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Phillipsburg Herald.
JULY 17,
1). A. Huling wants to see you.
!S. .?. ilartraaa, j. L. Troup and D. T.
Palmer were in town Saturday.
C. A. Ixiwis started for Decatur coun
ty Tuesday night, on business.
Peter Hansen has put a three story
addition to the Logan Mills.
W. T; S. May came up from Kirwin
Saturday , to atend the convention.
Proceedings of the Democratic Con
vention will be found on the 7th page.
J. B. Woods, our genial Sheriff, is
building a new barn in the east part of
F. VV. Lovell, of Bow Creek, has Fold
his farm to S. J. Finney,, of Wamego,
There is money in it. . Ask T). A.
Huling. '
A very heavy rain visited this county
last Saturday night, making the corn
crop. a sure thing. .
" Kenneth", Sheridan county, id soon to
have a new paper called the Sentinel
edited by W. L. Humes. :.
IK C. Clark has. cut, with a header,
over 300 acres of grain, and will proba
bly reach 400 by the time that harvest
has ended.
Wonder if Lamb joined in the chorus
of the song Old Hundred" as sung at
the Democratic Convention at Chicago
last week. .
D. A. Hulmg wants to see you.
Wm. Bissell, Senior editor of the
II KiiALD, and E. W. Warner are in at
tendance at the Republican State Con
vention this week as delegates from this
D. L. Smith, County Treasurer, start
ed for Topeka, Tuesday night, to make
his annual settlement with the State
Treasurer. He will take in the State
Convention while there.
It is reported that a severe hail storm
visited the country in the vicinity of
Big Creek last Friday, doing considera
ble damage. The report has not been
confirmed to us.
We failed to mention last week the
departure of J. K. Kelley, for Kirwin,
where he will assist his father in the
Post Office Store atthatplac. We are
sorry to lose Elmer .
I). A. Iluling wants to see you.
This otlice will turn out in the next
thirty days, oOO premium lists for the
Phillips County Agricultural and Me
chanical Association. It will bo a pam
phlet of about 32 pages.
G, W. Young & Co. have sold this
reason alone nearly 30 machines, and
these, with the old supply, will not be
able' to save only about 4-5 of the grain
in this part of the countj.
j. I. Hicks, of Plainview, was in
attendance at the county convention
Saturday. A, .Ir j Hick? . probably has
moro wo'imds1 'from the ' late war than
any other soldier in Phillips county.
. M. W. McGUl, of To wanda township,
yaij in the city Saturday, attending the
convention as a delegate. We undef
Htand that' Mc. will be a candidate for
Commissioner in that district this fall.
There is money in it. Ask D. A.
Wo have quite a number of new cor
rospondents this week, among whom
are "Major,'" from Marvin, 'Green
horn,"' from Pqairicview, and "Uncle
Joe," from Hillside. These, with our
Pcd," Vox" and "Tattler" and oth
'ers, .aie all welcome visitors.
A. Troup, P. M. of Marvin, was up
to attend the County Convention Mon
day and took occasion to come in and
f ay for ape years subscription to the
Ikram. He also informed us that he
has just proved up on his timber claim
on bow creek.
The following-named gentlemen came
over from Logan, Saturday, to attend
t he Republican Convention : J . Wil
trout, O. IV. Gandy, p. W . Workings,
Prof. A. M. Bryant, A. S. unnis, A. B.
Miller and W. M. Dunning. These
gentlemen all read the Herald.
James H. Kennedy, of West Cedar,
while attend jag the convention Saturday
took occasion to renew his allegiance to
the HpKAi.D by paying for it for almost
two years ahead. Such substantial re
membrances are that which make the
poor Editor's heart leap for joy. Come
often J. H.
W e were shown this week two cog
wheels cast by J H. Close and E. B.
Sanborn, of this place, that were as
perfeet as could be cast " by any eastern
foundry. These "gentlemen have the
jbecessary accoutrements lor this kind
JCf -work' and -can cast a wheel of almost
.any size and shape. .
There ' is tnoney in it .' Ask D. A .
Uulirig. . . ..
Oliver Rubin, of Crow, gave us a call
Tuesday,. and reports cropsM in his part
of the county excellent, lie. also reports
the" new town of Crow booming. Mr,
Rubin is one of . the substantial tanners
of that part of the county, and has an
abiding faith in. the future of this
' country.
Harvest is nearly over and the farm
ers have had good weather although a
part oi the time has been very hot for
both men and horses. The crops of
wheat and rye are excellent, and for
some fields it is -claimed they will yield
as high as 40 bushels per acre. The
farmers all give very encouraging re
ports as to quantity and quality. The
jcorn crop is also very flattering.
f!. A . lAmb. ia an interview with an
eastern paper, oa his road to the Chica
go Democratic Convention, remarked
that if the Democrats did not endorse
Ben Butler for their candidate for pres
ident, (he the Greenbaekers would
nominate a candidate for Congress in
this, the 6th 'district, and make a three
cornered tight. Just as if the des
tinies of the Democratic party were
centered in the 6th Kansas District.
We imagine we can seethe "Boss" us
In that argument in his plea to Cleve
land and other candidates to withdraw
from tha race.
I). A. Haling wants to see you
The Phillips County Fair will com
mence Octoler 8th, 1884.
Roit.v-to Mrs. and Mr. H- It. Dan- ;
lels on July 13, ISS4, a daughter.
Ho k.v to Mr?, and Mr. Hurter, of
Big Creek, July 14. 1884, a. daughter.
Judge Pratt and daughter, Jesse,
went to Topeka Tuesday morning. The
Judge will take in the proceedings of
the State Convention while there.
Mrs. Kd. Noble, of Hiwatha, Kan
sas, nister of J. II. Close, arrived at
this place yesterday, and will visit a
few days with relatives and friends.
We acknowledge the receipt of an in
vitation to the celebration of the fitth
aniversary of of the city of Downs, on
the 28th inst. If walking is good we'll
be there.
There is money in it. Ask D. A.
The Phillips County Republican Con
vention is called to meet at Phillips
burg, September 13th , 1884, to nomin
ate candidates for county officers. We
haye not room to publish the call this
There is money in it. Ask D. A.
. H. and C. Cozad, the new drugists of
Long Island gave us a call this morning,
having been summoned as witnesses on
the case of the State vs. Joseph Exline.
Mr. H. Cozad is newly appointed Post
Master at the Island.
Frank Smith purchased of G. W.
Young & Co. last Saturday, the. Wal
ter A. Wood Self Binder that received
the premium at theBismark Fair last
fall, the blue ribbon still remaining
on it when it arrived here.
Francis L. Rhamy of Goodc P. O.
gave us a call Tuesday. Francis is
quite u stirinr young man and by per
severence and industry will succeed
in Kansas. He reads the Hkbald,
and sends a copy to his brother W, H.
Rhamy, Fairfield, Iowa,
D. A. Huling wants to see you.
G. W Young & Co. have sold this
season over 4,000 pounds of twine for
binding grain.and the other towns in
the county comparatively the same,
and yet about 1-5 of the grain will go
back to mother earth for w.vnt of ma
chines to save it.
A rancheress of Washoe Valley, Ne
vada, has invented u novel method of
preserving eggs for winter use. Dur
ing the summer she breaks the eggs,
pours the contents into bottles, which
are tightly corked and sealed, when
they are placed in the cellar, necks
down. She claims the contents of the
bottles come out as fresh as when put
n. American Farmer.
There is money in it . Ask D. A.
A severe rain storm, accompanied by
some hail , visited a small teritory north
of town last Friday evening. We have
failed to learn the full extent of the
damages done, but hope they are not
as bad as some report, however. The
small grain that "remained uncut suf
fered severely in some places. The
path of the storm was only about a mile
wide, and did not extend very far east .
Those who are losers; have our sym
pathies. Yesterday morning Sheriff Woods
arrested Joseph Exline, of Dayton town
ship, charged with grand larceny on a
warrant sworn out by Samuel Gordon ,
for stealing a steer and selling it and
appropriating the proceeds of the same
to his Exhne's own use. Exline was
just returning from Iowa, where he had
been visiting, when arrested at the Cen
tral House by Sheriff Woods. The
case will be tried to-day before His
Honor, Ksouire Strain, at 10 o'clock,
a.m. McElroy & McCoi mi ;k will ap
pear as attorneys for the State. G. W .
Stinson for defence.
Later Exline was arraigned this
morning befor Justice Strain and waiv
ed examination, gave bond in the
sum of $150, for his appearnce at court
August 4 , 1884.
IK'A. Huling wauts to see you.
A paper to be first-class must receive
first-class support. First-class support
consists in every subscriber paying his
subscription in advance, patronizing
the job department, instead of sending
the work to foreign offices, and in every
way giving the paper your moral help.
Taking and reading it and not paying
for it will never do . Moral support of
itself was never known to run a news
paper; moral support cannot be util
ized when ink and paper bills are to be
paid. The men who work on newspa
pers are human, and enjoy corned beef
and cabbage as well as anybody. The
atmosphere in this locality contains a
large amount of ozone and is very brac
ing, the scenery very grand and pict
uresque, but nevertheless ii seems to be
one of Nature's first laws that one can
not pay for printing material with
ozone or pay workmen on beautiful
scenery .
D. A. Hailing wants to see you.
Married.! ..
On Tuesday evening,- July 15th, "by
Rev. W. R. Allen i at .the residence of
the groom, Mr. Alexander' McPhercon
to Mrs. Mary .J. Calllgany both of Phil
lipsburg, Kansas'. :.;. -
There, is money in it. Ask D. A.
Huling. . . . :
Our County Normal Institute will
open promptly on Monday morning,
August 4th, at 8 o'clock, sharp. Teach
ers remember that in order to win the
race you should start at the word "go."
Loiterers lose opportunities , and do an
injustice to themselves , as well as the
Institute. Be on hand, ready, like true
soldiers, to do your part in the .battle
for self culture. Remember that the
knowledge gained will be in proportion
to the industry employed.
Our course of study'is exhaustive, and
our corps of instructors first class, but
the work accomplished will depend up
on yourselves 1 shall do ail in my
power to make this summer's Institute
a complete hucccsa, but 1 cannot accom
plish the work alone- I must have your
cheeerful co-operation, which I trust
will be freely given. Make all your ar
rangements early and come with a full
determination to succeed. The follow
ing will be the programme for the term,
subject, however, to such modifications
as tne exigences of the case may de
mand: .
7 :4o 8 -00 . Opening Exercises.
8:30. Orthography Constitution,
9:0.r. Didactics. Geography.
9:40. Book Keeping Arithmetic .
9:50. Gymnastics.
10 :25. "Methods . Grammar.
11:00. Physiology. History.
" Physics.
11:30-. Recess.
11 :45. Penmanship,
12:0. School Organization. Reading.
I am.
Very Truly Yours,
C. A. Lewis.
County Superintendent.
D. A. Huling wants-to see yon.
Philiips County Republican Con
vention met pursuent to call .in the
Court House in Phillipsburg, Saturday
July 12, 1884. Called to order by G.'
W. VVood, Chairman Co. Committee. ! '
Convention organized by electing
J. D. Malteson of Crystal Chairman
and C. Hlckenlnoper of Phillipsburg,
On motion A. P. McElroy and
others were appointed as a committee
on credentials. Thos. Davison and
others were appointed as committee on
permanent organizations. W. "L.
Morgan and others were appointed as
a committee on order of business. V.
F. Wright and others as a committee
on resolutions.
Adjournment for. 20 minutes.
Called to order by the Chairman.
Committee on credentials reported all
the townshps represented except Bow
Creek, llushvillc, Long Island, Sum
ner and Beaver. Committee reported
the following delegates entitled to seats
in the convention, viz: (by some
means we have failed to learn the
names of some of the delegates present.
Kirwin V. H. Noll, W. E. Howe,
Van E. lluginiu, Jas. Scott, M. H.
Johnson and Chas Marshall.
Logan D. W. Workings, J. J Wil
trout, A. S. Ennisand A- B. Miller.
Gin wood Win. McFarland and'E.
Greenwood W. Ii. Morgan and T.
Solomon W. F. Wright, T. J. Too
ley, I, Miley and A Quuuz.
I'lainview J. P. Hulcs and C. Bow
an. Tovi nda M W McGill ami S
Freedom Jas. Cole, C. Whitney
E. A. Milchell.
Walnut It. E. Heth and H. Page.
Crystal j. D. Matteson and J. H.
Deer Creek A. Spaulding and I. V
Mound G. W. Adams, John Merk
line. Dayton C. D. Heath, J. S. Friant.
Arcade J. F. Ciawlordr T. J. Scott,
O. Uarvy.
Belmont VV. P. Pratt, H. Blackman.
Granite .las. Goode, Frank Finley.
Prairie view D . W. Thomas, Wm.
My res,
Phillipsburg A . P. McElroy, C.
Hickenlooper, 1) It. Ives, Jas. VVoods
.N. Poling, J. 11. rvurtz. . -;-
Valley Wm. Gudger, Chas. Ernst.
Committee on permanent organization
reported for Cnairinan W. L. Morgan,
C. Hickenlooper Secretary, leports re
ceived. . : . . ,
Wm. Bissell and E. W. Warner were
chosen a delegates and W. F. Wright
and Thos. Davison alternates to attend
the State Convention at Topeka, Julj
The following gentlemen were chos
en as delegates to the Senatorial Con
vention at Oberliu, July 18S4, viz.
C. A Lewis, Flank Strain, J. W.
Lowe, David Dodge, J. 1. Troup, J. J.
Wiltrout. Peter Hansen, Geo, Bell, O.
San ford, J. D. Malteson, w. L, Mor
gan, T. M. Bishop, Geo. Veen, J. O.
Dean, A. Shearrer,
Cuiumittee on resolutions reported the
following :
Hksolved : that we, the Republi
cans of Phillips county iu convention
assembled, do hereby cudurse the plat
fottu adopted at the Chicago National
Republican convention, and we pledge
our most earnest support to the candi
dates placed in nomination by that body.
ResoLVEI) : that the delegates elected
at this convention to represent Phillips
county at the State convention at To
peka, July 1G, 1884, are hereby instruct
ed to use ail honorable meaus to secure
the nomination of cjl. John A. Martip,
of Atohison, for Governor and Ron. E.
P. Mccabe, of Graham county, for Audit
or ot Slate.
Resolved: that the delegates elected
here to atuud the Republican Senatori
al convention to be held at Oberlin, Kas.
on the 22dday of July 1884, are hereby
instructed to use all honorbie means to
secure the noniiuition of II, S- Granger
of this county, for Slate Senator, from
the 88th Senatorial District.
Resolved : that we recognize in the
Hon. John J. Ingalls a man of power and
brilliant genius, we deem it. to be for the
best interest of the young and progress
ive State of Kansas'that he be elected as
hss owu successor to the U. S. Senate.
A motion was made by W. ii. Noll of
the idrwm delegation to table the resolu
tions, which Was lost by an overwhelm
iug majority Resolutions were adopted.
W. H. Noll "introduced the fnllowmg
resolution which was unanimously adpt
ed: Resolved : that the delegates from
Phillips county to the Senatorial con
vention at Oberlin, be, and are hereby
instructed to use all honorable means to
secure the nomination of n. s. Granger,
2nd : That they be, ana are, hereby
instructed to use all honorable means to
secure the nomination of a man from
Phillips county.
Convention adjourned.
lor Sale. : - '
A : threewear
old Gelding for sale
cheap, for cash.
Tjhoronghly broke to
Apply here. - 35-2 p
all kinds of work.
Phillipsburg, Kansas,
July 3, 1834.
G . W. Young & Co.
Gonts: The Buckeye Low Down
Binder I bought of yon 'hi working
splendidly. I cut 13 1-2 acres of heavy
wheat yesterday, between 8 o'clock a.
m. and sundown, without failing to tie
a single bundle. I challenge any ma
chine in the countv to do as good" work
in heavy and tangled rje as the Low
Down Binder will do.
- '- Repectfully.
-"-- II. R. Daniels.
. A Grand Offer.
To those who will pay up their sub
scription to the I1krai,i to date and
one year hi advance, we will send as a
premium.. 4lie American Fanner for
one year. : The merican Farmer is a
sixteen page paper, devoted to the in
terests of Agriculture and stock rais
ing, and is chuck full of good reading
matter. Remember we send it and the
HkKald both for one year for the price
of one. This offer is good for only W
day.-., so ynu should avail yourself of
this opportunity; :
' K, Bonanza.
. Rosenberg &"Co have opened an
entire new stock of Millinery and Fancy
Goods and sell them at prices that will
undersell parties that are advert
ising to sell at cost . They also nave an
experienced milliner, who can please the
ladies. livery body invited to call and
examine goods uid prices. tf
Eugene John , Kirwin, i3 sole agent in
Phillips county for the celebrated Spoon
er Patent collar. He also has a full ilne of
and makes a SPECIALTY of HAND
MADE HARNESS. Give him a call
before buying elsewhere. tf
Land For Sale,
w hf sw sec. 28 , s hf se 30 t 1 r 17 .?.r00.
e hf no 31. w hf nw 32 t 1 r 17 $700.
nesec. 33 t 1 r 17 $700.
w hf nw sec li t 1 r 17.
se sec 18 1 1 r 10 $800.
e hf sw w hf se sec 12 t 3 r 18 $1,100.
n hf sw, sw sw fee 5, nw nw 8 t 1 r 18.
nw sec 28 t 1 r 18.
n hf n w nw ne sec 3 1 1 r 18.
ne sw n hf se and se se sec 35 t 1 r 19.
Enquire of C, E. Moneix,
m!5 tf Kirwin, Kansas.
Don't you fee your harness are break
ing? Call at Page's Harness Shop and
get them repaired, or leave order for k
new one. Repairing done promptly
and neatly. ' tf
South Side of Square.
Gentle Reader,
id von know that
had started in
Did you know he is
anxious to work up
a good trade?
Pid,.you know that
in order to do so he
expects to down
them on prices?
.JDid you know he has the. nobbiest
store and- the best selected stock in
the west. "
..Did you know that eleven years
experience in a new country gives
hi ni decided advantages.
Did you know that your trade will
be a great object to him, and that he
expects to make his goods and prices
an object to you.
It is good judgmtnt in you to place
yoilr dollars where they will do you
the most good, and after a careful
inspection of my stock and prices, if
you do not think that I merit your
patronage, I do not want it. All I
have to say is this: give me a trial.
I pay no rents. My expenses all told
are a mere trifle. My goods are
bought for cash and I llatter myself
that 1 can sell cheaper than any mer
chant who does a credit business. -
Sly.' stock is fresh, attractive and
complete in everything belonging to
general merchandise, and I shall al
ways pay the highest market price for
produce. ,
You will find me doing business in
the'oldFied Dutton store (which lias
teen lately refitted) .where I hope to
recieve a liberal share of your patron
age, and if your neighbor asks you
tor the news, pleas tell him about
this little article you have seen in the
paper, and oblige . "
Your Friend.
JyJIED 15. ' Yf I II I P.
U U 0
Li Li
USTe-w- C3-oca.sI
Ready-made Clothing, Ladies & Gents Furnishing
Goods, Hats, Gaps, Boots '& Shoes,
Queensware, Glassware, Provisions
Special bargains in
I also carry
Staple WAMl) WARE.
We came West to Grow up with the Country
We are toll W'
Good Stock Cigars
Successors to N.
n i i
fill I i J l fl l i I i n f ill i i I I
South side Public Square, 'first door west Centra House .
Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries,
Queensware and Glassware
Hi ! 1
ZLua-tebt Stales!
and . Sgo; '
a full line of
- ?M. Best Goods
V' and
' Store in
Geo. W. Young & Co.,
1 n
' '-
Poling & Co

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