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Eil FLKTtHKIl & TOLER* LV\(1I»| V A. T II .1 \\VWIY M, IN2J). \<?l.. 4<i.
CT for $1 per annum puy •• it. wruift.—No *h!i
.ripUtf* vVili I*** "•***«ivml for 1tune titan six month*
iU no pap'-r will to: «If *c«ut tailed (but at mo discretion
film IWiUMty until * armaria* are paid.
r .%.|yMrti(09»»«ut'* will Imp mserted *t ceot* |>«r
, ,-o (or i*t*) *be tir-i lime, and 37 l-d cent* l«.r .. I>
.oiiBOJnce- Tuomj from a riiatnuce uiusi bo put.I tor
r,.»n»u*t * thnir iu»«rtio»i, or tlio payment assuim I l*y
/.inf responsible pcr*ouiu Lynchburg
H7 Chancery Orders notexceeding two square* are in
)(tf5d for six dollar*.
IT All loiter* addressed to the Krfilore iuuaI be jm»«4
^ ,,r thuv will not l»e attended to.
Drills, dedicines, Patent Medi
cines, iN, Paint., Dye-Stuffs,
Window (»lass, tec. &c.
/ .V v
II holesate and Krtuil *
f9 NOW receiving large supplies of articles
i Ins line, euilirucing the must eitemive
assortment «hut has ever Keen tnvuglit 1o this
uiHikel, and in point wf quality and quantity,
is inferior to none in the StCle. All ol which
(ir is leiernimed to salt -in the most fjivoratile
arm*. O’ Opposite i’ ist Office.
Dec 22.
rjCAMK unparalleled reputation of this mod
-ml cine is such, and its pre-enunent virtued
are s»e well estub'ished, and so fully acknowes
tedged by an intelligent public, that it is
scarcely necessary to say any thing further
than that i* is
In Diseases of the Liver: Debility resulting
from intemperance and dU*i[iaNpu : Old and in
veterate Fleers: Pautj in the Bones, attended
with swelling* of 4»*yjnhttfe : Indegemiou
Blotches on the Face.lriipples, Sic. Syphilis
('uiancous diseases genemlty, and T«*tt r in par
ticular : Mercurial and Scrofulous complaint*.
The certificates of wonderful cures perform
<(I by tin* Cadiolcon, have In come so numer
ous, as to preclude their inset lion in any new*
paper, and ha* made it necessary for the pro
prietor Jo prior them in a pamphlet of about
(00 page?. Thi-i will Ire forwarded as soon a*
nossiMts to th% sfveial Agents for giatnitous dis
ti ibiiiio.i, aitamust, on perusal, strengthen the
pood opinion now entertained hy the friemU of
this jtiediceue, and disarm, es it is hoped, the
prejud'ceg of those who view with distrust any
we, 1 cine not known in what is called “lygu
*• pracn* <* M Fapts arc siubbou things, umi
Cuuiiol ue pain Rani
\t t ic earnest solicitations of ipemtierR of the
th^ncal faculty, nnd other* w\y» have witnessed
the astonishing cures effected hy the u»e of the
\ cgct vlde ^-i^ ullCnu and w ho fire anxious that
\u bcftcrirfYftitnunhtnd may be ntor.i w idely dif
fused, Pfri' tor has consented to re !tice
.«<».(,A* to TWO DOLL ms
p*T bottle • and th s will be done widiout hi any
way deteriorating the quality of the in dicnie,
or tutuch:!i the size of the bottle, as lias been
materially d >nt in tlie cave of tjwD'ai'i I'au
The above geuuino Medicine or*ah. t,v
_ Agent for Lvttchhnr«r.
1» WILL soil from HOOlo MH» «Cies „i unclear
■ii ml laud, lying in Bedford counlv, throe
qil.irtersof a mile from New Lond >n Academy
rad thirteen from Lv iichhiirg-. It is well adufii
n.t to the culture of Tolmcco nil I the dilhuenl
fciml ol grain usually cultivated in the ■, .ghbor
lion I ; in well watered, and lies better ttiuw any
tract of its size in this part of tlie coimti y. j, j„
situated as to be entirely exempted li oin da
mage by heavy rains or high water The terms
"ill In. very accommodating ; Sav one, i»„
ami tl*» years, upon a small payment in hand,
'■e |.m e ,ii t|,subscriber, one mile and a Hal
sooth 01 New London. ALEX. AUSTIN
■I’m. 17 t s’l'l
Vicmttnuj \ '
^ J-ilUHE -lisp'i-ed lo Economise m dress
"'ll find i* to their advantage to p:i|| „t
’,r i‘,,i'l>lislune.iit1 where they «i!l find ancle
S"'d tt-sorinteut of Guullenien’s Clothing, of
''tfi-r fine, fm„ and common ii'i-litios, that
»l<oa Irial, tvill Im found to fit ms wed, and
j' #»• laitldully made as it made to order, »•<
« Work may be depended upon, ibis ,;iiat.
tnnid will be loimd to be a treat couveni
•fee. tn the Citizen and the Tra It ns they
mo be (applied with ttrry :.ttfcle of Dress,
• > I. mis, 'hoax, tine and r i.i, e Mats, eve
,! d ■s.Tyti i„ i,i i.toiih.s and over Coats, Alo
WX'II 1 I urg mix, would d I vve
in lavorns with ac.ill U ALlvER AiCo.
,, . F.mporium of Kashinas.
Lynchburg, next lo the Viriri
" UfdCA.
n'm>itcrf/ 011,1 r-- rJ,'ni^c Oft".
1 ■ X'OiM'nii,-,' has removed his Lottery
" i' »*xr.h inge Ofii-e to the tioiixc JateU
r .. ,, t,v AT, Af. White, nearly opposite
'7' 5S,S- Jo1'", VA lili.im Ac C -,swrll i’oe.
N'nv |3 Successor to S At Mi Allen At Co.
n lor x.'iFo at (his r,<])cr.
NCw Kail Arrivals of
mkiw*isrn, ma «.s.
Il'OODti, gr,uwt awl 'ii stick*. It IXPoll
SVUP1 IAMY l.sst XCF.S, f A S( 1
.*4,000 lbs. he*’ Lpsotn Salts
3.bi) (In dn («lAiibiai 1, «t<)
600 bottle* Ca*torOil - a'l kinds
40*1 keg* best White Lead
400 (to do Spanish Hmwti
I. 000 lbs. drv White Lead
l,woo d<» ih# Spanish Bt nwn
600 gal Inns Spirit* Turpentine
76 do So « et U I
20o lbs. Chromic Yellow
loti do do nr Patent litem
100 do Pi iijvSIHii Bine
1*,000do Logwood in sticks (Campt ithy)
J, 000 do ground Logwood
1.000 do do Fustic
1 ,O0O do pv«« k do
1 ,000 do ground Camwood
y**' do Nicm agua
tiO tlo Arrow Bout all I. u4s
not) do Staich, su/ir.nnr
Mono do I rest Alum
3,1)00 d« do Copperas
200 do B iras. mined uud crude
1,<MMI do Buie V Itriol
1' 0 do while do
20o do Rochelle Salts, powd**rrd
2«'0 • o Sal So «.a
Kin do Super Carb Sotla
2"Odo Lump Magnrgiji
f>o do Calcined tlo
Inn do Spaoiidi Hies
60l) d t ream I u t,.r
1(M d" Cfiiin 4 iiiiipi or
2,(MM (Id White Ch ilk
S.uOo<1 i Spanish \\ -ding
3,000 do best Kini v
200 Acjn.i Eortis
5CNI do Oil Vitriol
100do Mm iMiic \< id
, 50 do Mmc Ac id—strong
: 60 tiov# Window Gla>
f jj£ fiUO lb# SuulT*-*-ali kind*, in bottles and
• > jars
boxes Segars — from ft I 50 to $22 per
^ thousand
in boll Ick. and by flu gallon, ui, «a*»k,
or larger rpiantity.
Prime Claret Wme
Paint Brushes, ground mid upground
Sash Tool* do tfo
I Scrubbing Brushes ,fl?. .
Hair do »
Tenth do a great variety
Dusting do
Cloth do
Comb do
Velvet do
Camel;’ Hair do
Bros^a tor marking Toocco and Cotton
parking Brushes
F^pfvSoap;—French, English and Ymer
\c«rn — great variety
j Water colours, and coloui t> for Velvet paint*
Perfumery —Fancy cut glass and plain
Snie ling Viali—the gnuie»i variety
in Virginia
A most splendid assortment of I'aticv Es
seners and Waters—viz : II nev, Co
logne, Lavender, .K ssh me, Mask, Vi
olet. Otto of Bose A* bir
Shoe and Boot Brushes
Shoe, Boot and Harntu* Yaiersh
Copal, Japan, and Spin! Vainisheti
|(NlO Itis b**s‘ Glue
200 do Red Satlndrihi
200 do Gn.*i ShcliaC
200 Cap !—all quti I it ien
KH) Bi»o (tails
6M0 'b* B: nBalettn Wood
41 ■ Me new remedies lately tntioduccd info
the practice* of medicine.
‘20d Hu. Vudigris
400 Gall**. Ylcohol
lO0it lbs. Venetian Red
400 do Bed L ad
200 do Rochelle Powd'I J
1000 do Turpentine Soap
2«»0 do Calomel
100 do powdered Jalap
K)0 do powdered Rhubaib
Spanish Flnaiant Indigo
All the Patent Medicines in use
Swnim’s, WiU*»nT, anil Bcotl e Panaceas
Voter’s ('Mfhnlicnn
l)i Clmmln-1- , R.nwily t
Surgical Itisf/fcincnu, in caws 4p,l
rate—>'ait |U usC
ical do
i ru»if‘f» nllki’^j],! u(e
CathelerV-nll kl„d;i du
do d®
Mi tin-mat ica I Instt uments
Snop Furniture—~&H kinds in v e
A most beautiful assortment ol 8nuff Boi
es—the variety far exceeding any in
Together wilhagrent variety of other articles,
too nituiMrdni to mention, and weekly arrival*,
which alw ivtt keep the stork o«» hand large
' and fiesh—r.ll ol which aie ottered to my ft lends,
j to me eitifceins of Lynchburg, to .Merchants
I Physician*, and the public general!; , at murl
\loutr jii'iCca than tary ever iv-re sold m this
Main Street, Lyucnbnrg.
Valuable liraI Hstate for San .
fJMIIK siili'irilnT in puiiunnce III Iwn
Jjj devils of trust, executed In him by the
[surviving partners of the late Hem of Galt
Bullock, iV Co. and Halt ^ Bullock, and
it he executors ot Win. Galt, deceased, (;viiici»
! deeds bear dale outlie *»L:t day of March.
, 182b,) offers for sale, the following valuable
real property, to v\ it ;
2lt> 1-2 acres of bind, purchased by (he
i said Galt, Bullock & Co. of H. Ai. A. Brad
j fule, situnte'd in the county of Bedford, near
the town of New I ondoti.
135 3-4 acres of land, lying in Campbell
' county, near Candler’s Mountain, and in tin
vicinity of tlm town of Lync fujig.
An undivided moiety of the Black Water
Mills himI the lands thereto appurtenant, situ*
ale in the iium oliat'j neighborhood ol tlie
town of Lynchburg (The property above
described belong* to the concern of Gall
Brtiock UCo.)
Also, the following real R»tnte, belonging
, to tin? concern of Galt Bullock, to wit :
The Home and Lot, with the appurtenan
ce* in the to,vii u! Lynchburg, formerly m -
i ciipied liv tlie said concern*, a* a ‘■Iait. and
now in tlie occupancy of M« l\ee A. M**m.
Abo, the House and Lot itnl:iediafcly ill
ttm rear of the one last mentioned) ami non
i occupied by Lankford k vVdder.
The term* of sale will be liberal. mid made
I known on application to the oibxrriher, who
will convey to the purchaser t r purel iser*
,ii( |, title a* is v'e.ovd ill him by the deeds ol
trust aforesaid. and nootber.
CH18WK? L DABNEV, Tmitee.
A"-: C} »3
('ommission Imi-oiics*.
nn II. »u mm nber l.av.n entered inly the
” t Ihi*iim*<*«, otters ins ifrvi
■ > l*» III* u»* rcl«miU him) planters Ir.nlm^ \u
tin* pia« e I'llimoi*ii, Hour, nml Min i* prOML
•luce, cmiltded lu hit« Hie It, ti'l| nr ship, vydl
be »|hctly attended t >. He i» provided witjfr
Mnr-ige in n iin* |imof -in«in <*ti«el,
1**1 th* reception y| !♦'|« nr, VVfa'dfcey and park
•if** * *d Goodst * SAMI*. HANNAH.
I •»"»■*. jf hi,,
ITU VI S VI VklKG. -n»
j If <A Mlb«ei i.*i-r, at the Ion* r end id iiiain
>lt* * s, in iddil.nn loins Hope and I •imr muk
J nr; bti.<«iiie»s : ir.tke# and ri*p.iii{ fell'd Hun
f Al.iti ,in«e« Also ntukt * Slunk Miiht^vri, ii
; < heap and coin (hi table article I’m summer—and
j would be iliunkful lor any job in that wav.
w'lncb shall be d on with neatness and despatch,
and on v ery reasonable teinn s.
May I tsop.
» oaf Dresner, Scitum’ to Dyer :
j N ft f M'M 1 F I Lid iitbirin* Ins fi • «* *> U a fid
% fin* public, Hi l h< lot- ripened an
li* ti iilt'lit iipp<is*tr* l||t‘ 1*** Httlilitt Hotel, IV|itiii
Street, w lie re It" in' "I I #■ »i 11 i •• *f «»■ n' IcincfiS
( (ni)s. I'd itulf'iiU H au/coatM,
• i i vitei "N
I On cpiifft n different phin pursued by Dyers.
; liy comparing the aril* !e.« scoured by him,,
! they are pionoutined by good judges * q 'al iy
iii’vv, which 11at* already Itent noticed by the
P'lblic Sp'*i-, f*re»«r, <L'r. In* takes from the
• b'tti and pul" apparel n» ns complete shape.
Ore*.mg, Sponging and Fressitig, clone In the
, best niHutter. When required, he applies -nl
'(•fling, Hud laslores the color af the sfann,
andwli i ever the parts are liidt (I J’i nvcIJers
will lie t*tided to on the sh"rle»t untir »*.
Fadie*' Imbi. and Cloth Shawls j|r<f have
grease spot* on them, or Ita ve hot their hrijht
l ess,/'halted r< the hands.oncsi t\J.- |f,
; will keep sample^: pe« iin**n of |,i, work,
| which tn»tv be seen at ui< shop Articles of
nppaiel will Ite Held tor.
N H Tailoring, llep.tiring, fccattended to.
Her 11 - . .
I subscriber again lies the plea.-ur* of
i- announcing to ins li tends iuhJ custom
cr.s, the arrival oi u Inrt ■ ♦*» -nppl, ut new
Bunk*, among which mat be found the hdlo v
irig, vis •
(bo Village, SUeh.be*' of Rural Cbnraeter
and Scenery, bv Alary lines**I Mtiloid, in H
ii p adventures ol Haggi Kabo of Ispahan,
in Kio'l'tii'l. hi 2 volt*.
Hie vourig rdgrim or Alfred Campbell's
return to the east, hi d hi** travels in L. V|d,
Nubia, \w,a Minor, Arabia, c^r by Mi-. Hol
land. I v<d,
A M hiuhI of fieri \nnh>rny, cont .‘mine u
coni'i *• description of elementary lis-tii j i,|
Hi*’ Human Body. Irmn the frencp if A
I. I Bayle and H. Holland, by S. l‘> («ru-b
M. I>
Tlir IJi.iory nfllir r.'i“M >•» Clmrlus th<> Ml,
by U in li*’bert sou, b, \ *
.1 . ims..,,« KnJUli 'Vi.itlonarv, ks ,n>|,r.>'. r.l
I V a.,,1 |,y ( lint 1,1.'rs, will,
W illu.r i l’i i,•■■.isiti.m, oi.li.vi) size.
JVI. ”■*' »* • Mdm.iu v
*,ll: Ivnl lli(> Ma.ioV, liv Mrs. Sl.erwno .1
>U r vol
Byron’*; a'.nl S»*oti poetical work6
AniMwrvrth'a Butiu Bidnimry, Mugmi'$
F'“' . n do.
Adam ruirnntiip’s mid Willct'i Ce.ma
f phy and Alla -•
J A eompeinlm > ol the law of i video1 e by
< Tlmmis r*’uke. i*». k l» • • American I diti »o
C')MIm‘oi;t j the I ill ,£• t colled ion ever pilbt. -
j ed. of thi 1" i-ion- to tlie diilercr.l Side i.nd
J tJoi'ed Slate Courts, l»y Joseph V N >rri
Thomm's Hoke upon Littleton, vgl*
CbittvNend ( prisl'Hir* f .liteUshon Rbik*’ I
j dition ofconvei suliorr **n Natural I'lulosophy,
j Air. all of Winch Will bv* sold at .» reduced
j price C. A. WITH M’S.
B2l)e. 1 *»
IrishLim ns,Lawns <Sf ^iipptm-s.
WE ui e prepared to * xi*il*i• i i c.im*
Super dri ved lri>h Linens "j uipe<jor texture
An assort incut hue Low it < for hfds
.A few pieces toll <> i ( inen sJifetiiii'S
The above are worthy ihe inspection ol
thn«H dedifiu>i nf liavine (£o«»*| nnd eiieiin Ei
ueu fabrics. M iv E K, IP iUf NSON t. ( O.
! Juney
New !
F'lract A In Momtn linn,
iIuu^arv Water,
| At tides of Perfumery,
Just iccelved v
i.110 J. HUVAL.
i Ort 13.
l^Ot Iff is hereby piveu, thnt the New «»U<
^ go w H .?e|, formally in the occupancy nl
i Ja§. S. Pendleton. has l • en this year rented by
j me as tni'tee tu the turn fit oft’ Pend'elon nod
; her children. Thi- establishment will in fu
' tine, he carried on under the nnmii/. inent nl
M . Peiutlefnii who invites nil ofhei friend . in
i ta|| H« on tng tliern ftint imiiun:; mi her jnrfd a.i
he wantin<r to render th* h situation c-unm* table
HILL r AUTKI’t. trustee ..<»•
• . C. Pendleton and etdMien.
1 Jan
«« f> SAMUEL 1 LI'. MLVH, you me rml
.YE ,.n inhaUitHiii <>l il.:, no .-nidi v.n
' licrrl.y oniil^ von «l.x■ »f «l»nll •■•kf Hu
l.lUaillo f> at ll'p ItlKV Ullll'
ill ibn niwn nftt.. . ! .".’an ••••im
iv, K < iiiii< ky, M.ii.ili.v H.'- -‘i.'i <1'.V of
| (n. j 11.*111 MOMfll Jno.l O . 1*1 Iv II .1 I a. i Vi
! il.ni'p nt It.o trial of "it it- ....,■•lim: if
Oalii|il*U eminly conn “»}'» '“- a -'a
| will A.kf.v an- ' -"'ilia. M...I 1". urr
' miauls. tMioni.l ' >•! ih-jimjlinn nnl ln> 11.
( ki n on till- ilov Iibovo nan-'-I. ito-., il « ill la
km on Ibo 'lav nl. r. “r rniiliiia. limit .laj
Ml il.iv till II I-' Ink""
i.»v-.’\!l ' nou •.
m. V. " • M
4 .
I U^KKUv 1 ; MU K l(> IIIo I ...
*' •*» I'U.r.v.
And *H? y# 'll* lo iter to ytehl,
Than elvn up ottr livu* on lho A#M ?
Would ye how il«mt. vmir nnk> to u»t i . ,
Aim I with sitiltM ne-« broke,
l ike ll»'- 'In* r to |, Vn| »,
Would y* tarrifiie Liberty |\(l •
Hut blood hath co iio duvtu from th« line <n the
I.nl us dm like the tu t . and ip»tjitn like tl»# slum
Dc «eil itnlaur rouuirv m nttt^
Com# forth with Hid-* '9.J 1110 11^ 9t4U .1, '
And those boaster* iiMty i uittl.
Although woli bitf^ ^.T *
Wliatourli i'renmlfi * „tt do,
Whon Ins word la iirulo »th*d f<|# |i|bt»ti{ .
Then ho* for the i.. idmt • d.n^nij SPhnr *n t«» {
liti.iil bn tleatli, not dofmtt, «r U> (nandoin mid *.<•!
Look on tower and on tenpin around,
And tt#rk to the bell • solemn sound, ^
i lint to often lii>11« < ailed you to prayer ' ,(l
finking up to the Cm**.
Know titHt I In must be lio*,
.^Inndd fill* < ri srnut •upp'nnt if in uir,
\u«l nvr ii bv the volume. w hicli Know* l ot to 1,*#
I or out h nth* and « t i altar*, to fonijuer or «in '
flh * »fi in/e fti.it your v>iirfv»»r% should frcu/o
Irresolute* look v« on the., ,
Tha glories vour limnien •lioiihl .hroitd —
Yonr rouinry deinnudv
ll' i del* i»i e In ui our baud',
Yea, hei tone* lilt thru voe'C* aloud j
And tlm dhostv oi oilr futhui* start up t mi their
?* grave*.
T«» gibber m those who submit to be *d ive*.
m »:
^ You, tlimo worth.e* j tln*> bled fur if . *ak%
L*t the might o| ill ,r I• ll 11H a Wake'
Autl rouse _\ o to glory one# mure .
Ihnilit and darknuss'•■Imll fTy
From Hint morning’* bright ryr,
VVhu’li dawn* to illumine our diorr
in llu might uf* iicli unit- in thu tltiik of cur b sword
In the throb ol • .»t.b Ue.irl shall Ilia pi.at be raster )
I han forward !•—Ttum -mile* on our eunso—
T» t us t.glii f > ,.ir live i uni! our l iwit,
Advuuc* »vir mi.1 \'.w by the *«oril,
VV tali' -i kindling muni ns
Ol i,reek blood iii our value,
Tllut " FYnodow or deutli" i* t)io word ;
Then draw lor die onset—hu/.'/u Idi the *ud«i,
Which la id* u» Irotu Ihiuldom to freedom nod life
1*1'. AH
I’l.um.from Pirn a ni i/, u litre it anciently |
fiiur in urin’ plnilii. m fium Petra fr In fill
Joriinit from tin n hi' 'ilotii fuinm fin jf.nl
if a"l miiifiirlul. will fill’to tin j ■ iiunil I'hm*. I
hi•• w«mnl *mi, of 1'. in, nml Hindi Imvi- rlif. <
• '■ri'nl pn,|H'iiiPi, mini. In jny phi Iv nntl nt' Py, I
In'". ■I'hnrt am ii TPrnl ilw.irf kiiul,. h'^, ,|lr„.
»■•' Hilly intP nil'll In lip iiuip.l in li"l '.,n,|, |'|M.
nn llio<l iMliiinc llii«. i, in lliti fn',mwi||„ |nl(||.
V. .I v,H vour I','., ill r^.(n|„r>
whiih IhihIpi, nml .In !irr r,,).,,, linn, thr j,„ It.
in. nr:v of tin) W'patliiT *.,(), |,m«|iii, 1.1 imy i
nl.n i ilrvili' lilt uip ,, (i, mi,., ,-nH ..I Ihiih ,
>y l>" "lu'id f .'Innirv .if h hn'li liipr ton
{11 *(«.*»•* fj hot In* ! in pt opnt to , to tin*
|*i Hd 1 v I ,i) m» ••'!«! in • v it t Hit It $ ■■■ i thick
, tvifli do- tff w > 11 r 11 i h t • coveted iivh *v it It,i
1 w< inrlteH « t mould you* framea ought t .
. h.» Tlhotll ‘J. feel hij*h Oil fl**» I lit cU MlleS. it .1 |H III -
' , },#> in toe hunt Y\ licit son it *«I llmt vom h< »!
i.y r.itHiiig the i*l h tm ! giving vent to the i |S
I |||4 sli Hill, i« lit ••tiff >i to H pioptn tetopri lltllt,
\ mi P.ionhl, will) ii trowel or some otlici niMni
nielli, ft tv* up yi.inp1 nits Midi prick them in
' .il.onl ii inclicr fmmdci, in row ah mt o foot
nsun.ici alter thin von tdioidd give ,<|*ui wn-j
lei if net f-svyit v and ini a1* the wrathei % »11 ,
h1u.ii ami *|i . 1.1 hill llu m »o their stalk'*
i wit* n the weather in hot. tin- gla«nes should he
I roVri ' ll with iiih'h. nml when in hlo'-aniris or hr*
! giiiortiir hi fruit llu v should he water«*<l ui great
ei plemv than h< fon Any oilier *o»f thnn
dwarf, tumbles too In * . hit vou» frames
i’lu i< 11«- t!iu Charlton llut«|.ijr. Keftilu g 11 * • t *
pm a * m I Mlibtr1 Mofspo . h»tt they Hie Veiy
i little ditVei I g from »me another ‘1 hetie are the
earll* t. and are rerkmu d irt »rh pi eft*raid#* in
fliivot' fo any other kind : the should In* town
i" .November and i!'>'ei id i.i tin winter, and
they >vill r in»* in wiic i s ion with those in llu*
hot h d There arc likewise llu- Ruutici val*
the Spanish M.ii d'o I* ,,s and tin Ylutiow | a
i,r fhitch Adinim1 i hut thi ne are of a tain unit,
.mil .ire intended to come in vticc* it* ton when
: tlie I rward kind ate gonr Vmi * lion hi sow
i yuiir 1* i > eycrv ' .. t udit, mi l as i lie hot wentli
1 i-r t'oinen on the lat i t mi should lie in a islud
( i ed «!tuation, o)hei wise they will Imh o up. {
1 vr mid u t oijMiieud the sow m in d*dU ahont 1
or • lire inches deep, levelling the ground very
■ monthly w ift. light trioul.l, in row*it ahout 4 feet
.. ni'| fur the convenience of u nig bet ween.
pi ordt r fo ga flier tip* or op. and raising 1 Mihag
j e»4 or oilier thine at flu •«tn» mne IniheMpring
j *et vour rowv fa* east imd wpl, hi the Slimmer
I north and .mitli, for i n ason vhb i, must lie oh*
| vii.ii« \ •/. : the giving them t . non h sun as pnf
sdi « in file In si o 'tain *•, mid as little aspos-i
I h'e in llu Iiihi When ydiii pejis are well up,
»hry should he lullerl on e or pva;e In hue they
I are stuck ; this imf uly etto-ngllH M*! tln*i»i, hut
• if f he « i me thru* minds lliem It* ^ f t nonrsli
Ifni: tiia inaiiner "f» okm. iheiu <wiv hotly
• I.now* I •hall only t1 n*t iM inentmu a can
I :i mi lo put you! hrui in Ho* mound olh
•• i *r i 1 * » iim iipi t*» t ill w’Im*ii t)i»* vine* < imv
laiupant and not I" **Im k them ih tnoiieni I to*
ronu. !*>i you do 'hi* plant hit iru pa-mI.ih inju
ry. (u flu» «|)iin/ u Inn lu*»*n found that simi
teiii i* 'mu* di v « ovv limit! n» ilu» irnrins h*
for** yo^'W vom pens has hr«m v i \ lo*ni*li
rial '] iu* t ’luirllon an I Min nv I’.iis inav hr 1
•rnvii U1 till-sarin- film* ' kouir p* uple *m,k llirir 1
,n»is hr'- '*• solving, hut f m** < 'lli'ii Mill* mu m -
*ii •rr.«pi!'V • h»r in h w**f *,*•;,| M.j % ,.| v ;
• in to rot. llirir is a pr,» \\|,i*.h r.uue fiom
Hollar !. with ail ♦-“€*• ili»t*f ini- \ T <» Onnniuf
an* the tiotspiii In oidor to • ».,vr |V>»* m Hu
lail sow tf tlo!‘ Mi and la.i. s.u| the liitli .
«'av • I Aui!u . i ■•!•*•• vied! you a *• up from ' >r j
tot»**r till Hu* inn wr;,iher cm in on, io No* 1
vi-olu • oi i>* uiurr. \oiir *i(i ...» ,» miM hr
in i*t ty h'lir . H h i 'lotto , hi . | iTiii'- *• Hit
I am pa nt »ui t* pai ficula* I v Inr ninni JVa ami (
•nation .it ..inn »» a ( n-at hr j,,i ami keep
hrm hi : a t firi !*' »w n* in \ hr pt ■» \ t ! ■
i\ Kidiirv i> un " hv t.iviii’4 ttii 'ii m lift i 1
•• i* hivt isnl \ ,i. in lot n p ni» .m l in pt ijul!
i “ have I' i »’• 1 tin* .o»«m « n.md ; a
•Mint Hu* mid l»r I » ujny p . -t, . |> • > «i«
• ill*! td.'V • *— I »' * '*»•’■* f « , ii. m|ii III I lor
"pm-.' ml im a Irani a foot aid. ..« ii.• I a»e ant
nn* in, hr* 111,1'.u nnl at t?u* di lain t* nf linn
•ti -a«:'i o * *• t£i i ..mu m »i email
wrst dime’ion fro in jt ha north n««U* ui iltr hordei, *
I hell on the caste*n uili' ol theae, ah ml h.il
their hcght, tow your drill* ol |m*m« *. m liii* «lt*
•Milan Ihey will have all the advantage ol the
miming mnl mhl-iloy dim, und advanc e in vr (
gen thou m n li more* rapidly than il cwn in the ,
•riti »ary way. rviw each kind **« pittntvlv <ntl |
nelly thick in the «t» il*•. covering tlu iu not
•imir thftn »u»e inch with •mill ; nlle' they
•Mine up you *hiMihl give them cm caaiouttll
not king*, amt when about three incite* high J
von may Mn k them J it will prutrcl them
*eiy nun h against tin* IiomI . and cold ; care j
should In* taken not to place the slldv* lull »»e«i 1
the run* • ol the pen*, or else you will whMtfld
♦hem ami reiiiMl their growth very mod. , when
>o • pea* are lit Cor me, you vhauhl ye,i*> t i
vefnl row* nl the hint to he received lor •red, lor
"••• m you do tins, you will never have g* od
*-ced tM.
m.( KM I VAl.l VBI.K I*A I KM I H
imp it m i.mENT in nil: nonst: nun., i
• bl'KCll l< A I li»M
lb* *i know if, that I, Stephen It Kean, of the
(■ii> «d 'Nan' in•* loti, in the Ihxtrct nt folium
put. l av#- ntveuft- i ami epplied to nee, a new <w
(■Ikfdl nupt "Venn lit in the lint*** aboe, cal'eil j
' ’.Jt]p Sfdl-e* pa tiding, nr swivel joint bone ahor, •
MVt known nr tiaeil before till", my vaul dixtnvc
IV : ifteetlii i| Hint described in (lie ttonli IntinW*
lm\ via :
fliix aim ed by dimply uniting *wn |
M'M tuntB (' tin • .»■ b unit* ol • lit* Itonf,) in tl»e j
•e.Mie.nt i. • by men fix nl a llvet, tvlnrli 1
m i) be a gepui ate pie.'e nl iron or gteel ; or it !
iiiav b n pinjerlioit from ilte tippet gate uf the
lower half "I ne lunge joinig*—The rivei iiiumi *
be couttiei Mink min I lie «*ln»e, at the up j
per end, anil tortile IIiinIi with the upper nut lace <
of* th** time to pi event it*finin bearin'* tn«» lurid, i
oi muking into ilu* luatl ; and mini be m.ule to
win k Ireely in the joint—Intel ally
I be benefit*of thit hilld of alloea lire pincth*u|»
ly known to Hie inventi-r, and emu ini in the
certainly of ila "hvui'ing or removing lb didieul
too lien cvpeii* need, id the Imrge been mu■»
wlml ih railed “ ln»"l bound.' by the ghof> ol the
uaiutl fmni now uxed—Thefiog, in he eenlre
of the hoof intuit ally endeavor* in expand, but.
being confined, by rea.on of fin- idiot* binding
tin* bool i line upon it. often prmbu i * lam* iickn
in liie bulge, uf tin* above Bifiptinn, n lue' , no
doubt ia Ireipiently attribute I o tpiile difTeienl
rame« than tlie teal one ; and which might lie
e niiph tely prevented m n*ttu*vei|, ny omiig
aboea of lie hum hen* piopoat d , in. the loll"*
mg fat In wil tnoie mit iMmtorily prove —
I he ri i utustnitcftg which led to the Imcovcry
are hrietlv tlieae i—\ vei v elegant and vslusMe
hur t In ongiiig foa tliklnigui died iudividiiitl m
the I *i I n i. had heroine veiy bmu* Min lame
in an via- anrilmted to a houider, mid lie mu,
for a long 'line treated or hiin mmplultit, by
ddb lent fin nei a, under wbn-e I'tnnge he bad
been plan* d ; but all reuiedie* hating finally
failed, be wj|A piiHioiiiU ' d ' m timlde,” ami wav
aerordmgly M>hl lor a liiflr to a liorae dea‘ i.
Me loudly having been lm«h,il nboii* lot
• nnn time, hii litmciteg* «td inrieaaing) nme
into tin po4Ne*Mion of tlit* invenfoi,w tio Nuott dig
covet ed flint Ida InineucMt proceed' d b um li d
..hoeing, oi f oiti Morning in the untiai m nmei
Ax * remedy, he Imd the aboea taken off tin
fi"gi paied down ami in *bi«t xiiiialiou tmued
the hoi si* out into the fn Ida. where he letnaoied
for «<e,veial week*, till hi* liool* In * nme millit i
fitly expanded, when, on having him ie tdiud,
the idea occur)'* d to 1)110,110(1 a dmr, go eo.,
Minded n io allow the 1 oof to expand h»ely,
h OiiIiI rift ctually pi event a icturn ol lamepek .
in the hurt*- lie aecordiu ly had him gh U
with aluu'Nof 111.. nctioii herein belrtf" flea
cribed ; and the rmim inn nee ha* been, ih.it inn
bimeiiexN nevei i ef uriied, and ha li'ig her nine om
of the most vabiaule hoi nch in the I district of
( Ulnliibht,
Aumum •iiy-.iutiifM- rt'uilllntf from this modi*
of uliiMferayp^**! no mini! « him* ijurhr" oh flu*
i.t orn ojri’yii--niv, t«» pri mm»*» who k**« p n lar#«
immbt*r of horne*,* it. that Hie shoes, if Hu v are
well put o»i'in fttf lir«t instance, ncvri i • rpttir
i• 111«• vi11«f, fit! they id•* worn out—nil ndvintHirt'
which ilie present hc Hint! ol shorim' «toc not
pi. . • o , m i In* f tot a ill lie com ho f b. until if
the *h»e r mains I'm long in one pOMli hi II
is 11I.0 * viilcnl, I liitl the * 11111' shot* wil iii alirUoil
uny hoof
In testimony 11»:i| 11•« loii'^illn;; is a true di t
riiplrmnl to. Mini improi'i iiM lit in ihe hot si
Kin c a* by oc described, I heremi'n *,o my
linutl and .-o-al. this Iftli day ol June, hi the rear
of our Lord, If - •
STi Pfii.N a. h\:\y.
f * fir *cn r of
I /• rrli li'tm //.
Jiihil I l‘D$rf
t:\si igo.N in il i nn mr:isi Mftt*.
I his a» tit le h.s been pa'"otcii Ir Mi N Jai
lor, and i« *ai m t»<- u iiiipiovriiicoi. |u
• duel c ' i i llcoci i o - • i $ in It- picvenling heat,
kcepint; tlii- sj, . d i 01 mi. and whin once prop
cily f;xul in I lie lied xlmif, naves the cipcioc Si.
iiotible that attends the t.ikin** up, leoewiu." and
we gin# those HOW in it*. I in* iio nii . < nti'iiee
ol repaint# the ro.mnmi mini, nlteo induce- i!o*
niillcift to leave Um iii in Iatlei the spindle
In# in* to woililt*, mid tints mum i ml i n»i lloor
had* its way to itmi k* ' , but Hi I \ lot • lui
plovcineiit no* • away till* ohj. « le>M
?l £|l polisfl .lit! flu Itpil -ft lid lll-o IM m;; i|.t
appr it io he ike tloomllli nda'cm* «• I inis imi
pi oveoieiii. They a»e pm liculai ly a dtp ell I if
kitchen *•*»#*.
mac him; rou riAMn’.. m'u>s
*1 h • ■ J , i f • ■ i i I |111 I 114 nil;'' OV ■ Ml Ml 1 - * »k H
not n- \n#ii«f l ist, by two pi i'soii* ol the n iMie
ol Koheil- rcsolenl of I Miiaik, A v» \ oik
I hr machine h i- ... < • n- lime mi op< -i afoul,
and ha-. ■».(• 8 l-be Idlitor *»i he i r.tnkli.i Join
mil " been fotnol to me w< r tin- nth mb d pu< pi se
.ii the inotp p< feel iiiiinnr Am intelligent gen*
th iiian who n ides in the tvoghhoriiond of tile
p ill mo **• , \v » Me- thus : •• ihei e can he no d ali
en ' y in Hie applu aiton of this iiiaehinu to lio*
pi.hi in# of .inv kind ol any kind ot •>< cl, and a
iiy »'M. • her •»! them itt a lime, at any mpiired
ile'.inn , ii* Ih«I m it mao < mi walk. When Hie
i - are ...•! i>i11 - i f up.111 one iv.» v , and cigli
feeti niche* tile oilier . I loot* h no o.Ho idly. not
in ii a ve» y hard dav s wo*k fir a man to plant
ten iii-H M'tei the poouiul is properly picpuiud
to ItJCCIVe the elol*. ’
. i /m. — '\ hose p t,»p>e who havo i.id ling
el-e i«, them arc, generally, mil ot lhtiU,f*<vu*
f!« i <nn*ihf!ity n: no n of faleitli*. — Wlteu a
h i, id - iveo in n v < nc, a • aet.i*»iei is i;i en
edtviih I'm- /feat t»|V isli, w.m appiMtlt* a day
in \v*m. |i he will arrive .uni red cm a mi his <iu u
w nh m-Mi y.
Auck 1 mil Hi ruit.'iryntHCffi—KwBjiori'y,
vs huh liard»*n W ak 1 ink, Mein* geli'l ’
on* In ert ; and n •tiitMv can bo liinrw gentle
t mo a uiho » o -»y
^ris 'ring Offit'tr* — I Ii*1 VVa«lii»i#too nor
icsp'O.Ieiif of I!.. .New \ ork i 'mniii -r* ial \d
veiie • as fii-n sh -d Inal pimtwith a h-i of
,|] the /'• ifll f fjj'lt - ri ol the lb in|-it|i,i a y \ « . ■* v .
v ho • / • .* ppli •! ■ o' oid fee*-tv tl ('iei> pa v m».
vhe a, l ol tn * I«i-9 si -si- n »d ( n.igi, • ,
I i ei * | p n s lo i, i v miiv .! » it lhvin 11vm
■ I t i i' lonitb.H ii, -re me but A f >Ji M - * ’ l.ii u
i I«; ot* * C Uu, ii ii! I'i .'J ^ .i,
Hdi 'i'. or UEI.MIVIM
■ •"» ' - - - -*.* ’ - *--^car-«: .
Tuesday, Jav iH
A coimnutth'Nllmi »«• rerrivrd limn tiir $«,«
•'ale, «?«*(uijf limt they hail pim.rd »It bill, * In
c<>rpoi niing tlii* 1 rmim a of ilir {iniiltfli1 ! Ann.
'•my 111 tin* minify of late o1 Wight,* " 11I1 mi r.
iit**tii1 — mI*u. th»*I tiiyy kid irjerlrd »lo» hiU
• ('em .•ruing John Soriell }’ mid imli finite!/
puiipuiifil tlir hill ' ('oticwriting iinlrnHi (•>
d*,i*tU.' Till* muni li»M*»it to I he former loll nan
ugt-ml to liy 1 In* Ilinnr
On ion 1.1 Mr Miller of fill flout!, i|,.j
i.'omintlleif ol Proposition* amt Inlevnurr* oei.t
Hint) of toil lo 1 iiipnii' info fin* f'Xpi ilu m y ol r ,•
tiihlisliing a Ni-pai al« rli’Clnm Hi I’Nllumliuif; hi
tIn* 1 ninis ni flotenairt.
O 1 Mi f billon's hmiiton, tin* ( nindllir* ot
H’linln ami I oho ititl Nn\ lyii'hot "Pin instinct
i*il Mi riujutM* mil* tin* 1-a prijieucy <>t incur
(mr.iting a ('ntiiptitty to e*ia!diidi a Ttirnpil*
M 'Mil I min th« tm* it of Wiiypriifou m I'nikiv*
hi to fh# fmvii of l.riittgfcni in ElurkUiidg* unto*
Mr. \\ ifd»e» ntovo l »o take up ihi* loll l»r i<
ilucing • I19 salat y «»l fh« Principal liitinr
Mr •!( tin* Itnnid of Pidiht Work* ur ro
ihi" 'ii Hranlon ; unit it wh ih -1<n• .f«* on thrif
•in omit to N’icertAiii the fair uf fin* bill Ha
trusted a I to. 'Inti f lit* ino.il ruli* migoi i»e dnpen
ml "ilh. and floii it mm lit in* n.nl n *i*(.uud
tillir and 1 ntnintlfrtl.
Mr I lid vie had no objei.'tInn in the i onr*r
|iiovnlMd ihe ••endem'in w mild imitm* •tom- ditty iu;
taking • 'he Inll for d|#<'it*kiuM--*fliootfh for
Ins mm pail he tfrfta opposed In Ihe olyei I o| the
Mi> \Viti*he» then named lunv irow |i wu*
ihen ra^Ljhe second line; nod on Air Mix
on’x oidlfnW, i wax i (-committed io the Oiriran
I’ll!* ettf’ioiMed hill * f*ro%idlnjf fot Hr mi
piovent in o, Ihe in lieioii' pringt in lilt- town
of Bath in \1 rfno' urt* Inken >p on tnofinu ol
Mi Mn on of I'Hed'i el 1 he h*M propose-,
lo mis** Ihe luin of jf*s I # .<» M» h ,- I *' * Pr i In*
pin pose of rumpletmy tin pohlii t uildh
the baths, &.• Mr Miiim ‘poke io Mivoi
ol its pltMntge —'i’ll" vofe WU«, \yr* 7 I, in*':
\ vntiely ul hit's p < ted through llirii iurip
ienl slaves, *
( (invention
On Mr .\eUnii‘, M .»• mu i .< [ItiiiM H"ti
solve I ilsel! info ,i < nimbi# *• of III'* Wlo le, »
I 'Re into iu • Ot.-I limit the bill h r o.
gain/, up h ( «"'«en» Mi .'o\ to the I Ion
I lie • I III 11 III III H • d 'l il 11 piles :i. n h' ' '
Ihe i'nmirtiH'*' whs. ii mu- dm ul pi po - I
hy H*e gmifb- » tin ii .m- \l t limv , ( t. 'J * 11 )
lo the i iii'innl hill ( •'* • Hu tk il Ii*jC‘ V l*>
•tale. Ill *i ihe ot |*iiiii? I i!t p opuses io adopt
I lie I mgies luna' Ihsiririx ih Hie In - -I H %
Itepreanntaii *n to (he (. on yen lino , tin-i i'li
lentil * Milieu hilt tit fo xuh‘»n.tie i-x
lien I II. .1 i epiioeniHp- ii 1“ cu.unite.. »’i/, .
One I) h vr»ile Irmn e»u ti i lie pi e«n'ul « oiipiie . V
• riu t linn in i i, ii Hr; illlioiiftctog Ihe >\ '#•»
Hon to ihe ( ',/oliilt* * reiiui heil, tlliil W h o is
lone ye-lenink , a u w'l'iUi: had hren - Ilford by
(tie liietuhri pool Hi ol , (M I ) hy W s "V
ilinen Inn lit In (In- »ub<difnie Hu n l.rfm'r '•
committee, who'll, In I * • • opinion of Ihe l'ft»
will no' lo ol'dei . »oil iu dcfeieiit'e lo l'.N* Oj 1
niliN ol Mum and lln w ulirx ol in.inv ol « •
#(•mniillee, Ihe Hihulllille ol 11;# £0tilU*iufltJ froil
It..Mike miiu vvtlu general muxeiil, hr* <•■•.••I*
Mr l> »ddnd|fe then rn •• to xnliii.il bin sob
Pile oi plai ol Mi . l ei ill's.
1 hm mibxfitiH# was i.-. eiled in nur laid.
• ( hi undo ul I'b-t » . ( ty, eufpin i <1 wi».
Hiei lie nildei loo.l I •• ( I.hii Io have ll#f* id' |
i Ii it t Ihu amendment whs i< onh-i '
The ('lialr replied oi llie negative dial it
fit wt opinion WN» ini<;liMii|etl ; lli I |h» so', iip.t.
ol 'he o nHerUao from 4 bgliMuy, /oil- A//
niiufitnl ht/ thr 1 nthmitln tt\ on twinnhi.# ' (o
1 f/tr jn/odVif/e. p» | on-.* hy lln »<erth man non*
I.xh x ( 'Ii Pill . H • no' in order In iereivo
a Mnieiainu nl lo M - Hail for the leavmx fit i
slated. Ih# I l»ixt*• had been disposed lo n reive
j Hi# hue aoleiolllienl, Willi • «ei*.*ia! iMlf oi O
Ihe ro.iiiudl' •• Inn voili o«h #oo«eul » id^
1 ,i«l(I All ( havio eAp. 4s.il till dixxetit the
I'hair (Ici'itl. il fio fNiCriiiuii’ttl vv u Uot , i
| oi tin* purpo • of e »l P 'In* qnesfimi. \Jt
l)oddri|lf*e ft. II - .1»«I. It- % o ild i e«pei I lid! V »|
i peal lioui liie tii i hhui oi Ilia C'ltiur. J he d.
I* i’iuo cd'the Chair •'ti* advonued hy Metxrs
Ct rixtt.ni, Krnxhni. (inin ■*. (iomte, l-.ppes n.itt
I II dt It was opposed Pv \h *.o •* (ioiiIoi.
1 \\ itrher, Piltluip’h of Kaiilax Brown ol llam
■ on, ^ie'ie'ri ami Hnddiid'fe. I p.m pulfiu^ Hi
f|.i< sii-.ii, llie (ha uinn o' 'lie Chao wax t'otilji hi
id- aye* B7 Hoc* I 17—|hihI of rtru.e, th#
1 si hstllute -d Mr Doildnd '(* was so fai super'
(led \
The quest into recurred oil Ihe n 'option of Mi
l«M riU's mibMltuiv.
The ( bait then return bed. thut t lie* t> i 11 anil
tl.r substitute were alone befole the • mrniiitt c-.
i b >tii open lo (I icnsmoti . I hat it wa - in on!* ,
however, Iv stale by w av of at gum nf ttgttiin
either, itnv new plan for the ingnnhkntioii m.
t m- ( otiventinn : (#*..r exattrpW , that of • in*
enl lent ail fiutn Bt-mke, or the S I) it rial l)i>«
hin |>!»i• e| Ht» inlimahd liy the geniletnafi fton*
I an fax :) Ini th.it bev md iht« neither nutetnl
. tent mo argument e add •* ut ordet In r«
i <.lv to hii enquiry by iMi. Iitzini»h of F.tirftx,
pm* t'hmr fuittiei staled, that if 1 be* imu-lidm-c
.1 tfie genii. - in .1 fVoiit All- nil miy w -. »• ado;/' * ,
ns a substitute i ; die bill, n could not alter
1 waids li Hiioi'iled in the commit lee, tint uiuvt
te repot ted to the Dopse.
Mi Hut her fold i o • »• fo stilt* hi . i'-’vs of ||,
whole question fir stated bis obj 1 Cl ion* both
11» the p-ptHH' nialioii ttj» u federal tmiitbet* i«
adopted by the ungual bdl, ami fife county re*»
restnitafioii an embiaced u| Mt IVitifth suh»t
tule--!le should tier'••.'liter move an ftittendiiiPn
of his own, fo :iid«*d oil the cotupmmd ratio «».
free white population and of taxation
I Mi Biown of Harrison, also itddtetsed the
‘ commtitee ai cmisidernhl* length, fie said t f n "
• be cuilld not nivtil to any -do me of represen
1 (lition, which was not t qualix d, on the basis tiC
| while population. According lo i ** • ♦ not* of
| jM'ill. 11 • declared tin* to be a compromise, a*
| between the Hast aotl West, fo. O fd/»j|yly
! deducible from the • • i 111.. * re Mi nf. of 'Ht, that
the increase id pnptdnmm W e»t id the Blue
! Bulge, had t»< en greater limn to the i .slwai’if,
I and if H»t tfituuieia iou . mild now b** made, the
West would have murr rept i--»*»utattv. . than au>
due, be flu* rruku*<d iKht It was. ti.eiefore
a concession to agree to an equatir.vion, bv the
cetotts of IHi2tg. mid a< gt ea a cum-emum 4*
could leHsomilily be asked. He -tUntncil the
committee, llmi in ortlei to make a or. a. h in
l|ji» biil and gel cleat of.the slave iepre«et latino
lie should fust vole for the counlv tept.^e.ila*
lion ; but bavin;/ p*»t clehr of llte slave feature
lie slum d uot t me |or the county rept. «rutn«
lion, and he called upon all the It.defjat.s from
(he \l ^l) 111 CnUlMte*. ullnnnt.lv to unit.- with
fnin ami abandon that mode of 1 epoeniiiiou.
Mr. Bi own addressed the committee o a vsi ii-•
t of other p ml —-puriicnla1 ly nn*w**rp g ibe.
1 iinr>f of remarks which' had been made by
,ue of the meiub»r» hi leia'ion to the Wcstsiu
pai nt ^ iigmia.
M hen be wO*mhid(*d( Mr. NcLon W9vv.d fUl*

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