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Have Yoa Spoken for Your field Seeds?
i If not you had better do so at once as we are daily receiving Oats,
I Speltz, Barley, Cow Peas, Cane, Kaffir, Maize, Broomcorn, Corn,
and Millet. We can give you special prices on' Seed Potatoes and
I Onion Sets of several different varieties. Write to-day or call us up
i by phone No. 268, the only EXCLUSIVE Feed and Seed House in
the Southwest.
J. F. FUNK &
i.i) " ii tt
Several new Spring styles for both men and women
now on exhibition
Pictures Going. Those holding cards are ad
vised to choose soon, first come first served.
Santa Fe Will
Build Cutoff
Dodge City-Colmor Line Will
Save Seyehty-One Miles
in Distance.
From The Denver Post.
Las Vegas, N. M. Feb. 20. It
was learned here today from an
authorative source that the Santa
Ferhas begun the purchase of a
right-of-way for fts Dodge Uity
Colmor cutoff. The proposed cut
off will run in. almost an air line
from Dodge City, Kansas, to Col
mor, N. M., and will reduce the
distance now traversed by the
road's main , line between the two
poines seventy-one miles, besides
avoiding the steep' Katon moun
tain grade and tunnel. It will
open up a new territory for the
output of coal mines along the
Santa Fe.
This cutoff likely will be the" first
section of the Santa Fe's new
road shortening improvements to
be built. The second will be the
Sulzbacher-Vaughn cutoff, a dis
tance of 100 miles, which will form
a connecting link in the Santa Fe's
Gal yeston-to-Denver line. Surveys
for both cutoffs were completed
late last fall.
. A man in Missouri by the name
of Moon got married and that was
a change of the moon. In due
time his wife presented him a
daughter, and that was a new
moon; then he went to town and
got drunk for joy and that was a
full moon; when he started home
he had only 25 cents and that was
the last quarter. . His mother-in-law
met him at the door with a
rolling pin. and that was a total
eclipse. "
General Canton Order.
. Liberal, Kansas, March 9,Jll
Canton Order No. 2.
'All officers and chivaliers are
commanded to be present at our
next meeting, Thursday, March
23rd, and to appear in full dress
uniform on account of the patri
arch Militant degree to be confer
red. By order of Capt. H. D. Davis,
Captain and Commander.
. (seal)
Attest Capt. A. W. Pancratz,
Additional Locals
T. A. Tegarden went to Wichita
Sunday morning to serve as a fed
eral juror.
MissDesse Printz returned Sun
day from Wichita where she has
been visiting friends.
Joe. Buckland is in'Wichita this
week as a witness in the forgery
case now before the Federal grand
jury there.
John Kelly, Bob Crawford, and
Chas. Gressler came over from
Hugo ton Monday on a business
The Summers, Larrabee. Stev
esson and . Henry families were
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.
E. Summers last Sunday. "
Work on the new Stamper build
ing is progressing rapidly, and the
contractor is praying for good
weather so that he may rush the
work along.
Tvo special trains loaded with
soldiers and their equipment passed
through Liberal Saturday and
Sunday. They were on their way
to the Texas border.
J. F. Funk attended the stock
men's convention at Dalhart last
week. He reports a good meet
ing. The convention next year
will be held at El Paso, Texas.
' H. H. Castlebury has purchased
a new Reo 30 through the Mc
Williams Auto Co. Ho will take
the new machine from Wichita
about April 1st, and go overland
to California.
Hon. A. W. Tooley of Beaver
county was in town Monday, en
route home from Oklahoma City
where he has been attending the
legislature."- He was very active
in securing the artesian well ap
propriation for the three pan-handle
J. Porter, J. E. Hamby, II. J.
Hansen. J. Harris. Mr. Eisen
menger and Mr. Horst of Hugo-,
ton shipped seven cars of broom
corn from Liberal last Friday. Mr.
Hamby will accompany the corn
to Chicago. Mr. Porter, the pop
ular druggist of Hugoton, was
here looking after the loading.
Mrs. O. L. Brown of Dombey,
Oklahoma vistted her sister, Mrs.
L. Bobo last week.
Robert Burns, the good roads
booster on Route 4, was a pleasant
caller at this office Saturday.
Mrs. J. A. Cornelius returned
Friday from Dodge City where
she has been caring for a sick
James Palmer and family of Ma
con, Mo., came in last week to
visit with C. G. Buster and family.
Mr. Palmer likes this country and
may decide to locate here.
Little Helen Boles was having a
gay time Thursday of last week.
She went .riding with Miss Kate
Gleason in the afternoon, and was
the guest of Miss Mary Williams
at supper.
' Mrs. Harvey Elledge of Meade
was the guest of Mrs. J. S. Miller
and family Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Elledge who was formerly
Miss Maggie Meredith is well
known in Liberal.
Judge Goitfried Wende, an as
semblyman from Erie, Pa., in re
calling the day when a police mag
istrate, told this story on himself:
A prisoner was arraigned before
him on a minor charge. Assum
ing a stern expression, Magistrate
Wende said: "Have you ever
been arrested before?" "No sir."
"Have you ever been in this court
before?" "No sir." "Are you
certain? Now be careful and re
member your are under oath." "I
am very certain sir." "Well,
your face is strangely familiar."
"I am the bartender across the
street," explained the prisoner.
A gold chain. Finder please
leave at this office.
Commencing March 1st we will
give one 16 x 20 enlarged crayon
portrait.'with every $5.00 or more
worth of goods sold at our store
at one time. We sell wall paper,
paint, pictures, frames and mold
ings. ,We do painting, paper
hanging and decorating. '
Brewer&Sutton 2nd door west of
Post Office. -
The Surest Dry Land Grain.
Milo is the surest yielding grain
crop that is grown in Eastern Col
orado, Western Kansas and Okla
homa, the Panhandle of Texas and
Eastern New Mexico.
The U, S. Department of Agri
culture reports the average yield
for five years at Amarillo, Texas,
and other dry land experiment
stations at 40 bushels of grain per
acre a year. Farmers in the same
section report yields of from thir
ty to eighty bushels per acre.
A bushel of milo will produce
from ten to. eleven - pounds of
pork. This makes the average an
nual pork production from the dry
lands of the southwest equal to
400 and upwards pounds of pork
per acre where milo is grown and
fed. Ten pounds of milo have the
same feeding value for horses,
beef and dairy cattle, hogs and
sheep as nine pounds of corn.
- Milo is the corn tor the plains
of the Southwest and should be
grown instead of corn where the
annual rainfall drops below twenty-five
inches. Farmers in the
Panhandle of Texas say that it
never fails to yield a crop of grain,
and that it will yield twenty bush
els an acre in years so dry that
wheat is an absolute failure. Milo
should have the same place in dry
land farming that corn has in Iowa
and Illinois. It has nearly the
same composition as corn, like
feeding qualities, and can be used
with protiit for the feeding of ev
ery class of farm animals to which
com is fed.
: Every farmer in this section
this year should plant and thor
oughly cultivate at least 40 acres
of milo. It will insure his pros
perity and the prosperity of the
entire community. Milo, well cul
tivated, is a sure crop and a large
acreage means well fed teams, and
plenty of grain to fatten steers
and hogs and to feed dairy cows.
M. H. Cottrbll,
Agricultural Commissioner for the
Rock Island Lines.
Farm loans, easy terms. S. W.
"Foley's Honey and Tar is "the
best cough remedy I ever used as
it quickly stopped a severe cough
that had long troubled me", says
J. W. Kuhn, Princeton, Nebr.
Just so surely and quickly it acts
in all cases of coughs, colds, la'
grippe and lung trouble. Refuse
For Sale by all druggists.
Farm loans S. W. Smith.
Warning to Railroad Men.
Look out for severe and even
dangerous' kidney and bladder
trouble resulting from years of
railroading. Geo. E. Bell, of 639
Third St. Fort Wayne, Ind., was
many years a conductor on the
Nickel Plate. He says, "Twenty
years of railroading left my kid
neys in terrible condition. There
was a continual pain across my
back and hips and my kidneys
gave me much distress, and the
action of my bladder was frequent
and most painful. I got a supply
of Foley Kidney Pills and the first
bottle made a wonderful improve
ment, and four bottles cured me
completely. Since being cured I
have recommended Foley Kidney
Pills to many of my railroad
For sale by all druggists.
See Zell Taylor for apples. He
has the finest line in town.
Liberal, Kansas
Office over Citiimt Stata Bank Bldf .
Phone 271, Liberal, Kant.
Itltttttttl tltttttttlttMt
Z Under Nw Management
Regular Meals 25c
P f Special Sunday Dinner
Vaughn Greene, Proprietors ej
a.a.ujL-....jj.i..'......-.-.ir.,-i-..nr:.--ij- r.nn- '7 7Ti7r
PRICE 50c AND $1.00
"'Hi' wi-w "Lull SOLD AND GUARANTEED BY AWmiuiiiiiiM
And Heavy Robes
The. Largest Assortment in the City.
A Large Assortment of Robes, Blankets, Trunks, Va
lises, Suit Cases and Harness Hardware
Everything in Leather (ioods
Esdsosn I
Harness and Saddlery Coods
Liberal Meat Market
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Poultry, Fish. Oysters, and Celery
My Desire is to Cater to all Trades
The low rates on dwellings and contents make it poor policy
for you to carry your own insurance. Think of this.
$1000 fire insurance 3 years would cost you only $8
$1000 tornado insurance 3 years would cost only $5
The 6re insurance will protect your home against damage by
fire or lightning. You cannot well be without it. f hone us
today. Do not delay. We represent? 14 large insurance com
panies and write 75 per cent of the insurance of Liberal.
land-Ihayer Land Go.
Real Estate and Insurance
ILL Nichols
Office on Kansas Ave., 2d Door Soutb Taylor's Drug Store

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