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MM, J jk'i:iMgj!gag!U
-v i
KHMER 31. 1S78.
tad Iho next Step
XjM Democracy.
ow elates ?Jiq ipiriirR
Mi;n;itio:i f 2(it? pay
's iici forth every Insider
yiLi k Itill is pnttiiiptnl tlie
JtX on prrfciitation at tlie
for anv cf its saji'iicies.
rotary Slic-rmuu li;;s given
ytrd which so tunny have for
p demanded: Greenbacks are
Le received at all the Custctn
scs in payment of important
v. l.lits coinni'iiiU aicne iinns.
Vra ot Resumption, and if the
lamcrit !:d issued it ten years
l much i this tuvful pressure
fuTJ have len tempered and
iwriontcd po that the irold ques-
i - . 4.1 . . ,
40, save one, who nave 1 en msKHig h luihi expense 01 c?n-
banded themselves together for the
purpose of having the lash of taxa
tion doubled on the ruined people of
Virginia ought at least tt have fol
lowed the example of the ladies by
j pawning their jewelry for the benefit
of the bondholders. To their dis
credit they still carry their ponderous
gold watches and their immense fobs
and sea's still dangle from their ad
dominal promontories. Like Joh
hillings, -they are willing to see the
last milch cow of their poor neigh
bors sacrificed on the altar of Virgin
ia's credit. There" is a man in this
county who complained bitterly
to us a few years ago that the rich
men had caused the Bank rupt Act to
be so framed that no poor man could
take the benefit of it. So with some
of the 39. If reports be true some
of them have their affairs so shaped
that an increase of taxation will make
little or no difference to them. Their
school tax is said in at least one case,
to be as low ae .; cents.
tion would have given very littly
frouble to any one. Now that Re-
Enmption has been forced and fur
fcd, the money-rir.gs propose the
demonetization of silver. We do
rot believe any Government can
"withstand the storm of dissntisfac
yn wiuch wywt greet 6iicii an-
onrc7Tnrnf the 8 :rew. . The
people will 6imply defy them to
proceed' another step further in the
policy of tortnre. Wc presume
he worst has come. If there
' should bo any change it should Ik
V for the better. Spcc'e may flow
i into circnlation a little more freely.
I .But we most havo more relief. If
; ,,-we can float tlio present volnrre of
reenhr-ckF, we can float enough to
.Telievc the people. The Domocra-
"V cv jznxij wjell bmklc n tor ttie
" i" -
vsTiall have to make it
. callback?, ami. if we
pTTrarir'will very
Ion a contrac-
Cwc 6hall go as a
Se retirement.
V platform.
?i:ci:i.TARY fc'jiEKMAN boitstcd n
few d its ao in New York , that in a
s iort tin e a greenback, bill would
pass current in nny portion of tin
globe with a note of the Bank of England.-
Tbis niiY be trnc. b:it to
bring it about be has so far destroyed
he value of property and labor, that
it will be a long time pebie the aver
age American citizen can pas current
in any part of the globe w.th the av
erage EiiglisLinan.
Christmas Dinners at the State
Prison may to some seem out of place,
but we rather admire Sam Swan for
the purpose he entertained of letting
those poor devils have a good dinner
on the natal day of our Lord. It
dil not make a man in those cells any
the worse. On the contrary, where
there was a good streak left, however
it may have been seared and blunted,
it caused it to thrill with something
akm to virtue. By the way the Gov
ernor pardoned two of the convicts
who behaved noblv at the recent fire.
teen collar on eacn member, lor a
year, upon a policy of $2,000. Our
losses will be paid as fast us proper
proofs of the frame arc made out aod
forrrarded, and I feel retired that by
the list ot February. s!0, our Ions
will have been paid in full, without
an iota of expense to the beneficia
ries entitled thereto.
Can it be lin ger doul t d, Ly nny
practical business man, that our Or
der offers t'.e safest, cheapest ami
tinniest mode 01 insurance known.
t Df s'dcs other social and practical
benefits secured by our association.''
W ithin the next 90 days the fatwlHes
f d ceased members in this' State.
ill have rece.ved two JifNDKED
togeiher litb the Toiuutarv
aid iid cii!ribi?iits received, makes
a r cord up which I confidently as.
seit, vkill ;i!ue for 11s. within twe've
months, in Tennesuee, a membership
11I ten TnofsAXD, ai'd to that end,
I earnest ly urge upon every member
nt the O'drr to at once present, in
proper light ih.e advantages of our
ni.stilntii.il and secure to its protects
ing vii'g as many recru ts as possi
ble. 1 he naivest is ripe ai d let ev
ery nu mber make l.inell the reaper
10 gather in his neigl.b r, friend and
actpiairace. Build up your pres
ent lodges, institute new ones, where
the field is open, and let there be im
fused a generous jii it of rivalry in
every lodge and member to secure
tht; greatest number of good and re
liable new members and lodges,
(erumissions will be issued to anj
memher to organize and institute ne
iod:es, upon application, accompnni
vd with the recommendation of theit
lode an i the usual bond approved &c
Lodge Deputies have authority to
grant dispensations for the confers
ing of more than one degree at the
same meeting, upon b ng paid the
extra fee of one d dlar lor each de
cree conferred, which shall pe for
warded at once to the Grand lie port
er by tl e Deputy.
Jno. W. Children,
seal . Grand Dictator.
Attest' 1!j:n K Pcllen,
Grmd lie purer.
The Ncio
1 -than
the nun andinision ".
ieinoeracy, or it might as well d:s-
haml. If it shall fail to undertake
it tho people ire pretty sure to 6ee
that it is disbanded. It may sound
very well to talk uf bringing gold
to par, hut we shall never have
j eaeo, and we never ought to have
peace, until we restore peopeety
T. Spicier: Ccit let, member of
the Iloue of Di h-gatoF, from Din
caftcr county, is preparing for the
sttge, and will make his pkblt in
New Vork less than a year hence.
So sajs the State. Sparer has
been on the stage of Republican
olilics tor some time, and we with
him more success whither he roe6.
"Fpieer is the imudsomc man of the
House, and eternal summer seems
to illuminate his eorntenance. Be
hold the result of the recent in
roads cn the per diem of ye mod
ern legislator. We think Spicer
could havo represented the gooJ
county of Lancaster for his life
time. But who can canvass a
county and live on a salary of $180
a year ? Out of bccU stipend he
must pay the thousand and ninety
nine drafts which public service
makes upon his purse, and then re
turn nnhoiorcd because the Public
Debt remains unsettled and taxa
tion unreduced. Better play great
Cn?sar or Mark Antony to a gay
house at $ ISO a night.
The J.ItM iluK at AllnsrIoti.
The adjourn meeting of the No
vember county court occasion, met in
the court room at noon, on Monday
?-?rd. nfter adin'irnnii-'nt nf ihp m-.,i-
jrpprt. Capt. J. L. Cole called
jtne meatus 1 -..tr nr!fi said Cob
Fulkerson would explain its object.
Col. F. said it was a meeting of "Re
adjustcrs," but as the Readju .tcrs ol
the Legislature had called for a con
vention cf the Readjustee of the
State to meet at Richmond on a day
yet to be named, it was not deemed
advisable to take any county action
until said convention should meet and
issue its address. When the call
should be regularly issued they could
meet and appoint delegates to it.
He urgfd the necessity of compact
organization, insomuch as the Funders
were secretly organizing under the
call of the 39, composed of D. D's.
Republicans and others, whose object
is the defeat of Readjustment, and
the compelling of the people to pay
the whole of the "public debt, by
double taxation. After a few remarks
from Messrs. W. E. Roberts and I.
C. Fowler, the meeting on motion of
Mr. D. F. Bailey adjourned to meet
at the call of the Chairman.
Ma j. Ji? see T. Hutchinson, In
spector at Crcnshaw'rt Warehouse,
Richmond, died fhe dav before
nnstmas, aged oi. Lie was very
popular in business circles.
If the Funding bill i to bo a panin'e
of the moral philosophy in the Curi v
ciilum of Richmond College, that chair
ought to be endowed in peeler bonds.
htg or yesterday.
That would be applying the Cur
ry Comb to the back of the said Col
lege, and mifcht materially change
he circunistance.
The cotnplimcnt8 of . the season
to yon ! Permit ns to introduce to
you the young Hercules, 1879.
The Richmond Wmo gets up
the best editorial on "Christmas
Day" we have seen for years.
If it le true, as reported, that a con
siderable part of Colonel Beverly's im
mense fortune consists of Virginia bonds
Ida Interest .in advocating high taxes is
eay to understand. Whig.
Ool Beverly is President of the
S5 Hone .tr.ien, who have bonded
themselves together to increase tax
ation to pay the entire debt, arid to
prevent Readjustment and to elect the
ii xleL-isla'ti-!. - '
j cents a piece MexU
Mr. John Slack will start to-mor
row for Nashville, in order to be pres
ent at the assembling of the Legisla
ture. He is a candidate for the of
fice of Assistant Clerk of the House,
a position for which he has special
qualifications of the very highest or
der. We sincerely hope he may be,
as he ought to be, elected.
Official Ciuci'LarNo 5
Grand l.odjji Knielitxof Honor
of Ibe State oi I't um'sm vi.
Offi ce cf Grand DicUtor,
Murfree.sborn, Tenn., Dec. 9. 178.
To the Sulvrdiiiute Lod'jes of Tennes
see 1 .
Dretiiuex: We had in the juris
diction of Tennefsec, during the late
epidemic, 138 deaths from Yellow
rever; there was oursida of lenne.i
aee, a :oss to the Order, firm the
same cause, of about 40. Uy the Jib,
erality of our brothers North, Shi h
East, aid West, there as contnb
for relief, upwards cf ttiiistken
mud judiciously that amount was ex
pended, number of our nrnnber,
their widows and orphans cat testify.
Propably, in our hUtory. kuch a test
win otter aio occur to th ();dt'r.
Our total ta-ke ill, necessitate no
pxceed'tig hevcii extra.
Tin- llev. Henry Ward lcclier
in bi.s lecture 011 ''The wastes and bur
den?" of society," claims "in ;ii'k natural
life to be SO years, and as the aic fi;t
hie i but years, tin; re must be a
waste of 47 years." There is much o;
truth i:i tliw statement. If a man be
iiiijoriunatt; in business, i: is :ittribuL'ii
tti the i"latiou of some fi;iiiinc,ai
law. Now, il a I'erson betaken oun.
1 be prime of life, ought it not to be ai
tribuied 10 the violation o; s-,:u' ph yxio
io-yiou ia .' ii jscoii- ily knew U-t-ter,
they would live b'cr an-t l .ng,'i ;
ut Ik.w can they ivtit by tiiat At.t. i.
they know not of? The only io4iu!ai
v. 01k t'aat nieeis this great wovk is Dr.
lie .-'. 's Comraon K'i!sve iiedical A l ver
riscr. la it the great :ci U-!i,; f i;s
e ise an. 1 in UiC ti.ijy iisiu-f.!l.
'i'he work eontaiiis over . I'd p.; ;.- ;m i
'2 colored plaies ant v.o.'i:s.
I'r.ee, (post-pitld). A.ldresi tt;
author, il. V. 1'k-rcc, Al. U.. L-niialo
N. X
AVcck ot li !, 1';7D
Tiie following suggestions have been
made by the Kxcciii.vc Committee ui
the Evangelical Aiiian c of t! e Uni
ted Slates, for the observance of tin
week of Prayer. They are, of course,
subject to such alterations as lucai
circumstances nv.y render de;-i able.
For the Sabbath, J.'.n. 5, as a sub
ject for the puhit, 'Christian Union.'
Monday, J.r.i. 6. Thank-giving for
the bl.'ssir.gs of the j.ast e.ir, and
prayer for their contimi inr e.
luesday, Jin. 7. Prayer for the
unurcn ot Clirist : its ministers, its
grow th in grace, and its enlargement
Wedne.Mlay, Jan. S. Christian edu
cation; the family, the voting ; col
l 'ges, seminaries of learning, Sabbath
and other schools ; Christian Associa
tions of young men and of young
Thursday, Jan. 9. For nations ;
rulers and people ; for peace and re
ligious liberty in the earth.
Friday, Jan. 10. The Press, for a
blessing on publishers, editors and
authors ; the cause of Temperance
and other social reforms.
Saturd.y, Jan. 11. Home and
Foreign 'Miisions, and the conversion
of the world.
On Sabbath evening, January 12, it
is suggested that public union meet
ings be held" for prayer, praise, and
the presentation of the object and
work of the Evangelical Alliance.
The Sitn will be printed every
day durhig the year to come. Its pur
frfwe and method will be the same as
in the pnt : To present to all 1 he news
in a readable chape, and to tell the
truth though the lu-avens fx! I.
The Jscn has been, is, ami will con
tinue to l-e independent of everybody
and every tbinif tav the Truth and its
own eonvk-lioiis of duty. That is the
polrey whiet) an honest newspa
per need have. Toat is the only policy
whieh iias won tor this newt-paper the
Confidence and friendship of a wider
co ktituency than was ever enjoyed
by any other American journal
The Sr.N ia the neepaper of the
people. It is not lor the rich man
against the poor man, or for the poor
man HKainst ti e rich, but it oeeka to
do equal julicn to all interests in the
iMiuiMUiiiiy. It is not the oran of
any person. c!a.s. eet. or parly
T"ere need be io mystery about iis
UtXft and bate It i for "the h .ne.t
man BKainst the rue every time. It
if for the houent D-'inoerat an agatnt
the dWionest fit publican and for the
boiitit He ubticau as against the dis-borif-fct
Democrat. It does not take it
cue from the utterance of any politi
cian or political organization. It
trives its Biip(ort u n reserved I v vbeii
men or meapureo are in agreement
with the Constitution and with tin
principles upon which tbia lepublic
wan founoed or the people. When
ever the 'onstitution and constitution
al principles are violated a in the
outrageous conspiracy nt 1S76, by
which a man 11 ot elected waa placed 5n
the l'reaident'a office, where be still
rt-iimma- it Bp-Hka out f r the rijeht
That in lllK SUS '8 Idea of Indepen
dence. In ii'iM reti e-t H ere will b
110 chanjre in its- programme for 1S79.
Tjik Hvn ha fairly earned tlie
beany bt!d of rascals. frain1, and
humbugs 'f all fKuta and aizea. Ii
hopes to deserve that hatred not leap
in the year 1879 than In 1878. 1877, Of
any year gone by. TltK Sun ia print
ed for the men and women of to-day,
wbow concern la chiefly with ttie af
fair of to-day. It lias both tlie dispo
sition and the ability to afford its read
era the promptest, fiillmt and mot ac
curate intelligence of whatever in the
ubte world is worth attention. To
tbis end the resources belonging to
well established proprity will be
liberally employed.
Thn premrnt disjointed condition of
parlies in this country, aixl the un
certainty of he future, lend an ejtira
ordiuarv siuiiim-anie to the events if
the rominv yea-r. To prent with
aei-uracy ami clearness (lie exact kii
uation in each of it vsrying phases.
nd to expound, aecordiii; to its wll
known methods, the 1 rineipies that
should guide its through the Inhyriuib
.vill be an lin rtarit part of TllK
Sun's work for 1ST9
We h.nve the iii"hih of making T"K
UX. hs n po'irica!, a it-rarvf nrl
iTtfiieMll iifvvsootT, lil'ire enti .nl.in.ir
iiiurf n-e'iil t an ever hfoir ;
arid wc mr.ii to Kpi ly them freely.
Oir r;ites of nib-ci iptlon remuin
i;nel;;,n!d F'r be D.aii.V Ki;n. a
four-paiie sbi-et of twenty-eight eol
u?iii?. the price t y n.n'l postpaid, if
."v." . e ii.k a niot;th or ?t"0 50 a year ;
r h cUnin.y the Sui-.!ay it;er, an
ilit-p.'t: hh-e.t or tlii-six coiurnns.
1 Ho th-- is (r fetus a luonth, or
A 4 isyir postnge p-nl
Tiih Snd:v ediii. n .f Tiik Prv is
lis-i r . r:-i--!--i s prtrat-l v si si't "2
-)r po-iiat'-' a d. " b" St'NA Yl'N
10 Hooitior; to Hie eiirrerl n-s pr"-siit-
to. nu rtiiinii'irsnd iii-itrue!-
ro:y of I t ts'V and :oiscf Ua:i.oii
oi'i'o-r in imip twn rfst iiiKi m
vain- rot i'if'-rior to 'lint of it el-est
iir" Mill i:-is'-z;u s of tf (lay, at one-
i.-t.rh it rir ro-t.
1 i-e WlK!.Y 't'S is esi rr-in'h
., !,.. t. ,1 f,.r Fhiy who do ni t t!.-l"'l!
w V"!l: d-t!v r'l,,:r "'tie news ol
I.h week in f.div pri ori' ? d. ii u: at k
TlMirfs BfH flirn'shtl to tl V In tht IOO-
r;i iif. Mr? it-.'sffH'iiUiiri I .i psnniei t.
1" : 1 I vih r"t- i'n!f nrot nt'ihty, i
Mi-uri 'i-sjv.t. Wn ki.y M:n i
. roS:,h.v .'.d lo-d.tV by ni'.ie rnrnier
li.fn anv oil . r jMir utlihi't1. a
h.occrtt ry a ith m l-.er carefully 1 re
osn-d in is'-i.! , ti v appfirs :p e:eh is-
ue The 'i kiy i.ro'M-ts i's p ai!er
liy burripy its t-.d vertisirg in'iimns
'p.-nii'ut frKiids ar;l huiui uu. and fur
nishes more irooft matter for less mon.
'y !haii can be obtained froHi any oth-
The price f the Wefkly Fin.
'-iirbt pa;8, fifty-six columns, is $1
a year, p-"t: c paid For clubs of ten
"ending $1( we will send an extra
copy free. Address,
Pub of The Sun, New York Ci'y.
dec 17. '78 1m
our orulnary ic-sses ' lor ti-
assesnints ;
This i the most recently d'scoveerd,
and peihaps the most remarkable, of
all the coa4 tar or aniline group of
coloring substances, ior so exten
sively 11-e I for the adornment of the
finest fabrics. Uranme ia said, bj
hi mists, to be the most fluorescent
body kuowu to stienca. Its coloriug
is astonishing, a single grain will im
p irt a maiked color to nearly five
hundred gallons of water,
A most biiere.sting cxperiuien ,
which an) body may try, consists in
sprinkling a few atoms of Urauine
upon the surface of Mater, in a glass
tumbler.. Kach atom immediately
sends down through the water what
appears to be a bright green rootlet ;
and the ttm.bler soon looks as if it
crowded full uf beautiful plan's.
The rootlets now beg n to enlarge,
spread and co'iibiue, until we h via
mass of j-o!t green-c dored liqu d.
Vie-' e' by transmitted light, the
colo c'ianes to a, briuht tolden ir
ruber hue ; while a co ub,i.ttion ot
gree 1 and cld will bo realizud, ac
cording 'o the position in which it i
held. For day or evening experi
ment no hing con - be preit er tlian
t iese tri lls of Uraiiina which a 'o es
pecially en'ertaininy to the young
f dks. We are indebted for exam
ples of the color to the editors of the
Scieidifie American, who are sei.ding
ou -pecimens, free of char; e. to, alt
their readers. The'' subsciptiou" to
tl e paper is S'3.20 cents' a )ear. or
I G0 bait; year; cm! a better invest
liipnr liir ii;e wujrt -ovum u.mwit
Christmas is Coming !
I WOULD reepectfully inform the pnM'c
M. that I am receiving the best assortment 0!
Toys k Confectioneries
We have too many GtXxh, and not enough money. "We will sell onr stock of for t he next 60 d vs for lees than
urn 13
$25 SUITS FOE $20 S20 SUITS FOP. $15 813 SUITS FOE 12 412 SUITS FOK $10, AND
SUITS FOR $9, SS, $7, $6, 85, AND $4. LA EG E -STOCK OF
Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes at your own price.
All Goods sold at these Prices Strictly for Cash !
oiler is to last only
that bare ever been placed on this market
We make specially jn our line of cooda
and, therefore, can give eatur:iciion. Our
plain Candies 're warrHiited rure mide
out of tLe best "A".-iip.r, and manufuctur-
ed b ia. e are Imrin'r a great run on
our fuLWHis f ITILU MiGTtH uud I I BC
liOttLa f AI. He keep coDtantlv
on hand Krencli Cnndiep, l'lln Candiec,
Nutg, of every deKcription, Figs, Raisins,
Dates, Citron, Prunes, (Image, Leuiom,
Soda Crackers, Mnxhntoa (.mckers, Coo a-
nuts, ' rarcbed Peanuts, See.'IK'Stf Ruibins,
Aiieueu nu. oui.8, HAnueu uvntrn, ititiiiiaru,
S:trdmee, reaches, Pine Apples, Strawber
ries, Tomatoes.
We he a good -assortment of Sears.
t-'bewiiig snd Sm.ik'ng Tobacco, Cigarettes,
Pipes', 3eer lie I erssnd ererTthiiii in
the smokers line. Our T0' DEPAKTME.NT
is cuniplete. i
Our OVSTER SAI.OOX is fitted up. and
-we are prepared to furnish Oyuters ia any
str t.
Our Bakery
cm he fouu'J stocked with a jrooj.
nenlei to
lftrlt a con-
10, '78-tf
kind? neat-
So call early and get you HOLLID AY BARGAINS be
fore the stock is picked over.
SiLKMES L. K KEIL. W. P. ROLLER R. C. CHAPMAN, (frcm Tazewell Co., Va.,) and L GO MP
vetr of lS7Sfcrwill net

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