccordins to directions, and remain long
unwell, provided their bones are not de
stroyed by mineral poison or other
means, aud vital organs wasted beyond
IJilious. llemittent and Inter
mittent 1 cvers, which are so preva
lent in the valleys of our great rivers
throughout the United States, especially
those of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri,
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
sas, lied, Colorado, Brazos, liio Grande,
J'earl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Bo
anoke, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during the Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea
sons of unusual heat and dryness, are
invariably accompanied by extensive de
rangements of the stomach and liver,
and other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful inlluence upon these various or
gans, is essentially necessary. There
is no cathartic for the purpose equal to
Du. J. Wai.ki:i:'s Vixkuaii Bmtkks,
as they will speedily remove the dark
colored viscid matter with which the
bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy
functions of tlio digestive organs.
Fortify the body against disease
by purifying all its HmMswitli Vixkoau
Bittkks. No epidemic can take hold
of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, Tain in the Shoulders, Coughs,
'lightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mouth. Bilious Attacks, I'alpita
tation of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Bungs, I'ain in the region of the Kid
ncys, and a hundred other painful symp
toms, are the ollsprings of Dyspepsia.
One bottle will prove a better guarantee
of its merits than a lengthy advertise
ment. Scrofula, or Kind's Evil, White
Swellings, Ck-i-rs, Krxipelas, Swelled Neck,
(luitre, Sercftilous Inflammations, Indolent
liillamniation.-v ileielliial .A flections, Old
.Sore, L'niptions of tlio Skin, Sore Kyt-, etc.
In those, as in all other constitutional Dis
eases, W'alkku's Yinkoak Bittkus have
shown their great curative powers in iho
most ohstinalu and intractable eases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
liheumatism. Gout, Bilious, Bemit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of
the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Hitters have no etjtial. Such Biscases
an; caused hy Vitiated Blood.
3Iechanical Diseases. rersons en
gaged in I'aiuts and Minerals, such as
l'lmiihcrs, Type-setters. Cold-healers, and
Miners; as they advance in life, are Mihjcct
to paralysis of this Bowels. To guard
against this, take u dose of Walker's Vis
it; ah Bittkus occasioaallv.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tet
ter, Sall-Bhettni, Blotches. Spots, Pimples,
l'listnles, Boils, Carbuncles, Bing-Wornis,
Scald-head, Snro Kyes. Er-sin-las. Itch,
Scurfs, Di.scolorations of the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin of whatever naino
or nature, nro literally dug up and carried
out of the system in a khort time by the use
of these Bitters.
Tin, Tape, and other "Worms,
lurking in the system of mi many thousands,
arc cli'ectiially destroyed aud removed. No
system of medicine, no vermifuges, no nn
thelininities will free the system from worms
like theso Bitters.
Fcr Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or tiingle, at the dawn of wo
manhood, or the turn of life, these Tonic
Bitters display so decided an influence that
improvement is fooii perceptihle.
Cleanse the Vitiated Wood when
ever you find its impurities bursting through
the skin in Timples, Eruption, or Sores;
cleanse it when you find it obstructed antl
Fluggish in the veins : cleanse it wben it
foul ; your feelings will tell you when. Keep
tho blood pure, and the health of the system
will follow.
Drnpirints nnd (Ion. Atrts.. S:in Francisco. California,
aud cor. of Wasliinirnm nml ( luiriton St X. Y.
Sold hy all Llruggtita and Dealers.
Nov. 4th 1873. ly
Compton's Surprise Potatoes
PLUM'S grown from 1 lb. of ec 1
JJ.J- pl mteil. The wotidcH'ttl. produc
tiveness of thia new potato, yicl-linz Jit
rate of S2l lu.-hels j;er acre, whli ''. fine
eating cpiality, its freedom from ;nse:,'?c, an,j
l.eing and extra k'epCr, vender it one
of the mofct Yulo-Ue 6orts ever grown. Our
fctocK was "'.own from fcetd.purchiistd direct
r"p ir. Cosiiptoit, at the cjft of per
liisliel, last ne:ison. 1'i ice 1 lb, for 7jc, 3
UP, W 1JI.0O, 0110 peck 5.00, half bunlitl
8 00, one bushel j 1 2.00
W li. KELLY & CO,
Marc!. 3 I8TB tf.
B. T. Babbitt's
Of Double the Htrngth of any other
' Saponifying Substance,
1 bare rtteiittT trrfrcteil a new mrtlintl of park
ing my l'ntikRh. or I. ye, anil an .mr patkin It onlr
in Ull, the ccali of vUirlt will ai..nUT. and
doe uol injara lm Stuip. It is ptekej lu Ivxtn
coiitainiii J4atttl 4S 11. Bsl't, and in no itthur tray.
IHrrrtittuB in tokjle-li ntn) Ovrimiii. fur. luukini:
Lnnt aud '! toup with IUU l'uta&U, accutupauyiii
each lockage.
It. T. II .4 It M ITT,
21 to Ua.hjaiKfoii M . X. Y.
By the author of ".Vioht Rckjc. ix the Burnt'
and "Ora w ATiiea'a Hur.."f wi.1.1. ....i-
2oo,ii00 1it ken fc.tl.l. Itnan Lia
niiiuin? an.t i.,r rafij al nnecalld. AJt. I H
luenuea oy iniiiuieni ol all chnrclic -thci anthor n
b.t book," "full of j.rfcu.iia Ihonnhu," Tntlha
pre rion genii," cboiee bock every fm,
Hy," to. tl eneraTinB. rua iintJ n..
m .,.t-... 1 t-ttfiir-rM nnf Jfry mc-n;
wanted in every roO-nty - )7.i f tto. per uwiithV
And fur rireula..
,v , , ZIH.I.l!:AJlfiRDf.
Jfur l-Jiii'. aia A.U b l.v 1 U.UvIjU:, ?
Salt. Plaster and
Respect full v l-c Icnvo to on II the nttcntini of the I"nin:tr of ?I(, ,
otlu-r Southern Suites to their fi'iierior rertilizt is. t iiit ii. f j;c(j-
tntOUND rLASTEKof J'AIIIS, or (i Yl l'-M, ci veil kisr-wn ni-,J l.'.)yi
prized feitilizer foi Gniin, Cinvs nml C'otK'iO sii"l the "Uiil s i it . t v.-i
BIM.D J FKI I LIZt :US of PLASTKK nml SALT; r:I Wsryf,
SALT and WOOD A811E;?; whieh lluy are now inmiufncturi?:.- ou-.m: i vn',
Jn orJer to introduce tlicse FKKTI LIZK1IS into more frcnernl u,. f,., !:,
eonfideiit that a trial is all that is necessary to insure their ireferenee. we h - v
1 . 1 1 ... tt. i. r 1. : ... t 1 It i ft ..'., i t, , "
oeiei iiiiiitu 10 oiiLi iiiem lor mis inwiu
Plaster of Paris or psum.
Rock $4.00 pi r Ton. Ground $S.OO pi r 7 mr.
Holston. GomLIncd fertilisers,
Xo. I. Half ria.-tcrand L,;lfSatt ... , 4.0O ,.
Xo. Half Plaster 1-4 Salt and 1-4 Hood Ashes $ P'.VO ptr Tor
The (.ROUND PLASTEU mid FKKTI LIZI'US are put r in s(r,rtr np
sacks of eon ve lient ize for liand'.inv; C and all are loadi.-d on the earv lire
These FERTILIZERS were used with great success throughout tl e So-ithem
States, dm ing the last reason on
cotto., to::.4c O, WliTAI , V X A II c;iMssr.,
and we oiler them to the public with full confidence in tlir S77 fofi
TV over others of much higher cost. tMi.j.iu.!
so-tf. General Supt.
New Hardware House.
Look out for I he TA DLOCTC.
Hardware, Cattery,
Old Dominion Iron
andJS aits, S'tect, An
riis, 'fiction's, Haton
fads, SjoAcs, Tiims, tic
5!-ir.gent for nihltli ?c I U ,
niannfacture of TIira'Ain, Ecapiag and
Keep constantly on hand a stvk '
of Reiwiirs. Sijrii of t he 1'A DLU OK. !
( Jarnes Rlock,
Rristol. Tenn.
S. R. FKi::;i:fc'0X.
fell 2 tf. -Charged ft-.ly I"
.If a in Street,
I I'ST ifi-t-ivctl a fruli Mtpply tf Itli';
) EJrisx,
iOO J Si ite :if! Wl.itt- I.c.itJ- i r.v..
."0 l'..it- Win. It, w t.I.is.-, .iii ttx. .
y Mm I'm ty.
.WJ.' Ms S-iiiiisii WIi"tit:!r.
'i l.cn I'tii nt tititi Wtiire -.v.ifli I5ni.!ics.
Ii0t)!l Ilavain Sc.Z'.r,-.
I.itlio" ami tK-in'.i Sii'iiililt-r Hraet;.-'.
5!K Si-Uiiin. Oil nil 1 Val-nisl.e.
.5 li) II..1 t'oloi.-, lry ami in all .-li.it'cs.
Kot'p I'tniftatill v nil lialnl I'o.tl Oil id 1 I !
te.-t ; Wiirraiitt-l not to expIiMli-.
Piivsu uxs will iiu I my sMck of :i:i .;s
in-l Mr.l'IflNKS, frei-li niil :is lire tie -an lie
had, as I only luiy tro.11 tirt lI tfr lioust.
Pure Wii.es and I.i.,.,..,-- f-r niejliiinl
jinrpvcs. ricrcrii n.ii:,,eoiiij...iiii.Jc.i at
hours, an ! of pun- IVujis.
j. rLrri:::.
Fei.. 1 tf. k
oflMiicii.Ill.. v!. !,,. ,.,.!c C;:u-rr
1 fjici-ianr.v i"i- iwi-mv 1 ms, iisrM 11 1
Kisil't", anil the p ttient is not tli-pK-tL-l witile
treating. Tim aitiirtud fan ki-c tlie I'm-tm-
at the Waftliinttui lloitfP. I. ii-liliui'tr, 'n.
sekj:kei: & nnors,
IK.viVi 3f MiiaSt LB3 street
Vk are now receiving daily from
New. York, our new :.'.mk i
SP-lIfiG AD SUhltP 30335
whicU vve are 'jicimred (o ill at the
'e invito our friends a:h the puh-
1 1s jeiierid!y to call anil exaiiiine ot'ri
idock ; We assure t!i-!ii we ho'Tgld
than to c(t,niu will f ive e very it I-
vantage io-s:Mt? to t'ij!: Iltiyein.
M'u liltrn I lo aeli our 4.uotU
fr "Aiia or VltUDVl'AZ IMIIJ
DtW. and have reduced our prices
to suit, (Wc' credit Kjntcm Uw'mj plug
ed out )
('onie and ee u, Uring fn your
I'Kom('K antl Mn.N'KY, and yi-t thtad
vautaijt' of lo prices.
8i:ni:kkr t i;ro.
rr. Wm. A. V.'oi.i-oun U now with
us and re idiots, his fiicmlrf to call antl
see him. apll ,-!t.'
25.000 Applo Trees.
YT' goffer for planting thin Spriiijj a stock
if of 3 year oil TKF.KS, weil-iown,
thrifty, lare iiikI fine, 7 to . fee' liih.of
the host toi-trt for thii" bcctimi. Will Lear
second nntl third year with proper care
t- v. : 1 . 1T C-' .1
rilly rticvi x rite r, irr u eii.k
5) for ?W. 100 for.fiJ, IV'J fvr 10J for
cj;.-,0,dehTercdatt!,c Numry. '
Aho 21 varivlies of l'-.-aUeij 1 year
bu lders 1?3 per dozen, 0 per 1"0,
Chcyrl ftiw a.-h, lautlar.l W:y 'c;
Dw;-f I'aart Sic eclt.
(nir atrk in wnri-untcl trtie to f(.iie antl
of the Lett quality. P-odtice or. iin taken
in exchange. Nursery farn a mile Wcm
of town oa Joueshoro jrr:.l'.' Address
w.-ir.- KKi.f.y & oi.;
1 i , . -
4Ti (RJ i 1
j.V. 3,13H,-tf,
v-ncnieiy ifi." jTins
Xo. ll Light .N;-c-1,
.i.-inuf:icliir?rs vt
ii.lt lll.NEUV,
Growers and Importers of
Offer to tlie Knrners Htid Moth mi I.- if Ten
oessee lite ful.vwing Labofing-SuTii.g
Alicliinerr n mi luiplenirut, viz:
IteaiJing's I'iiteiit
llor.-c -Power Cru Sbe'.Ier,
With aud without Fan
Virginia Il.-itid and
Tower yiiellu
Double antl Singk- Spout
Il iiitl SlulKrt.,
Sinclair's Tiitent
Screw I'n j e"er mid .V.-tsticHinr
FuA'Wr, liny ami Siruw i'mtet-.
Corn aud Cob CrtiL rs
H i"' CL-i Mills
I Cider and Win Mill',
F.iraiers" Saw 1;-iicIk .,
TlirasLeri) and Ch-ancr,
Ilore P i i,
Vl1e11tat1d Guano
S.-ed DrilU.
ITorn Planters,
Plowh ail i'ntterif
' Il.it row.
i CuIt:ltOr!,
1 Plow a.-.l , Mitf ine Castiir,.
.A No .Ajjeitt.-. fttr lite
Ski.k-Kakk 1? -.. an: 3"ot k.t,
Antl MiiMTUN i')Wi:U.
.All of whi. Ii wilt Le .-old t ll.e LOW
KST .".IS 11 PliH-E.
IVe. 22. If.
M Mil )X I'( IJMi:v
.I.li'i O.V, ;- ft,. 'nm
!l klli.O ( '.-! in. ',! nt. !i t.t.l t.r ..!
tr..ii. y I,, ,,,..P it,. I, ,V1. ., I.,,.;... ,;,., , f
Cat'.- rt't r..r ', at.-r V ..,.. ;,. , ,:. t. ,, I
, n-. t.,.. i-iiii ,it;..i,. ii, .. i,H irst, t., ,.f , ,. 1,,,.,
1 e .
I J:ni. 1. 7J. -I!. O. I!. (ittl'l.KI. x '"
j v n !i i.i-K.'vi. v
,, "" u L:Vj.
1 p ,
nnrinV 0 PA
yy r-j U II El V I Si I CJ I ,
Grocer, ('miDiiixsam X't reliant.
AHENTS KOKTII." I'.tT.X Vs 1. r A .Mt
fifl.aasycaiii5rj hi. retersenrn; i
lir't nmtwt ft-i t ..f tf p,-t- i't
;""J' !--' -M...t..i.t
I '
j RVJI m
t-3 P:
AVISfl tn infiii-iii the jtti'ilit- that I Iiate
leuioved my .l tee of btttiiio.-d tt
No. 2.
Bristol To nix,
Where I will Ii pleani-tl to n;,it on all w!.i
uiav favor mi- with a call.
A the MONEY PANIC id .-till rnjim:;
thisi-pait of the coMiitry. I will i:'utii'j'..:
ANl Till: CET OF
fit rorro.'ponlinu' 1 v.v jn-'n.-t, ti:itil i oi- J
luattors got a little easier.
Watch and Jewelry
nut fcs.
(!.LLmii1 nee me, where my nim wnl
' ever he, to;ive oiir SATISFACTION", nn'
) pleaf all. Thiiiliiiil for pm-t t-ivors, '
' l"'l'e ,u cwir a -hare of the tame ia thf
1 1 F.:3 T FO T K I," I, L Y
V. Doriot.
Alaruli 1, IS-.?. tf.
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Re opened by
Main treet, BrUiid, Tenn.
IIIAVKum repened the Thm
jw lions... mi Muii Street, mid am
prei-artd to furi;ii tlMla acci-m-iiKMlation
to the jniMie. N" rn"Ui'
and no pains willl nrvd i. iih'
the hotel ail it va i'- p''"'
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jjeimrprovidt-a with ';; ',J',S
H.u p.vpured to ftM nUh stalb. fl J
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hr.nse loc.at.-d 111 i-a3.r ; j " ' .,
I'as.iei.ger Kxehui.-e. the
furnished and loiUil ;''i,(i.r:-H--
Oclvo liassinif --i,uJut'i: prt:S - '
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