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" sincesitas " on the road.
To the Editor of Thx Adyooats.
En route to Chicago I met a strong de
fender of the Republican party, who
could find no words strong enough in
which to condemn the "calamity" party,
as he called the People's party. "The
credit of the state had been ruined," etc
After a short conversation he complained
that he had been compelled to leave
16,500 in a Topeka bank because he
could not invest it! His whole horizon
began and ended In his own selfish de
sires. How such men can expect to be
followed Is a mygtery. He shuts hla
eyes to facts. From the paper I bought
next morning, as we n eared Chicago, he
might have learned enough to set him
thinking. Here are some of the fact?,
which ought to open the eyes of the
thinking people.
The iEtna Fire Insurance company, of
Hartford, Ct, has just declared a 20 per
cent stock dividend of $250,000, lucres
ing its capital to $1,500,000. This $250,
000 has been saved from profits and now
is capitalized so as to allow the company
to pay dividends on the Increased capital.
It Is such stock watering which adds to
the people's burdens and against which
the People's party alone dares to raise its
The Chicago Sunday Tribune gives
without comment a list of several hun
dred places, reported by street and num
ber, where the sweating process of cheap
labor is practiced. The list shows crowd
ed rooms, with poor ventilation, where
men and women work at starvation pric
es to earn a pittance to keep body and
soul together. How easy for the noble
patriots who support tho two old parties
to shut their eyes to the facts and let
matters take their course without Inter
ference. Does any thinking man or
woman expect either the Republican or
Democratic party to take any action on
such matters? If so, I admire the su
blime faith. They content themselves
generally with such expressions of sym
pathy as the Democratic party of Kansas
passed the other day expressing "sym
pathy" for the Homestead men.
As a railroad conductor said to me re
cently, "The people have had expressions
of sympathy from the old parties long
enough; the laboring man had lost faith
in both and proposed now to try the
People's party."
I shall soon be in New York and New
England, and hope to send you some
news of the feeling east regarding the
People's party. Sinceritas.
To Catch Totes for a System That Will En
slave them Four Tears Longer.
From the Record, Danville, Pa.
If ever there was a fraud sought to be
practiced on the American people, it Is
that which President Harrison is endeav
oring to do by calling an international
conference of the monarchlal nations of
the Old World to establish a ratio for a
standard of money to govern the Ameri
can people. The patrlotlo American cit
izen who cannot see through this flimsy
scheme must be blind Indeed. Mon
archies, who have spat on our flag time
and again, and who would overthrow our
free Institutions at any moment, if it was
possible to do bo. Monarchy to establish
a standard of value that would rob every
producer or toiler, whether on the farm
In mill, machine shop or behind the
counter, of their God-given heritage.
Monarchy that has plundered us of hun
dreds of millions of gold, and the: pro
ducts of mine, field and shop, annually,
to satisfy the greed for gain, to fix our
standard of value? Away with such
humbuggery. , The conference Is only
another subterfuge to catch the poor ig
norant dupes (voters) Into supporting a
system that will further enslave them the
coming four years. Where is there a
loyal citizen who does not know that
England will never submit to a standard
of money value that will strip her of her
power (commercially) over this nation,
the United States. It la Just as Impos
sible to gain the assent of England to
unite on a fixed silver ratio that will
keep gold and silver at a parity as it
would be to obtain their consent to an
International conference to fix a protec
tive tariff on articles of merchandise.
England don't want a parity between
gold and silver any more than she wants
a protective tariff against her industries.
Gold, as a standard of value in England
and the United States, makes her mis
tress of the seas and keeps other nations
begging at her doors for money capital,
gold, which, through her masterly states
manshipin finance, always keeps gold
flowing from all parts of the world Into
her coffers. This international confer
ence is the work of the old-bugs and
the leading metropolitan press, subs!
dized in their interest. It Is the same
power that in all ages has subjugated
man to slavery, barbarism and crime,and
all the concomitant evils that afflict the
human race.
Chicago's Labor Element to be Placed on a
War Footing.
Chicago, 111., July 13 Secretary Burns,
of the carpenters' council, has received
papers from the secretary of state which,
when filled out, will entitle the working
men of Chicago to form an independent
military organization under the laws of
Illinois. It is estimated that one week
from the day of its Incorporation 3,500
men will have signed their names to the
roll. The avowed object of the new
company Is to enable labor to fight more
successfully against capital when the
latter brings to its aid private bodies of
armed men.
"There will be no defying the laws,"
said Secretary Burns. "We Intend only
to see that our craft gets fair play. If
the trouble breaks out again at Home
stead between the militia and the strik
ers it may lead to serious results here
and we had best be prepared to meet
whatever they may be."
The thirteenth annual camp meeting
of the First Society of State Spirit
ualists and Liberals, of Delphos, Kan.,
will begin August 15, and close the 22d.
Good speakers and mediums will be In
attendance. For full Information ad
dress, I. N. Richadrson, Secretary.
Le welling Tendered a Reception.
Wichita, Kan, July 9. A public re
ception was tendered L. D. Lewelling
last evening by the board of trade on his
return from the Omaha convention. Hun
dreds of hitherto loyal Republicans
joined with the People's party men and
Democrats In assuring Lewelling of their
hearty support
Travelers always appreciate punctual
train service, and are beginning to notice
particularly the enviable record the Mem
phis road Is making In that direction.
The fast mail train from the south ar
rived at the Kansas City union depot
exactly on time every day during tbe
month of June, with a single exception.
On the morning of the 8th this train was
thirty minutes late on account of waiting
at Memphis for connections. The south
bound fast train which leaves here at
5:40 p. m. reached both Memphis and
Birmingham exactly on time every day
throughout the month. Kansas City
Timet, July 7.
Catalogue and beautiful specimens ol nenmanahlo sent free
by mentioning tbls paper.
Board and room, $4.50 per week.
521 and 523 Qulacy Street. TOPEKA, KANSAS.
There la "dark, black crape" on the
CapitaVs door, placed there after hear
ing the result from the Democratic con
vention hall last night Slate Journal
Andrew Carnegie, and his co-worker,
Frlck, have done the Republican party
more damage, In this Homestead affair,
than any other agency. He has done It
altogether without cause or reason.
State Journal
George L. Douglas, the chairman of
the committee on resolutions of the Re
publican state convention, Is out in a
column article in the Capital in explana
tion of the platform. Now if some one
will explain the explanation, we shall be
able to know as much as we did before.
Lawrence Record (Rep.)
Solely from a .Republican standpoint
we should like to know, why, with all
the protection he gets from the tariff,
Carnegie is unable to pay his working
men living wages? Also, why It Is nec
essary for him to barricade and fortify
his works against the assault of work
men when the tariff has so wonderfully
raised the wages of those same work
men? We don't understand It, at all.
Lawrence Record.
Fred J. Close, the People's party can
didate for congress, First district, Is an
ex-Union soldier who lost an arm upon a
southern battlefield. But his being a
maimed ex-Union soldier will be no bar
rier to the villainous attacks of the hypo
critical crowd that professes such pro
found respect for an old soldier. The
plutocratic worshippers have no use for
the old soldier who refuses to bow down
to the g. o. p. calf. Burlington Courier.
It Is a historical fact that when the
rebellion broke out. Stonewall Jackson
advocated the policy of taking no prison
ers ana giving no quarter, but of shoot-
Ins Union .soldiers whenever captured.
W. A. Harris, the People's candidate for
congressman at large, was a member of
stonewall J action's staff. vol Miller.
It Is nowhere recorded that Stonewall
Jackson advocated giving no quarter,
and if he did, that Is nothing against the
members of the staff. And Col. Harris
was not a member of Jackson's staff any
how, but of Lee's staff. Now invent
some mean story of Lee and make Col.
Harris responsible for that Leaven'
worth Times.
Young D. R. Anthony says that when the
news came into the Learenworth Times
office that the People's party had nominated
Col. W. A. Harris for congressman at larar.
old D. R. Anthony said: "Well, it's a Union
soldier against rebel soldier, and, by the
eternal, I'll keep my mouth shut!" Iola
If you want discussion, pitch In. Geo.
T. Anthony was not a Union soldier dur
ing the war. He was never within gun
shot of a rebel His company was never
ordered to the front until near the close
of the war, when, by accident, his men
got in sight of tome fleeing rebels, when
George angrily gave the order, "Reverse
your battery," a name by whlohhehaa
ever since been known. We kindly ad
vise the editor of the Iola Register to
keep "his mouth shut" Leavenworth
To sell a half Interest in a live People's
party paper to some good, practical
printer with an outfit No cash required
If the right man applies. We have a
eood business inamoct dairaW Infla
tion. Address Room 59 Sculte Building,
Kansas City, Mo.
Only military school In Kansas. Excellent board ;
healthful surroundings: able, experienced pro
fessors, and the best military drill. Terras rery
reasonable. Rt. Rbv. K. 8. Thomas, 8. T. D,,
Rector. For circulars and Information address,
Walter M. Jay, llead Master.
Iwnot CieiEflrt nl Best Hormd School la till Wtei
era a T..t.Wi lWmt'. Thirt Tsaohani. nil
f 1 ipeoi Altxta No tmcatlon eiosrt Au. Kntnr
FADEi!"" timo. Taku any cIuhhot. IU mum low.
!L .LTlriviiiitt' in demand. In order that all
PAID.ImnTteHtthfi merit of the Wmtrn .Normal
we wi your R, r, far
from your home to Lincoln, Neb. Full particular, f ata-
lotEuea and oiroi. FftEZ. Wsu U. Cfoaa, fmi. Liacoia, Keb.
Book-keeping, Shorthand, Telegraphing, Pen
manship, Typewriting, and all other business
or&nohes thorougly taught Graduates secure
food positions. DuARl), f 1.60 PEN WZX. Bond
for circulars. Mention Advocate.
ULUKa l SCI IDOL, of the West,
but Flint-Class School, S years
old, with good accommodations at rea
sonable rates. No vacations. Enter at
any time and select studies. Teachers
Specialists, We do not nay car fare.
No school can afford it. It costs money, and Urn
to keep accounts. We expend money legitimately la
making the school better. For catalogues and par
ticulars of The Growing School of the West,"
address L. O. Thoroman, Pres., Sauna, Kanms.
H. TAYLOR, PearL Dickinson Co., Ks., Hhortr
, horns, Poland-China Hogs, Bronze Turkeys.
T. U. PATTEBSOUJOH:. mm, Props.
Subscription price reduced as follows:
One Tear (by mall) ... $0.00
81 x Month (by mall) ... 3.00
Thre Month (by mall) - - 1,50
On Month (by mall) ... ,00
One Year, In advance, ... $1,00
Tin Ntws Is the only great dally newspaper
In the United States favoring tbe free and un
limited coinage of silver. If you desire to read
up on this great lasue, and to keep fully posted
regarding the writ, her mines and other Indus
tries, subscribe for this great Journal
Bend In your subscriptions at once. Address,
TILE NEWS, Denver, Colo.
Enterprise, Kan., July 12, 1802.
Editor Advocate: Mr. E, 0. Nettle-
ton, Great Bend, Kan., la anxious to en
gage in the paper business and desires
to know of some locality in the state that
Is In need of a paper. Will you kindly
make a note In The Advocate and re
quest localities desiring the paper to ad
dress Mr. Nettleton? Very truly yours,
Cuba, Kan., July 13, 1802.
Editor Advocate: Republic 4County
Farmer's Alliance and Industrial Union
held Its fourth, quarterly meeting on Sat
urday, the 9th. The meeting was quite
well attended considering the time of
year. O. S. Ooesard, of Lovewell, waa
elected the third time to the office of
president; A. L. Glasgow, of Scandia,
was elected secretary for the ensuing
year. We axe In good working order and
the g. o. p. positively will cot be in it
this faU. Fraternally yours,
F. T. Bakes.

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