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The independent. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1860-1874, February 06, 1864, Image 1

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Qof .i.UM W' .4 "Oil! mOtllOr I" tlill cl.n oe enmt .o 1m Itl'i -Mf 4- A .V W 1 i I
. iAl'Vitii flnrn. -i,. ..-, :..i VC ...r :"""V." ."" V 3i?A4IIIIJK1U1. The Stolen HiiMr ,.. ,
,M7 Q"g .... ii..Hm, we uuuw. "i nave sficn j "i. . -y j -;
good news. Sclionrdoes not keep, lo- ' " ;
; i.
. "Sotto iDTMlTsilaneJ'
Tfce lillla opnirr Cower tranporto1 crleii
1 ol to Cijtelf klne I bud and bloom; V
t "With fracnii.t breath "be brcctei'l perfume,
-And gladden' nil thing with jnjr rclnbowdves;
; Tbe bea cotnrs rl)p1n)r, crerj-erruttde,
.j '.'' Hi dainty Hit; ,.
I Tli butterfly wltbln mr cap doili hide
' ft Erora lUreateoIn-ill."
"Not to mj-KlT lone,,
Tbe.eirclitiK Ur with boiu-sl pride
Sot to mt;ir aione.f rU and et; '.
I wnto iipon niur coronal ofjet
, His power and kl!t who forms1 our mvrlad hott
.X friendly-beacon at beiren't open pate,
' t 1 t?ru the-ky,
That raail talfht nVr ror'cet.ln orery fate,
Hit bomu on high."! .
Ni.t torny self alone,"
The bary-ladh becjAttrmnrmurinj; bnm
"Xot to mysialf alone from fliwer -.
t j I Tore the vooJ, thsganleti and the bower,
1 1 . JLod to the blvo at erer.lr.jr weary come ;
For man, for man, the luciouifo9d I Jille
With bmv care, ... ..
a, . . t.t-
.' Coctect'If this repay ray rjase'eM toil
A jcacty hro."
?'fot to mytlf alons."
The ioarlttg bird with IcV.r plnion inss
"Not to mjelf alone ! re.Ua the nous;
leheei the drooping with :ny wartUntnn;ae:
Andlieir'thsir.a'iriicr on my t!shIi nlnjf;
I bid the hymnlaat churl my authem loam,
Aai God ador;
J coll.lbe worldling from !.! 'ro to tarn,
' . And sin; and soar."
"'Net te myj:ir alone,"
Tlie'irianilet whwpsn on it pebbly way i
"Not to mlf alone I sparkling glide ;
I cutter lifs and health on erery tide,
" Jlud ?trew the fields with herb and fiow'ret gay:
Viz nnto the common, bleaW and bare,
' .My gladsome tune;
'I sifceten'ai.'l refreh tbe'languld air
In drutb Jun;. "
'. . "!'' '
.'Nol to wyielf aIon "
Oh, man, formal not thou, earth's honoreJ j.rletl
IlstoupieUssoul; t life iu;'iUi.lU liear.i
In earth's great (borus to susUlii thy part.
Cliii'frsi 6) fiiesU at life's unsruJcius faaat,
"l. .tl.'...t.hl .H.1.M l.f hl.lvuf TAJ
- J'nd self disown:
Uve lo thy- neighbor, lirt onto thy GoJ,
Net to thytelf alou.
nWWx& SMfiL
Susan BliVon'
-ilearlr loved to
was n !itt! gtrJ
have her own
Very ruanr of her acts wnre prompteil
.s.iilely by this motive. For insiauc,
when she and her cousin Sarah wtr
playing Ug!iir, if Sirah fSirsi!
vtish to p'ay wiiii thtir dolls, ausan
would be iUit? to insist njvm plni:i
lude-and-Acek. If fi'irsih l proposed
- pJnTiiiijhiJe-antJ-setL.S'j'iii wujtl ..ir
uinly have' DropiTic-d something ele.
If hei brother Oorg- Lil h-r to plav
jrj 'lie houses he wanted to p'ty in lh!
"tyard; but if he asked hi;r lo play iatlie
jmd, he w:h fetire to wish lo play m
the hou!o.
Her coiimii Sarah and brother Georgf
usually are up to ln-r for thi-y found
that it'was eaMerio yield than lo con-
""end. But though- he generally had
-litrrown way with Ihern she could not
control tiriv tiling. Very many things
crossed her will and wishes. It would
rin when he particularly .wished it to
-be uicasatii. School would keep when
, he had her heart set upon a holiday:
Talid berries would nol alway,. yrow in
I the place where she went to look for
Ij Then, an;ain, she often oppoted hfti
ill to thj will of her parents.' She
i could n'oi. indeed, do this directly, for
i .jjer parent never peimitled direct df-
;obed'ence to their will. Out it war-
womlerful in iio'w'mauy wayshe con
attired to show that ahediduot )ield
"a cheerful obedience to their wishes;
and that if she did lioi disobey- them",' il
3 wa not for the Wni ol a wiihio do o.
SoajtUmes she would show this by a
.wl'nbditAce to U.'.-ir cpfiim iiids.aud
KMaetimes by tardy obedience.
flieB;h obeyed them, she would 'of-
Hea'contriVe to take her -wd time for
wi, and tip it in hrr own way.
0n moinrug "Iie.r muih r gave hr a
.aoie, ditechng lierto tk lilo her
Kncle Smii'a, before he -went lo
'"ichuj Susan .at once delcrmined to
?'tak her'WH tiae lo -a'rryihe nou.
SiJT-J "; -f rX 'v - -;;- ;,
r.r carry it is tite moruing or . uuu,
!;aasaid tn li.rir:' 'mo 1 will so with
t'whln I reijlni; from scjitr I at no6n.
Before tfee-teaci.erciosed he school
. Wght heiiif.(rmedBirer scholar, that
. ,Fj:o!d Imv., hofiday th oxt
4feya tiiert wooid be no acliool. Tt
rtfaWaVilps n.ws faore f elcjime than
'iafc aan Beaion."Thia Jioliday hs
Wjkty tbinif .he: wiilied for'juantt'
:$ triei, Nohiiig could', bJve bften
t liaelj." Her ancle Allen, .who
dar-otii three railea ifroin the tillage,
I'M ,ry large aud nice peach, or
t?d, aid the prache were now j'isi
4 diciVprime. If l'liool,ditI;iQi kp,
gwlKtjdjiw doubtthuv she could per-'
V1re,TarId. lake GeorJe.Hnd .liorself
.v ,r .. : ukaluusa, JiASAS, FEBKUARY 6 1864 .,.-...,
. "OIij mother J" said she, as soon as
she entered, the house. "I have stch
good news. SchooPdoes not keep, to
morrow. It will be just the time tor us
to go out to uncle Allen's.and get sprai
of those peaqhes. You know you a-
most promised them that you would
come jn peach-iimo, and now yon will
go to morrow, won't you ?"
"We will sea bout it, my dear,"
was lir mother's reply.
"She does not say that wo. shall not
jjo, and Tktmw by her lookj that nhe
means to wo," thouj-ht Susau. "How
fortunate it is there is no schttoi to-morrow
And in her jo)', she almost fan
tried that .the, large and iemgi.ii peach
es were even now touching ller lips.
Slie-ran out to meet George, who was
just returning from school, for Sijsitn
had reached home before him, i her
eager li-me to inform her niotiier that
there two'uld b- no school the next day.
and obtdii a pixmie of going to uncle
Allen's. 4V are gotng lo uncle Allen's
lo morrow, Geofgo.J. Iio sniJ,
'How do you know we are- has mo
ther said so ?" ifslied George.
"2Tot exac ly; .hut slie has said that
slie-would.see alioul ;t, aitd I know sTih
mean totJ;o " c
Susiin "now fle wrtp'to her, rooro lo.s"
if the things L-she wished to we.r tin
next day were all in order. Having
as-certained: tluTt they were, sln nex
went to ilm" wiiitIowti):.'-ep,liow nmr the
-iiii was tlawtr; for in hef impaiic'nue it
.-eenied as jf she could uot wait for the
dull tordayto be gone, and the bright
to-morlow io come.
As she looked out, she saw John, the
boy who !ied wi.h her tincle Smith,
approach. ngj.lho house. . "1 woudrr
what John ha:s-ionjfe foi?" she thougiii,
and away slfe (lew down stairs to find
out. .'She mot John at, the. door, who
gve her a note, ratings it was for her
rnotherj Susan "tnokrilie note to her
motlier.and watched her while she was
rp:t;iingit. .She thought her mother
iflo'ked very o1ier; its if soiuetiiing was
wroiiij, 'while reading the no:e.
Wh-n she had dou reading it, tf
looked np io Susan, nd a.-kt-c!. .''.lid
y oji carfy the0riote to your mini Smnli
thN muiu ng before school V
Sun turned v-ty rt-d.and s'ammr
ed out that site did no' i-arn the' no:
until noon, for hhe did not suppo.-e it
woujd jnake'Htiy ililFeieitco.
"I directed jou lo caiiy it in tin
morning."' Ife'r mother replied: "and I
hbuld think it made "'aurpatJea! of
ditTeieiice whether you obfved me or
not. If- you ha I obeyed m-.you would
have gone to your uule Allen's to
morrow-; hut' now, you c.tuuot go
Your ,tSac,her infor:r.ed me j-esterduj-
tliat there, would be ho achool io mor
row, so I wrote a note lo vour-auut
Smith to know if it would be convent
cat for them lo go wnh us io your un
cle Allen to-morrow. Yournun: lii-
wiii.en mo tliat tliey intgnt-ltave gone,
if thev bad received in v note, in ihe
moroing, but they did not receive it
until nooo; nd before that tihiu, llty
bad made n en -:iirem'nt which would
1 morrow. H will b.iut tlie time fur us
prevent them going to-m rnw." ' j always :i Htthj tardy a little late in
Su?an wituted t ask il they could fiising, dressing, at meaN, at church
not go without her uncle nnd aunt, but jevry where some one is behindh ndw
she felt so guilty and .-ishamed of lier (The rest wait, and run, and call, and
own conduct. Ihat H was sometime be-
fore he could summon courage; but
she wanted to go so much, tfiai she at
last ventured lo ak the question.
Her mother replied. ''No. We have
engaged logo 'together, and tve shall
not go without them, xour uncle anU
aunt will go day after tp'monoyr', and
we shall go with them,"
Susan said no more. She would have
given a great deal to know who her
mother meant by we, but she dared uot
ask She did not njiy the holiday
verv.tntich. Il was riot a Very pleaMng
r.fl-c.:ion, that she should have ben at
her uncle Aliens eating peaches, liMlleves, and a Hulr ol iOnieiuiilg wane
not lu-r own wilfulness nrevemed it.
She would have given almost any thing
.. '-. .--... , . .
io know what peions weic represetred
by that little pen-onal pronoun, Inst
person 'piural'liuiiiber, -'hieh her
mother had used. Who did hei mo' her
"mean by toe J Wrf; " lit r father and
mo'lier ionly ? or w-re herself and
George iricluJed? But her mother
preserved a loiaitleiice ou-tlie subject,
neither ialluding'lo iheii-.,iulenled visit,
tin th.-'mbrrow", oV lo her own disobe
dience. As the ipiy .ad'iinced,,Sus4i'
grew more learlul that this silence did
not forbode.any good. r x
Just al night, t.er mother said io.lier1,
.I wish' you to leave this packag' wtlii
ifr. P- "' yu? way l0 -tsboiy. t"
ratnroWi i A
I SuVan'a eyes filled with tears.nnd shl
cOuhliia'rtlly speak; .but she mads oui
to say. "1 ihoubt you were going to
uncle Allen's Jo-rnorrow." .
'Ypur fallier,aiid myself,and Georgi
an: lioiiigj' her mother replied, "but
youTiWgpiTig to sch'ooU I do u t know
how jrnucliyoUtfvijileirn by going; bti.
if ylw should leam to be les wilfql
ind,iMJt, upon having 30urjrown way, i
willjbe the best leasoujou ecr learned.
Susan bnrst into tears, and begged,
anil plead: hard tojip ftirgivgn and per
milled to go; but il w all of no avail.
Her parents, who'hnd often been pained,
by tier wilfulnessMt the" ue,s ol
g(ringbcra".IessiMitbaJ'he wbald not
eoon'fortfrrt: ntnF Jtlu.u If 1 1'.'"1 "T
hearts" plen(l'ed,or hereven .harder than.
Susan' pleaded "for hwmirlJ rrtni-
- i r -
t far en . wt
There are very few who have slrenglh
of. eliaracterTsuiieieiit at all tiiSsto do
now wliatwe hopeinay be done lo
moi row. Thus we put off acting at the
right lime., not because it U eaier done
hereafter, but, beJause we do not wish
now to make 'the effort. We make ap
pointments,. iud do. not.kei?p ijienilpunc-.
many, an.l mink Utile of, it; but we
have no conui-piion of the annoyance
we-cante ourJiieiids.$ We abuse tlie'r
p4tieuce;.con.ame' their ti'mei nd lead
tliein to litrul.our piomises in future.
Mel.inethoji-snys, when he had an ap
pointment, he expected not only the
Aour.-but the minute to be fixed, that
the time might not run but in idleness
or supene. The punctuality nf Dr.
Ohahuer's father was so well known,
tftat his aunt, appearing one morning
too late at breaklast, ami well knowni"
what awaited her ifshe exposed her
self defenceless to the sluriu, thun
managvd to (Iiv-itt.it. "O, Mr.. CIihI
mers !" she exclaimed, as she entered
the room, "I had such a strange dieam,
lasi night ! I dreamt you were dead.l'
"Indeed 1"' said Mr; Chalmers, quit
arr-stcd Uy an antiutineenietit winch
bore so directly tipou his own future
his'ory. , .
"And I dreamt," she continued,
"that the lunciu day was uamtid; .the
ai me luuei ii uav was nami; .inei..i. i. ;.,i m , - ,. -
,. J. ..,, Utlti'd; "ihen perhaps, thou Tvilt come
Til huur-wa fixed; and the ftmer Tf, - , ,iiiii ii-svi- .- ' i -'w
. , i , in anl'.tell mehow tin? iianp.ned..We
cards were written; and the day ...,, . . , , '. ' ,,
- j ,. (. . , .-' will see ivhai can bj dom lor thee.
i tin
came; aim me io:ks came; ami me
hour t-anit.; but what do you think hap
pened ? w"hy. the clock h.-i-l .scarce
. , ., .-II ."' , .
done cliappin ', ("tnkini) twelve. which
had been the hour nuiK-il in the cards,
when a loud knockiiiij was heard with
in the coffin, and a voice, peremptory,
and ill-pleased 'like, came out of it,
saying. 'Twelve's chappi', and ye'reno
lilim.' " , w
iJi. Clialmtiswn himself loo reat
a iium-.U't not iolrt-Iish a ji.ke so quick
ly and cleveily coiariveo, mid ti.eUil-
'tnous culiirt' felt that sue had tic
vouipiished in.oi tlian an ei,-ape, X,i
only- tho. follow hur example who can
equal lu-r nil. . ,
We do uot pretend to know the se
cie't. of tl;e ladies' tot.Vit-, hut we do
ko'jw ih hi om.-'.iow or other, when
wtitiu.r tor n ladv lo accompany us a
an appo:u'.ed n-mr, we fcave to wni- a
long im- hile.he "just slips on hr
ilims, and will be' teady in a moment."
Whether i is our impatience lor the
t urii of her bright laee, or whether il
is brcaue we know not the mysteries ol
just slipping on her things wlixtever it
we do know llial the wear and tear
of pitieuce . i .trriihle, "lid we uflen
wish . she had said, frankly: "Sir, 1
have to hunt up toy clothe", dre-s in
hair, dust my bonnet, lace my bno..s
-iect a collar.
cologne my uandker-
!i - hief, und cannot p'ossthlv be rcadv un
jder 'half an hour."
So when the bll lings for breakfast,
' Jinner, lea or recitations, some one is
itrv to nut her, ami wueu at lat ne ap
pears, , you wuli tnal, in aUuiltou loan
that he has put on, .she had adorned
herself witli one more garment of
beauty the habit of bejng punctual.
Tte Davghterrat School? by Red? John
Todd. '
It's Me.
Passing a neat little residence,
other eveninir, we happened lo see a
man wailing at ihe door for admittance.
At the iu'suinl, a green blind above just
opened a Itttlg wy, and by the j;a4 light
we c (Uiilit a ol'inpse of a pair ol brilliani
laud a bird toned voice bofily said
Wl...d ll...r.."
"It's me," was tho brief ic.tponse.
The eyes and ihe flutter disappeared
from the window, like star in a cloud,
and we almost fancied, ns we passed on,
we could, heir the paltering of two lillle
feet upon liio stairs, winded with wel
come, i
it was a trifi'-; all happened in an in-
ant, bun it intuiucd us lor an hour.
IV a me! Amnlslhe jtr ol tho great ciiy.
IIion wonis fell upon the. quick, ear
falofi, and-met a glad rrpmie'.
Its mtl An f wiio wis:ne7 ' ihe
pride'of h heart's lilt); ho doubt'; the tree
a' Vine was clitrgmg to; iho'DefenJer
of the- KaiUifuU" in the best sense in
the world.
Jt'8 me! "Many llicro ate who would!
give half their hearts, anil uioro tlian
half the hopa ju jhem, for one such
lecgiii'ifpniu tills "wide, wide world'
Qp; .'Change, iii ihe Directory v at ihe
lo.st-fjffilce. he was known .is Aril. CJ.,-
Esq.ritittB'thal iliresliojdnBd within.
ihosaal!,'i'W.aiiwiotfi'og more.
a'ftd.iwhakio"la'ifere one wodld love
10 be ? '
Few of all the IiearU that, .beat bo
wildly, warmly, sadly, slowly, can re
cognize a true. oul amid the din "''
darkness of the 'world, in that timple
bat eloquent' it's K. As if he had
. "Now I am nothing lo all the wold, . , .. .'
, 4U . fur I'm all tiio wiM t Ul." .-
JSe'ie York Tribune.
tb:-i - '!
- The richest child in the woildIiol!i-
,lv'M!4' jw ' ..-'
rWtIti:nnSivery,:4u(rniaent, preacher
Ironv his tannery; and he, bd 'reason tt
believe .than the thief 'was. iquarrel
some, drunken, neighbor, wiiooi I si,ali
ctll. John Smith, Tfie next week, the
following advertisement appeared in
.... vouii,) iiuni.aiiei .
' ' Whoever s'(fe a qliHritity orr,.l'.i3es
on the fifth of ihe'pie'sent mouth, is
hereby informed that the owner has a
sincere Wish io be his friend.'" If povJ
"o lempieu-imii to mis laise step, me,
owner will kt'l-p thewliolo' transHciioil
Secret. iind-,will glarjlyoput liitn iiilllit
way of obtaining money by means more
likely to bring him peaee'of mindj' .-.
This singu-;ir advertisement atlrapied
con-icferable, atteiitioii; but,th: culprit
alone knew who had. the kiiid offer.
When hread it his, heart .melted. w.iih
i:i him, and he was tilled with '.soi,ro;
for what ho had done. A few nights
afterward, as;' the tanner's family '.were
about retiring to n si, il'iey h'c-trd .' tmiid
knock; and, when the tloor vtai opened7,
ihcrestood JoJiiimith.Thh j loidJ
hides on his shoulder Without look
ing up, ho said-" , - '
"I" Lave biought these back, Jlr.
Stvery. Where ,shall I put thvm?"
"Wait till I can "eta lantern, and I
will go to the bainwiih'thee,'.' he,re
A4-MMiii,-as they were gotioj nut. hi
wife pn'p.ued some Ifot'coiTee.f an
pn p.tietl smu lfit coliee.i ana
placed pits and meat on the' taUl-.
When thev itumwd Irotn t.e bam, she
said u U
"Neighbor Smith, I thought some
hot suppcrwpuhbo gooiLf-r thee.-
He itirned iiis back toward'lief..ind
ditl not' spe-ik. KM-hr leaning rrjjaiust
the lirt'place in silence n few tnonients,
e saifl! "in : cjio'.l'trt voice f.
"I is li.e fust lime I ever sl.lt
ig, and I loll very b.tii, about ty.,.
Mire iMAlu'l'micw think tlt.a 1 s-Ii3tl
.-ver c mo to .what I am. UrW ,oi';
o drinking, and llien to quirreliiiig.
Since i began to go dotr lull, .ever) -b
dy yives mc a kick You me the first
nun thai has ever offi-p-d me a helping
hand. My wire i siekli . nnif my "chll
tiieiiaie slaMtug. You l"af sent them
many a meal liod -bless "ou; and yei
1 stole the hides. But I tell you life
trulii, when 1 iiy it is the first time 1
was over a thief."
"Let it be lhe,.lait, my friend." re
plied Willi im Siverr. "The fecrel re
mains between. iiurelv?. Thou ait
till oung. and it is in iby power- to
make up for lost lime, rrumicc me
that thou wiUji.it diink any. inioxtcat
ing liquor for a year, and 1 will emplo)
tnee, to-mprrow, on good wages. The
little boy can pick up stones. But ea.
a bit. now, and drink some hot coffee.
Perhaps it will keep thee from craving
anyihiug stronger, to-night. Doubt
less, thou will find it hard (o, abstain
at first; but keep up n brave heiit, foi
the Nikq.of thy wife and ehihlreii.'anil
it will sooti become easy. When ilmu
hat need of coffee, tell Mary, and she
will always give it thee."
The plot- ieilow tried toeatnnd drink,
but the lood seemed lo choke hjiru Al
ter Vainly try ing to compose his feel
ings, he bowed his head on iho (able,
and wept like a child. After a while,
he ate and drank, and his host parted
with him for the mghl, with the friendly
"Tty to tlo well, John, and thou will
always find a friend in me."
Ho ciiicied into his vnploy the-next
dwy.-tnd remained with him many'yeai
a siiber, honest and laithltil man- The
Secxet of, tle theft was kept between
them; but, after John's death, VS iliinia
Sivefy soinelluies lold the btojy', to
prove that evil might be overcome with
good. Child's Paper.
An Irish set rant, who. was . ordered
to extinguish a fire with the water in
the kettle, very innocently rp"ied: ,
"Stite, sir, the' water is Ao. and'you
canuol put out lire with hot water."-'
Auplhex,. which we heard a few day
wo, in loo good to be lost. The serv
ant was desiied by the master lo bting
aj the rudiihei.
"The redtshes.. surely. M?"
Sometime uhipstd.'.!ie.H,he leiurned.
wiin 'two china tilates, irn'l sul
Sora a red dtiies can I find; sir, but'
won't the white ones do as well?.
It is in disputes as in armies; where
the weiikerside, sets up false lights, and
make a great noise, to make the enemy
believe iheiii.morc numerous and strong
tlun lley really are.
There are an infinitude of miiterici
iu nature; bul ihe; greatest of them all
is man. ' Witji all his off irt.M, and re
searches, he ' eer uiiderstand hiin
seif,,til!icr physically, morally; or men
tally. It was n.nnr'm of General Jackson's:
T.ikr lime lo deliberntr;. but when
l!,o time for aclioti anive.s;"8ljop itiiilk-
Truth is a ropk of stiength sufficient
iri bear tho univeise; en or a mire in
wh.ich bodies sink.itt-proportion to fheir.
ainoiig ue Quakers, uasa.lanur Jby
tjade, and known by nil as. "one who
walked htimbly with his 'Godl; ,' ""brie
ntgtit, a-
.- Wvreu, Sare Tour Eusbaads
The fyllotying ajioul be,read by r
"It "rm:,P..'Art tl,e -i,,u,HtrJ'.,nfrri,?ll'.9
unmarried yes.it should bo committed
io merribry 'and1 repeated three timers
day, for iVcOntairis mora truth, than'
many volumes that hare beep written
on iho suhj-cl: ,. , ,, t
"How olien, wa hara nan, sat,, I am
. 'r I'e' . T Tits) 4J .
going to California, Australia, or some-
wife r- else. Yoirask him't'lie-'r-asimi
oMii-j going awar( and th -4)iswer;i,
in.ninojcaoes out of' ten. am not happy.
a; nonio. i nave ben unfortunate in
business, and 1 have made up my mind
io try inV luck in'CNlifornia.1 The world
seems -to go ffgainst me. -While fortnn'j
favored iwe. ihere were those .wbpm.I
ihonglii to ba my riends, btxt when the-souk-
turned, they also turned the cold
shoulder agHjnst.rne;. Jly wiFe.he that
alinhld li.tVij been the first lb have s!oi)d
by ra-. and encourage ne was first to
pi-int tljojinger of scorn and, say, it i
your own fau)t; "why lias' this or that
one bert so- fortunate ? If you had at
ibrided to your business as1 they hare,'
yon would not bewhere you are now.'
These and oilier like insiiiuatious,;ofteu
drive funan lo.fiinltnljiirsocieiy. other
pleasuies, iii,cunequeiu-c of being un
liajpy at home. He may have childien
that he ljve; hccaiinot enj y life with
litem as he-would; he may love tliemas
ileiijy as ever;, yet., home is made un
ilenvant itii cunequeii.-e oftjiai .cold in-diff.-ieiicc
of the' wife. Jfow. L would
sty io nil such' wives lister?, arid in
fact, all females; deal gently wild "hint
that ii in trlitibV; 'reinttuibeDihut.hrvis
veryj csi!)-exeite.d.; A .little twotd,
carelessly thrown out,. in,ty inflict a
wound tim never can heal. Then b
'nu'tiflu; ft" man h bnt',htiinan there
fore lie iSiliable lore'rr ,lf yoj see him
going wipnif.! tv,vr meet him with a
smile, and, with th. kiss of affection,
show ih.il you Ioe him by repeited
acts or kfudness, let your friendship lie
unbounded ;'trj,l,'l hguile his'tinliViopy
hours in pleasant cAiivertuiicn.' By so
doing, you may s;tve yoiiiselfand chil,
dreii fiom an unhappy ( 'uiirc. .
"When a m tn is in trouble, it W'bu1
a Ii ile word thai may ruin IiiHi;' it is
hut a liule word tlWinay-'savs kim."
3fercha.nU' Ledger.' .
' TiiKiNT.w..MijiBKi(. At year or two
since, a Mr. B was elected lo re
present the town ol Slielburne, New
Hampshire, in ihe Legil:iuiri. He
was a plain old frmr, full of'iountl
sense, and ready for'any real wqrkjlhat
was needed. .Vhrn he ja.'tde his ap
pearance at lite Slate Umtse. il must be
confessed that his tout ensemll was
anything bu- fashionable. His hat was
a jierftct relic of antiquity his coarse
ltoc.k ami trowsers of genuine, dapplo
gi.iy home-spitu his sjiifi-bo.-jonr the
product of I is wifr'it own loom, and his
boots ol the thickest and most sub
stairid cow-hide. ' ' ' -"
'As i M"". B- entered the lobby.
thijre wcf.e Several young- ''members"
stauding about ,ihe fire, and supposing
the nw comer to be only a Vtstioi,
ifiev metely cat a glance at his we-ith-er
browned face, turtifd up their noses
at hivverdniit look, and. then continued
their conversation. B took a seal
near the stove.
"No room here' for visitors," said one
of'the (lippa'nis. T . il . ih
"O,. I'm a member."-. , ,
" You a memher V u'lerod the first
speaker. . ",
"'Srrtain.'' rsppndJ(it'B-, 'in n
mild tone. '' rt '"'" ' "'
"Whore from ?".- ' - ,
4'Shelburne.". . -,:f . ni .!
"'AcH,' said a fashionably dressed
"ilmunt,,' with a disdainftil look al
ihe rough, cdarte'drewS of 'ihe farmer,
"hain't the folks in Slielburne-got any
body else to se ud : here,? '',
"0. as for that matter," relitrneji
Mr. B . wih perfect goo'-r'-iJatute,
"I s'poso - there's a good man? nu-u
there that knows mor'u I'do. but they
hiiirit any, of 'emgot.any cloUtes that s
fit to Kcur !"
T ile'llttti;'' weio floored, and be
fore the session clo-r'Slhey funtnKthh.'
the "iitpmber from Shelhiiliie- could
.e!( through it qurjSliuti , as far as thev
cotijtl st y around l,)eu Jtorjb frfimt
of the Times. ' ' ' '
'' " ' Cure fir the Gout.
An n'ltlermari otu-e called On Dr.
Francis, when the'' follbwing dialogue
took place: a.
, "Dpctt,r,I have, a strong tendency
io the gout. What shall i'do tptarrest
lV . t "
"Tako-ii 'bucket of water, and a ion
of 'anthracite, ihree times."
. "How?"
''Drink, f lie former, and carry the bt
Ici'i up three pair of s'aiM."
We have not heard ' that lie needed
advice afterwards. ' ' " "' ' '-'
,t' i. -
I ! I
' ' A man's dress has a1 wonderful influ
ence on his character. .-Dress like a
rowdy, and ia less than month you
will commence acting
' Put me in the same room." says an
old philosopher, "with a "number- 0
young girls, nnd V will, tell you, when
"the postman knocks', mewly-by watch;
the looks of some, and the actiocs of
otWiriiow many of them ar. in 1 v."
r i ' lljj'i" p.
1? J "L
. Tk.YaikswlPsilar.
1 f C-i
Njl ionj incp. a,iaJl,fJoucJil;lonkipg
Yankee, was soen poking along tojib I
'he market, vidently trying to hunt up,
chapii ro' trade witlV. t; x
Helloo.- misterj" said ho,-l:a fallen
beluinUlhe.coiter,. withta goose quijlj
behind an ear, "Jo yoj wntobuaiiy
tooth-powder? I'ro jjo'.'soma1 that's
clear grit none 'of your couiuer'eiC
stuff, such as thd regdl'ir 9'iiole"cnriei4
feell none of your compounds- of red
oak saw-dust' and hemlock. biik. with a
nine aium io mate it puciterr.iine Aum
v. ' i J" ' ' -, . . - , -,-i
Aahby s apple sarce. It s real myrrh,
I'eru'vian, ioda, and whatnot. AllihS1
ga's in our lown use it, .and j it; mikes
their jtws look like, a stone wall just
whitewashed, and . their breath iiko a
.--' . r t t' " 1 ''
heifer last out of clover.
, The teller behind ihT counter light-'
eiied up. '& '"' .
"What's the price?' said .ho. -"f-jve,
dollars a gross, and Le.;tis,.
sample of ihe critter." said the Yankee,
pulling a box out of his packet, nicely
.urned out of beech limber, tvitfi il la
beJ on-top. printed on red paper, with
a border, of, roses and. ohesr.ut uuua. till
fhe customer look htm right up. and
'agreed to deliver in oiie hour. He llien
cut stick for Titslo igmgs. and in J;otu
an hour or so returned. foil chiel, fol
lowed by a strapping niugor, friialliiig
a wheelbarrow full of the real uinooine
tooth powder, warr.tiHed sound, mt.le
by himself, no mistake. The ten gro
were all counted out, cash paid, and
the bill receipted, tin less than no time.
The feller soon advertised his new
toolh powder, and the gals and ihe
young fellers, ai.d some of '.he ohi one,
to), were soon round him " thick ns
crows round a deid horn. But in a
few hours after the sates, things hegau,
lu took iajitr blue. , His, customer
came buck in c owds. compl.-unitig" that
ins ooxes wouun i open rieiooaont,
ah. I pulled anil tugged, and twisted and
seteWed it but nil to no purpose. 'The
top and bottom stuck as tight to one an
other a Aunt iluth's nut.,cakesstick-,tt
the left h. .At Its'., ieUmgpiit fiii
patience, he laid it on the floor." took'
the store hatchet. anJ smaiHeii into ILtr
topfull split. This soon 'let""fiit c':i!
out. ".
All the b X?9, tXeopting ilje. sample,
were made ot one siiij s.nckf beeeh.
wood, the top and the bottom nil in one.
nitb no holler in the middle, nnd 'a' small
hair stn-ke of the chisel onisiJe, toluol;
like a jitint. As for totish powder,-h
tlit-re was noi place to put any. there
wasn't any ihere.
"Dam ihe Yankee tin podiar," says
(he teller; "if i don't be into him the
worst kind!" ' 'l
But the chap ws nmoag the mining.
He hud pulled footfor New York,
and sold the test of his tooth powder
there, at U n dollars a gross!
Mansers of the Tcuks. In a new
work jasi published or England, enti
tied "Usiiibles iu Siutheru Sclavonia,"
by Netgebaur, a German traveller, , is
the following dtcrip ion of an incident,
illusiative of the manners ol the
L tiding at Belgrade, he- fonnd, for
the first lime iu nil Iiij naveling experi
ence, uo officious hand ready to seize
his btgge. A few paces off in fionl
of n tavtm, sat sc-veint Turki-di porters
smoking iheir long pijfes. The Doctor
doubtless looked helpless enough. stand
ing beside his portmanteau, but uot one
of them rose to offrr his service.
Will no one eain -i piece of money?'
I at las'. c.-.HeO out to the smokers, ns I
observed that my Tiniiing.was likely to
lead io no other re-ult than carrying
my nn btggtge, .
All ol us,' willingly !' replied the
porters .almost itii one voice.but vitn
lui stiirtug fiom their f-eats. 'But
wiichAof us .shall Serve you,? Whom
do you wish V' ,
'Come who will." was, my reply. .
The piiteis, puffed haid at .their
pipes aud looked at- each other in si
lr,nce.x Allastonoof ihern, seemingly
die oldest, spoke:
,'All!' be said, 'have you had a job
to-day ?' ..,
No,', was the reply of a slender
young Moor,,ajtir-d iu, white tutbtu,
white jertin, aud large red trousers.
then,, carry tho genil-min's hag
gage,' rej'itueu the other; ainl ihe Moor
lose frpm his 8'one seatlo take the.
possession of my poitmatitenu.
As acdvo now as he had previously
seemed apathetic, Alh'JjVd tho way to
the Zuania, (literally the "building, par
excellence1:)'' an" Hotel which may ' vie
wild (he best in 'Europe as regards
structure and appearauce. but where
Dr- Neigebaur had great difficulty in
finding any one to receive him and at'
tend lo his wants.
s .
i $
The severest punishment of any inju
ry is the consciousness of having dude
it; and notxroe but the guilty, knows the
withering, pains of lepentance .,
A tree wss blown down lately by a
strong newspaper puff. The roof of
the pi in ting office suffered much da
thige al the same lime.
i t v."
A sioodjleed done clstei fully brings
lis own re warn i out n it is penormeu
grudgingly, it will most litety do re
gretted afterw.?rJs.
..(,, C ..
IHOLEfflulBE ;mA
ar? gladw grin.:co:'
I . i5?.' S ,01 "In frt?. rr -r'itJl
d: o I 3b ? iicimsi lisrlJ wol
r , W lS?rfi IvrhMt
', jAn ' txi'ew& ,akeeBer; 3w,
has had mueli occasion in ','"
to refer lo L..Mt Child's yFruSrffoSpi
wife,"as the best,wnfk-eiia'Bt6nbtike-hold
eneonptny: among- BWSsWtlBi
failures in. ih,cWtUVn -Jfi
I r ton Iianueii
lia rharb'e Si-euiaeeJnvrhrs IBWbV
twith ud?; ihisin'UMejrtaw'rfyfcft
polish. . Xliftv.aluMiId, b Juy,
snots taien off widi a nice oiled cloth.
and ihen rubbed dry wi h a soft rag.
If yon wisTt6 presen'fi- fir tertb,
always clean t!terB'thorougUlynflOBi
Lira eaten, your last oteai asjgflMra
ua''witrr- iresu ciitriHi un wi
IvS Jet keepsigooilall,tue ,ye,ipuarf
if. .cliopptssUan J. Pqtyd..dpwn1UVjgnA
, ..-..,.-. , -..- i-r. -il. Cvat
jtr. cwyered. wi.h molasfes. Mtnoeie
meat mar oe equauv-wcu (iawo .
bolfeti." ehoppetf JrvnfP"?irhil.-irly' 'pa"rlier!.'
Do nol lei kniVes' ba dropped iwikd
dlah w.cer. ThoiIsandflaQf jlllfl'i59rlh
ot.kpt-s-tiantUes are snl K.very jar,
Sf raw he-h afe'iniKfK (?? ro? being
boxed at ihe sitfds.inlt lifani nn'
upi.nlsterers prepare stick-iibr-'featters;
IC.atraw beds are sjitchojl tbrpiigh lifea
iurtiesscs. they tiro SWtyw'a'J!?07Sa
and need no stirring up. , . T
The ofteiier carpets'are siiatenr nte
lun..er'.ihVv' weair the' dirt iUaPwUetas
under ibeni giinds oul the.llirltd.VaoPjl
not have caipets swept oftenerjUianig
abv;luteiy necessaiy; a nrom wear, u
Hhj'Ur'n'sff y rtimbs 'into- th&iioVl-prfP w
i . i i . ... i
Preparing- Poultry for Market.-
' tFB li'iv'e receive"! several Tellers h'otiV
Ohio hn'd Indiana aatfiri-j wKefher-il
would py to send "poultry by railmul
frvm the ,V,est. il Hal queaiioa ia . ij
answered. , It will pay. iftJose jaljy
raiseii will be content witli hail uie re
tail piice irr our quotation3,'cvery w're'lr.
Freight and conimisiioif nill -coasaaie
.the other halft T.'te Uuctsiers,, taoae
who monopolize nil ihe produce, anO
fix; ihe piice to the, producer and cus
tomer, have no conscience, nor care iur
auhi hut I trge p'rlcesJ,
"How shilr-i'dress-ano; paca my tur-
kei s. 'ee;e.duckanda:bicliens, to seua
io the New York market?', .
iimi question is iiioeiojf "j"'"',",",
Hang vour turkeys np by iHe5 heels'
and cut l.e jugular rein. Pick'llrtm
dry, Kemotu the intestines aadiwipe
the inside dryi . Iyo.a-use water.aiali.
do it by holding the bird by the legs,
and lesiingTin as-istant po.ut.thflwater
throuih ihem. Wipe' and baBg;tbea
up ia-a eool plaoe twelve hears,. er till
thoroughly .dry., Setye geese. ..ducks
and chit-kens ihe ame .way. Do.not
?ca!l ihem, unless yon wou"dJljke,.U
Have ther jioid. Take. a box-thai
will hold 23J dickens .close, packed.
Putony 2a0in,H... TJie temainaetjjf
the space, fill,wvjfi.rye.tfaw cleaBjrja
straw npt chnC Do not usoswbet
straw, or 0t stiaw. if you.caa avoid .
You may Uee coarte.'cteiinroarsBjkay
A wisp of straw'm each bird giH.be
adyatiiageous, Najl'.up your&jXjifibj,
anil hoop strong, nnd mark plainlywL.f t
ii in i.'.nnd to vyhom ills' sent. Send only
in cold veaIief. Xew Tori Tribune.
-i.- - i z
Soaked Corn far Horses. ""
One ol the ibbt successful and judic
ious fanner fin the .vicinity of Bald
more, effects a saving. of from OB-!hirI
toone-lniii" of hi, corii, by' soakiagrit
thoroughly b?.fO!e,fcedingr His SB tt hod"
is this: Two empty, vesssiaj "hogsheads,
or something- similar, rire.ptced;th diis
celhr, where there, is-no danger froar
frosi, and blie 1 io the chiaafi, with.'ears
of com. . He tl.en pjnr.ta'wx'ersliir
the rrccp'aele are rilled. Wnenisielh
soaked, liieccorn i.-fed lo;ha horse.
and whenMuefConiente of'oae caekare
consumed, u is'again filled, aadttba an
imals ted from.ttiQ-oiher. EveBuCubs.
soaked in a similar. hintvci;biatiniBickle
instead of puie water. aror eagerly de
voured by cows, especially if ibe aatul
allowance of salt is.wiihheld. Tke ceru
cob contains-a I-irge quantity of BBtii
oient. and is by tar too -valuabl le be
thrown away.--(fenaoi Telegraph.
1 t ... ;.
, a l Inn
J wat m placo to rise;, set ft away . It will
be fit lor ufw-iho next 'day. Take'aamt
for'oue un full; a tea-Vpoonful of soda;
half the quBtily-of shortening tlret is
required for'-sour milk; mould it' into
small biscuitir can be' baked laiflaedi
ately or let rke. Putebre more-' warm
water to lire BOgetbal is left; set it
away. Good crackers c-ta bo made of
ihe sponge with a little shortening aaJ
mouiuing very naro; oace laamwoaiieiv
u.M..v ..'. I..ii.:-',m;.i:iil:-jr":i
it! tatf it
fl III TJVl UIIV Oll,0
a substitute for soar milk.- -
: T T
A m.'XiUte of four uuce&vC'iiiute
of ammonia, 'pufc-um-o. ot sub-cat hou-atv-
of soda;' and fou. otnice's ot water.
Mn'a Iri D'dl, will produce-leit'otMieca of
ieia iliree hewn. . vtj.ii
pr-cUcaily; teswa uie "WUy'VJ"0 Kh
liiwinjr.wlncii.buye been found valuable..
If rV,i i haWentoRre uWovtsSZMW
We haya preserved JpiMia.jW&
for many yc;trs, by washing them aft
&vtit' nrVal itrt'i iubbm'3 them once X
Wars! Cakb. Tafcrwd quailof
tm water, a' gill or-fgo'op4yeasi.
ke a thick bhttey,r W-ttslaiid Mb a
fnB! . ia cuBiae. uis m.v-
nii.Tf a s , 5 t ij i n z
. -
jv i":; b- -

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