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If You Waste Your
Nerve Energy, After
Awhilo You Will
Suffer For It.
You can tvnuto nerve force bjr exeeae,
over-work, worry, anxiety, etc.
You can weaken yourself by not fitlnf
proper food or nccurlr.f sufilclent reat to
renew the nerve cncrjry you use up.
The proper treatment, In addition to
cood phosphatlo food, such aa whole
meal bread, prepared cereal, etc., la
Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine.
This Is as truly a brain and nerve
food as any food you could eat, and be
sides, furnishes strength and tone of Its
own, which goes to the weakened nerve
system, and sets it to rights.
Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine Is a re
freshing, revitalising tonlo food-medlclno
for the brain and nerves. It reconstructs
worn-out nerve tissue, and fills your
languid brain with new life and vigor.
Dr. Miles' Nervine has made so many
marvelous cures, of people so sick the
doctors thought they were Incurable,
that it Is today t'.ie standard medicine
in many thousands of American homes.
The first bottle Is guaranteed to help
you, or druggist returns your money.
"The extreme hent, close confinement
and intense merit, il strain incident to
the banking business, has caused me
to suffer with nervousness and Insom
nia. It gives me pleasure to say that
I have used Dr. lilies' Nervine with
very satisfactory results in the treat
ment of thee affections. I am now on
my fifth bottle, and eat and sleep well.
In fact have almost forgotten that I
possess nerves." K. L. DALBT, Asst.
Cushler, State Bank, Texarcana, Ark.
Ti,'D17'P Write to us for Free . Trial
Xkt package of Dr. Miles' Anti
Pain Pills, the New Scientific Remedy
for Pain. Also Symptom Blank. Our
Specialist will diagnose your case, tell
you what Is wrong, and how to right it.
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Buy Mcdioina for Bniy Pwpla.
Bring Qoldaa Eealth sad Btntwad Vigor,
A snecino for Constipation, Inrtlwitlon, Live
and Kidney Troublos, Pimples. Ecienp, Impure
Wood Bad-Jreafh, Sliimrfah Bowels, Headache
and Backache. It's Rooky Mountain Tea In tab
lot form, (W cms a box. Genuine mode by
HoM.iSTita Dat'o Cojiwxy, Malison, Wis.
Equalization Notice.
The Hoard of OmntyCoramlsfilotiern
will meet at the office or county clerk
June 6 1901, as a Board of Emializv
tlon. Anyone who feels awrieved on
account of his assessment will meet
the Commissioners at that, Mine and
hate his assessment adjusted,
Those In 1st Commissioners district
Will meet June 7, li)04. In the 2nd dlst
Jo June 8th In the 3rd district June 9.
J. F. Eamiio, County Clerk.
And Reap
This may be your good fortune if you subscribe for the
HERALD or pay up arrearages or advance snbscriptinn
while the great profit sharing rontest of the PRESS AD
VERTISING CO. of Hastings, Nebr. is running. For every
Dollar paid on subscription, three chauces to win their big
prize of $10,000 are given free. You have 1406 other chan
ces to win cash prizes. Skill in guessing is the only require
ment and YOUR opportunity is as good as others. The prob
lem is the total number of paid admissions to the World's
Fair. Send in your subscription and ask for details of the
plan which will be cheerfully given.
Phillipsburg, :
The Smart Set
A Magazine of Cleverness .
Magazines should have a well-defined purpose.
Genuine entertainment, amusement and mental recreation arc
the motives of The Smart Set, the
Its NOVELS (a complete one in each number) are by the most
brilliant authors of bth hemisphere. ' .
Its SHORT STORIES are matchless clean and full of human
Its POETRY covering the entire field of verse pa tho-, love,
hu-nor, ten lerness is by the most popular poets, men and women,
of the daw
Its JOKES. WITTICISMS, SKETCHES, etc., arc admittedly
the most mirth-pmvoking.
No pages are WASTED on cheap illustration-, editorial vapor
ings or wearying essays and idle dicusiona.
Subscribe now $2.50 per year. Remit in rhequ, P. O. or Ex
press order, or registered letter to TVA' S.lf.lfiT SET, 45 'J Fifth
Aeenue, .Yew York.
N. B, SampIcCopics Sent Free on Application.
German Municipalities Guard Against
the Spread of Ca rta I n: Diseases, ;
As Is well known, many diseases
are widely disseminated in cities by
the dust that fills the air and perco
lates Into houses and vehicles of every
sort To minimize as far as possible
I the danger to tne public health from
this cause the municipal . regulations
of Berlin insist that refuse ashes and
all that Is generally, though inaccu
rately summarized by the terra "dust"
should be carried through the streets
In airtight receptacles. This has set
Ingenuity to work in the invention of
I th dustbins and dustcarts, and by
"'ans of suitable arrangements In the
1 iter it has been found possible .o
take away household refuse without
defiling the streets with either the of
fensive smells or the Infectious dust
from which we suffer here.
More perfect than any dustcart is
the "substitution system." By this
plan each householder has two dust
bins, of which, however, only one Is
in his actual possession at a time.
This, when full, is carried away bodily
in the dustcart, in which has been
brought back the empty one for use
until the cart calls again.
When a man gets to be sixty he is
almost as quiet as a woman at forty.
About 6,000 artificial ltmbs are
turned out in England every year.
Philosophers get so very old-fashioned
after a few years.
The Hague peace court seems to be
taking a long rest.
. King Edward has got over his cold.
How's Jones?
If the Japanese neither kiss nor
cuss, what are tnelr pleasures?
. Praysr In Human History.
A vast historical experience lies be
hind the practice of prayer. Millions
have lived and died In the belief that
God does hear and answer tbe
prayers of His people. Men and worn
en to-day are Just as sure that Cod
has heard their prayer as they are of
his existence, and this is not a new
thing in the history of the world. If It
were of no use, men would have dis
missed It from uie practice. It is not
like the phonograph, or wireless tele
graphy, something belonging to the
present generation and to that alone;
the best and noblest of men and worn
en have fully and earnestly believed
in prayer. Anything which nas Justl
fled Itself for 20 centuries Of through
out the whole of human history must
have value, and it must havq value in
experience, or the best of mankind
r.ould not have Indulged in it so long.
You will r business ifyouadrrr
tlse In the Hkhald.
: Kansas.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
ana cneenuiness soon
disappear whtn the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that It Is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be abk, to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon It. the cause of
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble Is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need tho same great remedy.
The mild and the Immediate effect of
Swamp-Root Is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dollar
sizes, You may have a
sample bottle by mail
free, also pamphlet tell
Home of Awftmp-Rool
ing all about it, including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Bingkamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper. . '
Don't mako any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Blnghamton,
N. Y., oa every bottle.
Hl a Herd Like a Rattle Snalc and
Its Bit la as Polsonoua.
Mr. Bhlr, who with his partner,
Mr. Zl miner, nan deals In poultry,
brought a hen to tills officii this
morning that, is liable to convince a
man unlew he ni've.r took a drop of
liquor, that ha has a well developed
case of Jim-jams and make him uneasy
to take a course at some Keely In
stitute Tbe head of the hen Is that
of a rattle snake and she has a tonuu
which she runs out with the same
rapid motion us that of a snake. Mr.
Dlalrsavs that she has already killed
two of bis hens and hi b I-ves'tlar
her bite would he mm dangerous m
that of a rattle snake Sail na Jour
nal. Mahln'4 Magazine has been pur
chsed by Lord & Tho-nas, Cnlcano,
publishers of Judicious Advertising,
and the two publications will he com
hlned beulnnlnir with the June Issue
under the name of Judicious Adver
tising. After eliminating all duplications,
5000 cash subscriptions will he added
to the list of Judicious Advertising,
thus giving it much the largest paid
subscription list of any monthly pub
lication devoted to advertising.
Roth of these magazines have rank
ed high from the outset, and botb
subscribers and advertisers will bene
fit by the combine.
Mr. Herbert D. Moore continues as
Editor of Judicious Advertising; and
Mr. I). L. Taylor as Business Minager
while Mr. Richard S. Thaln, who has
been associated with Mabln's Maga
Z'ne as Managing Editor and Business
Manager, is Assistant Business Mana
ger of Judicious Advertising. The
special features which made Mahin'a
Magazine a access Kill I e continued.
ill ritaaaa.e nf MnT aw m
ladder. Urinary Organe. I M I I I IJ
Al Rhenmatiam, Back I 1 I w w
aebe.Heartniiaaie.Oravel.l 11 I .
Dropiy, Female Troubles. JS k.mJ
Don't become dlicouratad. fhefa la a
Sure fo you. if iic-eiiry write Dr. r entier.
Ilu Ims k'Mit a 111 time curing Jim inch
caeee your. All consultation Free.
"A (trnrol lord lu my blailtlrr. Attn
Infra few bo'tie of Ir. Fiiincr's Kidney
na kuokacho .Jura I piuwwl a arntil lialf m
lir n n. a marl le. Tho medicine prevented
(urilier formation. I win ruml.
W.T.OAKES. Orrlx.Va."
PrngtUH. S., II. Ak fnrfonk Hook-free.
Sold hy J. McCormlck.
Track Mams
Aftfoae Mfielnf a iketrk nd dMerintln may
Jalrtlf aeeertaln our opinion free (MM M
itwitln la vmbablr MtantAhlA. Communis.
HntuMrtlrennMnt(aL HANOBOOC on Pttaate
lent frM. OldMI inr for Mninnfjwtcnu.
Pattntj Uki Ihrotih Mann h Co. rewire
tftm mum, wttHoa T, la the
Scientific jltittrican
A Ittiitoonelf flhMtraiad lf. I.rwt elf.
enlttlon of tnr tnwnuae Vwm! Term. II a
w i fof Bontfe, U. SoMkyail iiewidMlank
. Few Suicides In Berlin.
In 1J0O there were only twenty
three lulcldei In Berlin to every 100
000 Inhabitants; la 1303 tbe number
wu thlrtyona.
C ,-11
Method of Production la Kept a Pre
found Secret. ,
There have been a good many ru
mors and theories as to how the Jap
anese dwarf trees are prepared in the
first lnatanne, but this Is a secret
which tha Japanese keep carefully to
themselves, and evep thej it la only
known among a limited number of
families, who hand it down from gen
eration to generation. One account
states that a little soil is placed in
half an orange from which tho inside
has been removed. In this soil is
placed the seed which it is desired
to grew. As the roots burst through
the skin of the orange they are cut
off with a sharp knife. The process ts
repeated until the roots evince 10
further desire to penetrate. The out
side cf the orange is then varnished
with .1 secret varnish, and the young
tree planted In ah ornamental pot. .
Growing Mushrooms Broke Through
the Brick Wall of a Hothouse.
The force exercised by growing
vegetation has received many Illus
trations. No incident illustrates this
power more forcibly than one which
waa noted recently in England. A few
weeka ago some half-hardy annuals
were sown in a frame just cleared of a
winter crop in the gardens of Kelsey
park, Beckenham, and the lights clos
ed to hasten germination. Some days
afterward signs of cracking were ob
served in the brick work, and gradu
ally a block weighing In the aggregate
one and one-half hundredweight was
pushed out of position. After cutting
out several bricks a mass of mush
rooms was found, three pounds three
ounces in weight, growing In the cen
ter of the wall. The mycelium had
run freely in the mortar and on the
Inner face of the bricks.
The Inevitable.
During the trial of a suit to enforce
the payment of alimony recently, a
witness in the case gave the most
damaging evidence against the defend
ant In the suit, once the husband of
a very prepossessing blonde. With
very great frankness he told how the
defondant had mistreated his wife In
almost every imaginable way, and
how on one occasion he (the witness)
had interfered to save the poor wom
an from a beating.
"Oh, you acted the part of a peace
maker, did you?" said the defendant's
attorney when the voluble witness
was turned over to him for cross
examination. "You rushed to tbe res
cue of a fair damsel In distress.''
"I did," said the witness, proudly,
"and I succeeded In saving her."
"Well, well," sarcastically returned
the lawyer, "then you did not meet
the fate commonly acredlted to the
"Not just then," said the Witness.
"I did later. I married the fair dam
sel after she got her dlvdrce."
gff . I Mil
2 Simpson A Weaver, Props, j
D For high rli Tnrnnrlnl work, JjJ
j Gnuriintreil Satlnfactlnn and Plei-nra- l
2 h glT a call. 9
2 Oar rir nt rr pnl' year hlr j?
Niir fWeyno any aln, S
9 Wf ntrr keep ynn In the chair w
2 Cnlll yon mli Itae train. j
Pblll'pabnrf. K ".
JVIP'A-N'S' Tabulcs
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind.
The I cent pa-kayo l ennnfh fur n-nl wfi
nne The fanlW b Ml ifOnil enntalna a ap
pljf nrr. All ilrnfirlala Mil them
Far Sa'e.
A good three room house and base
ment two full lots good well of
good water, walled up with hrlok.
Two other low with fruit trees on
them, fenced up, go with this proper
ty. Trie Kino. Inquire of W. II .
'rati, under Phillips County Bank.
The Phllllpshurg GMiperativeTrad
Ing Co. will keep the elevator open for
business on Satuiday of each week.
See manager at that time about. t-k
ofuralu. Bv order of board of dlnc
ors. J. It. Bkkakky, Secretary.
Ue Printed Stationery.
Every farmer as well as business
iticd should list? printed stationery, ll
a mark of culture and iTotireKS. The
Hmkai.I) will print you lis) note heads
toil list envelop.-), both printed ilh
m me and addrtti for ll.i).
A spring iniilo thai cleans ami puri
ties and al'SorlM a I polm from the
sistrm. HoliisierV llocky Mountain
Pea will make ton well aoo keep you
wi II al Miminer. :V)cent. Tea or tat
eta. Ahk tour druiftrl"'-
Decrees for Hannla Taylor.
The University of Edinburgh has
conferred the t'eree of doctor of laws
on Hannls Ta: lor. the former United
States minister to Spain. The same
honor wsi conferred some time ago by
the University of Dublin. Mr. Taylor
will receive the degree at Dublin the
last of June and at Edlnburg early in
July. H'a textbooks are used In both
The Leading Agricultural Journal of the Na
tion Edited by an Able Corps of Writers
Great American Farmer
This valuable journal, in addition to the logical treatment of
all agricultural subjects will also discuss the great issues of the daj,
therebyy adding- zest to its columns and giving farmers, something
to think about -tside frrm the every day humdrum of routing duties.
within the next thirty days we offer two for the price of one.
THE HERALD, the leading county paper and THE AMERI
CAN FARMER Both One Year for $ 1 .00.
This unparalleled offer is made to all new subscribers, and all
old ones who pay up all arrears and renew within thirty days.
Sample copies free. Address:
THE HERALD, Phillipsburg, Kansas.
Your new new home or barn or other improvements
you will want a good supply of lumber.
lpaW . At- ...
We supply it at lowest prices for class of material
furnished. Come and figure with us and we will
convince you that it will pay you to patronize u.
Yours For Business,
1 It J M-i "'
! V." f 7) ' it' 9 L'
(HiMfaUMkjaMiii MiiMjaawiihirwiwl
. Ait Institutt of M.Mun .
Fvneeded by no other In the state.
fupil admitted at any time.'
TNTrtrmot Gradnntn rocctfe Life
XUD1UCS9 young m nnd women
thnmiifflilrand iromplly formotirrn
linolnfra life. Tnp Hue i now. tlte Ao
nriitnlr, Colloglatt Department!
nru nil nntttr tha dlrnot wmnnnl
diirri(lon M a corp at enmix'ti'nt
(rtrtntrtnra. eacb a apecialiat ia ait
liiiuuf Hork.
V A Vanlmna. rrt rri1ra
tHtMlnl.,Ayt "1 took mr tal
ntim pounw nt Md'hornon ColleRe.
rt'criflig btnt nt initructlon ana
inHliM In hmlnMs, to which mf
flticrpM hat bettu largely due."
(ftta f Knna. KireuttTe Peat
Oiafr.ofMtfl'lrea...r. It. Hh-Ury,
AMt Tito. nr "Mr "ccw I owe
in a Urgodpprcp tntn thormtghnpm
of the prennrntinn which I aciulivt)
la tht Bimitit- pepartmeut of
Send May for Hiadsorao Was. Catalog.
McPherson, Kanets
Tkt "Rljht Road" to nd from tod betweci
and tverywhera btyond.
Train, leave Philllpsburir aa followa:
(Central Time.)
Ro. i, Faat Expreaa, atiinaallm-
Sirtsnt ixilnta oniy..dnlljr 7:20 am
lall and Expreaa ...dullr :Oam
No. 2.4 Local Paaneniter daily 4;45 p m
No. 42, Limiie I, Mopa at linjwri-
ant pulnta unly lally :20 p m
No. W. Kaal Kn-Uht daily :40 a m
No 75, Local Freirht ....ex. Sun. 30am
Xo. S, Expre.a rt.illr in. 10 p a
Na. , Kaat Expreaa dally 3:15 am
No. ft Liical l'aeiiirer daily 11:35 a m
No 41, Limited, atupa at Important
point, only daily IrfUpm
No. 7, Ka.i Preirht daily 0.-M p m
No. 7'. Wal Pn-ltfht .. ex. Son 10 p m
Nna. (7 and 9t. d.illy except Sunday.
. Central Time
For ali-eplnr car' rrerTa"iona, ticket., time
lahlee.etc , apply to any Kik Uland Ticket
A rent. J. A. STEWART.
Aaa't (ien'l. Paener Avent.
Kan.aa Citr. Mn.
Vtprwiply obtata TT. . and Fftrelrit
. t fcnciw f 1 Iml. Rneel.l nrtoA hrmmmmi.
kiln win IK noliinhrrof uil. purer.
imnm mma reponoai pKeuiaouii,
S Wl FT & C O. . l!
Opa. U.S. lint OClot, Witiilnjtcn, D. C.
CURES caUrrb of tbt itomacb.
1 I
Professional Cards.
Physician and Surgeon.
I)etdi'npe two block, eiiet ot Bla.ell h .tel. Of
tee at MiComick'a drne emie Hottro phonei
1V-J Office pbooe tl. All call promptly at
teuded. VV. O. UI8SELL,
Offlre Flr.t door aonth of Herald oftc"nda
fbi llpa County Bank. Law and abataaita.
Attomoy-at-La w.
pedal attention glreo to Oommerela. Law.
rollectlnna and Bankrupb-.y prarttue; ale K.al
F.ptat and lnauran.ee. Notartr In nfllre. Otr
llr.tdiMr weatot the pout ollc. Phllllpabtr(,
Abstracts nai Loans.
The only absolutely reliable aet of Ab.tr
Rnoka In the eonnty. Muney loaned ni r.
"at 'i red lane. Olfloe In lMU.ia.at it i
Phillip I'onntT hank
W. H. PRATT, Uwycr.
Phillipsburg, Karau.
Oltice ovrr rhllllpGunty Rank-, ll
years residence In nninty. Npwlal
ttictlttlfM tur ntHkinir MillpctlonR.
Kefcr. by pnml.lt.n to I'hllllpe I onnty aa
firt Nalmnal Dana
Trcatincnt of Chronic Diseases
Our Sttccialtv.
Office on the South Side of the Square.
Tlion 4rt. oit cft ovpr rvatofflcti
rbllllpbbury, K.au84S.

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