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Phi tfcurg, - Kansas.
rtih'.i ,l:ci every Thursday at Phillips
bur, iiar ar.J entered at the
jo.,:oi') zi z.s eecorid-class mail
T ".P. .MS. '
Onn Dollar (it iiilv-' "rUm otherwise
E'ci i-u, ,:i por will Iw coniinurd at expiration
in s'jHscripliiin, artel until arrc.iraircs are fully
Editor and Proprietor.
Parkers managers claim he will be
nominated on tbe second ballot.
Leading Paper of Phillips County.
Republican Ticket.
For President. '. . .Theodore Roosevelt.
CoijKressmanlfith Dist.. . VV. A. Reeder
ForiGovcrnor:......Edward W. Iloch,
of Marlon.
For Lieut. Governor. . . .David Hanna,
'of Graham.
For Secretary of State. .Joel R Burrow
of Smith.
For Auditor of State. . .Scth G. Wells
of Neosho.
For Treasurer of State.. Thos. Kelley.
of Miami.
For Attorney General... CO. Coleman
of Clay. ,
For Supt of Insurance. . .Chas. Lullng
' of Sedgwick.
ForSupl Pub Instruction, I.L.Day bod
of Reno.
For Sup Court JudK'e(6yrs)W.R.Sraith
: of Wyandotte.
For Sup Court Judge(6yr) E. W. Cun
ningham, of Lyon.
For Sup'Court Judge(4yrs)0.A.Smith
of Mitchell.
For R. R. Commissioners, Geo. W.
' Wlieatley, of Cherokcr.A.D.Walk-
cr of Jackson; J. W. Robinson of
For Senator 40th Dist. W. IT. Haskell
of Smith.
' , ' .
' 'The IIkkalii it authorized to unnminci) the
candidacy of Chah. W. Hull of Klrwln for the
oll'ioe of representative of the Wild dlmrict nub
ject, to the decision of the Republican county
convention. .
i . " K -'" .-
I hereby announce myself an it candidate for
4the effice of reprenentalive of Phillip county
subject d the allloh'of Uio Republican' con
vention. t, A. Ciiampi.m. '
The IlBHALn U authorised to announce that
W. R, RAMDALt, ol rium townsnip win un
'candidate for the office of iilierilT ubject to the
.action of the Republican county convention.
,. I detilre to announce that I will be a candl
' date for the offce of conimlKsloner of the nee
: ond district tnbject to the decision of the
- Republican county convention. Chahlks
KnEi) Vnn of Belmont township desires to
announce that he will bo a candidate for the
office of commlm-ioner of the second district
subject to the decision or the Republian coun
ty convention.
The dailies state that Bryan will
wait awhile before boltinir. Doesn't
mafrr much. Teddy will bo elected
anyway. ,
The Ilolton papers are carrying an
nouncements of candidates for town
ship offices. Not all candidates 'for
county offices announce here.
Eastern capital has confidence In
western Kansas. Tills Is proved by
the salo of larjje and valuable tracts of
land to rich people who come west to
mike their rut.ure hnme. One acre of
land In eastern Kansis buys t wo here
hnt this will nut to true very long.
Those who but now win the Increase
Jn the valuation of the land, and it
makes a splendid investment.
Tbe repulican national convention
hag done Its woTk. The democratic
convention meets next week.
More grief for the Standard Oil Co.
Suit bas been instituted to dissolve it
claiming that It exists in violation of
the trust laws.
According to Ilarry Root of the
'Hate Journal an Esbon land dealer
last year sold 204 farms ranging in
value from $20 to t35 per acre and be
believes it will be better this year.
What better business could a man ask
At the rate they sell here this would
mean an Income of not less than
In the last five years tbe value of
land in Phillips county has more than
doubled and the end Is not yet. Sales
where the consideration averages
more than thirty djllaas per acre for
ordinary prairie farms are frequent,
arid for tbe better ones tbe price some
times exceeds fifty dollars. There's
gold in every acre of Philips county
Advertise in the Herald.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Dem):
President Roosevelt is greatly admir
ed by the young, progressive and ag
gressive elements of hli party. They
like his daring, bis dash, his con
tempt for precedents, bis masterful
way of bending the party bosses to
bis will, his defiance and subsequent
placating of the Wall street magnates.
His nomination represents the will
of the Republican voters however dis
tasteful itmiy be to ra iny of the old
"war horses," and government mules
of the party.
Among others, tbe state Journal
mentions John Q. Royce as a probable
candidate for Secretary of State two
years hence. We have no objection to
Royce being made Secretary of State
except that we would rather see htm
succeed Reeder as Cmgressraan. We
believe the Job would be more to his
liking aud the Improvement ovpr the
present Incumbent more noticeable.
Almcna Plaindealer.
Docsthe editor of the Plaindealer
mean what ho says, or say what lie
means ?''"'"
Justtn lick someone, this often ex
plains the candidacy of olllce seekers,
but it Is not a good reason. A candi
date who has no other reason for being
in the field deserves nothing but de
feat and that is usually but not always
thecaso. It Is far better to boom
someone and be all fur blm, better to
have an interest in his welfare and
your own, to support him on his mer
its and let others do the same Your
chance of winning will be much great
er, and you will make no enemies and
create no desire on the part of some
one for revenge. Bo for and not
against someone.
The desire to rise in the world, to
win fame and bonor Is a commendable
ambition as long as its success Is riot
accomplished by traducing the work
or character of ot hers. The man who
can rise himself and assist his compet
itor, or opponent at the same lime is
Worthy of our highest admiration.
The man who Is feaiful of his success,
who feels that, he cannot win unless
he tears down the work of another,
ruins his reputation and liierally
"kills blm off" Is acontempfable crea
ture and failure In the end is certain
to be his portion. "Judge nut that
ye he nor, Judged' hasa literal applica
tion. Defamatory words spoken of
another, cause the hparer to seek the
reason for their utterance and oftime
In the ibspnce of any, the Inevitable
conclusion Is that Jealousy, prompted
them. Life is to short to be spent in
petty bickerings. Honor the man
who spears no ill of his opponent. He
deserves It and you win find In him
one whom you can safely trust.
U -J
Steer In The Right Direction
and call at, TnE CENTRAL LUMRErt COMPANYS lumber
J ard. Seasoned lumber, fa'r dealing and honest prices await you there.
We wnl furnish )"U wiih boairis ttiorouifiiiy and evenly
dried which makes every board bright, straight and stainless
perfect lumber indeed.
We guarantee full satisfaction and you can rely on sure and
prompt shipments.
Yours for I)ulnew,
Sumner Specials.
Hail did some damage to crops the
Vera Blakesly had the whooping
cough very hard.
Four nuserymen have been canvass
ing the township.
Don't forget to save the smallest
potatoes to fry whole
Rats and other pests are making
havoc with young poultry.
Katy Garret is making quite a stay
at her sister Bertha's.
Mr. McCollough's mother will re
turn with bis wife and daughter from
Iowa tbls week.
Miss Edna Richard's party was
postponed from Friday to Saturday
eve on account of the storm.
Mr. Wm. Snow filled Mr.Tannahills
placo very acceptably Sunday. Old
friends were glad to see blm.
Fred and Nellie Garrett and
Katy Richards went toBlooraipgton
the 26th and Katt will remain till
afterthe 4th.
Will Halbert and family stayed to
the show in Agra Saturday night.
M. E. Snow has purchased a new
cream separator. Say girls it is leap
nasslerand Halbert baye sold their
steam threshing outfit to the Farloy
Gertie Heaton and Mabel Strong
went to Mary Petersons to get their
dresses made.
Mike Carroll and wife started to
Agra Saturday and met six polecats
which hell tbe road until killed.
Alice Peterson and Clyde Dubois
were married at ber fathers Wednes
day. Tho young people have tbe best
wishes of all that know t hern.
C. A. Uassler Informs us that the
commissioners lowered the land tax
for Crystal 3 per cent and that bo and
the Plum trustee is going to put a
new bridge on the town line south of
Will Jirs and ptsrnapsono on the town
Hue between Furgeson and Ben Moss.
G rover Gregory is staying at home
Mr and Mrs Jot Slurp spinl Sunday
at Mr Cox's.
Mrs nudsou is having very poor
health lately.
Mr and Mrs Joe Cox visited at
Prairie View Sunday night.
Dick Lee drove up from Louan Sat
urday and remained over Sunday.
Mrs Ike Best with her children
have moved into John Brownlee's old
Tho Farmer Boys Band met and
practiced at tho home of Jim Costcllo
Goorgo and LydU McClaln visited
in this neighborhood "Saturday and
Mr Skcllnn and Congleton have
been helping Mr Hopper put up his
alfalfa l ately.
Mrs L. T. Brownand little son have
gone for a two or three months visit
In northern Iowa
Gus Slinms went to Stutt jart last
Friday an came home with a new
buggy, and he says he will soon have
M)ine one to ride In It too.
Greenwood Center.
Hello ! Greenwood is in your midst
Mrs J. M. Handy Is lying very low
at this writing.
The Handy ball team will play at
the City the Fourth.
George Clark who has been working
at Phillipsburg returned homo Wed
Misses Bessie nnd Elsie Ooomes
spent Sunday with Misses Faye and
Clora Clark.
Miss Pesrle Shsfrr of Iowa who ha
been visiting relatives here, returned
to Aura Saturday.
Tho proposed celebration at Plum-
mer is a thing of the past. Manydls
appointments are at hand.
The ball game at Handy Saturday
between nandy team and tho old men
resulted 13 to 12 In favor of Hai dy.
Mrs. Roush who was called here on
account of the Illness of her mother,
Mrs. J. M. Handy, bas two children
dowtywltb tbe measles.
There was a small tornado at Ed
Jarrls' last Friday afternoon, blowing
the chimney off bis new bouse and
damaging other out door buildings.
Say, It rains out, this way ! The
heaviest rain of the scam fell Friday
eveclnijV The tail damaged wheat
and fruit to some extent in Glenwood.
The tornado Friday tore Ed Cooms'
hayrack and her! house to pieces and
broke several window lights. It shook
things up at M. P. Abbotts also.
0:00 a. m. Pigeon- Shooting, sweep
stakes, $15 added.
10:00 to 12:00 Reading of Declara
tion of Independence by R. F Stlnson.
Music by Ladies Cornet Band.
Music by rbilllpsburg Orchestra.
Address by Hon. C. A. Lewis.
1:00 to 3:00 p. m. Various sports on
public square.
Music by two rbilllpsburg Bands.
Foot race, 50 yards, boys under 13
years, prize $.5 00.
Foot race, 100 yards, open, $5.
Sack race, 50 yards, $3.
Wheelbarrow race, 100 yards, $3.
Boy's small pony race, 200 yards $3.
Bronco race, 200 yards, .
3:00 p. m. Base Ball, Kensington
vs Phillipsburg, for purse of $50.
Music by BandR.
4:30 Novelty running race open to
green horses, $20.
5:00 Basket Ball by High School
young Indies for silver cup.
Mnslc by Bands.'
8:00 Grand display of fire works at
lake, concluding with bombardment of
Port Arthur, under command of Cap
tains Couch and Tucker.
He Had a Friend on the Jury.
The late Judge William A. Stewart
of the Supreme bench of Baltimore
was very fond cf a joke, and he bad
an inexhaustible fund of good stories.
On one occasion he told how, when he
was a practicing attorney, he obtained
a verdict for a larger sum than the
amount of his claim. After the ver
dict had been rendered he asked a
Juror whom he knew well how it came
about that the verdict was far more
than he asked.
"It was this way," the Juror replied.
"A number of the Jurors were against
you, Mr. Stewart, while I thought you
ought to have what you asked for.
Finally, as a compromise, we agreed
that each Juror should put down the
amount you ought to have, and that
the total, divided by twelve, the num
ber of the Jurors, should be the ver
dict. I knew that some of the Jurors
would put down nothing or a very
small sum, so I put down a large
amount, so as to be sure you would
get what you asked."
The result was that when the total
was divided by twelve the quotient
was more than Mr. Stewart asked.
Baltimore Sun.
What You Pay For Rent
So far as yon arc personally concern
ed represents a LOSS. It practi
cally amounts to cne third of your in
come at Jcast consideration and some
times more. This money, if SAVED
few years will pay for' a home and
then instead of eking out a mere ex
istence and having' nothing left at tbe
end of a stated period, ycu will find
yourself the possessor of desirable and
valuable property.
The renter seldom makes much pro
gress. He works to make others rich,
and sometimes he will work harder to
do this than when working on his own
WAY and I will tell you about it, as
I have several choice farms for sale
any of which will make an ideal home.
Here is the opportunity you have been waiting ior.
June 6, 13, 20, 27, the Rock Island will sell round trip
tickets to St. Louis at cosiderably less than the one way rate
$16.10 only $10.00 from Phillipsbui g. ,
Return limit 6 days. Tickets are good for first class
passage but will not be honored in sleeping cars.
The great fair is open for the reception and entertain
ment of visitors. In size, beauty and variety, it far exceeds
anything of its kind in the history of mankind. To see it is
the prcvelege of a lifetime. 1 : .,
Full information at this office or by addressing:
A. E. COOPER, D. P. A., Topeka.
F. D. BRADLEY, Agent,
Phillipsburg, Kansas.
s Fourth
Will Be Celebrated at
lip.sburg. Kansas!
A cordial invitation is extended to everyone both far and near to attend this celebra"
tion of our Nation's Anniversary. No pains or expense has been spared to make
this th: grand:;t cslebatiDti ever h:U in th: county. The attractions ars many and
varied and all arc FREE. & J j j j j
THE MORNING will be, devoted to foot, wheelbarrow, sack and pony races
for cash prizes; pigeon and blue rock shooting by gun club . and visitors;
basket ball by High School young ladies.'
THE AFTERNOON: There will be addresses by Prof. F. II. Baker, N. B.
McCormick, and others; music both vocal and instrumental bjr the orchestra.
Uasi Ball, PHILLIPSBURG vs. STOCKTON atS o'clock, purse $50,
IN THE EVENING there will be a grand display of Fire Works at the Lake
including an attack on Port Arthur by the U. S. Navy showing how the Japs
should do it. This will be the grandest display ever attempted here and, being held
on the water will add an additional and pleasing effect.
. MUSIC all day by the famous Phillipsburg silver cornet bands. All kinds of
Fun, Merry-go-rouuds Etc.
Come Everybody and Have a Good Time.

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