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IBRiUL MP HrW.,f TtllSt
, Atlantic Minslesippi 4 Ohio B- E.
WuSingt Tin.
rrl 41 BrnHnl,
Lcava Lratkbair,,
arrlr, at lyochUirj,
, , '. BBIOHT TB
Utf.i trti'iol .1 6(J .
ailnf iHnidan TIT A.
rriTt.l BrUiol
fMaablofloa I OS 4
441 . .
11 M r.
113. .
l. .
, boo r. m.
6 it r.u
, k 4 P .
, a its r. k.
(Anil rim
. 1at IrUU
f-MiInf Kim
rrlr In ta
tanoa t
Lt Chtltr eot
Pwlnn Kaa fill at
Arrlra la i tol at
11 08 M
4 Of A. M.
I 0$ A M
S P-
10 tl t. M
4 10 A. at
laava Hntl at
Arrlal Brutal
I 10
I 40
Our Amenta
. ' Tha following gentlemen will act as
ur Agent, and are authorised to pro-
1 ura and receipt lorauDHcnpuuua aim
ther bualnea In our name.
rTawwellCs H. Va , II C. Algernon.
i Ibanon, Va., C'apt. J. W. Mo-
; Paktirs due thia ntMee fur Huhwrlp
tlon, Advertlninjt or Jot Work, are
gain requested to pay up. We nuiet
1 have money.
For Commission ek op Revenge.
W are reatiPMted to announce K
Drake: Hakdkrb. of Olade florin
Tnwiienip, a eanninaie mr ine omre or
Coniml"Honer of (lie Revenue for the
Upper End DIMrlct of theceunty.
i We are authorized to announce Rev
W. P. Doanf, hh a candidate for .the
office of (Jommlfuloner of Revenue for
lth Lower 'End of Washington Couri-
.... r.
Tor Commonwkai-tii'8 Attorney.
We are authorized to announce Oko.
W. Ward. Jb , a candidate for Omri
moD wealth' Attorney for Waahinir
ton enmity at the election to be held
'the 4th Thuraday In May next.
V Jan 28, 1879
O, To those who wish to obtain a first
class magazine for a very little mon
' ey, we have made arrangements with
, Mr. S. S. Wood, by which we are
enabled to offer his excellent maga
' tine and the News both one year for
Two Dollars. No subscriptions taken
at this rate unless paid in advance.
This extraordinary offer will only pre-
.van tor a snort time, iiie opportuni
ty of obtaining a home paper and
first-class lamily magazine, lor one
year, for the small sum of two dollars
should be improved by every family
in the land. Specimen copy of the
magazine can be seen on application
, at this office. Parties desiring to take
other periodicals, will be given all the
advantage obtained by clubbing with
aire iewi.
Tohacco SJes. The following
orices were obtained at Winston'
last week: Esq. Richard
Nuckala. of Washington Co. Va,
dark shipping $7 and $7.50. Mr,
Jas. Green of N. 0., bright lugs and
wrappers $11.25, llfi.00, $17 50 and
VA. M. J. Redman, JN j.
ftO and $25. Mr. J. D. Johnson
N.'C blight lugs, wrappers and one
Wfa'ncy leaf, $10, $20, 150 and
$75. Trof. Winston,, informs that
17,000 lbs. mora tobacco has been res
solved and sold UD to this dtuo this
season, than was received .and sold
at the same time last season. He
thinks that the sales this season will
far exceed those 'of last. This is
vrv enuotira pine, and we hope the
time is not far distant when Bristol
will rival Lynchburg or Danville as a
tobacco market.
At the sale today Mr. D. M. Steel
ti Bro. of Washington county. Va
obtained $110 per 100 for for a lot of
fancy leaf. This is the highest price
yet obtained by any one in the coun
ty, Let tx.it our people be discour
aged hereafter.
Mr. Editor :
I beg space to express through your
columns to the members of the La
dies Aid Society of the Scjconcl Pres
byterian Church in Bristol, my thank
ful appreciation of the kind compli
ments paid me in gift of a handsome
silver plate. D. S. Hearon.
feb. is '79
(JooDsoif, Va., )
Feb. 2iid, 1879.
I hereby tender my heart felt thank
to the citizen of Goodsnn and Bris
tol for their promptness in getting to
the fire on jesterdHy, and for their
faithful labors after they reached
there, in protecting my other prop
erty ahich was in great danger. Lohn
about two hundred dollars.
Z. L. BuitsoN.
Mr. Chas. Thurman and wife
this rity on the morning train,
Thursday for Nashville. We learn
from the American that our friend
Charlie, will open a mammoth stock
of spring clothing in that city to-daj
, opposite the Maxwell House. Char
, lie and his estimable lady leave many
warm friends here, whose best wishes
follow them to the home of their
. adoption. We commend them to the
citizens of Nashville, and predict for
Charlie the popularity there that lie
o well deserves among our people
Siere at Bristol.
Mr. Ceo. W. Ward, Jr. of the Ab
ingdon Virginian called to see us on
. 1 hursday last. He is a delegate to
the Readjustees Convention which
meets in the city of Richmond to
: Mr. I). A. St. Clair, of the Wythe
Ville Dispatch paid us a friendly visit
, faftt Friday. We arc always glad to
oelijm. He is one of the finest
prinlcrs'in the State.
Mr. C. B. James, successor to Chas.
Thurman & Co., left last night for
Rakimore, He will return with
targe and elegant stock of spring
clothing. ,
Our esteemed friend, Mr. M. T.
Dcvault, who has won fur himself an
rnviable reputation as a thorough and
energetic man of business (pialifica-
tion, has accepted a place, and will
travel for the large and well known
clothing fjotise of Ncwburgcr & Ho h
stadter Bros, of Philadelphia. II
will receive a lot of samples during
nhe prcserrt week, when he will be
ready to take orders. We bespeak
for him a liberal patronage. He is a
deserving young gentleman, and we
recommend him to the favorable on
sidcration of the trade.
We clip he following personal from
that splendid paper, the Rockingham
Register, of the loth February t
Messrs Paul and Moffett, were in,
town on Sunday last-, on a short far
J"Jfl, "inqne their friends and con
stituetits. They were both looking
well. Mr. I. C. I'owlcr, of Washing
ton county, one of the most promi
nent rcadiiisters in the House of Dele
gate, and cdifor of the Bristol AVtrr,
was the glirst oflJr. S. II. MofTbtt
during the lutfcrs utay at home this
, The Largest Safe Works In the
South.-Mr. L. II. Miller, Baltimore,
I'roprlctor, of the Miller Safe Works
adds his testimony rotuerning the
nvAlnable tpmlitlci of Keller Jo.'
nvip Unl:f)i-nt.
Baby land for March has been re
ceived. It is just the thing that will
give delight to the little ones. 50
pents a year. Published by D. Loth-
rop & Co., Boston.
Hye Wattr.
Our old friend, Mr. John Pprolcs,
furnishes lis with the followiiii'.
which he savs is an excellent remedy
for sore and iufl lined ercs. lie has
tried it and knows whereof he speaka
lake the pith from a young twig
of Sassafras Inet years growth -and
pour over It stimcicnt spring or
well water to cover it; let it stand
few moments until it thickens the
water and apply to the eve.
All persons indebted to us will
please call on Mr. Edwin Thurman,
at Chas. B. James Clothing Store, and
settle with him. He having charge
of our books, papers &c, and power
to receipt for all accounts.
Chas. Thurman & Co.
feb. J5 '7621
Correction. Wo re-publlsh the card of
Prof. Hearoti In order correct nu error
which whs Inadvertently nuide by the
uomposlior In lattt week's Ikhuu.
I hereby notify the tnx payers of
Qiiodson corporation to pay their tax
es for 1 878. and arrears, on or be
fore the Int day of April 187. or I
will be compelled to collect by levy.
J, B. IvKLLr.it,
feb l5,-2t. tfoig't.
Diotue Strmt. Uev. Dr. Vadlork
will (I). V.) preach at tU 21 I're-
hyteriaii church next Sunday at 11
i . , "'. - T.
Rule pDstimned. Sco post pore
inei.t of Asignce's Sfl'e of land, Jon,
W lurr, alienee. The land will be
ai d on the 124th of Mnrch next.
Side-Walk Letter.
On the Bide-Wa IX
Feb. 25. 1870, f
To-dny the ReadjiiHtcrs meet In con
vention ut Richmond. The attention of
the people of the Virginia will be cen
tered In that direction for the next few
days to come. Some people are silly
enough to suppose the convention has
power to settle the debt. I only wish it
were so; Virginia's chains would soon
be loosed and her" renewed activity and
prosperity would be close at hand. They
should, at least, be empowered to reverse
her coat of arms, for now the tyrant's
heel is on her neck. The convention
meets to express the opinions of, I may
say, the people of Virginia, for the ma
jority is overwhelmingly large.
JGrotmg-liog weather" will soon bo
over, then the gardncr may bring out
his fork and spade and make preparation
for spring planting. ,
To-morrow is Ash Wednesday and the
beginning of the Lenten season. Eggs
will be in demand. Our Bristol, egg
merchants are lively irien, anil.- will
empty them in the laps of distant cities
by the thousand dpzen.
Mr.'C. B. James received his first in
stalment of spring clothing yesterday.
He left this morning for Baltimore,
Philadelphia ami Xew York to make his
spring clothing. Mr. A. 8. Gump is
making room on his already crowded
counters fur his large spring and sum
mer stock of clothing. Ho will start for
the Northern cities the last of the pres
ent week.
Rev. G. A. Caldwell Is protracting the
services that began in his (lHt Presbyte
rian; church last .Saturday. The sacra
ment of the Lord's Supper was adminis
tered in his church on Sunday. I "hope
the meeting will he productive of great
good. Our people need tin awakening
up on the all Important subject of re
ligion. Rev. Z. L. Burson had the misfortune
to have his smoke-house, containing
1.100 pound of bacon, a can of linseed
oil, Ac, destroyed by fire on Friday
evening last. His loss amounts to if 200
and over. The house caught from n fire
built on the Inside for the purpose of
Binnklng tlio meat. Our citizens turned
out en-mnsse, but the flames had made
such headway it was impossible to save
The trial of I. B. Moore for the al
leged shouting of Robert E, Moore,
some time bist fall, was concluded last
week before Mayor Terry and Justices
Richard Nuckols and G. II. Ucvaiilt.
A verdict of acquittal was rendered for
the defendant on his paylngeosts of trial.
Two of our worthy citizens came near
having a serious dllllculty the other day.
Pistols were drawn, but. the Interference
of friends prevented further difficulty.
I did not learn the cause of the nimiTc'.
Mr. Edgar Murray, who has been
quite sick for some time nt the residence
of Rev. Dr. Worley, is Improving, and
wc hope will soon be able to go about.
" 1 I.
A Kick Senator.
The excessive corpulency of a cer
tain United States Senator has long
been the butt of editorial wit and
spicy bon mots from the pens of Wash
ington correspondents. Few persons
have suspected that his obesity was a
disease, and liable to prove fatal.
Yet this is the sad fact. Excessive
fatness is not only a disease in itself,
but one liable to generate other and
more serious ones. Chemistry has at
ast ruwaled a safe, sure, and rcliible
remedy for this abnormal condition
of the system in Allan's Anti-fat.
Distinguished chemists have nronounc
cd it not only harmless but very bene-
hciul to the system, while remedying
the diseased condition. Sold by drug-
Books to tiik IIioiikst Birm:n. An
extensive catalogue of new, shell-worn
and second-hand ImmiUm In every depart
ment of literature, oll'ered without re
serve, to the hlghi'at bidder, will be h-
suetl March Idlh bv the Amkiiican Book
Kxciianok. fift Beckinan HI reef. New
York, and sent by mall to miv one send,
lug a three cent stump. Itlda will he
received ouiv ill wruinir. itinera one
thousand or three thousand miles nuay
having 1111 equal chance with those iihiY
at hand, i he Amkiik'an Hook Kx
'IIAnok Is hpepnifnjr famous for inectlnir
ne wimis 01 iM-opie w no care lor hooks,
hiki iiiousimiis will appreciate this new
opportunity they give.
Mr. A. 8. (Jump will Hart North
some time during thft present week
for the purpose- of purchasing his
Spring 'tnck of clothing , lists, caps,
boots and shoes. Mr. flump is a
shred business tunn and a ill
things lively who ho returns
his immense stock.
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly I
lor Murcii.
Is an unusually hkci resting num
ber both iu its Literary and artunc
departments. The opening paper is
an elaborate article by Hiclund B
Kimball, author ol "at, Legor on
the "Great Money Maris of the
World." profusely illustrated and
replete with interesting information
"The National and lypical LMices
of the World' trac the characters
istiu dunces of the different races.
The department of fiction is pecul
iarly rich. Mr. Benedict's ndm'ua.
bin serial. ' Norman Desborough's
Son." is continued, and there are a
treat mtny short stories by Eur W.
Pierce. M. T ('alder Annie Thomas.
iid other popular writers Theie
are lules of adventures of thrilliuc
:. . . . tf II ii.tw.t.i nillu limit inn
lllll'ICKl ...nv.i.,
and "My first Lion Huut," ure, pa'
ticularly notable. Theie are poems
of considerable merit. The Nut
H-own Maid." is a fine billad of the
oh ten lime, a lie miscellaneous 01
partmeul abounds with tnteiiuinii g
and instinctive rctdiig, rmbrae.i.g
a vast variety ol subinc's. In -very
respect this i.iimber of the' PoruLAU
Monthly is calculated to mstutuin
the. wcllxleserved reputation uf
comprehensiveness, and cheapness,
is orobublv unrivaled .-there aie
12S quarto pages over 100 engrav.
ints. and a b.auiil'ul colored frootis-
p ece : the cost ol a single mimtier
being only 2' cents, and tin .aiioual
suhserin.ion $3. post paid Address
Fmank Lesmk'h Publishing House,
53, 55 and 57 Park Place; Now Yoik.
The school Tux
A correspondent from C arroll county
desires to know whether It has been de
cided that a school tax voted by a coun
ty is illegal. Carroll county votes on
the first Saturday in March lor an addi
tional levy of school tax. No such tie
clsion was ever made as to counties. A
decision on the subject as to civil (lis-
trlcts rested on grounds which do not ap
ply to counties. The county is a quasi
corporation, a substantive part of the
irovcriinicnt. has being right to sue and
he sued, to create debts, while the dis
trict has no such existence In this Mule.
No decision lias ever been made affecting
the riinit or the county to levy such tax,
and none has ever disputed the rliht of
the counties to levy such tax when au
thorized by law, us they are in the
school law. Xunhrille American.
In Washington county.
1 4 th of Feb. the wife of Mr
Mum power of a daughter,
Tiik MniunY Maoazink is what peo
ple of good literary taste liave long heen
wanting. The neatest and handiest In
form of all the monthlies, and very
much the cheapest, it gives from Hie
pens ol the ablest writers a choiee varie
ty of article-, both timely and entertain
ing. Number 2, Just ready, contains
articles by Gladstone, R. A. Proctor,
Prof, lila'ikie, Bayne, Julia Kavanagh,
M. Monnil, Citnon, 1 urtcls, 11111I other
writers less famous, .but hardly less In
teresting. There are 128 pages, and the
price Is 10 cents 11 number, or $ t a year,
Amkiiican Hook Kxciianok, Publishers,
08 IScckuian street, New lorli.
Endowed by Mtdhuil Profession.
77imA. The foreman of the Xnrt
returns his thanks to Mrs. Sarah Thomas
for a vial of her most excellent, eye
water, and adds his testimony to Its cu
rative properties.
The 1'rliicoo't I'eriodicnla.
For household reading Wood's MaOa.
ink, the March number of which Is al
ready la-fore us, has Justly Wen styled
Tlio Prince of IViiodlcals." It Is a
well-known fact that the rury smart
things which make any author's reputa
tion are but a small portion of all his
published writings, Mji. Wood's plan
Is to select from the world of literature
only the rtru brut articles, which are
lasslfled In about thirty dlllereiit depart-
iiieiits, comprising almost every variety
of aiiiiisllig, Interesting und Instructive
houit'iiuld topics. We are especially re
quested to announce that this notice will
count as one dollar In payment of some
thing which no temperance reader con
afford to do without. Hence wc advise
every hater of rum, tobacco uml opium to
ut this out and forward lo S. H. Wood,
Tribune Building, New York t hy. Al-
enclose 1th'. for sample copy of the
Magiiliie. Theinagnrlne and the .V.i'i
both for on Vesr ft nntv "
tiAl.CL'TTA, r.l VU. A report
from Mandator asserts tint the Kini!
of Burmnh has murdered alt the lovsl
princes and their families, has rrmovs
ed new Mmis'srs and replaced tl.rm
ty Mioi-irra who acre formerly in
office, lliim restoring t h e former
despotic government,
From tU. y. .C.. Rankin of Hnl.nin CnnffrnniH.
Hovuro Cuse of .Nick tlumluclio.
Mc , LundHtui &' lAtchflr.td,
Atihifdtm, i'lrilnta., ,
My wlfa has niduirj for arwral venrs,
st Inti Mala of t and tlx wraka, with
f.nl nfiil atoicksor sick lirailm li. Ut trlcij
ths UNiml rainailics, Willi nothing mora llinn
OjBinnrary rillaf, If Dial. 'His ntnutki
wniilil it urn at tlia rrgnlnr time, as iihi d,
Ifer "flVrlng w.ul'J bo or siiuh clmr
arlar ss lo rai ft lay ptrfointlin. Haying
raail Ilia crn iflcnl of liialmii O. F. l'in:.
racanuiipailliiK tlio 8era Hprlng "Iron anil
AI11111 flurni" sunn elfiolent rcmrd.r for such
aoiuplaliila, alia at oma comnipncAl ilo tint
of il, and in lier east tlia haiilat resulll
lisva Iimii rrallxvil. Wlicn tirtil accnrdlnft
n illrerlluaa alia iirvur rxpeiiein'vi Aivnip.
torn of ids liant'n ilia. am 0011 Adoi.t a ner-
manant ear of this illeaa onn ba llclj
by Ilia iim of lids tiicdlolna.
Mr. JUtikln aaya alia rannnt ovtreatl
nmte lliS talus nf tha Mars In lirr enat, ami
woiiM sdrUt tvarvboily lm aiilfars aa tht
did to ui II. ti C. Hank IK
Tie Pflven Cprlinre Iron and Alum Mass
fur Kick and Nervous Iloadaolis.
W will tanks an; (icrimti a pratont of a
nlo 910 (MM, who 11 (lira llli slok or
nartnns lipajaolis, I' IIict will una Ilia
"rlrn 8irlii)ts Msa" sminllra; to our
(tlrrliiiiii, and tlitn rutiMiisatlaiialy say
ilint It did not rallvta them Tlii4 Is a
tinna (lila offer, anil masn alitt wa par,
V will not raipdia any uurcnsmmlila
oonillllnns. Arlilrtsa,
btl'SPSUM k LlTCHHKM), Abl l1filon, Va.
P, r1. llpnilnclit la Hit lanat enmplnlnt
fir which Hits rrmody, tha "Iron and Alum
Must" la afliolaiit.
Tha "Wayan Hprlna Iron and Alum
Mas." Is for aala by J. A. Mckv k On,,
and Itiinilnf k I'aprrr llrli d Trtm,
.ta, t.t, ';n-iT.
Bsflfcrfl, 7a., Alnin & Iran Sprinp,
Efficiency proved by aeiual resulta
in tiiousaiula or cases or Dyspepsia,
Debility, olseusea peculiar lo women,
riiriiiiio Jiiarrian, Jiea.inclie, tscrntu-
lu hikI (HitHiicoua AlleclliiliH, hore
Throat and Dipiheriu. ( hills and a
luriiil fever. Exttacta from Teillmo-
iilals :
Heat remedy for Inflammatory Sore
Th oh t ami DiptheriH ever used by me
as I have found after a practice of
forty Hrs. hcIm hn u ionic, nlteiutlve
and fei.rll'nifw pr fi rMldelochloiiite of
pniuxli. A. hlr 1 EHD, M I) ,N V.
'After a rraclie of ninnv vihthI
httvo found lo remedy iUal lo Bid
ford A linn and Iron Springs Water and
Mmm lor Chronic diseases ami disuses
peiuiiiar to women. '-JOHN F. MET-
usauk. M. D., LL.D . Va.
'Siiicessi'nlly usi d in Dvspcpsln nnd
Chronic Ulan bran -P110F HAM'L.
JAl'liHON. M. I).. TTiiiv. of Pa.
'Hurpassiiig any remedy that I know
of for sciofuloiiM nflectloiiM, bnve used
It for twenty venr In my practice. T.
u. A1.1VC.U. m. i)., va.
A fter an experience of near 30 venra
I have foil ml ,10 treatment equal lo
nun nnici anil OIHHM lor MTOIIIlM, f-.
... A I.'..... 1 ... . .
iho.-.mi-niiiTimim, uiaiKiiiiarnernnir .
inent , t'lironle IrrltmloiiN of I he bin I
der, kidneys am) urellm. iilccrstlon
and ceitaln forms of dysi epsia. po.f
J. .1 Mookman. M. D . Va.
ok t'HKprjtiNKHiv IVi. McdU ut Month
ly, itlehmoMd, Va.
Used with uiituirallelted auccesa In
lin'niorrbMle niHlHilal fwver.--W. A.
(freen, KxVlce Presi. (fa. Med. Asso.
'ENTIUKI.Y ftllU'tl OK fill MM AND
novKit hv ir.'-HEV.L.t'. DODSON,
J A. LEE. Va.
Dlrfmions, wnalvsla nnd full nroof of
ail claimed sent with each package.
VHler0c.t ifall.m, $1 cai-M of tine
dozen half khIIoii bottles, (3 for 5 gal
lon (ll'lllllolill,
Mnss-60 cts. and ft hot lie. fLTjOind
$'1 (Ml per half dozen. aci ordluK tosls
-sent poHlpald ,, Kull proof of nil
( laltneil sent free iMion applicnibui
Llheral terms to denier. Invalids are
necommiidHted at these Hprlnga at all
tlrnea of the yir. Address, A. M.
Davles. Prest. of the Co . Lynchburg,
Va. Hold by Bunting A. Pepper,
sept. 8,'78-ly.
fiuy M Whitum Is In Iho msrket
for IN 711 with full line of AgriculMc
tural ImplenienU at bottom prices,
at old stand, va engaged the
services of Capt. Ilirry Lylo for the
senaon who will be pleased serve
Ida frleids. PatUfacllon gnarnuleed
In all cases. IVb. 4th if.
at the Nickel llnnae Corner, for your
supplies, where eveiytblni In (ha
Family Oroeery Una Is k-pl of the
purest ami moat Meet kind
Mr I.E CHAPMAN has become a
member of the firm at d Is a merchant
of 8(1 years rxperlenct. The public
can rely if on good articles and Ihr
lowest Cash prlcM.
nov 12, lH7atf
Art TJudeniublc Truth.
You deserve to suffer, and If you
J lend a mUerutde, unsatisfactory fifi- in
tills beautiful . world. It la entirely
your own fuultl and there Is only on
excuse Tor . you. your unreasonably
prejudice and skepticism, which Iiuk
killed thoitennds. Porsotial knowl
edsre and common sens reasoulni;
will soon ghow you that Oreen'a Au
gust Flower will eure you of Liver
Complaint, or Dyspepsia, will, all its
miserable effictH, such aa sick hi-ad-aeliH,
palpitation of the heart, sour
stoiiiMche, habitual costlvenesa, dlzr.i
nes of the bead, nervous prostration,
low spirits, Ac. Its salea now reach
every town n the western Continent
and not a Drtmitlat but will tell you
of Its wonderful cures. You can buy
a Sample Hottle for Irt cents. Three,
dost will relieve you.
For sale by J A. Dickey !t Co.
Dee ll.'78-tfr
1 iPlfgli -
; All persons that have accounts on
my books of long standing to come
forward and settle without delay or
I shall place their claims in the hands
of u collector. There is a time when
patience ceases lo bn a virtue; this
has come to pass with myself.
J. II. Maksh, Apt.
feb. II -if.
Assignee's Sale.
Ijifrsuuiil in u decree of the District
Court of the United Klsies for the
Western 'district of Vliifiuia. dated
Fel.ruuryi. 1870, T. will In front of
the Court House at Ahit kiIoii. tie
tw cen the hours of 10 11- m. and 2 p
111 oil
Moodily tbt 24tli ot MuiTli, 1 87!
sell the lands mrp-ndf red in ba'ik-
roptcv, by M. 11. Latham, bamlrupi,
185 Acres more or, loss.
25 acres of ain.ve tract In irrass. 85 in
t'tnbcr and tlie r niHlpdrr under cul
t i v M 1 1 . 1 1 lyi g on the Pnperville ryml
about 8 milt a S. W nf Abingdon und
about miles from Hi'i-lol.
This is a verv desirable small farm
and la In u Rood ucichhorlioixl, con
veu lent to Cbuichs. .cliools. and Mill
Sold free of Hi us and subject lo the
Contingent right of wife lo dower.
One fourlh cuh, balance on six,
twelve and einhtcen months, interest
from day of sale
JNO. W, BARK, Assignee.
II. M. Lathim, Bankrupt.
Feb. 25, 1870-3 w.
it His fruitful viircn of n-iijr illseawa, jirouil
Hunt a 11,111 n uku tio
dyspepsia, si:k-!isa:ache, costiveness,
DY;EH7:r.Y, d:lij:'3 r:v:n, aq'js a:o revert,
Iioxsof Arfctl'oaiidNavaoa. tha bowela
n'raco .t.vo, b la ,mutuiv.- a torrutj with
lr.o- e.ioii, Vii i.i l'o II i-td, awou.panii-d
with a Dull jiLuiitiiun 1.1 th) b.taWpuil, Pan
in tlia rifcht riJn and under the shoulder
Mnilo, fall ut 1 aft-'ri atinirwilh sdsin
cliaiit.autoicrtion orbodyorniind, Irri
talillity cf "npor, Low apirita, loaa ol .
ini-'iiiory, vvlt'i a fut lltuof tuiriiiicniiKloctcd
aomailutv, Ooicird wearineaai Diraiueaa,
Flutterintt at tha nurt. Dots tafora tin
ejri, Yfllo.v Skin, Ileaiiaohn ronorally
over tha rlslit tyo, Etal lesoioia r.t Bight
with tltful d.-sania, Wirhly nolorrd Udno.
are oopeclally adapted to such
cases, a single dose effects
such a chnnt;u of foiling as to
astonish tl-.o suiferor.
ara ramKuii.la.l from anhMimera Ibal nra
I'rra iiam miit niiirtlraihiili'i(Nliiiii'a
Ilia ni'iii ilallvuln aranHlKnlloti. 'I'hrr
Simii li, ( li Hif, Pn lly, ami liivlanmio
(In cnllri KXIcni. lilt M-lir-tliiHIHi-rHa
aoriril l.lfiT, lliay I'lviiBar l)i hlnuil
IriiMi i.aUi.M.mali.tiiinrN ami lima tMiurl
lii Kllli aail vllalll y 1.1 1 li Iiailr, rKiixIna
Dim IiihtWi lit ail lialilrull.,, wlllivul
wlili li no unt tan !-1 wall.
A Noted Divina says :
Pr. TI'TT:-lrHirt PnrtvnyMrt! hn
m t'f fr to I r,iwiti. (Sotitiiatln mij 1'ila.
H;ntnaT f'Hiif I'mIi wttit rt('onimnili'(l tmti i I ud
ivniw i it x i Ml ulili). iftmnnw man,
Ill Utifiilld. MUX I hif0aflllM rfrKUlJltMNdtlMb.
luvf ait rli t tt-ir wf.tf'il itt ft it
Tlirlr rti t rlTrrl la to liirrrnaa Iha Apiiriltr,
anil 1 j lh hiuljr lo Taka an Hn-li, llnii llm
mli'ia Huonrl hi'il, mul I,t ihir Tnnln Ara
linn nu Ihn Him ailta Orfnut, Uauuluf
llnn!a air irvlm ud,
CD. J. Fi IIAY1700D,
"Kffaillvi i-tiai CikI itumi'ii h ml,.fl K m.
tlorina l,i I,i..r lo Hi n rnul InnKiinn., nml fur
II, im iitirioti 1 1 0 rrm l b r lian invatiU'U Uial
Iim n h pi'X i a i lfui m TI! I fM I'll.ljt
Ofllrit ltd Alattny mn-li, Ni'w lark.
I - Dr. Tt 'I T H M ANUAbnf Valuahla tufor.
Hun I'll, (nil I'Mul Idirrllila" lii' n,afl fill
nu iiijillinnmii
(J n at HtH on Wmimkm ehifi1 In ft O (?
H ht ft Utijrki acpM. atl .fi mi ti.ia DtfK. J, tm
it I ft ftftttlinl U tnr, Ntf JnaiifiMi'iMlr, and tft
a II -rmift m ntum w-fmr. Hold bv llruuuiaia.
OfHce, 33 Murray St., Now York.
Jan 2. I87l)-ly
hi: fins,
m nan
Chains, Eings,
Pens, kur
U&H HSaQIffla ra ii e"BBBH
5Toto Work,
nam nun urnamcntat. in tt I hi i JJ-Jnnd rf. CITY HIILTS All ,
pr .lly ex.MM.tcd. Orders Miliciicd. . I IIUM CANI l. Allaoili
ruaaKi'TEK w ukki.t hi
Gilliam d Co.,
WHO! KHAI.K AM) IUr.111.
Crucers, Com. Me:cknts 4 Liucr Dealers,
Wimi kct.'' on Imiiil i.t nil liiiiof I. iintl
cnrclully aidiTti'd ulnck of nil n i t i i leu in
tliir li I'n-iK'p ini'iitH nl' nil kin. Is of
t.'iiini'ry I'roilute ! n j :' , mir nnilio Iminn
"Quirk Hiili', tlni lii;liKt 'liuirket ii ioi) und
pi on. !( rlurin.!.p '
'liiii'n iliiiiiKinid drain Itiijrii on linml in
Mipiixli jici'Hulii) v. lio in iy ninh to kliip im
piC'lin-Di , ;
IiYxniBi-iio, Va. Feb., V5, IfTfl.
' We note I tic .'iillowiiiit ariudca acarca ami
in ili'iii'iml nt ihiIh'kIh figiiiva. . lcr. , Un
coil . Sliiiiijliicrccl M'ih, W limit, I'lmir, OiiIh,
Irlfli I'l'liilni'U uml Apple llriHidy near
r)ii(itntioiii'. Tlio niiirkvt Im la.liy aiipplll
will I'.figH nml Untter anil pi'UiM linvii ilr
i:lil!0i with ei;(;lil (Icnniii'l. Ontri Arc ill
iliiiniinil, nnd so would ilvi.e iniiiii'diiilu
Hliipiiidnt to meet the apr'r.K ilt'iiminl,
'J'lieaa tinnrea repnwtit only wlioli'siila pr
oi'K. At retail liiirlicr pi ices obtnio.
liOOKSm.LKU nnd, nTAtIOXF.R,
rtn.u HA n s, ni;ou' shades.
Adl.'NT Kim
Fteiinrn v Wi-bbcr't (in .: .( ier l'innim, Muton
and I T 1 1 1 1 1 r - nml nt: rr i,trntiK, ond
I.VNt'lIintHO, VA.
June 4 7S' ly. .
Applo Br.iiidv pr unl.
Appliw, ill ieil, il th
lincnn, Iliifc niiiiid lb good...
iln Hiiiih, 11
do Fidi-H,
(in Slmiililpra, "
Ihitler, Im. I,
ISrenwiix, V II
ItiK'ckwIirnt I'liiiir
liiMiliK, while "p' im,
da Mixi'd or colore I
ninoklnfrrlea. driiiJ fa lb
i liieki.'in, ilri'ffed, 1 II
CollVe, fair In pond l!io, D' lb. ,
il i prime to elioien Itio,
do I, II (J t iv in,
I'ln-rai', liniry, '(; II
tirn, wliite, jii I n
do V'.'ll.iW i d mixed
I'lnver need, V bu. til) Iba
I-H :h, I'iCh'i
('lour, I' iiui. "fi Id, I
do Siipii, fuiu
do ICitrn
In in i I v
IVitiirr, Hie poiwe, "jit I'i
I'ltx fHi. , -,i i,n. r,
r'ili. M ekerel No. It
K'iKtiini Hen in,
Laid, V a. i'i! Tea ii. Niw, 3; 2, I,
lnl i DM', N. (I, 'jji K,d
iln llelined hytupa
XiiiU, tilil lliim. "JJ ki?
Oil, I bu. :t;' lbn
UlllolH ,
I'eiielica, ilried, niipiired, lb
tt illicit, piired, ., , ,
P ti k. 8
I'tlUtOfK, ll'lnll, l llll. (ill
do Sweet, ....
Itye'j!! Im. Ml Ib.....
It, I.Ueipool ' g.ick
8us ir, br.in-n, J;' lb
ill yifllnw (.' an I eXIrii i! ,,,,
iln oni'dii'd. m niml'iii'd, pu.
teiizi' I nml i nt Imif . , ....
Tirkc.m. tb
rinintliy Heed per I n. 1.1 bn.,
Wlient, 'wliilo, per Im, tt'M . .
do lied
Wool, waalied, per lb
do nnwiwlied
1'eli. 4. '7!) Iv
I 2.')t"!i
4 fi'if.c5
I (!,
4 Wyl
4 7"f'i'; .')
f) fillfii (i
5 niif, 1; on
2 Onfii 4
2 M (-1.3
.fj lo
ill In
2 in
tl I"
4 nllf-i )
"(I to
fill In
611 tn
Wood, Marsh &.C6.y.
Importera and Joiilicrin Dry (foods
nnd Noilnim,
!lOf 311 nii- i licl ml., '
Silas Shelbuni,
Ruccewnir to CO.NIUI) & SIIRMIfBN.J
Commission Merchant
No. l 'jos (.'ury fit reel,
Itlt'IlMONn. - - VIKOINIA.
fvtf Kjiuclul Hilmillnn jlven In iim anl of Tclncfo
ly T. U.'NEal..
Sella Tolmi co, Klmir, Oraln and all
Country I'mdnce. oct I, 'TS-l'iu
7 to
i) to
1 Ml
If' to
I'i t-i
on toi
lol im
ill) III it
M 1 1 lo ::
)P to Ti
n. i). ANiiiiH, j.w ai'Ainuir.
M. D. Andes & Co., -
Main Plreef,
imiSTOL, - - Ti:NNr.HHKR,
Commission Merchants
Dry flooda, Urweerlea, N'dlona, .Ifnta
nnd t'ai,ltiiolaHinl Hlmc, llanlwara,
(iiceiiawaref t.'iiiifictlniiarli , I'iovI
lona. Halt, NalN, Iron, ('h-iIukh, Hew
InK MaclilneH, iientiea and atlacli
inciila, Upper, Hol' nml llnriifi..
Iii'iiHicr, it-it,, tf-ii When In in-e-l of
unythliiff don't fall to call on u, or
acini ymir order, and we ifnaranle ut.
lafactlnii or money refunded. VY tr
to keep Ilia bear p-miiIh, In every
ileihrinieiit, and icll tliein n low hp
Hie lnweat. We I'liy all kind nf pM
rlni'e and pay caali or ifxiild. Come
and ee ua or wrltu ui a latter.
Vour friend",
ITn". B yfrnl4tea1 T?w!nt
A Wl i.1 IWtalkWI Ml iii.f Iti.ifcillw,
I mn uineral iik'cnt fur Hie mo-t
pupliliir uml bunt Mowuiaaild Ueilpera
iii mc iiiMiin'i, hiiii r i' iln (im at
Tliivxtiilitf Imiiil. lob-in nia rvi r a-ilil
iii tin-or any cimmrv uml fiiriilMln il
f.ir leM pi l-'c I linn uny liirnl ileulnia
can fnrnii.li tlicm In lln S'ufe. and
udd mi vc '.v i-iMy teiniM Will make
It In ecrv inun'-. liilerei-la In civ,- im ii
call liffuli' I'll , lli(. K'mlra mi linml
tor tn.i "iiin.
One of ilie liet Mtcel I'lowa In lln
lTnlied Sim fur t'nrn Miclleia
f 7 Gfl Lever I'Vi-d CiiIuth $;, oil Hic'l
kept nil blind fur plow hlmira, J'lnw
n"iiiii and emiinc fur I''uriin-r'H
I'iI.'IhI ami li'iiilli'K pliiwa ,
H ime IIihI i-Iiim i iiiiiw li'iraea nnd
mnli-a will Im liikeii Inr Koodi at mar
ki-t price.
Ciipl, Hurry I. vie la wllli me, and
Hii-iiieiinii kiiiaiitnieeii,
Wiirclinime M i n .rr,., llil-lnl.
t , . . . . .
inin. i.u v win i i i;.n.
Mi IS, '711-tliu
Davis & V atkiiiD.
Storage & Co rinfssion Merckant.
7 wiin.1,,'1 f niiwa iim t,
ATLANTA, - r - - OA.
I HMIt M. iidviinci'.j made -in C-m-
alfiinii-nt, wlinii d-Miri"l, n n d
prompi leiiirna inadnln all Inatuncfa.
('orreai'iiinli'iice aulli-lled.
feb 18, 'ill-iltil
! m-nnlili, I'.l .nhuii lin.ii nl ilnetim-t
tn Wuilil . 1,11-r i-'ir. H -'.., in ir, " or a i pif
lr. Ai Oil I liianri (Hi in- Ui ., el " i ix-iii.i I
"""T. I '.'"'i' t Ii " HI - h aha,'' a.ihviL in
BOPr hlnilun: " l.'Hrlnl i a M .1.1,., it
ii.ii h ri'lma. mi, I a i-hmiIb ih,,, f w.rf. l a
li'.W ill. -"I. em- -rin 1.1 im ..1,1 i i
'..! I" .., I ', n,n .
l. . ..1 ; IIIK f '-ri, I,,,- i, ,' V lit,. . .i. 1 1
a i
No. 2fl '7a Iv
C. K. WlnKo, J. 8. Ellel, ). Il Urmnp.
Boots, Shoes & Trunks,
No. l;08, Miiin trci t,
i'u'H Kooli. mid Khoca, which
we idler to Iln-incrcliiinia of
llicHii. Wcat. at LOWKSl' IMllL'KH.
I'rlcci uuiiraiitced hn low North
ern cllli-H It 1 1 at IM. 7 I V.
Hack Line
I AM now riiiinlii.f, a regnlurllnr of HnHa
lietwrc'i Tlliklnl and f-lillvlllc, Keolt
cuiiily- ix inilei., Ii.iiv t.fc nn"d on Man
day. Wi(lneiia nrd r'l idn.va, nnd ra
iniruinK on Tiiei-'li.VH, Tliini-diiyii and Hnt-
nrduya. I nia tl f -r ti ip nndi wnv or lit
fur iim iniind trip. I'll 1 at in rnfi!i nii'lil mill
liixi imiil llm rnmla liecoine iiniirncliuabla
I'm' llluk Irim 1 1. a I up, lo llm liile .
ki:miv n a v r.
K-ll HI '7-'- If
?racilcall Tinner,
AM) I'Ktl.KK 1.1
- t .....
J..I 'TV
Stoves, Tin-Ware,
llm Im, OiiMerlii)t. aii-l lli'i a'rlaif rnnda
M"ei ty. Htdrr. id'-hi.mI, r,.. nil,l
iilllliri, pin fnlilep,!, I.ilirrnl ii;...inii.l.
ti tha li'mle, linliiiinnra and Kintlla
billa liipln'i.l,v. ,1,.,. 51 pi;0lf
V N ' -M'-mih i : i?i f kaTa
iM 'ii t wt 11 leu t'o I J v a ii .....1
half aca-ltm l-ullia t-h. 'id -f'.ili I,...
ami rnoni rout fn-c, and Imar.l n' f 7 a
inniHli will ')ipnrtuiiltii.a fur urTmi:
hi farm nnd in .,(1, Jni leai-i d
mii'iien inr in.-cliiiiHc., .Mliiliirj drill
-i- .- -1 ci k. i nr i.ip-jiittiM 11 . , r
al ili(;iii ii,i,i,'..
, , ' I ' . MltMt. I'll.' ,
I.u h ...rfc. . ,.
i, I -O r, i , I J,0, , . ,,.

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