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County School News.
I will atart anew this mornlni .
There la no dearth of kindness ' .
In this old world of ours.
Only In our blindness - , '
'We gather thorns for flowers. ,
"Wont power is greater than will
Hard work kills time, but it cures
ir dlfflultles trip you up fall accross
them and get up on the other side.
The state Superintendent writes
us that the classics specified for the
coming year are: "Evangeline", "Rip
Van Winkle" and; "The Legend, of
Sleepy Hollow." '
Mrs. McGregor and son of Stevens
county made us a busineis call Tues
day afternoon.
Mrs. Nichols, mother otPr. Nichols,
who is visiting her children and
friends made us a pleasant call Tues
day morning. She says she expects
that she will haye to stay In Manhat
tan long enough to get all her grand
children through the Agricultural
college as Doctor says all his children
shall graduate therefrom and Schuy
ler says his little girl "shall do the
same. There Is no school In the TJ.
S. equal to our state Agricultural col
lege. Miss Lottie Henline of Arkalon
came to Liberal Thursday evening to
help us with the special examination
Friday and Saturday.
Who wants a nice young boy to stay
with them and work for his board
while attending high school? We
know of just such a' boy and will
gladly give Information- to any one
Interested. Come and see me or call
phone No. 4324.
We are glad to state that nearly
every rural school in our countv is
going to begin September 11th pe? re
quest of the state superintendent
United we stand, divided we fall.
We are glad to have our friend and
brother, Bay Mlllman, call in to see
us again. He always gives us new
inspiration so that we are ready to
work harder than ever.
Mr. Freifertof district No. 20 called
Monday Unqualify as clerk of his dls
trlck. We appointed three before
. we succeded in getting Mr. Preifert to
take the olllce and help us to com
plete the organization of the Board
in his district.
The fact that people fall to appre
ciate us at what we take to be our
real wortli is no excuse for deslstence
from constant effort. "AH at it and
all the time at It that Is what counts"
Last week we had as dinner guests
two of. the fairest, weightiest and
brainiest ladles of Liberal. We. never
enjoyed a meal better. The wit and
fun of these two ladies Is "par excel
lence." We received the following postal
' this week:
Dear Friend:
How are you? I am in St. Louis
and will return soon. Marian Joslin.
Little Marian promised to write us
when she went away, and we thank
her for her promptness.
Teachers, what, can you do to in
crease the efficiency of our schools the
coming year? We want the Course
of Study followed, we want a mini
mum of truancy, we want every boy
and girj of Seward county between
the ages of 8 and 16 in the school
" room every day, we want the attend
ance to be regular no good work can
be done by a pupil who does not at
tend regularly, we waut every one of
school age (at least of compulsory age
to be present every day of every
month. We have some beautiful new
. ... i ...
uipiuiuaa lur yeritxt auenriance WHS
year. We hope every district will re
ceive more than one this year. Some
districts have never received these
attendance diplomas through their
pupils. Let every district get sev
eral this year. We have enough to
go round.,
It is to be hoped that the school
boards will co-operate with- their
teachers the coming year to make
the school the best ever held in their
district. Let us not be satistied with
anything but the best and all work
toward this end,
As soon as contracts are made out
the school board should not forgeft to
mail a copy to this olllce. District
clerks, please do not forget this. We
have sent you the proper blanks.
Please till them out and sendihem
to us as soon as possible.
Agriculture will be taught In all
the schools or Kansas this year. Ru
ral school or town school It makes no
difference, if It does not put In a orl
mary course It will be lonesome.
Eighty-live Kansas county superin
tendents who have been In confer
ence at the Kansas State Agricultur
al college the first week in August
have pledged themselves to do all
they can for this new branch. .
Mrs. Eva. Dodd made this ofllce a
pleasant cair Monday morning. sShe
has no school yet and does not par
ticularly care if she does not. Mrs.
" Dodd holds ji splendid certificate and
is a good teacher.
A story Is told of a little girl who
said to her mother one evening: "I
was a peacemaker today."
r "How was that?" asked the moth
er."-': . -. :- .
"I knew something that I did not
tell," was the unexpected reply.
Oh! that we all could be such peace
makers. The many friends of Miss Alice
Smith will be interested In this post
al "Dear Mrs, Todd:
Here I am at Salt Lake. City, just
having a glorious time. Visited
the Morman temple and tabernacle
today and went to a pipe organ re
cital at the temple. I have learned
much about the Morman faith, his
tory, etc. Send my certificate to
Potlatch, Idaho, in care of Nell.
Went in bathing Id Salt Lake too.
It was immense. Lots of love
Alice Louis Smlth.'
Miss Smith will teact in Potlatch
this year, we think, and she and Nell
will spend a happy year together.
Foley Kidney Pills will check
the progress of your kidney and
bladder trouble and heal by re
moving the cause. Try them.
Sold by all druggists,.
Pleasant Valley.
' -
Go to the Hunt Sale Tuesday,
August 29th. '
We have had some very hot
weather of late, guess it won't last
much longer.
Another fine rain fell in this
vicinity thefore Dart of this week.
A good many farmers in this
neighborhood are pulling broom
corn these fine days. . '
Henry Berg of the Hitch ranch
has had several bands pulling
broomcorn the past few days,' "
Messrs. Ed. and Dane Scott
were county seat visitors last Sat
urday on business.
Tom Taylor 'was trading in Lib
eral last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Freeman
and Mrs. Freeman's mother visit
ed with A. M. Barker and familj
last Sunday.
Willis Jones was in town last
Saturday on business.
Jacob Hoover was at the connty
seat last Saturday.
Charley Fawcett was in Liberal
last Saturday after supplies. -
Ray Gutridge was in Liberal
last Saturday. .
Bob Hall is pulling his broom
corn these fine days. His crop is
good this season. T"
'Messrs. Fuller and Heath were
county seat visitors last Saturday.
Barker Bros, and Co., will start
to seeding their watermelons soon,
Do not allow your kidney and
bladder trouble to develop beyond
he reach of medicine. Take Folej
Kidney Pills. They give quick
results and stop irregularities with
surprising promptness. - Sold bj
all druggists,
. y,
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Mann and
and their two grandchildren, Le-
land and George returned home
Thursday morning from Pratt,
where they visited several day
with their son T. 0. Mann. They
took in the Fair at Pratt, viewed
the great air ship, etc. They re
port a fine time.
He who is firm in will moulds
the world to himself. Be firm to
day and buy one of our $25 town
lots. Well located, high and dry.
Ellsaesser & Henry, Hello 46.
Miss Freda Harris is visiting
friends at Guy mon this week.
ThAn mhnm Maj i . , .
nt styles to ult evry faney.x Thy
!ifot.,?2, ''lceable (tell
for $3.00 and $3.60 for ladies'. $4.00 lor
n1 i equal to any $5.00 or
L?. Bhot? on th market To test the
tWVIttJt t hair b-Ia . . . i . .
lni ii ' u i nana iy yow
will ftnd maU calendar attached U
warn uown me aay you oe
Bran tr vao.i hBM i ....
count the days. You will be urprlfw;
nd more -than satisfied and you wiV
Hulalump's Calendar &boea.
r 7
Harris Dry Goods Co.
-Harwood Items
Go to' the Hbnt sale next Tues
day, August 29th. .
The ball game again resulted In a
victory for" theIngle men.
Pat Jones and Alvlo Hyde gave a
dance Saturday night at the Jones
home. Quite a crowd attended and
a pleasant time was spent.
Mrs. Nellie GUstrap and children
started Wednesday for Clayton, New
Mexico. She was accompanied by
Mrs. Arte Evans who Intends to make
a few days' visit , Poor jAlf has to
batch again!
Randolph Wallace and" wife and
little Dorothy spent .Wendesday af
ternoon at the Patton home.
J. 6. Patton has gone to help pitch
wheat for the Simpson thresher. .
Merle Anderson and family visited
at B. L. Jone's Saturday. .
Dick Jackson and wife, and sort
Ralph visited at Harwood Patton's
Miss Mabel Jackson visited Helen
Rhiness Sujiday.
J. H. Burr and family called at
the Mattheson home Saturday.
Mr. Mattbeson expects to go to Mt.
Hope, Kansas, this week. '
A. C. Evans was theTguest of Ran
dolph Wallace Saturday evening.
Mrs. Antrim went to Plains Satur
Mrs. Jones and children, Harwood
Patton.and family, A. T. McCormlck
and family and J. B. Patton were
Harwood visitors Thursday.
Abe Shahan called at Harwood last
Thursday. ,
- Haven't you a small fund start
ed to buy a home with I Come let
us show you what we have to sell
in the way of a home, We will
furnish all the material, paint,
heating plant, etc., if you have the
money to pay the contractor for
his work. Ellsaesser & Henry,
Woodsdale Route 1.
Attendee Hunt sale Tuesday,
August 29th. r ..
James Lahey and Frank Fleming
transacted business at New Ulysses
Mesdames McClure and Fox spent
Wednesday at W. G. May's. v 1f
Matt. O'Dea departed Monday for
i visit with his brother at Des Moin
es, Iowa. .
Roy Harrison's smiling face was
Men In this vicinity last week.
; A. Wilson is at Lawson this week
painting E. O. Stewart's house. ,
Quite a crowd gathered at the Kapp
school house Sunday, but' were disap
pointed as Bro. Murphy for some
reason failed to fill tils appointment.
Sam Gilbert and wife came out
from Liberal Sunday to stay awhile
on the ranchu '
Wm. Hall has been doing some car
penter work for James Lahey this
Jim Dacy came in from Ft. Stock
ton, Texas, the first of the week. ,
Several of the young folks of this
neighborhood went to the north fork
ot the Cimarron Sunday to bsh.
They took their dinners and spent
the day and returned home rejoicing
over four fine strings of mlnnons and
several nice crawfish.
Obern Observing.
23 miles Northwest of Liberal.
Go to the Hunt sale Tuesday,
August 29th. v
.Weather rainy.
; Many farmers in this yicinity
are pulling broomcorn.
Mrs. W. R. Mixon has been
seriously ill but is safely recover
ing. W. T. Wear visited at home
Mrs. B. F. Brown was in Lib
eral Saturday. -
John Schallert spent Sunday at
Henry Whetstone and family
and Mr. I. J. Ogborne and family
yisited with Horace Downing and
family, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brown
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Sessler, near Traver.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Davis and
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Brown , spent
Sunday with John Ragan and
family. . ' , . . N" ,
Good prospects for a bumper
corn crop. It is' past roasting
ears now.
Kaffir and maize also looking
fine." . .
Sunday was the hottest day re
corded here this summer which
was fierce on crops.
Pleasant View ;
Go to the Hunt sale .Tuesday,
August 29th. j
A fine rain fell Monday night
and Tuesday which was appreciat
ed by all.. . ' , r
Miss Mae Garrison from Liberal
spent the latter part of the with
Misses Pearl and Mamie Warten
bee. Earl Galusha was cutting millet
for C. E. Seward, Monday. 7 ,
John Greea from New Mexico,
an old time friend of J. W. War
tenbee, visited him Saturday night.
- Allia French and wife visited C.
E. Seward and family, Sunday.
Alex Briles and wife of Nabisco
and J..W. Wartenbee visited with
J. H, Herold uid family, Sunday.
Mrs P. A. Delay visited with
Mrs. Lowe, Monday. : - v
J. H. Herold and son attended
sales day in Tyrone, Monday. .;
W. B. Lowe and Chas. Prather
are harvesting their corn crop.
A number of the neighbors are
enjoying watermelons and can
taloupes Tjf jate.
Duerson & West have been in
this neighborhood threshing wheat
and are now on their, "way south
ward to' their home. This is their
third year to thresh in this neigh
borhood and everyone says that
they can come back next year
Mrs. John Fraser left Wednes
day for a brief visit at Wichita.
Bluebell Gossip .
Nice rains again will make late
crops eoods and also be good for
pasture. The rains were welcome
and came at a good time.
Henry Hammontree and George
Sharp were in Liberal Saturday
with a load of melons. They, were
fine, the largest . weighed Hi
pounds. .
Mrs. Henry Biglow, Jessie Pou
ting, and Henry Hammontree
were in Liberal, Tuesday, witB
Mr. Jack Land was in . Liberal,
Monday, with a load of melons. .
The' Neff boys have had several
hands pulling broomcorn. They
have a nice lot of broomcorn
gathered up. - - '
Messrs. Will Hammontree and
LeeJones have been pulling broom
corn for the Neff bovs.
Lee Jones was the guest of the
W. P. Davis family, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Burns and
little' grand-daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Will Hammontree and chil
dren, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Pon
ting, Mrs. Henry Ponting and
Mr. Wheeler were the guests of
the Henry Hammontree family,
Sunday, and all enjoyed an excel
lent time - eating ice cream and
water melons. .
The threshing : machine was at
Mr. Fincher's, Saturday and will
be in this part soon.
Brother Lathrop will preach at
Bluebell next Sunday at 11 and
Sunday School at 9. Everybody
The Best
Cream Separator
Is the
Every part of the
Machine ia Guaranteed.
. You" may take one
of the Machines out on
3Q v days trial . without
Z- . o -. ,
paying one cent down.
We Lave ther goods
' . ' ' ' .
and can show you." ,
' 5 Gal Cream 'Can
weight 13 ' lb. ' '
price, . . $2.25
Liberal. - . Kansas.
Vanilla Extract - $ .06
Lemon Extract .08
Rex Lye, per can " .07
Lewis Lye, per can .08
7 bars Laundry Soap .25
Star Tobacco; per lb. . 43
Horse Shoe Tobacco,
per lb. c ' . 43
Calumet Baking f
Powder, 25c can ,17
New Furniture
I , I I; . L-JZT
'"--Vrhis is the time of the year
when everyone should look
"to the comfort of . the" home.
We have nice rockers, book
cases, writing desks, sofas
and many other beautiful
pieces of : furniture which
will add comfort to the home
and be appreciated by the
entire family. " ' -
Let Us- Show Them to You.
l-r 1 1 -.
Liberal - - V Kansas '
When You Buy a Piano.
Be sure you get Piano value. Don't'
buy a name, or pay for somebody else's
1 . influence, or put up for some -slick-tongued
sales-man's talk and expense.
. Wten you buy an Emersbn, a Chicker- '
-ing Bros., Baldwin, or Hamilton Piano"
you have a maker's reputation to rely
upon, you have our guarantee not only
for to-day but in years to come.
Hear the latest hits in New Music, eyery
thing new from everywhere.
Come in and let's talk it over..
Phone 107 . Liberal, Kansas
Arcade Barber Shop
Harry lloon,
Clean . - : - Comfortable v
Only Skilled Workmen Employed
Ladies' Rubbers ' $ .49
Gents' Night Robes . 55
Pajamas, per suit ;86
"Easg Flow" Oil Tanks
t) gallon size, r $1.00
10 gallon Bize, 1.37
Talcum Powder, .06
Kid Curlers, per doz. . 04
50 lb. sack Salt, " . .19

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