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Phiilipsuurg Horalti.
II. B: Dixon, of Towanda township,
was ia town-oE feusiness this week.
Win Woodward is now one of the
t3-pograpbicul artist on the IIehald.
Died: On July 31st, ISS-t, of chol
era infantum, Carrie, iofasr, daubterof
L. and E. Malboff.
"2Uas May Webster has been employed
as instructor in tne normal department
of (Joukl College, Harlan Kansas.
After thi the mails will be -closed at
7.30 o'clock, p. in., prompt, take notice
and govern yourselves accordingly.
O. S. Darring and J. M. Parrish of
Granite Bluffs, were in town on busi
ness Saturday and gave the lltKALU a
John O'Keil and V F. Soloaion, of
ilarvia, were in towa this ciorain and
made the Ilenild a pleasant -eatll , oome
aain frentlenien.
Maukikd: July 1 SSI, at the
residenco. of tli brides psrenM, on West
Ced:ir, by J. D. Mattcson, Esq. Mr.
'V, J. Ilojikin to Aiiss Arvii'iu A. Fol
fiom. Mr. Puffer who has lately came into
Sumner township, has brought in about
1000 full blood merino sheep and will
soon get a lot more, we regard Mr. P.
&s .& valuable addition to our already
able corps of iw.p men.
Benjamen Porter lost a valuable cow
Saturday, by larrietting it too near the
-creek, it become tangled in the rope,
.fell in the creek and was drowned, or,
at least died, too much care can not be
taken to guard against such accidents.
W. V. Anderson made the Herald a
pleasant call to-day, and what was best
of all, made the Editor's heart palpi
tate with gladness by enough wealth to
put his subscription two years ahead.
Mr. Anderson has sold his school land
claim, -one mile eat of town to liev. j.
L. Farley, of Bur Oak, Kansas.
Dr. Lawrence, formerly of Indianap
olis, Indiana, will be here August 14,
the Dr. is said to be skillful in the treat
ment of chronic diseases, and those
afflicted will-do well to see him at hid
rooms in the Central House. Laek of
apace makes it impossible for us to
make a more extended notiee .
N. Poling and wife, Mrs. McCown
and Mrs. Mary L. Poling made the
Hkrajld ollice a call Friday, and took a
ood look at our agricultural collection.
Mrs. MeCowan is a -daughter and
Mrs. Poling is a -daughter-in-law of our
townsman, X. Policy, both living in
Virginia and are visiting their friends
Lew L. Gray, traveling salesman for
the old reliable Great Western Type
Foundry, Kansas City, Mo. , was in the '
city this week taking orders and ga-ve
us a call . We have known Iew tor a
number of years aud know him to be a
first class prinVr of fit' ten years experi
ence which isesential in his present Hue
of business. Several of the papers in
the county patronized him quite liberal
ly, among whkt& was the Hkkai.i. We
wish him success in his new fields of
A. II. Shapley of Logan whose anounce
lnent will be found in this paper, is en
titled to recognition at the hands of
the Republican County Convention,
which he asks to nominate him a Pro
Late Judge. The honors of which olliee
would set as easily upon hLs shoulders
as did the haversack and knapsack dur
ing the dark and bloody wax. Mr- S.
lias been justice of the peace in Logan
for several terms and is said to be well
D. A. Bickford, formerly foreman of
the IIkkall press rooms and uoss of
the cases, came home Friday from Hoi
Ion where he has been attending school
at the Normal Institute for the last year
and where he wiil return after a few
weeks vacation.
Deu is one of our best young men and
.aa he has still an eye single to editorial
work. we look forward to the day in the
cot distant future when he will be at the
head of one of the best newspapers of
thrt state.
"W. W. Hanson sold 100 stock sheep.
average of his llock of 800 to John Mil
ler of Wolf creek , for 2.o0 ' per head
Mr. Hanson stju-tad with a few Mexican
sheep und has sumeedeo in grading
mem up.in qinuuv nxkz increasing in
numoer unm ne nas Decome one ot our
leading sheep men and inspector of the
county, is receiving good returns for his
time and money as well as giving us an
example of what can be done by energy
&na. application to business in that line.
The announcement of Geo. W. Stin
son will be found in this weeks Heuald
as a candidate lor the ollice of County
Mr Stinson is at present the oldest
resident lawyer in the county, he being
the only one now living in the county of
those who were present at the first term
of the district court held here in 1873
Since then he has twice been elected
county attorney and two years ago re
ceived the Kepubiiea.H nomination for
saia oince, out was aei-eaiea oy a com
bination of the Democrats and Green
backers, electing S. W. McElroy. He
is a lawer oi unquesuona'ne ability, is
thoroughly acquainted with the people
of the county, and will make a strung
pull lor the position.
The following pitents were granted to
citizen ot Kansas, bearing date July
ii'in, r'PiriM expressly xor tins paper
Ly J.iouis Bagger i Co., m..-cliaincal ex
2rTi& solicitors oi patents, usiuugtuu,
1. c.
Davis, ttiu. Abileno, car-coupling.
202 ,847
.Lyons, W m., IiLlow, corn-planter.
Mottram. Win., K,, aud J. A. Mundv.
OUawh. post-Hole uugtr. ;i02,7ol.
-il jftlutrt, J. M., North Popcta, Hay-
tla.sk?r. 31:77.
Candidates" plenty.
Plenty of good, fat beef at Evans' the
butcher on the south side.
Peter Roland of CJlenwood was in
towa Saturday on land business.
"W. F. Woodward, one of our towns
men, has been very sick with congestion
of the lungi for thejpast law days.
Many of the teachers have cillei up
on us this week And are always welcome
The latch string is always out, come
Judge Spanlding is learning to tiee his
wheeled chair, and it is believed thithe
will be able to get considerable com
fort out of it, we hope so.
Geo. W. Young returned last Friday
from ttie soldiers re union at Minneapo
lis, Minn., and says ho is glad to get
hack to liod's country.
Fred IVinship hs fitted his hfy scales
in good shape, widened his sidewalk in
front of hi- store and is now ready for the
fall trade which is bound to come.
Between politics and land buyers the
the farmers are in great danger of hav
ing the peace and quiet of their homes
invaded wt any hour, don't set the dogs
on them.
The Chaplain is again on deck and
religion and politics are being mixed in
the usual systematic manner and we
sincerely hope no one will try to inter
fere with thewell laid plans.
Ilepubltean City has secured a Nor
mal school to be known as the Mcpher
son Normal College. The town hav
ing raised $0000.00 to sMire this enter
prise and have done
themselves great
George spuulding is giving more at
tention to business than politics. The
office being rushed with work prepar
ing for the fall term of court, to com
mence September 22, but we expect lie
will bo heard from in due time.
After a delay of' several weeks in
which the contractors have been taking
care of their crops, the AI. E. Church
has been at a stand-still, but this week
work has again been resumed and it
will be pushed to a speedy completion,
which is as it should be.
Last Saturday seemed to be a very
busy day in Phillipsburg, judging from
the number of team3 in town and our
merchants report a good trade. The
line crops can but have a good influence
on trade, and improvments in both
town and county.
We fear that the duties connected
with institute will make it ditlicult for C
A. Lewis to give as much attention to
his candidacy for county attorney, as
we know he woahl like to do. We ar.e
sorry for you Chancy but don't know
now we can help it.
J. C, Ilatt, Jr. editor of the Alma
Tribune, was married July 29th, to
Miss Kattie Brown of that place, and
judging from the report of the papers
in Harlan county it was the occas
ion ot a very pleasant collection of
friends of the young couple. Mr. II. is
a young man f excellent abilities and
his many meads wish all the prosperity
in store for mortal man.
V have received a copy of the Irish
World and American Industrial Libera
tor. It is the jrieatest of the Irish-
American papers, has heretofore been a
staunch Democratic paper, but comes
out for Blaine and Logan und is deliver
ing sdedge hammer blows to Governor
Cleveland and his British free trade
It commenced raining about three
o clock lhursday morning .continuing
until noon and putting the ground in
splendid condition for maturing thecorn
which now bids fair to be as immense as
the crop of small grain already secured.
Nothing but a hail storm stands be
tween us and a splendid crop of corn
verily this part of the mortal heritage
boometh with an exceeding great boom
We hope the citizens of Phillips Co.
win provide tneir delegates wun new
hats the next time they let them loose
on the community. At Clayton one of
the delegates got away with Geo. An
derson's hat and at Oberlin we missed
ours , and our suspicion fell on the Phil
lips delegation, and sure enough coun
ty clerk lowe had it. e think it was
enough for them to get away with our
candidates let alone our hats. Norton
The Institute convened Monday unde?
the conductorship oi JL'rof. W . C.
Cady of llumbolt Allen county Kansas,
and Prof. J. N. Mosier of Kirwin as in
structor. Both of these gentlemen
come highly recomended and with Prof.
C. A. Lewis make a trio of educators
that will make a success of anything in
their line.
The Instiute opened with 52 teach
ers present, w hich will v increased to
about 8o, and bids fair to be a profit
able one, and no teacher who can
possibly chose this oportunity to more
thoroughly fit themselves lor their
work ntid no better evidence can be
gi veil of the unfitness ot a person for
connection with our educational sys
tem, tlian the fact that they "do
not avail themselves of
the benefit of, and interest thomselves
in the Coimty hustitute, if it is possible
for them to do so, and no slight or
trumted excuse should be accepted
as satisfactory by the; people for such
The teachers hare their first social
Friday night.
Prof. A, M. Bryant, of Logan, will
lecture before the Institute Tuesday
eveuinir. llev. G. W. Grahe, of Kir
win, will lecture "h August L'oth.
These gentlemen are lurtfi gofd and
will no doubt interest their audience
and will have crowded tixie. Oth
er announcements will be made ns
they are agreed upon. Owing to the
crowded condiditioii of our columns
this week we are imable to give as
extended notes as we would wish, but
shall endevor to give the In.-tltul-ea
fair share ui our attention in the
We owe our readers an apolgy for
being a little late this week. We have
three compositors at work in the ollice.
but the unusual amount of work, both
on the paper and in the job department
which has caused us to work almost
night 'and day.
Owing to the rush in the paper this
week in order to strike the north and
south mails, a great many mistakes have
been the xesclt.
1). A. Huling has engaged the service
of Mr. Lawyer as clerk, lie iindles
the yard stick ia a very gracefull maner.
lrWin' McDowell has purchased the
Will McLaughlin herd of ponies and is
now yielding the larriet.
S. W . McElroy and 'X. B . McCor
mick have each invested some wealth
in ponies .
ZA letter from Butt'er.
Boston, August C The followixg
letter is self-explanatory :
Boston, Augnstfi, 1884.
To lion. Ch?. A. Dana, Editor New
York Sun , New York City.
Deaksh:; As a means of reaching
more querists than I can -do any other
way, 1 write you this note for such use
as you choose to mate it.
I do intend to stand by the nomina
tions tor the Greenback and laboring
men and antimonopolists. und hope
every Dody will vote for me who thinks
that it is the best thing to do. I wui
eive the reasons for my actions as soon
as l can nave tne uenent oi ;.vir. .ieve
and's letter of acceptance ; that where I
disagree with him, I may do Lim no in
ery truly your friend ana servant.
Benjamin F. Bltler.
Arrival and Departure of Mall3,
Mail east and west via. C. B. Mo.
Pacific It. II., arrives, 4 a in, leaves
" 'ill ii in .1-i 5 1 v
Alnuitind Phillipsburg Arrive 12
ni, jkiouuays, w eunesuays iuiu rn-
days; leaves 1 p m.
Long Inland and Phillipsburg Ar-
t .....
rive 1 m. ami leaves i p. in., -on
Tuesday, Thursdays and .Saturday.
Naneeaud Phillipsburg Arrives 4
p. in., Tuesdays and Fridays ; leaves-
sa. m., Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Wagnersvillc and Phillipsburg Ar
rives 2 p. m. and leaves o p. m. on
Tuesdays Saturdays.
Post-Office Honrs Open S a m,
closes at.S p m. Sundays opens V) a m.
and clones 7 p m, closes 10 a m and 7.30
p m. Money oriler business closes at
0 i) in. No money order or register
etter business transacted Sunday.
II. C. Spaujlding, P.M.
Jinbl icotion notice no 672
First publication August 7 1884.
Samuel W Baker and Mary E Baker
will take notice that the American
Mortgage and Investment Company as
plaintiff did on the 29 day of July 1884,
file in the office of the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court of Kansas in and for Phillips
eountv a petition against them as
defendants setting forth that
defendants made to plaintiff a mortgage
dated isept. 20 1881 upon the following
described realestate in Phillips county
Kansas to wit: easthalf southwest qr
and sonthwe-it ir of noitheast qr section
thret-i o-towuskip one 1 range nine
teen r9 The defendants
as plaintiff alleg as in
tended to mortgage to plaintiffs the east
half of the northwest qr of section three
3 in township one 1J south of range
nineteen 19 west instead of the east
half of the southwest or of section three
3 in township one (1) south of
range nineteen (19) west,
to secure the payment of $87 ; 1
0 and interst according to ten notes re
ferred to in said mortgage ; also that for
the protection of the lieu of said mort
gHge plaintiff has paid taxes on said
premises to the amount of $28.29 with
interest and prAying judgment on ac
count of said notes and taxes for $120.
10 with 10 per cent interest from Aug,
1st 1884, and that said premises be sold
to satisfy said judgment,
and that said mortgage may be refoi ru
ed according to the above
allegations, said defend
ants must appear and answer said peti
tion on or before the 19th day o
September 1884 or said petition will be
taken as true against them ?,nd each of
them and judgment for said amount and
interst wiil be entered as prayed and
decree forever barring any right title
and interest of said defendant and each
of them in and" to said premises after
the sale thereof and ordering said jrem
asis sold to satisfy said judgment.
) t ") G A Spaulding
Clerk Dist.Court
Seevers & Samson
Attorneys for plaintiff
(First publication August 7 1884.)
J W Hadley will take notice that the American
Mortgage and Ip vestment Company as plaintiffs
did on the 9 day of July 1SS4 file in tbe offiee of
the Clerk of the District Court of Kansas ia and
for Phillips County a petition against Geo W
liurges? and others as defendants t-ettioe forth
tlat tefenauts Geo IV Burgess and Mary F Bur
cess made to plaintiff a mortgage dattd August
15 lSsl upon tbe following described realestate
in Phillips county Kansas to wit: southhaif of
southwest jr and southwest qr of soulhe ist qr of
section six (u) and northwest qr of northwest qr
of section aeveu (7J all in township two (2) range
seventeen (IT) to secure tb payment of $54"0O
and interest .according to nine notes relerred to
in said mortgage: itlso that for the protection of
the lien of said mortgage plaintiff h:ts paid taxes
on hairt premise- to tho amount of 520,90 with in
tercet and praying judgment on account of said
notes and taxes lor 5ST.35 with 10 per cent inter
est from August 1.1S&4, aud that said premisis be
sold to ratisty xiid jadiuet. Said petition fur
ther sets fwrth that defendants A I Isbell and
J W iladiey have or claim some interest in slid
prtjwiies adverse to plaintiff but that ucii inter
eet is junior to the lien of taid mortgage. Said
.leleiij.iri t J w Iladiey must appear and aasner
said petition on or before the 19th day of Sept.
lis$4 or sail 1-cUiion will bo taken as true a
guinst theia aud'each of them aud judgment for
t-aid amount aud interest wiil We estered as
prayed md decree forever barrinj acy right ti
lie and interest of aid defendant aud each of
them in aud to jaid premise a.fter liie ie
thereof and or.iericg :ad preuii.-ia sold to sattr
ly saiJ judgment.
Seeveri Samson
Atfys for plaintiff .
L s. ii. A. Spaulding
Clerk liiat. Cvtirt.
Advent Camp Meeting.
The adventist of northwest Kansas
w ill hold their district camp meeting
near Ph;llipburg on the county farm.
They have a large tent which wiil be
put up on the Itfth, and meeting will
commence on the 17th of Aug and last
oyer .second Sunday . Every one invit
ed to attend.
Terrible Accident.
Tuesday evening last about an hour
before sunset one of the most distress
ing accidents which we have been call
ed upon to chronicle in a dong time hap- Ivc
peneu 10 a intie tliree year old daugh
ter of Mr. T. S. Houpt of Morlan town
ship, near the east line of the county.
The family were at supper, and the
child went out doors, and soon a ten
year old son went out and started the
mowing machine and ran against the
child, cutting one foot entirely off at
the ankle and the other hanging by the
skin and a small portion of tiesh. Dr.
Fuller of this place was called and
reached the little sufferer about 2 o'clock
at night, and is trying to save one foot,
but with what success time alone can
demonstrate . Millbrook Times.
Big Creek.
Thinking items from this part of Big
Creek wouid interest some, I will say
that farmers are busy stacking their
Mr.. T. G. larken has a new thresher.
Miss Hattie Heat was visiting friends
on the creek last Fiiday.
Miss Kate Larken and Miss Ella
Mitchell visited Miss Mary and Ella
We have a good Sabbath school at
Pleasant Valley, ltev. I, Johnson sup't.
Part of Hillside school visited tie Val
ley yesterday.
Those going to Sumner county to get
peaches 'tis time they were starting.
The weather is tine.
Stacking grain and making millett
hay is the order of the day .
Work i going on lively on the s.s.
Vincent place. Messrs Barg & .Jackson
its present owners have been battling
with the sunflowers and came out victo
rious. Last night the' were stacking
am by the silver light of the moon.
John Costello's farm is booming with
fine cropp, tine house, line herd of cattle
fine horses and the latest improved ma-chin-ery.
Mr. Khodes has the best corn in our
neighborhood. He has about sixty
acies which promises a lare yield.
J. E. Dodge formerly of Dayton will
come back to his old place this winter.
He is now quite a cattle man. We are
glad to have our old neighbor with us
C. II. LefTmgwelPs farm on Boughton
creek makes a good showing of grain
this season.
Our little folks are in high spirits, an
ticipating a grand time next Saturday.
s. M. liaker the we'l known knight of
the trowel, who in times past has made
himself famous in giving the finishing
touch "secundum artum" to our man
sions is giving his attention to stock
raising and farming:. Generally he has
good pastures for both cattle and hogs.
His "place has a prosperous look, and
reminds one of way down east.
h i j si :i h 1
ft m
Did vou know
had slarle
Did you know he is
anxious to work up
a good trade?
Did you know that
in order to do so he
expects to down
them on prices?
Did you know- he has the nobbiest
store and tbe best .selected stock in
the west.
Did you know that eleven yearn
exerieiice in a new country gives
him decided advantages.
Did you know that your trade will
be a great object to him, and that he
expects to make his goods and price
an object to you.
It is good judgment in you to p!ar
your dollars where they will do you
tin most good and after a careful
inspection of my stock and prices, if
you do not think that I merit your
patronage, I d not want it. All I
have to say is this: give me a trial.
I pay no rents. 2J.y expenses all told
are a mere trille. My goods arc
bought for cash and I flatter iiiyjlf
that 1 can sell cheaper than any mer
chant who does a credit bnsineM.
My tuck is fresh, attractive and
complete in everything belonging to
general merchandise, and I .shall al
ways pay the highest market price for
You will find me dwing bUhitieKS in
the old Fled Dutton store (which has
Ween LiteJy refitted) where 1 hope to
reeieve u liberal hare of your patron
age, and if your neighbor asks you
tor the news, pleas tell him about
this little article you have teen in the
paper, and oLlitre
Your Fnend. ,
d in
r i
id Li
f i I
t 5
Ready-made Cloihiiij
Goods, Hats,
ueensware, uiassware, provisions
Special bargains in
I also carry a ul! line of
We Game West to Grow m with the Country
v -. r
We are in tin
i: ast si di:
Window Glass, Cigars Notions, etc.
53.,rcacriptiuBa coioj-oaii
VTET iilDi:
r i
s,aa.d. See.
! 3
rl u
Ladies Ii . Gents Furnishing
1 r
Best Goods
and cheapest
Store in
Geo. 11, Young & Co,,
vvnuic kquark
Giood Stock Cigars.
3 3k?l fTJ ,
dd vrith tin
jrrcatcst a
L-a ns as.

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