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The Hiawatha Water, Gas & Mining
Company, of Hiawatha, the M. E. Church,
of Greenwich, Sedgwick county; and the
Republic County Mutual Fire Insurance
Company have filled charters with the
Secretary of State.
The Ft. Scott Prospecting Company,
organized for the purpose of sinking a
deep well after mineral water; the Ma
sonic Building Association, of Dexter,
Co well county; the Lebanon M. E.
Church Society, and the Independence
Street Railway. Company of Independ
ence have filed charters with Secretary of
G. W. Wilson was appointed by the
Governor as Probate Judge of Edwards
county to fill a vacancy.
There are at present in the State
Treasury $60,000 to be applied in pur
chasing school bonds. When a district
votes bonds in accordance with the pro
visions of the law, they will be taken by
the State at par, bearing six per cent,
In reply to that letter, sent him one
day last week by the Board of Railroad
Commissioners, Mr. W. W. Fagan, Su
perintendent of the Central" Branch,
says: "Relative to the amount of repairs
made on the Central Branch road from
Jan. 1, 1884, to date, have expended for
ballast the sum of $1,580.43; we have
placed 80,474 cross ties in the track, at a
cost of $44,200.70 (not including the
labor) ; also used thirty sets of switch
ties at a cost of $1,290.32; have also laid
1,416 tons of steel rail (or 17 J miles of
track) at a cost of $50,000.39 for the rail.
The cost of spikes, splices and bolts re
quired for the steel named above, cost
$5,722.88. Have also expended $976
for switch fixtures, making the
total cost for track material used this
year, $103,820.72. 'We have expended
for track labor during the period named
above the sum of $70,596,15, making the
total expenditure on repairs of the track
$174,416.87. In addition to this, liberal ex
penditures have also been applied to the
removal and repairs of bridges and water
ways. The Directors have ordered be
tween 3'500 and 4,000 tons of steel rails,
also to be used in repairing."
June 30 closes the fiscal year 1884 as
far as the business of the State is con
cerned. No claims on the State for that
year will be paid after that date, as the
appropriotion expires at that time and
the books of the Auditor and Treasurer
are closed. '
The Superintendent of Insurance is
sued fifty licenses to agents, permitting
them to do business in the State, in one
day recently.
The Cyuse Commandery, No. 23,
Knights Templar, of Beloit; the Thomas
Drug company, of Madison, Greenwood
county, and the Ellsworth County Fair
Association, of Ellsworth, have filed
their charters with the Secretary of
The Independence Water Works Com
pany, of Independence, have filed a
charter with the Secretary of State.
The Bord of Railroad Commissioners
have prepared a schedule of freight rates
on all roads in the State. This adjust
ment is based on the schedule of rates
given below, that are made as a final set
tlement and disposal of the Newton and
Great Bend cases. They apply to all
Soints between the Missouri river and
rewton and the Missouri river and
Great Bend. All the roads have agreed
to issue new tariffs at once, and the
Board orders that they go into effect on
the 25th of this month:
Great II New
bend. TON.
First Class
Second Class ..
Third Clasa
Fourth Class
Fifth Class.
Clasa A
Class B....
Class C
Class D ?.
Wheat, potatoes, flour, millet seed,
castor beans and broom corn. . . .
Flour and corn meal ; ....
Corn,oat3, barley, rye and bran...
Salt in barrels or bulk. Cement
and plaster in barrels
Solt coal......
oft lumber, lath and shingles
Horses and mules
Cattle and hogs
8') I
No Marks.
Mr. T. M. Casad. editor of the Corv
don, Iowa, Times, writes that his little
girl burned her foot severely on a stove.
One application of St Jacobs Oil, the
great pain-reliever, cured it completely,
leaving no marks. By two applications
of St. Jacobs Oil he cured himself of a
torturing pain in the side.
An Offensive Gang.
Atchison Champion.
Mr. uari fcenurz, wno nas been an
office-seeker constantly since the day he
first arrived in this county, and four-
fifths of the time an office-holder, says
Blaine is tne "omce-nolders candidate."
Mr. George William Curtis has been
railing against the "machine" for years
the "machine" being a small body of
politicians who thwarted the will and
preference of the masses of the party.
He is now growling and kicking because
a man who has been, for nine years past,
the undoubted choice of a large majority
of Republican voters, and who was twice
cheated out of the nomination by the
"machine," was selected at Chicago as
the party's candidate.
The New York Times and the Spring
field Republican acknowledge that Blaine
was the choice of a large majority of the
Republican party, but oppose his election.
These papers assume that the minority,
not the majority, should be permitted to
make nominations. They assume that
they are wiser, purer, better than the
great majority of the Republican voters
of the country.
The Republican voters have defeated
the "machine," and the loudest howlers
against the "machine" now denounce
the people. The masses of the people
have secured the choice, and the loudest
howlers against the "machine" are now
denouncing the people.
There has been no. event in politics,
for the past fifty years, so dishonorably,
bo unspeakably infamous, as the conduct
of Curtis, Schurz, Higginson, and that
gang of dyspeptic growlers. For shame
less inconsistency, for abandoned disre
gard of the ideas that they have previ
ously maintained, their course has no
parallel in the political history of the
country. Their conduct can neither
be excused or palliated. It justi
iiea the assertion that when they
pretended to be opposed to the
"machine," they lied; that when
they maintained that the majority of the
party should rule, they lied; that when
they asserted that they favored reform
in the civil service they liedj and that in
all they have said or done, during the
past dozen years, they were a lot of hy
pocrites and liars.
This may be strong language, but it
is abuntantly justified by the disgraceful,
dishonorable, hypocritical action of these
self-styled "reformers," whose ideas of
reform, it is now plainly apparent, might
be summed up in the famous old resolu
tions: Resolved, That the earth belongs to the
Resolved, 2d, That we are the Saints.
When two or three hundred men de
lude themselves with the offensive be
lief that all the virtue, intelligence and
integrity of the country is embodied in
their persons, and that the great mass of
the American people are corrupt, igno
rant and depraved, it is about time that
the people give them a lesson they will
not forget. That the people of the
United States will attend to this neces
sary work, in due time, is beginning to
be plainly evident. "Boss" rule is bad,
the rule of the "machine" is to be de
plored, and there are many other abuses
in our political system; but nothing that
ever has been or can be said of it is quite
so bad, or so obnoxious, as the spectacle
of a few hundred political Picksniff3 as
suming that they embody all the decency
and intelligence of the country, and
threatening that if they are not permit
ted to rule, they will ruin.
No Patent. No Pay. Send model or
drawing. Stoddart & Co., 413 G Street,
VVasnmgton, JL. U.
From The Topeka Daily Commonwealth.
There have been in these United States
during the past sixty davs, 373 conven
tions, thirty-eight State, 325 Congression
al, nine Territorial and the District of
Columbia. We mean that number of
Republican conventions. It is fair to
presume that they represent the best
element of the Republican partv in their
several jurisdictions. They came to
gether pursuant to the call of the com
mittees chosen for that purpose. No one
can truthfully say that they were gotten
up, controlled, or manipulated by federal
or Dy any other office holders. The civil
service act of Congress, which our tran
scendental Eastern friends at the east af
fect to honor so highly, was not in the least
disregarded. Each State and District rep
resented the best thoucrht of the Re
publicans. They came together at Chi
cago at'the proper time. They counseled
as to what was best for the party, know
ing that if it was best for that, it was for
the country. After three days of inteiv
change of views, it was found that a
large majority of the delegates were de
termined that either Blaine or Arthur
should be their standard bearer during
the coming campaign. A few, not to ex
ceed about fifty, said rib, wre want Mr.
Edmunds, Mr. Hawley, or Mr. Somebody
else. Neither Arthur or Blaine suited
them. Finally ballots were taken,
and it was determined by more
that a two-third vote that Mr. Blaine
was wanted, and he was selected. Is it
possible that the fifty gentlemen knew
more than the 770? Would it have been
just to the party, or to themselves, for
770 to yield their convictions to those of
the fifty? Is it not barely possible that
the 770 knew as much and were just as
honest and upright as the fifty. Bear
in mind that neither Mr. Arthur, Mr.
Edmunds, Mr. Hawley or their friends
find fault with the result, but cordially
accept the views of the majority. In
fact most of the fifty have done this, but
a few, not to exceed a score, and we
guess not a half score, are mad because
their views were not adopted. They are
followed by a few men in Massachusetts
and New York, who are not willin.g
to belong to the party unless they
control its actions. To be sure, most
of them have not been in accord with the
party one-half the time for the past
twenty-four years. About the same
element kicked at the time of Lincoln's
first nomination, they kicked because
Grant was nominated, they always have
kicked when they coula not control.
Our Democratic friend3 are making a
great ado over what they call the disaf
fection in the ranks of the Republican
party. They are welcome to all they
can make out of it. The Republicans
will draw to them from the young and
enthusiastic and from honest Demo
crats more than they will lose by this
No Patents. No Pay. Send model or
drawing. Stoddart & Co., 413 G Street,
Washington, D. C, Patent Attorneys.
Cleveland Herald (Rep.): The prin
ciple of protection to American indnstrv
is woven, in the web and the woof of that
party, and can not be removed without
its annihilation. The New York Times
and the New York Post are rampant free
trade papers, not mere tariff reducers,
but advocates of the English system in
its entirety. They are the organs of the
importers as against the manufacturers
and worklngmen of this country. They
have labored in vain to convert the Re-
Sublican party to their views, and had
etermined to cut loose from the party
they could not . lead astrav to its rnin.
Mr. Blaine is thoroughly identified with
tne American system oi protection to
home industry, and therefore he was
made the chief target of attack before
the nomination, but any of the other
possible candidates, when nominated,
would have fared little better. In any
case the bolt would have been made,
except in the impossible event of the
party being headed in the direction of
an jngiisn iree-trade policy.
A CARD. To all who are suffering from er
rors and indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, loss of manhood, &c, I will send
a recipe that will cure you, FREE OF CHARGE.
This great remedy was discovered by a missionary
In South America. Send self-addressed envelope
to Rev. Joseph T. Iman, Station , JS'ew York.
A Mistaken Notion.
The Republican tariff taxes the sew
ing women 40 per cent, on flax thread,
50 per cent on cotton thread, and 25
per cent on needles. It taxes the rich
lady of fashion only 25 per cent, on
costly jewelry, and miy 10 per cent,
on diamonds. This is true, as any
one who cares to take the trouble can
decide for himself. Independence
The above is untrue, as anyone who
knows anything about it knows. The
tariff don't add one unit to the poor
woman's flax and cotton thread, and a
man oniy snows stupendous ignorance
or cheek to say so.
If the Kansan's proposition is true,
then it is true that the same tariff law
adds 40 cents a bushel to every bushel of
castor beans ; 20 cents to every bushel of
wheat, and 10 cents to every bushel of
corn raised by farmers in Montgomery
county. Does it do it? Let the Kansan
answer. Fort Scott Monitor.
" Thar ; I want you to collect that and
put it to my credit," said old Farmer Ap
plegate to the cashier of the First National
bank of Manas quan, N. J., a few days
ago. The cashier examined the faded
looking piece of paper handed to him,
and found it to be a check for $270 drawn
by a New York merchant in 1872 in favor
of the farmer. It appeared that the
check had been given in payment for a
load of cranberries, and had been hid
den during the past twelve years in the
farmer's feather bed. It was sent to the
merchant and duly honored.
Chicago .Produce Market.
Chicago, June 20. 18S4.
FLOUR Quiet. Choice to favorite white winter
5 50,5 65; fair to good, 4 605 00; good to prime
red winter, 5 005 50, good to choice spring, 4 50
5 00; fair to good Minnesota spring, 4 254 50;
choice to fancy, 5 00(35 50; patent, 5 606 50.
WHEAT The market showed one of the most
lifeless days ever known on change, and there
were scarcely any outside orders. The fluctua
tions in prices were confined to a range of p,
and prices closed c below yesterday.
June. fc687c, closing at Wc: July, &7
8Sc. closing at &7c: August, 88'o,835-bC, closing
at &sc: September, 89:&8ac, closing at 83c.
CORN 1 he market was quiet, trices opened
easier, rose c, weakened, and closed be
low yesterday.
Cash, 55i55C! June, 65553-c, closing at
55c; July, 565650, closing at 56)ic; August,
E6857e, closing at 56 57c.
OATS The market was quiet, slow and easy.
Cash, 32c; June 3232u. closing at 32c; July,
32K3c. closing at 32c; August, 28j28c,
closing at 2Sc; September, 2727c.
RYE Quiet; 65c.
BARLEY Dull; 6265c.
FLAX SEED Quiet and lower; 1 53.
PORK The market was dull and nominally 10
15c lower.
Cash, 18 9019 CO; June. 19 60; July, 19 50; Au
19 50 a 19 55; the year, 13 50.
LARD There was a fair demand and prices
were 200c lower.
Cash, 7 57K7 67; July, 7 407 82, closing
at 7 6027 62; August, 7 778 00; September,
7 90r38 10, closing at 7 877 90; October, 8 20.
BULK MEATS Steady; shoulders, 5 75; short
ribs. 8 C5: clear sides, 8 70.
BUTTER Steady; choice creamery, 1820c:
fancy dairy, 1416c.
EGGS Firm; 15c.
WHIdKY Steady; 1 10.
Flour (barrels) fcOO)
Wheat 33000
Corn 188000
Oats ... ISOOOO
Rye 90000
Barley 33C0
WHEAT Sharply lower; 86'4c July. 88Vc Au
gust, 88Vc September.
(JUKM Lower; 55c June, 56c July, 55c August.
OAT3 Steady; August rose Vic, September c.
PORK Unchanged.
LARD Lower: 7 50 June. 7 52Vc Julv. 7 67
New Tort Money Market.
New Yokk, June 20, 1884.
MONEY Easy at 1K2 per cent per annum,
closing offered at V per cent.
U 84: demand, $4 86M-
GOVERNMENT BONDS Lower for the coupon
Threea............. ............................100
Four-and- a-halfs .....111
Fours .... J20M
Missouri Bixes............. 105
St. Joe sixes 1C8
RAILROAD BONDS Firmer. New Orleans
Pacific first rose to 51 per cent, and Texas Pacific
to 43 per cent.
Central Pacific, firsts..... 40
Chicago & Alton...... .. ...........127
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy -...110
Denver & Rio Grande.- S
Hannibal & St, Joe, common.....-.. 3834
Hannibal & St. Joe, preferred 88
Missouri Paciflcf .. .. - .. 91
Northern Pacific 19
Chicago & Northwestern....................
New York CentraL........ ........
Rock Island
Union Pacific ..- .............. 36
Wabash . 5
Western Union....... ............................ 60
Asked, t Extra dividend.
Farsee Women.
Brooklyn Eagle.
The development of feminine intelli
gence is not connnea to one country or
one race. Even the Parsee women are
rising in the scale of enlightenment. A
Parsee lady writes to an Indian paper a
letter in which she shows that whereas,
in 1842, not more than five Parsee girls
had learned English. Their knowledge
of the English language is not very wide.
They prefer to imitate the European
rather than the Hindu, and in an inter
esting history of their picturesque cos
tume, their champion "takes occasion to
rejoice that the days of nose rings, fore
head marks and rattling anklets are now
over, and she maintains that these
changes in the surface are only typical
of many social reforms." It is admitted
that the Parsee girls are still prone to
emulation in dress and personal orna
mentation, but that is a weakness which
is not unknown in more civilized com
The increasing sales of Piso's Care attests its claim as
tne best cougti remedy.
A German biography of Shelly has
just, Deen puDiisnea in iserun Dy a
Druskowitz, an Austrian writer.
"BTJCHTT-PAIBA." Quick, complete cure, all annoying
Aaunojr ui urinary Jjiseasea. $1.
Sixty cigars ior every man, woman
and child were made in and imported
into tnis country last year.
We take pleasure in informing the public of the merits of
i-apmon uatarrn cnire. it win cure Chronic Catarrh, Cold
in the Head, Rose-cold, and for Hay Ferer no remedy is as
eiiucuve. it nas curea nun areas oi cases.
The publisher of Walt Whitman's
works declares that they are having an
excellent sale.
Base Call.
Philadelryhia ladies ari Ipa-minrr Vine; a rnl1
one of them has caught her husband out
several times already, and says that if lie
will buy and use Carboline she" will forgive
A Spruce-sun dealer at Berminonn
Vt., sells twelve thousand pounds annu
ally oi tne commodity.
A recent cold or chronic Catarrh yield
promptly to Papillon Catarrh Cure. It
does not irritate.
Flower-thieves are annoying the
residents of Port Jervis, N. Y. yearly
every lamny nas Deen visited.
"ROUGH ON CORNS." 15c. Ask for it.
cure, hard or soft corns, warts, k anions.
Hubber Catherine is receiving consid
erable attention in the south of Mexico.
Several samples sent to New York from
v era iruz nave been pronounced as be
ing of superior quality.
"BOUGH ON ITCH" cure humors, eruptions, nag
worm, tetter, salt rheum, frosted ft rhii'tlaim.
How General Scott's Ufa was Saved and
now Ills Driver Twice Escaped
The traveler of the present day, as he
hurried alonhv tha
press in its buffet cars and palace sleep-
v., ccius in mougnt to uie
time when the stage coach and packet
were the onlv meati9 nf vw.tt,;;o
between distant points. It is rare that
one of the real old-time stage drivers is
met with nowadavs. Tlf1 art-ton tho -nr-rH-a-
recently ran across Fayette Haskell, of
Lockport, N. Y he felt like a biblio
grapher over the discovery of some vol
ume Of "forgotten Iota." "MV TTocVoll
although one of the pioneers in stage
driving, he formerly ran from Lewis
ton to Niagara Falls and Buffalo is hale
and hearty and bids fair to live for many
years. Ihe strangestories of his adven
tures would nil a volume. At one time
When going dOAln a mountain npar Tw-
iston, with no less a personage than Gen.
Scott as a passenger, the brakes cravo
way and the coach came on the heels of
me wneei norsea. The onlv wmpHv -woes
to whip the leaders to a gallop. Gaining
additional momentum with each revo
lution of the wheels the coach swayed
and pitched down the mountain si Hp.
and into the streets of Lewiston. Straight
aneaa at tne loot of tne steep hill flowed
the Niagara river, towards which the
four horses dashed, apparently to certain
death. Yet the firm hand never relaxed
its hold or the clear brain its conception
ot what must be done in the emergency.
On dashed the horses until the narrow
dock was reached on the river bank.
when bv a masterlv exhibition of nervo
and daring the coach was turned in
scarce its own length, and the horses
brought to a standstill before the pale
lookers on could realize what had oc
curred. A purse was raised bv General
Scott and presented to Mr. Haskell
with high compliments for his skill and
Notwithstanding all his strength and
his robust constitution the strain of con
tinuous work and exposure proved too
much for Mr. Haskell's constitution. The
constant jolting of the coach and the
necessarily cramped position in which he
was obliged to sit. contributed to this end
and at times he was obliged to abandon
driving altogether.
bpeaking oi this period he said :
"I found it almost imnossible to Rleen
at night; my appetite left me entirely
ana i naa a urea ieeimg which I never
knew before and could not account for."
Did you give up driving entirely?"
"No. I tried to keep ud but it was on
ly with the greatest effort. This state of
things continued tor nearly twenty years
until last October when I went all to
"In what way?"
"Oh. I doubled all ud: could not. walk
without a cane and was incanable of anv
effort or exertion. I had a constant de
sire to urinate both dav and nitrht and
although I felt like passing a gallon every
ten minutes only a lew drops could es
cape and they thick with sediment. Fi
nally it ceased to flow entirely and I
thought death was very near."
w nat aia you ao then?"
"What 1 should have done long before:
listen .to my wife. Under her advice I
began a new treatment."
"And with what result?"
"Wonderful. It unstopped the closed
passages and what was still more won
derful regulated the flow. The sediment
vanished ; my appetite returned, and I
am now wen ana good lor ; twenty more
years, wholly through the aid of Warner's
Safe Cure, that has done wonders for me
as well as for so many others."
every day in the lives of thousands of
American men and women. An unknown
evil is iinaermimng the existence oi an
innumerable number who do not realize
the danger thev are in until health has
entirely departed and death perhaps
stares them m the lace, to neglect such
important matters is like drifting in the
i. f XTJ T XT T.11
cmrtjin oi xiagara. auuve mexaiis.
ii. rort nope, untario, Deggar was
found to have one hundred and thirteen
dollars on his person when searched at
the police station.
"I do not like thee, Dr. Fell,
The reason why, I cannot tell.'
It has often been wondered at, the bad
oder this oft-quoted Doctor was in. 'Twas
probably because he, being one of the
old-school Doctors, made up pills as large
as bullets, which nothing but an ostrich
could bolt without nausea. Hence the
dislike. Dr. R. V. Pierce's "Pleasant
Purgative Pellets" are sugar-coated and
no larger than bird-shot, and are quick
t do their work. For all derangements
of the liver, bowels and stomach, they
are specihc.
Gold mining in the Georgia gold
region is attracting a good deal of cap
Rupture, pile tumors, fistulas and all
diseases of lower bowel (except cancer),
radically cured. Address, World's Dis
pensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N.
Y., and enclose two (3ct.) stamps for
In Crystal and Beaver lakes, in the
Adirondacks, New York, the ice is still
"ROUGH ON RAT3." Clears out rats, mice, flies
roaches, bed-bags, ants, Termin, chipmunks. 15o.
The Dominion Government has
granted $5,000 in -aid of the provincial
French Grape Brandy, distilled Ex
tract of Water Tepper or bmart-Weed.
Jamaica Ginger and Camphor "Water, as
combined in Dr. Jfierce's Compound Ex.
tract of Smart-Weed, is the best possible
remedy for colic, cholera morbus, diar-
rncea, dysentery or bloody-nux: also, to
break up colds, fevers and inflammatory
attacks. 50 ct. Keep it on hand. Good
for man or beast.
Land has increased in price 100 per
cent, in Opaka, Florida, during the past
two weeks.
"We recommend Carter's Iron Pills to
every woman who is weak, nervous and
discouraged; especially those who have
thin, pale lips, cold hands and feet, and
who are without strength or ambition.
These are the cases for which Carter's
Iron Pilk are specially prepared, and
this class cannot use them without bene
fit. Valuable for men also. In metal
boxes, at 50 cents. Sold by druggists or
sent by mail. See advertisement else
where. "T4- krge number of Negroes in the
vicinity of Anderson, S. O, are emigrat
ing to Arkansas.
0 fnOTP
X H i r r
hanain&L "T .tL -'i.f.-t "f11
"In my Practice I ue no oTher.-X enn ".l,a
r, rT - - mem m vaiuaDi t&m&ptio n
wVil far s cu. in vV,'T X"
Knft city froruce larket
Kansas Cry, June 20, 1854.
The Dally Indicator reports:
v? T Market weak. Ka. 2 red, cash. TSKc
bid, 7c asked- July, 770 bld Toasted: Au
gust, sales at 77: September, 7Sc asked. No. 2
soft, cash, 90c bid, Slc asked.
.ST1414 weak. No. 2 mixed, cash, sales
at toKgttkc; July, 45c bid, 4c asked; August,
sales at 4554c.
Ko. 2 -white mixed corn, cash, LOKc; June. 60
Slcked. bld' t0X W?Mc
asked1"" N 2 Cail' nomlnal: Jul7t 2ic bid, 27c
RYE No. 2 mixed, cash, 51c asked.
EGGS Dull at 110 dozeiu
BU1TKB UBChanged.
Quotations: Choice creamery, 15c; good do, 14c;
fine dairy, in single package lots, I2c: store
packed, good, in round lots, 8c
FLO UK Fine, 100 lbs, 31 ou; superfine, fl C 5,
cLua, i- iu, av, i xoi aaa, 51 3Ji 40; family
81 631 75: choice, 82 00g2 10; fancy, $2 S02 40i
patent. 2 903 CO.
aiAli 1 uoi 10.
DRY SAT.T MTCATS t;hnnUn. 3'.
9c; long clear sides, 8c; clear rib sides, 85a
SHOWED MEATS-Shoulders, 7HTlong clear
sides, 9c, rib sides, 9c; clear rib sides, 9o.
n n vna oiigmr uurtxi, lZiC.
BiRRHL MTCAT2 TYitV Knnolacs 1Q rr.
pork, 19 00: mess pork, 17 50.
jiA nu xierce, ou.
CHEESE Full cream. ISnr flats rmrtlv tVim
med, llllc; Young America, I6a
jaxw-a.ii ozyM i iuu ids.
FLAX 8EED l S5l 40, on basis of pure.
BROOM CORN 2K4c ft).
HAY Fancy small baled, 10 00; lare baled.
60; new, 12 03.
WOOL. Mi RMYnrf find Vnncao firm lO 7i1 Qo fh.
medium. 18ra21fi: marcA. 1.1'lft triK urachal oa
30; Colorado and New Mexico, 1214c Black.
uurri or Bponeo, lue less.
The following t&hlA ahnm fha Tvrtrtoo rt Wham
Corn. Oats and Kve at th elnsA tf Whantrt tjAT
in comparison with the previous day and previout
To-day. day.
1 11
1 16 "
No 1 r w w......
No 2 r w "w
No 3 r w w
No 2 m corn....
No 2 oats
No 2 rye .
The fallowing shown thft amnnTit nf oratn
ceived, withdrawn and in store at regular eleva
tors, as reported to the Board of Trade to-day:
Received. Withdrawn. Da Store
Wheat mmm 2944 9145 118693
Corn.............. 17373 16099 89013
Oats.......... . 1964 2219 2553
Rye. 521 2469
Barley .
Total 22231
Kansas City Live Stock J&aiket.
Kansas City, June 20, 1884.
The Live Stock Dedicator reports:
CATTLE Receipts, 2402. Market steady. Na
tive shipping steers averaging 12C0 to 1500 tts sold
at 5 90S6 35: native shiDDine Bteers averasinsr
950 to 1100 tts sold at 4 905 50; stockers and
leeaers. 4 255 00; cows, lair to good, 3 504 25.
HOGS Receipts, 10013. Market steady. Lots
averaging 209 to333 s sold at 4 80S 5 15: bulk at
4 855 00.
SHEEP Receints. 685. Market ouiet and nrvm.
in ally unchanged.
No. . Av Price.
72 native shipping steers..............M1248...... 6 00
15 native shipping steers. ..ll0...... 5 90
20 native butchers' steers.............1067 5 40
IS native stockers 917...... 4 93
SO native stackers 869...... 4 85
17 native steers and cows 949...... 6 12
68 native shipping steers.............,.1250...... 6 00
32 native butchers' steers 862...... 6 20
19 native cows......-...................... 945...... 4 00
SO native stockers.-...... 727 4 50
SO native stackers.- 849 4 85
44 native heifers....... 756,
4 CO
5 00
8 25
32 Indian steers, corn fed............... 860,
No. Av.
105 natives........ 82...
No Av Price
48...273...5 25
31...294...5 10
47...327...5 10
54...20...5 10
62...254...5 C5
58...2S3...6 05
No Av Price1
46...S33...5 15
52...282...5 10
58...271...5 10
64...267...5 10
61...275...5 05
61...266...5 05
71...157...5 05
61 ...289.5 00
53:..276...5 00
59...2T9...5 00
53...277...5 00
57...246...5 00
64...261...5 00
67...239...4 95
51...240...4 95
64...230...4 95
66...2S2...4 95
59...262...4 90
110...216...4 93
84...203...4 85
80...196...4 85
71...20!)...4 85
48...198...4 85
5 15
318...5 10
51...308...5 10
50...301...5 10
.276...5 05
.271...5 05
.266...5 00
.269...5 00
259...S 00
55...253...5 05
31...284...5 00
.5 00
.5 00
.5 CO
.5 09
50...274...5 CO
110...249...5 00
108...260...5 00
65...240...5 00
S8...269...4 95
50...256...4 95
58...241...4 95
75...234...4 90
69...234...4 96
59...239...4 90
72...198...4 85
70...210...4 85
66...200...4 85
63...232,..4 85
153...183...4 85
85...183...4 85
57...209...4 80
65...244...5 00
66...230...4 94
4S...657...4 95
66...242...4 65
57...213...4 95
62...236...4 90
69...217...4 90
58...216...4 85
68...222...4 85
65...219...4 85
77...21S...4 85
58...254...4 924
61...227...4 87H
75...219...4 82J
46...194...4 80
63...219...4 85
49...224...4 87
63216...4 82
A lace factory is about to be started
at Wilkesbarre, Pa., which will be the
only one of its kind in the United States.
The capital required will be $150,000,
and 25 per cent of thi3 is already sub
scribed. It is proposed to give workmen
a chance to become stockholders in the
company, and the shares have been
placed at $100 each. The machinery
will be imported from England, and
when in running order the factory will
give employment to over two hundred
A C1 1' U lUT A Relieved immediately and
Mn 1 n IY1 M cured by using Cone Asthma
Conq.uer.ob. Price S3.00 per bottle or 3 bottles for
88.00. delivered. Address Db. C. M-akkt, mana
ger, Hamilton, Ohio.
T A HPT? "MIT C f Thot. P 8impion, Washington,
JlA. L XLllN JL O I D. C. No pay uked for patent
until obtained. Write for InTenior'r Ouido.
lf,fM h hvT Fortify the tystera.
ft 1 1 i ti 0 y 1 1 r i t "3 tare expo
1 1 I f Jt, rL itt L i rtenced and wit
iit KIKSAHS iJneased tha effect oi
r m Heetetter'a Stomach
Bitters upon the
weak, broken down,
desponding victims
of dyspepsia, live
complaint, fever and
ague, rheum ausm.
nervom debility or
premature decay,
,5 know that In this
supreme tonic and
alterative tnere ex
ista a specific prin
ciple which reaches
tha wnr nnr4 of
fll h.H M i A w' m&nent cure. Tor
4J I 1 fl f Li. V
sale ty all Druggist
tnfl Ec&lers enerally.
n a
A.re unequalled in jL JCI CIJ.SG SUJZ 1
fTT-n -n I7se(1 by the
(Jh-VJ Mechanician
J.re unequalled, in JXJ CTIXG SETS. VICE.
of the
Jfbjsi-by the Admiral
- atory, for Astro
- lknomical work: and
'by Locomotive
V. -vxEngf ineers, Con
V Jductors and Itail-
way men. They are
,iur urn u tA. -.-ow
Till if Ft i tirr 3 and durability are re
IliP I! S I q -isites. Sold in princiral
1 1 1 1 1 1 J , E cities sndtowns by the CU-U-8
Ilia ULw I PANY'si exclusive Afirenta
CUadiagjtwtlan,) who give a IT uli "Warranty
Pamphlet of Information ont free.
H N. LOW, CouxuK'ior &i La. w mid
Solicitor of Paents.
r. WA:-i.;jaTOND c
OSoe.501 F STREET. WA -i..J
i i I t 1 11 fx?
A POSE. Sor emsle ComDUint. th? ,i"2
iS-J0 Monticello, Pl5
e Witt. Iowa.- Sold eversrtasM. . i ,
" , r1 11 w
western mm
R. L. CO FRAN, - Proprietor.
Cor. Second, and. Jefferson Eta., Nesjr
Santa Fe Iladlroad, Snops.
ManatsetMrer sad DctUr la All KTada ef
oisri aro-rt prices.
an author of his own se
lection, H.J. Ramsdxll,
the distinguished journal
by Ben Perlet Poobk 22
years an officer of Con
gress. Authentic and
Complete. One vol.. C50
pages; 2 steel portraits: 34
full page illustrations. Out
fit ready, 50o each, sent
postr aid. Addiess
Kansas City, Mo.
and tMt -m a rrr . 1
wonderful cares. tJ
Medicine sent to JCT
any part of the U. 8. 4isiae.
bv fLroreoB. -with Ai. 1 flfflTT I TT 1 mTTin
ronsor-furth- AM HA It i A K
kt nartlenlan. tAArvm
Kitugimg stamp,
. a ut m positive reuieoy ror the above disemse; bv lta
n thoostwid oi" cases of the worst kind and of ien
standinar have been cured. Indeed, so s tmnc Is my HilrS
In Its efficacy, that I will send TWO BOTTLES FRK2.
together with a VALU.1B LB TKEATtSEon this UaeMi
to ISttffrer. Give Express and P. O. addrcsaT "
T. A. SLOCUil. lil Pearl Su.KavTrk
to seal
in ihe Market. QATia.T'S UNXVEIiSAX. ED3.
wiuk," HOT pajas, 470 illustrations; primet km
otst 60000 sold. &xchulT territory ani iZim
most liberal terms ever offered. Addreas, JLxsnkM
Orrr Pub. OolOrJ West Kinta kL. XsatsasCUy. If a.
larsePoten nnLOllCno C!TerIa!lK3
(BnitedtoaJI seotloaa.) Write for VHEBQuruBiiUgl
eod Prloea to The aalaaaa A Tar W O. WaiuAaiA W?
Lady Agents
nent employment
and good salary selling Queen City
Kklrt and Stocklnv Supnortcns etck
Sample outfit Free. Address Qneca
CHty Suspender Co., CincinaaU, O.
Faplllon Catarrh Cure,
Aa unfailing means of curing nasal catarrh, by insuffla
tion. Catarrh, Cold is the Head, Bronchial Catarrh,
and Hat Fever, yield almost instantly to this sovereign
remedy. It is a liquid medicine that does not smart, burn
or irritate; it allays the inflammation, prevents accumula
tions of matter, permits free breathing. It relieves these
maladies tmd will permanently cure. Its efficacy as a care
for Hat Fever is established, as many testimonials certify.
It has been used several years. For offensive discharge
from the nose, or lost sense of smell, taste or hearing, and
pain in your head, use Papillon Catarrh Cure. We con
stantly receive reports from physicians and druggists
acknowledging the efficacy of this remedy. Catarrh is a
deceptive disease, and if chronio is dangerous. Papillon
Catarrh Cure has produced cures of many acknowledged
incurable cases.
Price, fl.00 per bottle, six for $5.00.
languages accompany every bottle.
For sale by all druggists.
Directions in ten
DR. HENDERSON, "ffiflB.8,
A rtcJar graduate in medicine. Over 16 yean'' practice
12 in Chicago.
Authorized by the State to treat
Chronic, Nervous and Private Dtp
seases, Seminal Weakness night
losses). Sexual Debility, (loss of seaoual
power) and all Impediments to mar
riage. Also, Piles, Tape-worm Itheu
matism. Asthma, Epilepsy, Urinary
and Skin Diseases. Ac. Cures fruar
anteed or money refunded. Charges low. Over
20,000 cases cured experience Is Important. All med
icines furnished ready for use no running to drug
stores. Patients treated at a distance by letter and
express; medicines sent everywhere, free from gaze
or breakage. No injurious medicines used. No de
tention from business. State your case and send for
terms. Consultation free and confidential, person?
ally or by letter. A BOOK for both sexes iilustrat..
ana circulars of other things, sent sealed in plali
envelope, for two 3c stamps. f3fMy Free Mu&euo:
la now ozeii see description In above boofc.
Wholesale and Eet&lL
Ltrjt iiristii, Jill EUck, Es;i ki Citiljjsi to
I! t I
Their cause and cure.
EnigM's new book sent free.
Address, 3L. A. KI2TGHT,
15 East Third St, CI NCI NN A Tl, 0.
Mention particularly this paper.
T A nnTT1 AJnTC I Tho. P. Simpson, Washington
rA X XilN lo! D. C. No pay asked for paten
until obtained. Write for Inventor's Guide.
W5PJSP lOOOLiveAents
ever offered, to sell the official ani autheatio
biographies of the coming: President end Yico
Presient, BLAINE and LOGAN!
History of the Republican Convention, by J.
W. BUEL, U. S. A. Send 50 cents by return mall
for complete outfit. Call on or address KANSAS
CIY PUBLISHING CO., 100 West Ninth street
Kansas City, ilo.
OAK. Address.
CO., Chicago, Ilia.
BeatCoushbyrnp. Tastes good.
Use in time. 8oid by drngrists. -1
JL. H. U. T.
No. 49.
Ia applyins' to any of the abora
vertisers, Co not forge to ear tb3
H lOLN flu

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