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Miss Alice Bailey, of
Atlanta, Ga., escaped the sur
geon's knife, by using Lydia E
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
"Deab Mrs. Plnkjbam :-I wish to
express my gratitude for the restored
health and happiness Lydia E. Pink
barn's Vegetable Compound has
brought into my life.
" I had suffered for three years with
terrible pains at the time of menstrua
tion, and did not know what the trouble
was until the doctor pronounced it in
flammation of tho ovaries, and
proposed an operation. .
" I felt so weak and sick that I felt
sure that I could not survive the ordeal,
and so I told him that I would not un
dergo it. The following week I read
an advertisement in the paper of your
Vegetable Compound in such an emer
gency, and so I decided to try it. Great
was my joy to find that I actually im
proved after taking two bottles, so I
kept taking it for ten wt sks, and at the
' end of that time I was cured. I had
gained eighteen pounds and was in
excellent health, and au now.
" You surely deserve great success,
and you have my very est. wishes."
Mies Alice Bailey, 50 North Boule
vard, Atlanta, Ga. $5000 forfeit If original
of ooou letter proving gnuin.nu cannot oe pro-
Ail sick women would be wise
If they would take Lydia E. Pink
tiam's Vegetable Compound and
be well.
" It's the shots that hit that count. Winchester
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges in all calibers hit, that is,
they shoot accurately and strike a good, hard, pene
trating blow. This is the kind of cartridges you will get,
if you insist on having the time-tried Winchester make.
weseau race lira posipawa
Looking fora Home 7
Than why not keup In view the
faot that tha farming landa of
ara sufficient to support population of 50.000.00t
. or ovar? Tha iminifration for tha past aix jean
, baa been phanonienal.
FREE Homistiad Lands
l J .lk.CI.IUJD, nun. W.1JD. Iuua mmj K M fu.
chased from Reilwar and! Land Companies. The
! 1 il. 1 V. .' 1 - wnmm K MM.
train and irurna; landa of WeMern Canada are the
best on tha continent, producing tha hast train,
and cmlo (fed oa lias alone) ready for market
Market, School, Rallwayt and all other
condition make Western Canada) an emvt-
ahl pot for tba aettler.
Write to Superintendent Immlfration, Ottawa, Can
ada, for a descriptive Atlas, and other information
or to the authorised Canadian Government Aeent-
J. S. Crawford, No. '15 W. Ninth Street. Kane
City. Mo.
A Boston physician' dis
covery which cleanse and
heals all inflammation of the mucous
membrane wherev located.
In local treatment of female ills Pax
tine is invaluable, j Used as a douche it
Is a revelation in cleansing and healing
power; it kills all disease germs which
cause inflammation and discharges.
Thousands of tter from women
I trove that It is the greatest cure for .
eucorrhos ever discovered.
Faxtine never, fails to cure pelvic
catarrh, nasal catarrh, sore throat, sore
mouth and soro eyes, because these
diseases are all caused by inflammation
of the mucous mtmbrane.
For cleanslnsr, whitening- and pre
serving the teeth we challenge the
world to produce lta equal.
Physicians and specialists everywhere
prescribe and endorse Paxtine, and thou
sandsof testimonial letters proveits value.
At druggists, or sent postpaid 50 eta,
A larire trial packareand book of
Instructions absolutely free. Write
lis TL Paztoa Co., Sent. 6 Bo ton, Haas.
v Lea
faw It VKwauf AllajulcCUr alllsbeil
4Y aialled to uroeje seadlit same
Ur r? ' an4 address of two or more friend
rt woo are sufferlnf from Catarrh,
rnrr l. C. NICKIV A CO.
rrtCC. I it Wturr t?T,. PiritA.
WhoBipion'i Eji flataf
Cu.tl t'Kl (U (11C
I Coosh ajrup. Tastes i
alii'ta H
Hot-air Fan.
An electric fan that heats the atr
current that it delivers has been de
vised by M. de Mare, a Belgian elec
trician. The apparatus consists of an
electric motor and a rotating fan. the
blades of which are of mica. Upon
these mica blades are fastened resist'
ance coils, which are heated by the
passage through them of a current of
Washing Cut Glass.
Cut glass or any crystal should be
washed in warm soapsuds, rinsed in
warm water, then covered with clean,
coarse sawdust for ten minutes, after
which it should be lightly brushed with
a clean soft camel's-halr brush. Avoid
extremes of temperature in handling
glass, and under no circumstances al
low cut glass to be put in the re
, For the Invalid.
A raw egg is one of the most nu
tritlpus of foods, and may be taken
very easily if the yolk Is not broken,
A little nutmeg grated upon an egg,
a few drops of. lemon juice added,
some salt and a dash of cayenne pep
per vary the flavor and tend to make
it more palatable when not taken as
a medicine.
Telephone Extension.
There are in round numbers 3,500,-
000 telephones in use In the United
States. Their use has increased ten
fold In the past six years. There are
nearly 250,000 telephones in farm
Clear white clothes are a sign that tha
tuuneueeper uses ilea Jross DaU Biua.
Large '4 oz. package, 5 cents.
Former British Soldiers.
At the close of the Boer war 24,000
British soldiers sought employment as
coachmen, grooms, porters, carmen,
etc., and places were promptly found
in England for 18,000. Lately the num
ber of unemployed former soldiers has
Increased, owing to the present serv
ice of three years with the colors in
stead of seven years as heretofore.
Clear Head
TILL CURED. 25 veus establish id.
w pace ircauseee met, ruioia ana utieaser In
lectin; also IW put Hail. treatls oa entases of Weme. 01 tat InoaunJa cared
kjr oar mlla method, none paid a ctat tlllcered fareuie their aaawi an aeplkanna.
UK3. I HOKNTOH A MINOR, Win Oak bt, Klltaaa City, Mo-
' "' '
Early In the morning, late at
night, or when ever used, .Defiance
Starch will be found always tb
same, always the best.
Insist on having It, the most (or
your money.
Satisfaction or money back
guaranteed. It is manufactured
under the latest Improved condi
tions. It is up-to date. It b the
best. Wt give no premiums,'
We teQ 16 ounces of the best
starch made (or 10 cents. Other
brands are 12 ounces for 10 cents
... .. . i .t
v witn u wnisue.
Manufactured by
two nnctivrR CTirm rn
aufcj lut tiuivs. 0ifu.vu sv.s
Omaha, Neb
(rtrr vr i collafstil rvaaa)
A knbatltnte for and soper tor to anuitard or etrr
other plsiter, and will not blister the aiost
delicate skin. The iorllarinf and carmtive
qualities of this article arc wonderful. It will
atop the toothache at once, and relieve head
ache and sciatica. VVe recommend itae the beet
and safest eiternal eonnierirrtuuit know. lao
a aa ntenul remedr for pain In the chest
and atomach and all rheumatic, neuraujic and
loatr complaint. A trial will prove whet we
claim for it and It will be found to be invela
eble In the household. Manr eeofle ssf "it Is
the beet of all jour preparations." Price
cnts, at all droit ist or ether dealers, of br
aendint this amount to at In poeut eatampa w
will send roe a tube br maiL Mo article too Id
be accepted b the publlo snlesa the earn
Carrie or label aa otherwise it 1 not lacunae.
17 Sum Stmt, Maw Yoei Crrv.
W. N. 11, KAN8A8 CITY, NO. 1, 1904.
SYRUI' cures coughs and colls.
What Would Be Left
A school inspector was examining a
Class In a country school. As an
arithmetic test he put tha following
rjuestlon to one of the classes:
"If I had a mince pld and should glva
two-fifths to John, two-fifths to
ttaac, two-twelfths to Harry, and
should take one-halt of the pie for my
elf, what would there be left?" ,
There was a profound study among
the boys, but finally one lad held up
bis hand. '
"Well, my boy, speak up loud, so
hat all may bear," said the inspector.
"The plate," shouted the hopeful
oung fellow. Pearson's Weekly.
l Love Is Blind.
Sal What's thetT I can't get no
man? Why, HI Morton Jest begged me
t' marry him when he wus over last
Si Hump! I alius did hear as how
beggars was poor choosers. New York
His Faux Pas.
They were uttering the tender non
sense that succeeds the great que
"And," said the girl, bravely, "if
roverty comes, we will face it to
gether." "Ah, dearest," he replied, "the mere
sight of your face would scare the wolf
And ever since he has wondered why
she returned the ring.
A Field for Investigation.
"Tes, our oldest son Is of a very In
quiring disposition. He delights In
Investigating things and Is always
digging and prying in places where
there's a chance of upturning some
thing surprising."
"1 haven't noticed it."
"Haven't you? Well, you Just watci
him at the table and you'll see that be
always calls for mince pie."
Her Friendly 8ervlce.
Nell You and Jack Sterling seem t
be quite chummy these days.
Belle Yes; Jack's a good fellow.
He's going to marry May Simpson In i
month or so.
Nell I knew they were engaged,
but I thought she was growing cold.
Belle Oh, she's warming up now!
I've been giving her the impression
lately that I wanted him.
8omewhat Different,
Wilder Poor outlooK, Brokeum. The
doctor says you'll never live to se
Brokeum Oh, I knew that long ago
Wilder Why, don't you expect t
reach two score and ten?
Brokeum Oh, I thought be meant
I'd never live to see $50.
Responsibility Defined.
"What's the meanln' of response
blllty, Jimmy?"
"Oh, well, suppose as yer bad twe
Vpender buttons on yer pants, an' one
cum orf, w'y all the responserbllity
ud be on the other!"
A Mean Character.
Growell He's about the meanest
white man I ever met
Howell At any rate, he's success
ful. He has taken advantage of bis
Growell His opportunities were
small, no doubt; another proof of bis
"The average man out of work aV
ways declares be would bave been all
right If be bad only bad a good show la
the last place."
"Unless he's an actor; then bis cry
I. If be bad only had a good plaee
la tha last show.'" Philadelphia
The Doctor's Orders.
Dedella Pbat are yes doln' takta
the lock off the cupboard dura, Pat?
Are yes chraxyT
Pat No, darllat; tV doohtor tool.
tse to-day thot I must fult bolUn' ate
feed aai I'm going to obey lasting
1 V
Last Moments of Tennyson.
Tennyson's last moments were very
beautiful. Just before the end came,
as be lay tranquilly holding his daughter-in-law's
hand, he turned to her,
and with a smile of Ineffable sweet
ness said: "I have opened 1L" Then,
to complete one of the loveliest pic
tures tn the lives of great men, his
spirit took wings as his son spoke over
him bis own prayer, "God accept
niml Christ receive him!"
Qualities of Radium.
The fact that radium exerts a very
peculiar influence upon light-emitting
bodies has given rise to the hope that
t may eventually play an Important
role In the Industry of light A minute
quantity of radium Is sufficient to pro
duce a strong light from a layer of tino
pyrites, and this light produces no
heat, so that loss of energy is avoided.
Hot-air Fan.
An electric fan that heats the air
current that It delivers has been de
vised by M. de Mare, a Belgian elec
trician. The apparatus consists of aa
electric motor and a rotating fan, the
blades of which are of mica. Upon
these mica blades are fastened resist
ance colls, which are heated by the
passage through them of a current of
For the Invalid.
A raw egg is one of the most nu
tritious of foods, and may be taken
very easily if the yolk Is not broken.
A little nutmeg grated upon an egg,
a few drops of lemon Juice added,
some salt and a dash of cayenne pep
per vary the flavor and tend to make
It more palatable when not taken aa
a medicine.
Former British Soldiers.
At the close of the Boer war 24,000
British soldhers sought employment as
coachmen, grooms, porters, carmen,
etc., and places were promptly found
In England for 18,000. Lately the num
ber of unemployed former soldiers has
Increased, owing to the present serv
ice of three years with the colors in
stead of seven years as heretofore.
Mohammedans In India.
It Is estimated that while there are
60,000,000 of Mohammedans In India
and about 7,000,000 Buddhists, also a
small number of Parseos, there are
three-fourths of the total population
who adhere to the Hindoo faith..
From Herbert Spencer.
The power of self-government, like
all other powers, can be developed on
ly by exercise. Whoso Is to rule over
his passions In maturity must be prac
ticed in ruling over his passions dur
ing youth. Social Statics.
Mr. C rover's Case.
Frederlka, la., Dec. 28. Mr. A. 8.
Grover is now 74 years of age. For the
last 80 years he has suffered a great
deal of sickness and, although he is a
temperate man and never used spir
its of any kind, his kidneys had trou
bled blm very much. He said:
"I was told I bad Diabetes and my
symptoms corresponded exactly to
those of a young man who died of Dia
betes in this neighborhood. My feet
and limbs were bloated quite a little.
"I heard of Dodd's Kidney Pills and
at last determined to try them. I took
in all ten boxes before I was well and
now I can truthfully say that I am all
right The bloating is gone from my
feet and legs. I have gained eltfht
pounds In weight and can sleep well at
night and every symptom of my trou
ble Is gone.
"It Is some time now since I was
cured and I have sot the slightest
return of any symptom of the old
trouble." .
We'd hate to cling to anything as
long as a girl clings to her summer
ihlrt waist In the fall.
To Cnre a Gold In One (Jar.
rake Laxative Bromo Qtiinln Tablet, in
druggist refund money If it falls to cure. 36a.
Figures may not He, but estimates
ire often misleading.
U fcaked twice at ft high temperature to render the starch easy of digestion; containa no caramel, maple,
fruit juicef or other aweeteninga to cause fermentation and indigestion; made from the whole grain ci
lbs wheat, celery infused, and so prevents constipation, creates nerve force and furnishes wholesome
nourishment to the whole body. Served hot or cold. A delicious breakfast food.
Palatablo- nutritious Easy of Digestion
Dr. Price, the creator of Dr.
a coo boo eorrtalnln T
aaassaeaaaaasaa. ) m
Use Pe-ru-na fop Coughs, Colds, Grip and
Catarrh A Congressman's Letter.
In every country of the civilized world
Sisters of Charity are known. Not only
do they minister to the spiritual and intel
lectual needs of the charges committed to
their care, bat they also minister to their
bodily needs.
With so many children to take care of
and to protect from climate and disease,
these wise and prudent Sisters have found
Peruna a never failing safeguard.
Dr. Harltnan receives many letters from
Catholic Sisters from all over the United
States. A recommend recently received
from a Catholic institution in Detroit,
Mich., reads as follows :
Dr. S. B Hartman, Columbus, Ohio:
Dear Sin "The young girl who used
the Peruna was suffering from laryngi
tis, and loss of voice. The result ot
the treatment was most satisfactory,
She found great relief, and after
further use ot the medicine we hope to
be able to say she la entirely cured."
Sisters ot Charity.
The young girl was under the care of the
Sisters of Charity and used Peruna (or
catarrh of the throat with good results as
the above letter testifies.
Send to the Peruna Medicine Co., Co
lumbus, Ohio, for a free book written by
Dr. Hartman.
r4sA: Your Druggist for a free
aammMiianBwi-!-!an?i jw.i.'.hj"; 'l
There ara remedlos and rem
edios on tho market for Piles,
most of which aro Injurious
rather than helpful.
Dr. CaldrcH'o
It guaranteed to euro any
oase of Piles or the money re
funded, If you follow dlrootlons
Is that strong enough?
PEPSIN SYRUP CO., Monlleello, 111.
Foreign Parcels Post.
The United States hss a parcel post
arrangement with Germany. James L.
Cowles sent a suit case from New
Ttork directly to New Haven. The
stamps cost $3.68. He could have sent
It via Germany for $1.95. Offered at
any postofflce as fourth-class matter
It would not have been accepted at all.
It weighed eleven pounds.
Cooking food is preliminary digestion.
Price's Cream Baking Powder and Delicious IHavorlng Kitrarta.
leellent raealpte for ualng the too el mall free t enr eSdreea.
The following letter is from Congressman
Meekison, of Napoleon, Ohio:
Tha Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O.t
Gentlemen: "I
have used several 1
bottles of Peruna
and feel greatly
benefited there
by from my ca
tarrh of the head,
and feel encour- '
sped to believe !
that its con i
tinued use will '
fully eradicate a
disease of thirty
years' standing. "David Meekison.
Dr. Hartman, one of the best knows
physicians and surgeons in the United
States, was the first man to formulate
Peruna. It was through his genius and '
perseverance that it wns Introduced to the
medical profession of this country.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from tha use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case and he will be
pleased to give you his valuable advice
Address Dr. Hartman, President of Tha
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
Peruna Almanac for 1904.
Millions of U.M.C Shot Shel l
are sold each year. They ara
mado In the largest cartridge
factory In the world.
aiooifoar, eoan.
mh mem. .
'.IV VV.v
Ripens Tahalei ire the best Oje.
pep.la uiedlrtue ever maae. A
hundred millions of thetn hv
been e-'ld la lb United Sis tes In
single resr. Coastlpatlon, heart
burn, alok heaasehe, dlitlaese, be,
breilh, sore thrnat, and ersnr ID
ess aiiiln from a dlsorer4 1
itomerh are relieved or cured b, HI pins Tsbalee.
Oes will n.rsllr f1 relief within twenty Bihs
Toe Sre-enl pseaee-e Is enoago lor urainai
All druf gist sell Uiem.
end toady to Ent
eetea ii m aaeieiaei
David Meeklson.
J"!"" yaTaV att)a)k'f

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