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iCANrus Lr.airxATt':::..
(Vtn-JUvivi from nMJi pitjr.) "'' ,
f jt may divlnlon of tawa la prp';t't:ato
Cekn.h tf time tJiat th3 Rclaj t;c;!.J or
evLVinco of lndubotidnim ir.ay hufa ta oi-
Attain, If 14 nhould to aw'nod btfcr col
ledible, a promlnory nola filvon to bunk,
or on a short loan, m!g!it i the en' 4 of a
renewal of Bald note creito a record upon
the arxomtor'a books of on cr many more
notouwlioh were simply renowali of notes
tad, tha burden of taxation repeated m
often ta audi nota is renewed, thereby im
posing a repetition of taxes on a single
money value.
Acaln, as your comsnlttoe views this till,
It ro'ght properly ta termed a till effortog a
prtndura to do buuiBcaa o'lfi'dj of VI tiato
of KftrmiW with the eltizena theroof, bocauaa
by lA,i terms It eicepla from taxation fcurtj
gin, notes, toad and till, that are gtrou
by tho pwple of Kanna.1 to dlhvsua tf ctaar
atatosi ;TI'i' of course, In teciwary, tut If
the election or our las ta that a man
'ieenpea taxation ty not doing biflftjca In
tha stats, then U.a low itudf y ,iit tr,'mia
rocoririly impels a pcnu'ty won" a man
to tl:3 amount of aunh taxes by cot being a
renidont and citizen ef tha elate.
' Acain the Lnghilature; of tha state of Kan
BC18 baa from time to tlina llmitod the r&to
of lntarort tftat may be charged upon an
evidence of ddbt aa it now atandn, 8 per
coal upon aooounta and 10 por cent, upon
contractu. To tax a 6 por coat, boartaj evi
dence of debt at tho rata of Uita in many
of the munioipaltlos of the etato cf . Hernias
would bo to compel tha loancr cf money
who riidw In the state to i pay tothstax
collector the major portion of , the craning
power of bin money. Saoh a law ia equiva
lent to driving out of tha state money used
la such wny by the citlzooa thereof, r
Tour committee, after a careful' connldcr
atton of aald bill, ara of the opinion th&t
the pasenn thereof would be dotrlrjntal to
both the borrowers and londars of tha state,
and thorcforo rooomnusnd ita ladoftEjte
postponement. ' !
The following reoort la made concern
ing the propocod amendment to the con
etltutlon of the state, proving' '..far
another vote on the prohlblt'anShd
rnent: 1 "
Mu. Si'KJKnii: Tho oommittoa of the
whole have had under consideration Xlouoc
Joint roaolution No. 10, J'rcpiilrjtf an
amendment to Boctlon 10, iiVxle 15 of the
constitution, and diroot me to report the
acme baok to tha hound androoomraend
that It be indefinitely poutpoced.
A. N. WmiTiwoTO, Chnircioa.
The quoctlon telng upon 8roolBg to
report of thd commlttoe, the roll waa
cxllod, with the folloiTlng result: Yeas,
Tha following gontlemea toted in th
affirmative : Mccnrfl. Alexander, Btmatt,
Eltjiod, Brown of Harvey, Brydun, Oirey,
Carter, Chubb, Cleveland, Cooiin, Cory,
Coulaon, Crumloy, Day, Dickson, Drake,
DuscsuaiEverly, Olllmore, Hardy, JI: vaor,
Hu-ttitibower, Harvey, Hclrcilch, Henry,
Hiclia, Hopkins, Ingram, JacStcoC Jcnej
q C5j.or.okee, Keaton, Lewlo, Leiy, tiup
fi.r'.'Madacx, Matchett, Maxwell, Ik'Cll
ms.0, HcConkey, McKiaala, IJC.ier,
MUllffan,' Mitchell, llcrriaon, Nowmain,
Nixon, Teirscn of Allen, ricrsoa of Pjfstt,
Thlaney, Tratt, Itolcl, llamlrji'ton, lllce
cf Bolurboa, Klca of CoflsyiBogcra of
Jlidoa, Rowse, Ilockarda, Scott, Blci
tcL;,f;iownlior, Shull.'BinlA' tt.Ci,
Doujvrafy Btaaley, Steele,, Btphcns,
Edward, Tucker, Vail, Watscia,' Webb,
WWttinxtaa and WUliainson. Total, 73.
The followlcj fitatlnmea vctod b th
Eitive: Ifessro, Burfard, - Cobun,
Cr-'.j, Donovan, DoolittJe, Doty, Doubly
(lay, Douksa, D imbauld, Fieher, Free
r.a,Clitb, HollenbacS:, Hoover,' J loward,
2Illaor, J'orrlJ, Nealey, Ihri,T'.bl,
Ccctoia, Sonn, Bmtth of Nccsho, Taaacr,
Teraplctcra and Willard.
; yiio report Was agreed to. ' '.':.'T
The ycas are Butde up of 3 Pcop Va
mn r.nd It UpuUJcana; tho ur.yi em
l.V. 1. Tcci-Wn ir.cn, 5 VuM-crAi tt
t :, .'A."i.UJOi oir n-n votK, ut wn. iaxasi.
tf r, CiT.izra; Ia tj?r.ttatir( of ray nt
ti.n,.V ri.uluu, La tiwlUUiv, IwL!ti;.
re;' ' , I tt :xi not tU.dj'vl to tctfj for or
;;S:tXi J;ut, ail I a.ca th'j rrfwwitfitWtt
t.'.-i ,':: x asd t!w l'owflo'a party of the
tiittliy-fecoid rcupivutitlra !.trict of t!a
t.ta of K airman, aad kaowiajf that there la a
dmrnand mada by a lare number of tho
rotora and citizen of the state that thin
queetion should be rxiubuiittml to tho rotors
of the Itat, and reft!izln2 that a minority
have the rlht of petition in a goternmoKt
like oura on all quontiona that affect the
rijlta and prillflao of the whole people,
and hotutily beliutind that an honont tote
on th5i jutioa undjr Hut election eyutom
now. adoptod by the state would f ore er
settle thla perpleiinir quontion, and taie it
out of the politico of the utate, and winhnij
to practically apply the golden rulo, ''Do
unto othera aa ye would they should do unto
you," I therefore veto no.
H. D. Fhkkmam, 02d DiHtriot.
Nothing equals Aycr'a BarGiparilla for
purifying tho blood, and na a Bprlng medi
cine .' I "
Flcridii Jtrinl Entate Journal, Arcadia,
Ila, with, atuto mjjp, lOo. Cheap homoo.
TAirrjtD.Tc'nchnra icoking advance
ments or change of location to writo w.
It only wuU a etamp to find out If we
have a pecition that will suit you. Ad
rlrc&i, with etamp, Topeka Co-Oporatlv
Teachers' Anijoclation, Thompoon Block,
Qnlncy Bt, Topeka.
HljJon 'A,' Hlgdon, Waiahlngton acuo
cUte, late examiner United States patent
cClce for twolve yearn, patent lawyers, so
licitor of American and foreign patents,
rooms Wand Id Hall building, Kansas
City, Mo., and 80 Le Droit building,
Washington, D, C, report the following
Hat of patents laauod during the week
ending February 21, 1391. By applying to
either ofllco a printed copy of any patent
hero named enn be obtained for 23 cents
in stampfl. !end for book of Instructions
fre of chari:
Kancaa Boot and shoe caae, S. Frazler,
Quenemo; tire tightener, Hewitt &
Buence, Turner; combined cultivator
and eeed drill, C. C. Hunter, Topeka;
machtao for dreiselng fiooro, lumber, etc.,
It. L Pattoraon, Wellington.
ivIIojf Cholera Curwl.
. CffDAiiviixw, N. J., Feb, 10, '91.
v (f; Ol'rrstsK: Pleaaa find enolosod
tZ for ptcUfgca of your Hog Cholera
Cure, u I know It will do all you claim
for it. ' Luliill I had three hogs slok
with cholera. I cent and got one package
of your oif.ro, us ad it according to dlreo
tlons, and at the oocond Uoiio I could eoe
an improvement. One of tha hogs was
so bad that I dragged him butel tha pen
to lot him die, but thought I would try
your Cholera Curo with him l&o result
was that when I killed thorn December
14, 1800, the one that wta the elcke&t waa
the heaviest, weighing 400 pounds, and
as long aa I can got your powders I in
tend to uao them.
WALTKa Quadlino.
Anyone doubting thla writing can ad.
drtiio this man. Ask your druggbls for
Stefcotee'a Hog Cholera Cure; GO cenU at
tbb ini etora, CO cents by mail. Ad
dn.!.i,0. Q. Stkmtjss, Grand ltoplda,
Klchba: . ' j ' '
1 Ad Lvr-j Ij, U Folk, pixdd&fit,, cf t!;
Niit! Farmers' Alliance andUrulM
tnl.il Unl?a, at 8U D itroci, Waahbjftoo,
I. C (Reform pepors plcaso ccpy.)
. .1 , i. ar: tr sun. iOfI
IIlcadoiiiTatolo rs-ttcrsl to comjlfla
T!,;fJr ksx manhood. promtfJy, pormAn?&-tly
auJ ohr?p3y, we will t,vi jau it)X particu
lars (tiilil) ct a rolkbla unhiiUas home
treatment free. No elootrio nonnenaa, no
eVvmfth druasjLrrjy. Addrcai Itox 112. id
Uv'U i"Uaxm;y Co., Albion, llich.
CONG !:':.' 10 MAIL.
Tnuirida, Vthfry lXln th Houaa
Jir. ltcr wll!u!xo'nr tho bill to dhlde
Kaoara into two Judicial dlotrlcta an
.Ivvtrrd nllcf tills were and
end wr..i pc.'.i.'d that provided fur pur
chadaj eoma IaiaJj cf tho Gtocklridge
trib of Ind!a.nii at two dollars per acru.
Mr. Vaux, of Feanoylvania, apoke of
thJa Ieglalatlon aa fur tho bcntCt of
speculatorn going uion the Indian landu
for the purpose of becoming the owners
of tho land In the flrct Instance, then con
trolling the territorial organizations and
at larit of the organization cf which comes
out of the territories Into the union tu
states. Ho Raid the Indians have no
friondj who nndertake to stand up for
them, they have no volco ia legislation
and they could not send a delegato from
the territory to Oocgrcca or to the organ
izations of the stata.
Mr. Perklnis of Kaneris, defendod the
Mr. Qplnda of New York, remarked
lhat Mr. Perkins soomad to be tho cham
pion of the Indiana here, if he ia allowed
to tell it, but tho march of civilization
la.it fall tilled the political graveyard oo
full that there la ccarcoly room left for
another corpse.
The poot oPJce appropriation bill wsa
dloounood, and the bill nlatlve to Immi
gration and Importation of aliens, under
contract or agreement to perform labor.
Mr. Quinn, of New York, remarked; ,
We know that for tho pant few years a
class of immigrant have been permitted to
land that has brought incalculable Injury to
our working men and women. Aa a utone
outtor I know that time and again hundreds
and thounanda of men have oomo otor from
Europo hired by adTertiuomenta, which is
one of tha plana the bounce of ihuj countiy
adopt to oTorome the American 'jmeoliaadoa
and drive thom and their farailios even to a
condition of starvation. It ia a notable fact
that every year thounandJ of maaona and
stone outtora coma to thla country from
Scotland and England with tho first dawn
of spring and leave again with the first ao
poarance of f roai in the fall, and tkr.t they
will get employment before the honest
American citizen because they wiUaooopt
almoet anytorms and conditions offered
them by the bopsea.
In the Benate private p-enclon bills
were paoaed, and Indian depredation
billj were diacuoied, and Senator Plumb
said ho was In entire eyrnp ithy with the
men who have loet thalr property on the
frontier by mcana cf Indian dpreda
tlona. Friday, Febauory. 20.--The Benata gave
oonalderatlon to many private pension
bills, which were panned, and th9 "Mari
time canal company of Nicaragua" bill,
na amended, was up for dhcuailon. Two
United Btatos district Judjea were con
(kmed Edgar Aldrlch, of New Hamp-i
shire, and James K. Boed for tho west
ern district of Pennsylvania.
The Houao considered Senate bill No.
174, providing for fixing tho salaries of
the several judgea of the district courts
of the United Stated shall hereafter be at
thsnto of C .5,000 pur tnnurn. This
makes &q lnoreaso in tho aalarloa of tho
sixty tvro Judges of $35,000. , .
Mr. Kerr, of Iorra, la oppoolng tho ta
ctttai, eaid:
Xhira ia a good doal of disaSActlcn grow
ing up ta tha country! wbioh la ccinotaatly
Lianufiing owing to tha conviction ' arising
4 the publio ralnd thai oar Judiciary ara In
jfrajcthy with tha wtalthlcr cl&suos -cf so
ility, Co no receive tha connidtralion that
Uity Qzh In our courts, aad the t tJis eym
pr.thy cf our Judiciary indinw on the ti lt
of tho ceryurtttJoos and the wealthy claraca
d Bodily. I hold that our laws ohoull be
suah tliat whon a man oocujloa anypublio
pooition, it ouftiit to embraoa an element of
self sacrifice, that thora ahouid bo at IomI
aoiTiepntciotiiim involve! in It.
Mr. Clif adle, of Illlnoio, remarked:
I utit.ll not vote for this measure tocauRe
it will incrcRHu tho eip'tnaoa of the jfovcrn
moat In tin turn of J.'.rX) a year. I think
the goutlexan from Iowa (Mr. Kerr) ut
f)redaaontlmeuttho.t ought to aiok deep
into our harta and remain in our miunoriwi,
BJid that is a man who accopta a life ollloo
from this grent government ought to be
willing to make aomo sacrifloo.
As the roputlij of Ilome went down ty
renaou of the innidioua Ingrafting upon it of
the idoa of luxury, so thin rpublio will ' go
down unlam the people maintain their gov
ernment in the simplicity of ita founders.
I am oppoHcd to thia meanure because I
believe it ia but a stopping -utone to othor
meaaurca of eitravaganco. It will iocrwwo
thioofit of livlug to thoHe who hold public
cflloe bo that only rich mon can afford to
take oi!lco.
The Houee pa:jno3d many private pen
sion bills.
Mr. Clunle, of California, preHcntod
concurrent ronolutiona of the Senate of
California, memorializing Congreos to
loan money to farmers and to charge in
terest therefor at tha rato of 2 por cent,
por annum.
Mr. Stone, of Pennsylvanly, printed
concurrent rcnolutlons cf tho Legisla
ture of that Btate, In favor of an Increatio
of pensions to por3onr,o who have loot
eyeo, limbs or tho uao of them, or have
additional disabilities.
Saturday, February 21. The House
was in a long wrangle over the Incorrect
mattor recorded In the journaL
Tho House paused the bill Increasing
tho salaries of United State Judges so
that all of them shall have salaries of
$5,000 por year by a vote of yeaa 1 13, nays
89. The Republicans voting nay wore
Moflura. Cheadle of Indiana, Cometock,
Dunnell and Lind of Minnesota, Dolliver,
Kerr, and Lacey of Iowa, Glllord and
Pickler of Oouth Dakota, Kelley and
Perkins of Ivanaas, Laws of Nebraoka,
Payeon and Poet of Illinois and J. D.
Taylor of Ohio. (One of the Judges now
has a salary of $5,000; one of $4,500; ton
cf f l.OOO and flfty-cno on a salary of
On the propoaltion to increase the
ealaxioa of all the Judges 15,000 por year
the vota stood yeas 25, nays 210. Mennrs.
Anderuon and Perkins cf Kanoaa, were
among the yeas.
On tha propoaltion to mako the salaries
of all the judges (.4,000 per year, the vote
was yeas 83, nays 150. Congressman
Perkins waa among tho yeas, while
Mecors. Funuton, Kelley, Morrill, Peters,
Turner and Anderson were among the
Tho post odoa appropriation bill and
tho deficiency appropriation bill ,woro
under consideration.
In tho Benata, Mr. Dolph, of Oregon,
presented a series of resolutions adopted
by the chamber of commerce of Portland,
Oregon, Bitting that In the opinions of
the citizens cf this place, the continued
discucdon in Congress of tho subject of
silver money or free coinage la having a
seriously dopreaslng effect upon all kinds
of buakeca throughout tho country which
but for that unfavorable Influence would
at onco return to healthful activity. They
therofore stato that In their opinion no
further leglol&tlon upon the eubjeotof
colnago or froo coinage la at preaont ex
pedient or desirable, but on tho contrary,
tho eflect of existing Laws has not been
fully tCBted, and that the best Interests of
tho country Imperatively demand a ces
sation from further agitation of those
vueatlons during tho present ecssion of
In tho committee of the whole, conoid
eraticn of the bill to amend the act en
titled 44 An act to Incorporate tho Maritime
Canal oosapaay of Niagara, waa resumed.

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