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arJE.A,j'-'.rb txiijim: 'rxiA.'r thky oo oiiwakd,
'VOL. VI NO 33
PlilliiOBliorg Herald,
-by- - '
' Secret Societies.
IO. O. F.
Phillipsburg Lodge No. 165,iKeta every Wei
i mday. Xieittft brethren orlialiy innled tn'
attend. W. W. Asdjsrsox, (J. '
K. X.M.Dutcber, Rec tfec'y. ' . ,
A; F-itnd Ai TA. : V ' .
rhillip8hur Lodgre number 1&4. mkr.every
Saturday on or before the fall moon, fsstting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
y. T. M. lutcher,882y. 0. S. Lows, VV M
K.of P.
' Cresent Lodge number 42. meets ev-ery Mon
day evening. Vieiting brethren cordially invit
ed to attend, David Makkek C.C
J. Jackson, K of ft and S. .
G. A- R.
Tbllitburg Popt number77 raeetjf Saturday
after full moon. Visiting comrades
welcome. . A'raKK iiTKAIH, 1 L.
WW.. Anderson, Adj.
Church Directory..
Jl. E. Church Hev, K- Allen, every alter
nate Sabbath at 11 o'clock A. M. nd7 o dock
P. M. commencing May Ctb-.ISSH.
rro.-b; terib Her. Uieo-liracken .every sab
. bati morning at 11 o'clock. Alternate evenings
At8. . ..
Union Sabbath School Kvery Sabbath at 10
. o'oclock .a.m.: .
Tresbytcrian Sabbaih School At the church
very Sunday at ll a. m ' -
Union '. Prayer Meeting Kvery. Ihurday
-evening, ,
Govcrnor ...... ...1..G. W. G.llck.
LJeut. Governor D. W. Finney.
beeretary of State James Smith.
Auditor.. E. P. McCabe.
Treasurer Sam. T. Howe.
fiupt. Pub. Instruction. ....H. C. Speer,
AtUrney General W. A. Johnston.
Public Priuter...T. Dwight Thatcher.
tt c a .. f J. J. Ingalls.
U.S. Senators p j Plumb.
District Judge
fttate Senator..
Ci'k Dist. Court
County Clerk
Reg'r of Deeds
..W. H. Pratt
........Geo. H. Case.
W. H McBrhle
.G. A. Siiauidiiu?.
...J. W. Lowe.
Bitner Smith.
.....JD. L. Smith.
.. .John Woods.
Hupt. Pub. Instruction.... a. Xjcwis.
Probata Judge. ...... ..PI C. Rpaulding.
-County Surveyor W.-1U Stubert.
County Attorney S. W.McElroy.
Coroner .. O W Gaudy
( 1st Dist, H. Moulton.
Commis'rs 2d Dist, J. H. Close.
(3d Dist,...T. M. Bishop.
,Hupt..Poor Farm...... .1. E. Dixon.
District Ciuft sits the fourth Mon
A&y in March and fourth Monday in
Jjepteiiivt.'iii regular session.
Commissioners Court sits : the first
Monday in January, the second Mon
day in April, the first Monday in July
inoTthe lirst Monday in October, iU
regular sessions.
3Iayor C. A.Lewis.
Police Judge...;... Frank Slrain.
- Coukcii men i J "W. Lowe, B. C.
Cummlngs, Chaa. Dickey,' N. Poling
.and C. H.'Leffingwell. '
- lerki.;....... .. W. S.nodgras8.
- Treasurer.......:........ G. W. Young.,
City Marshal B. t . Delpli.
; . G.. BRUNER.
v ' Tiri-; siiQp; .
Itopfinjj4 Sheeting and' : Itepairing
p'orapt)yrand lieatlydoiie.
S- C; Gum mings.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stabie-
f M
Good rigs at rea-onable rate..
Loan Tgent.
Business before the U, b,. Land Of
fice at Kirwin, Kansas, and before tha
Department at Washington, D. C.J
promptly transacted
Central : &bus&
. E; ALFAUQH. fKroprletor. .
Good sample .rooms, for commercial,
travelers. . Feed , stable in connection
with house. - - '
Furbish abstracts of title, malfr co!
cctiota,nd tracVuct a ijcntTal land and
law biitios.
U. 8." Land Office at Kirwin, Kansas;
. : . ; ... - June 12, 1SS4.
Editor Herald: Patents have been
received and recorded at , this office,
and are now ready for delivery for the
following parties in Phillips county,
William J Stanley Peter J Miserez
Theodore Benedict Kate Gilbert
S Nelson Jerry Beverly
John T Vern on Susan A Herwick
John P Pepper "" . " Ruth H Ham
Nancey Waiumack Nelson Burst
Jer Ranrisden
John Hahnenkratt
John Haulon
Mary'H Cole ;
Eli Hinston
William Flowers
Jaoies I Banks .
Henry Hubvr
Henry White
George W Adams
Adam Goode
- Isaac G Hawley
Jackson Rambo
. Mary L Weldon
Chas A Jackson
Byron M Kelly
Wm J Wallingford
Fletcher Wilson
Wm C Glavind
William Tfiirout
Martin Zimmennan Curtk J Olds
Wm E Borers Alf d Van He Water
Americus V Phillips Dan'l G Hoover
George W Bhamy Dan'l L Marshall
Thomas Mize Biehard Jj Greene
onus David Harmajj Lipps
Albert Morris Francis A Stockman
Aaron Baker Mary Ehr
John Donaldson James Walker
John Larnley Joseph R Wood
James R Farn worth Jfery. J.JJult
H'mA ilurnside
George S Ferguson
Thoruas Hkelton
Louis B Roland
"IClJjah M Burr is
T T T 1. J .
T ill KJ JVailKlIl
Job n JcG raw
. Abram Coppers
R. R. Hays,
Tramp! tramp! the Grand Armj- boys
are going to join the grand excursion
via Missouri Pacific R. R. to Minne
apolis, Minn Reduced rates Special
trains. Fare for round trip less than
the fare ona way. Don't fail to see
the agent or write to the undersigned
for full particulars regarding the faro
limit, etc., etc., etc.
L. A. Emerson. Gen'l Western pass.
Agent; Missouri Prcific Ry., Atchi
son, Kansas.
The Weekly Capital and Farm
The Gkeat Farmers' Newspaper.
The Weekly Capital and Farmers'
Journal will be sent to any -address
the balance of 18S4 for 50 cents.
Every man and woman wlio wishes
to have an intelligent idea of the po
litical situation in the national cam
paign should take plenty of ..papers.
First of all secure your 'home county
paper, and after" that send for the
Weekly Capital and Farmers Journal
the stalwart Republican weekly. 8
paves, 5G columns, which will be sent
to any, address in Kansas, or to any
-person out nf the State for the balance
of 18S4, ' for 50 cents Send at once
address J. K. Hudson Topeka, Kansas.
The Russian Mulberry.
This valuable fruit, forest, and orna
mental tree was brought here by the
Russian Mennonites. The tree is a
very rapid grower. 1 1 will grow twen
ty feet high, and from six to eight
inches in diameter in six years. Will
make a fence post in live years growth
that will outlast oak or cedar.. It
commences to bear when two years old
and is a prolific bearer. The fruit is
jet Dlack and ban a- line aroma tie.lia
vor, is used for desert as wc use black
berries, splendid for canned winter
use. It should be remembered that
this tree will stand hot, dry weather
better than ash or any other native
tree. These trees can be had of, the
Blue Mound Nursery 'Jo., Llnri. coun
ty, Kansas, in any quantity at $5 per
iiundred. . ..
Final proof nctiee No. 1500.
Land office at Kirwin Kana, June 23.
Notice is hereby given that the folowing
named settler has filed notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support
of his claim and that said proof will be
made before . the Clerk of the District
Court or Probate Judge at Phillipsburg,
Kansas, on August 5, 1884, viz : Heph
zibsh Woolsey. Hd 7723 for the east half
1 of the south-east qr and east half of the
nortn-east qr of. sec. 2 town 1 soaith of
range IS west . He names the following
witnesses to prove his residence upon ,
and cultivation of, said land, viz : A. C;
Mendee. W. Mendee, Dallas MeGrath
and R. E. Heth, all of Myrtle, Kansas.
John Bissell, register.
x Wm. Bissell, attj . 6-2G7-31
. - State of Kansas, ) In the District
Phillips Couaty : Court for said
.j County
Emma L. Warren, plaintiff 4 Y
,V3. SNo647
Robert II. Warren, defends y
Said defendant Robert H. Warren
will take notice that he has been sued
in the above named "conrt4 and must
answer the petition filed therein by said
plaintiff on, or before, the 9, day of
August A. d. 1884, or said petition will
be taken as true and judgement for
plaintiff - in said action for a divorce
from defendant, for custody of minor
children, for title to certain lands; for
500.00 alimony and easts of suit will
be rendered accordingly. .
Attest'. G. A. Spauldikg Clerk cf
e&id Cotirt. '
IXcElroy & HcCcraiek A!tys.."fcr.
Wha .taCct Wheat
In about three weeks the wheat har
vest will be ready for the reaper. :Bad
straw, must and, mildew, ii4 the less of
much grain -by shelliD' out, eoine or
all of these -will be the penalty for allow
ing the grain to stand until it is dead
ripe. As to the quality of the kernel,
the Germantown Telegraph remarks .
"It should remembered that wheat la
composed of . gluten, starch and bran.
Gluten is the nourishing quality of the
grain which makes the flour stick togeth
er in the hands of the baker, and gives
weight to the grain; and there. is the
greatest quantity of gluten in th8 grain
just, when the straw is yellow two or
three joints from the ground, the head
turns downward, and when you can
tash the grains between the thumb and
finger without producing any milk. It
may, therefore, be set' down as an indis
putable truth that every day the wheat
stands after this stage of ripeness, the
gluten decreases in quantity and. the
bran increases in thickness , and thus di
minishesjln. value, in addition to the dan
ger from mast and other risks. Besides
early-harvesting, where clover has beea
sown with the wheat, gives the young
plant a better opportunity to push ahead
o that it will iff ord earlier pasture at
the beginning of autumn and thus pro
vide excellent food for milk cows, it be
ing at that time very nutritious, with
out the pasturing having any injurious
effect upon the general crop the follow
ing year.
In fact, from a number of carefully not
ed experiments or tests made by intelli
gent farmers as to the results between
early and late harvesting of the wheat
crop, decided advantages in favor of the
former have been clearly estahlisked.5
.We notice quite a number of the jour
nals of the State speak very favorably
of Dr. Will am Bishop of Salina for the
office of State Superintendent of Public
Instrnction. we feel confident to say
that the Doctor if elected will make one
of tho most efficient State5 Superinten
dents we ever had. The positions
which he held in our Universities and
colleges , the active purt whieh be has
taken in the educational field for'a num
ber of years is sufficient proof of his
qualifications. That he is an earnest
and effective worker in the education
al field we have the assurance from the
good work done in our county during
his office of County cuperiutendetn and
h e par taxed in teachers institutes and
other educational meetings. Brookville
Transcript." - .
delegate Convention of the Keoub-
licans of the State of Kansas will be held
in the city of Topeka, on
at 4 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of
placing in nomination candidates for
S te officers and electing a Republican
State Central Committee. The officers,
to be nominated are as follows :
One Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
" Associate " " "
(to fill vacancy .)
" Governor
" Lieutenant Governor,
" Secretary of State.
Auditor of State.
' Treasurer of State.
" Attorney General.
" State Sup't of Public Instruction.
It is recommended that delegates be
selected in County convention on Sat
urday, J uly 12, "an thai the primaries
be held Saturday, July 5, in such
manner as the several Republican Co.
Central committees may provide.
County Central Committees should
give at least two week's . notice of the
time of holding conventions, by publi
cation in the county papers.
It is ordered that delegates forward a
copy of their.credentials to .the Secreta
ry of the Republican State Central Com
mittee at Topeka, immediately following
their election
By order of the Bepublican State Cen
tral committee. A,. L.sKeddkn,
Attest s. -3 : ? - Chairman.
Wirt W. Walton, Secretary, v .. :,
Topeka, May , '84 . .
; Greenback Anti-.Monbpoiy Coiiyestioo.; .
A delegate convention of the Green
back Anti-Monopolists will meet at
Downs, Kan., Tuesday, 3 uly 22, !84, at
10 o'clock a. m., for, the purpose ot
nominating a candidate for Congress.
The basis of representation will beone
delegate from each organized county,
and one additional delegate for each
100 votes or fractional part of fifty votes
-or over, cast for A- .P. Elder," Green
back candidate, for ; Secretary . of State
in ISS2, whih -would give
Decatur........ 1 Osborne:. '....5
Eilfe.w....... 1 Phillips...
Ellsworth.... -2 Rawlins.... 1
Graham 2 . Rooks ...t
Jewell. .13
Lincoln. .....S
Mitchell t
Russell. ...... ......2
Sheridan . 1
Smith ..1.6
Trego .1
It is recomnvended that couuty con
ventions be held at the respective coun
ty4eata on Saturday, July 19, '84. .
. C. J. Laiid, Ch'xs Con. Coia.
THE FOUHTll AT i'AHVlfi. j
Harvin, Kaksvs, junk 18, 1884
In. accordance with a previous call . a '
large and enthusiastic assemblage of
leading-citizens met fit O'Neil's store to
make arrangements for celebrating the
4th, The meeting was called to order
by.C.'H. Edgeeomb, and A. Troup Sr.
was unanimously slewed chairman of
meeting, and T. J . Tooly secretary.
It was moved and seconded that we
have a general celebration and basket
pic nic in Ewell's grove near Marvin
on the 4th, carried.
The. next thing in order was the elect
ion of officers cf the day, and the select
ion of committees to make the proper
arrangements for the "occasion. Dr.
Miley.was unanimously elected Presi
dent of the day, J. Elston first vice pres
ident and J . V. King second vice pres
ident, y . -
Moved and carrie that A. F. Stevens
act as .marshal of the day , Lee Scrivner
Thos. Cox, Oscar Bush, Frank Horn
and H. Grubb were unanimously chosen
to act as a-sistant marshals.
Committees A. Ewell, M. Beckley,
L. A. Oopeland were chosen for the
committee on grounds. W. F, Wrightj
Dr." Stevens, W. F.. Solomon and A.
Troupe sr., were chosen as a committee
to select a speaker and reader. -
Mrs. 'EdgecomB, Miss Maggie Dar
nell , Miss Katie Troupe, J . C. Hess , N.
W. Gibbs and John GNeil wer elected
for financial and executive committee.
W. F. Solomon and T. J. Tooley
were otiose n for committee on pro
A. Troupe Sr., Dr. Miley, A. EwelL
Dr. Stevens and W. F. Wrhrht. w-ene
chosen for committee on toasts.
I'erry Copeland, Jerry Chester and
Wash Solomon were chosen as a com
mittee to make arrangements for the
display and performance of the 'hon
orable order of horribles." . r
C . II. Edgecprab was elected chair
man of the committee on fireworks, as
sisted by Dr. Stevens and L. A . Gone-
land. . -
IS, W. Gibbs Miss Kate Troupe. Miss
Alrnira Iee and Miss Mattie Kidd were
selected for the committee on music.
Moved and carried that a copy of the
minutes of this meeting: be sent to each
of tjie county papers, and that all who
feeli po disposed are hereby cordially
lnvuea to tane part with us in the eel
ebration. On motion the meeting ad
' A. Troupe, Chairman,
J.J. Iooley. Secretary.
PjioaiiAMME The prptessin will
frm mi the square at half past " niue
o'clock A. M. And inarch to the
On arriving tiiere the exercise will be
opened by preliminary remarks' by
the President of the day .
prayer will lhen LeoffertKi by Rev C.
ij. Goodrich. v
Music by the glee club.
Reading the Declaration af Indepen
dence by Miss Kate Troupe,
Music. '
Oration by T. J. Tooley of Ann Arbor
Music' . ...
In the afferiifjou the following, among
other toasts will be r. responded to
4the stars and stripea" "the day we
celebrate" "The heroes of '7G," and
The balance of the day will be spent
in various sports such as swimming,
sack races, egg races potato races base
ball, climbing the soaped pok, and
catching Hie greased pig.
There will be a grand display of fire
works in the evening.
IX is desired- that the assistant mar
shals will get as large delegations as
possible from their respective neigh
borhoods and they will he met by a
delegation from town.
w. F. Solomon, Committee oh
T. J. Tooley, Programme.
TION. A Republican County Convention will
be held at Phillipsburg, Kansas on Sat
urday July 12th at 11 o'clock, a. m. for
the purpose of electing fifteen. (15) del
egates to the Senatorial Convention to
be held at Oberlin Kansas July 22 1684
for the durpose of 'nominating a candi
date for State Senator for the 38th Sen
atorial District of Kansas , also to elect
two (2) delegates to the State Conven
tion to be held at Topeka Kansas July
16th 1884. The basis of representation
in the several townships is one delegate
for each 2C votes , or fraction of one half
or over, cast for James Smith for secre
tary of State in 1882. The several town
ships wiil be entitled to representation
as follows: 5
Arcade........... .3.. .j..Bow Creek.........!
-Belmont...' 2..:...Beaver . 2
f'tt-atnl Q Tkit-tnn
Deer Creek......2..
Gienwood..: 2. Granite.....,; .2
Greenw'ood......2...:,.Kirwin. 7
Logan....... i......Phillipsburg &
Mound. ...2..;...Plum 2
Plainview....;.2......Long Island.... ...3
Prairieview.....2 ,Rushville..... 2
Solomon ...4 Sumner ;.2
Walnut 2.
It is r co mended that the townships
baVi their primaries on- Saturday Jely
G. IV. Wood, Chsirmta,
11. B. McCqbujck, Secretary.
. . r -Taking i Tl,
U hen a pill ? corai-a vcithin the
cliarmetl circle of a person's .teetli the
throat kicks. It puts up the shutter
ind closes the door. It apparently de
sires to go out of business. The same
throat may take in chunks of uuchew
able beefsteak as big as hickory nuts
and other stores for the interior depart
ment by the side of which a pill of the
largest growth would besui insigidfl
cantaflair, but it draws the linettt pills.
It shuts up shop and says to you just
aa plain as can be: "You don't send
any pills past me if I know it." This
action of the human throat in the mat
ter of pills is very curious and mysti
fying to the ordinary mind, and we
wonder that '3atthew Arnold and oth
er great thinkeas have hot given it
more attention, asid .sought to make
clearer or the rest of us the reason
wfiv the human throat is tints appar
ently so unreasonable.
You get about eleven or tharteefi of
th ese pi lis, big, smoot h fei k ws rol 1 i n g
about in soine 'sort of yellow powder,
and yoy go hoiue and take one of them
according to the rules and regulations
on the box; The- whoh family eome
into the room to i?ee the performance,
of course. They have taken pills in
their time, and they know there hs fun
in a pill performance when they are
spectators only. You probably say
that you are not gouag to have any
foolishness with that pill; you are just
going to swallow it right dowii and be
done with it. Then you iake a pill out
of the box, open your mouth, throw
your head back, drop in the pill and
make seven or eight desperate swal
lows. The pill conies smiliug and with
its yellow overcoat and a good deal of
its high flavor worn offon your tongue,
and you look a little disappointed.
Some one who has had a wider ex
perience than the others with pills will
tell you to try a swallow of water with
it. All right. You're willing to take
advice in this your hour of need YVu
drop the pill into your mouth and hast
ily drink a half a glass of wnter.
Where is the pill nowfOb, it is snug
enough down by the side of your
L tongue. It didn't .go dou- wilh tlie
freshet. It is m traveling ,hy water
this season. "Try ome grated apple,"
suggests the person with the advice on
tap. All right, bring the grated apple.
You are willing by this 5me to try
anything that promises toileoeiveyour
throat to letting that pill through- It !
is covered nicely in the very centri. of j
a spoonful of grated apple, and with a j
weak sort of a smile you throw 'your j
head back, put the contents of the
spoon on your toKgue aud swallow j
all the grated apple. The pill lingers
for an instant aboi.it the palate, iw if it
lutdrorgotteu the assword, and then
comes slowly up to the teeth, leaving
a good deal of its individuality all
along its track-
; Now bread is suggested for a disguise
for the pill. - This is a good idea. Why
didn't some one think of that before?
Y'ou chew up a whole mouthful of
bread, put the pill in the middle of it
and make the greatest effort of your
life in the wty.or'a single swallow.
But tha result is not satisfactory. The
bread goes right along according to
schedule, but the pill is side tracked
and held for further, order.. . By this
time a good part of your trsteorji bad
part of the pill is away, and you feel
that you w'ould know the rest of it by
taste at any future time in your life.
Further, there are the maiks of bitter
ness aiul woe and hatred of the inven
tor of the pill stamiel plainly ujmhi
yur countenance, and mayhap your
feelings are fueli that you cannot
with seemliness express them in
the bosom of your synipathiziiig fanii-
At last, just as you are about to gave
up in despair, some one suggests that
the pill be smashed up and clothed in
jelly. That is the best idea yet. Why
wasn't it thought of sooner?. The pill
is mashed and clothed in jelly, and in
a moment it haa passed the guarded
precincts of your interior department..
It has gone at last, not in its original
form, but as n, broken package, and
when you realize tluit the performance
is over, your face lights up like that of
the Ini jiecunious man who, in the dead
of winter and at Use driest hour of a
mighty dry day finda-a teii-eent bit in
the pocket of a long discarded vest.
To many of us there is not much fun
in taking sx ,.Middleton. Tran
script. '- -
The followisg Patents were granted,
to citizens of Kansas, bearing date Jnne
17, 1884, reported expressly for this pa
per by Louis Bger & Co., mcchamca.1
experts and Solicitors of Patents, Wash
ington , D. C . : -
M. C. Qorriii. IloUy-s-ood Kes. fire
escapei No.4 G0,S17. U. C. Goodall,
Atchison, refrigerator-car, No, 2..
The -coriipcsltica' cl the' Ektorial col
lege under .the new rpcrucament is
given in the follavrir. tahb 5 i
Missouri . J... .2 C
Nehnku.... ,5
Arkansas.- 7
California ......S
Colorado 3
Nevada............ 3
Connecticut.... G New HamDsh'r
Delewaxe... Jll New Jersv.
Florida ...........4
Nw York......ra
JS. Carolina. .14
Ohio.:..:... ...... .2a
ikmrpijt. 12
Hiiiois. 122
Indiana 15
Oregon 8
Iowa ...13 , Pennsvlvania;30
Kansas.. f j Rhode Island. ..4
Kentucky.;.......-! 3 j H. Caroliha.....9
Louisiana. ....8 Tcanessee.....;.12
Maine ..........6 Tex u..;;..S
Maryland...... 8 Varmont,.....u-i'.
M ass-ich usetts.. . .14 Vi rgl n la.,'.. . .. .12'.
Micnigair...- 23 West Virguiia...O ,
Minnesota.......... 7 Wisconsin....... H
In order to secure trie greatest prac
tical benefits of entomological science
to the farmers and fruit-growers of the
State, he State Board of, AgrkHilturo
respectfully rf(Kfc.d ihati:ifnrntion
in regard to diiy aad .all Insect depr -dationa
wtiich may occur during the
ensuing season, bt? sent at once to the
Entomologist of the Board, Prof. F..
H. Snow, Lawrence, Kansas. The in
formation should be accompanied,
whenever doubt exists as to the species,
by specimens of the insect committing
the det)rediition, together with as full
an account ar possible of the character
of the depiedation, whether it be upon
the leaf, the .stem, the ivwvt, the flower
or tlie fruit of the plant iiiiackied. The
inseel should be sent alive, if piiHslbie.,
and may , be safelv wwnmittod to tlw -mails
if ineiosed in a Uout pasteboanl
box (like a troehe box), or in u small
tin or'AVOfMleit box. The postage u&.
such packages is only one cent an.
ounce, if no writing bo encltd. Tli
name or initials of the sender should
be written upon the outside, together
with the address; and a fnll account of
the insect and Its work should be sent
by letter, In the same mail. Prof. 8nw
will furnish, from time to time, impels
concerning juoxious Lm-ects and how
to deslroy thesa, r liuhlicatiou in the
reports of the Board, "which are ditrib
uted to all parts Of the Slate, und
which will bo sent to all those furnish
ing information on this subject.
, . ; - R: W. Jenkins,
Wm. Si.m. - 1 " Mnsideat.
Secrcfarv-" ' " ....
' The heeruj I Democrats.' .
The Commonwealth says : "f!o dows
Jiansas avenue on the west hide, between
Fifth and Sixth and listen to the one or
two Democrats who .are found there..
They are the same men who weie there
four years ago. They are telling Jt--publicans,
who will listen to them now,
as they did in thoseyears, we have got
you now; we are;sure to win ; you had
better come over to our side in time,M
etc., etc. We have heard this earae talk ,
all along a intervals of four year..
The same gentlemen mav be found
everyday, in sunny weather, at soma
central location on the main thorough
fare of every city in Kansas. They are'
petence or wealth under Kepublican
hnanchdoolicies. which thev have alter
nately denounced and approved. They
are Democrats without knowing why 4
their actions being unaccountable, like
those of the kangaroo, of whom the
showman 1 emarked: "But why he doe
as he does, ladies and gentlemen, God
only knows, as his ears are like those of
any other animal, They have lots of
zeal without knowledge, and plenty of
month withnnt sinv tifMfnt: Ti9nni tuT
using it- Take the platform juit-adopt-ed&t
Chicago, strikeout the word lle
publican" and insert 'Democrai'? and
read it to them, and they will. wear
that it is exactly their doctrine, and on
that platform the Democrats'will sweep
the country. They profess to believe
whatever the Democrat party believes,
and so change their doctrine every four
years and never know the difference.
They Torofesa crfiat neverne for old
Sam Tilden, and declare him the great
est man this country ever produced,
though were it needful to save their
able action of bis life. Always whipped
they are alway confident; always
changing, their. talk is about the "eter
nal principels of Democracy.' They
illustrate by theu .cheerful volubility
the old adage that" 'ignofnce is blisi?-
and by their confidence the truism" that
those who know hotliing foar noth2I,,

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