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"Successor to The Liberal lndependent"
Vol. 5. No. 31
Liberal, Seward County, Kansas, Friday, December 1, 1911
$1.50 Per Year
Hutchinson Man Should Be
The fact that both the republi
can and democratic candidates for
congress lire at Hutchinson takes
out the element of sectional con
tention, in the coming election of
a representative for this district.
It may also be said that both are
men of ability, character and
standing in their borne community
This being the case, the coming
contest should be governed ex
clusively by the issues involved in
the campaign.
''."A v'- .: . ". . '?i
Democratic Candidate For Congreu
The Democrat believes that Mr.
Neeley ba9 much the better argu
ment to Bring before the voters.
We believe the principles be advo
cates meets, with the unquali6ed
endorcement of a large majority
of the votors of the Seventh Kan--8Haistricr'vP)biibly.tio4l)ird
of the republicans iu the" district
belong to the progressive wing of
the party, and inasmuch as his op
ponent represents the reactionary
element, Mr. Neeley is the logical
man to vote for. Examine his
platform. It is concise, clear cut
and unequivocal. He takes an af
firmative stand upon every ques
tion of the day. He represents
live issues He is a young man
of tremendous energy, clean hab
its, irreproachable character and
with an unparalleled capacity for
hard work. . In a personal way
bis opponent has no possible ad
vantage. But this is not all. The
main thing for the. voters of this
district, after all, is to decide
which of the two candidates would
be more useful to the district.
Other things being equal, which
of them could do more for his
constituents? Taking this view
of the case, the argument is all on
the side of Mr. Neeley.
The present congress is Demo
cratic. Unless nothing short of a
miracle takes place within the next
few months, the coming national
administration will be Democratic
also. Furthermore, Mr. Neeley
is a warm personal friend of the
speaker of vtbe house. He would
be in a position to accomplish
something and would have the
powerful aid and co-operation of
the majority. The district would
have a representative in fact as
well as in name.
Mr. Martin, on the other hand,
would be powerless to do any con
structive legislation. As a mem
ber ' of the minority his hands
would be virtually tied. lie would
be handicapped from the very be
ginning of his congressional car
eer. Granting that he is a man of
ability and influence at home, what
possible show, could he have in a
Democratic congress! Looking at
the matter wholly! as a business
proposition, and iconceeding that
Mr. Martin is att that his friends
claim him to be, we contend that
the relative usefulness of the two
men makes the election of Mr.
.Neeley almost imperative, so far
as the interests of Liberal and
this district are concerned.
fetjgsssfe QUALITY JilKfe
Quality Clothes Witli Value
1 V P ',,.,J,,Tl,WW'"""hlJ
We had bought very heavy in
clothing for this fallbut our trade
has been so good in this depart
ment that we have heen compell
ed to re-order several times.
This past week we received a
new shipment of Men s suits and
we want you to know of the best
Blue Sergei fSuits we have ever
shown for the priceThey are
certainly surprising values.
$12.50, $16.50, $22.50
We can save you $2.50 to $5
an a suit and we can prove this to
you in a few minutes.
Its a dead sure thing, .that "we
deliver the goods that make good"
"33 Years of Successful Merchandising"
Always at It JJornlng, Noon an&NlhL
LHwral.KiMS rj9j, iT
Cuymon, Oklahoma JtifaJt tj IWtmert
Dalnart. Texas jpejyg;u.
Jill 1 Urn
Special Feature
The Democrat is glad to an
nounce that it has' added another
special feature to its columns in
tne form of the weekly Sunday
school lesson. While it may not
give anything to the real student
of the lesson, yet we do think it
will prove a benefit to those who
have no library or literature on
the subject, or who do not have
access to the current Sunday
school publications. With us, the
feature is really an experiment
and we want your opinion on it.
If you think it adds to the value
of the Democrat let us know, and
if the greater number of readers
do not want it the weekly Sunday
school lesson will be discontinued
Our ambition is to make the paper
of interest and educational value
to every reader, and to this end it
it necessary to have the co-operation
of the readers.
Mrs. T. S. Barton and twin
daufthters, returned from Illinois,
Wednesday night, where she at
tended the funeral of her father,
Jacob Miller.
Apron Sale
The annual apron sale, bazar and
lunch of the Ladie9 Aid society of
thn Presbyterian church will be
held at the Star grocery, on Sat
urday, December 2nd.
MAN, is your child in Sabbath
school) Just why are you not
therel There are several excellent
men's classes in Liberal. - Go and
visit one next Sabbath. Get in
line for better manhood, better
living. If you'll come to the
Presbyterian class, we will insure
your being interested. There will
be something to interest you per
sonally, and vitally. Come.
C. W. Kellogg, Pastor.
Auto Accident
Saturday evening on their re
turn from Santa Fe, Dave Mackey
and T. B. Lindley of the Morton
Hardware Co. of Wichita had
what might have proven a serious
accident. At the Black farm just
north of town, the wind had rolled
a bundle of hog wire into the
road. Thy were coming down
the road at a pretty good gait and
upon seeing the wire Mr. Mackey
thought it was a thistle and tried
to run over it. The car skidded
around and turned over, throwing
both passengers out, Mr. Lind
leo suffered a few minor bruises,
and Mr. Mackey escaped without
a scratch.
New Broom Factory
W. F. Robinson and son have
started the erection of a new
broom factory near their present
plant in the north part of the city.
The capacity of the new plant will
be twenty-five dozen a day and
Gve men will be employed.
J. W. Baughman left Wednes
day on a business trtp to Kansas
City and Omaha.
Special Contest Prizes
The next special prize a beauti
ful ladies hand bay will be award
ed on December 13 to the candi
dates making the greatest gain be
tween November 29 and Dec. 13.
All winners of previous prizes are
barred from the special prize.
This gives every candidate in the
contest an equal chance. The an
nouncement of the Christmas
prizes will be made next week.
The Ladies Aid Society of Beth
el Baptist church will bold a ba
zar and give a dinner in Liberal
Saturday, December 16tb.
Throwing Dirt for W. F. &
N. in Beaver County
In spite of the inclement weath
er of the past two weeks, consid
erable progress has been made on
the Wichita Falls road which is
building from Woodward to Lib
eral. Last week, the contractors
moved to Beaver county, near
Gate, and commenced grading for
the new road, which will probably
be the second in Liberal. Engin
eer Hocker, who has been in
charge of the surveying work has
retired from that line of the work
and now is devoting his time to
the land interests of the company.
Mr. Hocker was in Beaver City
a short time ago, and had with
him, deeds which turned the town
site properties purchased by J. N.
Cooke of Oklahoma City, to
Frank Kell, General Manager of
the road. This would make it ap
pear that those parties knew where
the road was going, as the pur
chases of land were made before
the surveyors went into Beaver
county. It is this week given out
that the new townsite to which
Beaver City will have to move,
is to be located six miles north and
three mlies west of the present
town of Beaver City.
The persistant rumor that the
Wichita Falls road is one ot the
Hawley lines has again come to'
Liberal, and this time it will be
tested out by someof the promi
nent business men of the town.
The letter further indicates that
the Hock Island knows more about
the venture than has so far been
told to the general public. A re
cent article in the State Journal
gives the impression that this is a
Hawley line, as does also a letter
received this week by J. K. Geor
ge, President of the First Nation
al Bank. He has decided to take
the matter up with the Hawley of
fices in New York, as has been
suggested by Rock Island officials
in Chicago. Upon the reply to
this letter may rest much of the
future of the road in this country.
It is almost certain that whatever
the Wichita Falls people ask from
the town of Liberal, within reason,
will be given them. While there
is a growing sentiment in this
country against bonding or giving
any bonus for the construction of
a railroad, yet we believe that
Liberal will come up with a good
bonus for a second line of rail
road. It appears that we will
have plenty of time in which to
make offers to the Wichita Falls
people, as for the present they
have taken off their surveying
camps, and are now working the
construction contractors only. .
Mrs. V. H. Grinstead states
that she gets no remuneration for
her work in behalf of suffrage.
She was re-elected organizer" and
lecturer at the national faceting
of the W. C. T. U. at Milwaukee
and still devotes a part of her time
to the interests of that organiza
The report of the "Suffrage
Meeting" in the last issue of the
Democrat was written by Miss
Erville Cornelius, who is a mem
ber of the Democrat force.
Dr. Knisely went to Topeka last
week with August Seidel. - He
will spend Thanksgiving with his
mother in Kansas City and will
return Friday.
F.H. Murphy of Meade,-well
known iif this city; is liere for the
holiday enjoying the hospitality
of his brother, I). D. Murphy.
Chas. Augrot and wife who
have recently returned from ' Em
poria were pleasant callers at this
office last Saturday."
Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Sanderson on Nov. 27, a girl.
Miss Saunders and Miss Han
tla Winners This Week
The finish of a pretty race for
the special Thanksgiving prizes
offered in our big piano contest,
was somewhat of a surprise this
week. Miss Saunders who has
been a close second, jumped to
place with an immense total, that
will make the other candidates
hustle to beat. The prize for the
greatest increase was avarded to
Miss Ethel Hantla of Hugoton.
Maude Saunders 140,000
Susie Ellsaesser 59,750
Kthel Manila 53,400
Vanda Cross 40,740
Clara Chlldears 28,470
Mrs. S. B. MoCamant 19,500
Amy Bowtes 16,600
Opal Jennlson 12,535
Ida Hayes 7,130
Rena Sooner (1.200 .
Laura Wood 8,920
Rulah Stamper 5,070
Ituby Hamilton 5,270
Jennie Karau 4,070
Mary Akers 0,100
Grace Gleasen 4,530
Vlvla Jones 0,9.10
Bessie Odneal 4.260
Clara Wiods v 2,670
Alene Clearman 3,260
Minnie Swlnk ' 3,650
Gertrude Carpenter 4,010 .
Anna Vaughn : 7,140
Freda Harris 7,850
Dott Brlley ' 2,080 :
Miss Brier 2.8S0
Miss Bryant . 3,7tiO
Gertrude Andrews 2,930
Elsie Montgomery , 3,80(1
nesBa Print! 3,210
Mae Galnson 2,340
El ma Wilson 1,700
Minnie McCold 2,970
Miss Sinclair 2,200
Sarah Lane 4,270
Audra Gerkln 3,450 .
Archie Fields p 5a2ho
La Faun Wllklns 120
Mamie Wartenbee .-. 2,340
Carrie Reed . 2.B50
ZuU Weldensaul ' 4 3,590 .
Lottie Flnley ' , "" ; 2,580
Miss Lett Rhodes '1,250
Eldeara Rifles 2,050 '
Sarah Thompson 1,500
Gladys Long 1,320
Emma Ragsdale 1,250
Lizzie McLarty , 1,230
Flossie May 1,100
May Anderson 1,080
Ida Wllhelm 1,940
Marlon Wilson 1,010
Jessie Jordan 1,150
Dorothy Stall 1,540
Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
1 A A WU.
-:: J0?W IPSs
REAL JOY comes to the man who has never had
a bank account when he once begins to "bank" his
money and watch the balance to his credit grow.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank.
Deposits Guaranteed by the Guaranty Fund of the
State of Kansas
Liberal, Kansas

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