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The success of the "Queen Quality" shoe
is unparalleled. It is tremendous! It is now
"World Famous. It is the world's standard of'
"a perfect shoe for women at moderate cost. " You
can absolutely defend upon it; it is as reliable as
sterling on silver or twenty-two learat on gold.
A. L. ICnisely and
Office Over P, 0. Res. Phone 180. Office Phone 235 j
Sugar Plain Items.
12 miles southeast of Huirotnnl
Go to the Hunt sale Tuesday,
August 29th.
Crops are needing rain quite
J. DeCamp and A. F. Hockett
Ilotkett hauled wheat from Ty
rone for Arthur Hockett Monday
of last week.
N. Rich and family left for Fow
ler last Monday.
Clinton Bowers has been serious:
ly ill at his home for some time.
He is now thought to be improv
ing. We hope he may soon be
completely recovered.
J. De Camp will commence
pulling broomcorn the first of the
Jake Kinser and Elvin Carr have
been helping Arthur Hockett pre
pare his ground for wheat.
' Cliff Ellis was in Tyrone on busi
ness Tuesday.
Geojje Bowers had a tr e mare
killed by lightning recently.
Jake Kinser and family visited
their Mr. and Mrs. Summers, last
' STRAYED August 13, from
Stock Yards at Liberal. One spot
ted yearling heifer with horns.
Notify L. A. Richardson, Lorena,
Okla. 8-18-2-t-p
Floris Philosophy.
Go to the Hunt sale Tuesday,
August 29th.
There is some broomcorn pulling
going on now, but if tile dry weather
continues the crop will not be so
large as was expected.
Miss Rescola Carlile has returned
from a visit with friends and relatives
at Alva, Oklahoma.
The Eastern Star lodge gave an en
tertainment and ice cream supper at
Floris Hall Saturday night. A fine
time Is reported by all. (
Water melon feasts are the order
of the day now.
Miss Rena Booher has returned
from a visit with her friend. Miss
Mattie Brown, In Stevens county.
Miss Brown accompanied her home
for a short visit.
. M. D. Ausmus and family and II.
B. Ausmus and wife made a trip to
Beaver City Friday.
J. W. Brown and Ernest Wilgxis
have been pulling broomcorn for W.
E. Booher.
Remember the Sunday School and
Christian Endeavor at Floris hall
Sunday afternoon.
Harmony Happenings.
Go to the Hunt sale Tuesday,
August 29th.
Mrs. J. O. McClure visited her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs, J. C. Mason, Sat
uTday, Sunday and Monday.
Albert Neese - and wife and Hazel
Harris visited at D. D. Crott's Sun
Bro. T. B. Taramore of Liberal
preached at the Good Luck school
house Saturday night Sunday and
Sunday nlRht
Several from this neighborhood
attended the reunion at Santa Fe
last week
Quite a large crowd was entertain
ed at B. F. Horn's Sunday.
The Grabsky family and Bro. Par-
amore took dinner at J. C. Mason's
It is surprising what tine crops are
to be found in some of the sandy Jo
caliiles of Stevens county this season.
If at first you don't succeed
In finding what you like,
Go to Ellsaesser & Henry,
They'll have a 'snap' in sight.
We will write your bond, in
sure your life or property in the
best Companies. See us when in
need of this kind of service.
Ellsaesser & Henry
Rural Route No. 4.
Go to the Hunt sale Tuesday,
August 29th.
Last night we had a nice rain out
here which was needed.
W. P. Davis is helping Mr. Wright
put up feed this week.
Henry Hammontree has a fine patch
of melons this year. He .bad one
that weighed 44 pounds.
Mrs. K. N. Neil is on the sick list
this week.
Mrs. Mc Cullough spent Monday
evening with Mrs. J. O. Ponting.
There seems to be a good many
cases of sickness in the neighborhood
at present.
Mrs. J. O. Ponting is very poorly,
but the neighbors being so kind and
attentive make tie long, hot after
noons pass very pleasantly.
Mrs. Davis is water hauler and gen
eral rou.9t-about..these hot days.
Henry Ponting anl Wlliram Wier
were in Liberal Tuesday.
. There was a pleasaDt little gather
ering at Henry Hammontree's last
Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J.
O. Ponting and wife, Mrs. Henry
Ponting, Will Hammontree and Mel
vln Wheeler of Liberal were present.
Ice cream and cake were served and
the occasion was enjoyed by all.
Charlie Russell and his new bride
called at J. O. Pontinlng'a one even
log last week.
Mr. Grlmley has been buying cattle
In this neighborhood lately.
Mr. and Mrs.- Wright spent Sunday
before last at George Sallee's.
Mrs. Kate Neff and Mrs. Wm. Pon
ting spent Saturday afternoon at J.
0. Pontlng's.
Chas. Russell made a business trip
to Arkalon Mondav.
Many a Suffering Woman
Drags herself painfully through
her daily tasks, suffe-ing from
backache, headache, nervousness,
loss of appetite and poor sleep, not
knowing her ills are due to kidney
and bladder troubles. Foley Kid
ney Pills give quick relief from
pain and misery and a prompt re
turn to health and strength. No
woman who so suffers can afford
to overlook Foley Kidney Pills,
Sold by all druggists.
Baptist Association.
The 24th annual session of the
Southwestern Baptist Association
convenes at the first Baptist church
here this week. The opening ses
sion will be Thursday, August 24,
at 8 p. m. ... Some of the visiting
ministers will preach at 'his ser
vice, -i . '
Bro. U. P. Ewing of the first
Baptist church of Garden City
will preach the introductory ser
mon Friday a m. at eleven o'clock.
These services will continue over
Sunday. We hope to make them
spiritual and inspirin by good de
votional services and earnest Gos
pel preaching.
We extend a cordial invitation
to all Christians and friends in the
city and community to attend. -
Good Advice for Liberal
People in Liberal who have con
stipation, sour stomach, or gas on
the stomach, should use simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
compounded in Adler-i-ka, the new
German aDnendicitis remedy. A
SINGLE DOSE brings relief al
most INSTANTLY because this
simle mixture antisepticizes the di
gestive organs and drains the im
purities. Chas. Taylor &. Co.,
Druggists. 3
A covered wagon went through
Liberal Monday, headed for east
ern Kansas and coming from Colo
rado. On either side of the top
of the wagon was painted
these lines: "Except ye repent
ye shall all likewise perish." They
did not explain the presence of the
line, more than to say that they
came from Colorado.
Growers of Broom Corn.
By observing the following rules
carefully, growers of broom corn
will handle, seed and bale their
crops in a manner that will 'assist
in bringing them the very highest
market price.
Whereas, many growers of
broom corn deliver their crops im
properly seeded and baled.'
Therefore be it resolved, By the
National Association of American
Broom Manufacturers, broomcorn
dealers and brokers, in convention
assembled in Chicago, this 4th day
of April, 1911, that we adopt the
following rules for the proper
handling of broomcorn:
Rule 1. All standard variety,
or cut broomcorn, must be cut so
that the stalks do not exceed six
inches in length.
Rule 2. All seed, boots, leaves
and trash should be removed from
the broomcorn.
Rule 3, Broomcorn must not
be baled until it is thoroughly
cured and dried, and there must
be nothing but thoroughly cured,
dry broomcorn put in the bales
separately. ;
Rule 4. All broomcorn must be
bound by five smooth, soft wire9,
not heavier than No. 10, and not
lighter than No. 11, American
guage, and must have, in addition,
four cross wires on the four sides
of the bales, securely fastened to
the end wires.
Rule 5. Every broomcorn
grower and dealer must pjace a
tag on each bale, bearing the name
and address of the grower.
Penalty A Baling up seed,
trash and foreign substances with
broomcorn and marketing it as
broomcorn being a criminal of
fence under the statutes of the
state, the owners and those assist
ing in improper seeding and bal
ing may be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law. Any prosecu
tion brought under the foregoing
rules will have the full support of
the National Association of Broom
Manufacturers, and also of all
broomcorn dealers and brokers.
- Be it further resolved, That the
president appoint a committee to
give these resolutions the widest
publicity by publication in . trade
and local papers, periodicals and
newspapers, and by placarding
same in all of the principal broom
corn markets.
. National Broom Manufacturers
Association of America.
Loss of Time means Loss of
Kidney trouble and the ills it
breeds means lost time and lost
pay to many a working man. M
Balent, 1214 Little Penna St.,
Streeter, III., was so bad from
kidney and bladder trouble that he
could not work, but says: "I took
Foley Kidney Pills for only a short
time and got entirely well and was
soon able to go back to work, and
am feeling well and healthier than
before." Foley Kidney Pills are
tonic in action, quick in results a
good friend to the working man or
woman who suffers from kidney
ills. Sold by all druggists.
Photo Contest.
The Art Institute of Washburn
College, Topeka, Kansas, announ
ces two prize contests with the ob
ject of promoting the general in
terests of art throughout the state.
1. A number of prizes will be
offered for photographs of any
Kansas scene. This wilt be of in
terest to all camera people.
2. The second prize contest
will be for original designs for
china painting. This is meant to
stimulate originality in china paint
ing. A public exhibition of all
work will be held in Topeka.
Further information regarding
conditions of the contests, prizes,
etc., will be furnished upon re
ceipt of 5 cents in stamps. All
communications should be address
ed to the Art Institute, Washburn
College, Topeka, Kansas. ,
For Trade
A stock of groceries, new and
standard goods,, for farm. Will
assume small indebtedness if same
is not due. Thos. W. Gaw. tf
Hay Fever, Asthma and
Summer Colds
Must oe relieved quickly and
Foley's Honev and Tar Compound
will do it. E. M. Stewart, 1034
Wolfram St., Bhicago, writes:
have been greatly troubled during
the hot summer months with Hay
J! ever ana nna that by using
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
I get great relief." Many others
who suffer similarly will be glad to
benefit by Mr. Stewart's experi
ence. Sold by all druggists.
Start a Home Now
and Join the Ranks
of the Independents
Never has it been easier to
build than right now money
is plentiful and is seeking
legitimate channels. And
there is no enterprise more
worthy than home-building
It opens the purse strings of
the banker quicker than any
thing eke, because it means
that you have decided to be
come a part of the commun
ity in which you live. Thus
almost before you start you
find the ownership of a home
carries a significance. Start
it today-you'll be glad if
you do and sorry if you don't.
When you're ready to talk
lumber we'll be waiting for
you, because we have just
the lumber you will need, be
sides a lot of suggestions
that may be helpful to you
without any extra charge.
Star Lumber Co.
Imported Sardines Sockeye Salmon
Misletoe Chipped Beef Monarch Shrimp
Van Camp's Spaghetti Heinz Peanut Butter
Boston Baked Beans
Queen Olives Cream Cheese
Enterprise Blend
Ice Tea
Clover Leaf Wafers .... " Perfectos-
Vanilla Wafers ,
Enterprise Mercantile Company
Phone 8
11 1. Nichols AND SURGEON
Office on Kansas Ave., 2d Door South Taylor's Drug Store
st Clothes
for iVIen in Liberal
At The
Palace Clothing Store
Feed, Seed and the Best Flour
"Larahee's Best" "Old Glory"
"Pride of Liberal"
Call and get our prices, it may save you money
Successor to Funk & Son
Liberal, Kansas
For the best in Flour
"Old Homestead"
"Pride of Liberal"
At The
Arcade Barber Shop
Harry Hoon, Proprietor,
Clean - - Comfortable
Only Siklled Workmen Employed

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