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The Liberal Democrat
(Successor to The Independent)
Th Srd County Publishing Company
Editor and Publisher.
Published every Friday morning
at Liberal, Seward County, Kans.
Entered u econd-clas matter January 6,
1911. at the pout office at Liberal, Kansas
under the Act of March 8. 1H79.
"There's so much good In the worst
of us, and there's so much bad In the
best of us, that It doesn't behoove any
of us to speak ill of the rest of us.
It Is Indeed gratifying to the resi
dents of the town at this time of the
year, to know that no part of their
Increase In taxes la caused by the ad
ministration of the city affairs of
Liberal, the platform promise of "A
dollar's value for every dollar spent,"
has been mighty well fulfilled dur
ing the past six months. New cross
ings have been put In, the streets
dragged, which was never done be
fore, the streets lighted, and yet the
tax levy for the city has been de
creased from .0045 in 1910 to .0039
in 1911, the decrease amounting to a
trifle more than half a mill. In ad
dition, to the ordinary expenses of
the city we have had an added ex
pense in the installation of the water
works plant which will amount to
something like-$2,000.
There is, this year In the city levy,
.001 for Interest, whtch will be cut
off next year. In case the waterworks
can be made to pay that amount out
of the running receipts. This would
be more good news along the same
line, and would be mighty acceptable
news to the people of the town. The
present administration is indeed a
popular one, and it is certain that at
this time of year, their decrease in
taxes will not make it unpopular
with the taxpayers of the city.
Again Liberal has a chance to do
something for herself In the way of
securing railroads for this territory.
It Is true that the people here have
on several occasions come to the
front, when the promised lines failed
to materialize. However, those ven
tures have not been made at a cost of
a single cent to the people of the
town and county here. The town
here. Is known all over the state as
being the best and most progressive
town in the southwest, and is due
largely o the fact that the people
have come to the front to each and
every opportunity. They re noted
for being boosters and the reputation
has done much for the town in se
curing for it the careful consideration
of every business man who contem
plates an investment or opening of a
business in all this big southwest
country. The town is rapidly grow
ing Into a small city, and in order to
keep up with the increase in popula
tion and wealth, comes an Increased
responsibility of boosting that some
of our prominent citizens have failed
to shoulder. It takes all of the peo
ple la this country to do the things
we have to do. There are now sev
eral railroads headed this way aud
there will soon be need of some ac
tivity on the part of Liberal people
to show that she wants the new
road. Some selfish people have said
that they did not want the road here,
as a new road would hurt the busi
ness of the town. However, that is a
minor item. The road is not waiting
for Liberal people to make offers. It
Is building, and there Is every Indica
tion that It will continue to do so as
rapidly as the natural conditions will
permit. It then being a decided fact
that the road will build Into this
territory, we must have the road for
Liberal, or the best town in the south
west will become just like Meade and
the other dinky little towns along
the line. Every man in Liberal ought
to get busy and talk the road and
work for It and the Improvement of
the town. Though there are but few
people In the southwest, these few
have alrady done mighty things, and
their work has not yet started. Got
together and boost for the town and
we will all prosper. In order to
promote the welfare of the Individual
it is necessary to give an occasional
lift for the welfare of the com
munity. The election platform of George
Neeley appears in this Issue of the
Democrat, and we want every reader
of this paper to read It, regardless fit
political belief or affilfation. The
reneral condition of business all over
the country at this time demands a
change, and It is very essential that
the Seventh District of Kansas ex
press her views on national affairs
at the special election January 9. For
the good of the state as well as the
ation, it is time ror us to get busy
and show that the west is for tariff
revision downward. From a buslnets
point of view, that is the most Im
portant questios before the America
peep! today.
The work on the roads of-the
county is now practically at a stop,
but before long, there will be a let
up in the work on the farm, and then
the matter ought to be taken up
again. More has been accomplished
during the past year on the roads of
the county than in the three years
which preceded, and so a good move
ment should not be permitted to die.
Liberal township this year, is the
only one which is asking for the new
road tax, and we expect to have some
of the bad roads around town fixed
up next year. It Is somewhat of a
shame on the town that part of the
worst road in the county Is within
sight of Liberal. We hope that anoth
er Christmas will see a change In
List of jurors drawn for Decem
ber term, Wednesday, Decem
ber 13tb, 1911, 9 o'clock A. M. ,
G. W. Wrather
T. J. Ruehlen
M. A. Groom
F. G. Boles
E. F.Printz
J. Hicks
J. A. Hall
O. C. McOullouRh
V. K. Miller
Chas. Thompson
D. L. Lay
B. F. Monroe
, A. R. Conrad
J. O. Burnett
C. M, Waters
O. M. Woods
A. A. Farmer
J. Orth
F. E Lent "
- W. E. Bloom
J. B. Wood
J. J. Calvert
J. G. Ault
K. E. Nix '
J. C. Franklin
G. C. Carney
W. H. Farmer
For Sale
By the owner twenty-four lots
in block live of the Terwilliger
addition. Will sell cheap. In
quire at the Liberal Democrat.
On the order of the Council,
the ordinance regarding spitting
on sidewalks will be rigidly en
orced. J. T. Gray, Marshall.
. For Rent , ...
Furnished rooms for . light
housekeeping for rent, inquire of
Mrs. Buckland
Sherman Avenue.
$100.00 Reward.
I will pay the above reward for
the arrest and conviction of any
person or persons illegally hand
ling, driving off and disposing of
or butchering any of my stock.
C. M. Lioht,
Liberal, Kansa .
For Rent
A good farm, near Liberal, well
improved 160 acres.
11-21 4t ' Ellsaesser & Henry
The Needle Society of the
Christian church will hold their
bazar in the Stamper building on
Saturday, December 9th.
Good Things to Eat
Fresh every day
Apple pies each 15c
Peach pies " 15c
Apricot pies " 15c
Mince pies " . 15c
Gooseberry pies " 15c
Chocolate layer cakes " 30c
Cocoanut " M " 30c
Caramel " " " 30c
Angel food 20c
Jelly roll 10c
Drop cakes per dozen 10c
Cookies, lemon vanilla, ginger or
molasses per dozen 10c
Bread, per loaf 5c
Bread checks 6 for 25c
Rolls per dozen 10c
Doughnuts " " 10c
Cinamon Rolls " " 10c
Phone 63 Free delivery to all
parts of the city starts at 11 a. m.
and 5 p. m.
Dissolution Notice
McCamant & Mathews of the
City Meat Market have dissolved
partnership. Mr. McCamant tak
ing the entire business, and all ac
counts are payable to the under
S. it. McCamant.
Scalar ScUel Um for Dee. 10, 1911
Specially Arrwiftd fer ThJi Paper
LESSON TEXT Nehemtah . .
GOLDEN TEXT "The Lord Is the
etrength of my life; of whom shall I be
afrald."-PiMl. 37:1. .
TIME B. C. U. -
The wall was finished In 52 days In Au
fuet and September.
PLACE Jerusalem and vicinity.
There were enemies within the Jew
ish church. ; Some of the nobles and
richer men had been oppressing their
poorer brethren who were working at
great sacrifice In rebuilding the walls.
'No wages were paid for this work, so
that many were thus reduced to the
direst straits to support themselves
and their families, and pay the taxes
exacted by the Persian government
Tbelr misfortunes were brought to a
climax by the condition of hostilities,
which put an end to trade, and threat
ened town and country with ruin. It
was Impossible to obtain regular em
ployment, and prices had gone up.
Those who had a little property mort
gaged their homes; and in this way a
considerable portion of the property
of the poorer classes, their graln
flelds vineyards, and dwellings, passed
Into the hands of wealthy money
lenders, who demanded high usury.
Some, having do means to pay their
creditors, sold their children as slaves.
The hungry ones were threatening, it
the grain was not given to keep them
fro mstarvatlon, they would take it by
violence, or surrender the city to Its
enemies. The taxes for the Persian
government were very heavy and ex
acting. The chief officers farmed out
the collection of the taxes, both in
money and In the fruits of the land.
These under officers were the same as
those called publicans In the New
Testament They were required to
pay over to their superiors the exorbi
tant sum fixed by law, and depended
for tbelr profit on what they could
make by fraud and extortion. They
overcharged, brought false charges of
smuggling to extort hush-money,
seized upon property In case of dls
pute and held It until their levy was
paid, forbade the farmer to reap his
standing crops until they had wrung
irora mm ail that bis penury could
produce. They were universally fear
ed, hated, and despised, No money
known to have come from them was
received for religious uses.
Now these, who professed religion
and lived heathenism, were the great
est injury to the Cause for which
Nehemlah had come. It was against
such as these that Jesus launched the
sharpest llghtnluf of his "Woeunte
you, hypocrites," They are traitors tf
their country, their church and Jie
God. The church stands for &i high
est expression of man's life, X church
represents the permanent spiritual
Ideated It embodies the Iflftffcjf fctjthan
aspirations; a nation's beaVexprea
slon of Its religious sentlment'prQ
sents that nation at its best. Now
whosoever in the name of the church,
as a member of It does actions con
trary to Us whole spirit, Is the great
est enemy of the kingdom pf God.
Nehemlah evarcame these enemies.
He changed tbem from enemies tg
friends. He rebuked there with burn,
lng Indignation. He told them to their
face the wrong they were doing. He
persuaded them to repent and undo
the wrongs they had done: "I pray
you, let us leave off this usury. Re
store, I pray you, to them, even this
day. their lands, their vineyards, their
ollveyAds, and their houses, also the
hundredth part of the money, and ot
the corn, the wine, and the oil, tha
ye exact of them-" Then said they,
"We will restore them, and will re:
quire nothing pf (hem; so w(l we dq
as thou sayeBt." He set them a good
example, He refused to take the usual
salary of the governor. He bore alj
the expenses of bis retinue. His noble
conduct made the names of these op?
pressors Show black as the smoke of
the pit
One of the greatest powers for re
forming abuses Is publicity, Let every
man's name be on his deed, on the
work he does, on everything he says,
on all that be owns.
There Is a continual temptation to
day for Christian workers to give up
their time and strength to discussing
the many theories and unsettled ques
tions which are continually confront
ing them. All sdrt of men say all
sorts of things till It seems as if these
clouds were obscuring the whole con?
tinent of Truth, This Is true pf many
other things beside religion. Now
the way to escape from these snares
Is to attend to our duties, to go to
work for the Cause of Christ with al
our hearts, to give ourselves to belpr
lng save our fellow men, both body
and soul. For then we will use the
essentia! things by which our work !
accomplished. We thus test the work?
lng theories by using them. Those
principles that bring results are the
ones we want We find out what they
are worth through testing them by
what they will do. Working for Christ
and for bis children is our safeguard,
Nehemlah was asked to leave his
work for personal safety. This was
too base an appeal. Nehemlah Indig
nantly exclaimed, "Should such a man
as I fleer
The very baseness of the appeal
opened Nehemlah's eyes to the fact
that Shemalah was not a prophet, but
a mere tool of Sanballat bribed to en
mare him. That any one could Im
agine that he could be Influenced by
ear, touched Nehemlah's heart to the
luick. It was an Insult that the gov
jrnor could only put Into the hands of
Ind to wipe out. But In the end the
uiUi was built ....
W. W.
I Ell T:
I J F Fuext. Chairman
County Clerk
County Treasurer
Clerk District Court
Kpirlster Deeds
County Attorney
Prvbste Judve
u. cooper
Oeorire A Smith
C W Fin ley
C. R. Cctruuiuiu
i. W. Canu 11
H. H. Kiclson
J. G. Trlndle
A L Knlsely
County Superlntendant
Mary E Todd
JudeH2nd Judicial District, Hon William H.
Thompson, address, ttarden City, uLaus.
Wednesday after third Tuesday of April
Wednesday after second Monday of September
Wednesday after second Tuesday of December
Mayor Dr. R T. Nichols
A. K. Stoufer
C. Hummers
Tom Smith
J. E. George
P. A. CruiK
H W Lane
J. T. Gray
J, Karau
E. J. Thayer
Police Judge
Fargo Lodge No. 300
A. F.&A. M.
Stated communications first and
third Monday of each month.
M. H. FLOOD, W. M.
E.9.IRWIN,8ec,y. '
u . Liberal Lodge 555
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Tuesday night
at 8 o'clock. . .
E. D. COOPER, Sec'y.
Liberal Encampment 144
I. O.O. F.
Meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday night at 8 o'clock. '
Liberal Rebekah
I. O. O. F.
Meets every 1st and 3rd
Tnursday night at P
Inez Prater. N. G.
Gertrude Thlerer Sec.
Liberal Lodge 283
A. O. U. W.
Meets every 1st and 3rd Mon
day night In the Craig Building
at 8 o'clock.
J. D. LANE. M. V.
. A. W. PANKRATZ. Rec.
Liberal Chapter No. 104
Meets the second and fourth
Monday of eauh month.
Mrs. J. A. BLACK, W. M.
Mrs. CREEK, Secy.
Modern Woodmen of Amor
M. W. A.
Mppts every 1st and 3rd Mon
day nights, at each month, at
Craig Hall.
J .A. BLACK. Consul
The Royal Nieghbors of
. KM. 414.
Meets on the 2nd and 4tli
Thursdays at Craig hall.
Visiting neighbors are In
MIIS.J.R. M,VV .Orac
M1S, Lis W Id W HI),
'( it
Canton Liberal No. 22
The regular canton
meetings are held tho2nd
m'in&l ' ?W . i I
Ylk and 4lh Thursday of each
wmmt ... .
H. D. DAVIB, Capt.
Victor Hugo Lodge
No. 186
Meets every Wednes
day iiUht. Visiting
Knights are welcome'
S. L. Wright, C. C.
L. C. Chamberlain. K
S & of R.
headache, biliousness, In
digestion, rheumatism,
pimples, blotches, yellow
complexion, eta, are all
signs of poisons In your
blood. These poisons
should be driven out, or
serious jllness'may result
T9 get rid p! them, use
the old, reliable, purely
vegetable, liver medicine.
Mrs. J. H, Easier, of
Spartanburg, S. C, saysj
I had sick headache, for
years. 1 felt bad most of
the time, I tried Thed
ford's Black-Draught and
now I feel better than
when I was 18 years old."
Your druggist sells it, La
25 cent packages.
Insist on Thedfcrd's
f' S ''''' tL
For Bargains in Land Write to
Gardner & ShinklC, Liberal, Kans.
Land For Sale
Five, ten, or twenty acre tracts,
just outside the Corporation of
Liberal, Kansas, at prices and
terms that will interest you.
We will pay the highest Eip A If
market price for your WlK-MlWI
' Books
Paints, Oil, Glass
Seward County
r- r -1 fj Complete Abstracts of Title t& alH 1 ) ? ; V
v Lands and Town Lots in Sewarc Co. , ,
Oftlce in Hie Printz BulldlnK ; Fhone 3H. Liberal, Kansas
IL ! Nichols
Office on Kansas Ave., 2d Door South Taylor's Drug Store
; A. La. IvniSlCy anfJ Surgeon
Office Over P.O. Res. Phone 180. Office Phone 235
Dray and Transfer Work
, n w rsia rer rvm n 4k
Fancy 8
and Toilet i
Articles c
Abstract Go.
Not only the horses but the
Harness, If you have good
horseg it is essential that you
should have the
obtainable, and here , is the
proper place to pome for
a Horse Goods. The more
you look into this the surer
we are of sellipg you a set of

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