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J. W. ROBERTS. Editor
Saturday, March 25, 1865.
The Xebellioa-Iti Mighty Xenon.
Thevastness o tbe teachings of the
great American 'Rebellion can hardly
be realized. Through it God is instruct
ing the nations. They who narrow its
oulreaching proportions to this govern
ment, or this coelinent, greatly eircam
"scribt its comprehensive scope.
It is not simply a contest between a
government and a combined host of reb
els; it is almost infinitely more than this.
It is a conflict between antagonisms as
old as the world, or at least as old as
tbe distinctions in society.
On one side is arrayed Progress; on
the other Retrogression; for whatever
docs not go forward necessarily goes
.backwards. It is the array of Right
against Might; of the People against
"Class; of Liberty against Oppression;
of Justice against Wrong. Tbe pecu
liar circumstances, the extended field of
the contest; the magnitude of the inter
ests involved in the issue, and the par
ties to the bloody strife.give to the great
prama the absorbed attention of the civ
ilized world. All thinking men per
ceire that in its results are wrapped up
the destiny of tbe nations.
It is this fact which causes the eyes
of the Old World to be turned thisway
.with such intense eagerness; and the
ears of the people there to listen so in
tently for the tidings brought across the
sea. Every breath that is laden with
intelligence from beyond the waters is
to them a murmur of destiny
It is not mere curiosity on the part of
crowned heads.that leads them to watch
with SHcb deep solicitude the varying
fortunes of our war; they feel that their
own crowns and realms are involved in
the struggle which reddens the battle
fields of America with the blood of tbe
noble and ignoble slain. No careless
', spectators are they; not a titled lord,
from the throne to lowest of the class.
w ho docs not feel that the war on Co
iumbia's soil is the great conflict -whicl
guru leave us mark on tue ages to come,
and either establish the rule of caste or
.the dominion of the people. Scepters
tremble in the hands and crowns rest
uneasily upon the beads of pampered
It is but natural that, monarch and
lord should sympathize with tbe South;
for the advocates of privileged classes
there are fighting the battle of class for
the world. "It is our battle," say the
aristocrats of tbe old world, and say
truly. This is what makes them desire
o earnestly the success of the rebellion.
Its failure 6ounds their death knell.
Hence the amount of cannon, munitions
of war, medical stores and provisions
furnished the rebels, without which
(hey must long since Tiaye been sub
But the rebellion will not succeed
Its sbcccss woald give a new lease'ff, life
for generations to all the nabobs of earth;
and God is teaching the nations better
things than the "divine right of kings,"
and the superior excellence of those
who bear titles and oppress the poor.
It is He who speaks in the booming
cannon of the battle-field and blue ocean.
It is His voice that is 'lifted up' to be
world-lieard in the waging strife fraught
with the destinies of the human race.
It is no whisper that reaches but from
North to South and back. Once the
nation so thought, but the great Dis
poser opened the blind eyes of the peo
ple and unstopped their deaf ears, until
they saw and heard the- grand anthem
of God swelling ap from out the depths
as the "voice of many waters and mighty
ihunderings," proclaiming L'berty to
tbe sons and daughters of Adam. The
war for the restoration of tht- Union
then became a war for the ovei throw of
Slavery; at d as God is "no respecter of
pei MBs," the destruction of slavery
here is the harbtuger of liberty to all
mankind. Tbe naiions shall rise-out of
t'lfcir political graves; and the shout of
Victoiy over Rebellion in America is
the iruron.t which shall proclaim their
resurrection near.
Who ihit has maiked the progress
of the wr and the change of sentiment
on tbe part of tbe people, can fail to
read tie lesion God has tauhgt usydis
pite our unwillingness at the first to
Juarn in Mis school 7 tout years ago
not a public tain
or an officer in the
. S
dared publicly express his hope,
IwltPor desire that the war would cad
n: the destruction of Aaeriean Slavery.
T!-o.zsaails desired the aatjomplishment
of this end1 most ardently, and with In
tense longing of soul prajed for it; but
ji would not do then to proclaim it as
ilie policy of the government. Such a
cuuits would bae raised a rebellion in
tin' i
N.iilh equal to' that in tue Oouiti.
But in God's great school the cation
has made rapid advancement; and now
scarcely a man can be found who is loyal
to the government that does not want
slavery destroyed. This curse of tbe
land, this Satan in ouf Eden, must be
cast out.
But this is not all. The lesson we
have mastered so fully is for the instruc-J
tion of the world. All mankind are in
terested in it; and it shall come to them
as the song of hope and the demonstra
tion of faith. Every where in it the
mighty Instructor is visible. It is lu
minous with His presence. And He,
who in three years has "converted our
nation from the error of its ways," can
as easily and as quickly convert the
world. By the ordinary processes of
education, it would have required fifty
or a hundred years to abolitionise the
people of this land as they ate abolitioa
ized to-day. It will take a century at
the least to disenthrall the people of
England from tbe spell of titled dignity.
It is a part of an Englishman's nature
almost, to crouch down and look up to
'my lord' and 'my lady.', But God can
obliterate this cringing spirit in a year,
and in two years demolish the arbitrary
distinction between lord and servant,
marquis and peasant.
It is the direct bearing the American
contest has upon this very point which
makes it of overshadowing importance
to both the titled and untitled people of
And what shall be the issue ? Will
the strife end in the triumph of caste 1
Not for a moment do we believe it. We
have faith in our armies; but we have
more faith in God.who can destroy them
if He wills. Has God educated us, and
have we been progressive scholars in
His school ? Certainly this is so. Then
the "sun cannot go backwards" on the
dial-plate of Time, Onward is the
watchword, and God is in it. Over the
earth, down among the nations shall the
cheering and stiring notes swell and
prolong, and up from the pits of serf
dom and debasement s'jsit the people,
upspring, clutch tyrants by the throat
as they unfurl the banners of Freedom
to the breeze, and shout the glad an
thems of Liberty to the world.
Such is our struggle in its bearings
upon mankind; and from the days of
our final triumph onward we may ex
pect to witness the fruits of our toils
and sacrifices in the redemption of
earth's children from the thralldom of
usurped power.
And it Shall be so.
A great many persons have made
themselves rich out of the war at the
expense of the people and the govern
ment. Many of theso have worked
their corruption in darkness, or under
the cover of well-laid schemes of dis
guise, to blind the eyes of the world
and the authorities. But this wicked
ness shall sot prosper. Truth, justice
and' right are eternal, and God is on
their side. Dishonesty, fraud and 'cor
ruption are the children of sin.and God
is against them.
They who have robbed the govern
ment; they who baTe defraanded the
country; they who have planned
schemes of dishonest plunder, may gain
their ends for a lime; but their ill-gotten
wealth will do them no good. It will
be attended with God's curse. Uneasi
ly will lie the head that is pillowed up
on the softest down, if that down was
procured at the cost of honor, justice
and right; and soon by fire, by peoti.
lence, by murrain or somo other visi
tation from the Ruler of this world, the
wrongfully accumulated pcVf will be
taken away or rendered a curse.
Mark well what we say. Note the
men who have gathered togolher by
crime or fraud, iud ecp if HeaveVs re
tributions do not overtake them in some
form or other. Thoir children will dip-
their hopes will fail; their evil deeds
will be exposed; shame and disgrace
will o'e:iake them. These, or some
other visitations from the hands of the
great Disposer of events will surely be
the portion of these men.- "God is not
mocked," "whatsoever a man eowelli,
that shall be also reap."
Many individuals who have been fill
ing their coffers, with gold or green
backs obtained by wronging the govern
ment or somo fellow . being, will ,find
that every dollar will be a mark of
disgrace,and that soon their names will
be a by-word of reproach. Thousands
will find this their fate before the' judg
ments of Heaven cease to visit the land.
Some of these have planned and exe
cuted their deeds .in the secret cham
bers; others in the darkness of ni"ht:
others through the channels opened to
them by the trusts placed in their hands
and keeping. But God saw it all, and
He will expose the hidden crimes, and
bow with shame the guilty heads,
'TAeirtiiu v'tiljind them out." Haugh
ty heads will be brought low; purse
proud vanity will come to shame, and
the quickly made fortunes will melt
away, and leave the possessors poor
and dispised. "The way or tho trans
gressor is hard.' " '
Oar Prisoners.
The treatment our prisoners have re-
cieVed at the bands of tbe rebels proves
that Jeff. Davis and his- satellites, are
placed outside the pale of civilzation.
It would have been less cruel to murder
our men on ttie spot, than torture
them to death by slow inches through
starvation and nakedness. .
President Lincoln in his inaugural
intimates that it is hardly reconcilable
with reason that the rebels should pray
to God in behaif of Slavery, but says
let us 'judge not that ye be not judged.'
But if they dare call upon God to bless
their cause while they are murder
mg me prisoners wnom they are
bound to protect, is it any wonder that
their "offerings are an abomination to
the Lord, and that He sends defeat
apoa their armies? Nearly sixty out
of every hundred kept at Salisbury died
in less than three months. Sick, help
less, without food, exposed to storm,
robbed of their clothing and left almost
naked; compelled to wallow in filth; the
physicians and citizens forbidden to aid
them, though they volunteered to do so
gratuitously these area few of the hell-
deserving crimes of which- these fiends
are guilty. Can God do otherwise than
"curse them with a curse?" One turns
from the record of such scenes sick at
heart, and yet burning with indigna
tion. Retribution will surely overtake
these wicked and cruel men.
Vice President Johnson disgraced him
self and insulted the nation by becom
ing drunk 9a the occasion of his inaug
ural, and was so besotted by liquor that
his speech was disgusting, and his oath
of office the mandlin gibbering of one
intoxicated! "How have tbs mighty
taiienl lie is called upon from all
sides to resign at once. His acts have
placed him beyond '.be pale of forbear
ance, it is claijuedand he should no
longer, continue to insult the nation he
has digraced by holding on to the posi-
I ribn to which a confiding people have
raised him.
What tbe result will be we do not
know. It seems that the habit of drink
is one recently contracted since the
war commenced.. and many of his for
mer friends were entirely ignorant of
his fall. How much longer shall this
curse of Intemperance send its blight
over the land, ere the people will arise
in their majesty and crush the monster
as they are crushing Slavery? Heaven
send the day of its destruction may
speedily dawn.
Perhaps this National disgrace was
necessary 'to awaken and arouse the
people to the contemplation of the ra
vages of this monster vice, preparatory
to a vigorous campaign against it. We
trust it will be made to perish quickly.
Good. Grant has issued an ordei
striking at the illegal trade wiih the re
bel States. It is stringent; just the
thing needed. No go.ods are to be de
livered, even under trade permits from
the Treasury, and if the attempt is
made to deliver, they are to be seized
and held by the soldiery until further
orders. Tliis is one of the best things
yetdone, Jx prevents supplies going
to the rebels, and blockades the game
of rebel sympathizes getting rich furn-
i.'ning their friends in tbe South such
articles as they call for. Our policy
heretofore on this point has been wrong.
Immense quantities of provision, cloth
ing and stores hae been conveyed to
the rebels under the trade permits. Of
ten these articles have been smuggled
thiough under false shipments and la
bels and sometimes by the conuivance
or negligence of officers whose duty it
was to inspect the merchandise and see
that it was right. This order sleeps
the whole system away.and will damage
the rebels greatly.
JET" It is said that the people of
Lawrence are opposed to the further
extension or the i'aciuc ltmlroad at
present, and for somo years to come
that they desire to have that city the
terminus of the road for as long a time,
as possible, and before it is constructed
any further, and immediately, if possi
ble, to have the track up to their city
made the same width as the Missouri
Pacific, so that Lawrence instead of
Kansas City will be the point where
passengers and freight will be re-shipped,
thus,8ecuifng to the former place
the benefits which the latter hopes to
reap from this process of re-shipment.
How is this ? Do our neighbors of
Lawrence still flatter themselves that
their little burg is the bub of tho uni
verse ? The friends of these measures
say that Senator Lane is in favor of
them, and will use all his influence to
secure eiery possible advantage to
Lawrence. We wish our neighbors no
ill; but while tbey seek to build them
selves up by such acts as the robbery
of our County, wo trust their plans will
fail, as they ought to, and that they will
never succeed until they 'are honest in
kM AtT...t0 A.l lil.l ... Ihnt. ..t...V
for building up their eity,
There appears to be some fluttering
among the office-seekers and expectants
in this State. Things do ot seem to
go on to please them. WeVare not
privileged to look behind thecurtatn
to see what tht trouble is, nor do wo
care to know; but there are somedis
appointed aspirants for places where
they had hoped to live, off of Uncle'
Sam's bounty.
It seems, too, that the horde of plun
derers are standing at bay, awaiting
developments. They do not, apparent
ly, like the new Commander of the De
partment. This speaks well for him.
But they are determined to make an
effort to renew their depredations in
some shape, if there is a ghost of a
chance to steal or rob from the govern
ment, tho people or the Indians. .
We shall await the issue of all these
affairs-hopefully and patiently, trusting
that the time has come when there will
be an end put to the wholesales villainy
which has disgraced out State and so
many officers connected with the ser
vice. A number of men are waiting to see
what chance there will be for a con
tinuation of the reign of the plunderers.
They cannot be satisfied to settle down
in some honest employment and earn
their living, but wish to live at the ex
pense of the nation or by some swind
ling operation. We hope they will all
come to shame and disgrace.
Gen. Dodge
Has established himself at Fort Leaven
worth, bis new headquarters. Here he
will be able to give personal attention
to matters in this District, which sadly
need looking into. He is reported to
be soldierly and gentlemanly in his
bearing, and has the reputation of be
ing a man of integrity. This last quali
ty is essential to any one in this Depart
ment; without it, wreck and ruin must
continue to reign in this District, ani
the interests of the country suffer. In
deed, they are already joepordiscd by
The lews.
Sherman is reported as tmrching on
in triumph. Ho has passed through
Fayetterille, destroying there the most
extensive arsenal of tbe South and im
mense stores. This is one of the arse
nals Thief Floyd, old Duck's Secy, of
War, filled with guns from the North
before tho wa'.. He has also taken pos
session of Goldsboro, where it was
thought tlic rebels would maktj a stnnd,
but they did not. Ho and Schofield
have formed a junction, and the rebels
rereat before them like sheep. It seems
that they fear to meet him in the field,
and one army goes wherever its leader
pleases to direct its movements. John
ston, it is reported, has formed a junc
tion with Bragg, and been heavily re-
hinforced from Richmond, but does not
yet make a stand. We hopo he may
never bo able to bring his army into
Reports are rife concerning the evac
uarton of Richmond and the despair of
tho rebel leaders all very unreliable.
Mobile, it is said, was being aban
doned at latest advices. Not reliable,
but may be true.
A rumor says Jeff. Davis has abdica
ted and Lee is Dictator not voty pro
bable. Also that Lee says it is too late
to arm the negroes, and that tho Con
federate causo is lost. This is the
merest rumor.
Sheridan's recent raid was tho most
damaging (0 the rebels of any that has
yet taken place. The destruction of
the canal cut off the only channel of
supplies for the rebel capital, and Rich
mond is bare of provisions.
More rumors than news, but affttirs
seem in a prosperous condition, and the
rebellion near its end.
J3T We Ind a fall of snow on Mon
day night.
w fyttSsmbs.
Final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given to all creditors and
others interested in th estatu of Finis K;
Siaroions, deceased, that I intend to make fiml
itttl. ment cf said estate at the ntat regular term
ol tho Prohate Court sifting in and for Jrilcrwn
County, haniif. to he bc?un nml Iml.l.r. ; n..
kaloosa,on iloudayihc 3d day of April.'A, U
iji 'B. uuuiitta,
Administrator dc bonis nou.
IS hereby given, that a petition will be
presented to tbe Board of County
Commissioners of Jefferson County, on
tbe lirst Monday in April, 1865, asking
tor n, county roau, commencing at the
north end of tbe Lawronce bridge,
thence running on tbe nearest nnd best
route by wayof Rollin's mill to the
western.boundry of Sarcozie Township.
236-2w . J. D. Roiusi.
Final Settlement.
NOTICEls lierehy given to all creditors and
others interested In the estate of Jcaenh
Garni t, drccafied, that I intend, to make final
settlement oi a!" esiaia at me next regular Urm
of the Prohate Court sitting la and for Jefferson
County, Kansas, tp be begun and holden in Os
knloosa, on Muuday the 3J day of April, A. D.
1?65. f ' wfc.HtCKS.
23G-!w$2,75 , AdoalnUlrator.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
No. 38 Shawnee, Street,
OCT Cash Paid for all kinds of
Country Produce.
Medicated Concentrated"
Pineapple Cider.
The proprietor his'koown for a long time the
very bcneiicial results arising from the use of this
valuable remedy, and has bean induced to place
it before tbe public tor thebeneatot sunennguu
manity, It will increase the strength, give vig
nr mill nation til lhn gvstam.and resutatt diges
tion. Taken internally for pains of airmdi,
iu soothing and quieting eflect U astonishingr.
Vi. WUcox, an eminent pnysician, empiojeu
it with goeat success in treating Fevers, Djspep
Ncrvous Affections. Weakness, Diseases of tbe
llcart. Stomach and Bowels. Delicate Females
uill And it an excellent remedy for all tbeir de
press. ng ailments. It never fails to relieve Nerv
ous Trail or J, Wakefulness, etc. Ladies have
used this article with great success to heighten
their color and beauty. It imparts cheerfulness
to the disposition, A brilliancy to the complexion.
To travelers it ;s of inestimable value, where tbe
water is likely to vary in quality and tendenoy.
Tenons in any part of the country may adopt
it with the utmost confidence as a timely, effica
cious restorative.
To Pbevsst Sick rsa. To a tumbler of coIJ
water add one tea-spoon full of Medicated Pine
apple Cider, and drink the first thing after you
rise in the morning, and the same belore you re
tire at night. It will tone up the system. "An
ounce of prevention i worth pound of cure,"
and tbe experienca of 25 years proves the effica
cy of the Pineapple Cider in warding ofTdueas
8. For this purpose, one bottle w ill last a year,
and $3 may thus sate a doctor's bill, anxiety,
much valuable time, nnd even life itself.
LSillious Cuotic Take 4 table-spoons full
of tho Cider added to as much water every ten
minutes; if not relieved ttcr three doses, nn in
jection cf warm water with 10 drups of Cider will
t(fj;t n speedy care. It the patient is feverish,
use cold v. atcr tor injection, with Cideras above.
Diacbhea. For a violent attack, take 2 table
spoons lull of Cider every 10 minutes till cbehvd.
Sore Thboat. Put 1 0 drops of lbs Cider in a
pint ot cold water, and ua-j as a gtvgle ; pWes a
wet cloth around the neck wbn you reliru.
Couons .1 table spoT,Tul ot Cider to half a
pint of tcr; take ce in ivo hours.
UrsPKPStA 2 spoors lull of Cider to a wine
gla full ot v;ater, take before eating.
licaxs.. 10 drops Cider in 1 quart eold water;
saturate cm and apply to burn, clnngo as often
'2 it becomes warm; will relieve in five minutes.
Keep it wet with the preparation until w 11.
ItltLCMkTisM Half pint hot watertoa wine
glaoi Cider, take every 15 minutes. Apply hot
w it ilnuneU to parts atK-cud. Speedy cure sure.
Kkumxe, Wound, Fracture?, 1 tablespoon full
of Ciitrto half pin' cold water, drink eisttnies a
day, thu keeps boncli right. 10 Jropi to a quart
of cold water, with which keep the wound thor
oughly saturated if there is lever, add ice -
Hbavachk, Stable spoons full of Cider to a
tumbler ot water, takn every 30 minute! ; if jttck
h.adcur, hall tbe Cider, A tak'e evrry 15 minutes
Chill; ash Fa. veil Vinc-gla--a lull of Cider
to tumbler ot quite warm wjler,tsko as the dull
eomesrm.orthcCiJirr withodt'wnter'cVcry half
hour till chill pastes otT; when fever comes on,
10 drops to half pint cold water ctcry halt hour.
ItvrrfuJO'i parsed. and aspeeJy care iseflTcted.
Pills. To prevent, when cutuc. 10 .drops of
Cider 10 a gill of cold water, 6r if patient is nat
uialiy cold, u?o warm water, inject, rctun one
hour, it remedies lire t'lllicUtj. '1 he same treat
ment will elfect a s-pctJr and sure cure nf Piles.
Catarku. 10 drops Cider to lull pint cold
w aterj lake some of the mixture in J our hand and
f nutr it up your nose until 11 comes out of the
mouth, be thorough with tbesnufiing, in order to
reach the a flee led pails. Cure certain.
f R,ol any kind, 10 drops Lldcr to n quart
of cold water,icnl if bandy; aluratu a cloth and
apply tu parts affected, also 5 drops in a tumbler
Ot cold, watt r unJ drink c(.ry ten niiuutis. Tbe
xewr win :oon oc rcinovcu.
Ciiulio Dmi-tntr. 2 liblc-ppooas full of Ct
dtr every It 11 minutes; 10 droin to a quart ol
cold water, and iiijicthalt a pint evtryl5laiR
utts. You will soon bo all right. ,.
Disturbed Slelf, 1 tible spoon full of Cider
ton tumbler of eoM water, drink before retiring.
and repeat on rising in tue morning.
To IiEiGUTr.N2Cot.oa and Dcautv, Ladies' take
one Uble pjOOii lull of tbe Cider 3 time a djy.
Lmllbled Piolstiov and Want of Appetite,
1 laWo (wou full in n tnmbHrbCcold wau-r last
thing bidore retiring and on ruing in morning.
ScaorcLA, or King's Evil,' 4 table spoon lul'
of Culer in a tumbler of cold water 3 Urns a day,
alio. 011 rising 111 morning and retiring at night.
Tbavklms, by taking a swaltow of the Cider
will counteract bad effects ot change oi water.
The tame writ prevent car or boat sickness.
Wakskulmos, 4 tabid spoons full of Cider in
a tumbler ot cold water on reliring.cfiect magical
Weaksess, I table spoon full of tha Cider to a
tumbler of water, and drink six times a day.
Sovk Stomach, 2 table spoons full to apintof
colli water, drink all at once, and relitf folloirs.
Sick Horse D. T. Babbitt, of New York.had
a very sick horso w hich was cured in ten minutes
by a pint of tbe Pinei pie Cider.
Teeth ad Dukatu. For cleaning the Teeth
and purity ing tlio ureotli, tue Dr. I. Talbot t'
Medicated Pincapplo Cider.
ETFiill Directions accompany ench bottlo.
All oidcrs should. ItntcWrm-ed to
11. T. UAIIUTIT, Sole Agent,
Nos. 61 to 74 Washington Street, New York.
For sate ly Druggists, Grocer and Storekocp.
era generally throughout tho country.
Price ?3 per bottle, containing one qnart.
'2 ' " one pint. ,
I ' " Inlfpint. '
One Quart bottle, two Piut bottlis, or four Half
lint bottles, sent fiee b express on receipt of
Look -Here!
npiIEundcrilgnrd having quit theSaloonbtl
J. sines has opined a new
On Delaware street, Oskaloosa, where I e will
Icon constantly on hind the best as'ort mcnl of
.articles in his line to bo had in the Market, con
risiiiiL', in part, of
Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Corn Jlcal,
Potatoes, Meat, Butter, Eggs, Dried
Fruits of all kinds, Canned Fruits'of
every sort, Green Peas, Green Corn,
Lorn starch, JmsIi, and a fall variety
Provisions of all Kinds ;
Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Spices, So
da, fcaleratus, bandies, Soap, Tobnc:
co, Cigars, etc., and all the needful
articles in this line of trade to supply
The Wants of Families,
All for sale at tho
T&t o-n be nflonlrd.
Determined to trv to merit it. I hnn? im!..
a nuemi puare oi purpnao irom tho public.
Store Room on theenstsulonf l)i.ln,r.i,..
first building north jf Mr. I. C. Smith's Black'
mini smp. Kcmcmocr tie place and
Call and Examine mv Slock.
J.'u. iiazen
Oskaloosa. March .1. 18C5. 235tf
Dissolution Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the. partnership
heretofore eswUnir between the undersigned
in the Mercantile busfne, riniler the name aid
itjrlo of Cqt &. Allxk, was dissolved by mutu.
al consent on the 9th dar of March, 1805.
WM. a. cor.
231 3w iV. N. ALLEN.
ITlxit Coy.
Beg leave to say to the citizens of
Oikatosa & the Pi.lk Gem-aliy,
That they intend to keep tuch a stock of Goods
and sell at such prices as will make it to the in
terest of all to deal with them. We shall con
tinue to add
New Articles of Trade
To our Stock from time to time, to meet tbe
We now have on hand, and shall constantly
keep a complete stock ot
And all articles found in a well 'regulated Drug
or urocery a tore.
A WARE of lrx, difficultr of nrocsrinz una
J. daltcrated Droga, and conscioiis of the great
importance, itotb to tbe physician wno prescribes
and the (ulicnt who receives them, ot genuine,
undiluted Medicines. We sUaii give particular,
personal attention and experience to tbe seliction
of -,ur stock, and can assure the public that
every article can be taken in perfect confidenco
of tbe legitimate remedial effects.
. We have all the PATENT MEDICINES of
tl.e day constantly on hand.
CATHARTIC PILLS at 20 cents per boxnd
all other. Medicines in same jiroportion. ,
We will scon bin receipt oTUie bait stock ol
Ever brought cq this market, having ordered di
rect from the manufacturers iu Stvr York.. "
Alo, keep a large stock of, Birffalo-hom, Cub
ber. Ivory, Coarse and Fise COMBS
A full stock of
Whies & Liquors
Consist in part of Sugar, CoUecCcfTee Iijncc.
Imperial and Young Ilsn TEAS, Smoking
and Chewing Tobacco, j!a!rlus,.Bb!iiU Soda,
Pep;cr. Spice, Ciug r. 1 oiltt Ca?tiV ml Kc?in
Sonp', Pwder, Lead, Shot, Gun Caps, Cip.dles,
Matches, Shoe Ulsckin JSnuhes, Stovo Polish,
Salt, Crackers, Chemical Blueing, Indigo, Con
centrated" Lye, Oysters, Sardine, Pepper Sauce;
Cool Oil, Axel Grccse, Floor, Gardcu and Flower
Seeds Cigars, Assorttt! and Fancy Candies.
We will take in exchange for Boot's, BUTTER.
EGGS. II1DK-!, BACON, and w'U nor refuse
Desirous of building up a pcrminent trade
we shall sell at
The motto of "Live and Let Ltvo" will govern
us jn mir dealings.
Cell nnd seo us before purchasing
elsewhere, at our now itand on the
south side of the Public square, one
door west of G. B. Canon fc Bro's store.
Where Shall We Buy Our CMs?
wav, or cocsss. at
Xonh-Wesl Correr of the Pwblic Square,
The Place to ret
Gfl EAff B AR& A III S
Clothing, Notions, Etc., Etc.
WE Design to keep constantly on
band a complete stok of
Consisting, in part, of
Prints, DoLaincs, Ginghams,
Lawns, Challics, etc., etc, for
Mannels, Plaids, Muslins Tick
ings, Tabic Cloths etc tor tho
Children and' Household.
Cloths, Tweeds, Casimores,
Cottonadcs, Hickory Shirtings,
and oilier goods tor
Hoots, Shoes, Hats, and Caps,
bpiccSj Salt, Hardware, and all
thcetceteias usually found in a
Live Establishment of tho kind.
All Sol.lon thu most Reason
able Terms. GJIvo us a call,
Everybody, and sec ibr your
selves, at the old stand of Moore
O'kaloosa, Fb. 10 1S66. , 232if
Attorney &. Ctuselltr at Lav,
Office Northeast Corner Public Senate
ftuty Aittnej k IMar j Prtlk,
"V Offices in Coanty -Buildings,
W. A. Cor.
' 1 -YJ ASP u .
GKA&MiorrER Falls, Kansas,
er tbk
Corner of Delaware and Fourth Streets.
Arc now offering for sale use largest aad"bk
selected assortment of
1 'mm ,
Ever brought west of the Mississippi river, con
sisting of alt the Staples of the trade, tuck as-
Brown and Bleached Muslins,
Prints, Ginghams, Ticks,
btnped Check,
Stafnets, TweedvCasimers, etc
Cat" "Tlso, the finest aseortseat of
Fall& Winter Drttf Goods
in the City, and a fofl aad eempfcta stock of
Balmoral and Hoop Skiftsf
Gloves, Hosiery and Trimlnings,
Laces, Yankee Notions, &c. &c
Ladies', Misses' 6c Children's Shoes,
Carpets, Oil Cloilis, Window Shades.
Mattings, Rugs, jetc, etc,
All of which, we gnarantee o eell at aa LOW
PRICES as they can be had anywhere.,'
Call and e us.
Laiga's New BIock,No. 92 Del
aware Street. ' ''
Importers & Dealers in.
Brittania and Plated
No. G5, Delaware .Street,,
44 Delaware Street, 44
Btmri taken the Store rerentr'oceapad
Sears & Eailk, and cpencd au
OF ,, w
Wilt. Coxtixub trk Bcsi.tx a
In all its Branches,
Keeping on Hand Alwajsa
or ,
Men's Women's
and Children s Wear.
A si r
i . ".-., '
I our Patronage is IbsTecliullySolioited
22i-2ra l JOH "DEAL A .
I lt A'
r- ,j
r f T 3M 1
JefilrsoM Cuty, laisaK ,,;
Will practice in the Courts of Jtflerson and all?
jouij.. Couatits, and in the Supreme Court of
tbe State.
1'articular attention paid to
Collections of All Kinds.J?kyi.
ment of Taxes for Non-Keai
dcutsrand the Sale of Rdal Es
late. i t i
I have 2,000 Acres of Land
for sale in Jackson, Jefferson and Lwrniwortsi
Counties, Kaujas. ,
Rcr. L. D. Fwcx, Oskaloosa, Kansas, '-
Rxr. 1. P. Mitchell. Leivenwotth City., x
Hox. H. P. llKCHrrr, M. C. frou Colorado,
S. FNcall, Cxo. F. GftnrriTB, W. Y Cfcyt
And all others who know inc. 223-tf j
" C
Election Notice.
"VTOTICE is hereby given, in pureuanca of law
to the nualttlrd voter of Uakalooaa Tumw'
afciD. Jcuerson Cuanty. Kamai? that than will
be an election held in the villaceel OskaJema iu
Hid Tow wlnp.oa Monday teJTlkdfofMMtk
A. D. 1S05, l.ir the election ot ear Towhia
Trastee; two Justice of las PaeBil two Coa
stables fur s-ud Township, aad' oa Road Oyef
srer in each Road District in said Towoahin.
Givca uuder ay baad at mv offiea ia ihev4
I "" ' voauiu
! .v tVnln
, on this 25th day of February,.
LA". V. I tWO.

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