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Piililipsburg Herald.
JUNE 26.
TriB8t TL Rkovlak EWTtos ot th Hk
contain eljbt iagea with ix c-lumna to th
ar; cutiacriptioa price $1.50 ier annum in
ttJvn.Bc. Th. DollaB Editik consists ol four
pages of the regular edition and contains all the
Editorial and Local Nee.
Arrival and Departure of Malls,
Mail east and West via. C. B. Mo.
Pacific K. It., arrives, 4 a mi teaves
j" p m, aai ly .
Alma and Phillipsburg Arrives -'12
n, Momhtya, ;:Wednesdays and: Frl
lays; leaves 1 p ni w ' '
Long Island and Phillipsburg Ar
rive l in. and leaves 1 :p. in.,.' on.
TuMdaya, Thursdays ami Saturdays.'
Xanceand Phillipsburg Arrives 4
p. mi., Tuesdays and Fridays r leaves
8 a. m., Wednesday and Saturdays.
Wagnersvilie and Pliiilipsburg Ar
rives '1 p. in. and leaves o p. in. on
Tuesdays Saturdays.
Post-Office Hours Opens 8 a rn,
closes fttSpnu Sundays opens 9 a ra,
and closes 7 p.in, closes 10 a m and 7.30
p m. Money" order business closes at
t p in. : No'money order or register
etler business transacted Sunday..
H. C. SPAUtDiNa, P.M.
For President,
JAMES G- BLAINE, of llaine-
For Vice-President,
JOHN A- 10GAN, of Illinois-
For Congress,
LEWIS HANBACK, of Osborne-
At the solicitation of many Republi
cans, I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for State Senator, from this
district, subject to the action of the Re
publican Convention.
H. S Gkanoer.
As this question is now forced upon
the the people of this, the 38th Senato
rial District it behooves Republicans of
the whole district, and especially of
Phillips county who are very likely to
name the man. to look well to their
interest and that of the. whole people.
The names of two men, both
well known to the
people of the county, are before
you to ask lor vour suifraires The no-
sitiou is one that should be filled
by a man of - large
public , experience .and good
abilities, conservative m-tendencies
and a man of unquestioned integrity
and honor, a man in regard to whose
vction, the question tOf-vital impor
tance Uiere can be no doubt, ana we
believe in the person of H. S. Granger
oi Areaae townsnip wd nave a canai
date who will, to the fullest measure
come up to our standard; of he whom
will best serve us as a State Senator:
n man who is thoroughly identified
with the leading industry of this section
ox Kansas, that of agriculture ; a thor
ough, wide-awake, business man, well
povted in public affairs, and never con
nected with any questionable business
complications that might disqualify him
from voicing the will .of the people on
the moral questions that -are almost sure
to be before our State legislature.
If a plebistcite of the Republican
party, could have been ordered on the
nomination, Blaine would have received
400,000,000 out of the 04000,000 Repub
lican votes, against all other candidates.
The opposition to him came from the
shoulder-straps ; the rank and file were
nearly all for him, and it is the rank
and file which furnish the votes on elect
ion day. . The same popular sentiment
that nominated him will elect him. Any
resentment among politicans born of
chagrin just at this moment, will vanish
into thin an before the steady march of
popular feeling. No man who is at
hart with the Republican party can
hold out against the masses of the party.
Those who have worked against Blaine
will be influenced by the prompt and
hearty support made by President Ar
thur the very moment it became evident
'that Blaine would be nominated. "This
example will be imitated with a cotagion
which will sweep through all. the fac
tions and extend from Maine to Cali
fornia . Maine will Btart the ball in Sep
tember, Ohio will keep it moving Octo
ber, and it will grow into an avalanche
in November, to which every northern
state and at least West Virginia and
Delaware among the southern states
will contribute in strength. Chicago
Tribune. ... . ...
; 'Conversation 7,000 Ue Lob.
A member of the staff of the London
Telegraphist recently paid a visit to
the office of the 1 ddo-Kuropeah Tele
graph Company. Londoi;, for the pur
)x)se of. experimenting. Ho made his
visit at a favorable time, when he could
get full use. of the wire; and this is
what he aiiyxi
The clerk In charge of the wire, Mr.
Balgrove, .intormed us that we were
thnuigh to Emden. and with the same
ease with which one "wires" from the
city to the West End. we tusked u few
quentions of the telegraphist m.tbe Gcr
man town. When we had finished
with 12raden, we spoke with the same
ldullty to tho gentleman on-duty at
uaespa. in n low seconds we were
through to Hte x L.,;n yj il (Tche.
ran). T. II. (Tenerau) said "call
Kurrachee." and in less time than it
takes to write these words we gained
theattention of the Indian town. The
operator at Kurracbee put us through
to Agra, ana to our asionisnmem
the signal did not fail, and we chatted
pleasautly for a few minutes with the
clerk on duty there. To make this tri-
umnh of telegraphy coniolete, Agra
switched us onto h other line, and we
were soon talking to a native.telegraph
istattbe Indian Government Cable
Station. Calcutta. At firs the operat
or "at the otherend of the wire" could
not believe that he was in direct com
munication with the English Capital.
and he exclaimed in Morse language:
"Are you really London?" " Truly this
was a irreat achievement. Metallic
communication without a break fiom
3n. 18 Old Broad street, London, to
-the telegraph office in Calcutta! 7,000
'miles of wire! The signals were excel
lent, and the speed attained was not
less than twelve, perhaps. fourteen,
words per minute. Industrialist.
Contrasting Candidates and Parties
The situation. seems to be this: There
is povv a contest between Blaine and the
men whose candidates were not nomin
ated at Chicago. ' But Blaine is not run
ning against the men wfeo were not
nominated. By and by the Deinocratiu
party will nominate a man who will be
running against Blaine. 1 he men who3e
candidates were not uommated will be
gin to contrast these two candidates,
and from contrasting the men they will
finally get to contrasting the parties, and
then Blaioe will get. them aU.-fCol.
Robert G. Ingersoll.
McPhersou Freeman: The leniency
of this Government is illustrated in the
case of an old man living in this county.
llis grandfather was a Hessian soldier,
and for" British gold came to this country
and lought the Americans in the war ot
the Revolution. His father having been
raised in Canada enlisted in the English
army and fought thiseouutry in the war
oi" 1812. The person referred to was a
copperhead during the P.ebe'lion, and
notwithstanding all thw the mau took a
homestead in this county "that insures
him an independednt living.
Indiana Democrats.
Indianapolis, June 25. The Demo
cratic State convention was called to
order at 10:30 o'clock by Hon. Jos. E .
McDonald chairman of the state Cen
tral Committee. Mr. McDonald was
received with much applause.
Dan. Voorhees was elected perma
nent President. He made a few re
marks. '
The platform was read by Hon . W.
H. English. A plank endorsing Mc
Donald w&d loudly, cheered.
Alter the adoption of the platform,
Isaac P. firay, M. D. Manson and
DavidfTurpie .were place in nomination
for Governor. On the first ballot Gray
was was nominated . receiving 699 votes ;
Turpie, 223 ; Manson, 181. Reporter of
the Supreme Court, Jno. w. Kern, of
Howard judge of ' supreme Court,
Fifth District, J. A. s. MitchelL, of Elk
hart; superintendent of public Instruc
tion, John w. iioleom, of Marion.
The convention adjourned until 1 :30
p.m. .;:
Manson made . a speech saying he
had supposed a"soldier of two wars would
have nceived more consideration in a
Pemociatic convention, but he was satis
fied, and moved the nomiuatijn be made
unanimous. Turpie seconded this in a
brief speech. Col. Gray responded at
sonic length: arrainging the Republican
party and discussing the Chicago plat-
Several nominations were made for
Lieutenant Goveuor, but all withdrew in
favor of Mausou, who was nominated
by acclauiatiou and accepted.
w. R. Myres ot Madison, for Secretary
of JState; James 11- Rice, of Floyd, for
Auditor and John J- Cooper of Marion.
for Treasurer, were renominated by ac-clauiatiun.-
The vote on Mr. Ingalls' amend
ment to the Mexican pension bill, which
proposed to date the pensions of Union
soldiers in the late, civil war from the
date of then discharge or disability, and
extending to Oct. -,1st, next, the limita
tion of time in which to file applications
for arrears, was voted down, ayes, 26;
nays, 30. The twenty-sbc votees in favor
of the amendment were cast entirely by
Republicans including Maiione, of Va. ;
the thirty negative votes were cast by
twenty-three Democrats and seven Re
publicans, the Republicans being Al
drich, of R. L, Edmunds, of Vt.f
Hawley, of Conn., Morrill, of Vt.,
Skwell, of N. J Sherman, of Ohio,
and Riddles a rg er, of Va.
Mr, Mitchell's amendment, which was
in substance the bill introduced by Mr.
Cullom, of Ills. , providing for pensions
for 'invalid soldiers and sailors, who
have been discharged from the army or
navy of the-United states, after three
months service in . the war of the
rebellion, and for the widows and de
pendent parents of deceased pensionerSi'
was carried by a vote of 32 ayes to 27
nays, ine acirmative votes were
cast entirely by .-Republicans, includin
L 1 1)!J ll.l i-r .
Manoae ana iuuiueuar-;er: 01 va., ine
27 negative votes were cast entirely by.
These votes were taken on Monday
last .. -On Tuesday the bill, a3 amended,
passed the Senate by a vote of 37 ayes
to 27 nayes, the thirty-seven ayes being
-cast bv thirty-four Republicans and
three'' "Democrats. The Democratic
Senators : yoting aye were Butler, of
South Carolina, and George and Lamar
of Mississippi. The twenty-seven neg
ative votes were cast by twenty-five
j DeisocTa, -scdXdmunda, ol Vermont.
and Hawley, of Conneticut. Four Re
publicans, Aldrich, Cnllpm, . Anthony
and Hoar, who would have voted aje,
were paired with four democrats.
The Mexi3an pension bill wa3 intro
duced originally as- a. Demacratic meas
ure to secure pensions for Confederate
soldiers who had , been , soldiers i n the
Mexican war. It was opposed : by :tbe
Democrats, geriel-aily," in its : final- pass
age, because J.the . Republicans had
amended it providing pensions lso for
invalid Union soldiers, their: Tvidowa
and dependent parents. .;' ...- ;
LOCALS, Oantinued i ;
; An immense stock of dry goods at
D. A. Huling's which ;,mast be(closed
out to make roomTor the expected
heavy fall trade, caii be. bought atK-ery
low prices. lw
H. R. Daniels, of this township has
a patent hen or incubator that; has
hatched one batch of 300 chickens and
is now laboring at another nest filled
with the same number of eggs. It is
kept in a dug-out, warmed with a kero
sene lamp, and works perfectly. :
S . M. Eby was in town Monday to
get a harvester. He reports his grain
as good and a great scarcity of harvest
ing machinery, and there is danger of
some of the small grain going back
into the ground for want of facilities. for
harvesting and scarcity of hands.
. Asa spring medicine to regulate and
strengthen the stomach and . promote a
healthy appetite and build up the sys
tem and restore the waisted energies ,
nothing equals Dr.' Jackson's Root and
Herb Cordial. For delicate females it
stands without a 'rival. Sold by all
Phillipsburg, Kansas, V '
June 28, 1884. j
Parties knowing themselves indebt
ed to the late firm bf Huling & Bick-"
ford and whose accounts are past due
will please take notice that.aid ac
counts must be filled by cashpor, note
within the next.30 days, as the remain
der on hand at time not settled -will be
left for collection. V. .
2w D. A. Huong.
Catlcus. :
A caucus will be held at the Court
House, in Phillipsburg, Saturday, July.
5th, .1884, at 2 o'clock p.m for: the
purpose of electing 6 delegates to the
county convention at Phillipsburg, July
12th, 1884, for the purpose of electing
15 delegates fco the senatorial conven
tion to be held at Oberlin. Kans., July
22nd, 1884. AI30 to select 2 delegates
to attend the state convention to be
held at Topeka, July 16th, 1884.
N - B. McCormick,
! Children's day was observed at Hill
side Sunday las't. It was a great day for
the children. The Superintendent W.
H. Emerson assisted by others worked
faithfully to make it a success.. The Ex
ercises consisted of a sermonby the pas
tor followed by recitations Ui.U respon
sive service. The singing by the little
folks of the . Hilaide ; & ISpring creek
school was especially interesting. - The
collections amounted to- three dollars .
Subscriptions for the -Centenary medal
ten dollars The weather vwas fine -the
attendance good the exercises" interest
ing and altogether the meeting was a
success . W, R . Allien.
The Blue Mound Nursery. ;
This nursery is located 2 miles south
west of Blue MoUnd, Linn county, Ka.
Was established 16 years ago' by H.'A;
B. Cook and S. S. Irwin, and has been
in successful operation from the start.
The business of this nursery is con
stantly increasing. The lands occupied
for nursery and orchard purposes com
prise a block- of - land gf abput 1,000
acres . The apple orchard . consists of
35,000 bearing trees nearly all of which
are well filled with young fruit. "It is a
low estimate to place .the .fall. and win
ter crop at 16,000 bushels, all of which
will find ready sale at a remunerative
price. The firm sold m Kansas $o0-
000 worth of nursery stock la3t year.
Orders for the fall delivery of 1884'bavc
already reached the amount of 25,000.
To successfully prosecute this immense
business a force of 100 men .and loU
horses is constantly required. - .Forty
salesmen are at work in various: parts
of the state soliciting orders . , :
The grafting and packing ls.done by
experienced and competent men:- r.Tlye
trees are removed from the. nursery
row by Whitney s' 6 horse tree excavat
or, thereby recunng perfect and.unmu-;
tilated roots.
Four of the salesmen for the old reli-:
able Blue Mound Nursery Company are
now in Phillips county. You cannot do
abetter thing for yourself than, give
them your order for'all kinds of - stock
you may need., tjatislaction guaran
teed. If you succeed in the fruit busi
ness, select home grown stock.
Items of Interest from oil
parto of tlx County, by
tlie Herald's Corps
of Correspond
V onto.
. Dry Creek Doings.. r .
Thinking perhaps a few items from
mis lownsaip, pvainut; wouiu not - ue
admissabie, we pen the following :
: Crops of all kinds are in a flourishing
condition and farmers are looking for
ward to a bountiful harvest. -
Sabbath (?) School was organized in
Dist. 21 last Sabbath,1 also in Dist. 40.
Bro. Cronk .will preach semi-monthly
at the litter .piace. - bchool. closed t in
' Dist: 40 on the 14th. v The evenings
entertainment was largely attended and
everything passed off pleasantly.- The
teacher was the recipient of several
beautiful presents from the scholars 4 or
which he Will ever hold them in tender
remembrance. -The scholars joi this
district j are - such as justly deserve- the
eiogy of their teachers and the . esteem
of everybody. ;-: - ;
Since writing the above, we leant that
Mr.. Jno.'" " Warner and Misst Lillian
Cregg, both -of ' this -Tpi," 3iave rbeen
united in the Holy Bonds. -Succe,3 to
her happy couple. - ' : ; IX I. .
Ash creek and vicinity. :
News is scarce- thU week.
Oar woolly men have some bf them
shipped their clip 5 hope they, soon have
full purses.
Mr. Boughton has been building an
addition to his residence, -"Mr: x B. is
bound to. live' at: home and board at the
same place. " .
This neighborhood has the champion
boy sheep shearer in the person of Mel
vin Osborne whe "sat at the feet" of Mr.
Walker as" 'it were. ,
t The voice of the fruit tree agent is
heard in the land.
: Mr. Gadberry i3 canvassing '. fox the
Blue Mound nurseries and taking orders
from all the progressive farmers.; let ns
have fruit as well as peace. Y :
Mr. Osborn has a field of broom corn
that is looking well.
And now Mr Editor as we are all
through -planting our other craps" are
we not ready to begin preparing to plant
obnoxious candidates. .
We don't think that the people of this
congressional district are satisfied with
the actions of the Downs conventions.
If we could not get Mr. Holt there
are certainly other gentlemen who are
residents of the Dist. and if there is no
independent candidates your humble
servants will be compelled to vote with
the mongrels for congress if they nom
inate a good home man. let each vote
throw one shovel full of 4 kiverin" on
the carpet bagger and we will plant him
so deep that he will never hear the horn
Dissolution of Partnership.
Phillipsburg, Kansas,
June 13 1884.
. Notice is hereby given that the part,
nership lately existing between D. A.
Huling and G. w. Biickford is this day
by mutual consent dissolved, I G. w.
Bickford retireing. The business will
be conducted at the old stand by v. A .
Huling, to whom all debts owing to
said partnership are to.be paid asd all
demands, against said firm are to be
presented to D. A. Huling, he having
assumed f he same. o4
D, A. Huling,
G-w. Bickford,
Land Office at Kirwin, Kansas.
7511, ,. June 25th.. 1884.
Notice i3 hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed notice of
ms intention 10 ma&e imai prooi in
siiDDort of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Clerk Dist .
Court or - Probate Judge, at Phillips-
Durg, lias., on Aug. 2a, iocj viz :
DS 18727. for the. se qr of the ne or of
sec . 2, tp. 1, r, 18.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of, said land, viz:
J. II- iaubian and H. N. Faubian, 01
ReDublican City, Neb, A. J. Mellinger,
and D. W. McDonald of Myrtle,: Kas.
C. A. Lewis, att'y, 1 register.
6 20 7-31
Sate of School Land.
Notice is hereby given that the folow
iner discribed school land situated in
Phillips county State of Kansas will be
offered for sale to the highest bidder
at the Treasurer's office in the city of
Phillipsburg Kansas on Saturday July
25th 1884 between the hours of 10
oclock a. m. and 3 o'clock r. m. to wit
Disc'pt'n Sec. Tp. R. Iniprov'ents
ne qr se qr
nw qr se qr "
ne qr se qr "
sw qr se qr "
ne pr sw qr "
nw qr sw qr '
se qr sw qr '
sw qr sw qr "
ne qr ne qr 16
se qr ne qr "
nw qr nw qr "
sw qr nw qr " " "
ne qf se qr " ' "
nw qr se qr "
sw qr se qr , " " . "
ne qr sw qr " ' "
nwqrswqr " "
se qr sw qr " " ;
sw qr sw qr " " "
1j. L. Smith, Co. Treaurer.
L. W. Bethards, prop'r,
Logan, - - - - ----- Kansas
Passengers carried to all parts of the
country at reasonable rates. Horses
keot bv the week Care of transient
stock a specialty. Best rigs in the city
furnished at low rates. S3
Xlrer Complaint Kidney Diseases,
Siliotisness, Cipk IXeaclacae. Jaundice,
Sour Stomach, and Dyspepsia promptly;
relieved toy its use. . ,.
. Blood Boat. May Apple, Dandelion. Juniper :
Berries, ..Elder Flowers,. Pipsisewaand lic&
Eoot enter Into its composition- It is &
rcst Delicious CorcUa!.
i4UlLSfaJ Cordial the grraEde-st rem
edy in toe world for all corsplaicts rrulisr
to their tax. It wElEUSIFX and JZ.I lilCil
taa Elc jd, Etrengthen the system and -pro-xnor&nnd
sleep. - Price C0cts.and?l.(K)pr
bottle. .
. yold by all Druggists and Dealers !a ssedi,
ft . Sola Froprjewra.
. . . fcC Itrziz, TZ9.,
Br n til a aiT
" In the Post-pftice Building, di als in
; Stationery, : : Stationery,
PEs, p.eciun r a rr.n,
Meiaorandum Vooks, Blank BomU, Barnes School '
. - .
T-.t. - 1 .fC.,l...J O....1.'oa
V "-w-t -tt - n -r ' " .-rt
f jfuoo Line ojdjtvao jjiuuiixi:viixitiifu!j uti. uuuv t
There Is A Tide
In the affairs of men, which, taken at
the flood," and followed on until, you
reach the HARDWARE STORE and
.Republican Ciiyt - Nebraska,
willprove the. nucleus of an immense
fortune, because of the amount saved by
buying your
Lumber, Hardware
Barb Wire, &c.
of him."
The most complete
stock and the low
est prices to be had
in the west. Call
at headquarters, or
write for prices on
anything you want.
:0: '
Blacksmith I Wagon Shop
Plow Repairing,
Horse Shoeing,
All kinds of Blacksmith and
WA GO .V wo n K
Zg&Pvoinpily Attended 'VotBj
At prices to suit tlie times.
Meat Market 1 Feed Store
W. P. Woodward
Choice Meats
Always on hand
"Pickled Pork, Fresh Lard, Barn
Chopped Feed, etc also for s;tlw here
Plate meats...... ....
Salt meat.
10 to loo
8 to 10c
....... to
. luc
South side of public square.
It having been clearly demonstrated
that fruit of all kind? can be urown
successfully in PHILLIPS COUNTY,
we suppose you will have no hesitation
in giving orders for fall, to some relia
ble Western nursery.
SONS, the
Has mde deliveries of gtock at Kirwin.
Phillipsburg, Stockton and ot)ier
points in the Northwest.
And unlike others -who have been in
our midit; is not a&hiiied to ask fir a
continuince of. your previous very lib
eral patronage. . Ve CAN and WILL
sell as. cheap as . aay other nursery in
the west.
: Stud orders .to . , ; - - A .
';J " D. T.:Palmzs, G&i'L Ag't.v,
v , Kirvnu, Kania.
l r
i 't
"7 . ' 'J. ' t7.; T ' Jf-,'-
3 ame s W oods,
Will pay the Highest Market Price
for all kinds of Produce and you can
! get your goods at cash; pricks. Rb
member, one price onlv.
A'orth Side Public Square y
i Dehilitv.- Wi'iikiifsM. 1 lnHirt-ut iftn
J DyejpVp.si:i, Poor ami thin lil(K)d.
, Are tlie results of this cluing ot'teui
, pe rat ure. Each man, v. Oman and
! child win invicorate the hteiu mid
ward oli'the threatened dit.nhcs of the
Summer, by. using now",
Brown'S Sais-a,pa,xilla-
and Dandelion with Iodine of Potas-
xiuia. the best Blood Purifier ever of-
fered to tlie sutlering.
Scrofula,. Dyspepsia, Rheumatism
Erysipelas, bah Lhtim, idLt-j Dibcas-
See full formula on each bottle: This
Spring of 1884 use this great Blood Pur
ifier, All druggists rwcommend
Brown's Sarsaparilla.
Sold by II. C. Sprague and J. V. Close..
! Biown's Arnica Salve..
SSd.OOO boxes of Brown's Arnica
Kalvk have lieen sold 011 a' positive
guaranty', and a cure effected "IN ioach
cask, liruises, cuts, burnsoid. ore
and inflanieti re eyea yield at onco
to this grateful soothing, xt'Uudv.
Only -3 cents u box. Kif( it in every
! . BY '
Tlie most popular of living
writers and Republican .
candidate for Presi
dent of tHe Unit
ed States-
The boek covers a period of Twenty
Years, from Lincoln to Garfield, during:'
which time its distiDguhed author was
a member ot our National Congress In
both branches. It. is. within itsself a
Complete ' Compendium of National
ijvenis ir-jiu ine nnng ox i'orx cumoier
i the death" of Garfield. It is a tuor
Uh DiinetioD of the lives of all the
great lueo vhu associated with the Ia-"
uieuted lAUi-iAn. , The firt volume con
tains the unwritten history of the irreat
American conflict, and will be resd with
tlirilhu intercot by the veterans of the
late war. : The book will be in two
Biyal Octavo .Yoluuns, of over 600.
jages cych, profusely Ulustrifitd with
fine Jteel engravings of LINCOLN, Gas-.
field. Blaine, SuaiNfcit; Grant, Lo
gan. and other grand men of the .Xa
tion, living und dead. It is handsociely
bouiid, and old at' the .remarkably low
price of $3.75 per volume.
Orders by luai! solicited.
D. T. Palmxii; Ag't.,
Kirwin. Kansas.
The South and South-East. Florida.
Charleston, S C Savannah, Ga Jacls
sonvilla, Florida, or in fact &oy otht r'
point in the south or south east, it will,
be to your interest to examine the. ad
- II . I re . "-
vaniages over aai omer lines onerea .py,.
the St Louis, Iron Mountain, fir. Scuth-
era R'y. Iron Mountain Bouta" la
the way of Fast Time, Elegant Equip
ments &c - -
. . At present a daily tram . U run from
St. Louis to Nashville,-Tenn , making
airect connecuon wua oonnecucg i:r.i3,
iot ovinia iueuuonea iduvb ITZ.IU
connects at Nashville "frith the Jacks aa
Aill8 Express,-having Pullman Pilca
Sleeping Car of the very -finest, in oka
attached which runs thrn-h;'to
soaville, Florida without ch-ice ."
For further, inferjsation addreb -; ;
Gen'l TRt it Gci A.'?'
OLA E'S 000 .

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