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Hal G. 'Reid's Jewelry Store
For Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, Silverware, Cut
Glass and Hand Painted China. We do Watch
Repairing, and "if it ain't right, we'll make
it right" :: :: :: ::
Watch Inspector for the C R. I. & P. Railway.
For Cement
Septic Tanks A
City r,3eat Market
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Poultry, Fish, Oysters, and Celery
My Desire Is to Cater to all Trades
Feed, Seed and the Best Flour
"Larabee's Best" x "Old Glorg"
"Pride of Liberal"
Call and get our prices, it may save you money
Successor to Funk & Son
Liberal, Kansas
For the best in Flour
"Old Homestead"
"Pride of Liberal"
At The
J. E. George, Pkes. . L. A. Etzold, Vice Pbes.
C. E. Woods, Cashier
First 'National Bank
Capital - - - - $25,000
Surplus and Profits $25,000 '
and Concrete
Teachers Selected.
The School Board has finally
selected the teachers for the
schools in this district for ' the
coming year. . Prof. F. 0. Rin
dom will again fill the office of
Superintendent. The other teach
ers in the high school will be: Miss
Edith Gamber Principal, . Miss
Jane Berry, Miss Dorothy Briley
of Chanute, Kansas, and Miss Al
len of Topeka.
In the city schools Prof. Ful
ton will again be in charge. Miss
Mabel Glenn, Miss Bertha Lawr
ence, Mrs. A. D. Roberts of Min
neola, Miss Emma Thompson of
Hoxie, Kansas, Miss Kelda Davis,
of Ford, Miss Stella Wells, of
Ashland, Kansas, Mrs. L. B
Anderson, Miss Clara Hesse, Mrs
W. H. Vickers and Miss Olive
Neff will have charge of the grades
next year.
The addition of several new sub
jects, including music and domestic
science, in which the High School
has necessitated the addition of
new teacher to the faculty
Another teacher has been added to
the faculty of the city schools
On account of the crowded condi
tion of the city schools, the board
believes it may be necessary to
add another room for the schools
next year. While no official ac
tion has been taken, it is rumored
that one of the grades will be lo
cated in the old Christian church
If you need a bond of any kind.
wo write them. Ellsaesser Sfe
Smith county has been canvassed
by a stock food grafter and the
victims find that papers they
signed as receipts for the goods
were $10 to $20. They had' the
understanding that collections
would not be made until a trial
had been made of the food,' but
the notes were immediately sold
to a bank and .were due June 1st
The food was guaranteed to exter
minate worms and according to
the Lebanon Times, worked effec
tively, killing six hogs for one
farmer along with the worms nd
taking all the hair off another
bunch of swine. If these farmers
had have called upon local dealers
they could have procured the most
reliable stock food for less money
and saved themselves the humilia
tion of being humbugged. Hill
City Republican.
The price on our 'town lot loans
your way, and the terms are yours
Ellsaesser & Henry.
One way to acq.'ire trouble-
marry it.
Even the married woman's life
may be Miss-spent.
Nature waits until spring to
turn over her new leaves.
Poverty is the only luxury that
the rich cannot afford.
We all squander money on
schemes that won't work.
Is an air brake a necessary ad
junct to a flying machine!
The bonds of matrimony are not
always gilt edge securities.
Most of us can find fault with
out the aid of a search-warrant.
The average mann doesn't add
much dignity to the office he fills.
Many a man's income depends
upon the generosity of his friends.
Wit may make a good sauce,
but it's too rich for a steady diet.
Bringyour butter, eggs, poultry
and hides to us and get the cash
for them. Liberal Cold Storage
Co. 8-5-tf
Rural Route No. 4.
(Intended for last week.)
We have had some fine rains and
everything is looking at the best.
. Health is not very good at pres
ent several of, the neighbors are
One of ?he most enjoyable gath
erings of the season was held at
Mr. William McCollough's last
Sunday evening it being in honor
of Mrs. McCollough's birthday,
however her birthday was on the
25th, but owing to her husbands
business requiring bis presence in
Liberal it wad desided to have it
Sunday evening. So at four
o'clock, or about that time, the
neighors began to arrive. After the
guests were all served with delic
ious ice cream and cake, tbey went
to the yard and both young and
old had an exciting game of Black
man, after which we had some
nice songs with the assistance of
the Honorable Melyen Wheeler of
Liberal with his musical instru
ment, those present were Mr. and
Mrs.' John McCollough, Mr. and
Mrs. Wright and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse Ponting, Mrs. Davis
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Hammontreo and family, Mr.
snd Mrs, Hottinger, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Ponting. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Neff, Mr. and Mrs. Itiz
zley. Miss Bessie Lofland and
Robert Neff, Miss Rosie Ham
montree and Melven Wheeler,
Miss Alpha Davis and Wriley
Rizzley, Miss Wilda Davis and
Charley Hammontree, Lee Jones,
and Mr; Lofland's children. If
1 have left any one out it was
my intention to do so.
Mrs. K. N. Neff has thrir phone
in now and is in touch with thei
Mrs. uorman is having poor
health this hot summer.
Miss Ullie Neff, liud Neff and
Henry Ponting were in Liberal
Mr. Wright's little boy that was
kicked in the mouth by a horse is
getting along nicely.
Jese Ponting is getting over his
kick pretty well.
Mrs. Lofland is in Beaver coiin
ty visiting her daughter.
Oat Fees is plowing on the Light
farm this week.
ibere is lots of wheat to be put
out here and everybody sowing
We have the styles, the quality
and the price and we will appre
ciate your business.
Belt, the Shoe Man.
Home Development News
papers and community
No movement ever attained suc
cess without publicity and in the
nature of things any movement re'
quiring for its success the support
of numerous persons must have
the . invaluable aid of common
mouthpiece. The kind of publicity
needed in this development is af
forded by the local paper at every
stage of its progress. The local
ii i.iii. i
eauor snouia oe ana usually is
conversant with the community's
needs; he is wholly in sympathy
with and is an enthusiastic sup
porter of every undertaking that
is calculated to make his town big
ger, better and more enterprising.
The first evidence, therefore, of
a community's awakening is gen
erally to be found in its local news
paper, and the first act of those
initiating a movement for local de
velopment is to enlist the services
of and work band in hand with that
But this fact must not be miscon
strued. The newspaper is a busi
ness institution, the same as is t
drygoods or a grocery store. It
must give a financial return for the
money invested in it and for labor
expended upon it. The greater
part of the exploitation perform
ed by a newspaper is more directly
for the benefit of something or
somebody else than for the pub-
isher himself. But paper, ink,
type, and everything necessary to
produce a newspaper costs money;
and for financial support the news
paper publisher must look to those
who derive benefit from the publi
city it affords.
The benefits arising from the
publishing of a newspaper are not
imited to subscribers and adver
tisers. The paper is a constant
worker in every movement that
tends to improve conditions in the
community. Its subscribers and
its advertisers makes its existence
possible, but they usually a small
part of the community of which it
is a benefactor.
The indirect benefits derived
from subscribing to the local paper
and from using it for advertising
purposes are double and triple the
A Pleased
Is The Best
Thia thought is back
of every statement or
promise we make. You
can't always dodge us
we are are here to stay
so why not call and
get acquainted? - We
always handle good coal
and lumber.
Big Jo Lumber Go.
direct benefits. It is through the
newspaper that the community
speaks on all occasions on which
the community desires to be and
if its best interests are to be
served must be beard. But the
community must not as a com
munity forget that the publisher
of the paper is at his own expense
exploiting the community and
benefiting each member of it as
much as perhaps more than
The first aid, the best aid in any
"Keep the Money at Home" cam
paign is me newspapers, it is
through its columns that are made
known the advantages possessed
by the community and it is tho one
factor in local development that
can not profitably or safely be
omitted or disregarded. Garden
City Telegram.
$100.00 Reward.
I will pay the above reward for
the arrest and conviction of any
person or persons jllogally hand
ling, driving off and disposing of
tcor buhoring any of my stock.
C. M. Light,
Liberal, Kansas
List your land with
Gardner &
Have you bought a lot yet?
They are all getting them. They
will make good money on their
investments too. See Ellsaesser
& Henry about this.
First published July 14, 1911.
Notice lft herehv fflven that J. F. ITneut ami
L. V. Gardner havx Hied their netltlnn In flip
otnee or the Ulty Clerk uraylnir for and unklnx
dinance order and vacate the following tracts
mat me avor aim u iv umine iv nroiier or
of land now ulalted a alleys lu the city of
uinerai, iHiwaru i-ouniy, Mum or Kansas, to
wlt: A tract deser bed as commcnclm? at t hp
wnitheast corner of lot No. ten (10) In block
No. lu. In the original town now city of Liberal
and rnnnlnir thence west 1441 feet alnni the
south line of said lot ten thence south 20 feet
thence east 140 feet thence north 20 feet to the
place of lieirlnnliiK.
A tract commcuclnir at the northwest corner
of lot No, II In said block 15. In the city of
.literal ana running thence south l.K) feet to
the southwest corner of lot SI of said block 15.
thence west 15 feet thence north IM feet thence
east lu reel to the place of heirlnnlnir.
The said Mayor and City Council have
ordered that due notice of said petition lie
Duiiiisheu and have set as the time for the
hearlnir thereon the 1st day of AuirustA.n.lUII
at nine o'clock d. m.. of said date In the nrllce
or the Mayor In Liberal, Mewaid County, Kan
sas, at which time and place any and all net
sons may appear and show cause why said
tracts should not lie vacated as prayed.
Dated this loth day of July lull.
ft. T. NICHOLS. Maine.
(Seal) JENNIR KAUAU, City Cierk.
will break -your neck free of
charge if we cannot convince you
that our lots in tho Henry Addi
tion are positively the best in the
city at the price. $5 down and
$5 per month will start you to buy
ing a home of your own. See
Ellsaesser & Henry before you
buy a location.
Stock For Sale.
Thirty head of cattle, including
2 milch cows, some fresh; also
two teams of young work mules;
one Tubular Cream Separator No.
4, new. Monroe Traver,
Seven miles east of Hugoton.
For Sale
A limited number of White
louse Pantries to be sold in Lib
eral at $Z,50 cash down, balance
1.00 yer week for sixteen weeks.
No interest. Write or see U. J.
Warren, Guymon, Okla. . '
Northern and
Eastern Resorts
ATURE is now in her love
liest mood m the woods and
lake redona of th Nnrrh
and East -it's cool and green.
The streams and lakes are
teeming with bass, "muskies" and
trout and a variety of gamy fish,
worthy f oemen to try the angler's
skill. There are fishing, sailing,
boating and all the pleasures you
need for health and happiness.
Good hotels and boarding
houses with reasonable rates will
make you comfortable and the go-
ingis apieasureon
a Rock Island train.
Let m tell you holt
much fun yoa can haot
for a lilt It money.
L. C. YOCUM, Agent
Liberal, Kansas
Liberal R. R. Time Card.
No. 82, except Sunday, "
No. 4, Limited
No. 2.
No. 34,
No. 83, except Sunday, " .
No. 1, " .
No. 3. Limited,
No.aa .
7:20 a. m
7:10 a. m
11:20 a. m
, 2:35 a. m
6:00 p. m
1 :45 p. ni
11 :0ft p. m
1 :45 a. in
L. O. YOOUM, Agent,
Col. C. EL
Hetter known as
Uttbblt foot Hill"
Town hU commer
cial and live stock
auctioneer. Write U)
(liiymou, OUIuhoma,
t uei uld tor dates.
Get your dates at this office.
Graduate of the American School of Osteo
pathy or KlrksvMe, Mo.
IWOIIIi-e llulldliiK
Office Phone 257 Re. Phone 262
Liberal. Kani.
Practice in all Courti and Department
or Interior.
Money to Loan
On Oklahoma farms, reasonable
rates and prompt inspection
OITIce wltli C. V. Manatt, Liberal, Ks.
Liberal, Kansas
6ff ice oyer Citizens State Bank Bldg.
Phone 271, Liberal, Kan.
Land Cases A Specialty '
Miller Bldg. Liberal, Ks.
Oklahoma License 275 Kansas License 773
Embalmer and Funeral Director
Special 'Attention Given to Dlsenlerment
and Shipments.
R. W. Dickerson
Liberal, Kansas
Democrat office. Liberal, Kans
Don't neglect your fire insur
ance, iou may lose all in a few
hours. Without tornado insurance
you may lose all in an instant.
ire rates three years 80 cents tier
100. Tornado insurance 50 cents
per $100., for three years. Phone
5. Land-Thateb Land Co.
Farm loans, easy terms. 8. W.

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