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T1?LJlf 1 IX)
JL i llJUjUli
Si&w;4 ww III IIUI
Made by Western
Badger Riding Cultivators, Moline Dandy Cultiva
tors, and all the best up-to-date farm imple
ments. We have the finest line of buggies, car
riages and spring wagons ever shown on this
market. Your trade solicited.
temMM Mil
nf nnivm htm An ninn
NB fiLKuAM fMLvn una
Famous Hot Springs o! Arkansas
All principal oitlRP 'i tho United Stntos
tre reached via this
Missouri Pacific Railway
f c tr Your Nearest Agent for Tioketa
nOIV and particulars, or address
i C TOWNSEND, Ctn'l P.m. ft Tkt Ai:t.. ST. I.MIS. 10,
Gives sou the choice of Two Routes
one via Colorado and the Sconio line,
and the other via oar Texas line and
the Southern Pacific
Oar Texas line is much quicker than
any other line through to
Are the most popular, and carry the
largest business of any other Cali
fornia Route. This signifies that you
t the best attention and receive the
best service.
The lowest rate tickets to California
are available on these excursions.
; " "
Don't start on trip to California until
yon get our Tourist Folder, contain
ing map showing routes and all in
formation. For rates and reserva
tions apply to any agent of the C. R.
I. & P. Ry.
or address
Jho. SKBirriAH.G. P. A., Chicago.
Vanted-An Idea 33
Protect your UrtM; they may brtiuj you wmUB.
WrtU JOHN WkUDSBBttRN CO- Patent Attor
Sm7wabUMItoo. D. C.or their i.M prlas oflor
ad list at two buadnd lnvasUuns wtaWL
Mfg. Co., Kansas City, Mo.
I I!
Where all others fail, Coughs, Croup. Sore
Throat, Hoarseness, whooping Cough and
Asthma. For Consumption it has no rival:
bos cured thousands, and Will CURB TOD If
taken in time. Sold by Druggists on a guar
antee. For a Lame Back or Chest, una
ive you Catarrh' This remedy in guaran.
teed to pare you. Price, 60 eta. Injecfonfroa.
Eilsrt's EJavliKht Liver Pi!l3
I A small vegetablo pill. Cures Hick Headache,
Constipation, Dyspepsia, all Billions Ills and
Plwrilpra of the Stomach T.iver and Bowela.
Is the best medicine for nil diseases Incident to
children. It regulates the bowels; assists fjeirti
tlon: cures diarrhea and dysentery in the worst
forms; cures canker sore throat: Is a certain pre
ventive of diphtheria; nulets and soothes all pain
invigorates the stomach aiul bowels; corrects all
acidity: will cure griping In the bowels ami wind
jolio. 1)0 not fatigue yourself and child with
ileeploss nights when It is within your reach to
jure your child and save your own strength.
Prepared by Emmert Proprietary Co., Chicago. III.
for the Geuertl Ailments of Horses, Cattle, Hogs
and Sheep. It nurlHes the blood, prevents dis
ease and cires Coughs, Colds. Colic, Hidebound,
Worms, Distemper, eie. Nothing equals It for
Hog Cholera. Honest and reliable, in honest
Dockages; used and warranted for over twenty
vears Everyone owning a h"rse or cattle should
giveita trial. Made by Emmhrt Phoi'KIKtaky
no Chicago, 111. Uncle Sam's Almanao and
Farmer Joiics'JIorse DealJialled free.
Uncle 6an '? Nerve and Bone Liniment
tor Bpraius, Krulau., j;bemntism, Sti Joints,
sti ft'fl stoi te I've ;o at r va lictiit"1
First Publication May 6, 1897 3w.
Equalization Meeting.
N0TICK is hereby given that tho Board of
County Commissioners of Philips county,
Kansas, will meet as a Hoard of Enuallralion
of tuxes on Monday, the 7th dny of June, 1WI7,
attheolllco of the County i lerk of ssld county.
All persons feeling themselves aggrieved by
reaon of tho assespment or valuation of their
properly as returned by the Assessor, should ap
pear before said Board of Equalization and have a
hearing npon such grievance at that time.
ISKALI 1. uA'UOHNTUS, 1,'ounly Clerk.
Township Trustees."
I am prepared to drive pilff, conr
tract for and build bridges, on short
notice and will do tne work at reason
able rates. Call ou or address me at
PhillipBt'Urg. P. J. Ckookham.
Bla:kfmithiDg, plow repairing
wngnu r-ork of all kinds promptly
nod una! y doQO at Goodman's Shop
east of the Bissell House.
I X . ..... "AlA " .', A 1 IS V
i one cent a auso. . ' iV5
First Publication April SB, 1897-Ow.
No. gli'jOt.
United States Land Office, jjj'"
N0TI0K Is hereby given that Robert D. Fore
man has llled notice of Intention to make
final proof before probate Judge and exolllclo
clerk o( the probate court at Tils office In Phil.
Ilpsburg, Kansas, on the SiOth day of May. 1WJT,
on timltor culture application No. 11416, for the
ne!4 of section No. 5, In township No. 2 south,
range No. 18 west.
lie names as witnesses: Milton Chapmsa, Wil
liam Chapman, Jesse A. Pollard, of Plnlllpeburg,
Kansas, Ucorg Baum, of;Urow Kansas. ,
JAMES N. FllIK.iReglster.
First Publication May 13, IKilT-SW.
Phillips County. "
In the matter of the estate of John Brandon, do'
ceased, lare of Phillips county, Kansas.
"VTOTICE is hereby given that on the 12th day of
May, A. 1J. 1BH7, me unaersigneo was oy iub
probate courtof Phillip, county, hausas, duly ap
and mmllflud as Kxecuiorlx of the estate
of John Hrandou late of Phillips county, deceased.
All parties having claims against said estate are
beteby notified to uresout them for allowance ta
thn niidnrKiirned wttbln one year from date hereof
or they may be KXCLUUKl) from any benellt of
such estate, and if such claims be not presented
within three years Iroin date nereoi tuey suan ue
lorevor barred. .
MARY M. BKAKDUM, Jtxecutorix
LL PERSON 9 INTERESTED will take notice
. that mv netltlon la on file in the otllce of the
Phillips County, Kansas, Probate Court, asklug
for authority to sell the following described real
estate situate in Phillips County, Kansas, belong
ing to the estate or. v. Ij- muu oeceasca, ior vua
riiiriniKR nf hk vine the debts of said estate and the
expense of administration, towlt: Tho west half
of the northwest quarter and the north half of the
southwest quarter o section seventeen in town
ship one of range nineteen la Phillips County,
Kansas, except live acres lu the southeast corner
of the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter
of said section with all the rights and privileges
and easements portainlng to the same as Mill
nrnnnrtv anhier.t to a morUT&tte Of Sl.JJO given to
Kansas Trust 4 Banking (Jo., and by it assigned
to Mortgage Trust, Pa.
Said petition Is set tor beating at the office of
tue I'rooate juuge, in me iiiy ui i-umip.uurg,
caid countv. on 1 uesduy. the lHlb day of May, mi.
at Id o'clock a. m. at which time and place you
can make known any objections you may have
to the granting or aucn oruer,
Dated May 1 ith, 1BW. G. W. TOUNG,
Administrator of said estate,
W. 11. PRATT, Att y lor said estate.
First Publication Uay 13, 1897-Sw.
Case No. 8340.
Sheriffs Sale.
Phillips County, f
In the District Court of Phillips county.
F. D. Kemblo, plaintiff,
George D. Wood, h E Wood, Mary J. Headings,
' A bred J. T. Molcott, and Anna Wolcott,
PUBLIC NOTICE la hereby given, that under,
and by virtue of the Judgment rendered in
the above entitled action, in and by the above
named court, and of an abas order of sale Issued
on said judgment, to me directed and delivered, I
win on
Monday, Junj 14, 1897,
at the bonr of 2 o'clock p. m., of said day, at the
east door of the court house, in Phlllipsburg, In
the County of Phillips, Htate of Kansas, offer at
puilic sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash
In band, tho following aescrinea real property,
namely. The southeast qusrter of section thirty
(SU) and north half and southeast quarter of tbe
southwest quarter of section thirty (30) all iu
township one (1) south of range nineteen (19,
west of the sixth principal mepdian, and contain
ing two hundred and eighty acres more of
lees accoruing to government mrvej Miefeui.
All In the Countv of Phillius. State of Kansas
Said property has been levied npon ard is to be
sold as tne property oi toe aoove nauieu ueivna
ants. Dated this 11th day of May A. D. 1897.
W. T. COWAN. Sheriff of Phillip County.
W. 11. Pbatt, Attorney for Pl'ff
The Weekly Kansas City Star
Addresses the farmer as a business
man and a citizen. Doesn't tell him
him how to farm, but how to sell, and
where and when, and keeps a vigilant
eye upon bis rignts as a snipper, a
nroduoer and a tax payer. All the
nnma tnn an A nlantv nf "conrl rnnrl
inc" for the family. Now read in
100,000 farm houses. Fiftv-two big
eight-page newspapers lor zo cents.
Tn onv nnA who sends the Weekly
Stab five yearly subscribers, together
with f 1 25 tbe paper will be sent one
year free.
. . . . The
The Southern Route.
Last week the South and WeBt
Commercial congress held a meet
inu: at KanBas City at which the
question of transportation was pretty
generally discusbed. tiovernor lieedy
made a very ooncise talk on the topic,
as the following from the Kansas City
Star will show:
"When Chairman LaDham announc
ed IqjUui muJuLmrs ol . the South aud
WeBt Commercial congress yesterday
afternoon that Governor Leedy of
Kansas would speak, some of the
delegates expected to see a man with
a marvelous growth of whiskers, his
trniiHers iu his boots and probably a
little hay hanging from his long linir.
Instead or tuis tuey iookmi upon a
quiet, unassuming man, dressed in a
,unr, niitawHV nun of ifrav: short, well
kept chin whiskers and hair, the l;ttle
there was of it faultlessly coinbeu.
lie looked more like a business man
than a populist, as the latter are de
picted in the cartoons. The Govern
or's address was a Hue effort. His
suhjact was "Western Products and
Transportation Rates." lie appar
ently thought that enough had been
said about the weBtern products, so
he confined himself to the rate ques
tion. This he handled from the point
of view of a populist, not the rabid
populism, but the one who, as he
said, is thoroughly conservative.
He put the responsibility of high
rates to the Gulf and the Atlantic
upon the shoulders of Kansas City
and coupled with this a threat that
unless this city devised some plan to
bring about a reduction Kansas, as
mucn as she disliked to do it, would
be compelled to build a line of her
own to some southern port. In this
connection he argued for the state
ownership of railroads.
"What was the outcome of the con
struction of the Erie canal? ' he said.
"Not only the building of a railroad
beside it to compete with it, bringing
rates away down, but the making of
some of New York's greatest cities on
its banks. We iu Kansas think a
great deal of Kansas City. We want
to trade here in the future as we have
in the past. It is with Kansas City
to get lower rutes to the south. Build
a line of your own if the corporations
still refuse to listen to you.
"I have read that Kansas City was
about to pay out three or four million
dollars frr parks Just put as much
more on top of that, build a line to
the Gulf and the parks will take care
of themselves."
The Governor's voice became a lit
tle husky and he called for a glass
of water.
"If yon will do this," he went on,
as tbe delegates leaned forward to
hear more distinctly, "then no city
within a radius of COO miles will be
able to compete with you. Then we
who live iu Kansas, instead of trying
to build up cities of our own, will
take off our coats Bud work to make
Kansas City the great metropolis of
the west (Applause) We will help
yon to make a city here surpassed by
none in tbe country.
"We in RansHs know that the rates
established by the railroad pool are
too high and they must be reduced.
We are not so unreasonable as to
wish for a reduction that would bank
rupt tbe roads, but we ask for a uni
form and equitable rate
"If you do not give ua this, Kansas
Roto .a
hovel Qftio
will build a railroad to the Gulf. She
is now iu a position to do it. (She is
free from Wall street, her debts are
paid, and unless Kansas City makes
up and carries out what I have sug
gested, the Kausas City, Pittsburg
it Gulf will have a most aggressive
rival .
"It is true that here in Kansas City
you have four, or five lines to the
Gulf, but freight rates have not been
materially reduced. Are we expect
thatwitli the increase of tbe north
and south lines, rates are to remain
as dictated by the Atlantic lines? Our
interest, Kansas and Kansas City's,
are identical, and I hope they will
remain so, but our people are deter
mined to have a lower rate to the
Gulf, and we hope to come by way
of Kansas City. (Applause.) If you
not do your duty, we will find an
other way out.
"Cincinnati was confronted with
the same problem that is holding
Kansas City down today. What did
she do? She build a railroad to the
south, the best ever built at that time,
and paid out twenty million dollars
for it. Both this line and the Erie
canal eDjoyed prosperity and not
only helped the terminal towns, but
built up the country through which
they ran."
Nance Items.
Listing is fast nearing completion.
J. F. Hester and J. P. Price went
to Kansas City lost week with cattle.
Sunday school has been reorganiz
ed at High Peak, with Mr. Hawley as
Greenwood quarterly meeting was
a season of great spiritual refreshing
with reviving influence extending to
our vicinity.
We believe Mr. Donovan's $18 as
sessment fee unprecedented in onr
township. Justice and dispatch will
be remembered by voters.
Alma parties are soliciting oream
ory patronage from this neighbor
hood. Tbe supply of sixty-six cows
whs promised, in a distance of five
Iu othor years we have named cer
tain happenings in our community
as providences. We still think "He
rides upon the storm."
Church services are held at Lone
Tree every Sabbath, Christians and
Methodists alternating. A praise
meeting with the leader of the
Christians in the pulpit quarterly
mowting Sunday proved a happy
and inspiring union of the two
churches. In union is strength
truly- A delicate deference paid
to custom had its own reward. One
party stands in prayer; the other
kneels, and true to the kind impulses
of the leading heart "let us kneel in
prayer" was heard. Pardon the re
miniscence, but a little lassie was once
questioned how she and a playmate
Addie always played so amicably to
gether. "Why Addie lets me, and I
let Addie" was the simple reply.
Put your "ad" in the Hebald.
i . ,
has many, but
they are poor
thingswhen com
pared with the
genuine. Don't
buy an imitation
of the Ohio, when
you can get the
genuine at no
higher price, of
' Echoes From Quality Hill.
Everyone is preparing to go to
Long Island next Sunday. The
Sunday Bohool convention is to be
held there.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Smith of Long Is
land, will locate at Prairieview in the
near future, and Mr. Smith will open
a harness shop.
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Craven of Lo
gan, were in town Monday. '
Wonder if our band has died and
beenburried. How about it, Katie T
Fred Thomas and Lon Smith start
ed for Colorado last Sunday morning
Marion Hayes met with quite a
serious acoident a few days ago. A
load of corn ran over his foot. Drs.
Bennie and Brown were called and
it is feared that thn injured member
will have to be amputated.
Charlie Thomas was at home a
couple of days last week.
Some of our boys are planning a
fiahing excursion to the llepublioan,
Mr. Bowman takes a ride for his
health twice a day. He unites busi
ness with pleasure, and drives abont
two and a half miles to milk his cow.
Mr. and Mrs. Piatt and Mr. and
Mrs. Hogan were out for a pleasure
ride Sunday.
Mrs. Brown's sister, from Nebraska,
has oome to spend the summer at
All is peace again in the M. E.
Sabbath school.
Walt Gettys' baby was quite sick
last Saturday.
Sprague's have the original old
cow that jumped over the moon.
Mrs. Barolay from Colorado visited
friends ic this vicinity last week.
Mrs. Piatt and Miss Ida Bowman
drove over to Long Island last week.
Miss Mabde Estep of Logan was in
town Saturday. Topsit.
Dayton Items.
Fine rain we had last Saturday.
This community was blessed with
another praire fire last week.
William Smith has return; d from
the mountains. He says he failed to
get work. How about that lloyce?
The early planted corn is coming
up nicely.
Mrs. O. W. Mousley is visiting with
her friend near Dana.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hartzoj are
the possessore of a fine boy.
The school ma'ams in this vicinity
are dissapointed at the change of tbe
normal institute, but don't be dis
couraged girls, we are going to hava
it at Long Island in 1898.
Biddy. O'Firift.
Wanted-Sn Idea
Who can think-,
of some simple
thing to patentr
Protect your Mean, they war brtn you wealth.
Bey. Waafeiiigtou, D. C, fur th.tr $1,800 prise eOML-
Write JOHI WEVilEKtiORN CO- Patent ittor-
rui ifti w iwo auwrM inventions wamea.

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