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TUESDAY,AUat'ST 30, 1881.
Norfolk &: Western Rail Road.
4Vnjtm Tim.
I.f T Norfolk ...... i.,
" Sufolk
" rUr.)., ,
Lt BarktTtlU
Arrlv. Ljra.tfbarf
I..av LBhbi
. laniHkl,.,, ....
" ' Bckrmka,
" tkrUtUaibarf..,
. ' V.uUal
" Nation
Arrtra BrUtal
fto. I,
1 17, lo r.a,
,.s.3 r. .
...M r.
. .o r. u.
..a r.a.
..le.M ..
.11 n r, m.
. U,r. m.
..12,4 nlbt
l.bt A, U.
...1.64 A. M.
. .1,60 A. M.
...4,o3 A. M.
...4,44 a.m.
...(.o6a. m.
No 7.
3, o . m,
3,14 r. m.
4,14 r, m.
4,9 r. m.
4. (4 p. M.
.10 p. M.
.I4 P. M,
7.11 P.M.
8,00 p, m.
,oo p. M.
, P. M.
10,04 p. M.
!.Mr P.t.rtkarf l I.6P. 1, R.. 3,45 p M
ArrlT. RIkaou4 ' 4,45 p M
Un llkiao4 ll,6o AM
Arrlra r.l.r.barf 12,41 p M
T Mrk.rllL rlil,t(,I, I, .. IoIhau
AtrTra llckBonA 12,641'. If .
MM Rl.kaaoa4 ' " .... 3.S. P M
ArrlT. TkUL - .... 6.3a p m
ArrlT. Lpn.kkarg Tit H. A If. K. B 1,3a p M
toiWMt At FITRRIR0R4 with Rl.hmcnJ k P..
t.ri.arr K R. far Rlthmoo and th. North 4
arl( Ik Ita. r Ck.aap.aka a Ohio S. R.
A4 BORKRTtLLI .o.tiwl wllk RUhmaa and
VmvIU R. R. t aa4 from Ik Soula.
It LTHCRBOUO wllk Virginia MMIan4 Itall.
wj Uaa4 fr.iatka fen Ik ad4 Nortk.
At RRIBTAJ. wllk tut T.na. Va. a Ot. Ball
r.4 f.r all nolatt Soat. a4 Soatk.Wa.t,
Va. 1 k Tkrwag Vt 8l.ari frata MUluttm
Maw rlaiM rut Knoxrlll. and Atlanta.
Ra. I ka tl..r 1watn Lraehbarg and Knox
Laar flrtital ,3t A M
Ablfegdaa ( II A M
MlaJaSpiIng 4,41 A M
Mario.. 7,1 A U
Wrlk.TllI 8,11 A M
nUrlla ,t A II
C.atral lo.eJ A M
Chrlttlanabarg lo.lt AM
lal.ai II," A U
Btanko II 46 A X
' Bmaack't 12,64 AM
Llbvrty 13,61 noon
arrlra Lyathbarg I, So r M
Xo. 8,
11.30 P U
11,04 night
13.36 night
1,14 A M
2.08 A M
3.11 A M
3,6o A M
4.M A M
6,H A U
6.63 A H
0,48 A M
7.46 A M
..7,46 a M
. 1.00 A M
Laava Lja.hkarg..,
. " rklll
" F.Ur.barg ...
10.48 A II
1.06 r. at.
3,o7 P M
Iifln Kaifalk..... .4,o6 PM
Caanaat at LVKCHBURG with Virginia
MUlanJ Railway l tnd from th North
aa Vaata.
At BGRKIVILLE with Riohmootl and
Danville Railroad for Richmond, TPmhing;
tea, Daltiatora and New York. Through
Car batwaaa Lrnohbarr and Riohmond via
AtrSTERSBURO with Riolimond ft. P.
ribur Railroad for Rlohmond, andIlh
PotaraWurn Road for TTUoo and pointg
floalh Eait.
At NORFOLK tonnaatlon 11 wade on
Uaadayt, WidaoidaTi and Baturdava with
Old Dominion Steam bhip Co. for Now
Tork, IoatIhj at 6 P. M.. Straight and
roand trip tlskatt nt low ratn.
Cannoet with Ra; Una dally, noept Sun.
Jay, for Baltimoro, Thiladtlphi and now
Tark. ,
Kzauriiaa TioVtU 14 8ummr Resort on
Ta. At Taam. Dlf iaiua, and First and Sao
ad Cla TlkU U all prooiinant point
t krg;bou th Waal and Sauth-Wttl, on
ial at I.jnaliuurg, Patanburg; and Norfulk
C7fr furtWr pariiaular, ete., adrtm
L. B. BROTIV, floiK'l Tratrmox Ao't.
Lrnchhurg, Ya.
V. If. 08 DO RUE, Mahthrpf Tram.
rfltrlur(, Va,
r At AXE BUGER, PitT.Tav.
I j : ..' ; . Lrnahbur;, Va.
Or tka Korfolk k Weatera Railroad, it
raparad rough ita aannaotiona. to do th
Rtaroai ln tit all point in tha Unit
ed Btataa SptcUil Inducements offered
(0 and from lialtimorc and all pninlt
on Norfolk & Wrifcrn R. It. Clo
aaatrtlon at Norfolk with Rttainar t . and
fra llalliiaara Daily, aietpt Sunday
W. A. CARA ESTER, Managtr.
Lynthbnrg Va
E.TBlT.7IR0IirAk GA. R. R.
MutnllU Ttmn
Ua Brlatal al
tala( KaoMflll
ArrlTO la CrkallaaM gk
fcaav CkalUi.xoga
raatlag Koxlll at
lit A.MAliM
:; m a 7 40 p. m
lrur m 11 45 p. m
4PM A460A.M
Laa Urulol at T.M A. U k r. M
ArrlTt al RrMol 7.1QA. M, 4,W F U
naniauu.xrr.- -.-z-m .re tx.-o.nia
Our Agent)
Tha followlriR Ktiiitlomen will act na
our AffontR, nnd r uthoriRPtl to pro
ear nl rvaolpt for mihucrlptiona nu
othr 1urIiim In ur name. '
Tewell C II. V , C. AWorBon.
LeUnon, '.", Cpt. J. W. Mo
Drooto. '!j ,. ,: . ; '!. "' , I. "
A CotiKh UoH f Woro Tliront
liottldlM) toppoil. XfpkN't IrMiiK'ntlr
ratuUtln mi IncMrabla Lung Diaeasfl or
Coa.a-iptloR. wr
TBUCHM are oartaln to flirt rellor In astn
na. araaahltla Coiiaha, Catarrh. Coniiimp
tlva and Throat Oiataaai. For '"
Ttara tiiTrw'liP hiivo bttn roromiiH'iitl
U by nhVBlrlnim, ami alwaya filvo cr
rtf(MiUrctlm.. TlitT are imum;w or
MNtrlril. but IibvImK Imvii ttt'il by wliM
and ooiulant fortwarly nn I'lilliv
rounCtloii, llicy liavo attnliiPil wt-ll-murltwl
rank anion? tb Uw atnpbi rcm
dJf tlBK.' rnM BMihrrj
Mil Hiiifcera two tlirm to l'nr ami
trwnjrthon Ilia Volco. Sol.l at twcnty
It ooiita a Ikr frrrybfr.
w ie, 'Stv-ly. 1 ' '
Or. J. A. Dlchay, at City OrB 81rw
Ktopt tba UrTf8t atoe Ic nml oll th Ih-I
liiEalii. , t'H ""'I c0 for y"l'I M,Iv(;"'
MriJ. T CrocTors' Millinery
' ' anOincy Goods Store,
liara jimt umw& a now' miJ Imutl
oui atot'k of lUiiiiit. lltita, Olovr.
lltnU'ry, TrliiimliiE, FauoyOiMMta.Itnffi,
HntKlkfrolili-r hikI othiT rlfKt
luuOd. t wbluh I Invite th atli'iitliiii
f Ibn hdWa. Vrcvt aliall lo vory low.
l.rt5,'KL Mux. J.T.nUK'KKTT
1 ' 8tonm Boiler for Salo.
1 ili'aira to 4ll,oiy ali'iiiu UilU-rnntt
itvi'ttaaary flitiir 11 o w In lliow u
Hi ok, CMirlMr) i-atMlilliliilifnt In (JimmI
auii. IVraon tlcflilnn it tiitr K'lln will
uliitrntlJrina(iri'Hll tm I.C'.l'ow
ler at the oUltf of tha HrUtol .NVir.
liir- Irullrr I H'w nml In t-ooil eondltlmi.
JtUIX UYl.Vft,
rii 1, iNs:,tf AMnirii'in, vr.
IVter r'leciior tiifil lust wwk at his
hoiiic m-ar Union, and dipt. Mitrtin
Flft'hor Is seriously ill, eonie miles above
Union on the river.
Mr. ElkaiiRh Conally, of this town,
had a foot badly crushed a week ago by
the wheel of a road steamer.
Cajit. R. P. Smith, of Mendota, id on
a trip to Albemarle county. He and Mr.
R. C. Smith have their large tie contract
nearly completed.
Mr. O'Conner, of Mendota, will have
his mile of X. G. eradinir. front Mi-ihIoi.i
to the bridge, done this week.
dipt. Ed Rai nes, of Smith's Creek.
hn, we regret to learn, ltecn sent to an
Prof. A. fiehbardt. the Lvnehburir
, - o
nnisle dealer, has been in town for sev
eral days, and made sale of a line organ
to .air. u. u. Ualloway. He Is a line
tuner of pianos and organs.
Col. Joel II. Fleeuor paid this ollloe a
call this morning. For ten years lie has
been one of our most esteemed subscrib
Judge M. B. Wood Is at tha Virginia
House, aiid leaves to-day for Scott coun
ty. Partita desiring choice lots in the
new city ot Imboden will never find
tlictn cheaper than now.
rrof. TV. W. Cook, Mr. 1). M. Good
8011 atid Rev. (leo Wicker, have our
thanks for call during the week.
Mr. T. S. Hawkins and dipt. John
HenncsBcc, both veteran contractors and
It. R. men, have been lit town for sever
al days.
Mr. John Rutherford has our thanks
for a call yesterday, together with a nice
treat in the way of peaches.
dipt. John H. Musselwliite, formerly
of Salt vllle and Bristol, but now of West
Point, where ho has charge of a locomo
tive on the Richmond & York River R.
R., called to see us yesterday, and left
last evening for West Point.
Dr. Win. Wallace returned last night
from an extended trip to West Va.,
Ahero he has been visiting relatives.
Mr. A. B. Carr, of the firm of J. R.
Anderson & Co., left last night for the
northern and eastern cities, where lie
will purchase the fall stock for his house.
Mr. Carr always exhibits flue taste nnd
judgement In his selection of goods.
Mrs. Judge M. B. Wood and Mr. C.
B. Yarbrough, were at the Va. House
this morning.
Messrs. W. B. Henderson, of Tumb
ling Creek, and John 1. Black well, the
assessor, paid, last evening, one of those
calls that tills office Is especially delight
ed to receive.
Prof. Minor's sfhool opened yesterday
with u much larger number of pupil
than last year.
Our friend Henry Masseuglll, paid us
a call this morning, and will be welcom
ed at any future time.
J'ubllo Mate. On Friday night,
next, at Cnnway Hall, the Clionians, of
Marion, mid Dlalcctlenls, of Bristol, w ill
engage in n public discussion. Ques
tion 'Are the sexes equal menially."
The molilalia will affirm. The public
Is Invited.
White iA-ad, Mixed Valnt ,
Paint Brushes. Oils, Varnishes, Colors,
In abundance at City Drug Store, Ten
nessee .side.
WAUTKRS-ROSS. Aug. 2 Ilia ill the
residence of Rev. Joseph H. Ross, the
bride's father, near (loodsou, by Rev. Z.
L. Rurson, Mr. James T. Walters to
Miss Vadney Virginia Ross.
WOUI.KY HARXES. Saturday the
I7th nt Comer House, In this county, by
Rev. S. P. Metealf, .Mr. King Worley to
Miss Mary Barnes, recently of Ky., n
daughter of ('.'apt. Kd. Barnes of this
tho residence of the bride's father, In
Bristol, on the evening of the 2.th Inst,
by Rev. R. II. Parker Mr. Wahiiimhton
Tiiammki.i., of (loodson, Vu., to Miss
Jkstik Hknmmikii. The happy pair
have our best wishes for their future
25th Inst., nt the Catholic church, by
Rer. W. V. Sllvaln, Mr. James B. Cum
mins, of Dublin, Va., to Miss A nilo M.
Shelley, of Oootlson, Va.
The marrlairo ceremony was perform
ed atnn early hour, 4 o'clock A. M.. as
the happy pair were going on a bridal
tour to Xew York, taking In Lynchburg
and Richmond on their way to Xlagara
Fulls, where they arc going to spend (bo
hoiiev-inoon. Ml Shelley Is 11 very
estimable young lady, and carried with
her lo her new home at Dublin, ., the
best wishes of all her acquaintance.
On the 2lili day of Aug., In Bristol, at
7 P. M., at the residence of her father,
Hiss Cordle, youngest (laugiiler ot air.
Flndley Children, of phthisis. The
funern! will take phiee to-morrow at 10
o'clock, A.M. ;
To Roal Estato Owners.
, I have dialled an agency for the sale
of real estate, and hnvc already made
several Important sales, ral lies wish
ing sales of town propey or of farms In
the country, can apply to meat the S'ttf
ulllee. Heretofore there has been no
point at which mi Inquirer could And out
what could be had In the way of Isml or
town pnqierty. I promise fhiit hereaf
ter all such bull call nt this nfflce nnd
lemn who wUi I II, wlut they will
sell, and what nt.
J. t.'. KlIWIKII.
June 14, 1HHI.
The Itest brand nt reduced price on
crop term.
Casii paid for Wnr i r, I Ml and I'nuv.
tun; II, 'H 'Jin ). II. VVlvinn
Side-Walk Letter.
Aug." DO, lSSI.f
The drought has reached such limits
as to be serious cause of alarm to the
country. With only 50 millions or bush
els of wheat for exportation against 150
last year, and a vastly shortened corn
crop prices of breadstuff' have advanced.
Add to this the low state of tho water
streams so that many of the miils cannot
run at all, nnd none of them capable of
full work, nnd the present cause of high
prices of flour nnd meal are still further
accounted for. To-day flour is worth
3' J to 4, and meal 80c. For several days
the hurricanes that havo swept the vi
cinity of Cape Hatteras have been emp
tied on us, weakened it is true, by the
Alleghanies. but poisoned, as all north
and east winds are, so that feeble per
sons have sull'ered nnd diseased ones
have been greatly tormented by them.
If this state of affairs has prevailed at
Washington, it will, ill my opinion car
ry the President down from his sick bed,
or prove that he Is yet strong enough to
get up from it. During the week Mr.
Garfield has continued to sink. The
parotid gland, In addition to the exter
nal exit made by the lancet, has broken
Into the ear, and has since been discharg
ing from that channel. His pulse has
ranged from 112 to 138. At last Dr.
Bliss and the oilier physicl ms have an
nounced that be cannot get well. Be
fore this letter goes to print there will
be later information from him.
Sullins College made a splendid open
ing last Thursday, having 113 nt once,
and 24 of these boarders.
To-uiorrpsv 25 Knights will enter tho
lists for the Tournament at Maxwell's
School House. Tho charge will be de
livered by Col. Summers and tho corro
nation address by the Editor of the Bris
tol A'etp.
Monday of last week the Abingdon
bar passed resolutions touching the death
of Mr. U. L. York. Addresses were
made by Messrs. D, Trigg, D. F. Bailey,
S. Longley and Col. Fulkerson. These
were all high testimonials to the lofty
character nnd spotless integrity of tho
man. Col. Fulkerson 's remarks were
exceedingly touching and tender. For
20 years they had been constant ct.iii
panions, beginning In the gloom and
roar of war and stretching throuirh the
long period of delayed reconciliation
between the sections.' hi nil these scenes
so calculated to try the virtue and char
acter of man, Col. York bad passed
without an enemy or even an adverse
Rev. Win. Sample has my thanks lor
a basket of the llnest peaches of the sea
son. A a fruit grower lie seems to sur
pass us all. ' lie never forgets nor neg
lects his newspaper man, and I wish
him the success whlcii bis grest energy
merits, nnd the reward typilled in his
superb crops.
Sam'l J. James has been occupying lor
a week with his new and large stock of
clothing his new store in James ISIock,
which i lilted up in great elegance.
W. W. James returned from the north
last .Saturday night, nnd will in a
few days open a large stock of general
merchandise hi the other room of James
Block, which Is not yet quite complete.
J. It. Anderson it ( 'o. have their new
store house far under way. It has Iron
cornice of elaborate design, nml is titled
up with an Iron and gl:is front.
J saw my old friend Mark J. Kennedy
mi street last week, lie is one of the
flncst stock traders In the county. Next
Friday nt 11 A. M. a very Important
meeting will open nt Corner House
church 8 miles north of Abingdon, being
the annual meeting of the Christian
church for S. W. Va., E. T.iiin. and W.
N'.C. There will he a number of dis
tinguished foreign preachers there, as
I am Informed by Rev. S. P. Metcnlf,
nnd the uccasion will not only be Impor
tant but very Interesting, dipt. R. 1'.
Smith, of Mendota. bis son J(. ('. Smith
and ('apt. James Imhodcii, his son-ln-law,
have purchnscd .1.1 acre ef very de
sirable laud Immediately adjoining lliu
site of the coming depot nt Imboden
City. This land Is very desirable and
these gentlemen are to bo congratulated
on their purchase,
The second trial of V 11. Ruder for
the killing of W. T. (Dug) Thomas in
December was concluded last w eek
nt Joneslioio, ami resulted in a hung Ju
ry. Under the new evidence 0 of the
ry are said to have been for hanging the
prisoner, two for a term of 2D jears nnd
one for n term of 1.1 years, The ense has
nheady been onu of great expense to the
Slate ami will now have to go to trial
Cnpt. Riddlehetger, perhaps the llnest
speaker now on the Vu. slump, will
speak nt Orange Hull near HeidiHm's
Mill, Thursday the Mill day of Septem
ber. It Is suggested that ilni friends
make It a basket meeting. There w ill
doubtless be n very large crowd In at
tendance, and the Iteailjusters will m ike
It a grand rally. Certainly the public
w ill hear One of the fluent elVorls ever
made on the stump In this county. The
locality Is one of the most Dt iiiitil'iil and
ntlrnctlvf In the county. There Is abun
dance of shade mid flue water, and the
weather I likely lo he lino nt that date,
I eo at the closing exercUes ni the
Xorlual school nt Abingdon, it splendid
coy-of Shakespeare. Wit pit'spulcd to
Mis Mollle linker. Mis Baker has
been (fuelling nt lluntvllle, Ala., nml
tills compliment to her Is one richly mer
ited nnd of high value.
On. Imboden Is nt prccnl In Rich
iiiomt, but will return In II few day.
He has Informed me that be Intends to
let the balance of the tvntk between
Bristol mid Mcudotit In contract In n
short lime. He nl-o n,v It Is the pur
poc of Ihc Co. to push the grading nnd
track laying as far a Kni 111 villa lids n'a
sou. The sinking of the Nickel and
Hiider flit Is now g"ln vlgmou-ly
ahead under Mr. Campbell. The X. A
W. paisengei' shed and new depot are
huge, nnd while they appear n progr.
slowly, there N an Imnn ii'i; ninoimt M
wni It being done. The nun p.is-t ug I L
platforms are quite a luxury, and the re
ception, express and ticket rooms w ill be
a delight to every one. Mr. John Pow
ers has n large amount of excavating yet
to do, and ho knows how to do It.
I am delighted to have in town to-day
my friend Dr. W. F. Fowler, assistant
in the Dental Surgery chair of tho Uni
versity at NVhville. lie has been on a
trip to Giles county, Va., where he was
professionally called. As nu operative
dentist he has no superior In this coun
try. That good citizen, Mr. Abram Mum
power, has my thanks for a large basket
of very superb peaches this morning.
The entire oflbe force of the AVirs feast
ed thereon nnd became very bnppy.
Our merchants are to-day paying the
following prices in cash at t lie wagons
for produce : wheat $1.. 1.1, market firm.
Com 7.1, meal 73, oats 4.1, eggs 12, but
ter 1.1 to 20. Dried fruit apples 5 to .IJo,
peaches 0,1;.;, blackberries 10, whortle
berries 10. Chickens (I'J, hens .1, bacon
Prof. J. P. Doggett will return in a
few days from Florida, and will remain
in Bristol.
A few pieces of straw matt
ings left at cost at Anderson's.
Mothers! Mother I! Moth em III
Are you disturbed at night nnd brok
en of your rt'st by a sick child suffering
and crying W illi tilt1 excruciating pain
of cutting teeth ? If so, go at once and
get a bottle of MUS. WINSLOW'S
SOOT1 1 1 N .i S Y R I I '. It will rcl ieve
the poor little sull'ercr immediately de
pend upon it; there is no mistake about
it. There is not a mother on earth w ho
lias ever used it, who will not tell yoti at
once that It will regulate the bow els,
nnd give rest to the mother, and relief
nnd health to Hie, child, operating like
magic. It I perfectly safe to use in all
cases, and pleasant to the taste, and is
the prescription or one of the oldest and
best female physicians nnd nurses in the
United States. Sold everywhere. 2.1
ruts a bottie. nov 10, 1H80 1y
Cleing sales of many attrac
tions in Summer goods at
The Chlwi ,S7ii Mr. Geo. T. Ham
mer has purchassd the stock of China,
Glass and (jiieeuswnre of J. P. Doggett
& Co., mid has added largely,' to ita
beautiful selection of goods, and is occu
pying tho rooms next door to W. P.
Brewer's tin shop, Main St. You can
save money by patronizing special lines.
We advise our friends lo call nnd see
this stock.
Largest stock of School books
ever brought to Bristol now at
J. L. King's Book Storo
nuglH'I It.
Read the advertisement of James &,
Co., Clothiers. These gentlemen have
doubled Ihciradvcrtlseruent and doubled
their stock, which is now opcimrl in their
splendid new brick and tin store, 100 by
2.1 feel. They Invite the attention of
country merchants, to whom they arc
prepared to exhibit a slock that Is really
large and elegant In its assortment,
Positively eradicates Dandruff, arrests
falling out of hair, stimulates new
i;rowtli, the llnest hair dressing in the
world at City Drug Store.
Pall trimmings of all kinds
at ANDERSON'S. ...
TiriTH e wcn is a s tor :.
Geo. T. Hammer having bought out
J. P. Doggett & Co., has opened a new
store on Main St. next door to W. P.
Brewer's tin shop. A large and elegant,
assortment of China. Glass and (Queens
ware always on hand, Prices below
competition. Lamps and 1. amp Ooods a
specially. nog .10 '81-1 1
Klngsley Seminary has 82 students al
rontly the largest enrollment ever made
so carlv In the vear. We have painted
the Inside of tlie main school building,
and we intend to re-cover and paint out
side. Yours truly,
JiiHr.ru H. Kkthox.
Zephyr Shawls at
tio to (it (i. T. Hammer's China, Class,
and (Queenswari1 Store, h hen you want
mivlhlmr In that line. Xo trouble to
show goods. Prices so that everj body
can buy. n.'lu'J It
All shades in Zephyrs at
"I have sniveled beyond endurance."
"My Hie has been a burden lo me." "I
have been denied the pleasures of socle
I y." Extract from testimonial of those
cured of skin ami scrofulous humor by
the Cutlciini Remedies.
The only abxolu le sped lie we know of
for si zliig. snullllng and clicking ca
tarrh or head colds Ik Sanf "i d's Radical
Cure, which', for the small sum ol l.af
tui iIm Instant relief, and Invar Inbly cures.
JlMirttl Tim'.
Tho l.nrgcn
And best stock of Paints and Window
tihis at City Drug Store.
Bargains in carpet at
A situation, by J. II. Everell, who Is
n sober, honesl, energetic, business man
a Malesinan. Can Influence considerable
town and country trade. Will accept
u situation ns travelling or local sales
man In any hinduc bouse In thlsornuy
other town. Moderate wage until val
ue of services Is known. References
from bct men of I'.i liiol-Gooiion, Va.
and Tcnn. nug'2'l-lf.
Fancy Brocades for fall over
suitings at Anderson's.
lor Hlntik W Ait kant fur mh
this ollicc, vcrv low.
Novelties in
Fall prints at
l 1 HI
Have the Largest and. Cheapest Stock ever 'seen in
country. Merchants invited to examine this
Suits at all prices, from $2 up to $30. Hats from 25 cts. up,to:$5,
. ipts for the EIGHMIE PATENT SHIRT, Price $1. ' : The lest Sliirt in Ihe world: -
Aug so, 'si, JtRisroL i aoovso V. r,t. ,r tchh.
Searching Diligently.
It is related of an ancient physio'au
'hat ho went nliout Heurcbli.g for ills
to which flesh Is heir to test the pow
er of his concoction, having a Hiiiglo
remedy for each disease. The Idea
a medicine is applicable to one ill has
long since been exploded by practical
demonstration. A preparation may
contain a number of Ingredients, each
adapted to a purpose without interfer
ing with tlie functions of each other,
besides being partially efllcienl ns a
whole. Especially can this be said of
natural medicines. As an illustration
wo cull refer to tha Hevon Kpring.s
Iron and Alum Mnss, nature's own
design, which is pel haps used more
succesufully for a larger scope of com
plaints than any artificial preparation
known. Its composition is of such a
nature as to permeate asysteni, search
diligently for defections and eradicate
all truces of dlseaso, It assists diges
tion, preventing and curing dj spepslu
cleanses Urn blood and invigorates tho
body, In tho treatment of diseases
peculiar to females, It has no equal on
earth, being both sure and direct.
Diseased ilrinnry t.rgnrn are readily
relieved, nnd liver and kidney allec
tlous and bladder troubles eurod by
Its use. Those who havo used it testi
fy, in nlinost every Instance to Its spe
cial curative qualities and recommend
it as one of the best nnd most reliable
remedies known. Tho price has beeu
reduced and Is within reach of all.
Try It once and satisfy yourself.
Property for Sale Bristol Land
Xo. I. 1 offer for sale an excellent
farm, with plenty of timber, located
about ten miles north-east of Bristol, in
this county. Terms made known pri
vately. Property very desirable some
.100 acres. '
2. A desirable house and an acre lot
on Va. Hill, corner lot. House pretty
and new. Contains 4 rooms.
J. ot) acres of splendid laud In tin1 vi
cinity of this town. Finn brick home,
good barn, laud splendid and well water
ed. Price $12,500. Buildings worth
nearly half tlie money. Everything In
tine condition.
Xo. I. I also oiler for sale, the r'lanncry
property, belonging to W. II. i'rammell,
at tin1 Edmund St. crossing of the V. it
W. R. It. Contains cares of exceed
ingly fertile ground, lias trees, a good
two story franio house with id I and cel
lar, In nil six rooms above ground, $1200.
Has cistern smokehouse and stable. A
very line bargain. Property destined to
lit1 very important.
ft. The valuable property of Col. John
Oyler In central Goodsnn, containing one
acre well Inclosed, embracing the 'Brown
Bros, carriage factory. Building suita
ble for tobacco business. Lot, runs
through from Lee to Moore slrccH. and
alley on south side and sycamore street
mi north side. Will be sold n whole
or In ns ninny ns four parts .to suit pur
chasers. ,
(J. Win. X. Keller's exposure mi Main
street, lying between creek ami his new
building, and containing extensive rear
age, Particulars on application.
7. I oiler for sale the entire Main St.
property of Rev. P. Ruhr, and three lots
on Scott street that are valuable,
H. Main street properly of Mr. M. T.
Devnull, )A acre, west of Robert Pile's
house. Small frame, cottage. Pi Ice
it. Mr. Dingier'
iicru on li,isi.
street, near Mr. D. A
10, t.' acrj corner Sycamore
Johnston street, (loodson. Comfoila
ble cottage. Price $.100. Sliunlloii
Xo. 11. J. L. C. Smith' property nd
Joinlng and west of Ihc Fair GruniuN,
contiilulng ll'ti ncres, one story cottage,
.1 rooms, cistern, good young orchard
and stable Va. side fronting road. $ si if I.
one-lhlid cash, balance, on one iw o and
three years, with Interest.
Xo.'lJ. Mr. Biiihoh's celebrated Wil
liam properly, west of Dr. V. T.
Dnlancy's. J'.e.4lulck resldein lil toVtu.
1 1 loom, fine orchard, ft nefes of gvoiiml.
f.VNiO. Lasteinis, iiiiiiilng up to live
year. J
No. I.l. The I'ailey-l'ull.eson plopeit,
it. .... v.. Iltll lii'i-r :l. iii.ri. Iiiiiiiliiiiie I
. ,. . . i . . . ... . .
Cottage, riVCI looking tilt toWII,. iX
loom, l ine fl lilt tiees. itml llii' lmlul
soinest site in town, $10(111. ' ' ,
. w mm m ....
Icol Icol
M:iMei Loul A. Marli hn gune Into
Ihe Ice biislnes nnd will at nm ntpily
tlie people of Bi Mnl w lib a fine iminti
fiictuied iiilii Li of le til I'j ci'iii jai
I ..in 1 1' I di 'liven .1 piompily nt Ihe Iioii.ci.
of lil em 'Mucrs.'
II Mill tb'.1SBCjBUla
stpiso'.aeij 3ht
.J.J'. J!'
MM ;W W-'-irf-S
1 U1911SIBBBD& '
Wholesale and Retail.
T?1 E5S! itfW
Hardware, Iron, Steel. &c. nt No. I, Fer
guson Block, Bristol,. Tenn.
For bargains in Hardware, go to the
old reliable Hardware House of S. U.
Ferguson, No. 1, Ferguson Block. He
ileitis only ui hardware and can give
you better goods for less money than
any one. 1 "
Xov In Ktot'l: uutlclii ii) for rasli.
Car load Old Dominion ' Xaii and
Cnr load Ilillo and Blasting Powder.
Coi' load Champion Moweiflj
fiOOO lbs. Black Diamond Steel.
lunO lbs, Brass Kettles, 3.1c.. per lb.,
LM dots L.. II. Shovels, 50ts each,
lJ.1doz. Jiv IT. llay Forks, 4oC each,
itf doz, L. 11. Planters! Huts, duo
each, . . .,. . !i , ,.
1 Cask Trace Chains, 4m! cacti) . .
I ton Grind Stones, per lb , . .
1000 jset Knives and Folks, 0t hct, ,
50.000 Fish Hooka, !... i ,
50.0UO Cartridges, all sizes,
SW do Grain Scythes, ion ouch,
121 Grain Cradles, s?l.Tfc ,.ndi,
12.1 doz. Green, Red and Black Grass
Scythes, fine each,
25 doz. Golden Clipper Grass Scythes
75o each,
Curry Combs, fie,
10 doz. Codec Mills Hlo fneh. :.
And oilier goods In proportion.
Don't forget the place, No, 1. Fer
guson Bloc.lv .... . . inny'Jri.-tf. .
rainless ' F.ye Water I
Tlie best on the market relieves at
once, cur" inllnined uvea In a few liouif,
gives no pninnt City Drugstore. , ,
jl . . ...
7 lsi,,:.
fern " M !
ite4v'ii i
Mifisaix-i1 f.-
The Public are ' respect-'
.fully informed that
.'' the" r -
va. & tenn;
Border Fair
will hold its eichth ' an
nual Hcricultural ,and
Mechanical Exhibition at
the Fair grounds, Bristol
on Wednesday,' 'Thurs
day and" Friday""2lst,
22nd and 23rd. of Sept.,
G W.
inn ri
i unnii
E. LMWl Ml
To tho Public,
1 have a full lln nt iHnleiUklnu
, colllil caskets, Milnllln n:s', Also ii
i nice llcnr.-e. ui.il i;ni. pn nii:d, WT li.l
nil urtler lilubl rr day, For Irarg'tlim
don't JVJ r,iil,l on . ,, . J
. ..(','.;. VXi,r,A'w.v,
- :QitOmi:s 'ill
, . . - i' i . r
, . . -.
, ,' , . ' . I 'ill 1 1 f ill: ' ' 1
, ! i . ) , r i ! i
. ., . . . . i .1 !' f
fti' '"L' " 1 " :v"
i 1 1 W ft1''' ll v ''" '"'
li:nt ii
ill be
J or Atfj'i'riixttMcatii.
o .i
','iit II '"II
i i. lit ii I ho
II only n culal' Imr "nt liifnualuU M
pit mill ii ru ti.i
1 .I'm ilni iivttnnuo
iii'l.l f.'nill... Nalfrii:.r
(I ihf M'Hti ii, in iI.iiUimv in'ttl r
imMt vl'-'hMil
i II.'" s.ti.i HA Wvvith.vk iha
t' lktu iinr:h ,'ii Ji.w il..-iiini'l '
Tarrant's ,SSlts?t,,!Ap:eXlWit v 11
will curry fl, MpUrill4il).l,iM.Al, ilia.aanjlnr.t
Hull liiV. .I.ivt, iiimiiiIk, m- i'Vi.ii jrr i t-n of mH'i'j'lilir
M'l.l) UV Al.i; UltllirWfvPsf" ' ; .
,;.! (! 1 ,-.m ilSIU.I V.i'l .Clll I'll-
.m.v ".f.T."ii ".-..'( bttit.nTrr- -
1 ' l.Ki.l'oiil. ttVJiiaVi',
On N . . i ; . . 1 k V, jm H, , If, mil,., ,,,( ,,f
1 yn. libnrfj, ' .mii nu n huA .) f v. H.nfnl foi,'
Cu'vorlly nr r..i l.nlnvfN, ilt'.oiUlul i ii it lj..iiltli.
fill I. .cm ion, ulilii f.H'. i.l tiihiirK; lliMi.lofli In-
irui'llnn, l.lliiintl fiovn.nn r r tlm .h inii..il I
lion nml r.'in f"it i'f ,lu Jul,io K'.r rit'M'uif s roti .
I iiliihi(t Ihf.iiinalt.'i. .Jii'. W Ii f liJIJI ..l!iJ'4
,, i. - ! ui 7i:l. no..- ill II
.".. -ii . . ' T ,i' .oi.l I iri.fl TwTA
Clvililllfttory l('iMt) rs
HID, IMMllia llfflljUrlA
. ! ' .Vji. I'll .
-niMMiu, fni'lMllm III lllW,
Ait', U'rilidfli nml
'l'l.....,!!,,), ll,Mll11Uli,,l. In 111
Sliiili'iiii. Ifwli'il i Hit miniMi
lonr.. riiiii r
11 ii ri r u i ! in. unit cm r r u 1 1 r irai H n 4
Tli. rnllsy ii I.. ui... U4 lM.fi'l.-ii. ii ii . nl a"'iiI
A.'ni ki'IhiIhIiIi. nml rl.'viiu iitln'1 ul,t'A4Wioiln
F..rMUl. i.l.lr.-.. ' ' " ', ' , .
, ii;v. n;-v, mtuwrV Ayin,- rtff:N
.'m;,....' ...I 1. I ,! .ln
Contract ! Contract,,!,, I
"rriu Ii -I; U "nt
71V lhi uiitlerhiKnetl I .HuildlnP
C'oinniitlee, who .wart jnl tho
Hth day of August INS I, appointed by
scaled bids (tngiilher wit Ii, good br;ids
conditioned for tliu faithful pcrttrl'lUr,
unco of tin work that) they tlnsiio id
perforin) ifrtiui Oils dalu till Mouday
Hie lllih day of ,Suiltmil'CI', Hl. ml 'J
o'clock P. M. I'or a Brick Court House,
for said county, .to Dm i crectetl ul lsr
v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , In suhl county. Haid ('mil In
House to be built, hi :iiVM!dmico.,kylMi
Ihe plan und , ttviirUmliiii Aif anl
Court bouse (lied with the Clrrlvvfi
Ulld ciiunty iit iliiCleLli's olllee Ijiere;
of; ulso a copv of1 itald jiTuYi alul rpceh
tlcatloliMCbPjIileert tTy CttUiirWfli H,
K. Dluwf4dUrf Ifi'tilmmi,1 A'a.v Kaifl
house to bo let In the following lllnii-
net1. ttMvH'i::::i i; ..a ir o..pi
Ut. 'I lie .-Mono. Woi li, (that Is tl.il
fiUUdulou.) . , ,. , ,,
'llmLvAil OW UiJi;k vui'..i.J Viiiillr
Inir and PbtNterlni?.:' ." t i'..o.i
.Id..; All the Cm-pen telwm'lfi o'f 1i
fiiot' lluisbliig Uiif suld Jioiisii, ck6tfit
what Is iiertol'oiii mentloiiadi nnd tlio
palnlinH'of hMsI houi.e,
, .Ui!, All llm plilnUu rHr, BUI VIVA:,
lug it 4 directed liy thn (,'oiiiiuiittuiw.i i
'The ( VMitraetor or "Ciinrii'tAra to
fiirnlhli all the niiitijfl.ifl. jrseiJ.Jft.fiW-"
plying wit h I hv rsj)H'!tl,Yn pints of tho
coiilllKl. 'Hiildi lioiifo to be paid for
out of county levl' s of said coimly, If
be collected in four eipuil iinnual In
slulliiieiilM. wit bout I nt.t ri Ht, Uu1 first
payment til beomu' diu. 'iin tin 'tliV
day o.huie, h,p,'!j:h,'ll,,M1-(ouilli
of said WOI k Is tlien coliipleleil, and
lad. i.f I ri.A. VertiftlrtlntV' i.;ViiififM,1
become (hie on' tile' lll'sl. d,ty ..Wfl'
irsiiHlivo Jirniv thi.wn.nor. i-AU
said work lo be completed by lliolsl.
day of ii v 1-'.. but tin1 tlm neli
cniilrunot'or i-eiAfurtirft ji ffTlf rf'fTfl
Ms or (llidiMesrfiH-b'r'nn ohMfSiiMfr
tract I I') be ni'rufMlnpoii by tlie con
tractor or eoiiirncMrs and llm said
Itiillilliii' Cotiiinlltco at the llnio of
iipculng ia Id MiK' All bids to bo
suit to the Building CnmmlUfe nt
Krvlnto'ii, Vu,' .Jllda wHt bu iriiefv;d
till Moinliiv IIih I2lh day of Heidi m
b.;r li-xl, ui,: 'I ,o'f Ipyk, , i M Jit .which
llnio uU (the liu,riwve'l 'tij i"''M
...I aii.t llii.! I'lilitluvlH lltflll'ded til
lowest rvni'lllslblc liii'Jibir. .ol'ilii'Vh'
But 110 CHIiU'iiyl) wlll'I'O l'OIIMlded cIon-
ml uud binding until rallrfcil by . Ibo
Hoard of Huper ulsors, or n inaioHly of
ijiein, A4iy Inforiiia' bin , desired euu
die, 1,1'bfiiian, S'a,'
r .1. .M.Tmui ui 'Jit. ,p --,;! i(
, JO. T. Hutu tn i,AV n,. j .Ikoit.
2 JnMt,iM1 Kl-I.V,, ,;i..,v mi
an; t,'HLf-'ii ii . . . ii 1 1 1 ' Icol ii.i.nii
' O " -.4l'",','',,'M,r' -' s
. l.V VI fui..r'...(.,,....io
, , ivif ini,.ii,...i..,i4.i.,.i.'"i 'i
I.l . v,, iL ..-' hiN1
t,l nlli,ii..ll, Crl Iim, ,I1ML J
I VMhWiHAMtd t0.,Calca, W
1 oviv'NKti.,,,; ;H(IT
I .. ''I It' '!'( ' ' (! II !f
ri I,
I or I lie J, literal I, ilnrnlui ti
. . 1 t ' i '. . r
.1. ic ...i j.i y i e'.'-t,
i -i t-Mi'r .1'-.l K'
f .' i-'ii. 'I'Wi It.
I ,'nll
lit. 14 ll..llrHr'
. t X tut.

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