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If So
You Should buy Your Flour at the BOLIN HALL MILL where you
can buy
Best Patent, "Pride of Liberal" $2.10 a 100
2nd Patent, "Lily of the Plains" $2.00 a 100
And Get A
You do not have to pay the retail dealer a profit, as you get it from ua at the wholesale price. We
want your trade and if the best of Flour, Courteous Treatment and a square deal will do it you can rest assured
that we are going to get it. We pay the highest cash price for your wheat or will exchange you Flour for
the same. ,
Call and be convinced that we are talking FLOUR and PROFIT to YOU. We are always at your
service. . City Delivery on Monday and Friday of each week.
1 ' .i
Manufacturers of women's shoes sfiend
art of the purchase frice in mere extravagances
and foolish whims. They afeal to the eyes only.
But the makers of "Queen Quality" shoes for
women waste no time or money on this sort of
They luild a shoe that gives you alsoJute
value for every cent it costs. It is all SOLID
WORTH. Properly fitted ly us, it will give
you comfort from the first hour you wear it, and
satisfaction always. ',
tfjl . smm
Arcade Barber Shop
Harry Hoon,
Clean - - Comfortable
Only Siklled Workmen Employed
Antelope Valley.
.. A fine rain, accompanied by
some hail and wind, Wednesday
The wind blew dow C. H. Ellis'
barn, which is the only damage
we heard of.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Stickler last Sunday, a girl.
Last week a boy was born to
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Sealy all are
doing well except Mrs.Sealey who
has been very sick, but at the last
report she was doing nicely.
Mrs. Sealey's brother and wife
and sister and husband drove down
from Lamed Sunday, returning
Mrs. J. A. Pierce and sons,
Stanley and Leroy, . are visiting
Mrs. T. S. Locke.
Vm. Arbuthnot announced last
Sunday that he would be unable to
preach for some time.
C. E. Hancock is having a well
drilled on his claim.
Mr. Hancock's sister and hus
band are here from El Paso. They
talk of staying for some time and
going into partnership with E. C.
in the stock business.
! Some are still planting feed
crops hoping that we will bare a
late fall so the crop can mature.
Mr. L. C. Yocum will leave
this week for McFarland, where
Mrs. Yocum, who has been visit
ing in Kansas City, will join him
a vacation trip through the moun
tains in Colorado.
Home grown cabbage, cucum-
The Best
Cream Separator
Is the
Every part of the
Machine is Guaranteed.
You may take one
of the Machines out on
30 days trial without
paying one cent down.
"We have the goods"
and can show you.
5 Gal Cream Can
weight 13 lb.,
price, $ 2.25
Ezra Shorb,
Liberal, - Kansas.
bers, string beans and onions are
now on the markets here. The
roasting ears have been com
ing in this week, the frying chick
ens are pretty cheap and Liberal
is a pretty good old place to live
in, after all.
Mrs, Mary E. Todd and Miss
Lottie Henline were the dinner
guests of Mrs. O. T. Wood, Wed
nesday evening.
O. T. Wood has returned from
a business trip to Kansas City.
Mrs. H. Higgle and Miss El
dearie Higgle left Thursday for a
visit with friends and relatives at
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sinclair
have returned from an outing in
Word has been received here
that the Scandrett car overturned
near Ulysses in Grant county, in
juring Mr. and Mrs. Scandrett,
The party has been delayed there
several days on account of Mr.
Scandrett's injury, bet they ex
pect to proceed tomorrow.
Mrs. J. W. Baughman is in the
northeast part of the county with
her brother who was bitten by a
rattlesnake Tuesday.
Going Some.
The big Bolin-Hall mill which
was thoroughly overhauled last
month is enjoying a remarbably
good business these days. The
business was established here last
fall by J. R. Bolin and Robert
Hall, who had other interests here
at the time. From the very first
tho business has been a successful
one, and now the mill U running
day and night with a double shift
of men trying to keep from getting
too far behind in filling orders.
This is the only flour mill on the
Rock Island between Pratt and
Dalhart, so a great territory is
open to the mill here. By putting
out an excellent flour at a fair
price the business has increased by
leaps and bounds, so that right
now, enough orders are piled up to
keep the mill running day and
night during the entire month of
August, While there is but little
wheat coming in, it is of an exel
lent quality. Some old wheat is
still coming in and the mill is pay
ing a premium for this, as it is
the most desirable for milling
H. V. Tucker will leave soon
for his old home at Smith's Grove,
Kentucky. Mrs. Tucker will ac
company him home the last of
Tom Smith has opened a new
barber shop on South Kansas Av
enue. Mr. and Mrs. 11. S. Tassett of
Spear ville were business visitors in
town Wednesday.
Harwood Items
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Evans, ac
companied by Mrs. Nellie Gilstrap
and children, went to Santa Fe,
Saturday and spent the night with
G. C. Derby and family.
Messrs. J. B. Patton and Mau
rice Craig attended the Saturday
night dance given in the Fargo
Mrs. Arie Evens has been hired
to teach our school during the
coming year. We are proud of
Maurice Craig's success in the
recent county examinations.
The most important hapcenings
in this locality are the good rains
that fell the last part of the week.
Severe hail storms visited some
sections but damaged nothing here.
The prospect for maize and oth
er fall crops is good.
Grandpa and grandma Howland
visited Mrs. E. J. Johnson Sun
Emory and Alvoree Burr are
breaking colts.
Lee Rhiness is still in the har
vest fields.
Mr. R. L. Jones went to Minne-
ola last week to list ground for
Later news tells us the ball
game resulted in a victory for the
single men with a score of 6 to 3.
A. T. McCormick and family,
with Mrs. R. L. Jones and chil
dren went to Santa Fe, Saturday.
The Harwood poys went to San
la Fe Saturday to play the ball
team there. The game resulted in
defeat for our team, and the score
was so high that we'll not mention
it. But we're hoping they'll do
better next time. Next Sunday a
game is to be played on the Har
wood diamond. Today's game is
to be played between the married
and the single men.
Mr. and Mrs. Harwood Patton
called at the home of W. E. Burr
Thursday. '
J. H. Burr and son Harry with
Maurice Craig made a trip to
Plains Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones
spent last Sunday at the Wallace
Frank Pinkerton and iamily
have gone to eastern Kansas for a
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Shepard are
visiting his parents.
The rainfall of an inch and a
quarter this week, is keeping con
siderable wheat off the market.
Mr. Welch showed some mighty
fine samples of broomcorn here
the first of the week.
The Silo of E. C. Pile was blown
over by the wind Wednesday
night and went to staves. It was
practically new and had been in
sured only a short time.
Our old frierid "Word" has
again been received here and this
time brings a rumor of a railroad
from Goodland to Liberal,
Ralph Boles got tangled up in a
a disc Saturday, and had it not
been for Bob dickerson who hap
pened to see him from the road,
might have been seriously injured.
Lot Only Your Affeotlonate and Cheei
ful Feelings Bs Vocal In
Your Homo.
The comfort and happiness of
home and home intercourse dopend
very much on the kindly and affeo
tlonate training of the voice. Trou
ble, and care,- and vexation will and
most, of course, come, but let them
not creep into your voices : Let only
your kindlier and happier feelingi
be vocal in your homes. Let them
be so if for no other reason, for the
little children's sake. These sensi
tive little beings are exceedingly sus
ceptible to the tones. Let us have
consideration for them. Af we ad
vance in years our life becomes more
Interior. We are abstracted from oub
ward scenes and sounds. ; We think,
we reflect, we begin gradually to deal
with the past as we have formerly
lived in the present Our ear grows
dull to external sounds I It is
turned inward and listens chiefly to
the echoes of past voices. We catch
no more the merry laughter of the
children. We hear no more notes of
the morning bird. The brook that
used to prattle so gayly to us rushes
by unheeded we have forgotten to
bear such things. But little children,
remember, sensitively hear them all
Mark how at every sound the young
child starts and turns and listens I
And thus with equal sensitiveness
does it catch the tones of human
voices. How were It possible that
the sharp and hasty word, the fret
ful and complaining tone, should not
startle and pain, even depress, the
sensitive little being, whose harp of
life, so gently and delicately strung,
vibrating ever to the gentle breeze
and thrilling sensitively ever to the
tones of such voices as sweep across
it f Let ns be kind and cheerful
spoken, then, in oar homes.
Service and Surroundings Far Out of
Proportion to Advanoe
In Expense.
"Do you know why we came
here?" asked a young married wonw
an at a downtown hotel. "It is be
cause everything is fresh and clean
and new, with the beet kind of serv
ice, for all of which we do not pay
a cent more than we did at the old
musty hotel where we stopped last.,
winter. , Now, isn't that a very nat
ural reason for coming? And isn't
that just why the old hotels are be
ing gradually torn down. People
have outlived them, as it were. Here
we have good music in ,the evening,
and I was surprised to see how men
and women linger about in little
groups to listen, just as they might
down at Garden City, which is a
very good atmosphere for a hotel, I ;
It is a fact that the service and
surroundings in the present day ho
tel are far out of proportion to the
advance in expense. For instance,
stop at a country hotel where you
pay the same price as in the city and
note the difference in service and
convenience. It is the prototype of
the old city hotel. The adoption of
the European plan has been largely
responsible for the advance in con
Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon Were
All Distinguished In the Realm
of Letters.
The three greatest generals the
world has ever produced Alexan
der, Caesar, Napoleon were all men
of letters. Alexander was a friend
of Arwtotlo, and annotator of Ho
mer. Caesar's Commentaries are
still classic books. Napoleon would
have been a man eminent in science
had not he been an emperor. "Do
you think," he said, "that if I had
not been general-in-chief and tho in
strument of fate to a mighty nation,
I would have accepted place and de
pendence? No! I would have
thrown myself into the study of the
exact sciences; my path would have
been that of Galileo and Newton;
and since I have always succeeded in
my great enterprises, I should have
highly distinguished myself also in
my scientific labors. I should have
left the memory of beautiful dis
When Miss Jennie-Lee was on tou
with the dramatic version of "Black
House," she met with an amusing
experience. One night she was in
the midst of the long and harrowing
death scene of poor Jo. The stags
was darkened and the limelight il
luminated the pale features of the
death stricken boy. People were
sobbing all over the house. Sudden
ly, to her consternation, Miss Lea
heard the limelight man addressing
her in a brawny Scotch whisper,
audible to half the house. "Dee
quick, Miss Leo dee quick 1" he
roared softly. "The limelight's gaeo
outl" She did die "quick" but it
was for the purpose of making a
speech to that limelight man which
be said be would new forget De
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