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Atlantic. Mississippi & Ohio E.
Mill TRIM.
(- RrUlot,
trifla at BrUtot.
AHr at Lt nohbarc.
6 0S a. a.
W M r. u.
J Mp. a.
ISO p. a.
l-4 Brlafcil M IN A. M. 00
r4lI AbliwlM 1)1)4 A.M. A 7 r.M
AfrU. at Brlatol IU A M.fc 1" P
rt AbUvAca IU 1 a. 48 T. At
E. TEHK. VIBGIl. A & GA. E. It.
Lmti Btlatol at
Haaln- KaoarllUS
AsrlTa la Cualtanetga
IS M r
2 48 A.
r 40 v.
Vaaalug- Knoarh). at
11 64 P. M
Arrlr. la Hrlatol it
4 A. Al
Imtol at . 8,16 A, U k '."Or. M.
rflf At Brlitol ,. A. a, 1,26 f
ami IrtaUl, 1 It t. a.
Paaa Ka.iTllla 11 15 a.
Avl.l Al ChlttAOMfA 80 P. a.
Utri (JhattaaoofA ( 80 a. a.
f ma Kaoivlll. I lit, T. .
Arrlvt Hrlatol 11 46 p. a
VT ar r(ueMtHd to nnnounco Mr.
Wk. Spkbb, of Bpeor's Ferry, an a
audldate for the office of Clerk of tlio
fjMntr- Court of Hcott county, Va., at
the uext May ideotlon.
Oar Acr4int
TUv follewliigr gentlemen will act an
oir Agents, and are authorized to pro
our and receipt for HubscrlplioiiH and
olhr business iu our name.
Tmw1I Ci II, Va., II. C. Alderaon.
Lebanon, Va., Cnpt. J. W. Mc
Brootn. WANTED, a youiifr; mnn lo learn
tlia Carriage trade. Apply at
Brown Bro. Carriage Factory, near the
fw tiffloe. Jan 25, '1 tf
The following advertisement of
Gen. Imbodcn, is editorial enough
for o to-day. The public will need
no comment from us, as it speaks for
itself t
Harrow Gauge R. R.
XTotloo to Contractors for Tics.
llld will be received at tlio oftlco of
tbe Tlnaaila Coal mid Iron Company,
ta Hrlntol. up to the l()(h duy of Feb
ruary, 1K1, for 1(M),0K) Cross-ties, to
t delivered on the Hue of the Nar
row 4Jmige Kallroad between Brlotol
od Kallllvlilp.
TlMinunt bo of the lutt quality of
white oak or chestnut oak, exactly
lx iVt-t tang, and Fix InclieH thick,
quaied At Uit) ends und barked. No
41a will be received of Jess than nix
Ijwrhe face. If Jiewed or quartered.
If mi we J tiny mu.l be 0x8 incho.
Fao uiuflt bo Htrjiigbt." No bid for
lew than 3000 will be considered, thut
being IUjb im in tier to be tisul ou a uln
flt inlltf. For the first live inllea out
of Jiristol tlipy niiint be delivered
aJefflUe raided lino of road, ,'KVX) to
U4nill.', iWyond that liny will be
.f04Mdvt.il 111 lota of Hot k'H thuu COW),
a Uie rcuuUldo bvhiud the I nick
IkaJu, h bi'rotUi'y Can bo picked
n an4 Lianhut fnrwaid.
All Lh timber for Ilea uiuttt bo cut
IWore Lite latof April.
llivcrl( mut begiu lit Hrlntol unt
later than June Int. and be lumijileted
bp aa Kj.iII1vI!I bv Julv lat.
Iiapeollou will beoiudo w tlw woodH
Mon they to iuiulud ; and paywent
toi Xo per oeui. i mnue on iiihi'iuiun
Mnn lli I lh ponuiliiiiio 7a imr Cent.
will M ld In caxb ou every 8000, uh
vUvro on inu line.
' Hidden will lHlpuato tbe nrtlcti
Sir mllM lliov tilii on.
Tne right In roeerved to rafjocl all
tddi If Dot utUfortory, or to ri jct the
4rorg;8U of tmuller Lldn In favor or a
.nr.l 1.1.1 (Urlha wlxiln. If the liltter
abaJl bo found mwit advantageous to
tbe uooiaay.
Tub TrNHAMi Coat. A Ibon
J. D. Ill 1IODFN,
Oeu'l Ak.
,ldanc of Mr. Jh.Iso.i Sourbeer at
the Three Spring in hii.u;i'm. .-
it Va.. on Uielflthday of January, HI,
" n vir,ii'd. Mr. Waller
Leonard, to MU Salllfl Somber.
DUFF-CLARK.-into. S3, ISM, nr-ar
U....V r.w tt Holalon. by Rev. E. II.
u. irmilr C. Duff to Mlts
iianioiv, - -
ItUoda C. Clark, daughter of Mr. David
t 1 . v
We welcome Frank Into the third and
tlghrst degree of the Rival broil., rhood
f man, andwlHliblni and bis bride the
tt ll4tlon of their urigiit ""h h.
(Jo north, louth, east or west, and j on
V.V... ... .-i.- -,l ..nt.lA at this neimoll
Will nun vwnn , -, . .
oftheyrar. A n-medy v, blch
full to give natlsfiit llon Is Dr.
Conch Hymp. Frlce an ce nla.
3ltr. f othtr$lt Mother ttt
Are to dlsliirld at night aad i'"-
. ..7n..r hv a tick child sunclll.g
edrrrlnc with Urn eicriiclnllng pain
. tf an. irn at tilice and
J,-.1 :.ne of Mi;s.')v,NM...W'S
irmwu HYIMil'. It will relieve
- .,.n.,,r Initiiritlalelv do
Mdupoii lt there Is no mliak ""
k Thme la not a mother on rsrth w In
Im evened U. who will not lei you at
-Ill e.ar..lutrt I lit tuiWrltl.
MdV ra rc.tt.. the mollirr, nl Hb-f
d healU. io wm . . ... r -
Mafa, M4 pUiianl - tb. tnsle, and U
' i. t nf I l.n oldest and
tfeeiale physicians an.l nurse. In ll.j
i 4.,li evtrrw here. 2(1
uabeuls. ui in, mu-ij
ill peraomi are hereby warned against
tiuntlNK, pawliiK through, orolherwle
rrsp.ln)r on my premise, belli tlie
farm of MJ. ! nt Montgom-
... v.. u. f ulll iMifone be law on
Mr. J. W .Chapman of the law firm
of Chapman & Alderson, of Tazewell
C. H., was In town last week, and will
in 30 days to west, first to Aehlson
Kansas, to settle for the pract ice of law.
He is a really first-rate man and has be
fore him a most promising career.
Mr. R. C. Chapman has settled in
Bristol, and is reading law. For some
two years he has been chief salesman in
the house of Ward & Gihboney at Taze
well c. n.
Mr. Winston Fulton, of Mt. Airy, X.
C. has been In town for a week, and we
shall he very much elated If he can be
be induced to locate here, as he is one of
the best business men in the South. He Is
the Senior member of our Cotton Facto
ry, and tins been a success at cvcrthlng j
he has touched.
Mrs. (Jen. Imbodcn has been unwell
for several days, but is now convalescent.
Mr. R. L. Davidson, the worthy fore
man of the Blountvillo Star oflk-e was
in town last Saturday.
Mr. David McCaw, son of Dr. Mc-
Caw, of Richmond, will in a short time
enter the new ulllce of the Tin:-alia Coal
& Iron Co., at the Va. House, as clerk
for the Company. He is one of the most
worthy and Intelligent young gentle
men of the city of Richmond.
Mr. J. M. Trammell is keclng fine and
high grade kerosene at 25 to :I0 cts.
Ocn. Tmboden left for Raleigh yester-
Messrs. II. C. Wood, W. W. James
and Ceo. Gibson left yesterday for Men
dota. Miss Jennie and MissRussic Imbodcn,
daughters of (Jen. Imbodcn, are stop
ping at the Va. House, having arrived
from Nelson county last Friday evening.
Judge. M. B. Wood was at the Va.
House last week, having ready for litho
graphing a fino map of Itiiboden City,
which has been elegantly laid off In city-
Mr. Henry C. Jackson, of Washing
ton county, Tenn., pleased us much by
a c ill at tiiis olllce yesterday. We are
glad to sec him looking well, and expect
to keep him In the roll of our frlemto
while the lamp holds out to burn.
Rev. J. W. Rognn lectured last Fri
day at King College on Martin Lullmr.
Rev. Dr. Clark will lecture uext l i iday
lit 3.
Prof. Wallace prcnclicd a decidedly
good missionary sermon at Mr. Regan's
Church Sunday evening.
Mr. II. J. Stone, the miller, died last
Thursday at lilt, home near Col. Jno. CS.
King's, of paralysis. Ho was a good
citizen and aged some fiO years.
Rev. J. Foyd, of Abingdon, will hold
services at Emanuel church next Sun
day at 11 A.M.
Mr. A. S. Oinnp has employed Mr.
T.pn Hall, nenhew of Jiid-re Hall, of
Knoxvlllc, as salesman Instead of Mr.
L. R. Neil, who has accepted a travel-
Inir inri.ni'T for Welscntlcld & Co.. of
Baltimore. Few youiif iccn have made
nioreropulationansnlcsii.cn than Rus
sell Neil.
Mr. John R. Dickey, of Bunting f:
Dickey has returned from a Inptodray-
son. ami brings wit n iiim air. a. pi.
Dickenson of Independence.
Mr. W. E. l'lcslon, of Texas, called to
see us this morning. Ilewllllna few
weeks return to the Lone Star at Sequin.
A budness man who means business
wants business In some business house
in this or somo oiber biiNiiiess place.
Superior bunlncss refl'crcnco.
Iu care Bristol News,
ane. IT '80 tr. juisuu, icuu
. . - i.i t f I' ....
Parties who feel like subscribing to the
fund for the relief of Mr. A. C. Smith,
foreman of this olllce, ho so recently lost
bis all bv lire, urn reipn sted to hand Ihe
same to Prof. Ceo. II. Smith, or Mr. C.
. Lewis, of the Bristol Woolen Mills,
who have displayed the most common
dahlc energy In trying to secure a fund
to build him a new house. Tho-e who
have already subscribed are reipiestsd to
hand the amounts to I'm I'. Smilli.
It Is a matter of some delicacy tons
but wo venture to remark, that we hope
a sulllclent amount will lie contributed
fur (lie purpose. And lo answer the pur-
h)so It ought to be promptly done. M r.
Smilli has been a very faithful man In
what o regard the public service nf this
town, and amounts that will not be
lulled by our citizens will bn a groat re
lief to him.
We call al tmit Ion lo the I wo mercan
tile cards of Mr. B. F. Maiitz. Those
are both line houses and Mr. Manlz do
Hervrs the patronage of our iiiciclianls,
Ho Is exhibiting groat energy and Is ful
ly conversant Willi Ihe business, He
also represent our HrlsUil drug Iioikc of
Bunting A Dickey.
Hvhti'l ymintlry, Messrs. Dixon,
Smlih it Co. have on hand a splendid lot
of their Now Chilled Plows, stocked In
Ihe llncsl style ever wo saw ly ex-May
or Nelms, w h run boat Ihe world lit
that business. The mould Isuiids ami
jHilnls are finely polished, and Ihe wood
work well painted. They sell them at
1 0 umt now Is Ihe time for our farmers
to supply themselves.
Bargains, bargains to
close out Winter goods
Rlnttnn of Clrsm. Tim folhrnlng
were elected cdhVer" of Anderson Lodge
of Good Teintdnr., for the ensuing qmir-
I T. K, A. Sweet, W. ( . T. ; Mrs. E,
Frost, W. V. T.( Bobt. Burrow, W.
(Mrs. M.C LyU, W. T.;M..,.f. C.
Vnwsr, W. F. S.; J. W. Bonnmoni,
C.l A. K. Brown, W. M. Mollln
Side-Walk Letter.
OntheSidk-Walk, )
Feb. 1, IsM.f
The rain has the side-walk to-day.
Perhaps the ground hog may have it to
morrow. We have had a few days let
up in the weather, but now I sec no
chance that he will see his shadow and
run to his hole. If he does we can then
go in our boles for six weeks. The new
moon swings beautifully on her buck,
like a basket of silver. That means she
will hold water (ns no basket does)
and that we shall have a wet February,
or you can bavo it that she will bold the
water and therefore spill none on us.
Maj. Wood Is titling up in nice style
the new oflli e fur The.Tinsalia Coal &
Iron Co., in the Va. Douse wing, and
will have it ready for Gen. Imbodcn on
his return from N. C.
The surveys on the N. G. line are rap
idly pressed forward, ('apt. Winston's
corps has completed the entire location
of tlie line from Specrs' terry to Im
bodcn city. The distance-is 21 miles.
Cant. Sickler's corps lias located the
Poor Valley section about half way from
Mendota to Estllh illc. Before the end of
the month the profiles will be ready, and
then tbe line will be let to contract and
graded in four months, so that trains
will run to Estillville by the "glorious
fourth." Cant. Walthall's corns lias
reached the South Fork, near Rockhold's
camp ground. A very good line has been
found except tliattbere is dilllculty at the
river. In fact there are several lines
and it is uncertain which will be adopt
ed. The grading on the Bristol and Men
dota section is progressing favorably.
Ctipt. Dudley's force has about complet
ed the grading to the river, (.'apt. Bibb
Is still held by the heavy cut at the head
of Wolf Run, and tlie heavy fill in Rich
Vallcv. It is estimated that tbe two
convict forces will have enough to do to
lnve the first 15 miles ready for the rails
and ties by June first, when track lay
ing will commence.
Measles measles measles '. Every
where measles. Mrs. Crocket's entire
family arc down with It, and I bear of
it in all quarters. "The harder the
shower" Ac, you know the rest. Poor
Jake Rogers is wildly insane, and is in
Blountville jail. The ralllc of his busy
dray Is no longer heard on Main Street.
The Coodson council has amended the
croislng at genckcrV, and Is now mak-
i" a stone side-walk thenco to Mr.
James' Livery Stable, which has been
rented by Mr. J. M. Thomas, of the
Thomas House.
Brown Bros, are finishing In very due
stvle a new vehicle for Gen. Imbodcn.
Already the job does them great credit,
and 1 am dad to see that all I have said
of tiiem as flue workmen Is sustained to
the letter.
Mr. Waller Abbott has my thanks for
a very excellent Utile job in his line. I
I find him to be a capital and prompt
workman. His buslnens Is one that Is
badly needed In our town, mid I wUi to
say to our people that ho Is a mo4 wor
thy gentleman. Ho hasjaken an olllce
on Mr. Xorvell's lot oiipo.-ne Hi" Ham
ilton House. What does lie do? you
usk. no. Is a line upholster, iuatlras
and cushion maker. He will make you
an excellent new article or be will repair
your old work so you will think It new.
The good ami enterprising people of
Mendota will have a public meeting next
Saturday to Inaugurate thai Impoitant
work, tlie proposed road across Clinch
Mountain to Scott and Russell. If our
IuihIiicsh men know on which side of
their bread In look for the butter they
will help to hilibl Unit ftnl. speedily.
Mr. Isaac E. Rhea died last Saturday
morning, a few minutes after mid-night,
aged 21, of riithifia PulmoiwHn. He
li-ivcs a wife and two little children.
He was buried last Sunday near his
homo on Walker's Mounlain five miles
north-west of Bristol, a vast number
of people being present.
I am grieved lo learn of the unllnu ly
death, In the bloom of hopeful manhood,
of Mr. I,eo King, son of Mr. J. Addi
son King, si King's Mills, In this county.
He was recently a siudent at King Col
lege. By-tho-way, Mr. II. P. Itiltlaln,
of King College was overtaken by
measles, at Mr. Moore's, In the I'emher-
ton neighborhood, and Is said to he quite
III. Rev. J. l.b'Vd will hold service id
F.nianiicl Church at 11 A.M. next Sun
Steam Eoilcr for Sale.
1 desire to sell my sleimi boiler and
necessary fixtures n o w in Brow n
Bros. Carriage ci lablbdiineiil In Good-
eon. IVtvous desiring a baigaln w ill
either address inn or call on I. C. Kot
lor at the olllce of the Brl.-lol .Ve-.
The holler Is new and In good condition.
fob 1, IMS!, Abingdon, Va
4 .. mm --
A Cougli, Cold or Nnro Throat
kIioiiIiI be xlootiod. N'ewlert freoiiclillv
re-ults hi an Incurahln Lung Dlsnnnn or
Cniisumntlon. U'MivnS blto i, l.
l o 'i.s nre rrrlaln lo flve relief In nolh
nut. Bronchi Uh Counlii, Catarrh, Concump
live and Throat UiniMsos. lor ibliiy
yearn llio'l roclies have been i ninmcirl-
!'d bv phi sIchiiiK, iiml always j;lvr per-
fcet sall-lnclb'n. liny nre not new or
nnlrled. but having been tested by wldi
and constant use for nnirlv an cullrc
irniiiirnlliiii. Hum' have ultidlleil ttcll-
uioi'lted rank aniolig the Tew staple rem
rdlos of lh lire. rulillc pmkers
and ingeis ue them to drill' run
itrengllion Ihe VoUo. Sddat twenty
flyn cents a box everywhere,
nwv Id, '80 ly.
Wo ciui furnish you all the Hold seeds
von want at reasonable prlef.. Consist
ing of
Prime Rod Clover
Al.lke Clover
" Alfalfa Clover
" Sapling Clover
Timothy Seed
Rod Top
Itambill or E. B. GrsM Sevd
" (irchald Grass
" Ky I'd no Gi'ii.s.
Wu i.iaiis a Krini mi
LAitnicsT Book Pi uusiiun. Tbe cdi- j
tlon of Webster's Unabridged Dictiona-'
ry recently Issued, In the quantity of1
matter it'contalns. Is believed to be the i
largest volume published. i
It will surprise many readers to know
that it contains eight times (lie amount of
matter contained In the Uihie, being suf
ficient to make 75 Pimo. volumes'" that
usually sell for !fl. 25 each ! It vocabu
lary comprises over 118,000 words ( l,(iD0
of which have recently bee, added,
it has a new Biographical Dlciionarv,
giving brief important facts concerning
0. 700 noted persons.
There is a memoir of Xoah Webster, a
brief history of the English language.
Principles of Pronunciation, I.iu of
1, (1(10 Scripture Proper Names, 10. ODD
(ieographlcal Names, 700 common Eng
lish Christian Names, several pages of
Proverbs, & i, a vocabulary of Names of
Noted Fictitious Persons and Places. and
manv other valuable features, all of
w hich, In a volume of 1.H2S pages, em
bellMied w ith 3,000 Engravings, go to
make up a great store iwuso of usclul
Tlio members of the ''Bristol llook
ind Ladder Co. No. l"re railed to meet
at Kiihnerts al .1 o'clock P. M., Feb. 2.
By order of President.
W. P. Bhi.wi:h, Sec.
Anderson's, for cheap
for Sick Headache end Dyspepsia.
Kcliablo Testimonials;
Bishop Gun. K. PifcRcn miys : I know
alio euso of rcmaiknM recovery from
cbmdo dvpqisi, It is ft ''piumi'ini" for
sick headache, both lo cure whea it tonics
and to prevent If taken in time.
Pr. W ,0, E. CCNN'INOHAU shvb : V.'o
one the health 'and strength We orijoy to-
pny, if not our life, to tlio ''Seven Springs
Bev. B. N. I'ricb fays : Mv wif is sub-
ject to sick licinluclice. find for Iter tlie
".''even Springs Ma" in a Sprvilla belli,
to cure auil prevent.
Bev. G. 0. Bankin lays : Mrs. Bivnkin
miyr tdic cannot oi'PJ' CHt'untdo the vidua
of tlie "Mhss" In her ense, and would ml
vino every body who fulT'.r with sick Lend-
a ' : I e to uso it.
Mlsnn.fl. MAiuiiaM., of hunenliur
county Va., suys j It ban cured inc of
dyspepsia and sick heiiJuelie; am now in
letter hcidtli thnn for yearn.
Mr. John 1, Boo'Kvoki:, Bufuui., Art.,
sr; My who is umn tlie ".leven
Mpriri(?s Mass" for clronio imli)estioii
with vry happy tcnults,
A. Vt'Aiuni.1., propitelarof Lipwllurtj
iVcws.eiiyn ; My wife lout been subject
to severe ppellH of sick l.civhielie for moro
Ihun twcnlv tears, nnd lmi been entirely
cured by usinc; the Muss. .
Biin.TllDS. WniTrnKAC, proprietor of
Ike Aill'iinvc, h.viicl.liiiri?, Va,, nay.; The
Seven t'.prir.ns Muss" nets ou my liver uri'l
bti iniK h lu a inost imlisoictory miuiner,
never fuilini? to ruliove me of iitticks of
leadiiche, p.Kiduced by irrejjulurity in
meals or from over-work.
For sale by J. A. bkkey Co., snd nl
I'.i'nt tluss ilni(.r(isl".
Ahr!.1 m nion AVmt Sjirin,'n Main.
J.m. 27, 'SO-lv.
Do you want to buy
Goods ?
Do you want good
goods ?
Do you want to buy
them cheap ?
Do you want the high
est price for your
produce ?
If so, then go and trade
Opposite G. VJ. Frost's
I loot and Sioc House
It will pay you to
nuiko . them one
visit, Try it.
Morphine habit CUREd.
Pr. J. STENIENSON, Lelanon, Ohio.
and other bt .selling goods. Send to
J,1 0 n I T 0 R P U D . C 0 C I N . 0 L
rr.nri.cTi.Y it nr. t a iu.i:.
No modiclno.
ti, xrvv
hLb I UhLU. Somr hinjf n .
(). I. WOOD, Maillfii, 1utlntm.
Employment For All I '
,nrfi Irnvi'ttnit, Stole which
in I'vrfi rvit. HAt.AJtY pfinnj't
ty pntit rvctTtf mouth, Arfifrc,
ttnmm ! VUMIiia; 'l rr mil
11. Roun. CIN. OHIO
YrTAlll "") in mii lor
Vrf iinr M. W I All I.IMll'l'"
Koons & Dro. Chicago, III.
fal, 1. m,-Jra-K
S E H A 1 V SUTiS t. 51 . Tl.
51 fi io ."u," s t.i si Sim , ri-
. os et'.'6 a;.. I',irr fr. J
tfet 1'niiK-i 1. liianli', ll'rvliini;.
N. .1.
FREr: to all.
1 It K .1. Hi t.u.i,-
i am
(,"itMlHl.: I i'1lnr I a1: !
' K . U' ' m I""-,f '' '" 'I''"".
t" N ' ' -f ' 'STrll .. S.-..K. Iliilks rlf. ill I .1.
1 i -4 S . " if--i. A1- '. ' ' "; I '
t' .V' y ,,r ... r NY I'l.l.'.lf OI.IW Si..
r jii Mr,li. I n.vi.il i..oi ii,.
. ' ir.,,,1." i S- .l.i.r f.'-i-.i,-.
'tii.rii.il IVCriptiVC I rifl Ml (
H'1' r'Kiit- n. i " 1' c l
ll.Vl ..Atl.ll . tCfl.)u VI.'- .
K. k M l Mil U'v-i.wilr, Ky.
lUv and very Sly-oS are cow mtdy.
!Unt c..mni:t v, rAKi.on
'Mil A S IN TIIR WdUl.H,
wihiiem of litlifst il Ut Wui ion at
Ctetj Wnid fit 'I l-'T t b 1 1 1 M- II
vhh. riifi'N M, '7. t' S, M,
I' 8. t 5" ai d upward. A
I", r fy ,iv iiifiiN, h inmitii r
if(J MS :tf))in rt iM' wnd upward l kt
aliiprni's fnn. M.inix 9t Kami is
oriiavCi:,, li TiwiiumiI. Mii-c',
i:nf n ; 4fl K-t Mill St., Utilcu Pqnaro Now York
14: Waliiih A vimiic, CliicAsjo.
A ny j-irji n to lie k 1 1, tin It III wlllmut a w.-ul:
m.i'iiKuii r ITiartlVH Jivi-r ur.ki.liK'j. ), And wln-n
ln-Mi 01.111.- urn In -oil con.Hilon do y.'U i-l flinl
tii-lr p. .hs -immi r "i jnyit.g j(oid heiiitli? .irk
r'N (jliiK'or Vsiiin lwv rut;u.(o ili.-eo
1 in fi.rl ii ii t ..ruiiB, mid rPTr fniln t wnlio tlio
lilm.d rich mi. I 'uri, ami lo t ri'tij; tlin ovi'i-y pnrt
of I la o ymcni. ll Iiuh ournl liui.dit'il. "f (Ikhj all
lnii InrhM.ls, Ak your nollilx-r Alu.nt It.
A Mew Illustrated Pamphlet
IHri'li!vo ofllio country along and Irlliuluiy lo
lli'i lino of I Ii"
ROAD nnd contain Rood COI'.NTV MAI' of 111" STATU.
It cmitHiii. I In- naiiH-ii mid inUl roa of furiuerf
und .iiiiti.'m In Tux, wlr'
n t roit sAi.r.oi: iu.'nh',
ami Ihoao who will WHiil l-'arin Manila for next
yiviT A coiy of tlila liuu will lif MiilU J l'r" ro
Hi . wliii d.'ulro nilUliln Inforiimllon nli.nit 'I'm
u, n lion nnvllciill. n l.jr leitnr or .ot;il rani In
Oen'l FrDldht and I'uaa'r A't l'l.'lin Toxa.
Condensed Time Tabic.
IN ElTKCT JlTLY 2")TH, 1380.
Go!nff West. Going Earst-
B.i'B A M In Norfolk, r .10 1,1 I'. M
7. J A M If HUM., Ii- -Ti I' M
II.H0AM.... I lvtnrnlinr, . I" 7 1.1 f M
11.40 A M In Kurkrlll, . " le 4 -IK I' M
U,'J4 I' M If FariiiTllliK la 4, a
iX V a (din) nr. Lvnclihuri;, 1" 1 !
'J,4n p m I" l.yi chimriTi ar. (dm.) t .Ho r M
4 M pa la Salnni la 11.17 A a
(l.lii c a ii.) lc 'liill'i"linrAr !.... 1 n. 1: a M
f,,oii p M la Wjilinrlll", U (bkft 8 III .i a
111 :i,1 p a r UrNlol, (rand tip) la.... fOS a a
Corr cctloris Westward. , aConnoct cn l"!t!ird
at rr.ramimo,
with lllrliinond fi '
tirlmr Kallroad for
Klrliniond, WahIiU.K'oo,
Hlmom and III" Kail,
und (ha hprlntta Hloi,i
tlin Una of ('heiiioiaku
Jli Olno it K
Willi lili'llliiond I' nil -lll.)
K II. for (Irunna.
Imro, Cliarlotl and Itin
liprlna In Wa.t. N.'C.
AT LTNCimvno,
wllh Virginia Ml.llund
It It lo an I from Norili
and hoiitli,
Willi i tkIhIk Midland
Ii It for Wa-Oilimlnn,
huilliiiora, I'lilliidolpliia
and T York, and for
1 'll n T 1 1 1 o , O rmlialnro,
A Nnrlli and Suulh Car
oil point.
Willi Hli'lllllond V 1'an
villa Kallroad for KH II
10 1, arriving al (I HI
pa. nflluv your tick.
i'la In llliliaoNU U
at rtcTsnsByRO
wlili i;irlu..i-. ai d I'"
I. litlmix K II ft I'ai. ri..
I.iiu IIok.1 for W. Id. n,
Wilmington and 111"
S illlll-ai'Kl,
AT tllUOTO!.,
I a.-l Ti'lill Va .X Ok. K
It lor Kn.iX'lll", l li.il.
Iitiioo.i, ami all iohifa
In ('';'". d'.'"'"'",
7V nni ri r If i'va iVyi;.!!',
I'll- lU.lf, ,V'.iHfft..f,;f
.oof ,Vnr'i.iri.v, nnit'ir
rinfiumlti i:d polnfa
a..i:u Ilia i'Ii i all No.
K.l'i. ;. I.
AT NOni'OI.K, "HI'
St. 'Amain of I'tiy l.llo',
01,1 t'oiiilntou, and Mt
rbatila' 5i Mlnera' Tran.
Mpoilalio.i Co , for ll.il
tlmora, Naw V oik and
n.'l.LMAX f'AU W'ri:diiti),'tiin to Niw
Ui'lo'iiip, tin l.vD''lihiiri; nnd I!i'Ih!uI
l.nt.MITON Si.i-KI'bUH l.yiiflibiirs Iu
Mi'iiipliisi (via M..1. I'. K. 1!.) witliout
cb ivy.
Kiifi-i'la-B mid riniriint Ti' U cs In nil
Iirii.it , nl points WHS I and iNotlTH-W 1)8 1
mi low ii I'V imv otliiT nil Knil bine,
-"i;Mi(irtNT.-it'.uiitii:D Kim
Tntiiih ,MI (ioiiiuIh of lmt'u;ii(ro lilluwi'il to
1'iudi full lii ki'l- sad 7?i I oiiihIb on each bull
ticket fiifk. t'liil lr n liPlnorn fi mid 12
vi'iivi. ohiucd half ntti's under tivo ycurn
VH Y.V..
Thin rod '"mirlai,s sn linpnrtmit link of
the (11.11 HIM. I Hi.t: V I (ilMA fi THNN.
All! 1,1 N K, olbriiif! C NH U K P, T H KA
(.'1 1.ITI IM I'.r tlio 1'ipi'ililioiiA hniidlitiir of
fioh'lit In nnd I n from ths NiiKTH, HIM TH
iiml WHST, isHiiinp Tllltnllijll lllbl.SOH
LAPINO to nil iiinrdpitl pnlnls. Prunipl
U'ljiii'ln.i'iit of cliiims, Koud Ib d L'iipx
ecilnl. Mntingi'iucnt I'tu-'iuulU'd, ('on.
npi'ti.niB .Sure.
Xi'N'i t rtint.l o lo nnawor lellprn.
I-r Ti.iltPtn, ItntOH, Map Hills, pl-nn
nppl.V to
I,. . UI'.OWN, OdnM Tiuvfi.iiin Au'T,
Lynchburg, Vh.
N. If. OSP.OKNK, M.sriiitcF Thanh.
rtoriil'iii(.', ii,
nNK II unr.lt,. Si.t't. 'nt i vs.
I,.vin'liliiir(f Vn.
All Tr s 12 ypitrs old and over rp
i'Iih.11 1 fn'l rwti'H .in ntinv: ilill'ri'ii lit
firs nnd tiirlar 12 ymronf ntfe nrn olmrir
r t linlf of llir iiIiot rule", sn l iildldrrn
tindor fi yrnrs of SH" me piiaap I F K k k . 'ill )
pnutiiln f hi'MHn, ruiipUiinK nonrinir
niM i nn I nml brddiiiK, lo c icli wliobi tiokp
mid Inn p iinU to ncli half lieUi't will l.f
plicrkail lop I'.u.iKi nnla All liAbt ilte IIHIHI
P in triinsn und alionld to v 1 t rn jjieil .
Notice. Notice.
To llic hind ou ners mid tnanls on tiic
line of the I'.rlslol Coal A Iron Narrow
Oinor" JC !-, nnd nil oiitm liiii'ioi'i
Nmlcn 1 1 hereby glim Hint on the Hid
Mil V ol the I1 el. ill:ii v trim next, hchig lln
I7ih d iv ol Telirunry 11. I'be llrl-tol
l.'nal A Iron Narrow (Lnii'" K'lll lioml
( oinp iiiy will npply lolhe County Co'ii l
ofriroll counlv. a,, lop Hie nppoml
innilol'ii I'o.Mid of Plte dl'iutciiwicd
I'l re holdi'l -'i lo il-ncl I III II II Jlll Colnpell-
Htltlllll lo lllo o Ml'I'K Ol lllll I llll III'
line of mid II ill li'md within llic ciiililv
of .'Viill fur such of Ihe 1'iibl l:iuds n n I
t , i . j . . . - I in In! In, ''ii l- n;i,i coiiiiriiiv
for I lie eotiul roct ioi nlld pill p""e ol llicll'
road. I UK HKIMi'l. DAI. iV lOS
N'aihiii'.v (iAi oi; Ii. IJ. Co.
IU II. C. WiiOli, I'lest.
Trustee's Sale.
1 iCU-UAN I' Ion. bed of trust fxe-
1 out 'd Id me by I'.li. ibi th Flcenor
mi Urn plih day of M"p winlii-r h,l), In
ocure a ili-lit therein unuu'd duo (o W
I), M"l'ro"kiy and J din Iv I'.iiraon, I
will oiler for suit) at the Court ltotin
In Ablni'ihiii, Va., on tb '4th tiny o
Msreli. Jmh J , h eerialn p reel of
land. situated on A' ihoi
CrC'lt, In Wifblni'loii counlv, 'a.,
eoiitainlfilno! six U'ti'cri be the, smuc
mors or b" Thn said Inlid will bo
.i!d wldi. hi I lb 1 1 1 'ill v "r ! tempi o'i.
'I' runt will b nia'l" k imwu mi iinv of
aale. If H (JOOKIN
febl'l it Tru-lfi'.
JOn VOiUv of nil kin.!, neat
Railroad Compraiy,
(.'Ilit'l1 IT ('Of 1ST OF Til K I'M Tr 1 K T ATliH
roll Til K lUL'ltlTI JfniVIAI. .1K
I i ll' AMI Till; UASTICI'.K HIS
Willlnm Duller Duncun midHainuel
L, M. Hallow, (Surviving Trunloes.
The Athuitlo Mlsnlrtsippi and
Iliiilroiid Conij nny nnd oihers.
Ky virtue of and pursimnt to it
judgement nnd decrco of foreclosure
nnd rale rendered and entered nt the
April term of the sttid Couit, 1S7I), In
the nbove -iitiUd uction, I, Matthew
K. I'le.'WHiifH lurtster appointed there
in to sell all and siiifrulur tl.o MOKT
PliKSON Mi, and MIXKD, incntioii
ed in the complaint in the n;iid uction,
and in the said judgement and decree,
being tlio saiiia moi t;;itkred, or intend
ed so to bo, to the plaintiff und P'ran
cis iSUiddoy, sineedt -ceased, by a niort
itiyc bi'u ri r: date tlm '.Uh day of Hcp
tciuber, 1S71, do hereby give notice
that on
HHH, IfSO AT r.O'Cl.Oi'K NtiO.V.
at tht) north front door of thu Centum
IIouhc of tlie United Stulm. In the
city of Dicliinond, Va., I s !i a 1 1
proceed to Hell nt public auction, to Ihe
highest bidder, the following dccri
ed PltOPKUTY-that is to s.ty
A ND IN T V. U r:ST O V T 1 1 10
exteiiding from Norfolk, in the Slate
of Virginia, to Cumbei Innd (lap, in
thoi?liit of Kentucky lotethcr with
As fully and nt large set forth in (ho
.aid Judgement und decrees, printed
opies of which will bo furnished by
he uiideiMigiidl master of thoso ap
plying theiefar.
Such sale will be made oil Iho terms
specified In the di-crco of. nalo, f
which bidders will take notlco, and
subject to certain subsisting liens up
on the pretulMOH, particularly describ
ed In the said Judgement nnd decroo,
and a atalenient of which will be
open for th inspection of bidders nl
the olllce of tlie Muster, In thn cuh-
foni-homo, In the city, of Richmond,
Va.. for tbhly days prior to and ut ihe
tlnio of sal",
July 27 1810 Master
At)oiirniii'iit )l t Iio Abovo al?.
I hereby pive tiolies Hist In o'ledirnre
to an i r lor of Ihe Court I Imve a Ijouriio I
tli siitr unnoiinoe l In ilio atiove udvcrtiH-
inent lo 12 o'elorli M. nf tlio
lortl 1AY OF I'HIUIL'A HY, 18M.
nt ti nt ).lnco therein f.icntiouvd.
M. I'. Pl.LASAN'TH, Mslrr,
rtiniMos-p. Ya,, Nov. 9, ISS03in
.1 rw Atlrcrliseincnts. '
:Ir,:t QUACK I
A l.l,tilNfi I.ONI 'iN MIY.-'ICIAN If'
hi hi;; a.n ''it . ( h ik m:w
nri; 1 1 tic r, 1 1: i u Hoi t;i i
i.i.i'iu: in-.
I'i nni Am Jni).ul Mi ilii'iw.)
Iir Ah V. r de, I !' i'l Li.' don, 1 o Mrik.a i
rpri-;.,l I ' or I lit. p- , I I a wtlljitlt di'iilil rlllM
moo r.a m 'Im . iiir i Oo'f living n ,,.1.- ao. Ill
.nai-i-.a to. aui'ply loom ai .1,11 Hi wo tiara
lo.ard ol i 'a nl rr Ho yara' 'and,nK, aurera
Inlly r ti r wil by lilm il-i hua pulni.io'l a .nina
lifn wolk mi Iln dl.i'aaa, Mill In' rrl d Willi I
l,ii ' Ih.iil.i of Ii1. w it d if.il . lira f ii. lii a ,y m '.
f... .. r who mil I Co ir na ; i.- a ..I I', ad
dr'r.a Wa a I n "--da w i.'iina a ri r In (ol
i,"a ll!l, All. Ut.M ll'U.h, .No li'l, .lol.ti .. !, V
Dr. Cam' CrbIrto nfTitr InbaJonJ,
j,1 i ooamntiiiorv, Ai'i
X ' 1 Uroni hlrln. Ir.
' k .r , ' tlfaa 43'tlel t aaina. 'J , In
"A ' ConanllaMi.n Sdvha lippp
NS,rf lep.PumnhiotlliLL
V r( AdrfrwaDr.M.lV.CAiir.,
in nni rtfrn raireaii,
lT,.y ajj l'lilla.l.lalila. la.
AAUai SA'0ii,iwiMii,vr
Axle Grease
II. .1 In Ilia world. I.rta I liiinnr llian ant "l'i
rr, 4l-ata In lood ii.n. I nrm anraa, Ire
liiaUa an c rria , i.aia tint luiia inora than II
liiiHail'n.a lar .rlia lia In iiada dark
I nil f t Ilia nino, and tnka ho ulnar.
TKR and nnii In inia Oiiini
A a ira.a r, o, liar ki a
pnl'it, At. I mi,
TV I) At VClTI' !"- I'-I N i.M
I I Pii.-.O a oi mii.i.'M. I
A i.irr
, ill,1', r. K'iw ,,, a M i., in prlaa m , m t .
It' -. i'il it
rt 'I' i I
a . ii
t iv
1 i
Crcecrs, U;bi" Iiim h. Cum. iltrcnti
rt. 141 JlHiiil SlrfH..' ' 1
p.-t;UlN UAvS4 I W. ,.iiHD W IlKN
1'i-..hIi:i:P.jiM '
NOM'HilACK I'll ARiiKP O'.i n'a".'P''K,
Tlteiii f,(iirca i-?.roMiiit out r v. !n.i!o"l prt"
a. At retiiil lir-.H' jiricw eVtain. .
Lyncimu ko. Va., Feb. 1, ISSI
ft'X-TliCPn i)ilo!illion roj-rrSfiil nplllnl
MiU'a iniiilt' to-i'.iiv. bul inc. Mil joct to tbiiiy
Api'U'J, ei-aree, "d gouj .tuck mils rcail-,
Dullc, in iv'd 'ti'iiimi 1 for Bnall frca'i
pa-ki:ri. Mukl'l uVfratni'kci villi con
inoii and atli'iic.
torn n ltd Com Mi'iil. Put little I'Jlnliin;
in, w.tli prices n trillp liij.luir.
Iln-ssi d I'owl.i. 1'ni, nioa 1'iiwlrt Tf.tnted,
mi I mh u t ulr lll it;i.v ct ll well Trlicn tlio
Koailii r in c.ld, but in vriu m, d.iiuji wciilli
ep. ioiH-pM'iii3 luiva lo be tnmU to clli-ct
i::,,n, I.owup, )mt lasi'ket activo nt quota
Hi uiIkts nenrr.
1 'lour. Pull -"uul.l adviie boiling for
tlie picai'iit.
bt. Pi. P.
i'liionlilei-i'd IIoks in Roo.l il.uiiAn l nt quo
lntion., nnd i rmly u-ilea car. be made.
Ih io.i l'riiiu, Ptai, IH'imp, lt)e, Cal'bnjie,
O.ilp, luive Iiii-li I'rtiilots, nmi Reef, ia
pud lieiirind In-d.iy, Salted Pork, bog
poui'il, ,'iuu: I nt (iitoin' I. na.
iy II'h olivruii f.'in.'.'f! fi
1. 1 IT. tfllt fl'cj
iil(! (M (llfl'llH
milt lira mudf, nt ire ijjivi
ifid nt priiuiptncim lu i.7iij';
Aj-plef, preen pr bid
2i(" n
" lined, r U)
lei'l', t.btiigliti'1'vd,
liiillor, .mi. 1
1 (nl
( 'inn. Mid obi
I'li'onwiix, "(il lb
llliwkberrli'ti. dried fi Hi..
lentil', wliite "(;! 1
iln m i nod or culore d, . . .
I COCA 1,10
. V.Mr f.S
.. 2 Jf.il 51
14 to 10
. pi loin
lV, ti 1 7
.T. to 2?
4 () 8
42 '..Ol 4f
.. 4lH'i; 42 J
, i'lilto !b
,.. 7cfi 10
. .1 f;(i(nVi "ft
. 4 fi(i(i',vl 75
I'.iu-k wlicit I lour,
ClierrieH, dried .1 It)
(.'ollee, Itin, Clioteo
Hio, prime
Hun to good
I.an'.iyrn '. .
JllMl Old UuV
Ciitihajre, per lieml,
(torn, new wliite, it! bti
Yellow iiiul niWcJ. . ..
I in n Men
UlnckeiiM, iIi'ockciI. or lb. .
live, apiece, ....
rirs. i i'chii iii
I Jo,
Hloiir, l ine
do SiiiH'rliuo...
do Hutra fi ,;i(' ft Ml
do Family, C fnf.7 tin
Fol, drcbHiol (nrkeyi, in-lb Kii 10
1 ." cliicliiiis " f('0 10
" (,'ieho, " Pn D
1 " diielip, ' 9ft 11
Hops. d-eKseJ, til 1 Of. His... .8 00 a 6 2ft
Fentliers, live pooao.'trl lb 4Sf$ 60
inixeil, S.'iio) 4k
Hbix Seed, till Im. f.6 lhs lofji 'll
llenneiip root, dried (vii 1 CO
Lard, Virginia :9 1
Lentlier, piiiiIhIi t5ol ( tl
do Upper f lu
do llilllieHrt .Wr l
Lime, Mountitiii 1 U(tI 10
Mackerel, No a ( t)0 to 6 J6
tliilo, epring, V bu, !!2 Ibd.... 40(") 4(
lo muter, " 4)0" l.u
Onions I lOerl 20
Oil, Krrnrdno 14 to 16
I'otntoes, li-iali, lu. CO !tn.. f'0(? C
lVeiier IS'1 I
Cork, sidled, 'jl.'lb '
lt.ye tjJ Im. f. ti lb 70
liiilined t-'vi ui s IN Ii 4
Halt, I.iverpo l 1 45 to I SI
tnirjiir ifrowu S
I.lglit Jilra I'.. '
WliiPj Clar. A , Into 10
(,'riiblieil, priin, mid cut lonf PI to II
Seeds, Clovei rjjl.u. COjfcs ft 00(,r,( 0'
iln I'ii. ( Inter ft " to a t
do Timotliy J.rr bu. 4ft lbs.. t 0 "
do Orclimj (Iiukm 0H"a H 0
Seneca Hoot .Soil lf
Klnt H
allow to
Ten - . - fiOtoll
keys, drpfppil W ft) lo
Vlenepnr, pure cider 1ft t 211
Wiiiat, new red, bu 1 10 lo 1 In
" Whiln, i.H.it'iu in
I.iinenatcr 1 e.'ifoit 0
Wool, wnnlinl, par rb i- ft'i("l 4"
do uiiwcKlieil Z.'ii) I"
Mniiiirijli I'enilizer.'. ... ll.l.Ci M fiOO"
Tnbiieeo Hood Fertilijer 4ft, On If t.,80
Hob. 10, IHHOdy
HAVE mndn arriuuM nientu wllli
Mr. E II. HENEKi:it to recti to
hides from my patrons, to Ian on
r-harcs. HIiIcm left Willi him will bo
piomptly received by me, nnd lent tier
returned In his store for all my pat
rons. Respectfully,
nov. 0. Idtl-.lni.
Sullins College.
This (loin lililng liiKiitnllou III br
uin it" li.'Xl HC-uioli on the 1 nr. L 'I lnira
d.'iy In Aui:tixl. It will open tlio next
yearV work with Inci-i imcd facllllisH
and ndvuiitiigey, Kohiiii urn being
nipidly taken up. Let pnreira af'ply
ut oiieu. A flrt I'Iiihh til llclii of rducii
ilon at extreniely low iilea, pn utd
hit; housu rclllird nnd ii' iitlv fui ulah
IUv, D. H. II KARON, A. M., Pr.
blent, nml Professor Melliphl ali a ainj
Mrs, Clett Mllea Hniron, Modem
Lamsunifea and Eng-li'li Llternlure.
Mi Lmi C. Couling, PnoeptrsH",
ond Lallii and Miillii'ioalb'H,
MUs Itolla P.lalr, Principal of Aon
demln J)ppai lincnt, hud Natural
M is Mary Wli Ileal. er Principal of
Primary l)i pni linmit.
MIm YVallle King, 'Putmeas.
Prof. c,h ;, DiH worth, Principal
Music lli'partnieiit.
Miss Maniilu Hello Fowler, Assistant
M iiilo,
Mis N)p Tlplon, Drawing ami
Mrs. (!len Mlllcs lUaion, Matron.
Hludh'M dlslilbiiied Into Ihoao In I,
Malln mntlo", 2. Intural inlcuce; If,
History and I'.ngllsh filteralurn; 4
Ancient Liifigiiiifca, t, Melaybyaie;
n. Music; 7, Modarn LaiiuuageN; I,
Painting and Drawing. Laob tih -
r cpeelally udnpleil liar work.
A Joyful snrprUe lo parnnls and
1 giiariiiiiiia, j,ntir r x (lenei's, Inolud
4rrii.iK' '"K" board nnd lnlllon in Lllnrnry )-
. paiiiueiif, oniy rani'u ritiin jiii to 7H
lor t"rtn ' I 'jo week, I Music, wllli
usaof ,unn,jn or parllenU a'np
,, : I'ly I" IvLV, I). H. II I .A KfJ.W III'".
', i Ilrlstol, 'Pi Mr
J uty-1 J i('l(-
all.uch. J, r, FI'LNM,
feb 1, 11. Miiiitnm.'i v, V n
W. 1. J i .toe Campbell, W. (. G.
ly e. ritril t' l! 1 S". 'M C.'Jii-l' l -i:' I

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