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TliA IlhpTfl. np.mflf.rat penty. and putting a premium on
. . . J pauperism, by compelling those
(Successor 10 in" iiwk" -
The Seward County Publlthin Companjr
! . CARL 0. EDDY
Editor and Publisher.
Gilbert's threshing machine
puller) to the Calvert home Friday
an A oin f h rac V i n ft mui'O whpn t.Kp
who had acquired property . to pay .
something for the support of the -
government.-- In Liberal, we also Ml,IKf''flMW
have a number of necessary ex- -
nenses in running the city, en- Mr. and Mrs. hli iaylor visited
I. . ... i. . I 1 MnlMnr. tho tha linmo nf K F.. Dof-We.
Published every Friday morning torc.ng uu ...u u - -
Kans. improvements aemauucu uj mo m uncr yisneu witu ueu owbu
citizens of tire town. In order to Sunday.
. . i
I. II. Swan is building an addi
tion to his house.
Eli Taylor was seen heading
cane Tuesday.
at Liberal, Seward County,
A . ,,i.rw matter January o. defray these expenses it has been
1911. at the DOt office at Liberal, Kaiwaa jjjgj t maje tnose who have
UndertheActofMarci J.i"w property contribute something for
, v, nrt. tlm sunnort of the town in the
"There's so much gooa w rr
of us, and there's so much baa in uie shape or taxes.
v,. ni .,a t.hatlt doesn'i Denuuvo u, nnmu, ne ,i0n,
of us to speak ill ofthre8tofj. .q
" "7 H ness, who own a little or no prop-
If these suffragettes dont quit n k deriye the
pestering the editor of this paper goyerumentt of
.u uiiQnfrpi and such things, l , . . i 0a Qnfi
w iiii tuB""f. , tne lmprovemuuta iuud mi c, ,
am going to challenge the leader on of prQperty urday, December 2nd
. .l. i i, tn foot race down J ., t . , .. "
or me uuuvu . - - an(j person mat is accuruuu u.y mc
the main street oi mo eity ordinances and their enforce
busy baturaay. ment. We believe that the occu
. "T37n editors Pation tax is not based on an un
me receu ... - . Drincipal. However,
i.. u ,n nf Mberai is icj -
W VUV UU w U v - -
the 6rst movement toward making
Apron Sale
The annual apron sale, bazar and
lunch of tho Ladies Aid society of
the Presbyterian church will be
held at the Star grocery on Sat-
may be a possibility that the pres
ent schedule should be revised,
and changed, yet there was prob
ably never a state
The Ladies Aid Society of Beth
el Baptist church will hold a ba
zar and cive a dinner in Liberal
Saturday. December 16th.
1 .1 F Fuest, Chairman
County Clark
County Treasurer
Clerk Olstrlrt Court
Keirister Deeds i
County Attorney
Fnilmte JuUKe .
Pi .porter
County Hnperlntendant
W. W. Antrim
1 Ell Taylor
E. D. Cooper
Geoi'ire A Hmitli
E 8 Irwin
- C W Fin ley
- . C. U. Commons
J. W. Camphell
H. H. Eldson
J. G. Trlndle
A L Knlsely
Ulary KTodd
JudtreiBiid Judicial District, Hon William H,
Tnounon. auure. v.tj , u.u
Wednesilay af tor third Tuesday of April
Wcdnesilay af tr second Monday of September
Wednesday after second Tuesday of December
Uayor Dr. R T. Nichols
I A. K. Btoufer
C. Summers
Tom Smith
J. E. George
P. A. Craig
H h Lane
Collce Judge
J. T. Gray
J, Karau
K. J. Thayer
Liberal Sceool News
Owing to the stormy weather
or city law the attendance in the primary wa?
which did not in some application very small Monday.
work a hardship on some individ- fhe sixth grade girls defeated
nal in the community. Such, how- tho eighth ernde girls in a closely
ever, are the exception rather than contested game of basket ball Fri
tne rule, and do not necessarily Lj8J evening. The score was 2 tn
prove that the principle on which 3 Ti)e eighfc grade won from the
it the meeting place of all of the
conventions and annual gatherings
r,f t.h various organizations in
1.1.!. nAnrinn ft t.hn state. The
brand of hospitality exhibited then
hftlieve will make the town
more popular for such meetings in
Thp.rft is nothing so
t i i n iMnniT nnn-
good tor Lioera,, . ... u. e .g .g unjusfc or no, Sftturt,av5 to 1
aiefAnt. backing of enterprise
Sisient, ukii --r -nnitable
which will be of ultimate benefit equ'taole
4. ,mmmitv. To this end,
a Commercial Club should be or- About Taxes Here
ganized. Every firm in town Another reason for the increase
should have a representative in f th0 taxe3 on pr0)erty located
Visitors this week were Mes
dames Todd, C. D. Gasaway, J.
E. Mann, E. II. Kich, R. H. Ma
lone, R. B. Hume, J. D. Stevens
Frank Wheeler and Misses Char
, i.L .j m h. . , .J. .u lotte Gasaway. Mary Jarson and
the commercial ciuo, uu " m ewara county, asiue irom
lioim that considerable benent fllf.t thftt the state levy has been
raicorl found in the ereat in 1 tie new slide is getting to d
i i flfliA "orvrtt lioot" fhl ni fn tYa til a it
crease in tne numoer or scnooi u
districts. In 1906, there were only ground.
19, rlistricts in Seward county. The eiiihth grade boys have
There are now 29 school districts, purchased a new basket ball
each one of them having a school Everv pupil should receive his
house, and a number of them hav- ast; month's grades and report
ing more than one building. this week.
...... A t n l II
District VI has 6 scnooi nouses. Th ... . ade R h 5y.
district 15 has 2 school buildings, . . ,.in. ,.nT nf iflVPS fpnm Rplip.
The senders wish
pa - to exchange them for some
would accrue from such an organ
It would be difficult tolramea
better platform than George Nee-
ley of Hutchinson has chosen for
his campaign for the coming elec
tion to fill the congressional va
cancy caused by the death of Hon.
E. H. Madison. From every point
of view, it is logical, progressive,
2 school buildings,
i is net ri has ' nui n nifs. uisinci i -. rvi..-
....:-u. A A uprv issue . ..... I rouiaine, uiho.
btrmisunuii..u, 4 has 2 buildings, and districts
upon which he declares nimseu w which includes Libera uses four
a live one to the people of south- buiIdings thig vear' to take Cftre of
west Kansas. Mrengmeneq oy n . oWlWr.n: K'ansHs is the fore
hard campaign againsi one ot . he tJnion in her
most able men Kansas nas ever
produced, seasoned by a year of
hard work to win the election, he
will be a formidable opponenent
school system, and it is also one
cacti and Russian thistle and a lit
tle buffalo gruss.
The following is a list of pri
.. .. i i
unary pupils nrst ana second
of thestandpat republican candi
date, Judge Martin of Hutchinson.
The time has come when people
do not draw a sharp line between
democrats and republicans. They
rather look for a man who is cap
able, and who stands for the prin
ci pales as well as the legislation
which they favor. Judge Martin
is an old man, of long standiqg in
the ranks of the old republican
machine in Kansas, avowed a mem
ber of the so called "conservative"
wing of the republican party. His
period of agressive . activity has
passed. His principles are dbscur
ed by a cloud of verbosity' and
oratory which leaves with. : those
who attempt to find ' his stand oil
principles, merely an: impression
instead of a clear cut "accumula
tion of facts. We believe that the
people of this section of the , state
will vote for Neeley, a young pro
gressive aggressive man of no-
mean ability. He has the odds in
his favor, and. will, we believe,
win the coming election at the
hands of the voters, the intelligent
voters of the district who regard
less of politics, are looking for a
real man, strong in his convictions,
to fill the vacancy caused by . the
death of our honored representa
tive, E. H. Madison.
I .r. .i ;u 1 ...
of the most costly systems in the j-whib huuhiim m.-
countrv. teci
. , ., ., , . . I Charles HiacK; uutn uurger,
A uuujuor vi u.o u. a. o,lhprti Kllw,r,ls. Rfiat,rlcB OariDS.
still paying olt tue Douaeu lnueoi
edness, in others there are new
Wal ice Edwards, Mary Carson,
Lester Ellsacsser, Thelraa Farmer,
Lee Mahoney,
Archie Swanson,
Robert Hume,
Ruby Bradley
Nile Carson,
Irene Grimble,
Lepha Hibbs,
Kena Leas,
Edith Thornburg,
Minnie Wood,
Ola Francis, ,
Arthur Carson,
Blrtie Lee Capps, Kenneth Grigsby,
Lucile Douglas, Kendal Grigsby,
Alice Eidson,
Lois Mahoney
Alice Nichols,
Harold Quails,
Otis Rawlins,
Dale Hubbard,
Albertus Kniseiy,
Ruth Printz,
Wynona Sweat,
Alice Sprauue,
Charles Shumate, Lester Womack,
Joe Joslin,
levies for the buildings, for bonds Buster Hjde,
ar,A frn. intArper. ThA iniTPftsP.d u Jarreu,
number of schoolhouses has
brought about an increased of ex
oenses for running tne schools.
There are more than twice as many
teachers in the county today, as
there were five years ago, and
there are more than twice as many
buildings to heat and take care of.
Kansas prides herself on the' ex
cellenceof her chools, and the
people of Seward county have ad
f l ' :JI J. .U.
vancea more ;rapiuiy uurinK. uib Hernice Harperi
past nve years than other, portions Frank Hiuhland,
of! the state: As a tesulti1 the levy Clay Miller,
for the schools in the various dis- Audie Hicb,
:(o K nntnlio h, r,l, I MOrBB J USI III,
hivm wici iijw iuuiij " Cecil VVriKht
on, an increase of taxes, which has i ucila st()lt9'
' : f. . . . i J . . I. : . - I .
gone a nine anoaa oi me increase Kverett Harrison,
of chattel property in tho . county. Freddie Uuckman, Mabel Stamper,
Thft -srhools arfl eWnsive. but Harriet Magruder, Leo Ivern,
there is little chanee (or a decrease
in the school taxes, for 'lhe people
of this country' have already shown
the fact that they 'wrtnt tho very
best to be procured iu the way of
schools., for their children. The
idea is alt right, and we believe
worthy of the very best support
in each and every community in
the county. . '
Agatha Print.,
Fern Ellsaesser,
Dale Nichols,
Fav Lemmonier,
Noberto Jaramillo
Wayne DiQkerson
Mabel WriKht,
Klsie Eis, -
Alfreda Swanson,
Lioyd Spii.enbarger,
Kernice Hutchinson,
Wayne Montgomerp.
There has been much discussion
and some criticism of the ordi
nance reqiring the payment and
uxing the rates of the occupation
tax for the town. The prosecu
tion of J. S. Cude this week for
plastering here without paying a
. l lie coiiduct ot tne weather
bunday night and Alonday was
everytliior but pleasant in this
neck of tho .woods. . ,
, Misses Anna Dcttmer and Anna
license fee to the city, has brought Brier were iu Liberal Saturday.
the subject up again, several Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Tils' called
have exppessed the idea that it at the Calvert home Sunday.
wbq farincr man for mprol v apt. I '
. . j i::I i, I .Mr. Taylor called on Mr. Dett-
this view should be Uken by all mer Uoni-
people on the, goneral. subject of Ethel Day is has been absent the
taxation, it might be said that the past week.frotii school, on account!
state was placing a tax on pros'-'of a seyere attack of tonsilitis.
Fargo Lodge No. 300
- A. Y. & A. M.
Stated communications Brst and
third Monday of each month;
M. H. FLOOD. W. M.
E. 8. 1UWIN, Sec'y.
Liberal Lodge 655
I. O. 0. P.
Moets every Tuesday night
at 8 o'clock.
E. P. COOl'Ett, Sec'y.
Liberal Encampment 144
i. o. o. v. .
Meets every 2nd and 4tb
Thursday night at 8 o'clock.
FRANK 0N0 Scribe.
Liberal Rebekah
I. 0. 0. F.
Meets every 1st and 3rd
Tuursday night at
o'clock. '
lnei Prater. N. G.
Gertrude Thlerer sec.
Liberal Lodge 283
A. 'O. TI.W,
Meets every 1st and 3rd Mon
day night In the Craig Building
at 8 o'clock.
J. 1). LANE. M. W.
A. W. PANKHAT8. Rec.
Liberal Chapter No. 104
Meets the second and fourth
Monday of each month.
Mrs. J. A. BLACK, W. M.
Mrs. GREEK. Secy.
Modern Woodmen of Amor
M. W. A.
Meets every 1st and 3rd Mon
dav nlitht of each month, at
Craig Hall.
J .A. BLACK. Consul
EZRA 8H0UB, Clerk.
The Royat Nieghbora of
M. o4..
Meets on the 2nd and 4th
Thursdays at Craig hall.
Visiting neighbors ar In
Iim id
Canton Liberal No. 22
The regular canton
meetings are held the 2nd
and 4th Thursday of each
H. D. DAVIS, Capt.
Victor Hugo Lodge
No. 186
R. P.
Meets every Wednes
day night. Visiting
KnlghU are welcome
8. L. Wright. C. C.
L. C. Chamberlain. K
8 & Of It,
Pale Faces
Pale-faced, weak, and
Shaky women who suffer
every day with womanly
weakness need the help
of a gentle tonic, with
a building action on the
womanly system. If you are
weak you need Cardul,
the woman s tonic, becaus.e
Cardul will act directly on
the cause of your trouble.
Cardui has a record of
more than 50 years of
success. It must be good.
WM tail Ubr
; The Professor An ordinary brick
will absorb a quart ot water. . -
The Pugilist Then my brother's no
.' The Professor What do you mean?
'The Pugilist He never absorbed
liat much water In bit life.
The Woman's Tonic
Mrs. Effie Graham, of
Willard, Ky., says: ?I
was so weak I could
hardly go. I suffered,
nearly every month, for 3
years. When I began to
take Cardui, my back hurt
awfully. I only weighed
99 pounds. Not long after.
I weighed 115. Now, I
do all my work, and am
In good health." Begin
taking . Cardui, today.
For Bargains in Land Write to
Gardner ShinklQ, Liberal, Kans.
Wise buying in general is difficult.
Wise Jewelry buying is particularly so.
Know the store and you will know the jewelry it
Jewelry buying is largely a matter of confidence,
and the future of this store depends on the confidence
we can inspire.
We "are spending a great deal of time and money
in our buying these days.
We want your confidence and if we ever betray .it,
tell us about it. If we ever deceive, we are ready to
make amends. '
JARRE TT The Jeweler
Land For Sale
Five, ten, or twenty acre tracts,
just outside the Corporation of
Liberal, Kansas, at prices- and
terms that will interest you.
We will pay the highest f PPAi
marlrpr rrir. for - vour V loa 1 1 a
If you want to keep abreast of Times on all the Important
Topics of the Day
li 21
oooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Paints, Oil, Glass
and Toilet
oooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Seward County .Awnac-
Complete Abstracts of Title to all
. Lands and Town Lots in Seward Co.
Office In the Print Building Phone 314. . . Liberal, Kansas

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