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The independent. [volume] (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1860-1874, August 29, 1860, Image 2

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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hi hi ! ! ! I i hi i .MwaTawaaawaMnnBawtwawaaaWiaBMi tip in
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J. W, 101HTI, liter.
JOD W. DAT, Arsenate lifer.
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Thk k aday of aew iaventioas aid
4 a, A rfa
assay iaaevatioeVsoaie of which are
kivelyJsd. Jtksaid that "reforms
V;schwsrd;" tnJsrwtBbly
correr,aatj8oms "idbrms,' an bo
b'JOf lato yeSrs eW -a-utosss ef society
daemtleas,;awd:tojgT9atly modified.
'or entirely swcptaway ; bat he, danger
la such casss is, that the other extreme
nmm ma BaHWhwr.-Toe-msch
ttlMfrrcBsfcHct.- Hasty res-
ajaUoas are geaerslly pradactiva ef
awe evil laws gaod.-As' those agiia-
:1'Bill'fratrsnBtteM;k' flee
from JBejVk they are almos eertata to
'! Bfew-VherytoOw;; ana the, wreck
'wpessihe latter will he fcaiteae fatal
) JJi.!i
' "aad feafteT a apoa tha former;- -
iS'Ssciety has recharged' wilh'pri.
itecjhetJhetfBjity or.not, those
'lhe-auega;toa are delermin-
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INS BflBll MH 4BJ ngaHW
fiaemaa'stf tttrVtsJt? bio the' athW
. t eases fiecEanate. ass thpj wbo.hsve the
Xfasdeketst'saadi d.'abide; up?a the
vni.'iQB.?)tht.7eT4lf .which has grown
-iwt aa'atteasat-.te cattjoff-the.res
,..risaFoi ue promiscuous Kissing or me
- aeea. mum uwt renuevsca ncci as
JtialraafeiBjiiBBsa a few bo together,
-'hct'-htljiwiuiaid sad part
'"With. ktos'1 lo "' .
-,KnJrPffoTsweafhtre wrontiews
"Idrt'Imediaia,". whtre frightf sad
I' trati'. ad terietvr.Me their' habi-
- -7 ai .thwaafarbat it has always (eea-
'J eaia-wtaattKtaeea.oeleeged to tbe af-J(,'ftWioai.-Bd
"they only aheahl be per-
who wcre.aaitefthe tie of lore, ia
.naiaai,asn.(jt ,tu k?raaa.r ,,.
- A'teathcf's kiss loses its prieelcss
: "ratuifio be-esni-sarsontrire-hljecoHiri
. the camatpB bestowment apod all whom
: lahe aseets. , ,TiU Bmk.ot. a stsiei; s af
i"'tiaa laaesaH ita charm '. the aaoqscnt
she .allows every oae'i share it' with
. her brother. Aad when a wife peratits
-ni aBj Ussnssd Wida)t allows, the .neetar
'Ireai'hera taaeitakaa brerery oae she
'"iieeis. the (haUa'J sad low cease to
;Vrd'ibis tolcW'-'lcire a. the Ua
.fVf.altiieJjeart, aad..:t immediately
ceases to be prised by theas
-r, i , A-hiss ia tore's aaest expressire form
of speecW.'Wbea' it-hi easplejed, for
. r. aaTtherarose'thaB aa'aa expres-.
i.nr"Sf; .ynaioeari iwu, iJfr
i! vemaa!f it etteaiial a,aiiura mjitTa
''SaieappKcd aad&perrerladase- ef (ts
Hra1, astiaW.' -Ia iu parity k is .a
precMBs gift; iq its abase it is as worth
ha toes asjtotoehoad aad. as eaap'ty u ran
o -Yyl i'Vo ehaffk Jess Weigh'y than a
"'rjet'witawatloTaif t . i -f"aha,
other day ae-we took a seat ia
,j the j cars !aaf toawg oae of the torjp
tu ckjes af ,aiur aeaatryt'Lwatsaw .some six
7'R 4er eight, ebwples af tyaaat; ladies and
:featkiaea eatir'mWt half af whom
rr, joaaaeaif.wBMe ine owners obit awan
i jj.od ihf .rgtoj; af the, bell, to bid adiea
ta' their oaMBaaioai., the; first, aoBad
froai the taagaeof the bell was the sif
'"f 'ail for i viaeia! Vise all roasd. We
r ',saw ceatleaMa ktss.UBies with whoaa
-, they aMsa.baa few hoars acqaaiatanoe,;
fn'iaadaefhaaghaf all thiags.tbia pablic
' ' siaiajpof atati-attaagen is aat ef taste,
S'VV '- lktusi:jJi v. Li.. -.
fV'1-- inv:jiii vx.Li.. --
.i-i J rtff !. r? -, J .;-; j
i.iHH)tt . ,jij' i 'il'"'' i"Jkr-- is
- smbi -sbbbtw mnmasearasE. sarnvsw w vaaa vi
iiF.ww?.Mi:fi-i - . v5
itw meMBMwas iai.awe ner, aaoer use w
- aBasstaeasevraadi woali hy-no .meaas
Ij:' hkVe-'aiy higher resaast forhsr after
waxaa, did she alio w be"lftTty. . '
n JkwaTar.-.k;Wsay.ayBsft at."
iv-,1-4 taasstampretaiaeaaaskiegfac
.swaanEssa amaa m aa wawa, Sswaa -waajawaai'
. laaa, ihm isvaiveu ,tb n.
lTf'T !- ff T
';" ivi .-fL'rar "jwii -
I'afa kiss;tisadssd.,raka t.of all
'''iWlmal virtaeaad toavea it oaly a paor
pasta kiead's:tW'paM'afaad. er
M-tizA'l,' iastead of: the
i 4ranhef ,slM-, jMoeagOthis. it
' "g'aaaBasawmmmraamBifaaBMa aaa
Tf.rrrrr' '!T- " rr'
'With' ahsie ;d-tfesiaa-to rf Jadssss
Mm-rt fiMV'. triuj VfT, '-'f.ra l,T
With assay the tnM.asasaiagef a
ktorto as far entirely tost sight of ; aad
IsmWteMy: the pares aad yet
v.udi &MmiM'Pi J ? 5l ipgto
jisw aspwaarsjrit '4ewcaraess; SMiwta
" -tota '
;?tii aJBBaaiBsHad aY,.aaamct..with a
: of fnead'hip er Mrs, it as to them
ageaaine owtpsrking of soother heart. k
i1! S ! vS la-
Ha oae aaa fail to serthat thase ex-
celkatooeaareeaBased to the aaarea'af
ra , - -f -
Uiafowkrad ltojhto totall iala tie pk
uSXew tor lacas oj oesixriiDg Tiuiaas.
Ib the instance asentioned as fallies;
aader oar owa observatioo, (and we
hare witneeeed aaaay siaailar to it)
those iaaeceat yeaag ladies did aot
kaow that aiore thaa half of the yoaajf
aiea who took the liberty to kiss these
had pressed the lips of the abaadoaed,
aad drank liqaerto ire their brains
over a game ofeards; aad yet this was
trae 1 The lips of those ansaspecting
ladies werenharpallBreoafcrisnaBl
tuade I We felt traly thaakfal that aa
sister af ears, was aasong the aaaiher.
We grre it as aar deltaerate opiaioB,
formed after macKcloae1 obserraUbB.
that jbt i'ffljmitnum Jjnt'tbbcza
it --a moat frukftAmmc mL It
leachv totlie infidelity af wires aad
hashaads. Itopeasthe dooriatathe
citadel of rirtae to the Kcentioas. It
throws dowa the barriers of restraiat
which shoald always ,gard the,.. too
great familiarity of "the sexea;ifcnd'.Ua
teadehey airthe time is, te bring" the
Tirtaoas' aad the ttcioas apoD'the'same
it .':!'
teI. lm( ,-,-,, , 9Vr ,197.
There kapt a society af., free jqrers
is the ' worhi'Ms-hsse 'members dassat
praciice' promwcs(oas kissing fim&'ia
mnei taffMcar out tftvcry Un.-Uit Vtcr
tiau of this moral pestikaee .took .tbe;r
first steps ia the career of :ee.by this
came most reprehensible practice. 'Bj
its fraiu ye'iiisll know i: -"and br'.its
fraits K suads coadcmned m the eyes
ef.ceod meB and of God. , ji
We bold that ao womaa of realire-
such fsmibarity ot,the ether sex witH-
oat seit-asascmeni ; anu we are qniie
sare that her.aaritT af heart, if aot of
life, will iooa. fcffflIndeed. we di
BBtibelicre ltpowibte (or any ladyjooi-
issedat; uat retiring aaqdesty, aao.
tftnid. delicacy; which' are 4he greatest
adornment .lad charm of the7 sexrtn
permit erery maa she meet to kiss her.'
Her heart .will.reaelaad her seBsiijre
aatare shrink from the ceatact,as tardy
as TirtBe recoils from vice..
JBat tothe vbiaptftoaa sad the brazen,
this, promiscaoas .Ismiliariij; is a very
Let theeatle ad Tirtaoas lake
warning aad-lW'from.thu appearance
01 BTll. ..-' t
. i H .,( .
inere is too, macb value in a pare
. j i :-i . 1 .1
hist for iuarightAadJieaTfcnlyjobcaJ ol
be trailed in thedast. It is too strong
a tie in thehome-circle for 'it to' be
looseaed to emWeethe; '.wtidTe'world.
It is too sscredjheiwesB .parents and
children, brothers aad-iteers, hasbar.ds
and wivea to be cursed by profane fa
miliaritv with strangers.'" It is a Ian-
guags ym pare on, me tips oi torers,
arh opens to them the. paradise of lore,
foTiitte be pollatad by those oft the
libcrtineraad the wsatoe. I If thase last
pervert , its ase. Jet them doit in dark-
tiess, obi iet mem asv sieai inis gem
from thejiss of thf.parflLonea dayl
We hapa the ladies' of ear hppy
c.Vuntrj afll UW this' matter Whaiid:
sad sat M-cad to:, this aromncueas
kissing. Drive it from the' walkl of
virtaaas Me, and let itgo baek(co the
dark -places ' where it'avtosasawf aad
bere.li shoiild'ereistay aad be cob
Ladies af Amencal ifoKyoarOwri
sake; for the sake of;al) virtsoas men ;
for the sake ef the eommeaiiiHerests.ef
'society, pat an ead to this promieaaoa
kissing of die sexesand 'din'Plet bar
country oecoan.a jimiwm Jtmtt, er.uMr
semblance of a boase, ''ahoMrays sre,
the gates .opKatEu" d the . "steps"
of-jwhoasiamates 'ftake ohl, o hsIK '
Will-yeafaa jtf .V"i:
JH "
JJIIlPfJBljrtl AsTl IfaTimtAL-
on J
There .to, wifijsrcaee betweea
these twa.aal yet iha oaetoeomfpaiW
mistakeu fbrhee4her; eeaeciailvto this
thacass wuh a'iiew.piiper which'take.
rt JwWTJf; P pr espoasssaa
.. n. c:
CT9 i f
' ' Iadeseadsnceis litopaeutrality is
stagnatioa. which" is the next door to
W- rff :., snokea
aefctmiity.JS, dams. , Aatfepeadescei
ef tha aasscaliaa irsader. t aomisstfee
. .. .. . . j. . , . . . -
case;' aeatrairtyis of tha aaatral gea-
der.aotbing. ' ,": ivr'
Jh are IsdepesdeBt, Uirs.sad as-,
tire," aad aaysy,aaiHc,oabs Ksatraji
These ars asithatisses for aoutrali-
ty. Wfaec tha worW gees by steam
sad thsarat aad Sews y Jirttamr. he
is far behind the aga who csa sit dot
aadamtfcis daster aatwaeaabis teeth
mm! go'threagh the spstotiWhaawa1 as
sakiBgm'iiigMii'r " " ;; .
.tsps'l. er.
aor is kiks sssWajl af tha daetnsas
af asysavty; ssatar.squ,it4raiaar
.i j. -'i;.- ,
.j.iiUti&H.ii.. tr
, ?.. i-:1
rr." r bt ,.-
h.kWriu'tar 'fesr "oar-ehtfreh will
be dkgrseed.'
H. mMv&
him, an-! If trae to his
to tnmrl b
"aAfljkiaa-s e-u-iiiJai-'--. .Wfl,MWi!!PKl,i
.f5'.WfTS?r,?w'l,fwrr!T.wT" ". or,a'atoeK. -Taa splendid
MJttaeseasJtr;sf.X Wtrn;.....;
r,M..BaJiHiISaI .far tha "mod Tof Iha dSBOAOODOSItS ItieCUV. WBStl S
w -.,, . -j- 7fT.'T
callsag, wll expase wherever tbf re is
;fc ." T -a v
wroag, psaise WMre itudaerauae) for
thajright;aad baMle the wrong regard
less of who atayhe hit or what pet lo
tto may safer from a loo powerful
radiation, of tha light
A fiuthfal editor ahoald be a terror
to them that do evil, aad a praika. to
sach as .do well 1 This is what we
wish ta-io. l j i ', , c
Bat oar moath is closed on ao sab-
ject; oar pea restrained by ao orgsm-
satioa, ap tie. We shall speak of what
we jadge best, say what" seems tobe-
aeeded, aad endeavor to clarify and not
sUgaatelthe atasosphere ia jwhich'our
lightning and ('thander"shall eirealate.
Doa'l expect as to be of the neater
geaaer-wa don't alasa that war;
2 iM"sawBWaBsWiBWssw"""'""
1 ,,poLmt.
The papers are filled with politics to
the exejaswa of almost eyvry., hing
else.- It to difikalt to find saScien't
miscellsaeoas matter to make up a
paperT'THis is one of Ihe'qisadromial
visitations .with which our 'peopfc are
saVcted asd which appear to be a kind
rof necessary; evil, te clear ap,jthepolit-
!ca atmosphere. We hare the conso
litios of kBowiig that it is aotjikely
to last long : and, in the mean timeit
k'aake refreshing to get BOid'sMMl
joaraal that ns free from thaigeaeral
icoataehmV il ' --1 '
We 'design to make'thV Jmfepfmd
as rsassBje aspossipie.aaring jue jw
ideadal aaarase'. .Sad ishall sooa u
nbun'ahrilhaatnew feature tor the
leajf eveaiB-is of toll and winter. "'
JRlit.RoAb CojnrssTtoHIIave oar
people 'forgotteB that the're'wiH hea
geaerai iuiiroavonveBpR ueia i
a m i ---.- j - s
Topeka1aOctaher.Bxt? ; Deyeu (eel
Bointrrest fn the Railroad movementa
ia Kansas? 'From" the Ifttle 'that
said aad dose by the ctiisens of pslta-
loess'iareiatiaActbr(,'to, it would seem
that yaa have either forgottea it,arvdo
not care a farthiaer for the thines thalt'.
" ' V . C ' . -Jr . f . V"i " M
jueaq to yoar maierui mieresis. Awase
yoar lethargy , and take some steps
ta secure the raadsyov aaght.ta have,
iadwhleli, with proper '.measares, you
can secure.
. tr
'.' Godxt's Last's Boos-fhe Sep
tember BUBiberof his. queen of 'the
Ladies Monthlies has been ...recejved.
Oodey's stands at the bead of the fash
ionable If agaxines of America anri
railed, unurpa? soil, in fact7unequ.1ied,
by any other ladies' literary periodical.
Its steel engravings and colored fashion
plates are superb. For ladies it is a
band-book of instruction iu every de
partment of dress-muking., ornamental
toilet or needle work,, and every one
should have a copy of u. iL. A.Godey,
Philadelphia.PaV'SS 4 year.in advance.
l 5 Z
, v WTiucnfi, niisi
ttsts sfl. I.'liTiagstci A' :fce.', sad
.OM.Msaasa jtespsriu, J assail
Oa.Sandav mominu last, at about. 4
o'clock, fanes were! discovered .burst-
- e .1. m. -1 1 ' 't iiK' 4 ' i
ing iron me4 iMniuinjj on ie .corner oi
Commercial anl Sixth s treats, eeeunied
as a grocery house by B. FLivipgstoB
vv.. i aii amrm wninPWBiij.soana-
wu.auu Mrgo jmiBiiisnisrvjeoon on ine
.j J 1 II ' 'fr A' i
ground, but, nothing coud,be dons to
pave; the bouse, 'whieli ws two siorv
nvaeaad burned. very rspiJly. Iu less
shaa.lea.minates after, the .alarm wa
.: . : . t- - fr"-"i". i-i.i
Mt WjUon., Uieelerkrwas eleepingiq
jBMw (WHii.swioae, ana uwas-wiih
uiwciuij im na escapea, u ne
aas. almost. raaffofated' Tlw1 Lumber
afmaetta sorner of, the street, but lack-
jly.,therc P wind jisd both wei'e
j The Arrwas communieated from the
i t
haaeasatt;vaad ,waa audoubtedly, the
work of aa ineendiarr, When the first
alarm wasj.giy'sathe sight' poljce ran,
passing tha r-pfTourthnd Com':
mercial.s(1dsa5Teredra fire jt
hreakiaraL ia tfce ;sJiaviBgsAuider aa
aid oaraeater -shop, tlil siauds therr.
crawtod .asdr,
aaaaawa at awaawsaii aaa aiiaa i bkssb a uuia aa a. lie
r.r: '"7 - ?','r;"r,7wrT,R.
.iw.iAtAaai humiiiw. anu im an traaaa
ii-t.S5j hW h-n 2'
Tfci i j;. l,Xfir iVrTiiiniU:
!.'. KWU;.. -a.uankKLI, VI,-
is aa.aawwawa i . ) aw w -mmi mf mhb i
' '" -. --aT-nj'Tr-.T'-.T,!"" r -
oae who attempted this one, sad
it was the erideHtdeiof the person
or,psfsoas,),whaeyeri they wers; to burn
um waass oanaess mas o; iai cny.
leaj.Xiyiagftes, stock ha Tahed at
from tS.000 to W.0O0. oa whicli there
ii aa isaarssoa af ti.000 ia tha Metrq
aolitsa Compsay af Kew York' City.
Aaaas .auirms were toiiowea rapHiiy
Ira was
' & " - T 'i Ja if'. a
tsaoreraa.oa per. wwer oaex, iuss oscx
- ;. - a- vuu, k,-i,.
all persons aboard of her, to ilis place
:. - y .--!-; A- . 7 -,- --
LiVr - pTa
of the devoBring tier
J ih ibb ufwicn
.. .1-
menv ...at uoin.ng, .
yardjof, . Bowman Wrighj;:
wph, opposite, was in m.uch daugef,
as was .alio the Planter's House on the
ths Ceptaut r ths -Folic.. rrrrT;".Jr
- WL " bWcoI'J .;- r u- u-:;M' i-jtitiTJ.
r ' I' l"law 4'' UUm aUISllWlXlalSEBB, tHSlN BSSB SM 01 LHSl
,i sstiaga shing the fire. ,b n7 "'V'-Jr.T'kl'l.-rr:
ImrBiagshsvjngs i.:td tk ZTiiI-tL- n in-Sll- 'n'il"
Hiihij7.r.hlKr ttrniS5 '? ". Thas.; C.; Hiadasan, , Dem-
it.apbesa tor hk timejv di,! JZZLTtt.tt,l&523PE
wF-w-- --T- -,, -Ptf !" - -- - - -- ru SL. ...iLi.'
.: U. l.-i1L' 'r it. -an,. ,air. nan, AcaHasjnu. in
ams me wnow. mera ic:
enveloped ia fiaaoes. Thelatortesac-
I ceaded ia getiig tlasWIKsmad
i r. ' ' b -
aesaey oat or the omce. aad one or two
ofllie officers got overboard their
tranks. but with wese exceptions aot a'
thing was saved, i he boilers blew ap
with a terrific crash shortly after the fire
had eaveioped. them, l he. boat was
cat from her moorings to.mvs the de
& Jtiamigi mil slowly-ioateaidown
the river, preseating a most magnifieent
spectacle, xas iibu oaraea to the
I water's edge.aad jodgedagainst a sand
a s - v a a j: i a a a . m- ,
The Hesperian had on board over a
1,400 bushels of corn, 50 hogsheads of;
sugar,' anu -joiner arucies. one was
owned, -we believe, bv her osscera. "
The geniral-opinioa seems ta bathm
uiwaiso waiae wnra vt aa weeaiiuiry,
as abthin" that could originate fire had
ripen in the' part '.of -tba'bnntln which
trie flames broke' out. We' have' sot
learned at what the Hesperian ras Tal
aed. anr what, insurance there was on
her. ' Herplscnin the(rt.i!road line df
parens irons Aicnison io annsat wny
will be napphedV soo as the Railroad
Cpinpahr can1 n;ike th'e.VfeceSiiry ar
mnem"nt rJiioa CAHtkpion.
"f t'-w7.Uleiiit -,' ' -V,
Captm e'k'ltoaVar City . Masrer.
, WilliAm' H. H iddauih. SheriBF ?.f
Arrapitfipe county, arrlvedih this city
yesteriflay nfter'nFoon,,havitii?,in;hw cas
lo'.lr. Jai. Al'Oo'rdbii; ntems indi-
-viduaU who lias Men' jniiitrf'nBmerr
ous .crimes
3 .
lies 'in the vici
vicinity ofDfn'Ver
r'.1- .l l . l...ijl.ITi . 'ii:. .
i i .
renon have had so ranch ton?.,
vs. hi wa it:iuvnivv;iu imst n Mir
7il. of Jaa'e last, heinstsn'tiy killed' F.
Gaa'ri fornferly ' prthirdtr.'-by'slibot.
jug, him through thehesd. A'frw days
prior to! that lim:iie hlid sli'dtnother
yqsne man. whose name we have-wt-
gotten.' It is (l.oiK'ht'the 'wound will
prove mortal, if the atanllrribt already
The Mopl'eror,fien'ver'City,.Tsvink'
I'.i.i :- ti,irifc.'J iJ.Ji. n'-juL a.j
uicg ire unpummin vi sbkii uriucr
vuq u vHwaani in, nuuuuij
eseiipeilbjr ranaing the gauntlet of lm
pursuers, iu the face of almost certain
death,, -
n the 4th jBst.. 'Sheriff IfiddaaWh
iateroepted .some, letters written' by
Gordon, under, Jhe assumed name of
JeaBings, bearinz date the t7th alt.r
aad written from' Bent's Fort' to ac-
t:. . r. n:. 1 i
cupin W.lBtW VIH, ,-
Having gsisrd, 'r0 otner iniellii
genceT. to the effect that Oordeh had
been seen in comoanv with other men.
a team of mules and ws-jbhVmytling
southward through the Cherokee Na
tion, the Sheriff, on, the 7th iast., start
ed in.purcuit'.'' lie learned, while on
the route, that Uoroon had exeliangt-d
liia un an1 tmvr1in0 aloft "with
a singto mule, lie also leai ncd that, the
trisoncr had had .one apimnl shot under
im, and also, a couple of bullet holes
fired through his hat. as he afterwards
learned by Tiis (the Sheriff's), deputies..
naving uius. lounn me irau oi ute
desperado. Sheriff MildBgh pashd
on in pursuit, and finajy captured him
Bear Humboldt. Allen (couhty, withlh
the ChrrokeeNstinn. on Tliarsday last.
The Slie riff, with his charge heavily
ironed, arrived in this city jresirrdsy.
The latter was" arraigned before Judge
Pettit, andr thaprrliminary tearing
Csiponed (bar weeks, in order to allow
th the prisoner, and the 0Ternment
an opportunity of procuring witnesses.
He was then committed to the custady
of Marshal Colby;
Gordon 'is rather, ah intelligent ap
pearing young man, and answered the
oavsjions pMpouiided to jntn ,bv the
Court 'and the Attorney for the ,Gor
erament wiih prompt nes arid "in 'a con
fident.tone. Howeyer, .nne'caii detect
about him thy rjravadb andbrass which,
is cljsraeuj'riitic 'f hard-neil villians
13fl.1 -4 . ' ,' -'.!..
ci AaaxsT.-7Ai:sjraaaer who arrived
iaithis x'uy;on h Atispn' Stage, yes
lei'dsy rafurraoen, .was arrested 'last
aight.v fonpaseiag counterfeit, paper
reeneyu t,m aoie, purported to be
those, af , the; Warren BaVk. Soath Dn
vers. Mass. j They are peatly executed
bat att likely .to deceive those who
handle paper ajoaey. He had succeed-
sd in. VlorilW' the oueer!' ia small
amounts upon Mr. Gonlna, grocer; Mr
Gabey,vgricericG. MxJUe.igroeer, and
at the, Planter! bMti jpflir.Bpeald
agt3a.htoraek,(aB.i afor, quiiei
S;Jaas:.andispHitad ehasa overhauled
kimiin the sriirPay.fcspiia aBeyr.
oa aaawnea.siteat. ue eked uu ,
Ja jaihnandl taken befrrehe Bacprder
tawjaorswigi who psiaoned, hirhear
mg until to-asweWfZeae, tttpekkSj
'. :u. - v :'. J
Abxasbas JEuwxiojrp--Than,)JMm
l" '! a-tTKt.,1, AHcaMUiese
. e . Aaa'.F,
evatwrnes are staBashmeads of,Breck-
twtfa;asl Use. pa aflA.
- .. . ' ' ,-':'- -Li . "
,;i S l ''"
.. -i-mx .saa t ..- "
i';ii.i,iL.aiki li:l
"j t"r;' TT . J 'TUHff
boa? ceanlV ars'sweriakr for breads
atwe t J..f 1 al a J
nBT iir aevwreu tneir ibiobhob Of
mxtsg ine mesns of ssuststeses oy fores
of arms,' from these wha hsve sappliee.
ii ineir wmbis are aasauaaasuia.
-it T 'R
""toaBBBPanjamBBBSBWBawma: i i
privsts letter 'from. Wisconsin,
aaa who has Bsada.sxUasivs eh-
serrations assures. ,ae ithat.ihs, whsat
crop of thal8tato tarns aat svaa Mtor!
thamtha estiBfaJeVr-The .crop of'4hat
Stats will aat' fell ens kernel short o
50,000.00a bwsbels. We beliera the
largest crop ever .before harvested in
the State wss aot valued ao high as that
of I860, whtoh is bow nearly, secared
..., C0Biliall
Fraai tka St. Joe. OsM.f.1
&The PaaT Express, which left Saw
jQmnctsoa.oa uie evening or tbe tth,
arrived ia this city last eveaing, two
days behind tiase. By tha foUowiag
aote to the agent here, Mr. Frank Guck
ert, from the oay Ageat at 8altLake,
it will be seen tbat.twaatora 'Iadtoa
waa r,- . . - .. -
Bgnts hare ocearrsa.-
. 8alt Lakx Crtr. AW y 14. iseX).
U TbtoUpreai'wM'adwV
diaa agbiatgaa's Caaon, betweea
Lieat. erkiasr command aad - Baa
noek's. Seventeen Indians were killed
aad three soldiers tmdjyTwMiaeeW A
tight' klso'occurredkiShetl -Creek" W-
twaea tbe.saaiUmtojass,aaittoUia
Utah Indians, in which five Indiaaa
Were killed." A. B. Mtuxs-u
ladlsaWsx ia JfewMexiBs,
Ivpxrndsxck, Mo., Aur: 10.
The New Mexican Mail, which datea
to the 6th inst , arrived thisfeVening.
There is great excitement ta Santa Fe.
The Nsvajo Indians made an attack
upon a little settlement els veft miles be
low,' killed two mea and drove off all
the stock. .-''.
. There we're only eleven soldiers in
Santa Fe, and theyt were sent is far
suit of the Indian's in a'wsgoa! ' ' -''A
party of citisens went oat" and
OTL-rtook the Indians rind recorered she
stock, but had ib fight'lor U. and owing
wi iu uaitjr Hen men una nr wwwi.
ed, two of whom hare'aincedied.''' One
of them was Christian Vels&s'lrighly
respectalile citixeti aTeabinel maker by
trsde."vHe. witlf hii pwtf namf, broaght
uown ae oi me rea peviw.
The Indian'iose was thiHeea hiHed
aad, several wbundrdr They'-foaght
ntirely with arrows.' aaiTdaiy .retreat
ed when' their arfoWs0 gave'oufJHad
tuv miit 1"V . fmwt in tnvagnk.
not a man would liars' been kiHed'or
captured. ' W
, ThVconductor of the' mail stiles that
there is a report that, Mr, Bent had been
murdered by the 'Indians at his Fort.
but that he does J aot place much reh-
ance on il mo Indians were seenron
thte'roate. Grass and- water 'very
scares. 4 --.
, .lis Yoss,. Aag IS,
A colored maa named' Warner was
killed IaM niithtat the corner of Kb rih
and 7th Avenue, Bf.oktyn,;by a negro
aamed oherwood &idd.
r.' ...-. .. .. ar.v.L. :
a vault (in Rooseyelt street tost .aijV.
It is reported' that Thea. Kelly i acoa-
yiet at4ing Stag, murdered m of his
'rill. " f:..i '"eL-jJ- il.S -V
iciiuw guiiiiuw yu oviaruaj auk, u
stsbbiasrhim wlih a knife. Kelly was
seat to the State prison for' iweaty
uar in iiia Mra nninn ffnr larAalvl
; ;. ; ;;: z'jmz
m f&
and known to be a very desperate char
vicr. ,
Tha destinatioB, of the frigate Sus
quehanna i eliaiioed rom.the Mediter-
lAiicau to tlie'Oalf wf Sfktcy, auppoacd
to be after Walker. 9, ""
Csnyfcto Fsssaad.
v Jxrrsasox Cur, Aug. 17.
While the convicts we're at work oa
ths capitol grodnds yesterday,; three
of their numb-r concealed themselves,
or quietly and unobserved eladedj their
guards aad escaped,, ivye. do Bot,, learn
that any have been rejatea, ',. ' , ,
LooisviLLX. A'ug.ii.
Letters hare been addressed from
Lexiniftonjo the New.YorV Herald and
Charleston, Mercuiy, b'yv Samael C.
Reidj Jr.. of Louisiana, on the'suthof-
iiy of Mr. Breckinridge, contradicting
tbe report of his withdrawal, and say
ing that he will, in a few days', reply
to'slanderous charges.
Arkaasas fJactoji. t ,
LoOISTtLlX, Aug. tl. ''
Returns from 49 counties in Arkan
sas show' the following vote: Rector,
7,361: Johnson) 3.691 ; six eoaaties
unreported. n ' .
r Dxraorr, Aug. fit).
(Taleb C. W.o.TbHryt Postmaster at
White Pigeon. aho, was I arrested for
robbinir the mall aiiil held in 84.000
bail, falling to fin4' security for' the
snioBNt, killed himscif to escape com
mittal .to prison.
Wasahskx Cotsrr. We learn bv
Mr. Alien ofWabuans-e.-that tha' oeo-
ple of that ectiOB! have beea favarrd by
rery fine' 'rin8'within;tlier past few
days; bringing forward 'the bulk wheat
and corn, so they wilt daabtleMfhavsa
fall crop of the former asd s'fsH half
crop of the jaiter. Of- poialnee. there
wiiibs about haircrop.Seasr JteraraT.
' Tassx Pbbsoms Ktuxs.-uAt a Fair
held at Long's Cerners, ria Geaessea
Co., shoal uadsys am. ahorse aiueh
ea-ta. a saggyvat irigasaeaj:aad raa
away. ' -Three women aada child were
mihe wsgtw;who W'ereal) thrawaoa
aadthawoaea were soseTerelyriniar-
ednthst' theys .have since: died.' The,
child was thrown oat of the baggy sad
ever a fence, bat 'was enki sfiLthlly in-
jsred.--i2acAsfatr)irM.-t .v.. n
MovKMBMT,or Taoon.-r-Thgsrrisoa
dis'n dis'tfrbs&eeis immeaisiely to be
reckTtsnow'raiJr1 Barracks.' '
JuLLlo 1
3 j t . l " '-i 7 JiUWL.WPra-.xie aaa at taas tima i
kWa4 lrAeae ir lu a m rf isnatafai alaaaaT- a. aT -1 iT"'";StaW'a
redsced by .the'itrorig detacHmeat sent
to the Pawnee" reserre oaell'ihe In.
The 8t.'luki)amirraf iBTvea taaLkajthe
fditowing sshs aaiHiesi seseataf tha
aectiLegistotaravt it Tea eaaatms Jyst
io aear irem waeeawia aat mass sitsr
tha rehuive resakt x. . T n
' Kspablisaas, If ; OeaghtoiemaeratS.
4i;'JBrkisridge DeBtoerats. tfi; BeU
aad 'Everett, 3t. t t.i -, i
''AlleuWutoraiseftheAllaBUc cable
JBTascaaj KoaQoae aa impraaiicaea).
ta fritarsd eoadiiioiiwill prereat sim-
ibr.inysstments. snd the. anly. way af
GHing a conneciioa, wkb Broae.BriU
bv Behrtog's Sjfaita and through
" A a1 2uL aa J - -ea' I
nasaian ffoerm., , ,
Liar FaAssbaiM NswYeax. .
This noble hearted 'womaa arrived in
NeaTork aaTfcturday, en board the
steamer Adriatic. Lsdr Franklin ' is
ths gnes! of Henry Orinnell, Esq.
TsBiasa Baia. . ftet IJaaVsvamr. -'i - e .t.-.. - .fe
IjWhli a StisaaHrOaiBdaraMD sever lees aa niiiia. Salsaaa asamT i
Bartal Assists
his hasae. yamerday asoraiaar,
attracted byVaotos (asosas ai
wnicn Boraeraa we reaa jaaa .apoa ex-
.... i
amisatioa foaada free Mack maaariib
his hands tied aad his head aad fees
covered with blood; apaa betof qaee
tioead, lie stated that a whits aaka eatf
4jm him ia tha city eafaged him
taJtacosspaay him a littto way lata tha
coaBtry, to nde hack a horse that ha
was about nareha.iueT. The aeero sc
eordwgljr west with tha ihief, till they
reached a baildiag. when ha.wssslrick-
ea senseless by a slang shot, ia tha
were thea tied, and the yilBsaTf ha
ths aegrossys was atbaeoraer, celled
to sb arissiylisewha jossWtacm with
a earriage. latowhieh ha was threat
sndlhen drirea'to wards Kaaeas City.
Tha firstiassa tiwassssmd at was
nesr Mr. ForsTth'er -where thev were
reenwavw pwM.em,H.anaai .yiiyaaa
call apoa a weN kaewafaUiaealahere.
who ,woaM' take' tha aes'shaw!
heads, aad' pay them tar therrtreable
Tliey went, bat api JEadmgha ssaa.
returned to withia a '' short distance of
Qnindaro, the' tied tbepoar JaUow.'s
hands behind' htm, sad'tostened him
with cord-'toa tree, from' whk?h he ee.
caped. and was ,Uiijs mli hto
way uomew ares ...A sae.awes. c-r
i- f
Tax- Bisa: ov Eaatxaa.-The Baak
oi Angiauo- ,overs oyer Bra acres of 1
ground aad emphiys 9Wclerks;.aad
shoald a clerk? beeems.tae.aid fsraar-
rise, he to diesharaad'aa ' half pay' for
life There-'ar''windoirs!b; 'the
street, ligt Wagra.imauthroiagh
opea eaarts;, aavssoh eWldqtaa tha
baak, therefore, withoat rnaoa to bat
ter ,th4wmewvewwal Ths'lelockia
the centre of t bank has fifty dtob at
tached to iu- ulasrga; cuteras are, sank
is tbe courts,-ana'essiaeaia
order always ia'readtoeas ia easaof fire.
The bank was, iheoradrated hi '1994;;
capital 90.000,,bo6:- " """ni"'' T1Jr
A HaaaiCssxT A sterf
v- .if
ly- heea laid of a eharaeterietto trtok per
fsrwMd' apaa' hie
Amelk, by that "hard caea' tha ragael
Duke ef Uumberlasdr 2. ' I
Hk sister oaaday taekhtos;to jask.
arraigned hk dismpatrd cedact7 aad
said she woahl aever be iestraweatal
to iL HSsssured her that the rnaey
he, thea solkited.aa wanted to comphjte
aa; toajemeat .ia '.Windsor Park.
whereit was wall hud oat ia emahiTiBa
tha sarroBiidmg poor; and ta cohvtoee
her of the tfa'th of ' this ststesaeaC he
m .-y w? !,
- - - -. v. 'i .-J i.
avs hundred men digging a canal. She
weatltathe laaW,aarlmCdrove her
luaau urn in m wua iivtaw cnsiae.
andhad eoeaatriyed it with the mana
ger that .a shs passed from oae place
to another, the saaieselt ofwien, as in
a theatre, removed to another spot, who.
wnen sue was. orosgni to uiem, were
sees plast'ng trees; St' another, ,five
hundred men ftheissme,') wera Yawed
srabbins! hedaes, . ' B0 ' '
aWeirbrother,"sa'idls vthadao
conception of this. 'Yea'mast employ
aear two thousand people.".
"Traesatd the h'oatt Dake3; "aiid
if I were to take job ia hr other side
of the ir,r. I could Shb'w vauasaiany
ai'ore.' i" ' .
' "It is imt .aeeeasstr' said the
Princess, "lia sAitoaed that' .yoar
money to betur .xpeaded thas 1 had
appreUded., i ' '
And tbe uape ting Princess lesthim
tl.e 10.000 he wanted: -'. '
from tha merchants themselves J 'we
wir inat i'w mnacai ui AjewTeawwrut
'kaa taiiiraiaaail - tt-nvaaat imm
than sae-thrrd over that ef any other
srasoBisiBce her beginning: Bhe' bow
commands tha eatitectrsda af Kansis.
west of Oesawatomto; .sostht te -the
kvandsry,- sad' North U M-rvville'i
and aUa aeariy aH af tha irsde ef Pike's
reai. JUar whelessls grocery awr
chants will net sell'lese thaa aae. and a
half million af sserahaadks'thk season:
and the tiade of every; other departmeat
win' bv in propenioB.i aiaaraiessuari-
rr" m. ntt. v? - asm m -.- . -.t -s.- .- i
iratoaf from that Shwa la mt "aam, : jus. itwmasimi.'aass am.
tW.OOOlbs of freight itoDeaTak'ssjItS
Colorado since tha 'brginaiag isf. the
seasoprssd befbre it's slasr .these 'fig
area; will smoaat .toaboat: SXW0.000,
mwes'iiiN arai,i inare are BBBseroas
individaaU Wha;kave, beea enasaed is
the same ausiaess which wilhawail tha
... i -f-iia iii f'l.'.ill 1 r -"'- - ' '
" mmmmwwmmtw.-tmmwwttmmrmn
:bu if iii'iiiii f.iti'1'1
Sstot Mfmaits. Aociaaai'
ildid iet
(nfrsea Friday .-' lie; wse an loadisg hk
wsgoai-aaawassB vae-sctatpeiiisghis
nweawt ay tM stassw, waea uia twm
mac eaaght aW sassethina;. aad the rifie
breast at one side, tt wss aaaveyed
to;8t'. Joseph? where, we aaacisisBd,
aa aas siaer uiee; jeayaaa1 esr.
f,..,fi9f. Mspi h.sahjeiu town dar
psrshssed tha bsukhag Afeaa;lyjace.
hw asmdy.hata ta resida.,M the eearss
ra i i' " j.iiMj . j. ... j ... .
ArLMtL; aV oil. ii v -
wt- 1US. ctr .i j:iI-j i.
rarnHhsd:wnh'sivsateea miles af ears.
with ths asaal nrfioortioa af fraiaht aaaa-
bat tha graai araps of tha Stats are sa
eaotWAeas 'iha - raid' - to-2 mcapahlS'ef l
" A pretty ir and a wiW haras' are K
shk todo mach wehief; tor aae rsae
away with a fellow V body, aad tha
oi aar' with am Meart.'
v! I
i, vow 4-rraaoai.Bi ciaewia,assat;aw
rremoatto ertHbiaf beatl00
of qaaris rock. daily, ia CsJitorsie,
Ii ywlde haw, oasa arermgea'.a)
, a . . - ,. . r i-
of $1,000. v.
leara,,;iMd'wha watjiim hkwsj Aalbwa,
aecisehislly shat IrimsehT'wi taa brasti
atHdrirw.-' 'smtioa'l' tsw'.mitoaiWestaf
.laUat waprevea. Here mass JatssVeKrvtt? ;S '
saahb "Mrs. Jwiaeh.ha save that JivT 1
a tt,M Boaaat seraa wiatare'
akering. Tha met to. taaas.pssas aid
pmttvm III aa WTW a Hef WBSBV
rar we geauemea aevsr waattai
A has tree was taaad last waski
miles from Headersoe, Texas, i
lag twelve lest of sastod
weiahtorfaftersHthesdiassst !
had eaten thereof la their satisfastisa)-
I What's that a
are aa? said a
say re
who was
staaaTaW BTMsTsaaTsmmBsVaTaT
51. ill'
"That; sir," said the deator. "tojas.
haaleatomandiairtaasaa ta slsad asal
.iBAfM &&!
bicwi rm worn -
YfF n nrT HiWsBfTssIl
' Awrvit.T antrTai -
J Vvisrt w w A . .. "
rnBC isortraiMia QakeM ! to Sc'Iieh,
PA" IMMe,lraira. Ciaetaaaii. Tsam-
SSsa, aartmlia,aS alt Beawaa4ksae4aam
Ckfaas hl-CMM ImTr.aJoaaatiatSA.Ii.
fcT- AmMlSl. Jna-sb aMifoad a-4 a
ase at llitomfrs mss N "fk Miswaii. bmS
iatfiharaaialSkMfa. asMswaaaaei aahi'S
rest ia St. look- aaiBtvisstfaas.tkeraBiraaf
sJlKMdsemt ct St.lMte Arthe Bast aaa
eata. By ftog me sTettsi ssaiisrit- psmis
Bre - --
: r' SAWS iZ,WmmBXfW.mt
aevW-aeaactiavl8;,gCaat AT,DlWWr.
salt Tutaeaw niraoaj mwj.mmajiali4"
MMsT. m . Jet Trasw. hc sWlasa4 a-a.
Wmi ta aereSoa trbeu fcf.ttsf Heiia'SBs
saetL aaasas a-asaV srni.iiiiea'sl far
SrfeSft1'' ?? JS lsslam .laaBMraajJm
r" ?r I - rf ifc tear.
Tefett. for saWMtWawSwef . a5i.
Jo.St.lt., I BWTBTUTrSaM:
WM. sT. Wliaoy, msMBV Tieaat Aaew, a.
, ftVv WHBmRIwjAsaae:af)8f Jesms.
OntATED ft- th''asBrim;iess-t:a.
O IMS. evi lVaek rfceak aW MX aaiea
rwaHwits awmh awes, rasaaaf wfriaswH,
haa o rarncalar aMrka esprar SVae maee
st!ie.eeTweseBeBii e- ie.ra'.
Any rwo nars; sBrfTsVsaareawivitaf
inrxmUm U We ' to the aadf .
AaftWli.Stf - J..F.IHCT0X
, .E. B. J0HHS0II, . D.,
, r6a'tUtS.ar..ivwarialfo,.
nerir omkMI Se Dr.iA; J.:Jji! tV-Mwei
vmrM Lihrnr an4 atefeiavt eavOrkalM.
J.'aammyatf-;-fry s-if
(MR ndaraWneS la pwaaiaSto
A ier oa SwtnHw, aaSat
aUkhta'ar' "' 's - n't
Xaklea. CaatraTaMaa, Ihhw SMh
''SVtalUifcaataaiaaaaSw laati
w-?CQrflHKr eMaraS er !. m4 teSM
swsmMMeTAM sssaaBnaaaS
aaaaVSaSiSMrtoa Mass
Bay. AH otSjtswJB toaMat ftiKwaaa.
VsmOVi ft) asM sTMfsas s5M4 C alVvaaT'sl eTaTaJM wMBfihsasm
StoTi aisas oil i t si j-j W.iW stbab.
Cento Straw ttW aS
SMrBitaea, Stot Sw toi SiSiaSil. JaaaS
Sanaa, la b a rKltotafStoTarritory af K
.jaaaaiBmexsceett;n r,
tota atieaaaM, Mtaaa imi
SaSBraa'M iaa toaJM Sw
saSBfaatNi attos atose Sw atolatoaaamSwa Mto
InoaMaSaat.n a -waakty- .sawaHSjar sak
IMMdiatoaaaMCawto af JaSi ja. afito ftor
JaSewaaAagaltol Uto taM SafcalialSKStoStoiaf
toeyJJ5aail atastfmasaaw aa a wMBi
aaStoiTaVtol BSw7waV?Si Say rf
AVfU, A. ft, WSS, aaSSaeilltoMeaf Im
SMKaT, PinlMr.'aanatoftoWwta U mf
NrfaMaMtoaattJihaA. aad Stot amtoa ke. Sto
mii Jeaaah Rsaaaiwa, MMnT, autarer. or Stajarto
uw aatteaa r awls Bum o. ciii.i
ka St ta tfto Ctorklt oSk af UM Cauit anu
a iia wm wt am aa aa, aaaiaaaii
aa BacarsiaaT, aaa aw aaaaaawraaaai
aatotoaarwyatoaaai jaaaMas.'i-it
la luHiiaay waamf. I sere-
Taaaaa-af C
Br--a. va.rs Brtu:
" t . t.
k FARMoftw-cti.r.ahau.'iriaefaa.ia.
XL aawiVf'iaviaibSw.aasa it. sas to.m
ivies of O
aarfc a atava anraaea taaaw;rat-a SVays'sMa 1
toSMV wil yiraa.- rail asiaM. t.: taaeS.
IfcMtowtiiajto;faaloa.mv i . Sf
ia a w am tr a
Mea Xayaaaaaa, aaaaaw
aaaa. la
f Ma..KaySaaSB.
waaj aaaMHW aasatoa
er jai
aiawi .far wiawaiaaaai aaai aaaaja wai aa aaaa
-- ' T-ti-ra-TiiiiiifailliniiT
------- 1 t1 tFTtllTTai. aa StoaaS
IAMB a !
- r ' l JHJCJOTlWi,T
la Ika bhSmv af aw Baaaa''l,:'-;'t''''r,!1 "
' 'Jska Xavkaa-aa aaaaatoa?r X xr
Maa a? wn-ltmm-UmmU&Mm Kayt
ir.aVaaS aatasait aw savarJasM awe.
m aaaawaaaa'aV avaw
".' irrv xusuasrni aa:
1 a'kM?sb. AaSir AssSaaat.,
- .VW..C ,i i :': i L - .'
ii i u-rf. r.
A netosaa4BVaasftV
&g$mZ "fil 1V"S CL.
ahalHaa, liaiuiaijaf aw OJiil .m 7
" ' ""7
YAT? f mm aw ess
CMn Arcaaauyliiase,'-ky kfe aummt, wtaw
."ABwj. aaS Stol amSiTa Ilia. aSSto.ajaaa
i a? ato Baal XaMtos7aH XaykaaaaB. a
aaa.ait Bfi'aaaiaBiivaaaaBtMaaBaB.aanivHj,
Stot'l tetoai to BMa'laaaaaateTSJraaafSarto
rjaaii ana ant a
PtoaatoCaaM at M
i '
r.. BM.)aMiaauj
AvW. skTiT laaJaaaaaaaS
. Ta. . . .
amtoatoawtoS. waaaSaaailBtoers.riaa
BMriat CaartafJitowiaCaBaw.jtaaaavyag'
I wm aa Satoalar, tSa S SajarSMtoaila.JSia
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