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J. W. ECBERTS. Editar.
Saturday Febrnarv I'J, 180 J.
Unblushing Greediness.
Mr. Emi-ry, n member of the House
from Douglas county, has introduced a
bill into the legislature to extend the
boundaries of his county across the
Kaw ovtr into this and Leavenworth
counties, taking the rich bottom lands
all to herself: Under any jcircum
stances this rapacious greed would be
inexcusable and ill-mannered. But
when it is remembered that so far ns
our county is concerned (and we be
lieve the same of Leavenworth) we
have been at the expense of keeping the
whole district of country proposed to
be taken from us during past yisars, and
receiving no return from taxes on the
land, and now that the railroad .is to run
through this land nnd it soon become
.taxable, Douglas steps in and says : "I
will take possession of this valuable
bottom and reap all the profit fioui its
ownsi ship, and no 'thanks to you for
Jiaving kept it at vour own expense so
Was ever a more shameless attempt
at injustice perpetrated? But we do
not believe there are men euough in the
legislature to gire countenance to such
a fraud. From Topekn down the Kaw
should not be crossed by county lines.
Northern and Southern. Kansas" are
already namd, known and districted,
nnd there is no need of making confu
sion in the matter, even asi lo from the
unblushing impudence of the attempt.
Our neighbors of Ltwrence have the
University, and itfis all right; but if to
give them this has excited their greed,
and if the securing the railroad has in
flated them, we propose that they be
taught som? decemy, and be mad lo
respect the rights of others. If a little
good fortune causes her peoplo to desire
all, we think they should be taught that
modesty is a virtue not to be ignored.
But Douglas is ambitious. She wish
es to extend her empire, become so
strong as to control mal'ers of legisk
tion, and then say to the smaller coun
ties of the State: "Now do as wj want
you to, or you shall have nothing !"
c ui.c.ij upjiose mis measure on ev
ery ground, of right, justice and oxpo-diehc-.
Our County is none loo large
now, and jat ata large poriit'OiJUt,
railroad running through it, is coming
.uW iuriei. 10 make our burdens of
taxation lighter, we protest in the stern
name of justice against any such wrong.
We have had the burden to bear; now
e bnouia reap the reward. He who
would rob us of this just right, is "fit
lor treason.-stratagems and ipoilb." and
no oelter than a highwav robber.
.- 1 1 . .
vur neiguoor ot the Lawrence Trib
une raises a mighty outcry over the
"fraud" of electing a U. S. S.nator
it is an awful thing in his eyes to defeat
wis pet and patron-a mere personal
matter but he has not a word to say
about th fraud of attempting to wrong
' whole County to enrich himself and
his people 1 Indeed, if we have the
right understanding of the matter, he
favors the unjust kcheme of plunder.
aut we are confident the" outrage will
not be permitted to win. Douglas
County must not grasp all the Sie.
She has beon accused of considering
K-inas her own property, and of think"
ing that what did not tend to her ag
grandizement was not worth carina for
And this act has an awful squint lhal
way- She has secured the railroid to
her door, and now she wishes to tnkc
in the road entire and all the adjoining
land for miles rob her neighbors of it
to enrich herself.
Avarice often overreaohes itself. Na
poleon gia?ped for universal i moire
but missed the grab and ended his days
n a barren island in the midst
Itisroally amusing to sec the fury
ol Uie, oinrc-holders ! They have rais
ed a fearful "tempest in a tea-pot," and
seem absolutely lo believo that the
whole State is boiling over with indig
nation and wrath. It's all a mistake,
gentlemen. Just keep cool. Don't "tar
yoHr hair" aor "barn your ahirts." It
only makes you look ridiculous
MW The Seventh Regiment had a
grand reception in Leavenworth on Sat
urday. And they deserve it all. They
have fought nobly. Many of their old
comrades lie in the last sleen on thpi
bloodied battle-fields of the South.-
Their deeds are historic. Their hero
ism has shed luster upon the arms im
the State ; nnd they will be ion rem
embered with pride by a grateful peo
ple. Almost the cntite regiment have
n-eiiiisicd.ns veterans. -
flection of Senator.
As our readers well know, we have i
nol favored tlie electioi of n U. S.
Senator this winter, because, under ail
the circumstances, we did not reyird it
rts the best policy. But we have never
doubled the KririHtv of an election
should it take place; for the precedents
in other Slates, we believe, settle this
question. We believe the time for an -
..lotion l.nn1.l ! .fefinilelr fixed br
law, just a. the day of election for the
people is fixed by st.Vule. This would
I save all trouble and auanolirur over the
But the Legislature has seen fit to
go into an election, and as a good citi
zen, until the time for an election is de
fined by law, we are bound to respect
and submit to the action of that body,
whose assembled wisdom ought lo out
weigh our individual opinion, so as to
cause us to yield the point, although
our opini m itself might remain un
changed. We have one objection lo the elec
tion of Gov. Carney; we do not know
where to find a person to fill his place
in the gubernational office. As a Gov
ernor he and all Kansas may bo proud
of his record. It is one against which
even the hatred and malice 'of bifer
and iclc: ilets enemies can find no fault.
This of itself is enough to stamp his f
oflk-i'il acts whit praise. If he should
make as good a Sen-.lor ns he" hns a
Govi'inor, Knnsas ought to have him at
Washington by all means.
We hear a wonderful outcry about
'fraud' in thi matter. Well, who is
dcfrnuJed ? The people ? To say
that is hogging the question. A por
tion of the proplc may prefer another
man; but all cannot have tk!r first
chok e; but thai does not make otit n
case of fraud. Who is defrauded ? If
it is the people they can easily make
it known and there ts na need of the o! nutting nnU strengthening the ftictuls
great howl being set up which wo hear!0'' 1'1C Uninn cause, when such action
from certain quarieis not a bit of it. Ns necessary for the safety of the
There are three newspapers of fotno ! Government and the cause of Libeity.
note in the Stale engaged in the edify- J Move than two years ago they were iti-
iug business of howlinj? over this mat-
tcr. One of them has an office received
through Gen. Lane worth two thousand
dollars a year, and next to nothing to
do. Another is under obligation to
Lane for an office worth over thirteen
hundred dollars a year, aud nothing to
do that we can hear of. The third has
a good office, which pays well, but re
quites souio libor. These three men,
all receiving fat salaries from Gen.
Line, or by his influence, are the very
men who cry out 'fraud !' 'bought up!'
'swindle! mone !' and the like. There
is a good old Bjok which. contains this
first pull the beam out of thine own
eye, and ihou shalt then see clearly lo
take the woteoutof thy brother's ero!'
Certainly the virtuous indignation of
these men will not have much effect
with the people. There is an adage
that the man who has the stolen goods
is the ouo who cries "Thief!" the
loudest. And tho prcsont inslance
looks very much as if he who -handled
the largest 'pile' of the 'spoils' was the
loudest to cry 'fraud !'
We are pleased to see our friends of
the press in luck; wo wish them all
well; bat they -should not denounce
every one who will not consent that
they shall have all that remains and ami
aaautun that may come Iicreaftcr.
Our own opinions nre'unbought. Wre
have no money from Gov. Carney, and
no 82,000 officcsfrora Gen. Lane, and
we would nol giro a fig for any man's
opinion who was bought up.eithcr with
cash in hand or a fat effier not a fig.
They might howl until doomsday, and
the howling would have no weight with
us; because they are paid lo do it. Like
the hired mourners at an oriental fun
eral, who care nothing at all for the
dead, but lament for pay, theso men,
having no reel causo of complaint, cry
u.e toudcr lo get up an appearanco 0f
inuignalion. But their wailing is just
as heartless -is are tht- cries of the hired
mourner at a pagan funeral. It is all
"sound and fury."
Will the Election Stand ?
Ct rlaiuly it will. A franchise is not
annulable. There is not a precedent
'ln l,,e st"7 of tho Republic where
nu cieciion nns ocen set nsido. Until
a time is fixed by law, any tim is legal
for an election. Besides, tho election
ought to be fixed the year ptevious, so
as to give the Senalor elect timo to pre
pro for his duties.
Sublime Impudence.
aiea noiuing a bribe of twelvo hun
dred to two thousand dollars in their
hands in the shape of fat ofiices, and
then crying out 'Fraud!' Bought Upi"
We advise these gentlemen to pray with
Burns that they mty have the "mft to
seo themselves as others see them."
The gold fever is raging fearfully in
many parts of the Slalc. and will carry
off its hundreds if not thousands first
to Bannock.then to poverty, then to the
grave, uncottlot every hundred n ill t
get rich.
"Fraud !"'
This is rim ciy of those who denounce
the election of Gov. Carney to the Sen
ate. These men are all in the interest
of Gen. Ltno, nnil they each one know
lhal their "patron saint" never did a
straight forward, honest thing in politics
," " " "i -u 'or U1L' b,"T" """""
that honesty is not in him. Why, m
1 1857. in this County, where the Free
State men had h clear majority, he want-
i t ." i e .I . :.lv ..tAn
ed l""" t0 rcsort t0 frnud at ll,e bllIot"
There was no use for fraud to
carry me uay-.n.-y Knew u.uy ... u
i .... i .1 i.i
do it by fair voting; but fraud was in
the man, and he could nol keep it from
leaking out. Like a barrel of molasses
fermenting, it oozed out of itself.
There is not a man in Kansas or oul
of it, who h s ever heard Gen. Line in
a private caucus, that does not knoie ho
is always for trickery. He delights in
gaining a point by stratagem lie seems
to think no victory is complete unless
it has been gained by some kind of in
trigue. Brought up in the lap of the
most profligate portion of the old Dem
ocratic party, he imbibed all its bad
features, its low cunning, its corrupting
practices, and, unfortunately, took in
none of its virtues unless it be that of
dogged persevernnce.
Now these are facts facts that his
friends know know best of any, for
j they have been familiar with them. For
men in the interests of such an individ
ual to cry out 'fiaud' against any one,
is like a harlot preaching virtue. Its
insincerity is only equalled by its im
pudence. It is Sitan turned teacher
of righicousness. But beneath the
counterfeit angel's garb, the cloven foot
projects its direful length, uncovered by
a scrap to hide its base deformity.
Union leagues
Theso were organized for the purpose
Utiluted. The moving motive for their
organization was a noblo one the ob
ject the best that could engage tho time,
talent and labors of a patriot, except he
were in tht army.
But when Union Leagues, forgetful
of the great object for which they wero
called into being, become mere political
machines, aud by dabbling ia party
politics and personal squabbles, thus
becoming disunion instead of Union
Leagues, they will loso their influence
and be left lo die the death of an unfaith
ful servant by the people.
We see by the ,Cnnr,-.,i:,T ' '
-ti-L uflA-avenworth has mix
ed into the SenatorHl contest, and after
denouncing the legislature, has expelled
oil ils members who voted for the joint
convention Iy simple resolution, without a
written charge or any kind of a hearing !
e venture to say that the reign of
"liorder Kuffiamsm" in its palmiest
days presents no case which will more
than parallel this ! Who ever heard tell
of such a thing? Common decmcy,
leaving justice, precedent, courtesv and
right out of liew, would have indicated
a less hasty course and a fair trial 1 But
such was nol the caso.
The thing over-rcache itself. The
bitterness of spirit shows malice and
hatred, and a lack of eveiy element of
Union. What is a Union League worth
when it sows the seeds of discord, nnd
becomes a mere political club for put
ting this m-.n up and pulling that one
down? Its noblo object is lost, and it
i useful no longer.
P. S. Sinces the foregoing was in
typo we notice an ariiclo in the Bulk
tin of somewhat similar import, and
the truthful remark that every one who
voted for the resolutions vi.!:u,l -
solemn oath.
Iawrence in Dang-er.
So eajrs the Dily Tiibune of the 6:h.
which exhorts the cilizent to bo on their
guard, or they will huffer loss :
"On Wednesday night, at J2i o'
clock, a m.n was discovered in Miili-r's
new hail with paper and lighted match.
nen ooseivcrt. lie run down tho back
way. He miy have had no evil deMgns,
hut such nn incident is not compatible
with the welfare of our cilv.
A reliable lady slates that she i-p,.
nized in town, a few days ago, one of
uie luenticni liuantnll murdeiers. Ci:
iz"ns have been halted upon the streets
uioleMed and abused, by psrsons rep
resenting themselves as Union pickets.
-Let a stiong nnd tflicknt L.u.nrd .
continually posted around the town; see
that your aims aro in ordr for effect
ive use. every man iesolv:ng that his
house shall be a citadel. Had we done
thus. Quantrill's recenl6lHU.Flitr wm.u
have been averted."
Exactly! fiiend Bpeer. But when
we said the same thing, almost in the
samr words, just subsequent lolhe mas
sacre, you denounced us vehcmentlv
and were almost ready to have us mob-
oeu u, consistency ! Time rights
many a wrong, exposes many an error,
condemns mtny unjust acts, and ostah
lishes the truth. He who would stand
me tesis oi time should be careful to
stand by truth.
:We trust Lawronea will not suffer an-
other disaster.
What is Specie ?
A question of no small moment has
been recently deciJed by the Supreme
Court of Massachusetts, defining the
meaning of the teim specie. The case
was this :
A gave B a note payable in specie.
At maturity B. demands gold nnd sil
ver. A refuses to pay in coin. B sues
to recover in gold or silver. The case
conies before the Supreme Court.which
says ;
"A judgment in a suit upon a no'e
must be rendered for a certain slim of
money, expressed in dollars ami cenls
Execution must issue for this sum, with
costs; nnd the amount is to be collected.
If we were to add to the amount of the
note nnd interest a further sum for ex
ample, 100 as a piemium on specie
the execu'ion would still be collectable
in money.
If the officer could seize a
sufficient amount of gold and silver to
pay the execution and costs, he would
pay to the plaintiff the amount of his j
debt. It the uctenuant s goods stiouiu
be sold at auction on execution, and the
putchasers should pay in specie, the
same result would follow. If land sho'd
be set off on execution, ils value may
be so changed by the condition of the
currency as (o affect the in'erests of
the parties materially. It may be that
the judgment will remain unsatisfied
till gold shall, in merchendise, sink be
low par. This would again affect the
interests of the parties and the value of
the judgment. The weekly fluctua
tions of the gold maikel are constantly
operating in the same wav. But theso
are matters which are beyond the teach
of courts of law. They involve values,
and sometimes equities which no iudi-
v. ' J '
cial tribunal can adjust or regulate. AH
A. . . i - .
that courts can do is to treat as money
,, . i- i I ... r .i it -. i
that which tho statutes of the United
c. . i ii ,iii .t
States, legally enacted, declare lobe
It will b observed that the Court
decides that a governed n23 n,e pow.
er lo sav wl.at slinll he rnnnor nml flinf
what it cmcts to be money is money.
This is worthy of noie.
If the wording of the note hud been
in gold or silver, insteal of specie, it
would hardly havo .r.ade a difference
in the decision
The Vote.
Gov. Carney received GO
voles for
over two-thiids of the h-cis-
I j. . ....
- 1 buch a majouty is almost un-
dented. But he has merited the
confidence of the people and every vote
he received.
tThe Hannib.il fc St. Jo. railroid
is now in running order, and not closed
for repair', as has been reported. Trains
are running on schedulo timo.
The Other Sidk The Conserva
tive insist that Marshal McDowell, Jim.
Tor their olhcial services, because they
are friunds of Carney. Very well
uui wny not extent! tho list ? D. V.i
iiuer is receiving 82,000 a year from
Government, for wearing out the seat
ot ins-breeches in Leavenworth. Sid.
Clarke i receiving 6150 per month
from Government, for writing commu
nications to the Conservativo, and de
faming Gov. Carney. F. l Baker is
receiving 8110 per month, and "for
age," as Commissioner on the Enrol
ment Board, and has never been near
the board. Wo might extend tho list.
Why not stop ih. paJ 0f tj,e80 men
also ? White Cloud Chief.
The railroad fover appears to be
quite prevalent in various sections. Its
notable symptom is flatulency.
Ifcws of the Week.
Afier some hard fighting our forces
under Col. Mulligan, drove ihe rebel"
under Gen. Eirly in Western Virginia.
and comelUd ihni lorelteat up Shcn
andoah valley. Our success is report
ed signal and brilliant.' The onemv
alao lost many by desertion.
Over 1,000 rebel deer'ers were
istered in one day at Chattanooga!
Affairs look better in East Tennessee
We earnestly hope the rebels will be
prevented from getting a foothold there.
The rebels under Jonhston, it is said,
fear oDcnmutint' Ti. . .
jw i-i-uiuconscrip-
Hon act of th-. Confess, dtivingall
men into ihe ranks, and comnellm,, .1...
old soldiers to remain in the army, is
said to be fateful to all classes. These
deluded Southerners are getlng their
igina. sure enough!
The loss by tl1Q destruction of Ct.lfa
revolver and rifle factorv at H,rrr.l
Conn , will exceed a million of dollars';
9CC men aro thrown out of employment
by the c .taitropho. The origan of tho
. is a mysterysupposod to bo th.
work of an incendiary. Wo have bean in
the building, however; it was old, of
wood-at 1 ast in part-and hardly Mf.
for carrying oa surf, work. We are
scarcely surprised that the fire occurred
mriirtiir rim. i m
think it might reasonably have beenr
Ptcted. The insurance will cover about
CO per ceut. of rhc loss.
Tho steamer Emma was fired into by
the rebels 15miles below Helein on tho
5ih. Three shells exploded in the VM.
sa! one of them in tho ladies' cabin.
They were charged with Greek fire
which wa, rxiinguished. No Material'
haimilone. This firing Into bom. ,0'd
be put a slop ,o. It is murder, and,,,.,
"..., uu.caa me 0;Ht8 ar
the si t ice.
! mi ..... k ' ..-.
engaged in
It is said regiments are to bo consol
idated and raised in number lo 2,400
men each. What a lot of officers will
be thrown upon the 'cold charities of
the world by this arrangement.
The rebels have occupied Corinth and
Jackson, Miss. Sherman will soon be
after them there.
The rebels are alarmed at the move
ments of our forces in the lower part or
Tennessee. ,
Our men under Gens. Kilpatiick and
Warron, made a reconnoisance in force
across the Rapidam a few days since.
They scared up a concealed body of the
enemy had a fight in the darkness of
night, and returned, after having ac
complishcd the object of the movement.
The railroad will be opened toKnox-
: ville, Tenn. to-day, it is thought
.;, g00j news, as our men there have
be(jn on short rat;0DS BnJ in n(Jed of
The railroad depot at Chattanooga
was destroyed by Groon Saturday. Loss
Gen. Caldwell had a brush with the
enemy on th Rapidan. Ho came neat
being drawn into a trap by the story of
some deserters, but escaped the snare
with a loss of 35 killed and wounded.
The rebels are sending our prisoners
from Virginia to Georgia. This looks
like the rebel cnpitol was to be abandon
ed. Gen. Le and Jeff. Davis ate not on
00cj tcrm. Lee wishes to be Dicla-
' tor
e ... , , ., .
Somn imnrrillas nnnurfi tii slf-ampr
k1. Ull HIV A.rtll. Hit lit CI , llll UCII.
c? i a i in 1 1-
iScammon and staff and 40 soldiers on
i, , , , ., ..
board, who were asleep at the time.
Tlic v'essel ns bunivaPby the captor8.
I T,,rou8,, rebel ,ourccs we bav x'
Porls of CVC"' small snecesset of their
; Levy on the Kanawha river, with Gen.
o 1 ; --
. '
The Latest.
Two corpa of tho army of the Poto
mac crossed the Rapidan in the face of
i the enemy, taking some prisoners,
j Gen- Skernian is said lo have 70,000
men for his expedition. Destination
unknown, iteporieu against Moot
The reccut movements in East Ten
nessee were only for the purpose of ob
taining forage. .
Tl.inne !,.!.. l. r..i .. ,!. i..u I
"q- i iiuiiciui uu i.ic iiiu.c. i
Activity seems to prev-.il, and move- j
'ments along the whole line are an'ici- !
iPted at the earliest practicable period,
Specif ftoiiecs.
Pulmonary Cnliwusiptioii C'ltrnblc
niso.isc !
The untlcrsi-jncd lia vina Ijcoo r st.rcd lo hcnltli
in .few weeks, by n vt-i"j riniplercmidr, after
haii. siiflcrdrevtrnl tears w.tbn severe !uik
allcctiou, ami lhai dread di-cate. CoiiMimptlon
is anx ous to make known to hie rtlluw-ittfll-rcw
the means of cure.
To nil who dcirc it, he will at nd n cmiv of the
prescription ui,l (frto of chnrgo), wilh iho di-
n-ciioiw (or preparing and using thcMmc, whicli
ll;cy ill liud a sure curt forCoNsuiirTio.v, Asm
ma, Uloscihtis, Couoia. Colm, Ac. Tho only
objbt ol tho adverti'cr in scndin the Prescrip
tion ia to benefit iho afilctc!, ntd spread inform,
atioti which ho conrctves to be invaluable; and
ho iiojita cu-ry fullcrcr uill try his remedy, asil
will c at them nothing, and may prove a M.-ss
Idr. I'artiej wishing the prescription will plearc
M'illianwburj, Kingi County,
I65.4m $10 ycw Vork
I lttcbt""e a' now "' defiance to the
... 'G PRIMv i a certain cce roa
driuk f"- l create- a !i3Iikc fur strong
tnni T Cr' ' n'i'dtred without the
knowMgcof tho i.ntient i'r cc. 1 a box Sent
Che".,10.?,'0' aMtr,r:hy s c wham, -n
tntfrci. CC,'!,,',,l!cl,',,U' r- c''a3
" 6m
Notice of Final St'ttlrnient.
NOTICE is llnrKr nii-n .11 i-..
other, inlere-Mc, in iha.e'Vf ' jua Zei U
teir?" r .?. n I''-r tern, nf the
if.. T T 't'"",e ' and lor Jellerson County,
Knitsa. , to Us lr2un and hoI.Jon in OAloo.
on llonday the 4th day of Anril. A. D. I8W
181 J a, , .BEN. IIII.LMON.
lS1iw Adwinistratirde bonis non.
Groceries, Seeds
Pure Varranlcd Garden Seeds,
Mower & Reaper,
H. A. PITTS & CO.'t
Thresliing Machines,
WEiS.sfei;i 'c:;ns,un,,y " h
Plows, Harrows, Fanning Milb,
Corn Cultivators. Wlit n-m..
And n.l H7R?kes'GnndenTt.ols;
And Other Implements
i'o tNumerous to Mentipn.
Alio A FIXE stock Of
Field and Garden Seeds!
Which we .hall TTamant Flsn axd P,.
l m n 00...
MKaStri'1 fIu.a upon
mil be ST '5 Se.,.n. fie
couiitrwii..'. . :.!.Z"i ""'
,...- J. ' ' .r"J "iizMira Daket or
price anv b f '
patroiMKo nnd Irirudshli. Kt., rf "'' 'r "
Attoney ami Cousi'lier at Law,
Depi'ty District Attorney.
Giussiiorrnr. Falls, Kansas.
Wholesale and Retail, by
W. & J. I VEY,
Sign of Golden Boot, 66 Delaware
Street, J. B. Davis Old Stand.
Our stock is very large and en
tirely new. Bought of tho
manufacturers in the East
for the cash, and we are
determined to
Make Prices Suit Customers.
Those wishing anything in our line
will do well to call before purchasing,
and see our stock. We guarantee to
tho ladies to give them a belter fit, a
J nicer shoe, and for less money than
any other House in Town.
Our Work is Custom-made.
We also have a flue Stock of
Hats and Caps
Don't forget the place.
N. B. Country merchants will do
well to give us a call before purchasing.
W. & J. IVEY.
113-lf rh ist
Importers & Dealers in
Brittania and Plated
-ivj u.toObO.
Xo. 0,1 Delaware Street,
And EFerything You Want!
The Ucst Assortment .f
ess Goods.
Cloaks, Hoods,
To be Found in tho Market.
We Have Every Varit-lr uf
1 o Furi.ish a
Of Both
Under and Ourward Wear,
And the Needful Coverins and Proi.ii.,n r,.
Crowns of Heads &SoIcs.r Feet!
AFiael)i..,,!ay of Cuinirioa, Piajo, and
2&3PH Carpets.
All of Which will be 8old at th
Most IKtsonnb! Prices.
kemkmb::r the tlace
No. 52 Delaware Street,
,r .. lA'Ki'S, MILLIXGTflN &. CO.
Order of PaWkatiea
stati. of Kansas, '
CuusTr or jff KKsox. 1 m
la theDjitnci Court of the Pi,Jt t.
trict ot Knsaa. sittioJr In M r":""0
" "7J,fc
SiR-coi-ir, PUtnttir,
Simpson, .Martha Kobioion, Henrr Puui11
belU Blwell, J. P. BUI.op. SI. tf. k
Baldwin, Orlando Darling nj feljarr cE2v,5
Yon. the aboro named Martha RuWi .-j
by notined by publication bmnShHSiSL
"The Independent-' for !z coMecMii.fJ",,1
the above uaraed plaintiff, Sir-cox-i. CTi,,W
Petition la tao above cntitl ed rait rala?if!f
named defendant, in the above mimioiSfft?
wherein said full U now pendlnr tb S.00.
which aud the prayer of Jid jSffito?Vil
plaintiff to recoverju.Stncnt against the iS..1
U defendant, Charte?Kobin5? SSenai!"'
and William A. Simpson, forthe.am?r VS?
together with Intern thereon at the rite nfZ'
cauU per annum from the !3ta day or Febr
1). lebl,.lueand owin-lo said plainUir fS?'
defendants, Charles Koblnjon, Kobert g ",M
and William A. Simpson, as and ferine n'tST
consideration or and lor which said Ltatnu i.?
IGUi day or February. .'B.MlHy'Ji
wife, by their deed or that dalj,' convevl T
yald Caarle. Hobinwn, Kobert S.'sfe? Sd
lam A. Simpson the following described ?i?a'
bnd, sitaate. lying and being ?n the CotiJ
ferson and htate of Kansas, namely, the nSuT "
quarter of the northeast juartpr of rraeHoS"!?
lion number thirty i!0j, and the south half-?"
said northeast quarter or said fractional JL2?
uu robur thirty (30, and lots number five i 5H?
even (7 and eight (?) in said fractional tertflTr
bcr thirty CO), all In township number SSRSi
or renS nwmber twenty (20) east; of which Jl2?
mentioned sum of money , 1(6,300 CO tn.,7yT
u.vicit uicreuu. uaisu uuo lira oWlrtf- to Mid Vi-iT
tiff from said defendants, Charles RobInoJrV?r"
S. .Stevens and WUlUn A.Simpson, on .22?
iuIH(u.vi ......us, luiiuoauu ueurered fcv aIZ
to the said plaintiff, on said ISth day of r3Z??
A. D. 1861, whereby they boand themselvVt!L:
unto the said plainUff Uie cum of iSJeawilTiE
and manner following, to wit: fcjjjooo ttttm
soon as said plaintiff should receive from ihiL?
eniment of tie United SuUg ef Amerl. ., OP:
lu feu simple and clear of all incumbrances &2
above described tracts of land, aad sbeald !
a good and valid conveyance of said premises hTS.
siiupta free of all Incumbrances, thereby convwS
Sald tracts or land to them, the said Charles r32J
son, KobertS. Stevens and WHIUmA. Sibim?
tneir heirs or assigns; and SSJiMOO mora uVm
to hare been by them paid to the sai.1 pltictiiSS
months after the p-iy meet aforesaid shook? kt!
been made, aud $wwc more thereof to havew
paid iii.to John Baldwin for and in behalf of &emU
plaintiff, lu three mou b from the time of thenar
ment flnt above protided for; whlea said tratZrf
tand were, on the 2t:a day or August, A Dwl
in fee simple, free and clear of aU lneombrsjieeTi'
Letters Patent duly issued by and under the aathoZ.
ity of the Covernmentof the United States of Am
erica, by the President of tho said United SUfrt
paU-nted to said plaintiff underand by vlrtae of fti
s'eventa Article of the Treaty between the United
Stat'S of Amirica and the Delaware Tribe nf l
wire by said plaintiff end lib wife, on the Meocd
day of Sot ember,.!. V-1861, bj tbeir deed of &U
date, asain convey cl t the said Clurle RoLlaMa,
Itotwrt S. Mcvizis and W Hliam A. Simpson Infe
simple, free of all incumbrance, fur a consideration"
In sui'I lat mcr:iortc-J tl?ed recited x S.OCO G, t,
be paid bj ttisrc to uid pli!:.tl7: s.t tocineel.ir
nut and set asid:a Ccrtlia derd dattdof UieHthcf"
July. .. V. IM-i, luret7 nid plsirtiff cocTtrrif
all his ricLt, ti;L in'exesi and claim In and to 'lie
Hid tract nf Jan-1, t-" tie- above naevd Menhiit
Sidney- Clirte : acd for the Court to find Ae aa
ouotJn? -M JaintiT lj reaon of the several mat
ters afon.4..id, and giva tlm Jadpinect therefor 1
galrut Uie person owlep the same to him, cone of
the several sums of money aforesai.1. oraaj pan
Uiat the proceeds ariain; front jach rdi Ur
applied to the satisfaction of snch JuJ-meot lit
the cotts of tills mt, and Uie amount o foond
dco U the satJ plaintiff; and that the defendants la
said suit, and every person claiming by. from,
t!iroaU or under thrra. or any or either cf them,
be forever barrel and forecU'-cd f and from all
and every right and equity of redemption and olb
er right whatever cf, on, in or to the aforrid tricti
of land, an J eah and every of them, from and aft
er such sal j theof; and thai said pbintiff may
bave such oth-r ifinl further relief in the premisti
as his case may require and he be entitled to. And
you, the siU Martha Kobinson, are farther notiSrd
that you are required to answer said Petition oa or
before th eighth day of April, A. 1. 1364, and thst
unless you answer the same on or before the d
las: named, said petition utlt be taken as true, se-J
Judgment rendered accordingly.
UiWl IhU 5lh day of Februanr, .. 1). 18T4.
150 TwS5,T0 Is S 40,38 Atfy for PlaUtit
Sheriff's Sale.
.Alary V. S. Lartc, P.'aint ft",
Hugh Camer.m. Thcmas Armor acd V. J. Ril
h'c. Defendan s.
Cy virtue of aa order of sale :n rce drectrf
nnd dcltvrred. hsued i.ut of the First District
Court of the rftate of Kansas, sitting in and tor
JeiierJOii'Countv in stitl State. I will, n
Tucuay, Alurcls 21, A, D. isl,
between tho hoars of 12 oVIock, Jlond ono
.'look, r it., of saidd.y.at the Court o-u
Door in the vl.ipe of Oknbosi, in the Coantt
and State aforesaid. oiKr at public a!e, 10 :b
hiirheit btdcrr. lor iv!i in hu,.i all . r-vh .;.
tie and inttre't of thcaborti n.i.ne.l defendant
in nr.d lo the following drscribetl property to wit:
The north-ucatquarurif reoiion thirtr-two
(3.) 111 low ndup nine '.9j of range lwen:y"(20
ba-t D. (aware Trust l-snd-s 1:1 sai I ceuntr ot
Jelleron and Slate of Kansas.
Said at ove de;e;ibeil property hsbernduly
appraited'at twelve hundred dollars (I,:0O)
Sailpni.cr.j levied on andtolsoMta je
properl) ol the alrjp named defendants.
LI1 . no- J U"- TAYLOR. Sl-erirl-Shiff
-s OfTice. Oskaloosa, i b. 12, 1661. '
i!mii Shannon, Ait'yior Vi'ff
Administrator's Sale.
By-virtue of an orde r of the Prnh.if
Court of Jeffer-io-: Countj, Kansas, I
will sell at private sale, the personal
property (or so much thereof as can be
disposed of to advantage) belonging to,
the estnto of Lwis Stafford, deceased,
principally as follows:
2 Woik Benches, 1 set Tinner's Tools
some Tinware, a quantity of Sheet Tin,
ip-in oi u 14 x u, the rest 10 s 14).
1 Cook St.,v, Gridirons, Pots, a lot of
Sheet Iron, Bucket ears and Rivets; S
Iron Heaters, a lot of Solder and Rosin.
35 lbs. Stamped Copper Bottoms, 1 set
Union Scales, etc.
Persons wishing to purchase any of
these articles should make application,
soon. J41U8 A Mann
1 80-4 w Administrator.
Hare recuivcil Uie wannest encomiums from tha
press and rwonle ihmn.Ht.,.. .. .Trl '."'
file tonic for' tho euro of Dr f3J
not tw nnnrnn.-hr.l Pr.n .1 ":?;.".
not tn approached.
It 1 C3J5SOI llf
JU suro ap7. p .cllonV, iborderVd ."!
raaeh, aud tho cleaiioff 0r the cnUre haman body
.Uoald recommend It to all claieYof oSre"mu-
ten uiint inia miriAiii 'wttA- t.. ..
, , , ItTSc Adrtemer.t.ru
or ! b, Brugdjuand .lengAellr ererj:
RM 1 ,tEI-M,Hi-,,,'S toTRACTBUCBU.
prontby 1" ' "aIer eoluna,anl
n. . ..DI,f T " WMT03M IKrMMATIO.
Cut Itoutand preerTe lu Vou mar not reqalro It,
But mar at tome Pntura bar. H
"It Kljres. herlih and vlporto Ui frame.
And. bloom tolho pallid chook."
it saves long aufforlrur aud Exposure.
Ilewaro of Coonterfeitj I Cnroa Guaranteed.
-Votlcc of -IdiBiaistratlM.
NOTICt; iahercbypivcn.that on tiia 15th day
of Jauoary, 18WrLeiter ..f dmlnwiratiosv
upon the estate of Johti D. Gardner, deceased,
were granted to the undersigned by tbe Jui-cot'
the JVobate Court of JeBersjon Count. Si..- t
Kansas. All persona having clairru airainst said
estato aro required to exhibit Uim to ih A4
Miinistrator for allows co within one rear from
the date of said Letters, or thcymaT be prcclad-1
e.1 from any benefit of said estate; "and if aacr,
claims bo not exhibited within three yean from
the date ot said Litter?, they will be foreVer de
barred. AAR K V. BARNES.
. , , ., -. W.M. M. KINCAID,
uu.-, ..U..V.UUL.U .. u.o autu uj ox ay, A . o. IXC,
and approved. wiUi the amendments thereto, br ft
President of Uw said United States, oa the 22d djj
ui .auzoit. A. D. l!xi. iU which said tracts of ttJ
Jovrnento that which the .fflicteS -XDerlenced
ifreat frrc npM ...t

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