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" I ' J I I. - !-
J. W. KOBEBTi. Sdllor.
FtturdtyApri! 23, I8(i.
Straw. Show &c.
flThat Line Vs a trickster we all know
that he is relitblt for any measure or
any rrnn, (except himself,) we know
equally iwell, U not the case. He is
low endeaToring to ride with one fool
on the Lincoln horse and he oilier on
the Fremont pjny. It is a notable fact
that wherever his tools bad control of
the matter at the recent meetings for
selecting delegates to the State Conven
tion, a cote was taken for Fremont. This
was doue in Lawience, it was done in
the first ward, Leavenworth .under the
immediate eye of D. R. Anthony, the
rreal defunct mogul of the Lane faction
of that city.
- These tiling indicate unmistakably
that Jim Lane is'at his old tricks, and
that at the first favorable moment, oi
the first apparent chance to better his
own prospects, he will desert Lincoln
and takf to Fremont or any other
cindidate who may teem to bare the
chances. We have no doubt he would
go for JlcClcllan if thereby he could
gel a position in the Cabinet, It will
be well to keep an eye upon him and
his fuglemen
He has charged his op
ponents with favoriag some other man
than Lincoln for President, and that is
a very good index to his own intentions.!
He makes it a rule to charge upon oth
ers what he is doing himself. Villaiu
is in the man. and -he thinks the rest of
mankind are governed by the same base
motives which prompt him to act.
The Draft DUtoneity.
In leply to remarks of the Conserva
tive in reference to the draft, the Bord
er Sentinel says: -
During the month of Februarj
there were enlisted at this place eighi
men that we know of all residents of
this coanty. These men were reci till
ed by Lt. Norris, of the 7ih JCinsas,
and seat to Leavenworth by him, in
charge of one of the recrui'ing party
stationed at this place. The men were
reported to CaptrMcCah'on, anu'tohim
was delivered the enlistment of each of
ilinse eight men. These enlistments,
forwarded by LL Norris, were uncere
moniously declared contraband by the
Captain, and destroyed; the men were
enlisted anew, mustered and credited,
doubtless, to Leavenworth at least
McCahon informed us that they were
not credited to Linn county, and would
not tell where they were credited.
Again, on the 12ih of March, Lieut.
Nonis sent, in charge of Crager.oneof
the recruiting parly here, four men.
These, together with their enlistments,
were reported to Capt. McCahon ou
the 13i.h of March. These enlistments
chared the same fate of the others, and
these four men were enlisted anew.
We are unable to say where these four
men were credited; all we know is. that
McCahon said that he would ciedil
them to Linn county. For the trans
portation of these recruits from lift
place to Leavenworth, Lt. -Norris paid
nud is entitled to have the amount thus
advanced refunded. Lt. Norris is also
entitled to a premium upon each recruit.
The records and papers of McCahon s
office do not show that Lt Uorris ever
seat any recruits to Leavenworth, and
sot even that he enlisted any men. By
this arrangement, he is swindled out of
llie money he paid for trauspoitation of!
recruits, and the amount he was enti-
tied to as premium ? and' Linn county
is swindled out of eight men, certain,
and probably twelve men, or more."
It is entirely unnecessary for us to
tell our readers that this "pink of per
fection," who thus attempts to defraud
a county of her enlisted men, and to
swindle a recruiting officer of his pay
and expenses, is load in Lis denuncia
tions of the "Senatorial Fraud." Of
course he is. If he was not some
thing woald be out of order in the
"eternal fitness of thiags,".specially
the things and we might be alarmed."
But it is all right. "Birds of a feather
flock together." "Like master like
man.' "Tho greatest rogue cries stop
thief the loudest." "Great is Diana of
the phcs!aus' when "the craft is in
danger." .
Theie is am object in this. What ie
it? 1-1 the swindle designed for the
despicable purpose of sheatiBg Lt. Nor
ris out of his pay that it may go into
the pocket of the "lost carpel-sack"
fraJeraity ? How many other recruit
ing offcers ara served the same way ?
Are these considered a part of the
"stealings" of the office of the A. A.
P. G. fec. ? Ah, the imo honest Jim
mies ! Fraud ! Par no bUlifratulm !
Fsavu ! "
We leave for Topeka to attend
the State Convention liefore oar inside
; mado up, aa-l shall probablyaot get
back until the edition is woiked off. j
fW Excuse all mistakes this vretlV
j Editor in absent. '
tho Ei
h gnfopwfleni.
State CMventien.
We learn that there will be two sets
of. delegates in attendance from set era!
points; which is alwas unpleasant and
likely to cause difficulty. If 40 otes
elect one delegate Bnd 140 another,"
and both represent the same distiict,
but the former has" the prestige of'reg
ularity, it is an ugly case to handle.
We fear the Convention will not bo ns
harmonious a it ought, for lie simple
reason th.it an effort will be made to
turn into a political machine, instead of
confining its labors to the simple object
for which it is called, liui we shall
The If anacre at Fort Pillow.
Another outrage which should call
for retaliation has recently taken peace,
in which tho rebels have again shown
their savage barbarism. An attack
whs made on Fdrt' Pillow on tl.o ISih
inst., and is thus described:
"Forrest, soon after the attack began,
sent iu a flag of truce demanding the
surrender of the Fort and garrison, nnJ
in the meantime disposed his troops eo
that he gained a decided advantage.
Major Booth of the 13ih Tenn. Cavalry,
was iu command of the Fort, having
under uim about 400 of that regiment
and S00 of the first battalion of lb
Sixth U. S. heavy artillery, formerly
the 1st Alabama Colored Cavalry. The
tlig of truce was refused and returned
to the rebel headquarters, and the fight
was resumed. Afterwards a second
(Lg of truce came in and this also was
refused, liotli flags gave the rebels
an advantage ia gaining new positions.
The battle was kept up until nbout 3
to clock in the evening, when M.ior
J Gootn being killed, tho rebels followed
up their last ilog of truce iu swarms,
overpowering our forces anu compel
ling iheir surrender. Immediately up
on the sut render, ensued a scene which
bailies duciiplion. Up to that time
comparatively few o) our men were
killed, but insatiate as fiend and blood
thirsty as devils incarnate, the Confed
erates commenced an indiscriminate
butchering of whiles and blacks, and
even those of both colon who had been
previously wounded. Tho black sol
diers became demoralized and rushed
to the rear of their white officers, hav
ing all thrown down their arms.becnme
defenceless. Both white and colored
were either bnyonelted or sabred even
the dead bodies were horribly inultilal
ed. Children of 7 or 8 years and sev
eral negro women were killed in cold
blood. This all occurred fler the. Sur
render. Soldiers unable to apeak from
wounds threw Up thurarms and were
shot d0ffn Bn1 iieir bodies, in many
cases, were rolled remorselessly down
the fiigh bauk"intothe nver dead and
wounded negroes were piled up in huts
and burned, and several citizens who
hud joined our forces for protection,
were killed or wounded. When it
came to collecting the living men, it
was found that all out of 600 that
could be found was about 100; the
most of these were killed after fie sur
Hon. Owen Lovejoy.
The following is a brief summary of
the life of Hon. Owen Loejoy, who
recently died at Brooklyn, N. Y i
a member of Congress from Illinois. As
a man he was respected by all who knew
him even by his most bitter political
opponents :
Mr. Lovejiy was born in Albion,
Maine, January 6, 1811, the third ol
four sons, ilis father, Rev. Daniel
Lovejoy, was ptsto'r of the Congrega
tiuiial Church there. The youth of
Owen, till he was eighteen, was spent
on a (arm. tie worked his way thro
Bowdoin College unhelped. He studied
for tho ministry, and in 1837 was in
Alton, Illinois, when his oldest brother,
Kev. Elrjth P. Lovejoy, fell, as John
Quincy Adams said, "the first Ameri-
can martyr to the freedom of the press
and the freedom of the slave.
I his dead body, Owen, at the age of
twenty-six, vowed a life long hostility
to the system of American slavery.
tiow well that vo.v was kept the world
He was pastor of the Congregational
Church at Princeton, Illinois, from 1837
to 2854. In 1853 ho was elected to
Congress. Subsequently he was twice
re-elected, and was this Winter serving
his third term. A wife and nine chil
dren fcurviw. His wife was with him
during all his late illness, ministering
only as woman can in so trying an hour.
The following table, showing the pre
cise value of paper in gold, with tho jai
ler at various points of premium, may
be of interest to many:
Gold at Treasury notes worth.
Per cent.
20 : -
30 ' "
40 f '
50 - a-
90 10-11
83 1-3
76 12-13
71 3-7
66 2 3
62 1-2
58 H-17
55 5-9
52 12-19
70 , ,t
Thfr accuracy of llift above figures
can be tested by simply adding to them
thai per cent, of each designated iu the
rate of premium Ex.
SW A bold robbery was committed
by D. S. Ilaggart, driver of tho U. S.
Express to. in at Jo., on Monday last.
He wi6 cent out to deliver packages
through the city. In the lot there were
ferernl packages of money, jn all
amounting to 827,000. These he took
possession of, drove tid iiorse and wa
gon into the bruh outside of (own, and
left for raris unknown. No clue as
yet ua, oten foumi lo the course
which the robber has taken. T.mes.
Horrible Crnlety.
A correDondent of the St. Louis
Democrat, writing from Jefferson City,
April 15th, gives the annexed parlicu-
Jitrs ot titnuti.li airociues, couiuinicu u
blood-thirsty bushwhackers in that vi
cinity, the recuai maici me ion,
sick, and the only wonder is, that such
villians are not hunted out, and me
same course pursued towards them.
We kuow of no dlher mode ot treating
such heartless, bloody and abandoned
wretches :
"On last Tuesday night.lhe 12ih inst.,
the notorious bushwhacking gang of
ahumate and Clark went to the house
of an industiious.hard-working ffeiman
farmer named Kuntz, who liter somo
twenty-five to thirty miles from llie
mouth of tho Osage river, and demand
ed his money. Kuntz had saved some
Money for llie express purpose of send
ing for his family to come oyer from the
old country to his new homo. He
stoutly denied.haw'ng any cash, but the
fiends not believing him, or perhaps
knowing that ho did have some money,
deliberately took down a wood saw,
which was hanging up iu the cabin, nud
cut his left leg three times below and
four times above the knee, with the saw.
Loss of blood, pain and agony, made
(he poor fellow insensible, and he was
unable to tell where the money was
concealtU. His mangled body was
found next day, life extinct A boy who
lived with with him, succeeded in mak
ing his escape, terror stricken, to give
the alarm. After leaving Kuntz's the
gang went to an adjoining American
larmer, whose name I was unable to
leain, and not succeeding iu their de
mands for money.they destroyed every
thing in and about the place, took the
roan out, and literally cut his head off.
AH of this is vouched for by tho whole
One notorious member of this same
gang. Wilcox, was wounded and taken
prisoner by a scounting party from this
post, on the 20ih of March, and he still
remains unguurded near Hickory Hill,
the bushwhackers' retreat, and as his
wounds are not dangerous, it is the
general belief that some of these tine
mornings he will join bis old associates
in arms," Times.
Gov. Carney.
Under this head the Bordtr Seiilinel
As Govenor of Kansas, Carney has
succeeded well, and simply because he
has made the interest o the Slate his
interest, and coiisidetcd it his duty to
promote the welfare of the Stale. And
he has done ;his, too in opposition to
one, aid he do his duty, would reflect
iufiniicly mrc credit upon hinuelf, up
on the State he represents, antl be a
man worthy of respect rather than a
thing securing the deep contempt of the
body in which he sits. Ik- has worked
a great good tor Kansas. Ho took the
Stale Go eminent from the hands of
Robinson without ciedit, without poli
cy, or without system of any kind. In
the hands of Robinson, a perfect .chaos
reigned in the affairs of State. Out ot
this chaos, Carney has brought order,
and adjusted the machinery ol the State
in good working order.
Those who oppose Carney as Gover
nor, and support Jim Lane ns Senator,
stem to see nothing in Carney but hid
cousness of character, dishonesty of
conduct, and setii diness of motive. Let
such, een with the terrible perversion
of mind by which they must be effect
ed, obscne the characteis of these two
persons, public nnJ other, and we haz
ard the opinion that they say that alto
gether, Carney shows llie best record.
The fact i, Carney has some character,
while Line has none, now, and in all
probability never had any; at any rate
we knew him as a bar-tender 'in Indi
ana. ''
' Chicago, April 19,
A letter to the Evening Journal,
dated Grand Encore, says our cavalry
haiLbeeu driving the enemy for two
days, but on the forenoon of the 8th,
woid was sent back for an infantry
support, and Gen. Ransom, is command
of the 3d and 4:h divisions of the 1 3th
corpse, was ordered to send forward a
brigade. He did ?o at noon, himself
following with the 4th division.
After advancing about five miles
from where the 3d division of his com
mand and 9th corps were encamped,
the rebels made a sund, and our line,
consisting of only 2,400 infantry, form
ed in a belt of woods, with an open field
in front, and the enemy in tho woot's
on the other side. Gen. Stune.of Balls'
Bluff fame, Chief of Gen. Banks' staff,
was on the field, and took the direction
of movements. Gen. Rnnsom was in
favor of advancing only in force, but
his wish, was disregarded.
After keeping up a skirmish across
this open field lor about an hour, the
enemy advanced on us in overwhelming
numbers estimated at 10.000. Gen.
Rinsom got all the available troops to
the front, and opened on litem. The
enemy lost heavily, but advanced steadi
ly. Some of our cavalry yaye way.and
out infantry fell back in a few moments.
I he enemy passed us so-closelv. and
the Dauic amonv our cav.'ilrv hucnma u
demoralizing, (hat the retreat grew to
w wm w wingvui UIU nil 111 HIS
power to rally the men, but finding ii
impossible' to do so, he made every ef
fort to save the artillery.
While endeavoring to yet the Chica
go Merchantile Battery off safely, he-
was seiiously wounded, in the leg. and
Cnpt. C. Dicksy, hi Adjutant, instant
ly killed Our loss is probably 2,000.
The Merchnatile Batt-ry lost all its
guns. Uapt. White is a prisoner, and
Lieuts. Tluoop nud McBridu killed.
While the 4'h division was falling
back iu disorder, the 3d division, num
bering only .1,800 mm, canio up and
was Immediately routed. Finally the
jytli nrmy corpse, wiin v.uuu men,
cimo up and formed in lino, cf.eckin
ll. oWmr .n.f .nf.lm.r ll.om ,,,,.11 1
got nil Ihe
xv cavalry.
... ...-,, . ...a - -,aiinc r.iu sioiui.wtio hiii rtcmeoll
(tains uir,
vAwejii iur. oi
jThc whole nrroy is now falling back
here, wheie it must wait reorganization
before proceeding further, towards
Shrcveport. .
New York, April 10.
Richmond papers report a riot in Gen
eral Warford's Georgia Brigade at Bris
tol, Tenn., rencently. Some 200 mem
bers being dissatisfied with the supply
of their rations, llie store of the corn
misslary was plundered. TheProvost
guard fired upon ihem, killing one and
wounding five or six; the rest escaped
with the plunder. A number had since
been- nrresqtd and would be sharply
punished, The men wero armed with
Cincinnati. April 20.
A dispatch to the Commercial, fiom
Cattlett'sburg. Ky., April 19ih, says
that Capt. Patrick had arrived with ov
er ICO piisoneis, captured at the battles,
of Paintsville and Half Mountain, on the
Licking river.
Hodge's rebel biigado attacked Col
onel Gillespie's forco at Puiutsvilleon
Tuesday, but was repulsedjO.Hespio
pursuing the retreating rebels with 80
men of the 14th and 39th Kentucky,
and overtook them on the 14th inst. in
can p at Half Mountain, capturing 75
prisoners. 200 horses, 400 saddles, 300
sttind of tinHlljirm;, all their camp eq
uipage. Some 85 of the rebsls were
killed and woundc'lnnd a large amount
of stolen property rccowmd and return
to tho citizen. A rebel wagon trnin
was also burned. '
Our loss was one Lil'ed and four
wounded. The rebels weie command
ed by CoN. Clay, Prentice, May and
Johnson. Clay is .among the prison
Cincinnati, April 20,
- Brig. Gen. Prince has been ordeied
to the command of the military district
of Paducah, Columbus and Cairo.
Gen, Grant reviewed llto 6th corps on
Mond y. Also, on luesday, the re
serve artillery and 2d army corps, and
3d diviion of cavalry.
A detachment of the 2d Massachu
setts Cavalry, under Major Forbes, re
turned from a reconnoissanco through
Centreville, Green Springs and Drains
ville, briniug in sx prisoners of Mos-
by's men, and information that a large
body of rebel cavahy, supposed lo be
from the main atuiy, were at Leesburg
and vicinity foraging for grain and all
available team"," taking oft towards Up
perville. Col. Lowell immcdinlly start
ed with his brigade of cavalry from Vi
enna, supported by Taylor's brigade of
infantry horn ran fax C 11. to give
Jtcm battle,
New Yokk, April 20.
A Norfolk letter sn tho late mission
of the rebel Commissioner Ould to Fori
-Monroe, was to ask Butler to up for th
very" sick" of our prisoners at Richmond,
who were too fir gone to be removed
South. Some 560 have miicc arriv etl
at Old Point, of whom Ould said hu
would consider it a miracle if our Gov
ernment succeeded in saving half.
Washington, April 20.
The following dispatch was received
at tho Navy Department this noon :
Caiko, April 20.
To the Hon. Gidton Welles :
I have received private letters from
Red River.ons dated Grand Econ, April
10th, and one dated Alexandria, April
12 h, stating that the army under Gen.
Bunks met with Unites on the 8th, near
Mar.-lmll. Our army fell back, and on
the next day the rebels attacked them,
and were handsomely ' whipped. Loss
heavy on both side.
Admiral Porter, when last hem d from.
was about forty miles above Giant's
Pass, Econ River.
1 -
New Yokk, April 20.
Tho Commercial's Washington dis
patch says its pretty decidedly settled
-that the National Bank Bill will not
conic in the' Senate this week. It will
be amended so ns to pel mil taxation,
and only establish, seven per cent, as
the ratio of interest ;n the States where
no legal exists.
General Frank Blair wi 1 soon leave
to tnke a command in the field.
Many Western members are with
drawing' their opposition to direct tax.
Chicago, April 20.
The Evening Jou'rnal publishes an
'xtra-ccntaiuing-a letter from a member
of the Chicago Mercantile Battery,
dated April 13th, saying that the day
a'ter the rerenl disaster to the 13th
corps, Gen. A.J. Smith, with the 19th
corps, engaged and defeated the enemy,
capturing 2,000 prisoners nnd twenty
New York, April 19.
A Wasliinslon letter has r rumor tliat
Gen. Hallcck lias placed liis resignation
in tho hands of tho President, and will
insist on its accopti.nco.
New York, April 19.
A Washington special says, it is ru
moretl there to-ni;lit that Lee is niovin"
a portion of his at my to that side of
the Rapidan.near Siadisoti 0. H. Noth
ing reliable, however.
information has been received tint a
considerable rebel cavalry forco is near
Leesbun,', and measures have been tak
en to check their advance, should they
attempt one. .
Two of Lee's scouts, captured a day
or I wo since nt Culpcpper.havc escaped, j
iiiey were uim;mii?i'u as le.imsters. i
halter awaits thtm.
It is reported that Gen. Grant lias
decided to send to the front such men
of the Invalid Corps as are ablo to bear
arms, and return home those disabled
from active service in the field.
Is Iiriily given that the firm" Dive'hiss it
toy ii tuia t nv uteolvcl by mutual runt-em
The'M. - .njM w.l Ix-condurlel bv S.ll. l)ivelti
i. ."w -.."." . ,i.vi,i; uu jiiiiiiijtfi
nuc. Dim py an uiuia neinnsinc io pnlil linn. J
( klW, April S'fS &C0Y
Special Notices.
Have removed their Drug Store to
the corner of Shawnee fe 5th sts., oppo;
sito the Mansion House, Leavenworth,
aadiiave on ha:d n full supply of Med
icines, Fine Perfumery, Brushes of all
kinds, antLeVerv thing pertaining to the
Drug trade.' " 4 "' 189-tf-
TEKS la one of ib'o greatest lreiitheii!njr prepira
tionseant It is especially adapted to thoao who
nro afflicted with the Pereratid Agae, or any other
dlseano nnatiij; from a disordered condition of the
dlgesllro organs. For tic Ftirer and Ague there
Is perhaps no medicine in the world equal to It, as
It enters, purities nail replenishes the blood, which
Is so ImJMirtant to bring- about a healthy action iu
disc-ue of this nituro. The Hitters are now among
the. most popular, and t tho same time, valuable
spe ides in the medical world. In, recommending
it to Uio public, wo am fully conscious of doing
tticm a great service. Liiawftig, ns wo do.Uieir many
excellent qualities, and sure and speadf action In
all cae nhcro the- disease Is cansen by IrregularUr
of the digcsUvo organs. A trial will suffice for tlw
woit skeptical. jrjSeo adrertiscmeiit.
For sale by Druggists and dealers generally, ev
er n here. lia-183
fto ivtxti$tmtnt.
Bonnets, Trimmed and made lo order.
Straw Goods, Flowers. Ribbons, Trim
mings, Embroideries. Hair Nets, Head
Dresses, Hosiery, Gloves, Skirts, No
tion", Gent's Furnishing Goods, Man
lilla?. Cloaks, Willow Ware, kc. ifcc
OAL OIL for sale hy Divkliiiss it
.v.NSat 90 cents per gallon. Fam-
ilv Groceries at Lowest River Price.
. D. i-E
Atlniinistratof's Notice.
LKTTKItS cl dminitlration tijion tliecotatu
of William Millikcn. dccin-til not ail nun-
I tbtcred hy S-:vcfcr S-ovil, la'e adin nufrator ..f i
saia otttc. l:avc bci n grnr KM t the uirJCr-ii'ii-wi
Viy the JwlxBol tfco i'rubatd Comt of Jttfer-
on county, iarua, t'atcti April 13th. I8C1.
The authority of the .aiJ Sylvcstir i-covil ecu, ml
by tho .iirrender of hi letters oiuho 13th day ot
Administrator do loai nonol tin- estate of Wni.
Millikcn, dec 'd. 18 3 2.10
Administrator's Sale.
T.y virlm' 'f nn order of the l'robate Court in
and lor JtlH-rson County, hnn'aa, I will oHr a
rrivntc Sale on an I alter MonJay he 9h day
ol Miy, A. U, IStM, until eolJ, the followniK
real Mate iu wit: Iu ten (ID) and elocn (IU
ia lllock fifty-three f&3 in the lounoi'lino.
lumper r'alls.Uounty ot Jclfrr'on,Siali!of Kans.is
Said property belongs lo the sUt- of Jocli
(Jarnct, dcctatl,and Is sold to'pay the debts ot
tnil rsiuit:. Ternn of ale aub For further
particulais enquire oi the iinder-ignrd at (ra
Iwppor Fail. W. C. IllC'rC.S,
183-tn Admini-trator.
a. B. limit!!'. J. Evans.
New Store at Oskaloosa !
Arc now opening a complete stock of .
And all articles fjund in a well rerulnrnl Dnm
orOrocery Store.
.... Q ...
AWARE of tho diirieulty of procarinK una
dullcrnted Dru', nnd concioiir of the great
iiiKrlancc, hoth to thuplijsician who rrcrihcs
anu me iwiifin who rrceives mem, ol genuine,
uiniiiil.ru .l.-i.iciue, mr UltCIOlsS nis Given liis
r.iiial attention and experimco to the Reliction
ot ii new lck, nnd can asauro Ihe pub'ic that
ecry arliclo enn he tal.en in perfect confidiuc
of tlictr legitinuto tetne Unl tfit'ct..
We have all tho IMTENT MEDICINES of
tic da conftaiulr on hand.
CATHARTIC PIl.LS at 20 cents per bjx,and
all other Muhcino in same proportion.
We will soon he in rrciipt of the bust slock of
Ever brought to thit market, having ordered di
rect from tuo manufacturtrs in is'tw York
Alo, keep a large stock of RuiTilo-liom, Rub
bcr. Ivory, Coausc and Fi.ie CO.MIlS.
A full atork of
Wines & Liquors
Soap Powder, Lead. Shot. Oun Caps, Cndk;
Matclies, Shoo Itlackip llruslie, Stove Polish,
ball, Crackers, Chemical lllueuig. Indian, Con'
centratrd I.vr. Ovstem. Sinlii.n P.J... . ....
uuni vi, .i uretsc. Hour, Uardcn and Flo
acds Cisnra, Asoiriul and Fai cy Cam ics.
n.-lvti .'i.-.- "... .. : "-I'l into;
"'e will take in ezchingt for ooi's. RUTTEII
Fi!is mnv iiuvh? ' i". ,f,"u"r,u'
'GltKEN UACks.' ''' ""U Wm mi rc,U"
vTehiu"cirat,;Ui,'J.ing ! " Je
Thcmotioof "Liveand Let Live" will covern
us in nur dealings. "
.Call nud seo us before purcliasiiiir
clauwhcre. At tho old Driio- Stnr..
stnml Arlli Ka Hitiu. f l..rr
---... .w vwiuci ui wvuvraOtl
Consist in part of Sugar, Cotrfo.Cofn.e Essence.
Impeiial aud oung lljam TEAS, Smokinu
and Chewiiig Tobacio, Salnwlus, Rabhiw Soda.
I eppcr. aoice. Uini'T. I nil.t f.'n.iiu .-j .:..
ami JJelnwaro tstrPt'Ls
Gi:oc'eries9 ecih
Pure "Warranted Gardei. Seed,
Mower & Reaper.
H. A. PITTS & CO.'s
Threshing Machines. '
....o.--- t, tt,., -
WE sh ill also keep or.tEnt!y on hand a
' L-VEUK aTPLT of "'" '
Plows, Harrows, Rinsing Mill.,'
Corn Cultivators, Vhea DriiU',
Hay Rukes,Gnnden Tools,.
And Other Implements
Too Numerous to Mention.
Field and (inrden Seeds !
WhicU we shall Wahkaxt Fesh a.id Pube.'
.Ofl-- - M
OuK Grocut Tbade will" be conlimud upon
a Much I.aboik Scale ll.r coming sen'e.in. We
shall he prrwrcd to fill any citizen's bakeCur
country man's wagon with good (Lings si as low
price as an) home in tho city. Thankful lor tho
patronage and friendship bestowed tiron ui in
the past, we will strive to merit it in the future.
nn vrv ennnrr Trif ni in?
To All' Who Use a Fen.
Is al&yi ready and icliable, and, if adapted to
the hapd, makes writing a pleasure, not a tak.
Thsl)eginnorniakeH more rapid projrcJswiih
a Gold Pen than with any other, because the
ame presute alva pniduccatha ssnic result ;
and thopruficient is better situfied vc'.t'i ha la
bor. lt.cause of the uniformity of his writing,
and (iie caic by which it U produced.
he iitTsertber oes no solder. The sold at the
point is brought to a Btate of fusion, when '.he.
piiiUt-i"ks into it, and the 'two bicome m one
metal, entirrly impcrvibus lo the ct of thr
acids in inks. .Tin j can be dune in laakinc new
pci?, teeau-e tlie ulil is more Uisn tnrt" Ito-cs
as thick a it is after the pen ii roltcil to the prop
er itnn'ics ot the finished state.
a n!ler must be it'"l wli ch ill melt oner
thin llto gold of Inch ibeptn is madr, other
le the j omts will euil into a globular form.
I! t k prkCi-8 the ten ptrKtaktnoutofthcDib,
the iljtf feity nriraycd, and the txii sulit.cled lo
the ure procers ofeorrvsion. On these ncronnN, I
and knovvin from I. ng experience that repaint
Anyone atndmi; a single Inter oMtstanni'
will rcctivou circular wilhjr-neepgrav
ings if at! the sizu and prie,T.
Ai!lre, A. MORTON.
113 2J .Mai It n Line, Ne-v York
ctl pcmcaii rarclv etvo satifac(iJn,iho submit-! . 'uvb"U'p,"":''' .,eTs:xtMcuive'weel.niat
enn joMtivcly itefuje to Uepoint Gord I'. r. ' I1". a"'i'Tj Lj l11!' sr "' d WU
jithintendaj.oitrr i region. ifM.mped l-tt"."
UA .Morton, 'and not adapted tojourhard.sta-1 ti ii ami the pnjer orjid i!7tioo.u orsaCt
tir.a in what rrsiiect it might beimprovtd, s.I.il'. V'::r,?ri;C0"riu,J5n,"'!aitiica5iTenain
wio be 'L- b-: t-:ir in s, .'cc'lng Ane tint ??. " cf. utsl C',I', '"'W"1". nu.'rts. stevms
State at what aIeyou hold :'. rn on the pa- luTafillt'ttXZ. ?f f "'
pernndjjk.kr.auarelyorle-n..oth.Mht Ks!ter
or 'ft. Itisetin, briefly nrulfo r! sUted, 1). I&.I, duomij oUs to suia i.tatntiff fron7li
wiIlKreatlyastitdtn niakiiigafeleclKn feryOti. deleuJat ts, Charles Kob!uoa.-Kobert S.StevmT
,. .. .... ,..a.u,iu siiouiu recvito rroia the Go
nnfVT', r. Clinn. tilim . .rt Imjn Oft" Uuitrd Mates of Amenea annirnc
uuvxa ct oimii uiiia iv t.irs,
And Everything You Want !
Dress Goods,
Cloaks, Hoods,
TRHIiiH&S, D, &0
To.be Found in tho Market.
To Furnih a
Of Both
Under and Ourward Wear,
And the Needful Covering nnd Protection for
(Towns offloads & Soles of Feet!
A Fine Di-play of Common, Wain, and
2 & 3 PU Carpets.
AH of Which will bo. Sold at tlio
Most Ronsonabl Prices.
junn m. HANNY'S
FillPn0vIV,A.Y',or-,Lcy CANNOT Bfc
tII.L,bUX ow is the time to secure tho
That is maJr, and the onp Admirably Adapted to
2CrIf KF.MT.u.lKrus are desired !!,
der should estate; thev ,,o'S Zvfe
peoihcallyorderekl. We sell at "" J aca
Maufadircr's Cash Prks!
. 00 ....
No. 52 Delaware Street,
NOTICE u licrehy .iveii to all ere.
oilier lnterestnl In n,. ,...., r ,
r t"",l.of "';' "'ct the next rrffular' tcm
wE ";;: '," i"' m .ssy & o.
t a . "l
"" """-y o -'tj aj 01 juir, a. I,
. J' i n '-., iC;: ...
roOGP wheels r1
Cog Wheel Regulator,
U'hl'-D'rcMTmi.T prtveata the roltffrnm -Brtakivg
or Tmsling on The Skttft.
Ii was pronounced superior to alt others at ids . '
WnrldV Fair at London. 1902. It tx.k tac Fiest
Premium at.the great Fair of (ha Knics I
stitCte inTfew-York City. l?C3where the jadg-t-s
wire practical aiechanic-, iri-aBprei'uJ
U'li.ulli Ti . I. .1... tK . I .. - -.
Cojr Wheel, ft tok the First PrrmtutB at ihe
iNew-1 orK state iair--- ---188Z and I8M'
Verniotit, reiin?ylTanii..Iowa, Uliaota b4
Jiicuigaa oinie f alia, Aova, r v at2,"
And Oountjr Fairs without Bomber. ? iS
Oanue Judd. of the American Asrrieoltnriat i .fflf:
sjys of i tie UmBAi. Clotbcs Wkj.isxr: a '1M
IMV. thmb th.mi.hin.wii.li hi... ik.. D Jsi
iOB. ITVEtr ferar kak in the sating of gar. a'v
nintftl TTilrr arA Iwvpri,! It tnjfa .,!. .IU..1. " K
.. .ii... .i .. .umu nn u uuk iaIl. - , j.. .31 T
irpneral rnnslrtir'i'iti. hnt'wn mnafttfr it tmnA.. ??.
?. .. .l ". .u :. tiF-T " ".a :i "j:r "'"?" " v-'
silt luai me , i linger uriiucn wiib Og, OtBCT'
wii a moss of garment -may7 elo; the rolierf,
and the rollers upon the crankshaft shp ami tear
!hi clothe, or the rubber break loose from the
shaft. Our own ione of the first ma-Vm-d it k
a-GOOD ASNEW alter ucarlyFvUft YEAR'S
We have Jcvcri tiz-s front $5 50 to?30. The
ordinary family rfas are No. I. $16. and No. 2,
47. These Lave
nl are wAKSA.fTED in every articular. "
On rec ii or tb- prier, frow plaees where m
one is felling-, we will srl the U. C.W.,TtK
or txpEssK. What weespedallr want isacood
in every town, rt e offer liberal inducements
and guaran'ee the exclusive sale.
W7 Broadway, Nw Yotk.
Ord:r of Jublicaticn.
CousTr or JrrFtavox. J
In ihe Du-tritt Court of tj Fip.t .T.,r..; .i n.-.
tnctol Kansas, siitinj; m ta,d Cojniir . r f!i,.
Sia-cnx-ir, PlalclIS;' '
CaItinIn.Urlsi.iJu Ulrlin
auJ iiduej Clarke, Ie-
i You.;'b"J'"',e'aTedM rtiia noVnsnn.arehere-
uu "iinura a. Bimpion, escnlTTor kksj price ni..i.
consiJ?ralU.ti of and lor w!,,h ,!,, yMU, o thfr
IWh day of rebruarr. A. n. i-if. ,r.i .t :.u V,
!,!) their .Ic-Jof Uut JatJ. onveicJ ... h-
sat.J Llurles Kobmson, Ko!orti?.Slefeiuiaiia 1VIII
jam A. SHmp-on the folloirtnrf Jtrioe.1 rtUo?
land, sltuat.-. rjin? ami bcinj in lie Couatj or Jet-r.-rs-m
and Mate of Kana.. namrlr, the north west.
Quarter or tho north east nuim-p .,r r..t . .. ' .
.uonnuuilwr thirty 30j, ami Uio snnttt half of the
sail northeast quarter of sabl fractional seetJoS
unmlwr thlitr poj ana lots number Are W, ,ix").
'ocrthirt; (.1., all iu township uumtwr twelve lli
of ranp. uumtwr tei.i f.'o)ea.l; of which alive
uij--utiui.ea,um .riuoBcjtCJ00CU tli.rrof, will
liiteresttUereon.isalM due aud owin? tosaid plain-
.-..Mjtbus aud Klllutn A.SIni.n. on rt.i.
in,trjinci.t orvrntlns, ,ua,le ol.I .lelirered bv them
Ui.U the said plain tiff the sa m or 3 JIM CO In liW
and manner foIIoIn?. k. wit; 3,lai0U thereof as
.- ..... ,.w.,..c a,lu Clcar 0, mcuiubranees for the
aUre described traeu of land, and should xeeiit.
a good aod valid eonvejanee or said prembesln fic
simSlo frcoof all tncumhraneeJi.rebv tonvrAlci!'
said tneu oT land to them, the ,.I Charles Ifdhin
on, l.hert S. Mevcu.an.l-U IllUm A. .S.inion;
tnelr holts or asslsns and t5J5ftC0 mnre Uicreof
to have- bee by Hiem paid to tho tld nUlutia. three
mouUw alter the paymeiii aroresaid should have
lidui.to John Baldnin foraod in behalf of the saidr
ptalullff. In thre mon.lu from the lime of the i.av--luenlltMt
above pru.Idsd for; whicb said tractsl.r
Luid were, oathe 24th day of jueust. A I lgf
Utters-latent duly Issued by aod under the antho
Ity of he Goyerameatof th UnUed States of Am
enca.br the President orthewid United States.
paU-iitedto sa d pUlnliff underand by virtae of Si
acvealti Article r tho Treaty between the Unite
MaUsof Ameriraaud llie Il..K.,n. t.ik.. .. ,SVT
1.. r .1.... i, . . ... iira a paicn&
cus eoncljded on the 3Uh day of Afav, A. U. ISeo!
.. -,'- -- " ra iuicimraenu uiereto, by lh
I'resldent of the siild United SuteS on the hd day
orAuRUjt, A. D. ISSO. and which said tracts of Iant
were ovaald plaintiff and Lis wire, on the second,
day of AOieruber.A. IX lb6I, by tbelrdeei of that
data, again convc)ed tn the Mid Charles Kobiason,
Kobort S. Stevens and iliiani A. .-itupsoo in fe
simple, free of all Ineunibraaee, fora consideration
in said last mcntioi.cd deed recited as&OWW, to
be jiald by them to said plalutlff: and to cancel, an
nul and set astdea certain deed dated of the Hth oC
J.u.'lf: AJ D-IS6i' "hereby said plaintiff eonveved.
all Ms right, title, Interest and claim in and to the
said tracts of land, to the above named defendant,,
Sidney Clarke : and for the Conrt to and the am
ount due said plaiuriff by reaon of the several mat
ters aforesalj, and give hini Judgment therefor a
eainst the persons owins Ihe saue to him, cone or
ihe several sums of money aforesaid, oraiiy part'
tr,f'u'e',orihem having ever been paid, either to
Mid plaintiff or lo the above named defendaDt.Johnf
ISaldwIur and that said tracts of land bo sold, and.
mat the proceeds arising from such sale thereof be.
applied to the satisfaction of such ladrmeot
l.io costs of this suit, and tho amounts so found
duo to Um said .plaintiff; and that the defendants la
aid solt, and every person claiming by. fross,
through r under theui. or any or cither of then,
berore.verbarrodand foreclosed sraad fromalt
and every right aud equity of redemptioa and oth
r rizllt. Whatever flf.fin. inn,lAthrt.f..MMU ,M.,
of land, and ca h and every of taem, from and aft
er such sal thereof; aud that said plaintiff may
nave such other and further relief In the premises.
ins cusu maj require ami no do entitled to. And
you, the said Martha Kobinson, are further otMcd
that you are required to answer said Petition ou or
before this eighth day of April, A. D. ISM, and thaf
unlessjou answer the limo on or before the day
lat named, said petltten will bo taken aa true, aa
Juilgweut rendered according!,
listed this 5U day of February, A. I. 18t
ISO 7w 33,70 Is SS 403 A tfys fr Plaintiff..
Importers &, Dea
- Brittania ani Plated -
No. 05 Delaware, StrceL
Charles KoMiwn, Kotrt S. Stevens, WUHam A
slnip-n, JIartaa XuMiison, Ilenrv F Bieil
u,llVtl.JUUHLnhtirl.l.' K..N.I... I X7
m inkaiM
i 1
v Vgfl
Aihirniftrarordc Nn n

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