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Consul General Crawford at St. Peters
burg, has transmitted to the department
of state an Important report upon
the details and workings of a system
now in practice In Russia (resembling cer
tain plans incorporated in the platform
of the Farmers' Alliance in this country)
of making advances on farmers' grain
stored in warehouses or delivered to of
ficials of the railways of the country.
The salient points of the system briefly
stated, are as follows:
Advances on grain may be made by
any railway company on account of the
Imperial bank of Russia, authorized by
the minister of finance. They must not
exceed 60 per cent, of the value of the
grain at the nearest market place, except
in cases of loans for six weeks or less,
when an 80 per cent advance may be ob
tained. The usual Interest is 6 per
cent payable in advance, with further
small charges on account of a sinking
fund and commissions to railroads.
Loans to range from six months to one
year, and if not repaid at their explra
tion, the grain to be sold by the railroad
company at auction. Grain may also be
sold if in danger of deterioration.
This scheme went into effect June 14,
1888, and at the present day is generally
adopted thcoughout the country and
business is carried on under it on a very
large scale.
MI have also to add that the scheme
gives great satisfaction to farmers, very
many of whom declare it has been an es
sential feature of successful farming in
The Medal of Superiority.
This may be of interest to you to know
that the Monarch Standard Scales have
been awarded the "medal of superiority"
at the 60th annua fair of the American
Institute In New York City. This is the
highest award ever made on scales in the
United States, and was awarded against
the strongest competition. This verifies
the fact of its merit and superiority and
that the "Monarch" Is king without an
equal. During the past three yaara the
"Monarch" has been subjected to the
the severest tests and most critical ex
aminations by leading mechanics and
scientific experts in the United States
and has been proved tho scale of the age,
Also has taken the highest awards in all
contests to date from Texas to New York
including special diploma at New Jersey
state agricultural fair, 1891.
We are prepared to verify these state
ments and all reports to the contrary are
malicious and ungrounded.
Thanking you for all favors and hoping
our business relations will be as con
genial as in the past
We are very truly yours,
H. N. Strait Mfo. Co.,
Kansas City, Kan.
Terms Upon Which the Congressional
Record Will Be Furnished Subscribers.
The daily Congressional Record will
be furnished by mall to subscribers, free
of postage, upon receipt of $3 for a long,
and $4 for a short session of Congre&j, or
$1.50 per month, payable in advance.
The present session is a long one.
Single copies, 24 pages or less, 3 cents;
each additional eight pages, 1 cent extra.
Bound volumes of the Congressional
Record will be furnished by mall, free of
postage, upon receipt of cost as follows:
First session Fiftieth Congress, 11 volumes $15.75
Second session Fiftieth Congress 6.00
First session Fifty-first Congress, 12 vol
umes 17.20
Second session Fifty-first Congress, 6 vol
umes 6.00
Send remittances by money order or
registered letter to W. H. Collins, chief
clerk. Frank W. Palmer,
' Public Printer.
Higdon & Higdon, solicitors of patents
and counselors in patent cases, 55 and
56 Hall building, northwest corner of
Ninth and Walnut streets, Kansas City,
Missouri, (telephone 1,912) also 83 Le
Droit building, Washington, D. C. Keep
flrst-cl&aa draftsman in office. All work
approved by Inventor before It leaves for
the patent office or money refunded.
Call or send for book of instructions free
of charge. Please mention this paper.
The following list issued to Missouri,
Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska invent
ors for the week ending Tuesday:
Missouri Geo. W. Anderson, house
street letter box, St Louis; Robert C.
Arnett, device for taking nails out of
kegs, Fredericktown; Chas. J. Bloom,
churn, Elmo; Benjamin Brazille, method
of and apparatus for supplying motive
fluid to engines, St Louis; Chas. E. Coe,
toy, St Louis; Chas. E. Davis, tongue
support, Neosho; John W. Hardy, metal
lie railway tie, Shelbina; Christopher
C. Hare, drafting instrument, Kansas
City;Numon N. Horton, vehicle wheel
Kansas City; Numon N. Horton, bicycle,
Kansas City; Wesley C. Jones, water
elevator, Warrensburg; Henry Kuhn,
photographic printing frame, Spring
field; Marcus A. Miller, memorandum
book, St Louis; Benjamin J.Ravyer,
paper cutting machine, St Louis; Elbert
H. Roberts, churn, Mexico; Thomas J.
Trew, dish washer, Macon City; William
J. Walker, car coupling, St Louis.
Kansas Ephralm Benefiel, permuta
tion pad lock, Stafford; Peter Cammer-
beke, lan mower, Greeley; Frank H.
Evarts, windmill, Arlington; Harvey K.
Goodrich, device for separating air In
pipe lines from artesian wells, Topeka.
Joseph H, Morison, overshoe attachment,
Centralia; Phillip B. Tice, cultivating
plow, Longton.
Colorado Marion M. Bailey, momen
tum reservoir motor, Denver; James H.
Freeman, rocking scale, Howard; Chris.
Larson, desk for type writing machine,
Denver; Alfred C. Perry, gas stove, Pla
Nebraska Marquis L. Hall, permuta
tion lock, Omaha; John Johnson, lounge,
Humphrey; Adam WenzeL, corn planter,
Dakota, Nebraska.
Issue of December 15th, 1801: Pat
ents, 495; designs, 14; trade marks, 11;
reissues, 1; total issue, 521.
Read our new club offer "Better than
Ever" on page eleven.
Advertisements in this column will be inserted
for $20.00 per year for four Urns or less, and $3.oo
per year for each additional line. Cards inserted
for less than on year will be charged 25 per cent
I H. TAYLOR, PearL Dickinson Co., Ks Short
I. horns, Poland-China Hogs, Bronze Turkeys.
EVANS BROS., Hartford, Kan., Importers and
dealers In Pure Bred Draught, Roadster and
Grade Horses. Hartford is ou 11., K. & T. R. R.,
thirteen miles southeast of Emporia.
J-t stock for sale, pure bred and grades. Your
orders solicited. Address L, K. Ilaseltlne, Dor
chester, Greene Co., Mo. Mention Advocate.
ways The largest herd of pure bred Gallo
ways owned by any one man In the world. For
particulars and prices address M. K. Piatt, Kan
sas City, Missouri
HOME FARM HERDS-8horthorn Cattle,
with the Crulchshank bull Imo. Knleht
Templar 515C3 at head of herd. Poland-Chinas,
the fanners' bogs. Young stoak for sale. Barred
and White Plymouth Rock Em, f 1 and 13, re
spectively. C. M. T. Hulett, Kdgerton, Johnson
county, Kansas.
ROME PARK HERD -Poland-China and
Larae English Berkahlre IIoml T. A.
Hubbard. Rome. Sumner countv. Kan- Droorle-
tor and breeder. My herds are composed of the
ncnesi Diooa money wui Duy or experience
breed, with style and Individual merit represent
ing such families as the Corwlus, Black Bess,
I XL.. Graceful and U. 8. Among the Berk
shires are the 8all tee, Bella Donnas, Champions
Duchess and Robla Hood families. Pin of al-
aees and nearly all weights, weighing from 25 to
Boo pounds each. Ten males now ready for ser
vice for sale. T. A, Hubbaxd. Rome, Kan.
7 l
'Mb , 1
Cuts, Sweitlngt, GruUts. Sprains, Gail, Strains, Lameness, !!3
n4S, Crackes rtaqis. Scratches, Contractions, FUtit Warm,'
Strinqhalt. Sore Throat, Oistempsr. Colic, Whitlow, Poll viL
Fistula, Tumors, SpSints, Rinoconos, and Spavin In their eavjyj
Stages. Oisctions with aacli bottle.
ATI-GENERAL DIRECTION3.-Use freely In the hogswm.
Ithey will not eat, drench with milk Into which a am&ilj
quantity of tho Oil la put- j
GENERAL PIRECTION3.-Saturate a pill of dough, or
cread, wita sr. J a was uu, ana xorce u aowu mo row! s laro&s.
i LSI La
Boots, Shoes, Roto, Clothing, Hats, Gaps, Dry Goods, Trteg$,
Hosiery, Underwear, l.!i!iinerf, ;&c, &c, w&ich m sell at .
Lowest Market Wholesale Pmcgq.
Seod for our CATALOQUS and PRICE LIST, ws will mall It FREE to any addrefls. .
Men's solid Kip Boots S3 45
44 Heavy Split Boots- . 1 5
44 " Calf 44 - 8 15
" Genuine Grain Boots . 8 37
Solid Plowshoes.... 1 W
" " Brogans ....... 105
44 neary Calf Shoes 1 37
Fine 44 44 1 75
Solid Grain PIowBhoes. 137
Boys' Solid Kip Boots.-.. 1 75
44 Spfit " 160
44 44 Broeans.. 95
44 " Calf 8hoea 1 S
Ladles' Solid Calf, Button 1 87
" Heavy Grain, Button 1 87
44 14 A" Kip. Lace...... 1 15
44 Solid Calf, Lace ........... 1 87
44 44 Grain, Lace 1 80
44 ' Cloth, Flannel Lined, Lace S3
" Fine Doneola, Button .. 1 25
Children's Solid Solar Tip Shoes :
81zes 11 to 8 . 83
" 8 to 11 .........m. mm........ ............ 78
44 s to m mm-
lien's Broad-rlmmed, Soft Felt Hats.......... to 80
" StlH Black nti- ...h 1 05
Ladles' Handsome Hata...M..............
" Pretty Bonnets.............
Trimmed In any Shade.
Ladles' Fine Corsets.............
White, 8teel, or Drab.
, 145
Ken's Worsted Sults.............M.M,M....MM.. 14 W"
" Diagonal " ............m..m.m......... 4 C
' Causlmore . m.......-.-.mm. 4 U.t
Cheviot " m.m C5
Fine all Wool Snlts 7 CO ,
M Dressy Corkscrew SnlU- T Vi
u Vest Chevlot8-..................M..MM...M.M S CO
Cottonade Pants. I Hi
" Jeans Pants. MM.....................
All Wool Pants tW) .
Overalls 1 '
" Jumpers M.M....M tl '
Satinet Coats m....... . ITS
" Casslmere CoaU ...mm. MM
Worsted Coat and Vest 8 80
" Heavy Overcoats ....i S C5
w Black Beaver Overcoats 5 f3
VUillUlllS M..I...M....MM.. U
" Gray Allxed M 4 CO
Boys' Worsted Suits 13 to 18 years, 3 W '.
Diagonal " .... ...13 to 18 " Mti
" Caasimere 44 ...... 4 to 11 - 1 I
Worated 14 4 to 13 44 . CI
44 SaUnet 44 ........... 4 to 13 44 . 1 40
44 Caasimere Overcoata.13 to 13 44 I CJ
44 Worsted 44 .13tol8 44 . 1 50
44 Casslmere 44 . 4 to 13 44 1 7S
Tonng Men's 8nlts.... 17 to 23 yrs. 3 C) -
44 44 Overcoats ....17 to 83 44 1i
44 Chln'la Ove'co'ts, 17 to 23 44 W I
Men's White TJnlanndrled Shirts................. 19 47
44 Wool Underwear, per set. f J
44 Flannel Shlrts.M...........M......M.M.... .
44 .Mixed Socks.M.. . . ...... Ci
Coats, Wraps, Sacques, Muslins, Calicoes, Blankets, lzzz:
Flowers, Ribbons, Towels, Jerseys, &c, &c,
We fill all order and ship on 30 days' time, when orders are sinned by the President,
Secretary, and Bonded Agent, and bearing seal, or we will allow special discount s $ pet
cent, for cash. Send In your orders.
A. R,
117 and 119 North 8th Street,
HA! k OHO,,
A AnirHiummtm tntll 7i InasirteA timjlfir thin hlA
tor 2 cents per word tor each insertion, cash in
XTTANTED Amenta to sell bur new Farmers'
vv Alliance History. Write quickly and se
cure territory. L. Klch & Co , Richmond, Va.
XKT ANTED Alliance men or farmers who
v v know of a locality where a Percheron or a
Coach stallion Is needed to write me and state
the fact. We Import our own stock and Klve
personal attention to organizing "Breeders'
Clubs" and sell tnern horses at honest value and
guarantee satisfaction and terms. Address J.
O. Raymond. WHsey, Morris Co., Kan.
Pkts. 2 to 3 cents each. Other seedj cheap In
oroDortlon. We warrant our seed to be fresh
and of first quality. Send for catalogue. To any
one sending a stamp to pay postage and pack
ing we wui sena a sample packet or our seea
FKEK. Anyone needlDK seeds should corres
pond with us before baying. IBY US.
AtmiCZ SEED CO., Cars City, Kan.
Wind mil
FEED iimih
A double fTlnif
with three burrs.1
Center draft, da
be attached toacy
make of punjflrj
wind mUL
e. b. v;j::csa
Wind Mia Mafl,
1004 Chamber of Commerce, CIIICAGO, IUL
For IWesJk Men. '
If you deeire.to be restored to oompUti
Tijor and manhood, promptly, prmnex.Cj
and cheaply, we will send you full pox!.';'
Lars (sealed) of a reliable unf ailinj Ltr 5
treatment, free. No eleotrio noaaczz&i t a
itomaoh drugginar. Addreea Rot 11X U
tioa rbanaaoy Co Aibica, Uic

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