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judicial salon," and instruct m to repmt it
h&ck and rooornintil ita paawge. The
amendment propped t the prtiwnt law
provides that a party interwited may make
a motion to st ani J the sale for grotm Inad
equacy of prico.
In the Senate tho following Ull waa
paaned by a vote of, yean, 21; nava, 1;
Senator Carroll, of Miami, having voted
The bill mfht bo mentioned as an act
to erect and maintain a dam across tha
Kaniian river in Bhawneo county, and It
reads aa follows:
Sk.tiom 1. That there bo and U hereby
granted unto James Anthony andhtssuo
cemiors, personal or corporate, and their
Buocutwors and annigriH, the right to erect,
construct and forever maintain a eorico of
three certain dams across the Kansas- river
at any suitable place weHt of the city of To
peka, and not farther up the rlror than tha
wwiternmoHt line of Shawaoa oounty, where
said James Anthony and h.'ji aiwiciatoa hava
acquired or may herenfter acquire the Uads
on tho banks of said river. If any of u&ld
damn shall, not have boon oonntructod, or the
construction of which nhatl not have been
commenced, within a period of three years
from tho time this act shall take effect, the
rights hereby granted, so far aa applicabl s
to any dam the countructioa of which shall
not have been commenced, shall thereafter
vent In any person, pernoan or corporation
dtiring to toke advantage of the provlnlona
hereof, under the terms, condition!) and re
strictions of thli act, and such person, per
sons or corporation shall have the right to
oonHtruct and maintain such dAra or dams
acronn said river upon which tho work of
construction has not been bogun: Provided,
That the rights hereby granted shall be lim
ited to such ownoruhlp or righti aa the state
may have in tho bod or bunks of s&id river,
and shall not be construed as granting any
right to overflow any other lands by the
erection of such dam or damn until the right
to overflow such other lands shall have boon
acquired as provided by law.
Sec. 2. All acts and parts of acts In conflict
with this act are hereby repealed, and this
act shall take effect and be in full force from
and after its publication in the official state
Cancora and cancerous tumors ore
cured by the purifying effects of Aycr'a
The Standard Shorthand School, C30
Kantmj avenue, Topeka, Kan., began lta
career In our city three years ago wlih
ono pupil. It now ranka the largest la
the state.
Mult Money.
A good, live man wanted In every coun
ty tojjhandle a specialty. Big money In It.
Write for particulars.
II. 0. Palen & Co., Kansas City, Mo.
Illgdon & Illgdon, Washington asso
ciate, late examiner United Statai patent
ofllce for twelve years, patent lawyers, so
licitors of American and foreign patents,
rooms 55 and 03 Hall building, Kuma
City, Mo., and 80 Le Droit building,
Washington, D. C, report the following
list of patents Issued during tha week
ending February 17, 1801. By applying to
either ofilce n printed copy of any patent
here named can be obtained for 23 cents
in stamps. Bend for book of Instructions
free of charge:
Kansas. Attachment for cook stoves,
Moees N. Cole, Wellington; door hangar,
Samuel W. & 0.(1. Hengist, Kaneaa City;
elecrlo arc lamp, John A. Mosher, Abi
lene; car brake, car shoe, car wheel, John
Player, Topeka; means forspplying oil to
moving parts of engines, David It 8Uls,
Ottawa; steak-pounder, William IL
Tyson, Coffeyville.
For Weak Ilea.
If you desire to be restored to com plats
rigor and manhood, promptly, permanently
and cheaply, we will send you full particu
lars (spJcd of a reliable unfailing home
treatment free. No electric nontonso, no
stomnch drugging. Addrefit Bos 112. Al
bion Pharmacy Co., Albion, Mich.
JIoii?jt 'February 0.Tho Houko con
i,!dwl the sundry ciTlUrproprhtiun bill,
and Mr. Dockery B.'.id:
Thi law If.n not been oonapliod with by
tha dfljparljaeut of state, the dpartaweat of
Jufitlca, the dt'trtraeut of agrioulture arid
the department of labor. Four depart
ment! of this governmhit have wholly ig
nored the positive ni&aitataof the law which
require them annually to report in the ettti
matca that are transmitted to Congress the
number of clerks who are below a fair stand
ard of efficiency.
All the other bureau and departments of
the government have obeyod tho law; and
by analysis cf thoir reports it in found that
there are inefficient clerks in the patont oflloe,
ninety-three with salaries segregating
O; in .the pension oftloe thirtison, with
ealariM aggregating $13,520; in tho land
Ow'ce nine, with salaries amounting to f 10,
C(X); in the oi3c of the commnmiouar of
election one clork, at a salary of $1,2C0.
In the poaiofiloo department there are
thirty-one inoflldcnt clerks with salaries
amounting to $36,100, whihtt in the war de
partment there are nineteen inefficient
clerks, with salsxics aggregating $20,15)0,
the total being seventy-six incident clerks
in the several dopartmonts whono salaries
aggregate $53,700.
In the examination, hurriedly and briefly
made at the last sesoion cf the sub-committee
on tho legislative bill, we ascertained
that there were then about five hundred m
effcif nt clerks with salaries aggregating as
I now remember about $500,009.
The Vic-Preaident of the United
States Is allowed $2500 per year, for his
secretary; $1,440 for menuanger; $ 1,200
for telegraph operator and for tolegraph
page $720, aggregating a total of f-SittO,
Tha matter came up of supplying the
Ilapreaentatlves In tho Fifty-second con
gress each with a clerk at the expense of
the government. The proposition finally
failed by a vote of about two to one.
Mr. Anderson, of Kanea3, made a speech
la opposition to It while Mr. Burtman,
a Republican Senator, made) an eloborate
and vigorous ppeoch In Its favor.
In tha Senate, Vlce-PrcBldent Morton
presented a petition ,to the president of
of the American library aanoclation, em
bodying resolutions of that asuoclatlon.
praying for the pAcnogs of an Interna
tional copyright law In the interest of
common justice and national honesty.
The Legislature of South Dakota mem
orialized Congress to make the coinage of
silver free and unlimited, and that the
lasue of all money be made a full legal
tender for all debts public and private,
which memorial was presented by the
A joint resolution of tho Legislature of
Wyoming, praying for the establishment
of a wagon road from Fort Washakie to
tho Yellowstone National Park was pre
sented, read, and referred to the commit
too oo military affairs.
Tho International copyright bill was
dUcu3ucd At considerable length by Sena
tors Piatt, Frye, McPhoraon, Carlisle,
Hale, Reegon, Sherman, Evarts, Hawley,
Blair and Hlsoock.
It was discovered that American
authors desire this bill because It gives
tho protection of their brain work in
Europe. It la an exchange between
them and the) foreign author, and for
that reason thy,'want it Thy are
willing to give to the foreign authors this
market or this protection provided they
can have that abroad.
Tuesday, February 10. The Senate de
voted most of the time la a discussion of
the naval appropriation bill. Eulogies
were pronounced upon representative
James P. Walker, late of Missouri, do
ceanod, by Senators Cockrell and Voot,cf
Mbaourl, and by Sonators Berry, of Ar
kinsifl, oad ty Carlisle, cf Kentucky.
The Itousa dlscuosed the army appro
priation LIU, during which tho railroad
trannpcrLillon queutlon carao up, duruig
which Mr. Andron Btid:
I want to miy that none of thiM Paclila
roods are jutttly entltloil to either 60 or 70
per cent, of their tranniortJvUoa cl ar;;3i,
and I sny that every one of three cc;.ij.
has gono inV) a pxil, undvrwhiohthy place
the mail rata and any other chargs precisely
where they plenno, and, for one, I am willing
to sea Unit bill def&UJ before thee scoun
drels I am speaking of Miens railroad com
paniiM nhall receive unJue pay.
An appropriation for a public bulldtag
at Dallas, Texas, which had been vetoed
by the PmiMont, wwpusafd by a vote of
14.) to 00.
The National Zoological park, In con
nection with the Hmithuonlan IcBtltute,
was dincufloed aa to the large arproprla
tlon for the improvemnntof the park, aed
ahwtheH(K:k CWk park In addition
The legislative and general appropria
tion bills and the connection therewith,
the taking off of tha notorious CJaute
mallan, (leneral J. Martin Barrundia,
were discussed at groat length.
Mr. FIthlan, of Illinois, in referring to
the American shipping league, cald:
I claim that this Congress has not the
ritfht to take from the treasury money that
is paid in there by tho taxation of tho peo
ple, of tho men who hold tho plow and till
tho soil, and turn it over to the secretary cf
this league, Charles S. Hill, to the ktore.)t
tb&t is represented by niaa like Gould,
Huntington, Thurbor and others like thorn,
or any other spooial elans.
Representative Peters presented the
resolution of tho Kansas House of rep
resentatives favoring Irrigation.
Wednesday, February 11. The Houae
was engaged in tho (llucur.Blon of approprl
atlon blllfl, and Mr. McAdoo, of New Jer
sey, In his remarks on the so-called ship
ping bill, said:
The American citizen standing to-day,
looking at tho bay of New York, scos the
ships going out with every ling in th- world
except our own, and ha inquires, "Why can
we not have a restoration of tho American
marine? Li there any pomiible remedy? Is
there any sacrifice that we can make which
will restore our iltig to tho ocoan?" And the
voice of tho siron of subsi Jy rotponds: "'Take
tho money out of tha treasury and build
ships with a bounty; and thou subsidize
them, and they will carry the American
tlsg." Your subsidized ship can have but
one return cargo, the wretched, forced emi
grants, the discharged workmen, whose
shops in tho industrial hives of Europe you
boaftt you have closed, and who came here
to underbid in the froo labor market the
the American workman whom you profess
to serve.
In tho Senate the naval appropriation
bill was considered, and there was quite
considerable miscellaneous legislation
engaged in.
Thursday, February 12. In the Uouna
Mr. linker, of Mlueisslppi, took occasion
to sny something on the free coinage of
silver the Sonato bill now pending In
tho House, upon which he remarked:
Though tlio buslnftHA men of the groat
metropolitan city of New York may have
mot and resolved that it would dbturb the
business interoFts of the country, they ought
to pauso for a moment and remember that
In that groat metropolitan city, built on the
peninsula, bounded by the Hudson river on
ono side and the Kast river on the other,
with the great bay of entrance at tho point
they ought to remember, I say, that in
that great metropolitan city not one brick
would have been piled upon anothor had not
the great agricultural intercuts of ths coun
try sown the earth in due season, and reaped
its fruits in due soascn, and borne thorn to
the seaboard in ordur that oommerce might
have something to deal with. v,
Commerco is sometimes sold to bs a mon
arch, but she would bo a queen without a
subject to obey hur if agrioulture, the hand
maid of commerce, did not bring her pro
duxis to that port to bs sent ccoatwlw and
With Mis Tiunnl),
A boy li n.vl 1 to Ititve shvinI tho ktlu t b,n 1 1
from liiiinit.ktiori, MnUitmVi diivt) hfr
ikvcI from tin Inv.uloii nf )I ;ihh ly .1
lmttltMif Ayer'H f.arn.ivx lll.u ThN nul'lu
Inii:ii tl ttnm to tint sy-iti'iu and iMi'iii',t!"ii:l
fvry otK.iu uinl fllno of tho holy.
" 1 luini Like u a (tri'at of trit'(l! !ii(
tut nothing hat doito mo no iiiitcti jt'xn! ui
Ayt-r'i MarH;iiitii!l.i. I ".M'ik iift)i u livito
fii'lul rtToi'H tu f no I .: (iiltA llnl'-Iu'it omt
btf,l, anl I can fn'!y t.tify that It U thrt
IWMt Mood in.'.tlclao I know 7.
Ward, nr., WikmII.uhI, Trxin.
'('onfliH'd to nn offlfi. ni I am, from oim
yenr'n nut fn nnotluT, wl:U little or no out
door fxi'rrluc, I find Kri-itt ttW Ia Ayt'r's
Mur.iiiiinilll.i, which I )uti ii'icd fur iivcnJ
iri'ors, and am atpn'Mfiit uiIk with ei cli
ent results. It enahh'H mo to k't'i alwuyi
nt my jntst, enjoying the licit of health."
II. C llarnci, Adil.K'n, Mail.
ruict'AnKi) nv
DK. J. O. AYEIt 6i CO., Lowall, Han.
HolJlyl)rni:i;U(. tl,ltl. Worth Jott).
AdvtrtUtmerXn in thU atlumn vHil Ik imrrUd
fr itf.Mixr ymr Jor our I mi or Im, and .v
;ntr yrar fur Hwn n uiu.umu una. i nraa innrv;
fur Cm tion otn y(ir will Im chtuvtd KJ W eenti
J 11 TAYLOR, Ifirl. Dl.-Vlii.ion Co., 3Ci., t,itr
, bovn ruloDil-CturtA H('K Uron.e 'iui..',
ENdLISfl U1CI) roi.LKI CATTLK. Youtit
ttiuitr t ,r milu itnrM lr.it ami irrtinit Viuir
orders soHotced. AiMrnis U K. lU ir.n(i, Iir-
tnouier, nrxneiio., aw. ineuuoii auvo m.w.j
iivl fjirnws Kt mvlnircf I.'oo to f."',iO irll
OU lmMirted lreheron t;iIlloui and nimc:i. For
particular adi.lruNi K. U. Kuymonil.Wlboy, Kao.
HOMI FARM HXltlVi-Phorthora Cit:!,
with th CrutKutmnk hull Imp. Mri-jlit
Tewrlar ttltvu at hfwlof herd. foland-tWiiis,
aad Whits riymonlh Kih:H IVyn, tl aud fi, re
Bu31vely. C. M.Y. Hulott, Looiton, Jcl.rnwQ
county, K&rj.'i.
proprietor. Wo. Iii7 H. VVSeMia J U il. &'),
WU'.4W, K. Uree ler of lrivortad tkip. lw
burf, tx, tiwnart.t, Mewfoiindfranttt, ii'.T'Ji
Caiu.Wv Genrtwo, r.tR'if ani Iilirt lui -!tj,
lret laae or iieraaa lw?.t I'-WlWH Uu'Ux
ItuU Tcirriors and Yursn, Vox tloundti, lArgu tui
Hnw'l l!MJt-aad"Tiiii, Irlwli Kuf.ie.rs, KlrtT
Vhnte. ('oekf r and Japanew rifiiuih'.'i. IH'iU
Hhevae.iiid, toifeli "ffln Wii, liahloiM ldfit' tut,
I'oo'il'H i-i'ut ofl'.ws afnijrs un fmd. AJUi.k;:4
wlt-ti u:!T.; HloifXlon Iji An vocatjo.
forelgawice in that great ocean trade in which
we were once the socond power in tho world
but in which under present radical rule we
have beon reduced to a fifth rate power.
It must be remembered, sir, that whili
brsinesa men may moot and speak their
sontimonta there is a power behind tha
business men, behind the banks, behind the
gold men and behind the silver mea, the
power of the poople of thij country, who
have iloolftred in unmlstakablo terms that
they are in favor of the re-insuunce of ih
silver dollir, the dollar of tho fathen, t!iS
flnt unit of value on the coutincct cf
There is no power in any party, whether
one man undertakes to reproint it or
whother it be a community of men, that can
overrtdo the flail decision, the ultimata
judgement of the American people, that
crime against tho laborers of tho TJciUd
States in the demonetization of silver th.U
be atoned for by tho absolute and unquali
fied authorization of free coinage.
WANTKD.Teachera soaking advancd
montj or change of vocation to writs ua.
It only cojU a Btamp to find out If wo
have a petition that will suit ynu. Ad-
dreoa, with Btamp, Topeka Co-Oporstiv
Teschera' Aeooclation, Thompson Block,
Qutncy St., Topeka.
S?iwn Coo at y ADIwmcr.
All allhuce men and women are 63
pecially bvlted to bo preaout at tha meet
ing of th county alllanceon Friday,
March Cth,1891,at 10 p.m. Mathra
of lmportsnca to every member of tbo
oiiler wr to hi considered, and, wlttit.-cr
delegates or not, you ehould be proccnt.
Come and fail not. The queuiloa of tJj
fdllance exchange will bo conatdcred.

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