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Among the lost arts recently revived is
the making of Limoges enomel jewelry.
A plain necklace can be made for 5400.
Thia kind of enamel was much in de
mand in the time of Socrates. It was
supposed to have some hidden magic
properties, and was principally used for
making talismans.
Old Uncle Frank Jckipee, a colored
man who lives three miles from Midway,
Ky., plowed up a copper box the other
day which contained a number of silver
dollars, halves and quarters. The box
contained about ?40 in American and
Spanish coins, the one of most recent
date bearing the stamp of 1S07, showing
the money must have been buried about
that year or the year following. The
most peculiar part of the circumstance
is that in the early part of the present
century, within a year or two of that
date, a remote ancestor of the finder
was hanged for murdering a peddler.
lie made no confession and no trace of
the plunder for which the crime was
committed was ever found.
Theue was exhibited in Baltimore last
week a photograph representing the sev
en'brothers of the Elder family, descend
ants of William Elder, of Lancashire,
England, who eettled in 1720 in Fred
crick county, Maryland, where he ac
quired considerable property, on a part of
which Mount St. Mary's College at Em
mittsburg was subsequently built. These
seven brothers, whose ages range from
C2 to 76 years and upward, met all to
gether for the first time in fifty years at
Cincinnati in December last, on the oc
casion of the installation of Bishop El
der, of Mississippi, the youngest but one
of the brothers, and now in his 65th year,
as BichbLshop of Cincinnati.
Farmers living near Knowlesville, V.
Va., are much excited over the reappear
ance of the enormous reptile which for
thirty years past has been occasionally
Been in that neighborhood. A party of
young men saw it a day or two ago on
the farm of David Baker. They describe
it as being eighteen or twenty feet long,
and as thick as a man's body, carrying
its head about two feet above ground
while traveling. It was first seen in 1S05,
then being about tenfeetlong, and many
stories regarding it have been revived
men wuo saw it in l 4 declare it lelt a
track through the tall grass like that
caused by dragging a heavy log. A par
ty is on guard day and night at w hat is
thought to be its hiding place.
The widow of Marshal Suchet, Duke
of Albufera, died in Paris the other day
at the age of 90 odd years. She was mar
ried when Joseph Bonaparte was King
of Spain, and received from him as a
wedding gift one of the eilendid hotels
next to the British Embassy in Paris,
In the military correspondence of Napo
leon I, we find the following letter dated
Paris, December 5, 1S11, and addressed
to Berthier: "My Cousin Write to Mar
shal Suchet to complain that hi3 wife
carries on a correspondence with Mme
de Saligny, in which she speaks of what
happens in the army that these details
should not occur in the letter of a lady,
who ought to be acquainted neither
with the number of troops nor their
movements, who should Fpeak merely of
her htalth, and that is all." It is curi
ous to think of the Duchess d' Albufera
surviving this for 73 years.
Few pure bred dogs leave England ex
cept on special orders. The mode of
dealing there is different from that here
A dealer over there is always required
to send a photograph of a dog, with ful
particulars as. to breeding, age, color,
weight and the like. The dog, too, is
sent to the owner on probation. If the
would-be purchaser don't like him, the
dog is sent back. It is these rejected
dogs that are sent to this country as a
speculation. Then, when a steamer ar
rives, the dealers go down and look the
dogs over, and if one happens to 6uit
they pick him out. It takes a lifetime
to become a good judge of a dog, and
some f pend a lifetime and piles of mon
ey in stock and then wind up by know
ing nothing about them.
The best terrapin found in the world
the only kind the real epicurean will
have rare caught right at the mouth of
the Potomac, and nowhere else. These
bring the highest market price in the
market, and the taste of one delights the
good eater. They are very scarce and
hard to get, though. They are eanght
one at a time, and the oyster boats bring
to market sometimes two dozen, some
times only a dozen or a half dozen, or
even only one single terrapin. They are
wilder and harder to get in the Summer.
They are caught then only by fishermen
"while seining for fish. Every time they
get one it is a prize, and they put him in
pound until they get more. In the Fall
they are fat and easier to catch. In Sep
tember they stop feeding and sink into
the mud. The fishers then rake for
them with tongs, digging deep into the
bottom of the river and along the shore
for them. At this time they are fat, and
stay so all "Winter if they are not dis
turbed. But if they get frightened out
of their beda and crawl about much, they
scratch their bellies, which worries them
and makftJ them thin.
A terrible cyclone is reported in North
The estimated decrease of the public
debt for J illy is about $5,000,000.
The National Association of Photograph-
era id in convention at Cincinnati.
Well-borers at Wabash, Indiana, devel
oped a gas vein which bids lair to illumi
nate the city.
II. II. Youne, statistical agent for Min
nesota, estimates the wheat yield of that
Suite at 44,000,000 bushels.
A steam thresher at Rushville, Ind., ex
ploded killing three men and severely in
juring half a dozen others.
RDorts from correspondents throughout
Iowa show that the crops in that State
promise very well for this season.
The Treasury Department has purchased
220 000 ounces of silver tor delivery at the
New Orleans and Philadelphia mints.
The State department will issue a report
on the condition of labor in all countries,
together with wages, cost of living, etc.
The Comte de Paris and family have do
nated 2.0u0 to the relief of the Toulon suf
Lewis Spencer, a colored man who died in
the poor-house of Niagara county, Nesv
York, is believed to have been 115 years of
The distillery of A. Overholt & Co. at
Connersville, ta.., and several thousand bar
rels of whisky were burned, causing a loss
of $000,000.
It was reported that a case of 'cholera wis
found on the steamer Annie P. Silver, ply
ing between New Orleans and St. Louis, but
it proved to be a canard.
At a meeting of the directors of the
Louisville & Nashville road. Jay Gould,
itussel Sage and three others resigned, and
their successors were chosen.
Donnell, Lawson & Simpaon have ob
tained consent of nearly all their creditors
to take their assets out of the hands of the
assignee and utilize them themselves.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
aid $404,000 lor 125 acres ol land at Free-
ctm ,1a., on which $l,cOO,COO will be ex
pended in round-houses and repair shops.
The New York Board of Apportionment
has authorized the issue ot three per cent.
bonds to the amount of $1,000,000 for the
purchase of school sites and the erection ol
The Commercial bank of Brazil, Indiana,
has suspended. Lis assets are njm
in illy $170,000, and liabilities $140,000,
including the entire school fund of Clay
Drought prevails in Indiana, Ohio and
Kentucky. Forest and swamp fires rage in
Northern Ohio, pastures are almost dead.
water is becoming scarce, and altogether
things look blue.
Charles Pultv, a fare-collector on the
bridge at St. Louis, wa3 hurled from the
tructure by the protruding step of a mail-
c tr. lie fell eighty feet to the water, and
was drowned belore aid could reach him
Receiver Johnson, ot the bursted Marine
Bank, ot New York City, has made a pay
ment of lo per cent, dividend, three nun
dred depositors were paid $400,000. The
total amount of the dividend will be i 000,000,
Shipley & Wells, a large boiler shop and
iron foundry of Binghamton, have notified
their men of a cut in wages of ten per cent.
The alleged cause is the dullness ot
trade. The men will accept the reduc
tion. Annie Bennett, at Burlington, N. J., has
been tor some davs sunenng in a manner
which leads people to think she is aifected
with hydrophobia, although it is not
known that she was ever bitten bv a mad
The Burlington road is running over its
lines a locomotive irom which the steam
ana gas escape through iron pipes
at the sides, withering the weeds and grass
for a space of two feet on each side of the
The vessels of the Greely relief expedi
tion have sailed from St. Johns. The sur
viving explorers will disembark at Ports
mouth, and the bodies of the dead will be
place 1 in charge of Gen. Hancock, on Gov
ernor's Island.
The police force of Cincinnati are paid
frjni the tax raised under the Scott liquor
law, and the liquor dealers are contesting
therefore there ire no funds. There is talk
of reducing or disbanding the force, unless
an appropriation is made.
A reduction of twenty per cent in the
salaries and wages ot the officers and men
employed by the Bethlehem, Pa., Iron
Company is announced to take enect Au
gust 12. The reduction is made, it is said
10 enable the company to sell its steel rails
at market prices.
The health department of Chicago has
received warning that a physician of San
Francisco has started eastward with two
lepers, whom he proposes vo exhibit in all
the large cities aqd on the steps of Beech
er's church in Brooklyn. The show will
fail to secure a license in Chicago.
The Coal Miners State Convention met at
Pittsburg. The following offcers were
elected : President, Geo. Harris ; Vice Pres
ident, Louis Hopkins : Secretary, Richard
Davis ; Treasurer, Thos. A. Armstrong. It
was decided to change the name from
Amalgamated Association to Miners' and
Laborers' Association.
John W. Mason, one of the pioneers of
Kendall county. 111., who passed away
recently, owned one thousand acres of
choice land, but clung like a hermit to an
old log house in the densest part of a large
grove. He preserved every newsjap3r he
ever received.
At Philadelphia Oliver Ames applied to
tne United states Circuit Court to be re
lieved of the receivership of the Credit Mo
biher of America. The reason lor the ac
tion is that he cannot attend to this
and his duties as Lieutenant Governor ol
Massachusetts. Samuel 11. bhipley was ap
pointed me successor of Ames,
The lessees of the Arkansas State peni
tentiary have received a notice from Pope
county requesting them to take the prison
ers out of ihe coal mines there within ten
days. The people are determined not to
let the convicts work in the county, Six
convicts have barricaded themselves in one
mine and refuse to come out, and the
guards are a '-'raid to go in after them.
The official report of the Iowa State Agri
cultural Society, embracing the condition
of crops Irom June 12 to July 29th, inclu
sive, shows the condition oi corn to be 117
p?r cent, an increase of 5 per cent over the
lornier report; broom corn, 96 per cent;
winter wheat, 95 per cent; spring wheat, 99
percent. a lew spring wheat districis re
porting some damage by chinch bug?, but
the crop is too far advaned to create anv
alarm from their ravages; winter barley, S3
per cent; spring barley, 104 per cent, winter
rye 93 per cent; spring rye, 93 per cent;
oats, 96 per cent, a decrease of 4 per cent
from the former report. Wind and hail
storms are reported from forty-one coun
ties as doing damage to crops. In some lo
calities with favorable weather the corn
crop will recover.
Col. Morton, Assistant Postmaster at
Prooklvn, i3 missing, and there is a slight
discrepancy in the pay roils.
A. M. Snively was killed by lightning at
ilahomet, III. He was a prominent farmer
near there.
A black bear at Nestor, Michigan, killed
and carried off a woman engaged in picking
It is thought that the man who drowned
himself in the bay at Erie, Pa., was Ed.
? perry, the $100,000 defaulter of Chatauqua,
N. Y.
Mrs. Adam J. Miller was mortally wound
ed near York, Pa., and an eccentric brother-in-law
is thought to be the one who did
the deed.
Thos. Hurst shot and killed Mr. Godfrey
near Lebanon, Mo., Godfrey, discovered him
in company with Mrs. liocirey, the parties
being surprised.
F. J. Moses, formerly Governor of South
Carolina, was arrested in Chicago on a re
ouisition from Boston, for embtzzlement.
and was placed in jail.
The wall of a rolling mill at Lexington,
Kv.. was forced out by a load of wheat in
the building, and one man was killed and
another latally injured.
Carl Kessler and Albert Kellogg, two
newsbovs at Lafayette, Ind., fought, and
the former stabbed the latter four times. It
is thought that Kellogg will die.
Miss Mary S. Aulter, the betrothed of Dr.
Osman Terburgh, who committed s'ueide at
Pittaburg a few days ago by prussic acid.
shotherself through the breast. She will die.
Colonel Phelps, a venerable citizen of
Fairfield, Michigan, was driven to suicide
by the appearance ot his wile on the
streets in a condition of gross intoxica
John Dolan shot and killed Fritz Brock-
man at the Sold ers' Home, Dayton, Ohio.
The murderer was of unsound mind and
that was the cause of the commission of the
R. B. Covey, of Green port. Long Island,
was killed by the explosion of dynamite
which he was using on the wreck of the
Blip Ohio, a hue bolt of iron passing
through his skull.
In a drunken squabble at TJpperville. Va..
John Rawlings ws shot dead by Herbert
leister, his cousin. Uotb. were rich farmers.
the murderer lost his leet in one of btone-
wall Jackson's battles.
A passenger train on the Bedford Narrow-
Guage road went through a bridge at
Bloomfield, Ind., into the river, the engin
eer being killed and a number of persons
seriously injured.
A boy named Upmeyer obtained a dis
charged rocket and bringing it home pro
ceeded to fire it off. Atier several unsuc
cessful attempts his mother dealt it a pow
erful blow when it exploded with a tearful
u lise, fatally injuring the mother and
younger sister.
A fourteen year-old daughter of Stephen
Kimball, a wealthy farmer near Lyons,
Ionia county, Mich., while strolling near
her father s honse esterday, was outraged
by a couple of tramps. Kimball offers $500
reward for the arrest of the villians. One
hundred men were in pursuit at last ac
There is much excitement in Barry coun
ty, Michigan, tw elve miles north of Battle
Creek, over the discovery ot the alleged
cremation ot a r.ew bjrn child by its mother,
an unmarried girl, belonging to a rtspecta
hie family. It is supposed the child was
dead, when the mother deliberately made
a funeral pile and burned it, but whether
born alive or not is at present unknown
The affair creates much excitement in the
neighbor hhood.
An American was among the cholera vic
tims at Marseilles.
Meetings of Salvation army have been
prohibited at Berne.
Cholera epidemic at Toulon and Mar
seilles is on the decrease.
A passenger steamer capsized on the
Volga and twenty persons were drowned.
The French Senate has adopted a clause
abolishing prayers at the beginning of its
Michael Davitt is speaking in Ireland in
favor of the Franchise Bill and against the
House ot Lords.
The British Postmaster General is conn
dent that the parcels post will ultimately
pay expenses.
The Chinese Ambassador at Paris con
sents to the payment oi an indemnity of
twenty million lranc.
Parnell denounces the holding ol a Na
tional League Convention in Ireland as
contrary to Parliamentary policy.
Before Baron Carlingford, the question of
importing cattle from the United states to
Great Britain was argued at length.
The Duke of Cambridge, Commander-in
Chief of the British forces, has ordered all
barracks placed in a sanitary condition.
Mexico is offering in the London market,
at 75 per cent., bonds to the amount of
$30,000,000, bearing 7 per cent interest.
Deerstalkers, gillies and laborers on an
American estate near Inverness, had a hght.
A gillie named Campbell killed a, laborer.
At the Court of Appeals, London, the de
cree of the lower court, separating Lord
Colin Campbell and wile, was indorsed.
Christopher Massiah, Crown lands agent
for the Province of Quebec, has been
suspended from office for deficiencies in his
France is advised to cut loose from Eag
land and make an alliance with Germany,
who is an honest enemy and would be an
honest aliy.
At the request of the United States Gov
ernment, two Americans who were recent
ly arrested in Mexico for dc faming the
President have been set at liberty.
Heavy rains retarded the progress of the
work ou the Panama canal and all the work
men are afflicted witn dysentery. The ca
nal phys.cian, Dr. Loez, died of the dis
The Canadian Minister of Customs has
instructed collectors to permit no tea
dust from American ports to be landed
until a sample has been approved by the
public analyst.
The Minister of Finance in Egypt, acting
under instructions troni Eng anu, demands
the immediate payment of arrtars of taxes,
and agriculturists will be compelled to sell
their crops in the field at a heavy sacrifice.
The Spanish troops at Puerto Principe,
Cuba, not having been paid and being re
fused credit, helped thtmselves to provis
ions at the stores. The Captain General
caused $30,0o0 to be remitted to the scene
bv telegraph from Villa Clare. Borges, the
Havana banker, refused to lend the treasury
Leo Ebert was nominated for Congress by
the Democrats of Portsmouth, O.
Br. Brooks says that the Prohibitiontsta
will not fuse with the Republicans in llis-sourL
Democrats of the Fifth North Carolina
Congressional District nominate 1 Jaj. YV.
Gilbert A. Pierce was sworn in as G -ver-
nor of Dakota by a Justice of the Peace at
i ankton.
The Greenbackers of the Sixth Iowa Dis
trict have nominated Gen. Jas. B. Weaver
for Congress.
In the Third Congressional District of
Virginia the Democrats have nominated G.
D. Wise for Congress.
The Republicans of the Ninth Congres
sional District of Indiana have nominated
ilaj. J. C. Daney for Congress.
Jos. H. Outhwaite has been nominated
by the Democrats of the Eleventh Ohio
District to succeed Geo. L. Converse.
Lieut. Schwatka, the Artie explorer, has
resigned from the navy to take a position,
it is understood, under some foreign power.
The deaths are reported of Walter Harri-
man, ex-Governor of New Hampshire, and
Daniel Pratt, formerly Attorney General of
New York.
The Executive Committee of the Nation
al Labor party has decided to postpone the
convention from July 30th, 18&4, to Sep
tember 1st, in order to hear Irom Cleveland
and Butler in their letters of acceptance.
The President and Secretary of the United
States Labor party say that they do not
recognize the right ot the Executive Com
mittee of the party to postpone the conven
tion. The Executive Committee, they say,
represents a factious element.
The Surgeon General of the Marine Hos
pital Service, having received information
that the yellow lever is spreading rapidly in
Sonora, Mexico, has instructed Inspector of
Nogales, Arizona, to use extra vigilance
to prevent, its introduction into the United
Representative Wm. A. Culbertson, of
Kentucky, shot himself at his room at the
National notel, and is lying in a
critical condition. The only cause as
signed for the attempt at suicide is nervous
depression, resulting from a little too free
use of stimulants during the hot weather.
1 he wounded Congressman was taken to
the Providence Hospital.
.The Civil Service Commission has exam
ined about 5 j0 candidates for 150 places as
Special Examiners for the Pension Office,
and the papers are now being marked by a
special Board of Examiners. No further
examinations for this branch of the service
will beheld at this time except for about
thirty persona from the Southern States
whose applications have just been received.
Gov. Cameron has convened the General
Assembly of Virginia, upon request of two
thirds of the members of each House, to
meet in Richmond August 13th.
Some time ago the Commissioners of In
ternal Revenue issued an order providing
that on and after September 1st, 1834, the col
lection of tax on whisky by assessment
shall be continued. Strong efforts have
since been made to have him rescind the
order, but without avail, and he has no
tified the petition-s that the original order
will be enforced. Under this ruling the
tax will be collected on the day it proves
due, and if paid properly will be destrained
The issue of silver dollars for the month
ending July 29th was $200,489 ; correspond
ing period ot lastyear, $290,494.
The American Consul, Mason Long, has
made a report t o S cretary Frelingh uysen on
thechofera epidemic now raging in France.
In substance it is as follows: The terrible
lesson on former epidemics has been well
learned by municipal governments, and
long beiore the first rumor of trouble at
Toulon, Marseilles was cleaned and made
ready for Summer heats. But with all the
intelligent liberality which the city
has exercised in the construction
of her drainage system, there
is an insurmountable difficulty in
which all the Mediterranean cities are alike
c impelled to face. Their sewers flow into a
t deless and generally placid sea. The re-j-ult
is that the latter grows foul and pesti
lent. The same conditions are unmitigated
by equally vigorous sanitary measures
which prevail at Toulon, and it is thought
that it was the dredging ot a disused dock
there during the months of April and May
which disclosed the seeds ot the present
epidemic The Marseilles Government re
lies solely upon the most rigid and search
mg enforcement of recognized sanitary
n isuits.
ine oredging of the ports has been
stopped, and that source ot miasma as lar
as possible abated during the Summer.
"Since the outbreak at Toulon the whole
city has been literally washed with water
and disinfectants. The attack of cholera
h ts been tar more vigorous and fatal this
v ear than in the great epidemic of nineteen
ycais ago, and all present indications po.nt
to a Summer of gloom and suffering for the
people of Toulon and Marseilles. All that
energy and liberality could perform and all
that sanitary science cou d suggest has been
done, but the pestilence is heie and defies
The present situation may be summarized
as lo lows: J he epidemic which now pre
vails at Marseilles and Toulon is Asiatic
cholera, imported beyond all reasonable
doubt Irom Souion, China, by the French
transport, Arthe, to the port of Toulon. At
hrst the disease was a t pe medically ciassi
hed as "benizu," but its malignity has since
increased by its further dinusion and devei
opment under the influence of continued
hot weather. In compliance witn instruc
tions from the Department, this Consulate
has ascertained irom omcial sources that
no emigrants have recently left either Tou
lon or Marseilles by sea for the united
It should be added, however, that few
emigrants for American ports ever embark
here, as the steamers leaving Marseilles
usually touch at one ormcre Mediterranean
stuiona,- before leaving their final point
of departure, and the emigrants usually go
by rail tn this port of departure to embark
tr the United atates. it is tneretore re
spectfully sugges.ed that all vessels bring
ing emigrants or Lageage to the United
States from Bordeaux, Havre or any oth-r
French port not yet declared infected
should be subjected upm their arrival to
the most careiul s an l'ary regulations. Clean
bills of health have been reinsert at this con
sulate to all vessels c earing for ports in the
United States since June 23th, and none
such will be grauted until ilarseiiles is of
ficially declared free from contagion.
CoDS'derable Excitement Caused by the
Arrival of Sic it Cuttle at Kaua.t City
aid Chlcagn. Supposed to be Affected
v Jtll ltxaa Fever.
The arrival of a number of sick cattle
having been reported in the Union Stock
Yards in Chicago, an examination was
made by a number of veterinarians
who are not yet ready to submit
the official report. The fact is, however,
they have agred that the disorder is Texas
fever, superinduced y drinking water
strongly impregnated with alkali. The
cattle Lave been securely quarantined and
isolated. Those in the lot that are unaffect
ed are to be slaughtered subject tn the in
spection of the Health Department. Those
that are unable to recover are being hot.
and those that are droopy will be
held in quarantine until former develop
ments! Another train consisting of twelve cars
containing 240 cattle, arrived the 2Sih.
They were branded the same as the
herd which was found to be diseased yester
day, and are Irom Southwestern Kansas.
Fifteen were found dead in the cars, finy
rivehad been thrown out dead on the wav.
and a great many others were sick and hod
been tramped on. Dr. Poaren, State Veter
inarian, and Dr. De Wolfe, City Health
"ommissioner, declare the trouDle to be
bloody murrian.
The entire herd, including those of yes
terday, were ordered to be killed, making
about 500 head in all. Official? declare that
the cattle were evidently diseased before
shipment, and from all mat can be learned,
the entire herd was in the Kansas City
Stock Yards thirty days before their ship
ment to this city. In view of the fact that
the cattle were thoroughly quarantined be
fore being kilied, it is not believed the trou
ble, whether it is Texas lever or bloody
murrain, will extend any farther.
Hiawatha, Kansas, special says: Texas or
Spanish fever has appeared in this vicinity.
A number of animals have died and teverai
have been shot. Some weeks ago a train
loaded with Texas cattle passing north was
partially wrecked, nea- this place, and
some stray animals were left beuind. It is
supposed they communicated the disease
which was first observed within the past
few days and began to spread rapidly. Ev
ery edort is being made to check its pro
A Manhattan, Kansas, special says there
have been lifteen additional deaths from
Texas fever in the shipment of cattle re
ceived here from Kansas City. The herd
had been driven from Cimarron river to
Caldwell, crossing the Texas cattle trail on
the way. From Caldwell they were sent
to Kansas City by rail, where they were
bought by Major Adams and at once ship
ped here. The sickness of the animals first
appeared on their way to this place. Vet
erinarian Holcombe is expected soon.
Experts here do not anticipate an epidemic,
believing the disease is not communicable
except through Texas cattle.
Information of the cattle disease, said to
be Texas fever, prevalent at Maxwell, Neb..
was read here the 29th. Gov. Dawes im
mediately dispatched a Commission to
investigate, which will report ts-morrow.
Commissioner Loring has also ordered Dr.
Trumbower, of Illinois, to Maxwell.
Omaha, Neb., special says the Texas fever
has broken out among the cattle in that vi
cinity, At Brady Island, in Western Ne
braska, 100 animals are dead and hundreds
more will probably die. Experts are on
the ground investigating, and Gov. Dawes
has promised to send a commission of vete
rinarians, bteps will be taken to prevent
the further importation of cattle from the
infected regions of Texas without a thor
ough quarantine.
A dispatch from Roodhouse, III., says six
teen car loads of cattle from the Indian
ferritory arrived at the Chicago & Alton
Stock Yards there Sunday night.
Nineteen head died on the road from
Kansas Gity, and it was believed the whole
lot were infected with Texas fever. All
that could stand up, twelve car loads, were
forwarded to Chicago. The remainder,
seventv-two in number, were dead Mon
day morning. Andy Jacobs, ot Kansas
City, in charge of the cattle, denied that
they had Texas fever, and said that they
were poisoned by eating loco weeds on the
trail, but L. C. Tiffany, veterinary surgeon
from Jacksonville, pronounces the disease
Texas fever. The stock yards at Roodhouse
have been disinfected with lime, and cattle
for Chicago by this route were unloaded at
Jacksonville last night instead ot at
Roodhouse. The matter caused great
excitement among the cattle and railroad
The disease is being investigated in all
States where it has made its appearance,
and the temporary scare it occasioned has
abated. It is now thought that it can easily
be eradicated.
Two Hundred Head of Colorado Cattle,
I'urchaoed by 11 on. . A. Adama, Dying
Like Sheep.
Topeka Commonwealth.
Manhattan was thrown into a state of
the wildest excitement yesterday over
the fact that a bunch of Colorado cattle
ship oed there by Maj. N. A. Adams, are
dying off so rapidly that it is concluded
they have the Spanish fever, consequent
ly the people are greatly frightened
Maj. Adams had been wanting to buy
some stock cattle to put on his ranche
near Manhattan, and talked about going
to Colorado after them, expressing a pret
erence to have Colorado cattle. Last
week he learned that there were 2u0
head in the stock yards at Kansas City
that would suit him, and at once bought
them. They were tine-looking animals.
Friday and Saturday he began shipping
from Kansas City to Manhattan, expect
ing that he would drive them out to his
ranch, which is located on the Little
Blue, some distance from town,yesterday.
But it seems that the last car load got de
layed at this city Sunday. "When they
ariived here four head were dead in the
car, two more almost dead, eo, supposing
that they were probably overheated and
badly crowded, the whole lot was un
loaded and driven over to Wolfl & Mc
intosh's Stock Yard. The two soon af
terwards died there. The others that
had gone on were in the shipping yards
at Manhattan.
Sunday night and yesterday morning
they began to die, and at 2 o'clock in the
afternoon a gentleman who came down
from there says he says he saw the
twenty-tilth lall and expire. In the
meantime such an alarm had spread that
the sheriff took possession of the cattle
and quarantined them, and those ac
quainted w ith the disease said that the
animals are afflicted with Spanish or
Texas fever.
The sherifThad a long trench dug in
the ground into which the dead carcases
were to be thrown and burned and their
ashes covered up. Governor Click re
ceived several telegrams from there to
dav, and he ordered Dr. Ilolcomb, the
State Veterinarian, to report at Manhat
tan immediately and make an investiga
tion of the trouble.
There is but little doubt that the dis
ease is Spanish or Texas fever, and that
these cattle became inoecuiated with it
while in the stock yards at Kansas City,
because they came there clean, nice,
healthy brutes, and were in good condi
tion. 'When an animal gts sick with
the disease, it mopes around with hair
turned forward, head down, eyes sleepy,
until finally it falls over and expires.
There is net much danger of the disease
spreading so long as the afilicted herd
can be kept isolated where other and
healthy cattle cannot come in contact
with them. Had the one carload not
been delayed here, so that Major Adams
could have started to drive out to his
ranch on time, aa intended, Eiley county
would be in a bad tlx now.
Mrs. Pauline Grimm, hotel pro
prietress at Indionapolis, committed suicide.
cLaiiA&d citjf;rocicice Mxrhtu
Kansa3 City, Augu t 2, 1SS1.
The Tally Indicsior report.:
w HKAl' il&itet lower. So. 2 red cah, sales
at 6??c; August, btcbid. 6 ' asfcfd. Silemtr,
alcs at Vie. o 2 sou. tasa. 72o asked.
4k.n Market lower. fi. znnxfi C!is", Bales
at 414 5.41; Lfce year, 31Vc bid, 52'- c a-krd.
ISO, 'd WH1U3 Blixl i-um, tuiiioiu, jusj,
lift; August, 4J Sep. ember, no bids.
c asked. t w
oa la JNo. x, easn, no uius; aukusi,
K Y K No. 2, cash, nominal.
EufS Weaker at 7ie per aosen.
BUTTEK steady.
Onntsiions: CieacierT. cood to choice. leolSe:
fine dairy, in single package low, ltkj, btcre
packed, hug.lic.
1 i.o extra. 1 0u,J 0 : XX. 51 lOal lo: iAj t 'b
(31 S5, tamily. 1 60 60: choice, 1 J,2 00; fiuicy
S0(2 u patent, a soa uu.
CORN MKAL 1 Otc l 1U.
DRY SALT MEATS Shoulders, &lc; Clenrside
9c; long clear sides, 8jie; clear rib sides, 83ie.
SMOKED MJEAT3 Shoulders, 7c--. lonw: clear
sidsis, &?4c: rib sides, 9c: clear si dos, 10c.
HAJia s;uear earea, 14C,
BAB.KE1, MEATS J-ori. boneless, 22 GO; ek-ai
pork, 22 00; ines pork, 17 50.
' a kii lierce, 8 uu.
CUEK E Eull creaJH. 12VC; fiata, oaitiv Rkiav
tried. 10c; Young America, 12a
BKA P2l-5C V lUOltS.
FLAX eEED 1 3.V5.1 40. on taais oT ourc.
BSOOM COaN '-'V.GoC r.
HAY Fancy Etiid h&ldd, 6 0D; lare taled
7 50: new, 9 00.
WOOij Miesoun ana Kansas, nne, 12i.o1.hc lb;
medium, ltv-cyuc; coarse, 14-&16C; rub Trasa'ni.
3j Colorado and New Mexico, 12-ai4C F.laoiL
Norr or spot tNi. loc. lewx.
The folio wing table thowa the pncea ui Wheat
Corn, Oat and Rye at the close of 'CniQi lodav
ia ooniiariiA)u with la previous day and previous
. 64J.J
- 41
1 c2
lio. 1 1 w w
No. 2 r w w.,
No. 3 r w w
No. 2 m com.
No. 2 oats.,
No. 2 rye..,
The following shows the amount of t-raln re
ceived, withdrawn and In store at rtguiar eleva
tors, &o reported to the Board of lado to-day;
itereiveo. witna-awn. m Mre,
174 id
Kansas City JLlve stock Mailcet.
Kansas City, August 2, ISSi. .
The Live Stock Indicator reports:
CATTLE Receipts, 1489. The market was
very weak and alow. Native shipping steers aver
aglue I2u0 to 1500 ft Bold at 6 4o a6 25; native
shipping steers averaging 950 to 1103 fi8sold at
4 to - 5 00: s'ockers, 3 604 50; cows, 2 75jj,3 75;
grass Texans, 3 00g3 25.
HOGS Keceipta, 7oo. Market firmer and 5c
higher. Light, 6 45:a5 55; mixed aud heavy,
5 33 6 45.
SHEEP Receipts 674. Market steady and un
changed at 3 GCK,3 50 lor fair to good muttons.
No. At Prioe.
70 native shipping steers.........M.l-.i6...... 5 fO .
19 native shipping steers.............ljl 5 45
18 native shipping steers....... 122 i 5 30
19 native shipping 6teer8... 1174...... 5 10
17 native butchers' steers........ 11S5 4 K5
9 native cows 7hi 3 25
4 native cows........... 875 2 60
8 native cows 8-3 2 50
14 native cows 86 2 75
30 native heifers, each 27 00
26 Texas steers, g f. 9S7 3 25
03 Texas steers, g f. 1057 4 00
26 Innian cows 8 7 S E5
23 Indian cows 726 8 12
No Av
27. ..208..
5 4... 248..
56...2 0.,
.5 i5
.5 55
.5 65
.5 55
.5 50
,.5 47
.5 45
.5 45
.5 45
.5 45
,.& 45
.5 45
.5 45
.5 45
.5 45
..5 45
..5 45
..5 40
..5 42
..5 40
..5 40
.32 J..
.25 1..
6 55
5 55
5 55
.5 65
.5 50
.5 50
5 47Ji
.5 45
.5 45
27 ...259..
61.. 299..
5 45
5 45
5 45
.5 45
6 45
5 45
.6 45
101 ...236,
67. ..237,
53 ...259
.5 45
.5 42
.6 49
.5 40
.5 40
.5 40
.5 40
.5 4 i
.5 40
.5 40
.5 60
..5 30
Chicago froauce .Market.
Chicago, August 2, 1881.
FLOUR The market was quiet and unchanged
Choice wiuier wheat. 4 75g& 50; choice spring
wheat, 4 C0.24 5 ; Minnesota bakers 4 20 5 00;
patent, 6 50(45 75; low grades, 2 00h3 25.
WHEAT There was a air demnd and a weaker
market. Prices opened &o lower, and closed
5-bC below yesterday.
July and August, 82583Kc, closing at 83c;
September, 84a.fc5c, closing at f 4c Oc tober,
&i(96ic, closing at 86. No. 2 spring, fc23
83 He
CORN There was a fair demand, and prices
were easier early, but raided and closed Vft
ovar vesterday.
Cahh, 55 a( 5S closing at 5555V:c: July and
August,, 6'toi)5V.c, clobing at 6Ka,55V. c; Sep
tember Sl'oMj, closing at 6ic: O tober. 53
(a 64c, closing at 4: November, ib-Qic, c loning
at 4iy.c; the year, 4444, cloning at 44)4c;
May, 443-5''" 44c.
OATS The demand was active, and cash and
end July were l24c higher.
Cabh, 20c; July. 2UV31V.U. closing at SOVc;
Aupust 275&27e, clr.slcg at 274't 7jo; fcep
ti moer, 2e(2b.c, clo-iug at 2fe(&2 :Jc; Oc
tober, 27c; the ye r, 2'ilA(s- 26c; May, 2y430c.
KYE Lower; 61c. "
BARLEY Quiet; 65Kc
FLAX SEED Steady; 1 32.
PORK The market wps dull and unehanired.
Cash, 15 6( 16 50; July, 24 50: August, 23 5C'(
24 01. September, 18 0018 10, ihe year, 12 tOc
12 05.
LARD There was a fair demand, and the mar
ket was steady.
Cash, 7 iO(g,l 35: August, 7 307 25, cluing at
7 35; September, 7 42,(a7 50, closing 7 47j7 50;
October. 7 557 60, closing at 7 67H&7
BULK MEATS Steady; shoulders, 6 00; short
ribs, 8 3": clear sides, 8 45.
BUTTER Firm; choice creamery, 20g21c;
fancy dairv, I4isc.
EGGS Weak I4144c.
WHIoKY 1 10.
riour (DarreiB)
ucai, .. .. .............. . .. ........
l!0 CO
3 00
WHEAT September fell 4ft.
CORN St-ptemtier advanced ia.
OAT- September advanced jic
PORK Unchanged.
LARD August and September fell 2o.
NewTerk Slonej airket.
New York, August 2, 18i4.
MONEY Easy; 12 per cent per annum; clos
ing offered at 1)4 per cent.
f4 SIX; demand. J4 fc3J..
Threes , .....100
Foux-and a-halls . 1125
Missouri a'.rf-m .,,.lr T
St. Joe sixes.. ,
RAILROAD BONDS Strong and higher.
Central Pacific first.
. 3 g
Chicago & Alton..
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy i;o;
Denver & Rio Granie
Hannibal & St. Joe, rfimmnn,, ,, .
Hannibal & St. Joe, preferred.
Missouri Pacific
Northern Paa:"e ..
K Si J
Chicago & Northwestern....,
New York Central
Union Pacific ...
Western Union.
The leading hotel of Parsons is man
sed and controlled by a lady.

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