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Just Now,
Is the best time to list your farm if .you desire, to
sell. Times are 'good, money plentiful and, the
country has produced a bountiful crop. The , de
mand for good productive land is greater than
' i vt-r before and proertics command a ready salf .
All that is necessary is the services of an agency
that knows how to get buyers. ..-:
That's our busings. Call if you contemplate
buying or selling.
Phillipsbiiii Kas.
Steer In The Right Direction
and call at THE CENTRAL LUMBER COM PA NY '8 lumber
yard. Seasoned lumber, fair dealing and honet price await you there.
We win tuniMb you wiiu Board tuoroutfbly and evenly
dried which makes every board bright, straight and sulnleu
perfect lumber indeed.
We Ruarantee full satisfaction and you can rely on sure and
prompt shipments.
Yours for Business, '
FIRST NflTIOflflLt BflrMl
Capital and Surplus, $60,000.
Docs a general banking business. Buys and sells foreign exchange.
Authorized depository for county funds. Long and snort time
loans at lowest rates. Your patronage solicited.
GEORGE VEEIf, President; A. II. GRANGER, Vlce-preslden
? W. D. GRANGER, Cashier; I. II. ROGERS, Assistant Cashier.
: : : DIRECTORS s : :
The Man Witri Small Capital
Cannot afford to biij high priced lands neith
er can he afford to pay high cash rent when
if he so desires. I have a large list of lands
in Grecly, Gray, Gove, Logan, Lane, Tre
go, Ellis and Wallace counties at prices from
$2.50 Per Acre
and Upwards. If you desire land it will pay
to look these Up.
W. H. Pratt, Phiffipsburg, Kansas.
PcfrtMf4r CrsA'tA tV Blond and ttnUtee tee Kidneys aad LI-
tihrnm Catarrh. HlTfa. Plmp'ra. Khuometlam, hypbtllt. Vrrl dlaeaeea and rkla aruptloas. It
rnlarltr. end InrTamatlon nl the kldneya. HIHIiuaneae. .rk Haedaha. ladlfaallea. Djriftapala,
lrrniularltr and Con-.i.ailnn ol the buwela, (Inking arnaatlnn end lOltarlaj ( tke keart, lack el
eocrifT. Narolianaaa, Slorpy and droway feellnga, Illtalnaaa and leae of Appalile. It ttranitkeat
and bul da dp the nioat dellcaia ayaiaia. It la a pleaaant lataUae. rrllavla Ika kowela af all lapar
lilra, claanaina tbe ayatera rffcdmalljr. Ita action te mild and aontblhg. Brereate feaera aad la
nlraaanl to taka. It daala with diaeaan aa It anau, removea iLe eanae jnn rahullda tka oaaa' Italian
I b bran le atrd. by tbooaanda i-f panpla and found to perform alaiiiat nlraele. It ajar aa takaa
hr old and roans of both ariea. Lactlea wbnaa delicate ayitam requires a eeaedy tkat will act faa
tlr and hafrtlraUr a'a under all e ndlliona ahould laka it It will (Ira Toa atraaftk, aew Ufa aid
ambition. Tod abnold not delay bat go at onoa and aecttra 4 bottlal price, 1 1.00,
f.. 0:f for Intnrnal or aitarbal e fare Naeematla.' Kearalrls,
V-UraUVC JU Toothache, Baracbe. Ili-edath. "ore Tkmat. Una Rack. Pal a
In the Stomach, Cramp O il'e, Diarrhoea. Pjaantxry. Maimer t oraplaJnt, I'kolere Morksa. Woaada
t'nta. palna Rmlaea, wllin. LnmiMfo, lnrlnraitl"H. Ir Holxia. Bat utlaga, MIC Jolata.
Uoat, Contracted Muaclea. 0 p Hratod and Moacalar Palna, Kmat Bltea. Borloaa. Coras Vlelaat
licbluc ot Ilia rkln and It flamatlnn of the kldna. It laaoniklai aad haallac.lt la reaiady Ikat
pruTea ancccaalol In alm wt every etee if ukea In time It will rellera tka anal oeatlaet caaa, aad
ften aafee lite. I'ber la do medicine ao Important and Bead'al eTr o fa red la the vakllc. aa) aac
trpalnlaD'l elfctfual In rellelnf pain. It la a true frl-nd Utlmeachaa aad palaa. It deala wtak
tb nlaaaae etfectuall'. atriklug a the rery root. renviTln tke caaae. It haa beaa tted by tkaa
aanda of ieola aod fnand Ui perform woudera, It may be taken by old aud youof ef betk MX Goad
lur mao and twaak Pilar 50 cenla.
T iinn P . f fnrea Tootha. Polda, Cronp. Hoarnraa, Whooping rvafh.
UdlZxilU HronrhHia, lurlaamanoa of the Lanr. ora Thraal, Cpltting
r-f tl'ood, Loa vl Voire, Aathaia. Vninay, hMenaa. Ttrkllna arnaallob la tbe tkreal, Mracall
hrrailiina. Hacking ongh aiirvnera of beat and onumptla, where tke dmadi-4 dlaeaaa kaa ael
airrady adranuud berond uedlral aid. Clergymen aud "ial(ara. will Ind tkla aardlclaa valuable.
a it acia dlrew upon tue H."nrolJ Tnhea, rentirlna lha Hnlegm and readera taa eoioa rlear aad
diatlnct. It f matanl rail (. It matlera not ho aernre yi r fh any halt la eentnint aad
htallug to the throat an i lunita. it la perfectly harmleaa, ai-d pleaaant to Ika Uata and glrea a rnnet
Inaunt n-iii f It iaamnnwu-ornd to he one uf the aioat reMab a avi telne made fr the throat and
Innga. It thrnwa od a I theorteiided mtt-r. rlaara the lnhaa of ail Iraparlttee and leaf re I kaa in
hmihf condltiun- thu iHtrlnir the air paaaagea free beetdea inylg orating aad atrangtkniag tka
gn.tr el rjfiera. It t.Tea Hie. i'rlca SO o-nta.
TUnr T7m4;t Prvpan d only by T)t, 1. f , ll att, PkU'lpaharg, Kiaaar
1 nCSC IvemCOleS -Areanldhvdruaiilaiaand J. I, wK'ermUik. Pkilllpabarg
w i
m pa.
rr- uav
A A n.a,.. Q l') lnkAi- 99 Hnwinr (a ttAtnr&l colon
Ci a .J;av a tViU tavlrk m,, .. ridkurfn(innl and aWuna Jt rrMi
r dblU v I ivtim vi l iuiv ihi vvrnv-a w i - - -j-
f L.CJ t..1 I... L V.a! n..a.aavlal PaUlf tfka rlArVlat Lf
Cdfiil Rfifw fnr Konk rnntt.hitt anH Tiflft Mmlttinr rttlTl of
' UV UJ VV V W e- - r , - - - - - r -
L.. .ItkU CA J... anl yMkitajtil A FSW Or TM.il wfilkltt 1 VtftT.
rtA Tirlrot 112 ftHw for Barnarr atock and w will ertdit 11.00 is fart
tlf. Y)M.e HonU kly nd wnt BltrtkorM m4 trwlim aaletmti. Ourrrr
WO I fly taSnmt.-5urkBrv'i, miSliji,Nt!Mfi7rnk,A;t.
PUylhlnj tf i Ut Who Llvaai by
' th Sa.-
"Well, ehnJren." aild Uncle Hiram,
"you all' kndvr about pony carts am!
coat 'wasont and -wagont hauled by
docs but did any of you over hear of
a . boy being l ulled around by a biff
turtle? .
"No? I sues not; bur I did once: la
fact 1 knew tbe boy, and the turtle
used o pull bio. around '.) right, only
Instead of pulling him n a wagon, it
ud to pull bim around in a boat.
"ThisJjoy'a bome was on the torea
of a bay. His father win a IsUerman.
wbo owned boats and ncti and hired
fisherman and made a business of Dsn
Ir.g. and so the boy was brought up,
.as you might nay, rn the water. H
had lived and played about it all his
life, and when he got to be about 12
years old his father had made for him
and gare to him a boat for his own
"It was a nice DtUe. light skiff,
about 12 feet long and not drawing
much water, a boat that a boy of his
age wbo waa tflroog and hardy a be
was, could pull, yery handily; and he
used to bare St fun in it.
"The fishermen used to set thejr
nets at dffferent times of year for dif
ferent .nsh. You know, some fish
come on the coast at one season and
some at another; but still at all times
they'd catch some variety of fish, and
sometimes they'd catch fish that they
didn't want at all, like sharks.
"Big sharks would follow the Isbos
Into the nets, to get some to eat, and
tet caught themselves. And then, they
would make a lot of trouble for the
fishermen. They'd tear tbe nets all to
pieces trying to get out, and so let all
the ftshes out; and so the fishermen
would lose all the fishes they'd caugbt
and have to go to the expense ot fixing
tip their nets besides. The fishermen
never like to catch sharks.
"And then sometimes they used to
get turtles In their nets, various kinds
of sea turtles. Including loggerheads
The loggerhead turtles you know,
grow to be very big; some yery big
ones weigh as much as a tKoiuand
l.ounds, tremendous big turtles, and
then they come smaller; but the log
gerhead Is a big turtle anyway, and
tbey used to get some pretty big ones
in their nets.
'And one day when they'd got one
that the boy's father thought would do
be gave it to him for a horse a kind
of a sea horse, wasn't it? for his
. "This loggerhead bad a sbel about
two feet and a half long, and then
Its head and its tall stuck put at the
ends beyond this, so that altogether
It was about three feet and a half long.
It weighed something between ISO and
200 pounds; so you see It was about as
big as a marble-topped table and it
weighed about as much as a man. A
powerful turtle; and it could tow that
boat easily.
"The boy'a father rigged It up for
him all right. He bored a small hole
through the 'back end of the turtle's
upper shell where It was the best place
Tor It, and where It wouldn't hurt the
turtle, and through this hole he drew
one end of a smalt stout line, and when
he'd get It through he made a knot
on that end so the line wouldn't draw
but again through the hole when the
turtle began to pull on it; and then
he put tho turtle tack into the water
and gave the free end of the line, the
felns, as you might call It, to the bo)
in bis boat. And then he says to the
"'Now don't let him tow yoa out to
sea, and when he sounds give him line,
and then let the turtle go. -
"What he meant by 'when ne
sounds' was, when the turtle sounded
the depths of the water; when he went
down to the bottom; for you see the
water In this bay was In some places
as much as twenty-eight feet deep and
If the the boy had only a short line
on the turtle and the turtle had sound
ed in deep water and the boy bad hung
on to the line, the weight ot the turtle
might have upset the boat and
thrown the boy Into the water. Dut the
fr.ther knew the boy and had confi
dence In him and knew ue would un
derstand, and do as he told him:
'Don't let him tow you out to sea and
when he sounds give him line,' a-d
then turned the turtle loose, and the
boy gave him a little slack at first so
as not to bring blm up too suddenly,
anu then he held on gentiy but firmly
and then off they started with the
boy sitting In the boat and the turtle
towing him.
"And then the turtle took the boy all
round the bay, trying of course, to
get away. That string didn't hurt lilin
but the turtle didn't just like It.. But
It couldn't shake it off, and stf, when
ever It wfnt It toed the boat after It
Tltb the boy In the boat.
"Sometimes the turtle would sounJ
riid then the boy would pay out line.
And after the turtle bad got down to
tbe bottom the boy would let him rest
for a while, and (ben when he nnt.t
Mm to draw the boat again he would
pj;i on the line a little, softly, and the
untie would come tip and start going
attain, drawing the boat around.
"One time the turtle got going as If
he ws going out of the by. and then
tbe boy sot ml? to cut tb Use, but
the turtle got tired after a while and
stopped to rest, floating eq the top of
tbe water. And '.hen ttie boy reached
tbe end of tbe shell where the line
v made fa.-;t to hlra and got hold of
tbe turtle and turned him around In
the water and headed him Inshore and
started him up again. '
'And after that a number of times
tbe boy turned the turtle around like
that when be was going in some direc
tion he dirtu't Taut him to, but he was
always careful not to get near the tur
tle's bead, for the tertle can dart Its
bead out to a considerable distance
abend and' on either side.
"Turtle, have very sharp and pow
erful Jaws and a great loggerhead
could bile a man's hand off, and a tur
tie the sle the boy bad could have bit
ten off blJ finger and I don't know but
It couid his hand. If you ever have a
turtle, as this boy did, to row your
boat, you want to ktep away from its
head, as In fact you do from all turtle's
"Well, this boy didn't have any pan
to, keep the turtle In, and I don't know
as he'd have wanted to keep bim any
way, 'cause his father was liable to
catch him another one any time. So
after he'd beca towed around U he
wanted to that day, he pulled up near
the turtle and cut the line close to the
shell end let him go. That little end
ot the line that was left In the hole in
tbe shell would soon work out and
leave the turtle entirely free.
"And sure enough, that same season
tbe boys father caujht another logger
head that was about tbe right size for
a seahorse to tow the boy's boat, and
he rigged it up In Jus the same way,
and once more the boy wes towed all
around tbe bay. sitting In his boat
with the turtle -pulling him.
"Now. then," raid Undo Hiram,
glancing benevolently around upon the
circle, "there was something different
You've all seen plenty of goat and dog
wagons, but how many of you ever
saw a boy riding In a boat, with a tur
tle pulling him?"
And they all said they had never
even heard of such a thing till their
uncle told them. New York Sun.
Art in Chicago.
It Is estimated that there are now
more than 7.000 art students In Chlja
go. The Art Institute of Chicago In
1901 has enrolled more than 2,500 pu
plls, and in the Academy of Fine Arts
and a dozen leser schools, studios and
private classes there are nearly 5,000
students who are devoting their ef
forts to the pictorial and plastic arts,
No other city In the world haa mi
art muBeum so well attended as that
ot.the Art Institute of Chicago. Al
ready in 1904 more than halt a million
visitors have inspected Its pictures,
sculptures and exhibitions, of curios,
and based upon last year's total of vis
itors nearly a million persons will
have visited its galleries before the
close of this year.
The galleries of the Institute have
teen enriched by donations from pri
vate citizens of Chicago as no other
art Institute in America has bceu n
rlched. There are few notable private
collections In Chicago that can com
pare with similar assemblies of art
Works In other cities. And this fact
Is characteristic of Chicago, Cor here
Al I . 1 . ( . , . . , , t , L
ine ncoesi ana most, juaicious collect
or have been generous enough au1
public spirited enough to give to a
public Institution thoso attractions
those costly displays of works of urt
which In other American cities are
kept aloof from tho public for the
Bpeclal delectation of tbe few who
are Wealthy or fortunate enough to
possess them. Chicago Tribune.
Miaiourl Foxes In North Carolina,
Will Marshall and W. P. Persons
last spring Imported I'oty-two young
ed foxe-t fom Missouri, purchasing
them from R. G. Mason, of Kirkuvllle.
Ir. that nale, a gentlemen who makes
a business of raising them.. Thcte
young Reynards were taken into the
country and released, and they arc al
ready asaertlng the', presence, one
farmer reporting that he had lost 12 1
chickens and 87 turkeys. Nearly all
these original foxes are alive, except
a few that have been shot by farmers.
VLey have reared families and nre
r.pldly repopulatlng the forest of An;
The red fox la of an entirely differ
ent nature from the gray fox, and al
ways gives his pursuers a run for their
money, so to speak. The gray fox
runs In a wide circle, never going very
far from the place where he was
Jumped; the red fox thinks of same
t.ook several hundred miles away .:.!
he strikes out for It In a beeline anl
fast must be the hounds that overtake
These Mlsourl foxes are said to be
irng. lean and wiry, and the hunters
of Anson are anticipating some r.ro
chases. Charlotte Observer.
Tn rrui some :f the adTtntKaTag f
rlepoaltinir soma of money In Ibis bank
on rertlflr-afea of rlervlt
If vrttl have an mnnar that will h
Mls for a ponnle of months thin plan
of hanklnf will nrrrt T"U.
Write n or rail If you car. Fbll
Ilpj County Ctnk.
Men and women In this county and
adjoining territories, to represent and
advertise an old established bouse of
solid financial standing.' Salary to
men 121 weekly, to women 112 to $13
weekley with expenses advanced each
Monday by check direct from bead
quarters. Ilorse and buggy furnished
when necessary; position permanent.
Address, Blew Bros. & Co., Dept. A,
Monon Hid g. , Ch Icago. 2-6
Money Losses.
Many people meet with money losses
through lack of advice in money mat
ters. Ibis bank's experience and judg
ment is always at the service of its
customers and has been the means of
saving many of them serious losses.
rhllllps County Bank.
. 3';i;:.st!i. jfe;i;
?. r
'A f 1
" m '
i i
Carey's Flexible
Magnesia Roofing.
A Cheap High Grade
Roofing, suitable for all
kinds ot Buildings. Used
in all large factories and
mills of the east. Fire
proof and not affected
by Heat or, Coldj
Sold by Square or put
on building by contract,
Pnillipsburg, - K nsas.
Dr. Eugene Tiberghicn,
Graduate of the American
.School of Osteopathy. -
Tjeata successfully acute
and chronic diseases. Wom
en's ahd children's diseases
a speciality. Examination
free. Residence phone 133,
' Stcond boor West tiiraeatl
Clothing Store.
Hours i) to 12 a m., 1 to 4 p. m
A good farm of 100 acres, all fenced
and crossed fenced; 130 acres under
cultivation; 12 acres in trees; 10 acres
in alfalfa. A good frame bouse of
four rooms. Frame granary 12x10 feet
Frame chicken house 10x12. Good
hog yard securly fenced. This farm
Is situated In the north part of the
county and can be had for 13000. If
old now, crops go to purchaser.
W. II. Fn.ATT.Fhilllpsburg, Kans.
Ovr-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Hake Impnre Blool.
All the blood In vour body Daises, throuch
your kidneys once every three minutes.
i no Kianeys are your
blood purifiers, they fil
ter out the wute or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
ef order, they fall to do
their work.
Pains, achessnd rheu
matism come from ex
cess of uric acid in the
blood, due to neclirtiri
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-worklnr in numninc ihlrlr IrMnav.
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
it usea to bo consiaerea mat only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science nrovea that naarlv
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning in Kiuney irouoie.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effert of Dr. Kilmcr'a
Swamp-Root, the gret kidney remedy Is
soon realized. It stands the highest for Its
wonderlul cures ot the most distressing cases
and Is so d on Its merits
by all druggists in fifty-
cent and one-dollar siz
es. You may have a
aamnlai brittle hv mail
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
.t,--.L . .l - - Lt- . II.
out II you nava wine or oiak.er irouoie.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
tha nama, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and lha address, Binghamton,
Borne ef Snaae-aoot.
We Risk It
Druggists ' Who Sell
Dr. Miles Nervine
Agree, If It Fails.
To Refund Cost.
Of course we reimburse the druftist.
You know him, and trust him.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Is medicine for your
It cures diseases of the Internal or
sans, by giving- tone to tha nerves which
make these organs work.
It Is a novel theory not of anatomy,
but of treatment; first discovered by
Dr. Miles, and since made use of by
many wide-awake physicians, who ap
preciate its value In treating; tha sick.
If yau are sick, we offer you a way to
be mado; well Dr. MIlea' Nervine.
This medicine Is a scicntlflo cure for
nerve disorders, such as Neuralgia,
Headache, . Loss of Memory, Sleepless
ness, Spasms, Backache, Bt. Vitus'
Danco, Epilepsy or Fits, Nervous Pros
tration, etc. ....
By toning- up the nerves, Br. Miles'
Restorative Nervine will also cure those
diseases of the Internal organs due to
a disordered nervous system.
Come of these are: Indigestion, Bil
ious Headache, Kidney Trouble, Chronlo
Constipation, Dropsy, Catarrh, Rheuma
tism, etc .;
"My brother had nervous prostration,
and was not expected to live. I pre
vailed upon him to try Dr. Miles'
Restorative Nervine, and now he has
fully recovered. You remember I wrote
you how It saved my life a few years
ago, when I. had nervous trouble. I
preach its merits to everyone." REV.
M. D. MYER3. Correctionvllle, Iowa.
TPPTPn' Wrtte us anil we will mail
X JXii you a Free Trial Package of
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills, the New,
Scientific Remedy for Pain. Also Symp
tom Blank for our Specialist to diagnose
your case and tell you what Is wrong
anu now 10 lgnt n. .Ansoiuieiy rree.
Professional Cards.
W. H. PRATT, Lawyer.
PbiUlcsburg. Kansas.
Office over Phillips County Hank. 29
years residence In county. Special
facilities for making collections.
Refers by parmiaelnn to Phillips Connty SB
Kirat National Ranks
Offic First door eoath of HaraM office nttrls
Phi llpa ConAty Bank. Law and abstateta.
?nwlM attention 'rten to Oommercte. Law,
Collections and Bankruptcy practice; also Kaal
Estate and Insurance. NoU't in office. Oflic
Mrat floor west of the poet office Pblllipabarg,
Abstract and Loans.
The only abtolntely reliable act of Abtlf t
Books in the county. Money loaned on ti
eatate No red tape.. Office la bawment .(
Phillips County Hank.
R-I-P'A-N-S- Tabules
Doctors find
A good prescription
it mankind.
TheVcent pa'kafrela enough for flaaal oee
or a Tba farull i bottle (Ml cental contalna a ann
ply tor year. Aildrugijlal sell tbem.
l'bone 48. Office oyer Postofllce.
I'hillipsburp;, Kansas.
lhavelrented the McDowell
sale barn and will use same
for a training barn and
See me for all kinds of veteri
nary work.
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Buy Hadlola for Buy Paople.
Brtngi Qoldta Health aad Xanairad Vigor.
A .n.lll. m 0..tl..i. ii . ... v .
and Kldnar Troubles, hmplea. Ecwrma. Impure
Blood Bad Jreath. Blmrliih Bowela, Headacba
and Backflrnn. I. 'a r... . . . l
lt form. M onts a box. Ofnutno mada by
HoujSTia Daco Cohpamt, Madison, Wkj.
The "Rlfnt Road" to aoe Iron and bctwecc
and everywhere bcyend.
Tralna leT Mhllllnabara; aa follows:
(Central Time.)
No. 6, Faat Eapraaa, atnpa at lm-
portaat txilnta onfr.. daily 7:70 a a
10, Vail and Expreaa ...dailv 'U 'Jan
2X Local Paaaenirer daily 5;45 p n
42, Llniltea. atopa at Import. '
ant polnta only daily a-Wpa
78, Local F"'rh as. Saa. S:0ian
No, 5, Etprraa. dallr oM
No.. Kaat Enpraaa dally 3:13 an
No. 27 Lia1 Paanirr dally 10:45 a
No 41, Limited, atnpa at Importaat
point only sauy t-M p n
Noa. 7 aad 2ft. dallr eacept Saaday
Central Time
For alcvDlnr car reerT.i'lona, tickets, tint
tablea. etc , apply to anr R.k laland Tick
ipnt. J. A. STEWART.
AaaH Ccal. Paaaeno-er Araat,
Kasea CiH, Mov

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