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r.niTOR And rKorifcTOR.i
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Tl'EHDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1881.
7"A NE WS hat httn entered ui teconi
' clam matUr at tht lirieluK Tennettee.
Toil Office, ,
U'-l - '-.!' J
The Bristol News acknowledges the
high honor of the Speakership of the
House of Delegates, conferred upon
its editor, Mr. I. C. Fowler, as really
one paid to the Readjuster press of
the State. Nay more. It is a com
pliment to the great South-west, whose
recent majority has smitten the oppo
sition with consternation, and writ
ten with its bold endorsement and at
tested with its great seal, the will of
the white area of Virginia on the Re
adjuster cause.
Our friends, the enemy, may con
sole themselves. The Readjuster ma
chine at Richmond is not going to
hurst from centrifugal force. The cau
cus will nominate all the Virginia of
ficials, and they will all be elected.
Then it will follow with measures that
the people will "try on" at the ballot
'. box. The hand that guides is both
cunning and steady. Watch the
bright flag of Readjustment. It will
not down.
Lieotknant GovEkNOR there is
now none for Virginia. Gen. Wal
ker was so displeased at the action of
the Senate in assuming to appoint its
own committers, that on Thursday
evening last he checked his trunk for
Wythville, and left the city of Rich
mond. Gen. Wyatt M. Elliott the
newly elected President, pro tern, of
the Senate, will preside until the new
Lieut. Governor, Col. Jno. V. Lewis
is installed, the 2nd day of January.
I !'...) '-J -'
Predictions to the contrary notwith
standing our new Lieut Gov. Col
Lewis, will qualify. Of course he will
resign his f 6ooo office for one that
pays much less. To those who never
could see into the millstone wc will
say that, if they will look down
through the hole that has been pecked
in it they will see that his son ShcfTcy
Lewis, will be made marshall . there
now !
Tm niesange of tlio Governor Is tins
most rnwrknblo ono vh hnve known to
emanato from the Executive Munition of
Virginia. Without a word of apology
It st oneo llp Into tho public (loot
qiiiintloii, prowedrj to give a history of It
during the pnwelit Gubernatorial rul
mliililratlon, and Ignores everything
elp. TIia great outrages of the prosti
tuted ballot, nml of the lout school I'd ml
are Ignored. Rquidlntril civil obliga
tions are allowed to negative Approval of
Die Governor' silence. Mo came Into
the office of Governor, finding them In
cxlfltcnce, and It excites none of bis In
(llgtuttlon that his adn.lnlnlrittloi, clones
with I bcni still In existence. Agulniit
the curtailment of tht public debt only
la lila voice rained. Ho went Into
lil office .Hunt and he goes out of ll a
nolny protectant ngitlnst the demnndi of
' V' ..... .. . V. -I - .1 1.1 MM ..
HIV .1 I J Mj..riu ninr i iiirvi iiiiii. iiiq
tornt of the messNgn Is calculated to ex
cite the public ceiiKiire. In hiiiginie
better calculated for the uttitnp than for
the exeeu'lvo clinh', It apeaka of tbo
majority of the people of Vn. nn "the
, eliminator." We remember no parallel
to this olllclnl Indecency. It In credita
ble U the Fonder pre Hint It has few
woriU of ' cninmendatloii for the hixt
tnessage of Its Governor, tu no case
doe It rise to the height of championing
1 any popular t ight, but It only uliu seem
to be to ceumire the people who elected
lis author to a portion, we arc sorry to
My, he has not iidoi ncd. It afford u
no pleasure to apeak tlm of hU expiring
excellency. A hn went to IhnGover
hlp anppoi led by the AVim, It would
ln,v been our prldo In hnve vindicated
such ncthu of thn AVwn by singing
"Hull to the Clilef," hs ho now tcp
down mid out. Hut If It. were powHihlc
to forget hla wch-wet le Iter and his ve
in, till hint mcii)p, so tlcmmclatory
of the men who followed our advice by
voting for him, compels us to Impo we
may never again re clil.cn of Virgin
ia go lo thn GovcinonMp with ao Utile
tillernncci ami retire from It with so
much noUe. One comfort we have.
The fiimo he liua made by It Is certainly
ii'Usuchas to encourage any oilier to
follow hU lonely example, Mo Im
aniiinhed IiUowii macblue and mlinnlui
ed the development of n putty powerful
and purpom'fut enough lo regent nnd
Milieu tbo wrong. If bin Kinvrasor
warn leas pntrlotlo mid who than we
know him lo be, hn would be hhIiiIr
enough to ltewiitf of the hidden bund
hy which Gov. Holiday has gone In a
tomb about which thorn aland mourn,
log to-Oiiy not a solitary I'hundcr
The literary Intelligence of thn men.
ssgn Is aiich that If wc had never rend
Ids previous ours, we should simply
ejaculate In thn drawling candor of uf
fmlug humanity, "Olimyl"
HtCMMOKf, Die. 10, JhkI,
The l.rgiidiitnre iniiy bn mild Imve
aKembleilon Hie (till, n tiny In advance,
for nearly every member of the body
was hero at the esueu meeting Tuoday
evening. Kennlor 11. C. Wood, of Set ill,
viminiiile cbalrmnn of the Joint Itend
f iter ntm-ii", nod Mr Turner, of Nor
folk, i liiilriiinii of the lloitMH'iucus, In
Jim lliolaii iniUMs Ml'. Fowler, of Hid
Bristol Xckh, m iiiianimoiiHly nominii
t(l by iicclamatlon for the Speakership.
Mr. 1. II. McCiiiill, ofJ'ubiHki, wns nom
inated lor Clerk of the lloin-e, Mr. l'uiii
phrey, of ICii'liiuond, for Sergcnut-ul-Arnis,
Mr. Southward, of Henrico, for
First Door-keeper, ami C. I.. Harris. Col
ored, of Norfolk, for Second Door-keeper.
Jn the Semite CauciiN Mnj. Elliott,
of Appomattox, was noniinated forl'rea-
UlentproI'M of the Senate, Mr. C. II
(iiiwey, of Niiiii-eiiiond, for Clerk, Ex
Senator W. A. French, of liilen, fur See-gcant-at-Aimi,
and Peter .1. Carter, col
orcrt, of Northampton, for Door-keeper
Of coiir-c nil thuee were elected on Hit
ballot next day, when the Legislature
met. J lie l uinlers or Comxe cmiicuhcii
and put up their iiniii.l candidate, and
llicse went very meekly to their expected
defeat. Mr. Fowler, on being escorted
to the Speaker's clinlr by Ex-Attorney
Gcnl. T.ulor and Ex-Senator Hanger,
Hindu the following very brief address
UeiUltmen of the House of Iklnjatcs :
1 am profoundly scumble of and deeply
moved hv the conferment of this distiii
gulNlied honor at your haiiiU: I would
betray the belter feeling of my nature
If I failed to realize the rcHpon.sibilily a
well a the honor implied.
Wc are the agent of the. Common
wealth. wliofU sovereign power alone is
witbeld from us. Jn all else we have
committed to our keeping the power to
promote the prosperity and preserve the
glory of Virginia. May I trust that we
will Hsu lo lltu measure of our great coni
niirfsioii; that ll may be said the peoplo
have committed their Interests to w 1.-0
heads and patriotic hands.
Solicitingyoiirco-opcralion In the pies
ervaiiou of order, and trusting lo your
chari'y for my own imperfections, I now
announce as the. next business in order
the election of Clerk."
Of course but. little business has yet
been transacted. Speaker Fowler an
nounced on 'J'nesdiiy the Committee of
Privileges and EUelious, in order that
the Kockbildge contested election case
might recehe the attention of the Legis
lature before business could accumulate.
The, remainder of the Committees will be
announced next Monday, the 12lh.
J n the .Senate the Readjuster majority
were not willing to en.bi'rriiss the work
of the Session by leaving the appoint
ment of Committee to the present Lieut.
Governor, Gen. James A. Walker, and
they took that power into their own
hands, and will proceed to put the ma
chinery of thoSonato Into harmony with
the recent verdict of the people.
The contest over the U. S. Senalorship
U already becoming very exciting.
(apt. Jno. 1). Wise ha withdrawn, and
now Messrs. Massey, Kiddleberger and
Lewi are putting their forces In motion
to secure tlio prize. All reports to the
contrary, notwithstanding, it Is certainly
and authentically known that 1'rcsidcnt
Authur will not throw thn weight of Ids
administration In favor of cither of thn
candidates, but will leave the whole mat
ter to the ItciidjiMter of the General As
sembly. Col. Jno. F. Lewis ha been
hero for several days, and while he will
do nothing to create distentions In Head
Jusier ranks, yet hn is willing that his
friends shall urge bis name for the Sena-
torshlp If they so wish. Ituinor tells of
persistent cllorton the part of the I tind
ers to make such combinations a will
break the Iteadjuslers in two on the old
party alignment. This I am already con
vinced they will fall of doing. Next
Tuesday night the Keadjusters will meet
In caucus lo nominate the Senator, so
that before the next Newt can reach lU
readers, the Senator will havn been nom
inated. I do not hesitate to ay that
present shadows point to Klddlcbcrgcras
the man.
Gen.Mahone is in the city, and has
bnen for several days. Tim Delegate
from Tazowell, Mr. J. R. Witter., ar
rived here on Monday, and on Tuesday
received a telegram announcing the
death of his son-in-law, Dr. Floyd, hi
disease being scarlet fever. A number
of eases In the county had recently been
attended by hint. His age was some 27
years, and he was reputed to bo n very
(lne physician, being a son of tlio late
Dr. Win. P. Floyd.
Hon. Jonas S. Kelly ha met with the
misfortune (o have stolen a fine horse,
about the time of bis departure for
Richmond, Hie thief availing himself of
his expected absence from home.
Governor elect Cameron was in tbo
city yeMerday, having fully recovered
from bis recent illness. Hi Inaugura
tion, the 2nd day of January Is likely to
draw n very largo number of people lo
this city. ' The messagn of Governor
Holiday has not excited the slightest
ripple of comment. Even bis Fonder
friends treat It with utter and absolute
silence. Next Monday was, on yester
day, by motion of Mr. Dickenson, of
Russell, rlxrd upon as thn day for open
ing nnd counting the vote for" Governor
and Lieut. Governor. Then we shall
have the olllctal figure and know the
exact majorities. .
UNANIMOUS Verdict or the Ladies Is,
that Plcken'i Xmas Jewelry Is quite too
all extremely utterly utter to be Ignored
by anybody.
Bristol, Tenn.
' - i .I
from Hi HlcliincnJ Whig, Dee. B.
It will be of Interest to such of our
readers as may be denied the pleasure of
looking upon the admirable body of men
now In power In llut LegiHlnture of Vir
ginia lo give a few outline ol the char
acter there. It Is by no mean uneasy
task lo lalk appropriately about the great
men ol the Readjuster party, who,
through thick and llilu, In weal ami woe,
have been found foremost In the ready
light for the great caiiM! of the people,
These men have contended against, great
ami lormtuanie onus; inn nxing their
eyes on the goal of their hopes, they
have gone forward w lib a coiiragn that
coiiimaiulcd the admiration of the people,
and a dclcrinliiatlon that won success.
They Imve been reviled and hooted at,
and Fiiuder Suobocracy lor a time vaun
ted Itself In lordly aim, held only by as
sumption and Imagination. Justice. In
the eternal llliicns ol tilings, lias settled
mailers, and now the honest and true
men of Virginia, without regard to
gravcyaid (inalllli'iiiions, inul ilesplenhly
illumed privilege, growing out of hon
ored iiiicc.il nil ndvanliigc, have come lo
the front ami have, w ith hold hand and
bravo hearts, taken hold of the Interest
of old Virginia and determined to make
n new Virginia a glorious nod faiiflms
asrur the proud old commonwealth
whs In her palmiest days,
III N. W VA'I'T M. r.'l.l.lOTT.
Thn President I'm Inn of the Senate,
and one of thn most prominent Rend
JiMters In the Senate, Is Gen. Wynit M.
hllotf, of Appomattox county, Any
reader of the Kli bmoud Wind In nn'e
b"f'iu 1iiv w III find music In the iniiiin
of Wvall M. Kl'lolt, ami will not hill to
recollect III the pnent Senator the mini
w ho, In Hie old davofhlgh pollili id ex-
clleiueiit beiween Whig aiiiJ Democrat,
did in much service for hi party.
Through n peilod of 21) year he llvij
lu Richmond, and during all this time
made friend at every turn. In Iheilnv
of Toler, Moey, nnd Kldgcwny, Gen.
Llllott occupied a roicmost place In
public estiimitlon, ami for a long time I
commanded the Richmond Grays. Auofl-
shoot of the company w r organized by
the junior members', and in honor of their
old Captain the company was named
"Elliott Grays," and in the trying times
of war between the States, under Gen.
Win. Mahoue, this company became dis
tinguished for its gallant service.
Gen. Elliott w as born Febuary 25, 1823,
in Campbell county, Vs., and is a long
term Senator, having been left out in the
redisricting of the State. He is hale
pud hearty and I a man of striking ap
pearance, and for moral worth has few
I. c. rowi.EK,
the Speaker of the House of Delegates,
is one of the oldest Keadjusters in the.
State. He is a man of lithe appearance,
has a keen, deep-set, blue eye, and
Dlcasant features. ' Ho Is exceedingly
agrecuble in bis address, and is a mnu of
modest manner so much so that when
be was called to the chair lie evidenced
his appreciation 60 plainly as to remind
one of Washington before the House of
llnrgcsscs, when Ills emotions overcame
him upon an occasion so well remember
ed. Some of bis Fuuder friends, like
Sam Slick, jumped to a conclusion and
thought that be was 'green," but in
Ibis they advertised their own want of
Intelligence, a the sequel will show.
' Mr. Fowler w as born on the 2.1 of Sep
tember, 1831, In Jeffersonville, then the
county-seat of Tazewell county, and lias
solved three previous term in the Leg
islature. His home I In Goodson, the
Virginia portion of Bristol, and his re
cent majority was 7(10, the largest be has
ever received ; be lias lived in Washing
ton county for twenty-one years, and
hag been since 1K08 the editor of the
liristol Aretca. His political creed has
always been In accordance with Demo
cratic teaching, and Mr. Fowler Is des
tined to become one of the most popular
Speakers tbo House has ever bad.
the Clerk of the House, is n handsome
man, of low stature and medium size.
The glow on his cheek and the good na
ture ill his clear eye emboldens his friends
to address him as Little I'at. He has a
sonorous voice, clear and ringing, and
seems adapted by nature for the fitting
discharge of the duties of hi otllce. Flin
ders and Rend lusters all like him, and
few men have ever enjoyed in the Legis
lature a more wide-spread popularity.
Ho is a native of Scotland, having been
born in Wlgtonshlre, loth December,
1852. When six years of age he came to
America, and has since resided lu Vir
ginia. He has served three terms as a
member of thn House, and wa Clerk of
the previous House of Delegates. He
has attended every convention of the
Readjuster parly, and was secretary of
tlio Mozart Hall Convention, which first
flung to the breeze the Hag of Readjust
ment. Sl'.ltGEANT-AT-ARM8.
W. F, Fumphrey is well known for hi
stern adherence to the cause ol Readjust
mcnt, and In selecting him as Scrgcnnt-
at-arm of the House thn party made a
wisu selection. He was born in Norfol k,
August !i, 1837, and was, during the war,
a gallant soldier In the first Virginia Reg
iment. He was dangerously wonded at
Sharpsbitrg, receiving two bullet wounds
before he fell and three niter he w as
down, lie was captured here and sent
to Elmlra, X, V w here ho remained
thirteen months, during which lime he
Buffered Die operation of resection of the
hip Joint to no performed, and recovered
from the same. Since the war be has
lived In Hanover county, from which he
wa sent to the Mozart Hall Convention
ns a delegate.
1 11 K OI.DKST MDMlll'.II.
The oldest member of the House is Mr
Uriel Terrell, of Orange. He was born
In Madison county In 17M, but Is yet
vigorous and hearty. He voted tor N in.
II. Crawford, for President of the Fulled
State, lu the campaign between Jackson
Adam and Clay, and afterwards became
a Whig. He has attended more Nation
al Conventions, perhaps, than any man
Tho most diminutive man in the House,
so far a Rtature Is concerned, Is Charles
E. Smart, of Alexandria. Hn Is, how
ever, a man of quick perception and
ready address, and w ill on loiiud tin1
equal of those who excel him iu physical
Pteiir he.iid mid volcp. nime lironlliln"
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r riill Tmp,lii, IntMlimblt in itll, MitAipi frown it-U
will tt fotmrl ttrftr relmblr for plnnllnf hi Kin' Ni.hiI limn ltit
frvtwn In ii wtftiifr cllmn.P iiinkrn tyrt Ithv nf tnpplylnf
'laitttii, l ut Vinn ! Mi-kot (Inr ln.rt. Atlilrv,
S. M. FERRY (c CO., Detroit, Mich.
.,.-..-v.-i h'b... fc. .
Manufactured by ISAAO A.SHEPPARD A CO., Daltlmoro, Md.
AND run HAt.lt DY V. r. llllKWKIt, Ilrlnlol, Trim.
orl 11 'HI -Iv
I HON IIITTI'IKS nm lilKldy rmiiiinioiidi'd for all iliwiiw- rciiiirinK
n wrtiiln nnd rlliuli'iit toill' cii''lidly Indirnlion, 7jwiiW, Inlermillrnt
Itorrt, Wiw'-d Amlilt,l StvtnjlklMrkf f:nrrjy,ttf, I'liirliiliod till) IiIimmI,
sin'tiRlln'iitfio iiHiwMi'a.iind Klvraiifw life tollioncrvi'. Tlicy m't likmclinrin
oil tlir ili''tivooig.ilia,r,m'iH(iiWiyix'y)0'''vminM,iH'll n Tilflinj tlttl''onil,
Ilithin;!, It'iit inth? Siimnrh,lfrnrllmrn,rlfi, TIlO OIll.V I TOTI l'n'pnrftt loll
tlmt will not, MfH hm tlio tiM'tli or frlto'liondnclio. Kold l.v
till dni;ilHU. AVrlin for tlm A IIP IVh.U (TJjm.of iiarf.il nod nniiiHlnc road-M-ar-w.
IJKOWN Clli:IlCAfi iOMltiiltlmorr.Md.
Riwthst all Imn rtlllnrsaramsilnl'v flmmx ('nrvtrMt l1 si'l 'isruirusswi nil Unoaoti wransT.
LiS.iih tbuj LrfJ tlniiWWiMil aLJ IwJ ass
Terms Same as Baltimore and New York
Our Retail Department
Packed tvith Fall Goods at Very, low Prices.
Gall on us Before Buying Wc Will
S. S. Bridgers,
' (ii;M:itAii
Commission Merchant
Solicits ConsigntneutB of nil kinds of
Have Made Arrangements with a
First-Class Livs .tock Man4
(Who sells on tlio Norfolk Market as
well as on this) and consignments of
Pork Hogs and Cattle
will receive intelligent mid faithful
attention.. Lioornl cash advancea ou
Bills of Lading when desired,
dec 11, 1877 -If.
Commissioner's Notice.
Win. U. Minor, Truslno &c., Win, D, Minor
and wife, .hi tin 11. Minor,.). I). Robinson
nnd wiTe. Nannio I)., Jolin D. Fuiley an J
W. A. Hums, riuiutilTs,
Florcnno K. I'ailoy, Defendant.
l'liruminl to n decrco of tlio Cirrnit Omirt
of WiKiUiiigton Count v, rendered in tlio
'itii.TC cnun, 1 will proeecil, nt my nllieo In
V1dui;iln, Vn., ou llie lMli duy of Decem
ber, I.SH1, to tuko nn ncconnt of of mijr mid
nil lieiiH on the lota eold in the ubovo ciuiso,
Hlio iug their order nml jirioiitv.
I., 1. COSl'tY,
Nov, 2ll 3t Coni'r in Cliuncery.
At no time In the South' history !iuh well
informed newcpiij ers, ihuued from n com
iinindiiiK J'oint of obnei'Viition for tlio col
lection nntdiftribiitiipn ol'onrly iiitollipcnce
been iir.ro iiu indinpeiiHibillii v losourtliern
boiiKebohlH thru now.
The. ctToitH of tho M.invcrc of tho Amirt
(iiii to niikiiitniu ilM Ktiinduid nil the bgHt
n)liticnl, oommeioiikl nnd fntnily lie vt,n p
er in (ho miutlievn atiitoi will in no m : tiou -lur
ho rolnxed, t'ur tho euvniii); your, untl
ninny iuiiroreinntH nno conteniiliitei).
For tho pnt nit ycum ito cxpcuiturcH have
nut b.icii Ichh thun ono Inunlni thoiiHund
ilollniH nnniiully, lo Herve ilM (.at-nnH with
ttic f rexliot ncwti, nnd itH outlnv for telo
p i-ii ph io newH ix I nn o hiiH net been Iohm IIiiui
ten thoiiHHiid diillixiH ier nnnum. No other
uewHinicr Kiiiith of tho Ohio Iliver linn cx-
fomleil lie iniieli for lelegrnpliio iiorviec,
t nnpenrB regiilnry every dny throiiRnoul
tbo ycur. lucliulinir holiilnyn, nml iloollicn
is ncvr cloned, Tho Weekly -Imeriivoi
niiido up of ttic cronni of thn nowa T llie
hcvoii ilnily Ihmiioh of tho week will conliiin
tlio full v lnmo of Ivlepriiphlo illcpnti bee
nnd mnrket ilunlntion on the dny of publi
onlion. It will bo hpiiI poitngn pnid lo nny
id Ii cm fur ono dollnr n yenr, 7 cenln for 0
ii.nhllm nnl 40 cenM for threo tuoiillm
Dnilv 1 venr $12.0(1. Hiitnlnyn "mil ted
1 yeu'r (lil.lip. Weekly 1 year 81 1)0.
Nualivlllo, Tuiin.
Foilrtoon dKU'rent he atil klmla. Tlve
alwa Willi Knnmeleil ltcwrvulra. AilnpU'il to
all requirement, hikI prlreil to stilt all punios.
Doulilo Wood Doni, TaU'iit WoikI (irate,
Ailjii.itnlilo Dumper, lnterelinnnenl'lo Auto
nintlc Hlielf, IlrollliiR DiKir, BwIiikIiir Hearth
I'lute, SwIiiKlng Flue-Htnp, Kevcralblo (lu
llumtiiR Imn rrosn Mice, Pmiblo fhorl
Ccntrrs, Henvy ItliiK Covers, Illuminated Flro
liiMint, N'lekel Ktmlia, Nlekol 1'iineN, ctn.
Vnoiimluil In Mutorlul, lu Ktnlsb, and in
we have:opened an exclusive
lew Wsufifiee I
Hurt, Thomas Company,
ABINGDQET, lTov. 1st, 1081.
We take pleasure In unnounclng lo tlio plnuterH of Houth-went Vlrirlnlu
Last l'euiieBBeo nnd Notth Carolina, that we have built a '
TmiTLBru.im.,)roWnt8' ',r",","1' " l arranRoments, nml with
LlOilia that will hIiow Tobacco to the very bent advantage.
J. O. raOMASOIff, late of Lynchburg,
Haying become InterehUd In the buiiicPH, will Rive U uddlvlJed attntloa
to the Bellmt' and bamliitig of all Tobacco intrusted lo our oare. Ami with U
our experience lo the niaiiiiKemont of Tobacco wo feel fully natlHllcd that he
has no superior u the bualuess, and will Tully protcot the IntereHlM of our pa
troDH. You will find him always polite uud accomnioJatUir, and over ready
to wait on you, diiy or nlht.
Should you IctruHt i u with your Tobacco, we pronilHP;ro;w) attention. Iha
bent care, fnyhrnt price, ami tvutct.fut attention to your every intuvet
Nn,.13.,ss,,( mtrt Xhouw -
Headquarters for Cash
331 k 333 West
Nov. 15 4t
Bristol Carriage Factory,
Having Located Permanantl in Bristol
Carriages, Buggies,
f prlii IT "Vkoii initl Khiiiik v hUUhol lllo rlpt o .
WK rn.o trolly rolirli the rulronii?i nf 111 a BUJ ,nng ooiinlim, Our ait. wtll
1 ,0 ' firnt tliiMi work, nml ounri!" ihu lo tritl prloe. Konnlrlng of kllk uJi
liinlly nnd rmiiily cntuO. Mio.g mm NKWtf ullice la Hi Oylor lluildln.
Iinv. '.. IHKII ly
nirw rnmnu t -
pulilliliril, lllitrateilwlth nmro
"b oiiH.lncliKlliiir nskvir
.. , r "T. 1 '",' ."d ll
I. JA ... !..!...'.. I... . . i. ......
ji.uo.- A?nW FiTX
I U Itl 11 rr Inaav Mint 111.11,1.,,. ...
In Mv llini iiiitLiiin n...
ih. i-n.iiy. n I,., ii,. u,,.,
...... a''i 11 1 11 it i nn in
'..lion Mrocl rrav,.r.M
Tn,i..F.i.. I in,,. ......, i n.. " Li V I... ' . '''".V.".""'
, C.l fr...-. wVllVlV. JOirN'liir.MI.L
- " i laiiuewator Htreel, Xlow York. TllLOn. rAI I MrlJL find FFAH1 P5Q
III A VM li'iiHcd fur n term of years
tlio uliove 1 1 otvl. I am now prcnHr
fd to viitorlulii my frlfiida nnd tlio
triivtdllnif f tu U 1 to lu a cotufortaldH
niHiitH'r nun I nrouiUo tlnmo who limy
favor ma with a call that no eltort on
my part wlil , Hpared to rtndor their
httiy cotiiforiahlv and id.'HHHut.
, ,. . CIIA8. llAKRia.
I LIIOIUmO Widows, fsthsrs. ai.lh.ra w
JlillJrMi. Thoninn1Tlnllll.il, funslnatslvrn ,
nr Iii.i, f fliispr.ifin .ys or ri.liirs,vnrlsosn ts.
r any lllsrNM.. Tri'ilMnl i1 i,.b,bti,.r S'dJ
Ml.-rn -nllil.,1 In N IK.AK sail IIOIM V.I
f A1 KN la ,rrnr.J ,.r !n?n!ri. H..tlt-n .
Ishd vsrrssls sww snnrhlanil sll, Pulillsr. 1
and h.ir. njr f,.r T"nr ruht i i,n. ""lal
isrdi,s .,r' Tlis t'lilm-Miiis''anil !'"
anil llnn.f ! I' I siik I snil ln.lrrln,na, W
rsnr.f.rln lhnsss,li nf rnlrnra an ! rllsnt.
f wr... n. w. Fl ttanrnld A Co. I'assi.m A,
kuwr J.uokTjoi tt, ff asliiaiitia, Ll. 0.
i.ov a, '8I-1 it.
Farmers and Shippers.
IMJN'KH. tliiPNP, Poultry. WIM
I' (laniM, Fun, drain, A'ifK, Po
int. ii'H, Oi.li.lin, llilcd Frill Im. Ac
Hi'ini fur I'rli-H I. lot ami Thuh,
311. Urwnwh li N. Y.
Brnrrnl Protluco Commlnlon McrcbanU,
11 ov. H. 'M -4tir
and Short-Time Buyers.
Baltimore Street,
Lis jw
. . . ..
. V y """""fl'n inim WSHIN010N In tl.
preacul time. l.irl.Hlra much Pgrionnl and Prlvili Hlalor. i..... K.f,I
limn ni.su el I'lirtiuiisoiiln I.a.tlosl I f IT I" iiaii rZwm
kli;h an, portn.ll of Mra. finrfirlil, Wl U I T L IJ II 1 1 C L
r"""'' " III I L IIUUOL.
hirtorv of Mi
,ii ii. i
.1." ,ri".T .. i:-
.1 . . i: - - -
.,! v , j" ':;,." ':' h" . w
11 n niaiiin nv mr v lir au1 mi mr ar kai raM .
n'l favi.rllo with thn nil ssl. CM 1 urn's llt..lm...
. Wni. B. Galo,
wl.oil.ar jrim nn NA VK tiu In (its. 1 knrlBf a
I'UMinrolliiAN Iii.mi mo. I bsili's 71, n t.a,
I lia im Hill It K N T In list for HTlTt.lHII WARI
KKOslN. Nn T U V kl.l rl i AIILhTH si IlktVr
I.X I'K NsK aim ii HA I. A II Y . No aXftMNITI
A l V LHTIHI M k N'l'N, all nf wbUI. f oilka OUT
OK V ..I) R I'm K kT Inn. )riiii kujr. Ilai l.
lr.iii,,., illrsi l (mm .,,',, ,tiiUs, ana" ll
furnish al l". sl nwsllil ralaa. Ilm,i-s Staling
and rilll Wsrrsnl-ni.nrl for all lit frna.lsss-lu
tyKa, II will rajr jimi.Io i.ssiibl writ Is-
lislnrs huylnu, s,l,i! sa
V. lf.dALI
Cnlnn l)ro, Tana,
mm mmm aas. aw akv au
'lIMns.' fa..,...lH tittle . . .1 .
In i T "!"""' i.inan nrw men
TllfHtfl, nml will OMiiplnUily rhAtixo ihi IiIiuhI in
ll.o oi.tlrnaj-aU m r, iirn n,ni, AnviMTsnq
m Im will tnkit 1 t.ltl onrh nlht frmn 1 lo 1 1
nmy lie rtxturH in anittol l.i'nllli. If a.u-l. a Ihliif
l iiossllilri. fvttl liv tnnll for a lrller alarm.
. M. jo ll suit s tU., Jtottun, .W.i.av,
ling Mar Mn snr lufinl' l Hill fcnila
li vt
. vs. win, si s.B Si i"i'i s r sii rumsibifi, n
fi Miuinii'S. II will alio an. I a oal ar.Mr ui llt' )
nnl f.T whirl! Ilisrsls alwa'j a ris,lv mi'V'l.
l"t I'lrniiar ainl Inrms .i His Twnmlil MnOOHI
JlUihliie , Waaliliialuiilil., Ilvswu, Msa
ms; In' I Ijr,
pr ATXV'C ORGANS iTni.jfs la-t Msria
rnZm? L! """'t PIANOS izv -r -
iiVnTlMlr InilHMiiinils Ksaitf. WrtiA fsll
BEAT TV Waahu,i.i..ii, M i maiiu'l,

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