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KA'CK. AH other current evonta mam Hn and
bi.Vii!iloi.nt coinpireil with tho trnic
f.ruytfle going on arnon& thy wretched
nin'jri of IVncBylvanla. How more than
(trance It 6Porr;ii that men who aro a
truatrd with the management of the faua
lscca b IT ulra of the nation tthoulj pr-rulit-entlj
Ignore tho whole lubor problem.
How can our public man live on yo cure
kualy when they lire living on the treat of
Emoukleilnjj volcano? Thuy mtf drink
tad male merry with their funeral ex
cureions, tholr tripB to doterrolno where
to locate national parks. They go out to
innpoct Iho working of some new big gun
cr the trial trip of a navy boat The
Prwjldent goen serenely on with arrange
ment for hia grand political swlrjg
round the circle. Thet papers di;una
thd small dotal I a of the reciprocity
scheme. The diplomats dluciiB the
Italian muddlo. They exerclae tholr
itateaman-llko brains as to how best to
protect tha little seals In the Uehrlng
sea. They permit great corporations to
tend agents to Europe to hold out In
ducements to Hungarians, to come to
America to work in the mines and on tho
railroads. The allow tho companies
and syndicated who own and control the
sugar and rice hinds of Florida to dis
charge their native-bora negrocH and Ira
port Italians to work for them. And all
the wiillo they never make one hon
est effort to correct conditions or to deal
with the root and cause of the trouble.
And what Is worse hun all else, they en
deavor to keep the peoplo In Ignorance,
and they malign all persons who are
honestly endeavoring to attempt any ade
quate reform. The land loan propor
tion, the sub-treaaury bill and all refor
mation of the financial syetem are made
tho target of ridicule and misrepresenta
tion. How much longer will thero be even
a semblance of "peace within our bor
ders?" God grant that the ultuatlon
may wait for the coming into power of
the representatives cf the laboring
clauses! Therein Hob the only hope of
a peaceful evolution toward safety and
raal national prosperity.
It la safe to eay that the monopoly
owned telegraph will not carry the real
truth about the murderous work lu the
Pennsylvania mining regions. There Is
so doubt but that the Hungarians were
Induced by promises never fulfilled to go
into the coke regions. They were kept
down to starvation wages, and when In
disperatlon they struck for more pay
they were shot down by deputies epo
chHy sworn In for the purpoeo.
VtThea the work was begun on the re
cUlned lands In Florida, negroes were
employed In digging the ditches. The
monopolists who controlled the land soon
learned that the Italians would do the
dziidgery a few cents cheaper on the
foot; eo the negroes were discharged and
to-day Italians are doing the work and
the negroes, to whom this great govern
ed nt gave the priceless boon of freodom,
are turned loooe to tramp. Tramping,
liHancea and hunger beget desperation.
Hoc we have thieving and outrages,
followed by negro lynchlngs. As a cure
for thla mischief our northern politicians
slrlek out for a free ballot and a fair
count, end spend millions of the people's
money paying for Congressional oratory
oa &n election bill. The discharged
Bistl tramping negro of the south might
li!ta a little mora bread and a little lens
ThdDuke of Boutherland and other
English capitallflt3 own largo tracts of
kr.d la the orange, rico and sugar sec
tion of Florida, They will see to It that
tfca "cheap labor of Europe" is employed
on thfolr premfflt'f), whl!o our native-born
nfjfror-s are ser.it atrarviplng. ThUfree(?)
labor cota the Kngllth and American
millionaires far Io.js than the shvo labor
contthe southern planter. As soon as
an IUlian or Hungarian ohvo (I. e. free
laborer) tfota sick or old h can be rmt
to tho county poor houo for the taxpay
ers to support, or if he dues to auk for
an increano of wages in order to Hecure
as good food and lodging na the old slave
was sure of, he can be sent to the coke
regions to be shot by a deputy sheriff.
One form of slavery Is forever dead In
America. Thank Ood no man or woman
may be sold from the auction block!
Hut becauau that righteous step was
taken by the nation, are we aboolved
from the obligation to break the chains
of the labor slave?
During one of the pitlleRS, chilling
storms of this week a frail little boy was
picked up In the very center of this lux
urious and "prosperous" city. The littlo
fellow was cold, faint with hunger, bare
footed and bare-headed. The agont of
the newsboys' home took charge of the
Every night this same agent goes
about , gathering up the homeless
children from the streets, doorways nod
dry good a boxes where they are trying
to sleep. Every morning these children
wake up hungry and fiercely eager to
begin their daily struggle fot the few
pennies they earn In various ways. An
army of them go about with newspapers,
another set shine the boots. Still others
go about for scraps of victuals. The en
gine yards are seldom without them, dig
ging in ash heaps' for cinders to cook the
family meal. In front of the popular
hhofplng places one has to run a gaunt
let of boys urging you to buy their sweet
violets and rones. As evening approaches
the cry of uStah yer!" (Star here) is
heard in every quarter of the city. En
terprising little fellows, theso newsboys,
home of them fine little follows, with the
frnuk, generous uature they were born
with still showing Itself In their faces.
But as I watch the struggle among them,
as I see the savage and ugly expressions
which distort the faces of some of them
when a rival outruns them aftd makes a
three-cont sale before they can got to the
spot and got the customer themselves, I
wonder if thla precocious enterprise Is
not purchased at tho espouse of future
avarice, solflshneos and tlxed habits and
purpose to make the getting of money
the all-absorbing business of life.
The newsboys' home Is doing good
work. A night Bchool is carried on.
Last year lodgings were furnished to
nearly 1,000 children. Tho saddest
stories are told by some of the youngsters.
Many of them know how It feela to go
hungry day after day. Tho building now
occupied is only leased, but bouevolent
persons have contributed nearly $3,000
toward a permanent building. There Is
just now urgent need of money for the
dally expenses of the newsboy's home.
It sometimes occurs to me that part of
the Congressional appropriation demoted
to paying the enormous rent for quarters
for the district militia, and for a' hall for
"rille practice" might well have been
given for this and schools to shelter and
train these enterprising newsboys, who
are caught so small and so young in the
fierce struggle for existence.
How entirely we have gotten the cart
befoie the horse In our theory and prac
tice of government. We take all manner
of pains and go to any amount of exponee
to provide shelter, training and employ
ment to children juet so soon as they be
come criminal. We ore not at all squeam
ish about "paternal W toward our bad
children. Rut we fairly shiver with fear
loot paternalkm will be the ruination of
us If we attempt to treat our good chil
dren with the same care. .
We have millions for thi employment
of criminals which our system produces,
but not a cent to furninh employment to
the moral who are seeking to earn an
honeut livelihood. We have 150,000,000
a year to provide for the industry of kll
llog people. Hut any proposition to ap
propriate $.71,000,000 toward the estab
lishment of life sustaining Industries is
mot with the cry of "aburd paternal
ism." The Washington Star Is clamoring for
a change In our naturalization laws.
There are many patriotic American
women who have for some time been
calling attention to the dangor of placing
the ballot In the hands of every Ignorant
or criminal foreigner who lands on our
shores. Uut the Star has hitherto only
been alarmed abont placing tho ballot in
the hands of native born American
As an Instance of the way justice is
dispensed it may be mentioned that Gen
eral Roeecrans, who Is on the retired
army list, draws $5,000 per year while
holding ttloo a government ofllce which
pays hlra him $5,000 per year. Did Gen
eral Kosocrans render bo much more Im
portant servlco than the soldiers who
tram pod with knapsack and gun that the
pay should be so disproportionate?
Murat Halstead sooms to be npeclally
irritated by Jerry Bimpsom. His 111 na
ture was vented recently in the following
dignified utterance: "There la no telling
how many centuries the body and naked
legs and ankles of the sockless Jerry will
bo Haunted In history as typical of the
overflow of foolishness In the far west In
the summer of '90."
Mr. HalBtead will doubtless discover
ore long that the same sort of overllow Is
destined to Hood Ohio and Indeed tho
whole nation.
Mr. Halstead further says:
"Jerry has boon prowling around
Washington inspecting the conditions
under which he is to serve his country.
We should not be surprlsod if Washing
ton would be tho ruin of Jerry. He may
develop a dress coat and a taste for
champagne and terrapin."
TNray what more sonsible thing could a
Congressman-elect do than to Inspect
conditions and study the situation? And
what an undignified, snarlish thing for
Mr. Halatead to say of a man whom the
voters of the Seventh Congressional dis
trict of Kansas chooo as their represent
ative, that he is "prowling around Wash
ington." Now I happen to know that
Mr. Simpson has boon a very earnest
seeker after such Information as will
equip him to serve his constituents
wisely. Furthermore, Congressman
Simpson la not one bit spoiled by the at
tention he rocolves, and he will not run
to dress coats or champagne. He may
prowl about Washington and ruin some
of the schemen of the conscienceless
demagogues and lobbyists who will In
fest Washington next winter. Corrup
tionlata may beware of Jerry the
What solemn nonsense moBt so-called
dlplomatlo procedure is. How much
owllshness and heavy wisdom Is displayed
in the wordy fuss and feathers of a di
plomatic correspondence. There la al
ways bo much ado about comparative
nothings. Such large mountains and
such small mice.
What inconsistency In thla fine- rag of
Italy in callbj homo her representative
and bristling Into a warllko attitude.
Hid thcoe tamo membiira of the m&fla,
over whosd wholly barbarous killing two
continents are dlplocnatlng with such ex
citement and talk of war paint and gum
boots, been mcro law-abiding, peaceful,
industrious citizens out of employment
and begging for a chance to earn their
daily bread, neither Italy nor America
would have known or cared had they
died of slow starvation In consequence of
their failuro to got work to do. And yet
the actual suffering of men dying by
starvation Is Inconceivably greater than
was that of tho men who found speedy
death at the hands of a savage mob.
And the injustice and unwisdom of a
system which docB not give men a chance
to work for a livllhood Is far greater than
any question Involved In the New Or
leans massacre.
The time Is coming when "diplomacy"
and genuine statesmanship will buny it
self with the common, every-day welfare
of law-abiding citizens. The coming
statesmen will seek to provont crime
rather than to patch up consequencea.
Mrs. Amniic L. Digos.
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ncss by tho use of siiline or il rustic purga
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action of tho bowels, without weakening
them. lieiiiK miKiif-ooated, these Tills retain
their medicinal virtues for a long time, and
are easy to take.
" I can recommend Ayer's rills above all
others, having long proved their value as a
cathartic for myself ami family." J. T. Hess,
Lclthsvllle, Ta.
" In lo, by the advice of a friend, I began
tho use of Ayer's Tills as a remedy for bil
iousness, constipation, high fevers, ami
colds. They served mo better than any
thing I had previously tried, and I have used
them In attacks of that sort ever since."
II. W, Hersh, Judsonla, Ark.
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Ornatoat Dlncovfry Known for tho
cur of
Itowm. Ind., Oct. 13. 1890.
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