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Tins iUDVCOiiT:
Moro than 11,(MH3 mcmlrs havo
bonn addod to tho order in Minnwiota
nmco tho Novimibcr oloction. Tho
Allianco in wainin-of eoarao it Li
WW.tarn AUumco No. 1S12 haa
adoptod ronolatioti8 heartily findoni
ing tho plan of Hon. John Davis for
tho erection of public baildingn in
all parta of the country.
A corrwipondont from Hammond,
Kan., oxpror-iHOH gratification thai wo
are to give eomo attention to tho Bub
trauwy bill, and ntatcH that it is to bo
dinciifitwd in tho Bub-Allianco at that
placo. Wo havo received aarraranccs
from many localities that this meaii
nre ia to receive general attention.
A correspondent from Curlyle,
Kan., sends words of encouragement
reflecting tho progrciia of tho Alli
ance and the awakening and educa
tion of tho peoplo in that part of the
state. It is epidemic, brother, it is in
th3 air. Not only Kansas bat every
fitato and torritory ia tho union ii
railing to the St Louis declaration of
We have frequent applications for
copios of bills introducod imd cpooches
made in the last legitilaturo. We do
not think the apcoches wero publish
ed, and wo have endeavorod to com
ply with requests for copies of bills
as far as ponaible. Tho supply of
thefio is limited, howevor, and we
shall not be able to comply with tho
requests wo aro receiving.
Tho poor, imbecilo old Capital is in
hard luck. Its persistent arrogance
and falsehood have had the same ef
fect in tho city olection as in tho state
oloction of November lank It dis
gusts decont people with everything
it advocates. We hoard voters re
mark on tho streots on tho day of
oloction that they would vote for 11.
L. Cofran for mayor, if for no othor
reason, because tho Capital opposed
him. What a mighty influonco the
Capital wields!
We dosire to ropoat onco more that
wo cannot publish obituary resolu
tions. Thero aro so many of them
that they require moro space than we
have to spare. While wo would bo
glad to accommodate the friends in
this reapect yot wo do not boliove
that a paper made up of this class of
matter would bo appreciated by a
majority of readers. It scorns a small
matter to any single Alliance to aak
space for these resolutions, but if
members will reflect for a moment of
the number of theso that wo are
likely to rocoive from all sourcas each
week they should be able to under
stand that it is impossible for us to
find room for them.
Dttlcgiitoii to Cincinnati Convention.
The following are the delegates of the
Leavenworth County Alliance to the Cin
cinnati conference of May 10th: W. A.
Harris, J. W. Stone, A. M. Thlatle
thwalte, 0. S. Hiatt, J.W. Horeley, J.
Blakely, 0. 1). Gould, M. W. Hodley, M.
M. Gallagher, II. C. Squire.
The State Alliance headquarter axe
now located at Topeka In the Dennis
block on Jackson street botwoen Sixth
and Seventh. Friends visiting the city
are cordially invited to call and eoe us.
Frank McGratit, rrct'ldent.
J. C- French, Secretary,
couNTca raoTJ:rr.
Tee following was Bent to Speaker
Elder, of the Kansas Legislature, by a
party of yond h Hen, la regard to LU
recent protest against tho panfaga of the
woman's auft?ie till:
Speaker E!dri
Bin Having read your protest Miunnt
wonion's suffrage, containing the ouser
tion that "when the laws of nature
should bo change the female organiza
tion aa to make it possible for them to
alojr 'baBS,'" you would then be quite
willing for such a bill to become a law,
we the undersigned, Immediately began
the practice of singing "bafio." llemem
berlng how alight a concemnon "a change
in tho laws of nature" would be to ob
tain the consent of bo great a statesman
as youroelf, we hereby inform you that
we have succeeded bo well that we
can slag "baHa" about aa well as some
of our male frlendn.
However, in our practice we have dis
covered that "baas" la not no denirable a
musical quality as you eeem to imagine.
In fact, without the aid of the soprano it
is very mouotonoua, Indeed. We have
found that no really great musical pro
duction has ever been written confuting
of ubasn" alone. It is of about as much
ufio as the solid foundation of a house to
which the superstructure haa never
been added. Further,a coarae,rough voice
1b not always tho sign of even superior
physical strength sometimes quite the
contrary. We respectfully recommend
to your nolle the science of nccouetics,
which demonstrates that the vibrations
of sound multiply many thousands of
times in direct ratio, as they ascend the
the' scale. Hence, It follows that tho so
prano voice must have a greater oom
mand of the tension and llexlblllty of the
vocal chords, and the singer must have
more sclcntitlo, knowledge, whether nat
ural or acquired, than can poEsibly be
used by the singer of "bass."
Now, we have become tired of listen
ing perpetually to the dull, monotonous,
growling 4,bas8n notes of "bass" (base?)
politicians, and we are quite convinced
that the perfect and triumphant anthem
of hariaoaloua government requires the
higher, sweeter and purer notes of the so
prano. We are of the opinion that all
futuro successful statesmen must and
will learn to sing soprano as well
aa "bass," We are equally cortain
that our defunct Senatorial Representa
tive is now sorry that he did not listen a
little more attentively to the treble half
of the song of hid constituents.
V e deem a word to the wiso to ba suf
ficient. We wish to vote.
Mabel. Mauston.
Jehsib McPowxar.
Emzabktu M. Lane.
Alice W. Cook.
Mart M. Martin.
Hlgdon & Higdon, Washington tcao
clate, late examiner United States patent
office for twelve years, patent lawyers, so
licitors of American and foreign patonts,
rooms W and 60 Hall building, Kansas
City, Mo., and 80 Le Droit bulldtog,
Washington, D. C, report the following
list of patents Issued during the week
ending March 31, 1801. Uy applying to
either offlce a printed copy of any patent
here named can be obtained for 23 cents
in stamps. Send for book of Instructions
free of charge. Please mention this
Kansas Check punch, George L.
Banks, Fall River; corn-planter, Hughes
& Conner, Sedan; machinofor laying and
spooling wire, Johnson A Hale, Frinco
ton; corn-copveyor, WillUm Ripdfl,
,?, u.i ! "A II you mii to hum Tolcitaiitty In t! iirtet ti!)'
lin tin J Jif ur a Kijii)tiii4 at our. fil W. i. r.,'i,"'
BEST 1-AOiUYluG te
IJnllon, Kniji. lloni!icl rriiir!"trni will, ilia lrcit
Kitilwny ami 1 rlfgnph I'omfMiiic in tho U. S. tor in
v i i ' 1 1 i v i m c crriinmv rrn rx) n ii i s tkc
inium nwi.uco Til a Advocate.
I ff"s we areln tlifluaiiRportAtlonbiiiiaifi
ik fiK !l V y anl r,i ulvo yon any acailml ii:n( rt
H ? P J a ll,ml "t lo K'. who to ki, wr.ftt
Xm n I t r cogt will l tit.i wliat ktu;ix)4i-
M fully hi If written on linen jmr. In violet Ink, and sealfd wtth a wfcr.
write to in rur ntK i.ukkaiuua;
An lniti!ryou a dokhaI virl wHl b
arujrvrtvl limt in courteotuly and J'.t.it
t. To Mixtco In PaUcs Car.
2. Th Ptclflo Northwett.
3. Nw Mtc Foldor.
4. Portland, (Orosn.) Pimphlul.
8. California Eicunlon Foldtr.
8. Sin GIq4 of Today.
7. Facta About Gnlnaivtllo.
Santa Ee Eonte.
G. T. NICHOLSON, 0. P. & T. A., Tcpcki, K.
Farmers, SViiners and Mechanics of Kansas
,l" l.,,'; M , Jin .; I, j i
1 ..r"'
Overalls, ;
i t.
Of nny factory in America. Aak your merchant fur the "WOOD" goods and t&ko co
othor. Plenjo mention Tub Advocatk.
Alllanoit 1'urolnulng Aitmry.
From Column's Rural World we clip
the following complimentary notice of
A. J. Child, who8e,iulvertifiomwit appears
on the i:ith page of this paper:
Many reader of the Rural World will be
pleoned to lenrn that Col. A.). Child, for
twenty years the purchaniDtf agent in St.
Louis for the Patrona of KuHbandry, has
been eolectod by tho executive committee of
the Farmers' and Laborers' Union to nerve
them in a similar capacity. Thin in demon
strative evidenco of faithful Service for
nearly a generation. Tho children of his
early day are the men of to-day, and have
irrown up with him in tho buninenn both of
buying what they want and nelling what
they have had to soil. In the matter of buy
ing the thounand and one things sold in n
great city and wanted in the country bis
twenty years' oiperience has given him un
exampled opportunities for buying on the
closest posHible margiun, especially when a
number club together and purchase staple
goods in bulk. This refers to evorthing the
farmer wants, whether it be for wagons,
plows, oewing machines, fruit tree sprayers,
buggies, carriages groceries, dry goods,
boots and shoes, or indeed Anything that ia
called for; and wo doubt not, he is able to
buj and slxip at very low rates when ordered
is quantities.
On the other hand, in the way of selling
the produce of the farm, his high reputation
on the street and among buninrss men gen
erally m W unououtioned jud', both Ct th$
markets and of values, afford him tho bent
poflnible opportunities for securing tho bent
money that oan be gotten for wheat, corn, .
oatrtfWoo), hides, butter, honey, c gs and ail
kindn of farm tnorchnndiso. In the matter
of wool he is probably the boot Judgs in the
city. Of this we have no manner of doubt,
and his annual sales and the timtlmoniali
which we have annually published from his
customers testify to this in unmistakable
We have written thia in the intcront of our
readers. If they want to buy in lots eerl
tho order and the money to him; if they
havo anything to sell send It to him and re
ly on his lofit judgment. We have no fear
of their being disappointed.
Ir.i:urnlon to Mry Unci Opportunity to
VMM tbm Growing Koulh.
Excurnlon tickets to Ilcgerstown, Md.,
and return, will bo sold Slay 20th to CB&h
Inclusive, from all 13. & O. jjolnta west of
the Ohio river and connections atone
faro for tho round trip. TickoU good
nntll June JJOth, with stop over prtvilffgea
at one intermediate point east and weat
of the Ohio river.
At Jlaorstown loar rato excursion
tickets will be sold e.vcuraionlsta to II. &
O. K. R. poSnts In the Shenandoah valley,
Virginia, West Virginia nnd Maryland."
Apply to nearest 11. & 0. agent for r&tc.i.
information about low priced lands, in
vBtra)nts, thriving townu, etc, will bn
supplied by M. V. Hichards, land and lui
miration agent, IJ. & 0, U, ll YllU

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