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V ccr . ..oUTn a: thr Iona nf Lynchburg,
Jn |K, J4 n itny nfOel Iftih.
Lrwn # lit''" ’I'd Elnabeth hit wfe.
<jeo. Lanidown, Mary Lantdown and Sarah
LanadeWn, Pl,f*
ad s T. laiitdoten, Janet D. Patton, Jamn
W William., tan Robert Rom fc Henry Mof
fat, defta.
1 ilii cant' feme on thii day to be heard on
the bill, anew er of the defendant, liem-ge T
T. medown, to the tuhpoenn awarded there
t•« on !li«* Ittih day of March, IH27, which ap
pear* to have hern duly »*I y ed (in the other
def odanli wan argued hy comnel. On coti
eideia'ion whereof, ike court doth order flint
the defendant*, George 1 I nnJoa* an Ja«.
I) Fallon, dn rend'-r en ac oii il ol their ad
tot intention on the e*ia|e nl fohn*n|i I.no.,
iloa n, deeen«ed. before oar of the contnii
giowery who i* dtree.tad to ata*oii*e. Male, an
settle the aame, and make report then at to till
< mirt, with anv mailer* tpetinlly Haled
thought pertinent by bim-i'H or required In
|,v toe partie in he *o Hn-terf And tin
nirrt delb fttetber order, ihui the laid
defendant, l.-rge T. l,*n*dotrn ill rein
deran are on to of hi* Iran* irttnn* a* g lardiim
ol the t'lainiiff*, f.ti«al>e‘b H dton, Geo. t ang,
ilow o. Maty Lantd nen nmlWarau l.an*d in/, I
before ihe -am" Cnirtmitninnef, ivIn. i- Oirai •
rd to eyaminr, Hate, If nettle tha tame, a id re
pml the name to the court with any me ter*
npenal V ataled thought pertinent hy him
rail or required liy tlie partie* lo lie *o ala
lad. A copy—Te.te, ■ 'VILfi, r'k.
l.ynebloirg, N"v 27. IH2tt f
The narliet m thit rau*e, wftll *Ur noil' e,
Hitt I have appointed Tuetday^lAu 24' day
ifl March ne*t, to carry ilia l^^soing order ol
\lon11 into elT-rf, nn which inj^nt t* o'clni k,
A- 'I they nr" required In ite ltd at my other,
in thit tow'll, wiili their nrenunt*, voucher*,
and a copy of the rnnrl pepert, prepared lor
;iainmnli<in and trlllrment.
Ian. I!>. •'/ • 4 > 45 |
| 'ir2Utd»v > lH2i, wm will pro.
e#-- d 1 t 4*11. ill* nrcini***, at public auc
Lon. fur ca h n ‘raft nf land lying m thecotiti
• y *»i C- eipbrl', a.lfoinin# thr land.* atbi- bed to
•tie Boltin# Spring Tavern. This Ira. t lirs
».vi'hin six «*r *** *.f, rnilm of Kyncl.hnip, ton.
i lining about ITtarn i ; if is r. prenui'fd a
be in# ,i d.*nn» elit’le (arm, and wall worthy
lhr» attention of xjirli a« wo dd l.ke to •»* f * I »•
■'ip 'ii it a until! forrr. Tlir sole will In* made
ill piirmniK *' f a 'mil deed «•» « u'ed ' tha
«inderai*ued by Win H Neigh*' i», on the L'h
•lav of Aug lS'2fi, * r thr henefi u( the lot#*
ii ri ol tJ trbind Walton and Penn, and n of
ri co' ‘I in the clerk’* office ol t ampbell coun
ty. Thu tt'le it believed to be pood, but mr
!"ti»tce# we will convey* u ilh ap'winl warranty
iran-frrriug »un h title only at in vetted m (/s
iv *!»♦ de**d aforevaid
I be lam! w *1 In* -heirn t<» any person tvinh*
np t * viev i by Mr ,N. iglihtri, who I emit* 1
rjMin the pr# m**r*«
S \ M 1. 1 i \ AM), ) Tnia |
M l! OAKLAND, \ n>m, |
Inn 22. td Id |
OTK V. — Ry vu toe of tan deeds nf Irutl i
w executed i * rne by lunn bullock, and ic \
•o i|. d oi ft>«* emiii'f mint ol Bedford, made to •
ud- 'Unity FHom ii I Bmldin and lor other
•uirp w.'i | ahull prvere f tn fell, at public auc*'
non a* the i'Undem;.* the «;nid John liiilluck, 1
no r»e ‘id'b ol lln* present W.ontii, the folio^ving
tripi-riy, v> Inch l ctnamed nustld ntfhc last sail*,
f*t*wit :
200 fibt* of f"oro
Jb.l • < * lbs H hen I (bits
A mat i<« of Ko hl, i
do BiuHrb of H\ o
Likely I lor • *
2 Vokr d n*eit j
0 > if e l ol Hogy
411 I lead of Sheep
2 VVnggeu* I
J Hot He ( iH
»« Four Wheel Carton^a
Sundry Plain*tn, Scythe libido * ■«,
rim nop of 1 duoro in if , buns* » J
A quantity of uewdy cured lUruu
And lumtiy ot'n- articles
r or till iunu of 20 dollar* .ind upvraid*. 12 I
Until in' fir. lit *r | In* pixeo, upon t e puiih.oi
> exei tiling bond*, uidi Hppinvi I mcnyity. j
• « b *\i*| he irquned upon nil pureli .sies uiiriei
JSO dollar*.
At lie % am; time and plnce. will h« gul l, for
OP1*'', a like y \ oiiiig Ciiri. I «i!! convey mic
nib* only ii« i* vlull'd ni nit* by (In deed* of
tru*t above mentioned.
AN M It \DPOllT) t ruMee.
Jnu. 22 ids
* cordially lo all uiuf want
. * w anv ar icle of leady made I I, thing, to
<all o.i us, our assortment being superior in any
in the plan, and embraces mu, a, uli nf tsru
t'nshi iing Hu orkma 'hip
itc run uurrmt, uml ur prices cnuiwl lull to
please. being ess than the goods can be bought,
and made up hr in I/m slate
lly our last acrirnl, rtceired some su/nrjiiu.
V'n . uml Dress Cu d<, of blur. I,lark, < hired,
' !h , brawn, ber ulto, hlrtl Mi red, blue, grten,
f I brawn ( aau is, funhimoni oftccru shad,
< t nh mid l autmrret also, pm Castine.ll and
V 1,1 stout llir.g up (md Pa, tuloons, with
tJis.'vrrdiig ia handsome assortment of
1 ' I ■ tut, do, ’ hlii-, brawn
.. ’■■ 'cij $iI\ lists Dap Crusiinert Toilint,
ah na and Vi a ilt'd ‘ H 1. a areal enrif.tii id
It .fit ■ y l n ; Shirt!, li. aw
■1,' Buck fin. hoeki 'ell, tltmtul and Cidlon.
a i miltsand libit, flannel Marts, a lot oj
(i > , ls and fancy n tides, ns Tarnished Lea
. r hue l- Poland Stork*. I’lain and IrimmeJ,
i«»,t '•'» Hindke chiefs, entirely new pal
J-ns, Puie-it -In torluters Dujf Cra, ats, Crai nl
d'’fine's line Sralshn Caps, Jut, collars ( Martel
■hut b uck Marino Miauls ) so rvoi fine Deacci
Hals of cheap yualties, a large , oilmen! m
dire* nod Don's of en ry den i iptiio..
.1 supply of Cloaks anil II g t oats, some very
peri nr real Tartan fluid am/ line ( am blit
('tanks with far Cloth Linings, with or u-itli
aU sheets jint Drnh and bird mut ed llanz up
i mis. miidi in Hu latest style, (sun,, extra far.
'Hue Isuick and Hrab Dig Coats, with hr-,
Ladies' t loalcs. cl bilk. with. Silk I inin^s. (u
beautiful art c e.) ohn „f flf,, ( , -im
syn. hi ,e nnrtbtack t ircas-iam. Tartan. Plaid te
fancy striped Circassian Clonks, u .tli capes ar
htiods, a lot of list sucks li„,d with wont, a cam
fiirtab/e nrtirl tor i m filers, as.ire arc determi;.
e.t to sr. 7 good in gni u, those disposed to / orthtut
will do wdl to i,-II a' If ALL EH V CU s.
Emporium of i as nous, I ynchburi;, next door
lathe Cicistian UJ)ict.
Nov. 24
u n < ui7ijIknt monky
fl'Hl: N ile, <i| |lie {iinks ol Georgia, Smith
* Carolina nml N'urtii Carolina, taken at a
ainall discount at tno L*cnan*e 0(11 ot
B W. HI.WriON,
Wliere tlie most kind of tlnr.urrent tDnnivps
put alia-eil.
hXI IU li I i; \N|) BUCK ’
Vi a OT SB S
Rl.rM\ 1,0 this day. iso pieces Ktiglish
Cloth*, one the richest blue, tbe nine,
beautiful black. They are believed to be as (in.
us have ever been imported Gentlemen wish
ing lo tiorcltaae clotbs i f this dcsctipiinii, a.. |
sc.-pectf'dlv iitvi ed to call.
ft /
Claaalral anti Ftril^li School, j
Vvjflt IIKNHtf I- IIAVl/'i.evrug located;
til i,1(n„|| m .1 heitliity/'d ■?nmlde neigU
boihood, (bout tom milf*«on' l.jrnrl.butf, wt
I ihe Fnerii road, "ill op'A School on il* lira!
! of Fell m il, near tbt *' which Mr. C I
] Sliirri* burly taught A'Cmuer* of iminn-noo
mil (nitiracr ih* Urep I aim, b irrtch, and h.n
gluh languaget, tir/a|>h*, Ancient and Mint
ern Hi-ioiv and t/hmriic, together mlh all
Ihe Iiilaor hraarlA of an b.nglith education.
The infe of lullf ' during the acholaallc lerm
of ten montna A1 •'« for tireeh. I,alio and
French, ♦«', 1/ t-oglnhfirainniar,Urography,
: tn i ,, .yjte one hall in advance, the other
; hi Inr eml o/hp araaion
IP,aidm -/in he hall in genteel familiea at a
roiiaeninjalolanre Irnm Ihe School, on very
inode eieocrma. Aa lo qualrfrcdtiotia, tiC. fee
Ihe foilyhnig
II L. PAVIErl hat acted a» the New
,omlon Academy, Virginia, lor the la»f
j i aiioiii, fa the entire satisfaction of ihc
Id* *»• I bn mg the above p«n »nd, he ha% su*
' ygrin<ended the I, <fm, (i eek and French Clatt
. m, and fiom hi alletilmii. ability, and rnrrer(
f irporimrnf the trustees tHke plrasuie in recoin
mrndmg him to any seminary of It-arnmg in a
vty of the above departments, *• well ui in il.e
usual branches ut I- itglish edu- aiiun.
.lit iN I W KF.All,
Jan. 22.
n If L. P VVIL.i having aK«i#led me
1WM. mi (he superintendence nf the New I,<>u
don Academy iiri *g 'he prti' nl year, it’-is
with much pleasure, I ran testily lo hh rood
conduct during that period, lie has dischar
ged Hit dntlat greatly to my *Hfi*factloii : hi*
acholastir, quaiitlr i'iotis are iimpiesiinnadej
lie is hilly competent to teach not only all
necessary branches of an English F. hicatinn,
but the f.atin French and Or »*U Lmig inges
I can confidently recommend hmi •«- a compe
tent instructor in the above d(jp<tifio nr.
Jaii °2. 2t
/.HUP undersigned will receive pr pttsal*
.A fuv delivenug nr the Toll liudgi in
Lynehbing, seven tleepeis of good h -it pine,
or ol white oak of the following dimensions,
vr/ : sivty c,.f.| long, id inches wot# and 10 in
i lies llii. k, In lie wed hewed and fit to he laid
down—-the timber to t>- delivered ns soon a*
possible a ter the 15'h Fflbrmrv the proposal*
will * utr the kind ol Itrtihei—whet f,| (|H|,
P'.ie- .K»H5 M W \»{\M< K l C,„no,,8
w. W. NOUVKLL, S *'■ ■ » -
•Ian. 22. ! Id
ts I eiiAt.intlv i e. rising fresh Stlpphe* o I Iti ug*
Medicine , " urgical Instruincnts, Paints
Oils, l>ye..iluirv. Perfumery, tec. tec
Allot who h may he had on the most reason
aide term*. June 5.
fWMlL f ',sci ib» i dr siring, from pi of* tsmnal
v rnntirii iminii , to be no longer connect
•din "I'f with a political newspupei, of-1
•er* lor sale hi* inte, cm m the •' V irginian." of
Ihrs (dace, embrai mg one equal sutli pait of all
the fitimes, for tec. appertaining to II,e estab
lishment, together with it* «amc proportion of
all the debt* v» bu b have n rimed since the lfVtb
ol January 1825 This paper, which, unde.
Viiitoiis lilies, has flourished among h for many
year*, was never more prosperous than at this
lime. fuller present a isptci %, its circulation I
,s mute « xtei iivc than that ol any paper in the
interior nfVngmia—in proportion of the Job
sol Ad vci lifting pit roii ag r of the town and
i,d|.u’ nt ci i,ni 11 v huge—and. inshoit, ns whole
e< on iov so jnd a mu ■ ly ordered, as almost t • •
oi'hiim* * continuation nl pnldtc. favor and sup
I speak ii in si.icerdy, when I declare, that
• he if tnrevt in q i-'Miion, in ms opinion, utTml*
the miiNt btvoialil# oppoi liuiiiy lot ,| sale and
I ’ d.bdde investmetil ol the sum of money tie*
< >M»iy to t's put chase
' •" 10 I (ft
OTNiivyiasiGEir bub-.iv ....,3.
^JAIU nil-, ri'ii r inlnrm- hi, I.. anilthe
It public Him he oontini es to On busiues.
•in i nmmiMioii mnl prom «"s Hint no pain*
ili.ill bn -piiiml I,, in ruins satisfaction In
I>ll Plnnim * ami I ..mien svbr, ,.iy confide In
his innuage menl ||,,i s|, n 11,1,set j, flour,
"r oil,or pr.nl, . e. || nflic, will lie U(,| til
Hi,' M iin ol M,' srs l ,V h iinjsey, nt'il dour
litilow lln- I",inner e 11 k
l> SAfJMIKItS, jr.
.Tan. It). 12 in
F.TCfT*F.7> X. fJ XJLTOiV.
/ MP'MM.H.-i hu pr.iln.-iniml -er, hIn
JL iIiom* p« ra in* it hn in»y have bn-imiss in
'I. 1 "iris.if Pi i 'ylt mm, mnl Bedford ; |,<>
» di attend regular),, |„. i,.r and inferior
onni, .)! laid rounli.a, ,1 pleilr. , hi( lllin
milt nil at tent inn I nail ill in ness in'in mil I d In his
'■"'i'' His resident e is hi Pip sylvan ia f II
■ lan.lM. Hldft
tHAV h lor hii e two ,,,nni'ii. a s in,It gir|
. am! esernl bo, a K tl.l.UHIK ’
Jan III. „
I . * 'P "II, l Itntubscribei haartceived .i
B 4 supply ol , SI 11|, nl winter strained |,mi u
Jan. I!). g,
j ^ virtue nt a dead ol trust einrulnd In us
1 ’V Joseph V\ . Scull, anil nl record in
In ol-rk s office of Campbell county,
alt.sII, mi f 11d», tin, iUil, ,|„y „| p e|, ,,e,|tU,
public am ion, on the piemise*. proceed to
SI II, In u.a lii| best bidder, the tract of land
wlticli ilm aaid Scull now ts 9. This |Hm(
•"'* « new liouae on i , with a good liter
rlinut mill in food ivpair, them are also nil
ihe im:, ssnry out houses for Ihe hi cmnnioda
In.n nl a tamity. At l lie sumo time and place
,vill Im sold, ngreat ilealol valuable personal,
property me lit toiled in said deed. The terms
will tie accniiiuinilatiu,'. and made known on
ihe day nl sale, file title in tun properly is
bi linved lo he in,l« ,01(1,1,1. , hut we will 'con
vey only such nil,- as „ vested in us by
Ihe deed. \V N \\ ,\TT8
, JOHN bCo'i’T.
Jan’ _ Ids46
FBI II h tb*ee/ *tory brirk TcBe
JL ‘»»».ui, nearly opposite the
V irguiimi Oll'n e, rerrutiy oirupietl
by iMi. Daniel Brow n, .Apply to
Saiul.l iityiur or to lilt* amuscribcr.
.fun. 12. t«
\\»ekty Supplies of beautiful
, FAJit f GOODS.
Superb Gauze uuU Melpmuemc Scarfs
Uo do Arcadian Hdkfs.
Blk. audblk. watered Silks
Beautiful blk. FI irencaand Italian Silks
Superior arson mailt of worked Swiss Muslins
Cannons ol evury denouiinuiion, ui d some
ol rare ami entirely new patients
Kobtiim tl Laces, at ball tbeir lonner prices
A few fashionable (catered L. huL l.iugliams
Belt Ribbons, direct troiu Haris
Hongees lot Ladies' dresses
If great bargains li.rm an inducement In
I hi rebate is, we ((ill assure t htiu, .very c Ifni I
wilt bo made to that effect.
M KKF.,KJl !' -ON (: f'%).
June *
cvr ,
11HOM my f«idi*flr,f in (!h»rl»Ma, on Sun- I
1 day infl.l tlm |Hih of Drcauiimr, lb2H, a •
Barrel HOHrir. iwul hve
feet high, between seven h. i
rune yenrt old, he hit a ■
Mate in hi« lace, a tolera
bi« l*rg* foully tail and mala, a tor* on hi"
|*ff ibmildrr, taid to have brew mad* by Hi*
Harnett I Ibmk h* limped a little in lb*
left •botiM*r tho day twfor* be escaped. • I«*
it r.o*r*r and heavily formed f»*r bit height.
I port bated him a day or'wo before hi* **■
cape, of a insn living in Wylhe county, U
If i* pt estimable hr will try to j**l to that *er
tion, or Lynchburg, wbrro hr wt* lakrn from
a t**in, from which b* evidenced gfeaf on*
wlllingn*t to port. |l any pertroo will bi» an
good a*fo »1o|i Him anil inlofm in* of it, or
bring mu fh* horte, tb*y may ripecl a I.Uerfcl
cofiiprn*allou. My residence i* aboui a aliln
from th* l(*d lions*, hi Charlotte.
4. $. LLK.rillM \N.
Jan. 1. (•
PB1MK subscribers,
J| in returning
(hunks to th« public
for (hr liberal #*nr.our
figemtul itivfo InHin lipi **t«itnr«*,tfik»* Ini* wi»v
In inform tlieir friend*, that limy have till IihihI
an excellent Muir menlnf nil kirnl» ufhnli, »t
their old aland, two drtora below the market
boo -e,iiiadf by ihemtal vea oft lie boat maleriali,
in die nnvol leihion Hnd inllie bed manner.
"Xlielfnt«ortmerit is large and well worthy llio
attention of iiierobeat* and fhoae who wiahlo
liny toll'll B?ain. I hev can aaainetbeir friend*
and the public lliat they will tell them very
hiw.and their atiortmenl la equal to any in
the tipper conn ry. '1 hey have likewise jual
received (loin Hod in, an extensive 11-sort
menl ot Haltri i material*, consisting of 9pa
niali wool bod'e*, old Mnakret Skms, \lcnliol,
Hum Sbelbir, Aqnaforli*, warranted beat, Oil
ot Vltroil, V'rd.aria ami Lngtvood. All of
which they w ill acll on the mod ' reasonable
terms Ifiitlera and thoae who wi«li to pnr
hasc such articles n ill do well to give them
ii call. DOKKI, & KCMUOliGH.
Nov IS.
\hO I |t K.—All |M!f*oiM indebted to the coil
cern «»| 8 & VI. Allen JVl Co. Lynchburg,
rip* retpieif d to • all und make immediate »e|.
th'liltnt, «th (in long r indulgence ran be given.
H. Ki M AI.LKN u < O
U (>■ « «»_ _ ul7
SiviiiS.\ Su.i ftsT
4 |J|IK •nl»*rr her hlU r» larye supply of Ihe
•a iibovi* irrln leu, and wiM sell them very
iriSt ISiSrtrr
rgim , lioust and l>l whirl. I or.
B m«'t Iv nn:u|ii* d on lIn* lull, in
I • i.ri^ldioi hood ol Mr MrXi ki di
JomIhii. I ln« ii a dr iialdr rmi
deuce far a private laini'v. I Ik* house is large
mid convenient, wi ll h good garden hMiii hed,
mid n spring of <vatei rloteliv f in pH'tuuhnfc
empiire, hi my absence, nt Win Tardy
S \.\1I, l AUDY.
lull • » IJ
TELvT lOfC/XT? -«'JJ *
tl,\Ut.K bit of t on's, pantaliious, Ved*.
bn* I 'im'i, Ladies* and Gent lemon'»
f‘lf»nU»t Hu r, -ho#*1*, Boot#. pumps and vari
»'K» oilier miIk lev in the lb*sj line, which
w ill be sotd on term* which cannot tail lo
pleme WALKKK At Co*
Jan. &. Kinponnni ol Fashions.
YL1C I, Imvo icmovcd to HiillocU’# old sf,tnd,
V w where oui nistoiueis will find us di-po*
ed as heretofore, In consult ih»*ir uiluiesl hi sell
ing (hem good* at tin low cut ea h prices,
M. KLI. ItOLl.lsU.N a CO
•Ian. ^
i'/.y w vuxit»x».y.
L £) \ I.MAUI N KS lor Ladio’ drhsses, a
|Q h auHt.il artir le
W 'Hied barege*, all shades do
Bi ll k I aliaii 1,0*11 ings
Bu ll blk Modena Baltins, tor dresses
Lisbon blk. Levantine*, sup. gloss and tex
r^yplian Fancy calicoes, new stylo
h I and 6 H Merino Bomb.i/iue , all shutles
Crimson Merino Cloth*
Slate color do
Merino Bearfs and Inlkfa.
Wor# * d barege, s* i iirganatam and suttin plaid
lldkl •
Swiss lUllars, nmv article,
Splendid Sub- Muslins
Plaid silk (iiu de Naple, very rich
Ladies' sup. white horse skin riding and walk
ing Gloves
With n great variety of other (i tods, adapted
to I he Reason, IM K I'.K, BO JiiNMI N sV. t’o.
Jan b
UIK have a lew handsome Liverpool l)i
mug Sens complete, which we are of
fering vet v low. Al*o, a splendid assortment
La ( liiiiH, embracing every ijoaiiiv and price.
We invite the atfiotioo ofour friend!* uiut the
public to ibe above.
NMvLK, UOlilNSON u Co.
Jan 5.
Imiu a
A FF.WJok. c Id edg' China I'IhIjs, war
-'ll ranled first (|tialit\
Jan. .V
M r K ha\»• 1 bis day received n case of
^ f highly finished I r^tiorns, n tn b loner
charged tlutn am iin| orted 'In* «.ei*.-np.
MrKKF, KOKIN.SoNfe 10.
Jnn. 5.
c^O IK K.—I wiili to sell my
tract »>t land, *y • iii: ut the
low er end «»l Uedlord county, u
i limit m»veil mid a hall miles Irom
Lynchburg. This Intel contains » acres, a
hum hall in wood land, the balance under a
good rImIt* ot cultivation, and well enclosed.
The itnpiovcnients are a eoinlorlftble dwelling
house, with all neees-m y “tit house-, and
good barn- —As no one would |'iiibitM\ jnir
chaw) without first viewing the prt*ir. ises, it
w ill he tinnece-sary to be more parti**t»Imi in
the description.— The tei ms w ill he arcoutrun
dating* and made known “it application to
the subscriber, living on the premises.
Dee. 1 _ __
Bn is It tv util my Bi{[faloe tract of l.amt, con
taining about1840 acres, Boo vj which tut
cleared, the most of the cleared land is entk
.low grounds, a pari of winch is highly improved,
and kept for tobacco lots The. wood hind is of
good quality, well slocked with pine Umber of
best quality Aho that part of the Oiler tract,
tying or. the south sidt of Otter Hirer, supposed
to contain about lotto urns, about 1*00 cleare d,
“00 of which are low grounds of superior quali
ty. The urealer port of the u ood land is tobacco
land of the first tiualtiy. Esther of the above
tenets will be divided to suit purchasers.
Any person wishing to purchase, con apply to
Jcsst Irvine, mar Xiw I »ndon
fan, l 1*40
BINSEV.iTo;L HtufSptJ: Tl'ftVEN l iM
Jt jus* rni f i % • ! h v
* I HUM * S. 1. I'CV KU
IB V virtue of a deed of trust executed try l
■ 9 Mark Anthony to the nibniiher, ai d
Robert lluuler (now dm *d,) hearing date On J
the 13th day of May Ifc2d, and of record in the ;
County Court of Bedlmd, the *ubscril>«r will ,
on the 27th day of January, 182V, beftue the t
front door of the Franklin Hotel hi the town of.
Ly n< hburg, sell hy way of public auction, the J
■hives in void deed named, and conveyed, on |
ttfich portion thereof, h* may be necesaaiy to ef
feci the pm poses id said deed expressed. Ai d
for wtiii l» it whs executed, acting ns Trasvev,
the subscriber will only convey to Ihe patcha*
M r or purchasers of said slave* the title te*
ted in him hy Ihe Deed aimt said.
1 he teriiisof Male will he accommodiitior; and
liberal, nod will In* fully mMd^ kuown at tin*
lime and place of sale
buivivirig Tiu»|ee.
Jan Idsdl
«y virtue of a deed of trust rmult'd bv
Mark Anthony to I he subscriber and J<dm
lleaden (how deceased,) bearing date on the
16th day of Jtmuaiy JH24, an*l »»| record in the
County Court ol Bedford, act.I Pittsylvania, the
subscriber will on Hie 27th day of January,
IhJJVf. before Hit* front door of the Fr**nkltn H*»
, tel. in the town of Lynchburg, sell, hy wny of
pufdic auction, the slaves in «<aid deed itatned,
mid conveyed, or such portion thereof ms may
, he nee wary to eli'ett the purposes fur which
said deed was made. Acting as Trustee, Ihe
suhiMjiibrt will convey is# the purchaser or pur
chasers, the title vested in him by Hit* deed a
fore»aid and none • ther.
The if mi* of sale will he liberal, and made
known at (tit lime and place of sale.
huivmng Trustee,
| Jan. 6. tdsdi
s r.J'dl HIRE, the pre-ent year, h goon ft
male i ook, wnsher and iruner.
Immediate hpplicHtion >s n cpietted
i Jan. h.
1 ma Its. JDM > 'lO.VlPM .v-J.trom Ric .tunnd
if 1 i desirous to obtain h lev/ young Ih
|'l«ef, ns boat del v To Mich fit W 1‘dt it sb« Will
giv« instructions in MUdb.
Parents and guardians, entrusting theii
children nr wards to her earn, may rely on the
trielest Munition being paid to then mural?
uid cnii)h>ri
n » v*. N *<j„ • *
I'icMi Drugs ami MeOiciueH
j— ,
$|V*Mib«* l»* i h • «• *»*lv r reived a^M A LI.
JL ndd * ni.HlMipnlyof FKKsll DtilTiS i\
EDK’I KS, which hi Ucn his ASSOKI .
MEN I voiy com j dele. II»» receivt 9 SM A LI.
* 1111 p 1!4 almost every week, hv which ineac*.
hi ock, tl’Oliglj noHlie I. Alibi K ~1\ is IlKva vs
MlE.SII »«•>•♦ auflicien to meet Huy order
t!iut lie may he litvoree with.
N. H. I’ri-nip i fnitll 11\ attend'd l<• i
liy Vn f!nia lire YtU Mi l.l vU.K.IX ‘
Jan. I.
l o Plaiitvts anil Kanutrs.
"inn Subscriber will give the highest cash 1
*1 price I n t» Hindi 1 01 loo* loh.u co, tlelivn
ed at bis Factory. near t>lai k Water Ware
ti use. in this place. Apply to I• is managci, Mi
Saiindeiat the Eaclin v.oi to the subscriber
at hi® oflice on Hank Square. 1'he holiest cash
price ''ill at all limes tie given (orgood Wheat
M VLlm r. 1 XiNCiliOHMK., jr.
Dec. 15
■ " VI cs Ci'.M'IM- PAN A
JW o.l i; \ Just iri'fiv.ddirorl lioin (he
1. .11. y, h supply of Sw tiim's ^(Miuinr Piinnrea,
•11 it r niliui'il |iiice nf tuo dollars. Also Min*
,liv utliar articles. 1H0MASJ. DI V AL
| >«■< 3 _
a D i our:i, #—A Specific remedy, safe
9 mitd itiid ctl'n lent ' cine mid preven
niiuuiptioii. hut nothing due. just received bt
Pi fc l Ivl » £11 El» by I ho man J Duval,
a supply of Linset d Oil, Spin. Tuipcntiin
\\ tiite Lend, superior Salad Oil, Maceaba
"uulf loose and 111 bottles, and a numtier ol ti
dier articles in bis line, which be will sell at the
lowest cash pi ices. May ]
I^lOK KI’iN T—She house ami
l«»l oil DlUIIIOlid Hill, opp » j
Mi. Will in in Thu»mail's. 1 Ins
i it a nemiable family reaideiicp, hii
excellent spring close to the lot ; ami a smoke
hou-c well suited to cuie two or thiee hundred
hogs. T. F*LL’ll HLK.
Dec .’v
local Bargains in Cloths
FBI IIOSF. who w ani C loth*, would find it to
H their interest io call on the aub-cribiM.
i lie has mixtures olive,s cUi 11, super $ mid-I
dling blue ami black Cloths, and 1 piece su- !
per lintinir blue, and one do. do. Klectoral |
black, which be is determined to sell very j
, ch» m>. II. ALLISON, j
| I) c gft _ _
! j^T O'l ICK—By virtue of i deed 01 irmt.hear
iB ing dale the (iih day of June, 1828, exccu
ltd lo me by John John»un, which is thdv re
j corded fu the county couit of Camphell, made
Insecure the payment of ceit.on sums of money
tlm* ihoinas Johnson, admr. ot John John
hoii, tier and lorut .ci purposes in said deed ex
pit ssrd. I shall piocced lo sell, at public auc
tion, tui riiiiisdfty, the 5th day ol Feb. next, tor
cash, at the p.eseiil i evidence of th said .lulu.
Johnson, hi thecouuiv of Campbell, on bciieca
iri ek, the following va w.ihlc properly, lo w il ;
g-8 1 gacics ot land on btatmtoii Ki«-or ami Se
neca cirek, 1*0acre- of land on Cub n eck in the
county ol 1 amphell ; also, 3 likely ncgi«. slave*,
2 looses, 13 heat! of cattle. !> sheep, go hogs, 5
ti Mihri beds and ftiiuduie, and all said .io*. n
Johnsoo’s household and kitchen turuimte, and
all his plantation utensils, 1 i*x carl, '.i pm, c
tiace chains and 1 loom. I lie sale will coiu.m
ue from day to day if necessary The t» ustce
will convey such nth only as is vested in bi,„ Uy
virtue of ihe deed above named, which it believ
ed to be good
IVM I. HAKVUV, Trustee.
- _ Kl»
SO jounjj Negro men Wanted.
AI.SU. H I.W ‘tl.Ut VOUMK Wl.|l.«|| il b..v«
I hr sub,. nt.n will gUe <hi* l.igliril price
j in KMkfor negroee of the above rle»#r|pt|o„
I Persons \» isliinif to sell will pietism i.mlte ’
inrUinle Application to Oik suliscrilipr In j,
A. M. WADDlLt, ‘ |
New !
Fxtrart A In Mousseline,
Hungary Water;
A» Mi I s n| Perfumery,
Just ie»:vi\ ed by
J. in V VI.
Off lo
VIRGJTflA —At K»W r.,M, n •« >'■ ?tlfk* "ft •* 1
HAAditr c4H»rt uCC'Imuii ery U<r the Lynchburg
the Jih d •> of J ♦iMiii y, lei!* Hawuel Ijatt.mi l*JH <
a|i ,M.‘j !•• Crane, H* Hurt, Wn Hml
mil «rr Cinm»I#jr,
The def.auaiit Le%w# J*. Crane.not bavin*entered Hi*
appearance and ftVen »r«urtf) accord in* to the art of A*»
M inhlv and the rule* of tfji» court, and it i-ppea* ii.e Hy
»ati«4ae,tor> evidence mat he b n • * an »Hh do taut «•! tin*
tit intrv ; !» i# ordered, that the *aid d« fcuuaPt nn **|»| u
|».rc .uithefintda) oflbe nelttcrfn un«i ..i.ew.r the
hill of the plaint id nod (but « copy of th,* order I*.*
forthwith Awrtpd in i-onie n»-WA] «per piiiiU-d tall, town
of Lyn hur* lor t.vo mouth« •uccnaeively, «ud at
tl»c 11out door of th* cotu-hou*.o in tin *nd t« u
A Copy—'l ie, J.Viil.W.f. t^.
) * -
illlCINIA Nil.' • M • ■
lb* !-uperior Court of Chancery lor th* l.>i » hb .»/
fii«ti »■ t, the fith !.»v nf January, l-29. Jam' brMi,
i executrix of lMtihp I,. tiriotv, dec. I’itf. .’L' uti-t i ay
«t*» bourn- him! hi* wile, and Win. Miller,
itdinr of N itlirmoj < >» i,»huw, dec. Jh<U
The writ of Sttr a S'anna awarded in tni* raiuw, not
Ih « *. mted on tin defendant Fayette Roane and Kli
/. ihedi hi^ wife, nd it appear nr hy i»«tisf.»otor> evuJeiuc
that lie y era not inmi.iUnUol till*country ; it l* or
dered, that the rani d«-;,*uiluiit» do appear here oil the
ui «t day of the Ii«!*t term and *he\v tiihr,il any they * an,
why thi* a ut vhirnld not he proceeded hi n* *pi-' died in
it, • »•,.} vVf .: ; m,d that a copy oftiiM older be li*r»),
w ub in*ert«-d in home new-paper published iu the
town oi l.vnchl.iir;-, for two months Mice*>-»ivaly, umi
pouted at the #r< . door of tbfccourthouse 111 the -a.l
town. A Copy—Teste, J W’il.IJi, C C.
Jin. 10 wiin4."i
VIKCIMA -At Rule* hoMcn in Uni Clerk** office ol the
{Superior Court of Chm.eery for the I.ynchburg Du
tre i, theToh diy of Jnnuan lc"i. llividtuid Win.
K v l> . Hiirvlvmy partner* tifihe lute mercautUo liriu
of K) l« k »v Mays, I'itfs. i 'aiiiit Andrew Patr^nuti,
flat id Karnev. urlntr. ol‘ Mary Ramey, dec. and
Prvton llmtiei nod Runnth Ins wife, formerly kin
until Katney, D« A*.
The defendant Peyton If untar and P.imith hi* tfiie,
not having < nteroil their appe *ranre and flitvn »e< oriiy
u« cortliuy to the uct r>t'A*«cnihly awl the rule* of t lit a
eourt, and it appear iiig by *ati»h*etory evidence that
they are not inhabitant* of till* country; It i* ordered
that the *nid defendant* do appear here uu the lir-t day
of the next term and answer the hill of the piuiutitT^, and
that a copy ol this order be forthwith inserted iu »odi«
new*paper printed in the town of I.yncHburg lor two
mouth* sure e*«iVel i. md posted at the front door of the
eouilhotfse in tin *aiti tow it.
I ropy---Teste, J VVllJiS, T, C.
Jan. in w*JmC>
\ IkGINIA—At Rule# holden in the Clerk# oilier oft ho
Superior Court of Chancery lor the Lynchburg Dis
11 let,the .'ith drty of .1 uni «ry. t “•"* Chi#* ell Dabney,
Pltf. ngniii*?. John Uutlock, Jaine* Paillnck, John A'Jan
mi.'I W in. (lalt, < \ or# of Win. Galt, do* . John Smith,
Jim. ex or. ofKlir.abeth t alUnd. dec. John North,
c.Cor. of Robert Iturtou, dec. Lditha i Clay m hnr
own tight, and im guardian of I*.ml Clay, Itichrinf
NValkei.John Walker, Maury, l.uthiui *x Co. and
VVm. I, Murk*, D«JH
The del'endunls Maury, Latham & Co. not haling en
| tia i< ii pp. aimi.'i* and git* ri urily or cord mg to
the il( t ol As-rnd ly uiid the nl ’h of ibC court, and it
nppeariug by •utinfoelnry evidence ih t they are not in
habitaiit.s of this country ; It n» ordered that the sa id de
fendanta do i.p|*car here outlie in*! day of (hu nojtt
term ami answer the hill of t!.<: plauitifl* ; und that a
copy of this order be forthwith inserted in sonic news
paper primed in the tow no Lynchburg for two month*
Miin - *m iy, Hiid posted at the front door of tliu Court
house m tin .ml town.
A i i-py— J uste, J. WILLS, C Ci
•Ian 111 wJm4a
VIlMtIMA- \i K •*W*s huldei in the Clerk's office of the
Superior Court oT Chauce'i y for tho Lynchburg Dis
trict, tin r.lli day of J timary, Isifil. David ICggiu
I •Ihtiin. hum I IIiggtuhoihm.i and Thomas lliginn
l otluin, merchants and partner? tralmg under the
stile of David tfc Dame] lliLginim'hiiin »i. f'o I*|tfs.
against John 'I Hill mhl \\ ilii* II. W ills, Catlett
W ills and Joseph C. Higginbotham. etc* utors oi
•I lilies Wills, doe. mid the •aid Joseph C Higginbo
tham as Tru.-ldi* for !‘olly Hill. Di tis.
The defendant John T. Hill, "ot having entered hi*
appear .nice and giv mi security tiranriiing to th« act of
Assembly and me rules of this court, and it appearing
by satisfactory evidence that he is not mi inhabitant ••
tins country ; Jt is ordrt ed that tin* iuul defendant do
appear ht’ec on the first day of the next term and mi
•'vr the hill of the plaintiffs ; and that n copy of this or
der he forthwith inserted in sonu newspaper punted i..
toe tow it of Li uchlnirg for tw o mouths successively, and
po‘te«i ai the front door of liic Courthouse ill The san
town. A copy—Teste, J. WIliLSd . C.
Jan. Jh ^ wiin 17
VIRDIMA A t Rules liotdcii m tho Clerk'i office of
i!i»- Superior Court of ( Imiiccry for the Lynchburg
District, thw it >v of Inuunry, 1^29, John Noting
•ill*'- Jesse \ otidg, IMtfu. :*iguiu»t Janie* Young, roll of
Jwsiiih, in his ow n right,:, ml a* acini'r. of Humr'iiu
A ..ung, ilr. Juinc m Young. Joshua Young, I ;n«ev j
} • nng nml Richard Yoiiii»,i 1 »Mr*:n of Jesse, \\ m. j
Wilson, »urv i vin*r o.f’uf. of Jumna Young, dee. liv ... i
Y "..i , tieorj'e D ill nml June lii» ttiftf, Thorutciu i
D jd f.n miiiI Sm !R Ins wifi Mom; Lukiu unci Nani1}
hi- \\ if.*, flrON.
I in .Irf'eiidHiif Ueorf’ HaM and Jane his wife, Tlmrn
' ii Tod>oii tod .Sailv ht- mid .Moses K.ikm and
.Nancy his wife. uoihaving cm' red ihoir appearance A
" 'v■ " urily according to the aett 1 Assembly and the
rules of tin. ci.nrt, mikJ it npp* -ring by sttlisfm fory r\n
deuce t h it they 'ti n not iidijhifnut* of this country ; |t j
i- oid« rn! that the .-.iid dcfi'i i'n.it . .o uppnnr hero on th |
in -I *1 *y <d*the. next leriu and an-vv «r the bill oflht* plain j
tiU- ; hint that n i npv of this order be fortlnvilh in.-ertod
in some newspaper pi intnlin the town of L> nchbmg fin j
lvv n month-*0 ces-ivel v. mid pooled ut th* front door c; *
the court hmiw hi tho*uid town.
A copy—Tirklc, J WILLS, C. C
J22,'JJL_ . «v8»n45
V iK<iI Nl \ \i Rule- Imldou in tho (Jerkodlee *
the Superior r.nirt of Cluncory lor thn L> nc-.iMirr
Distrii l, the '»th d.tv ol Juuunry, Iryyi. Thom n I
finrdeu and Robin i h is wife, David It. Hcott and Aw j
H Scott, which •*aid \i.uR. Holt is au infant, an ! J
Mies by h r next friend II nrv T.J£*rly. uud Henry 1
I trly. I ‘ It Ingniu-t < liui I • Iloury I ,v ue , ex'or. nfi
Anselm l.vieli Jtvcph Chill* ii uud" Margaret In- I
w ife, John Scott, Fa I win Price mid Susan hi- vife. It*,
bert Scott. Maria H I. f *v icb and '1'homus AldnJgf
iind Jaiitietl lint wife, Dells.
I he defendants Joseph Diilton and Margaret bis v\ ife.
John Scott, Robert Scott. Marin II Lefiww'i uml T'i .
urns Ablriilge nul Jannet his wife, not hs'.ng en*cted
th* ir uppi o am and giv**,i security afford mg to the m i
"i Asm i i 1 b v i*i tin* rule > of this coin t, and it appearing
hy satisfactory evidence that they are n*w inltahitaiils of
this country , It is ordered that the said defendant* do
appear here on ♦he. fir-1 day of th-next term and answer
the bill of the phiintiHN ; and that a copy of this order be
forthwith inserted in home new spaper printed in the
town ofLytulihurg for two mouths mm. * ivnlv, uml
poised ut the trout door of the cir.irtluuise in the ' .ml
tow r A < • py.-TeMe, J.Wif 1 » t r
Jan. HI_ _
VIRGINIA—At Rules lioldcn ui ihe ,|.
i i«»r t .oirt of C hancery for tin hiiiomu
tn. t. Oh- :.1 li 'I tty I,f January, I Si!'* | klu,urn' Iv'V
adni'i. of ClinloU" Sliri .v.linry, fnrmorlv (In,,,
i. illiit, uml -n.nu.l (, tiffin. J-.lin llnilin, Wm ,;rif j
f". Clizulu'ili r.nilii, and riiurl.il.,-(Jidlln, infu„,.....
*-.-la»u»H I* If.'. Ili-ir m It li umil. I'lir- umMun < iir...,;
I'*i'*r Clark, Rowland I'r.'.iou, Tli.min, IVo.io1;
id Wiu.-miih, dr. rbri.ioplinr Clark, o „ rli,' J
Clark, Suwiniin Clark .mil l.dward Cl *''•
to. minus,,,nor Hioiuirli.-pmoll, ua.ijiu I'len ' -
ill in, Win. l’ri'.lou, 1.1 izulirth Present, vTaruo r,"ur'
tun mi.I Dnstiia I'rraivu. inliuiia by .Joimi,,," '' *‘™‘'
m.l'lifciu., tally assumed theii sunnli.:.., Tli. ’ r'T,U' '
Hu hard IIup,on and l.uui.u Id, ivit; ,>,, . J ” '—i
Jordan Davis. Join. D ivir, il r .- ri'l'll ,V n“, .
»on liana, infant* by umuu.-Hti. r Item \ 'U'
a, .ipiiotl tbuir imi irdiHii, Jamoa H ,(|. , sl'r< i lily
b. lli llin u Hi*, VV ui. I'.Smu „„.l Cl ,, h'U'-J
an i it tan t bv cunimi.M.nicr Unnaab N—l!*
od hi- rnanliuu, mid Ilirjtur liar sl,Pclnl1) "•-'•kli
Honk, dot. Ibfr.. -lurri», adiur. of Hubert
Tin* dofondniii Wm, T S'coir
nppnaranci' and l'iiom. m v a "«* '»nn* <-nioroil hi>
t»*rmKv mid ilin rulva ufth. »c,'»"*i"* l» Mu- ro t of
-.HIM into.y I'vnli-oor that ' * ' ',ur'’ """ " “H''”""? I'j
rounliy ; it is ordi nal th ./ "l *!»*
pour lo rn on tin: Ir.i ,'a\ ‘ r!!" *KI1^ d,',CI'*luiit do np
iho bill of the plaiiitllf. . ‘"lp "lllJ ananor
br lortbnith Iii-. rt,... nn'"1'"' " <—l»V of tin , ordor
loivn ol ... J'11.""it.|'u|ii»r jirinudm H„.
po,|.of 111 tlirlli.nl n " ''' Ulonln. wr-tr-.ivrfy, and
j ip ’ ‘ dry—i .»*,•. J.u 11,1.8, c. c.
'yVl,,'." ri'b i l.oldni in th" otork's .ur,n of
IHatri. , ’ Ur'r/T" "r’1-’1""?'' ' lbr *H'bl«.r«
'• •";r ‘rrt .1*1 of No,. IS-.- Til, mu I. Snra
“ l"1 "''Brook, Haki r, ,|,f
>•: uidioonl,. Had.-, l-hani \\ yalt. Kano I U
*.. Boxley, Wm . ’l'ucker Hn,IrJ
at i in,ton, Tin kor r.,n illglon, 1'aul Cari iu«lon
I ' ""'r,' 'O'MI"". Paul r \ inlaid.', and KniilJ'hi*
lti* d* femUiitx Jt.h.i Pointer and Mai tha h*« wife
^ r.f wr;,nrr;iSE«, ?£
1 «0|>|.<f Still, ( Uf. Mill Uo iu -
I |»HI I'loeHtii Kioiubb Lhtrips ,
lh" uubsoriler I'h* tin* i hove for ?b1p at
ifiy rra««nal.ln f.n,., a, ivliivi, 1.,. ,m!| ie|l m
'* '*. u* Iv.r.T .'UI in lllldy , lo |.,c,..
„ ft. AU ISON
SW’Mil.xi? «Ml Cftitr I.'l) fo,. ,
4 « mu cy, ill the rourl house, on ft* *7tfc ,j.,. J ^
»«•>» IBL-. ll,„ry I.
u.uu« Th«u« H.rr»wi .«d i. h„ '*'
Dell*. |u ( haniirry. ■* **• ^
Oil Ike Motion oi 'lep’niniRbby «|i« ir com,., i ..,
Cd their several IdlU. tt injlhutma HUnril. ) , ‘ C *
rr train and inhibit the horn* <J. lemliu.!. J,4, , -pT01 *“
■mo, jr fr. ni > mi sry u,j-%%uv , or *n imy #»tm ,.*.f . >n *K
Inr *#f the property m hi* hand*. *f r ' | , ti 7* *’
bill, hint Uie fun hr r order and decree ofu,,,
• erniMf the same -mol it ;i,*pp*«rui;» t«, tLu »mi*t *“
lb •*onrf th.it tin* defendant flion. i* ii.vruoo |s * *
IHMtiiiiiiil oi thia coot »>oft wealth, awi w,"
piisliiliintnfiiii. ot.ri, it t» order.al thut tl , *j ,
mini ant do appear here oothe fourth JMotidi.* ,,!* x, ' *
next, ana au«wer the Inti- o the piaiutift*. , ‘
cop* oftiii* »*cder l»e lortnwith u.scrle.1 m \ \ ' ‘
a newspaper pi.blhdicd in the town f>Vlir*S!*'
on e i wr k fur eif .it week* »ur.es«ivfy, ,,r« v» *.'
said tiny, ami that another « opy be pooled at the r'* '
diHiroi t.»ecourt hu.i A «f this rmmty, ou
,;:|V A Copy. Te*ie, Cis*. tiAUI .\!\|i t iT
, *Ajf lb’1 1M t—At Hnlc* hoMen in the Clrt’h\ ,
4 of the SujM-nor f'rv.irt of f'ham ery for tl,r j
bury District, the &I day of November, |r^ ‘ .
ard S. Rllis. km viviuv partner ol John ami p *'
•** i His, Fills afniift Wm. Duvi* »i d Robert*,
t -.’id. Wm. .^h.istc id. I hnun.l Siuotend, j ,
f'h.i*tend Mini I li/.ile-tli Shuslend, lours uud ,, »,r4 '
lutav.-f of Jama* .sliiisti-nd. mm* dee Deft*.
The d. feinliuits Robert Hhaetead. Wm •<lin*j..,„| t .
‘ uiund Shu*t<«id, Francis >*!i -tend nml F.liv.ni., u,
l» oi, not tins inf entered fhrtr appearance am] xn, 111
» nnty Hceordiiif to^fllcyet of Assembly mm ||M, |1(.‘
tiii# euiirt, audit up pour inn by sat is factors
that ilWjr are not inhubitu-its of Ibis country • j,” “c’
d« rud tliHitlu* vaid defendant* ti.f appear here •,*!** y*
In *t it MS' of the next term and aiimv. r the hj]lf',r !i!5
phmtilf, Hnd that h ropy of this order bn forthu ,/f, ,
s, rt.*d in »oinc uevvapuper printed in the tnssn ,,j j 'J1*
bill f, for tSVo ll.blitil sill ces»i truly, ruid posiei] l;.t. ,
door of the i r»urthoti«e. in the a*iid town.
A Copy. Tf»«o, J. Wll.l.s r r
1 I™-_,■!
IRD1NIA --At Iluio iioiduu in the Clerk’*
4 the Sup.tnoi r.iiirl of riianrery tor tin- |. Jl4.. j' 'rl
District, the 3d day of\uveinber, DfJd. Rirh.ii.l iw"f^
tier uu.l Martha his wife, Pltf*. *ifain»t ,
soil, luliur. de bonis non ul Tliomns K»-|»s*>0,, ' ."*
l tile fiainu Jesse Ricboson a* oduir. of M iry R , i.,,'' *
/ dc . tile same Ju«*c p.ichrsuu, ill lu- osvn ,V*
' puetend Km knr and K!ize»u*tfi bis wile, 'flu,in e '
j nsi ii and .tohtl Iltehe-.oii. Dell*.
The defendaut Thomas Kielu son not ii ivintr enter. *
I his ipp- iuance uml fis • n security mrordinp to thss a,
i «*fA-* tnhly unit lh • rule* of this court, and ji i»p|»r*Hr,ns.
; by satisfactory evidence that lie is not iul. duam
tin* country; It b ordered Ihnt»he said doienrln.it ,y
i f.j^.ear hero on the fir>l day oflhe uext ter;;, ;m,|
• v Tth' b 'I oft he plaint iff*, and that a copy .d th,-.,
; dor l»e furthvv :th inserted in some newspaper prints ,
tue town ofL> m’iiburg for lvv«. monthssurce**is>I\ Hl„i
i fiostml at tin- front door of th.) courthouse m the ’
flown. A Copy. True, J. W 1I.I.H/ c (
, J«n. m_ wViri.li
A^^IROINIA —-At Rules Holden in the Clerk's office
4 Do Superior Court of Dhannery for tlie T.ynrhhn,'!>
District, tlie 3d day of Novembci. 1*^^.
Rransfbrd and Aitfusiinc LeRwicIt, who mip a* vv„^‘
on their own behalf, a* of such other, the creditor* , f
Oliver Towles, jun. dec. ns may unit, in tin* suit, an(j
root iibuto to the CO*t* oljhe Mime, I'll I*, nfaihst .1,,'
R Dtihney. udror. of Oliver Towles, jun. dec. the . s
John II Dnbnsy end F3i/.«lieth Iii* wife, *
'i iivvlf'*, widow and relict of the said Oliver 'j'rvss I.- 1
jnn. dec. l.utnlon <\ Hives end M-uinhis wife, <liu,. *
W. Towles, Wm. R. Tovvlr*. 'J’homn* ||. Tovs l,
John Towle*, t’aroltne HI. Towle* and Alfi.-d Tossl.
tlie four Inst infants by Foinnii*.<ioiier lb na<d,
. uillv ii‘>«ipned their fuardinu Deft*.
( The defendant Oliver YV.Tnv les.uot liavinp rntcr.A
nppe.p ancu and pivett scctrity accorrlinp tu H(#. „
*’• Ah*i rnbly and the rub * of this court, mu.I it „j,j,pnr|'
,V «it inflict..ry evidence that he i* not an inimhitaiit of
infe ••mictry ; It i* ordered that the said defendant fa,
o here oil the fir*t day of the next term and nn„V\,.
f he bill of the plaintiffs, and I lint n copy of this ,,rd,, j„.
forthwith in-erted in ome new *p.-p, r printed in
tow ti of livnchbur? for two months succe**nHv ,m,d p0*.
ted at the from door ol liie eoiiriliDUM’ in tho t,)W,.*
A Copy. Teste, J WIM,s. r p ’
•yin kNI.\ — Ai Rules h'dden in the Clerk',# oifit,.
A the.Mipeuoi Com1 of C.'uuicci) for the i.) uchhurg
C.-trict, l!n* dd da) of ,'vu vein her, Irt2*j. * /
R fkfir, Pltf. against William Cook, Joseph CJuil
i.uil (ieorL'P Stanly, ex'or*. of l.diaiu Chirk, dee. ti;4
-uni .h -Pph Clark, (*eor^r Munly auil t ally hi» will
J ’!• K< i tiBund I'hoclm in- vuli:, jolm lirowu ami Cu;
•!HUI hib y\ de, Shiiuh I Clark, Michael ain,t ♦
Mary Ann In- wile, John Canduic and .Nano hi- w,p.
a -i John Kerr and Calhunnu hi.- wife. Delta. r
'1 fie defendant .Michael .M n.-pili and Nancy hi- w iff
in.t li.»v lug entered lam appear ante and given H.nirn 5
n eordnig to the m-lof Asm inhiy and tin- rule*. ot rid;
' «.eit, mill It appearing h> Mtlislaciory evidence (li„
they are not Inlinhiiants oflhi- roiiuti v ; It is ordered
that the - ofi defendant* do appear here on the fijat *JM
"l llie next t«im ami answer Die bill ofUiepiamiitl-, amt
thul a ropy ofthis order Am forthwith iu-ened m -oi„ ,
new>puper printed in the town ol l.yudiburp In* ,w„
in out H # :re»--i\iHy and posted at tbe front doer of chv
rout thouse hi the suid, unv a A Copv — 1t. t. .
fl. WILLH.C C.
Jan. !3 wshnCJ
* ♦/’IHCIMA—At rideslo.lden iu the clerk’9 office ,.r
' *he So,"- tor Court of Clianeery I’m the Lvnrlib
Di*triel, tii • Ad day of N’ov. I Aug. f.Httvvicii, \,
V diihf John It. North and Alira n R...v'o.ih **n , j r
N. Itohiiiaon, adnirs. of David North, de#. J mie- t f
I dig and Fti/aheth North, widow of the mid l>a.e'’
North, dec. deft-.
I he dnleml mt, John ft. North not having entered |e
•PI*'’ irauce and given n fin itv a< cordit g to the act of » '*
-enildv and the rule* d’thi- court, ami It appearin'7 ’ "
u-t •etmy evidn ee th it he i- not an tuhahitn' • ** ^ ?3 *
«■•**•> It i order* d mat the -nd defeitdtn i "
‘"/•’on Ihe Pr-l d.y *d tin* next term nUd„„ *
oli 'In* !»hnnnff ; nud ill at a copy of this < ./ ' r.r .
with in.-ei te in •••our new-naiMM i i> r,
l.\ iirhlniT. thrlw*. no.nt!i \Uer, 11 h'w"
the from door *>f the coui thoUsp y * . and po-irj u'.
\ . oov—'i'e-le J **wn*
j»d,J ’ d. wnxK.c.c.
__ f wShn 13
WWiKHIMA-At Itu),.. .T t —’l
* the So,tenor (V.rt •"'I!1™ ****p,Prk * v
Distil, t. the Ad dx i p|( forth.* fv nc‘.hurtf
of Jr-.. Clark-en \ * . V. Robert Kite . Mtlirir
Jolm 51. MnrUn ’ Juntos < latk-ou,
dert*. ’ 4>,,n ••"hawk and Hudson fiiarlu^
'I’hp defendant gi , ...
ppe:., hip,. "‘"'Lon Mot urf not having entered hif
„,^i ||( ,' f ivpiispptiritt iierording to the act «i‘
|, r , . ,,|r ' "h • ofthi- oanri, and it appearh.g hy
. ^tnleiico ill.*! he i* not ;ih Hiliahilaut ol ileJ
' "rden,*l Hrit the -;;ld drfendmd »*o appear
•' o' ir l'' r °d fhe next terniwAc an-vver the lull « f
p. " atiif. ,v albotrtdiptv cau-e.tf nuy he ran. why tin*
id n ‘0.'^ , ,u'* Vr«H'wii.-d in.iu tlm c eine of tbe presi af.
" j'lii.t.M vid Ji vs,. Clarkson I.avigg departed thw
, the iosittiitUiti ol the-nit: wad tfiHt a r#ipy nf
#1*5 order he htrilivvitn in-er|f.,t j,, gj.fj,* new-pa per p'in
J d iu the Hove <d Lynchburg, f* . two month- sucre—nr
f v: I'"'1' '* at the front wour i f the court liou-e in th
. MHlI tO'.VU.
| A eopy 'i'esle, J. V\ ff.L8. C. C.
_ Jatl- »___ wanl3
Vf* hhIMA—At rules hoUtbu in tjio Clerk's ofth*** ri
'#> th<- .Superior < o. t of< htmccry f'«»r the Lynchburg
D v',"'l* dd day i November. Ir-.1- Austin W righ:
I I'.tl'. uruuist Hubert W, *• St, \y,„. Wngl.i, Jol>u
Vv > i 'tit, >i,-n. .*f ivs, Wei Cumpltu and Mary l.fi
didm i.diuiiiul- nun Sully in> wife, Lavender
I.uiidon nml J.ii h hi- wife, Charles Edmund*. Win
I uuiuiiits Iti.w land Kduitiiuls, Jobii Ldimuiib. Joseph
M,l> Ja»"‘ his wiIV. Clii sley Kem.ev am. Mm fd.i
VMio.Ct rge Vniighnn „V Alev Ills wife.Akv Etiimm •! !
mid Kuw 1 ni.I Edmund* and Charles Eduu.uds. exor
id > imu | ] damn !s. dev. uiui Alexander r.rovvn.Jaum
j N i .dmuml- and Vl-m. »/nrt rove. r.tor-. K-llitU
Edmunds w idow, and /.a.-karinli. M«u v, Sally. Sum
I m I. Fhv.alirtli. Lucy, and Jan es Edmunds, children *•
| San ml Edmund*, doc Deftb
I a*- defendant Kohert \V right, not havirp entered h 4
ippeai anc : and given security neroiding to tl.. art ^
Ass. mhly and the rule* of thi court, and it appearing
l-v sati-fuetory . vtdein e that he i, ot an ir.liahmml dt*
| tins. oantry ; It i> ordered thut the said .1. i> udant da
j nppi'iir here on the fir*t da* oj i;.ne.\t ti"iu and no
: ■‘vv,r*de lull of the plmriliir, and that a copy of ihisorihr
, he ho thw dh inserted in snaie new-pupei printed iu the
j town of I.m, hlmrir for tvv » tiioutlia succevively and
posted m[!ir ft nut tloot ofthe courthouse in the suH tovvp
. A Copy—Trfsti, J. WILIS, C. C
Jlltl- W-_ wJin »
V I KtilM 1 — At Knles hidden in the Clerk.* oiUce oft!;*’
Superior Court of f ham-cry for the Lynchburg Dis
lilt', the dth day of J uni ary, !*”>. Jttc,,h Prilliauitu .
V’ David Owen and Lunsford Loving, cx'ut.
ot Lev i On on* doc. L)cfis.
Th.-drfrml.mt D.ivnI not Imvmr untered hi#
n|.|.r»!':iiic',' on.i „n,.:, M.,.„rji_v u. cordlllL' to Ike »• t of
Assembly a id the rules ofy,,* c ourt, nml it appearing l-V
*ati.»i t tory evi.loi'ti »l» • i he |* not mi inhiibitniit of ttu*
e.Mintry—It IS order,al. th^ the swiil defendmit do up
pear here on the lirM d,.> oftlie next term, nod Answer
the bdl oi the plain:iff; and that a cpy oftki*order h#
lorthw ith inserted in some new spaper print* d in »bc
'•wn ot Lynchburg lor tvvomonth* successively, aadp**
Ud at die ir.iut do..- oftho court-lu.m*e in che'said U'W»
A 1 «>]•>’—feale, j W ILLS, C. C.
Janlj_ wi.utf
^■Qlicr is hereby given, that the Ac w Gift s
t ^ I, / ■ linerly in the occupancy of
Ja*. . P*'mile on, lu.s Keen this venr tented by
me as tniafee fo* llie ben* fit of (, IVedb ton end
hoi clii.'tien. (hi* eslHi.lishiuei.t wii', m I"’
luce, !'h ( it-ifiion undei the management o*
,s* tY.n.iftoii who invites ..11 . f her friend*
c,‘ *• »‘»C them 4fmt nothing on hei part sLa^J
be vvouti.ig to n i.cWib j. ^it(infin*i c .mfoi tabif
HILL v'AH'l'j- l^iruafef* h»r
4 *« IVndSetoa utid chiftlt< c
*f4° vehv^

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