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The Daily Herald.
Wednesday, September 27, 1882.
-Mr. Campbell, of Kirwin, made
the Herald a friendly call Friday
The Stockton News wa3 all Fair
last week, publishing the constitution
and by-laws and premium list. That
is right, keep it before the people Bro
Judge Pratt returned on Thurs-.
day from Norton. Having a light
'docket it, was disposed of in short order.
The Judge reports some good showings
in Norton, in the crop line and things
fairly prosperous.
Come to the Fair! Come from
every where ! ! The managers expect
to have the best Fair ever held in the
Northwest. Each Township in the
county ought to have exhibits, show
what you have done and what can be
done in Phillips county. It will pay
Amos IS well, Trustee of Solomon,
made the Herald a call Saturday.
Mr. E has done a good work in put
ting in the Deer Creek bridge on the
Marvin road. We hope soon to have
as good a one on the road leading west
at J. N. Mcllvain's place.
Rev. E. Goodrich of Freedom
made the Herald a pleasant call
Friday. Mr. G. has charge of the M.
E. circuit in the north part of the
county, is a young minister of much
promise. Although this is his first
year in the work, he is recognized as
among our best ministers.
Andrew Baker, of Norton Co, who
lives on the divide between the head
of Deer Creek and Prairie Dog,
raised this year, over 2,000 bushels of
email grain and 2,000 of corn. Mr.
Baker has lived Norton about three
years and when asked by Judge Pratt
how he managed to raise" so much
more than some others, said "I work
ed for it." More men might achieve
success in the same way.
Mr. Samuel Hebrew, of Bow
Creek, passed through the 'Burg on his
way to the B. & M. R. R., with the
product of his creamery. Mr. H has
shown what can be done by enterprise.
We hope ere long to see this one of
the great butter producing regions,
and being located so near Denver and
the Mountains it can be made to pay
As Gov. St. John will speak at
Phillipsburg, Saturday, Oct. 7th, the
day recommended to hold the township
primaries, we hope the committeeman
from each township will make a call
for an other day as they have already
done in some cases. Kirwin has calL
ed the caucus for Oct. 9, which, prob
ably, is as good time as any. Every
Republican ought to attend the pri
maries, and see that good men are
sent as delegates and, also, every Re
publican ought to hear Gov. St. John.
We give below the names of the
members of the Republican Central
Committe selected at the County con
vention, held October 1st, 1881, for
one year. Sumner, C A Porter;
Greenwood, H G Popejoy ; Plain
view, Chas Bowen; Kirwin, M H
Johnson; Plum, Chas Turner; Bel
mont, S M West ; Valley, I S Smi
ley; Rushville, Chas Collins; Wal
nut, WmGipe; Phillipsburg, G W
Young; Deer Creek, I V Lee; Prai
rie View, Kingrey ; Crystal, J D Mat
teson ; Glenwood, S M Bishop ; Bow
Creek, Sam Hebrew; Logan, Wm
Drumhiller; Freedom, C D Heath
Long Island, J O Dean ; Beaver
J D Smith ; Solomon, H C Edc:e-',
comb ; Arcade, H S Granger ; Mound
M Osborne ; Dayton, G W . Hays ;
Granite, JasGoode ; Towanda, Frank
S. G. Pillsbury, of Long Island,
is working fifty-five acres of sorguhm
of his own raising, besides a large
amount for his heighbors. His ar
rangments for manufaturing are very
complete, on a cheap scale. He gets
from 100 to 150 gallons of syrup to
the acre, which is worth fifty cents
per gallon, thus making from fifty to
seventy-five dollars to the acre. It
costs no more to produce a gallon of
sorguhm than a bushel of wheat and
as it weighs only eleven instead
of sixty pounds it will favor ship
ment much better than wheat. It
seems to us that this branch of indus
try ought to recieve more attention at
the hands of our people. Mr. P uses
the crushed stocks for fuel to boil the
syrup and the seed he finds to be about
equal to corn for stock feed, thus ad
ding another source of profit. We
cannot here describe his machinery
yet it is simple and complete.
D. L. Smith, President.
J. W Lowe, Secretary.
W. F. Woodward, Treasurer.
D. L. Smith:, J. M. Crosier,
W. F- Woodward, J. B. Ham,
J. Hahnenkratt, J. J. Clark,
J. W. Lowe,
J. Hahnenkratt, General Supt.
J. H. Young, Asst. General Supt.
M, Fisher, 2d Asst. General Supt.
J. B. Ham, Supt. Floral Hall.
J. J. Clark, Marshall.
J. A. Ham, Gate Keeper.
Judges of the several divisions will
be appointed on the grounds by the
Board of Directors.
1. The Fair will commence Wed
nesday, September, 27th, and close,
Friday, September 29th.
2d. The gates will be open at 8
o'clock A." M., of each day, and at
that time every officer will be required
to be at his post.
3d. The Board of Directrs will
meet at the office of the Secretary, on
the Fair Ground on Wednesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock to transact any busi
ness that may come before it. The
times of other meetings will be deter
mined upon.
4th, Members of committees are
requested to report themselves at the
Secretary's office, during the forenoon
of the first day, in order that, if there
be any vacancies, they may be filled
in due time.
5th: Officers of the Society, while
on the grounds, will be designated as
follows : The President by a red sash ;
the Stcretary and Treasurer by white
sashes; The general Superintendent
by a blue sash ; the gate keepers by a
blue ribbon ; and members of the po
lice force by a policeman's star.
Gth. No animal will be allowed to
run at large.
6th. The Board of Directors will be
on the ground during the whole time
of the Fair, and will be ready to do
business at all seasonable hours of the
day. They will appoint all officers,
committees, &c, and will determine
any questions affecting exhibitors or
8th. The General Superintendent
will be charged with the active duties
of providing for the wants of the ex
hibition, of receiving, arranging and
keeping in order everything connected
therewith, and of maintaining good
order within the enclosure.
9th. A strong and efficient police
force, under the control of the General
Superintendent, will be on the grounds
day and night
1. Wednesday ,the first day of the
Fair, will be devoted to receiving and
arranging articles for exhibition, and
no article will be allowed to be entered
after that day, except as otherwise
provided in the Premium List.
2. Entries may be made with the
Secretary at his office, in Phillipsburg
on any day of the week preceding
that of Fair, by personal application
or by letter.
3. Ten per cent, will be charged
all competitors where the premium is
one dollar or more.
4. Entries must specify the exhib
itor's name and post office address,
and entries of stock the name arid age
of the animal.
5. Exhibitors are requested to have
their articles entered on the books, at
the business office, before they are
assigned a place within the enclosure.
6. On the entry of articles and ani
mals, exhibitors will be furnished a
card designating the number and class
so entered at the office, which is to be
placed on the article or animal, and
kept there during the Fair.
7. All articles or animals are re
quired to be brought upon the ground
the first day of the Fair, and if taken
away before the close of the Fair, with
out the express permission of the of
ficers, will forfeit any premium that
may be awarded.
8. Every precaution will be taken
by the Society for the safe preserva
tion of stock and articles on exhibi
tion after their arrival and arrange
ment on the grounds, but will not be
responsible for any loss or damage
that may occur. The officers desire
exhibitors to give close attention to
their property, and at the close of the
Fair to attend to their removal.
9. Exhibitors must see to the de
livery of their articles upon the ground
to the Superintendent of the appropti
ate class.
10. Hay and straw will be provid
ed by the Society free of charge, and
grain will be furnished on the ground
at wholesale prices. '
1. The Awarding Committees will
be called at 10 o'clock, Tuesday, in
front of the Executite Office, when
vacanciee, if any, can be filled, and
the first one on the list present, shall
be chairman. They will be furnished,
at the same time with a list of articles
to be examined, and they will report
their awards to the Secretary, on or
before 4 o'clock, p. m., on Friday. . ,' .
2. No person who is an. exhibitor
can act as a judge on the class in
which he exhibits.
3. No person whatever will be al
lowed to interfere with the committee
during their deliberations.
4. A premium will not be awarded
when the article is not worthy, though
there be no competition.
5. No article isto be exel uded on
account of having taken a premium at
any previous Fair.
6- No discretionary premiums are
to be awarded. When articles are dis
covered of merit, for which no pre
mium is offered, the committee will
attach to it a green ribbon, and note
the fact in their report, and the Board
will at their discretion award a pre
mium. 7. If the committee have any doubts
as to the regularity of the entries,
they will apply to the Secretary for
8. Stationery will be furnished to
the committees at the office.
9. Committee will report by divis
ion, class and numbers.
10. Awarding committes will be
selected from the various sections of
Phillips county with great care.
11. Any interferance with the
awarding committees will be reported
to the Board.
1. The receipts of the Fair, after
paying expenses, will be devoted to
paying premiums. If they amount to
less than the premiums, a pro rata
amount will be paid.
2. All premiums must be claimed
within twenty days after the close of
the Fair, or else they will be consider
ed forfeited to the Society.
No intoxicating'drinks will be allow
ed sold on the grounds.
All persons whether exhibitors or
not, will obtain tickets for admission
to the grounds at the Treasurers of
fice as follows :
Single ticket admitting one per
son once $0 25
Family ticket, good during the
Fair 1 00
Children between 5 and 12 years 10
Single horses, each 10
Single horse and carriage.... 15
Two horses and carriage 20
1. Each occupant of a carriage
must have a single ticket.
2. Vehicles running for hire will be
admitted to the grounds during the
Fair on the following terms :
Two horse Carriages and Hacks. $1 00
C. W. Caswell looked in on the
Herald Monday.
What is being done about the li
brary ? Keep the ball rolling.
H. R. Daniels, H. H. Nash and
A. S. McLeod were in our ' office on
business Monday.
Charles Dickey has just received
an invoice of furniture at his store on
the west side of the Square.
Rev. T. C. Hahn will preach a
the Northern school house, Arcade town
ship, Saturday evening, Sept. 30th.
J, G. Chester' of Solomon, made
the Herald a call Monday. He says
he has the best corn he ever raised in
Stephen Landreth, of Deer Creek,
left some fine specimens of corn at our
office, and we think it takes the lead.
He will have 1,000 bushels.
Leffingwell & Winship are wide
awake and full of "bargains." . They
carry a large stock and enjoy a good
trade. This 13 as it should be.
G. W. Young has .just received
'40 heating stoves, of all styles and sizes,
for the fall trade. Now is the time to
make a selection. They will be sold on
small margin. d&w
L. Nay, Deputy U, S. Marshal,
was in the city Monday on business.
Mr. N. is a conciencious and efficient
officer, ever willing to shield the "just
and a terror to evil doers.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church will have a dining hall on the
Fair grounds during the Fair, where
they expect to be able to supply all who
wish, with good day board at twenty-five
cents per meal. Proceeds to be used for
the benefit of the Society.
Is Closing Out
Except Graoceries at
I will keep up a Stock
of groceries at low
prices until Dec. 1st,
after which time they
will be closed out at
cost. Parties knowing
themselves indebted to
me will please call and
settle, or I will be oblig
ed to leave their ac
counts with the Bank
for collections. I ex
pect to buy
! I
1 I
s)11d IS Mil
For Cash before Heave. A lot of
for Sale at less than cost. Respectfully,
3D- lETTX-iIIfcTa--
.ttera-tlon, EiTrox3rbocL3rI I
S5"Do not have Oid goods palmed off
on you when you can buy neW for
the same prise.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots & Shoes, Clothing, &c.
Come Early and Examine for Yourselves.
Remember the place, Bickford's
Northwest Cor. Pub. Square.
JKcCormick Taylor,
trocorios Provisions
"We will not be undersold. "Quick sales and small profits" is our motto.
We hays Sugar Cured Hams, Bacon. Dryed Beef, Sc. to Supply all.
V tta
J rvmlttwiT.TNTRrocs re
fections of the stom
ach, liver and bowels.
-vfMiio-iiiw-tiio tjci c. a lro - iww win i uw uumw, mw juwu -miv pv i - -nntmw - "." I BLfTTKR-tTbbiee Dairy....... ti S Zl
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