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To the KiilL w of Tu K AJDVOCATE.
J. V. Farwell, retired Chicago m?-
chant, writes to the Independent that
75 per conk of the Kansas mortgai are
nujita payable in gold; that free coinage
of silver will not help them; that in cane
the measure should become a law, gold
would retire, Oliver and silver certificates
circulate at discount and mix up things
generally. Ho write an If the eame
party waa to continue m power. We
propoue to him the following: Suppose
that when the new party comes into
power la "J2 they find 8,000 tons of gold
and 300,000 tons of nilver lying more
than useless In vaults under the capital,
that they conclude to deface the coin and
sell it at auction to the hlgheut bidder for
papor money and conclude to coin no
mora Bllver or gold; what would their
gold mortgagee bo worth? They had
bettor look a little out; It Is dangerous to
be Bafe, sometimes.
The next Congress will be composed
largely of members that have been
schooled in economy taught to make
bricks without Btraw or even stubble.
They will propose such wildcat measures
aa just aaaesHinent and equal taxation,
equal Income, equal wages for equal sor-
vcie, etc.
He also eaya "there are too many
farms," by which I Infer he means there
is over production of farm products, aa
cause for low prices. Another problem
I submit to him: Why are there 100,000
poople In the United States almoBt starv
ing or living on corn meal straight, and
20,000,000 persons without meat from
oeven to five months every year, even
among farmers, who raise and sell It at
2 to 8 cento per pound and are employed
twelve to sixteen hours per day? And
bow about the 10,000,000 persons that
are willing to work If they had tools and
land to work? How about the rush to
Oklahoma and the impatience about the
Cherokee Btrlp?
Ten farms could be rented right here
now whore there is one for ront. If the
pooplo had employment at remunerative
wages the demand for pork and beef
could not be supplied even at 30 per
cent, higher than now. Is there too much
farming done? n. L. Ferris.
To the Editor of The Advocatk.
After a sojourn of six months in Colo
rado, I returned homo to find the Alliance
stronger than ever; Instead of going to
pieces at the election and each voter go
ing back to his old love as some had pre
dicted. It carried everything in the
county like an avalanche; but while we
are rejoicing over the rcenlta, let us not
forget that this is only the first step; as
Mrs. F. Olmstead flays in one of her
"Many are the workers neodod to-night;
mighty Is the work ahead."
While a very large dose of new blood
has been infused in the House of Repre
sentatives, chronic corruption and rapaci
ty still incapacitate the Senate from
working in the Interest of the people and
another dose of new blood will be neces
sary before we can oxpoct any relief by
legislation, and the United States Sonata
will have to undergo the came medical
treatment. Meanwhile every effort will
be made by the oppordtlon to throw dis
sension in our ranks, the old campaign
claptrap of free trade and protection,
sectional prejudices, and mlflra presenta
tions will be used by a subsidized preisa
trom the great dallies down to the Utile
local papers, some of the latter's precari
ous existence depending solely upon
their fealty to party rlnjs and efforts to
cover instead of eipoalog the misdeeds
of a class of blood sucking vamplreo who
lnfost our offices from our county court
hou:!C3 to the national capltol.
We will ntcd papers that will lay the
truth before th people and edueaU the
In Tub Advocate of February 13th
Urother Kern, of Coward county, speak
In; of the condition of the Alliance la
thh county, oayi: "The great troublo la
we have not the proper literature to teach
the people anything outside of the county
pepero, which oppose everything the Al
liance docs that does not suit their taato.
While Tnrc Advocates was sent to us lost
fall at 30 cents a good many took it, but
now they can not pctilbly take it. I
wlah some arrangements would be made
to let the peopU have it."
If Drother Kern will permit a sugges
tion probably the boot thing Is to do as
we did la our lodge (Greenwood), and as
others did In thto county. Lot the lodge
subscribe for The Advocate, and for
that matter any other paper too, If they
can, and have them eent to the lecturer.
In this way tbo members would at least
get the moot important points at their
meetings. Of courae this is not equal to
every one having it at home, but was the
beet W9 could do, for latit year when we
organized our lodge overproduction and
this year underproduction made times so
hard that but few are able to subscribe
for it, hence the above plan until better
Perhaps the causes I give for hard
times sound a little oil to you, Mr. Editor,
but having for the last fifteen years sat
at the feet of the Q. O. P. Gamaliels, I
claim to be posted on this subject. Not
wishing to occupy too much space in
your paper will refrain thl3 time from
trying to show that especially overpro
duction is the prime causa of hard timet),
but may try at some other time.
O. Rubin.
Crow, Kin., March 18, 1801.
We depart from our cuntoin with regard to the
publlcatlonofreiolutloailaca.se of the follow
lag, which relate to the opinion of the cormtltu-
entiofono of the Veople'i parly Kopretonta-
tlves. It will be found that thin will be the unl
versal verdict of the pooplo, aodtho next Btate
Senate will not obstruct tuch lobulation ai tholr
constituent demand. Kditou.
At an adjourned meeting of the Ella
worth County Alliance, held in Klls
worth, Kansas, on Saturday, March 14,
1891, the following was unanimously
adopted R3 the sentiments of the meet
Whereas, Wm. W. Stanley, the Roprcflon
tative elected in and for the county of Ells
worth, and who has served in the Leei fila
ture of the state of Kansas as Buoh Repro
sontative, has junt clotted his labors for the
prHont terra; and
Whereas, Those opposed to and not in
sympathy with the Alliance political move
ment have villifled and stigmatized every
manuure sot forth by said Allianoo for the
relief of the raasHos, and in every ooncoiv
able way have sought to mold public senti
ment against it reproBontatire men.
In view of thoBe facts your oommitfcoe has
sought diligently to sea if any foundation
for censure could be truthfully sustained,
and have found nothing but a loyal obedi
ence to the principles in every vote upon all
measures in which Mr. Stanley was pledgod
to the people before his elootlon.
A further Investigation of your commit
tee has found that much needed legislation
has been piuMd by the House of Represen
tatives and debated by the Senate for no
other purpose than to doeitroy the efficiency
of the Alliance as a political factor, hoping
thereby to continue the old party in power,
that life, liberty and the pursuit of happi
nw8 could be assured only through tbowe
who have held the power so long that its
birthright rauct bo perpetual.
Jouif U. ijom,
Hco Lkitu,
L. L. hum,
Committee on Resolution,
V- ......
If you wjnl lo lonrn Ttitmphy lu the iWttnl po-ulM
llm el A'.irur Sittttthi v,t one. wnii IV. J. I.;,: L,
5'ioif.m, Is.inriii. li inli.lo riunyniitcitt wiirt tlio lat(rt
K.iil ml TcUunph CnmiMiiict in Itiq U. S. lr tA u iva
i.ir SHUATiOHS SECURED for graduates
0 imi
if, a
M fiilTy hii if written nn Hnn rjvr. In vlal.it lair, and waled with
Write to its for nULi; Ml JUtAi tiwi
We are In the trannimrutlon tmalwm
and rnn L'jvn toii any dciiiml pointers
utmitt wlnr In Ro. when to wtMt
hi c?i t w,.'l be, an ! what H'nijnnioa.v-
An Innufry oil a jiosinl r:ird will bt
atiNwcrc'l Junt t cuurtcouuly anl mt
a wafer.
1. To Mtilco In Palace Car.
2. Tha PiclJIc Northwett.
3. Naw Wxlco Fotdr.
4. Pott'and, (Ortgon.) PampMal.
8. California ExcuriloA Folder.
6. San Diego ol Today.
7. Facta About Galnaivlltt.
Santa Ee Route.
0. T. WCJI01SQN, 0. P. A T. A., Tcpck. Kit.
Fanneis, Miners and Mechanics of'Kansas
IlaU's Ilair Iicnewcr keens the hair
soft and lustrous, and tasj to arrange.
' r'.' . .... .vi
4: V- , :
1 1
Of any factory in America. Ak your morchant for tho "WOOD" goobi and taks no
other, rienfio mention Tus Advimats.
VOGO r.lilIUFACTiin!.'!G CO., St. Jossph, L!o.
Lea vu worth Couuty AllUnrc.
The next meeting of Leavenworth
County Alliance will bo at Falrmount on
Saturday, April 11th. A full attendance
la requested. J. Ni.kakkly,
County PreBideot.
The attention of the readers of Tn
Advocate Is called to the change In the
advertisement of Meenrs. F. IJ. Klx &
Co., of the Highland Stock Farm, on the
10th page. These jjentlomen will offer
some extraordinary bargains to pur
chasers of horses for the next thirty days.
Rltay County Alllanrn.
The next regular meeting of Ulley
county P. A. Jk. I. U. will be at Manhat
tan on Tuesday and Wednesday, April
11 add 15. 8. M. Bcott, awnstant state
lecturer, will be with us, which virtually
inauros an lntereeting and profitable
meeting. K. McDonald, BecreUry.
That Is the price at which the Flour
City Harneos Company offers to sell a
single harnees. They also offer to tend
one of these harnecaes froe to anyone
Hendlnir an order for six. Bee their adv.
in another column and read it carefully.
If you conclude to raako an order for
their (yooda be auro to send thla adver
tisement with your letter; In thj.S way
you will cccfer a favor on thta arid nr.
Sheep ownoia who will have wool to
sell this station will do well to corres
pond with A. J. Child, agent of the F. A.
& I. U. In Mliiwouri. Bee his advertise
ment on 13th psffe.
The Itant Kvrr I'aed.
JonNBOH City, Kan., Sept. 9, 181)0.
The Lawronce-Williams Co., Cleve
land, (). Gentlemen: I prefer Oom
bault's Caustic Ualsatn to anything that
I have ever used. Henhy IIenbon,
Clerk of District Court.
County Utetlng.
Tbo next meeting of Atchiaon County
F. A. & I. U. will bo held at Kill ogham
on Wendnesday, April 8, 16C1, commenc
iriflf at 10 o'clock a. m. Delegates from
the "subs" and members of all standing
commlttoes will take notice and attend.
A. J. White, County Preeldent.
To Farmer.
The Union Iron Works, Kaunas City,
Mo., manufacture everything necessary
for grain elevators. Power shelters, en
gines and boilers and other machinery of
the latest and meat approved itylee. They
furnish plans and make estimate?! for
nartlea contemplating erecting elevators
free, and where contract3 are awarded
superintend the construction tnd put
everything into successful operation.
Writ thorn.

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