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& tie Editor of Thk Advocate.
The question haa often been asked
"Where are we drifting?" This la a mo-
ncatoua question, and should be Intelll
rsatly solved by every voter. That we
tuve drifted from our original moorings
h very evident to all intelligent citizens,
TThetherwe are drifting to a brighter
and pnrer republic, or whether we are
drifting back to a despotism of wealthy
plutocrats, is the prime question. Among
tlie aristocratic governments of Europ
ths executive, judicial and legislative, as
well as the armies and navies, are chiefly
t:oi to collect revenues from the poor
casses and pile it Into the coffers of the
governing classes. Thus Eogland, the
"mistress of the ocean "has had her wars
sad made her conquests under various
pretenses, whilst the real object or de
sign has been to collect the unholy reve
nue of her Jewish Shy locks and open up
saw territory for them to prey upon
Quean Victoria is but a figure head,
'While both the House of Commons and
House of Lords are legislating for the
capitalistic classes against the citizens,
. Our forefathers were wearied of this kind
of government, and established in this
country a constitutional republican which
every citizen was to be a free man, and
the equal before the law of any other.
The sovereignty of the nation was placed
with the people, and only delegated to
Congress that It might be used tc secure
the freedom and well being of the masses,
It has power enough to tax the people
for necessary expenses, and the use of
force enough to keep us in peaceable
possession of constitutional rights. Con
gress should exercise the sovereignty of
thi people,but should never commit the
sovereignty of the people to any part
thereof. The vital question Is, have we
ths government of our fathers? If not,
fcss the original government been im
proved, or impaired? This brings up the
. question. Where are we to day? Is our
government ship sailing to the fair haven
of universal happiness and prosperity, or
are we drifting upon the breakers with
out a trusted pilot at the helm? The
'- Utter, we think. We claim that Con-
: gross haa not only bartered away the
' sovereignty of the people to those who
- opprwja them, but has refused to the
citizen this right, and conferred- upon
; the home and foreign capitalist power to
enslave the people and destroy the gov
ernment That Congress has levied tax
Upon the people sufficient to secure ua
goon ana nonest government, no one
doubts. That taxes and burdens are in
creasing with the increase of population
find wealth, and not decreasing as they
should, let the last billion dollar Con
gress attest
No loyal citizen complains of any
reasonable tax levied for the good of the
people; but when Congress shall give to
corporations and capitalists power to
tsseos taxes upon the people much
greater than the Congress Itself would
dare to do; and tha tax not for the good
of the people or their government but
for the Interests of associated wealth
alone; and when that power is given
largely to aliens it is time the people
should stop and see where they are.
Congress has given away the nation's
sovereignty over money. Money is not
Individual property, but a national sover
eignty; national possession. No man
has a right to manufacture money, and
Should he attempt It he Is jugged for It
By converting the national currency into
bonds It permitted capitalists to collect
13.000,000,000 off the people In interest
premiums, discounts, etc.
By Instituting the national banking
f yttem 1100,000,000 of the people's money,
costing us nothing, was destroyed, and
the people were compelled to borrow
back their own money In the form of
bank notes, at from 6 to 80 per cent,
while they might have used the green
backs witnout interest we are now
paying the banker heavy Interest for
bank notes made out of money for which
we had . paid in blood and trewures.
These banks, with less than $350,000,000
of money, have saddled upon tbe people
$2,000,000,000 of debts. They are in
partnership with and tar-Jah the capital
or credit to nearly all th corporations
and trusts that oppress ti e people. In
stead of Congress coining money and
regulating the value them ', these banks
fix the amounts to suit themselves, and
regulate the value (or interest) at all
they can possibly extort; and that often
by unlawful means, such as loaning upon
real estate by agents. They, by their
combinations, virtually fix the price
upon the products of labor and land.
mere is anotner element of sover
elgnty lost to the people. The means of
communication and commerce, such as
telegraphs, telephones, highways, rail
roads, lakes and rivers belong to the
people as sovereigns, and should be
owned, or at least operated, by the na
tion's representatives in the interests of
the whole people. These powers are
chartered away to corporations, and op
erated by selfish men, without any pre
tense of benefitting the people. Billions
of dollars are thus extracted from the
people by railroads, telegraphs and tele
phones which, if they were run In the
interest of the people at present rates.
would pay the tax of even a bellion
dollar Congress.
The public domain has been squan
dered away from the people. The homes
of the children of the nation for genera
tions to come have been given to railroad
corporations and speculators In such
quantities that if it was stretched from
the Atlantic to the Pacific on the litltude
of St. Louis It would require a boy three
days to ride across it, traveling thirty
five miles each day. The people have
for years asked that these powers be
controlled, and this last sovereignty re
stored. They have been suffering from con
traction of currency, and the consequent
contraction of prices of all commodities,
until $9,000,000,000 of debt hive been
forced upon the homes of the American
people for money which the Congress re
fused to furnish. Congress has con
stantly refused to furnish money, and
thus compelled the people to pay heavy
Interest to Shylocks and subject us to
employ English capital, as follows:
Railroads $ 45,000.000
Dlstlll-rles 200 000,000
Lund mortgage. aoooo.ooo
Manufactures, etc. 750 O .OuO
New York Insurance IOO.O00.0 0
Calif onla 60,000,000
Total... 11,643,(00,000
This Is about $100,000,000 more money
than we have in existence. This $1,600,
000,000 of money at 7 per cent will drain
this country of $112,000,000 annually.
This will be better understood when we
consider that If it was to be paid In
days work at $1 per day, and 300 days to
the year, It will require the annual labor
of more than 373,000 men to pay the an
nual Interest, or It will require 5,830,388
men one year at $1 per day topay
principal, or the work of 8,700,583
men to pay the principal and
Interest at the end of any one year.
What has England done for the Congress
of the United States that they should give
them the toll of 373,000 financial slaves?
What do our laborers think of these par
ties and their representatives InCongress?
Let no one suppose he will get rid of pay
ing his share of tribute to England. Noth
ing but death will release us from our
(share of this debt While Congress has
constantly refused to legislate for the
masses of American citizens, it has
yielded to every demand of English cap
italists. They adopted the English system
of perpetual debt as the base of national
banking system. At their dictation our
money was converted Into interest bearing
debt that capitalists might live upon the
usury drawn from the veins of labor. In
compliance with their counsels our cur
rency was contracted to enhance the
value of Shylock's untaxed bonds and
push them up to par with gold. ' At their
instigatlon.our bonds were first made pay
able in coin and then In gold, that they
might command a premium in gold, and
further that it might take double work,
or double property to pay them. In 1873
an English financier wrote the act to
demonetize silver, that English bankers
might buy the silver for 70 cents that
formerly cost them 100 centsand send it
to India to buy wheat at 100 cents on the
dollar to compete with American farm
ers In the London markets. Bv this
means they made 30 per cent upon the
silver we needed to use as money besides
contracting prices of property and pro
ducts of labor 83 per cent to all Ameri
cans. Notwithstanding the people have
constancy desired silver restored to its
former place, It has not been done. The
Congressmen of both parties now in
office, and the money kings of America
and Europe, are turning every stone they
can to have the last vestage of power
over silver taken from Congress and sub
mitted to a council of the plutocrats of
Europe. We have an English banker as
vice president of the United States, and
whilst he has the appointing of all com
mlttees on finance we need hope for noth
lag that will benefit Americans. These
seem like hard arraignments of Congress.
But they are history now. But I have a
more serious charge to make:
First That the spirit of true patriot
Ism has ceased to burn In the hearts of
many AmerlcanfCongressmen.
SecondThat they have betrayed the
Interests of the American citizen for gold
and remunerative positions.
Third That the representatives of the
old parties are so completely In the
meshes of corporate powers that they do
not desire to deliver the people.
Fourth That If they desired to do jus
tice to the people they cannot break the
powers that bind them to their allies.
Therefore they would not deliver us if
they could. They could not deliver us
they would. They neither will, nor
can, restore our lost privileges. Our old
ship of state is In mid-ocean. Her sails
are all gone, her masts are badly broken,
her fires have gone out in the furnaces.
The crew is on a drunk. The captain
thinks all safe; and our pilot has lost his
compass. Many of the passengers are at
starvations door, others are sleeping
whilst the storm is approaching; a few
noble patriots are on board trying to put
things to rights, but there is little hope
until a new and wiser crew is on board,
both for deck and cabin, and both pilot
and captain must be replaced by men
who know the seas over which they sail.
This Is "Where we are now."
I am aware that I may be subject to
the criticism that my last charges are
not proven. True, but did space permit
we think them all demonstrable. Should
you think it desirable we may devote a
few words to substantiate what we haye
affirmed. Yours,
J. P. &TEVX58.
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