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"Successor to The Liberallndependent"
Vol. 5. No. 33
Liberal, Seward County, Kansas, Friday, December 15, 1911
$1.50 Per Year
, fl
Commencing Saturday, December 16th
And ; Ending Saturday, December 23rd
We are overstocked and have to much money tied up in this department
and we are going to make a sacrifice at a time when you and the children
can use an Overcoat or Cloak best. (
Men's Overcoats
Men's $ 6.50 overcoats, 9 4 8
Men's 10.00 overcoats, 7.48
Men.s 10.50 overcoats, 7.08
Men's 11.50 overcoats, 8.3
Men's 12 50 overcoats, ,, - 9 30
Men's 1.1.50 overcoats, 9.80
Men's 14.00 overcoats, 10.09
Men's 10 50 overcoats, 12 78
Men's 18.00 overcoats, 13.48,
Men's 18 50 overcoats. - 13 89
tyt&itWXt pverl&tS, 14 89
Men's -21.)bVvercoat,. , 10 98
Men's"25.iXl overcoats, v18.894
.' Boy's Overcoats
Boy's 4 2.50 overcoats, f 1.89
Boy's 3 50 overcoats, 2 89
Boy's 4 00 overcoats, , ;2.H8
Boy's 5.00 overcoats, , 3 89
Boy's 00 overcoats, ; '4.89
Boy's J.50 overcoats, ,'.5.28
Boy's 9.00 overcoats, ' 0.:t4
Boy's 10.50 overcoats, 7.9
Boy's 12.50 overcoats, " 8 98
Ladies' Suits
Ladies' 1750 Suits, . I2.49
Ladies' 20.00 Suits, 14.119
Ladies' 25.00 Suits, 10.98
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' $ 5 50 cloaks, " 3.49
Ladies' 0.00 cloaks, " 4 30
Ladies' 0.50 cloaks, 4.09
Ladies') 7.50 cloaks, 5 09
Ladies' 8 00 cloaks, '"" 5.49
Ladies' 9 00 cloaks, 0.29
Lad res'. .10. 00 c(oaks, ' 0.98
Ladies' 10.50 cloaks, 7.48
Ladies' 11.50 cloaks, 7.98
Ladies' 12 JH cloaks, ' 8.39
Ladies' 12.50 cloaks, ' 8.09
Ladies' 13 50 cloaks, 9.48
Ladies' 15 00 cloaks, 9.98
Ladies' 10.50 cloaks, 11 48
Ladles' 17.50 cloaks, '13.48
Ladies' 20.00 cloaks, Hofi
Ladies' 22.50 cloaks, 10.49
Ladles' 2.5. no cloaks, 18 89
Misses' and Children's
M kst'.s'
M I saps'
M Uses'
M issV
M Isses'
and Children'
and Children'
and Children1
and Children'
and Children1
and Children'
and Children'
and Children'
and Children'
and Children'
and Children'
ami Children'
and Children'
and Children'
and Children
and Children
si 1.75
's 1C0
s 2.H)
ft 3.00
's 3.50
' 4.IX)
's .3
's i.W
' .Y50
' u.no
' turn
's 7.IK1
's O.liO
's H.W
S 1 2.I1U
' it;'
's 13.30
r A Pk
W tA
". " v A
-, i '
1 fi
1 a
Everything in Overcoats, Cloaks and Ladies Suits will be sold absolutely
as advertised. Cut out price lists and bring them with you.
Docket Heavy With Divorce
The regular full term of the
District Court convened here
Wednesday morning. The fore
noon was occupied with the calling
of the cases. After calling sever
al divorce cases. Judge Thompson
made some comment on the num
Ibar. A little later several more
divorces were called, find in each
case Judge J. W. Campbell was
named as the attorney for the
plaintiff. J uige Thompson look
ed over his glasses and remarked;
"Mr. Campbell, I can understand
now, why it is that yon have nev
er married." A laugh went
around the court room, and At
torney V. H. Grinstead commcnt
e i; "Well, it must be Mr. Camp
bells fault. He has the first
chance at the grass windows."
Court was soon restored to order,
and the routine work began.
In the case of Conigsky vs A.
A. Farmer, the plaintiff was giv
en judgment for $100, and inter
est, the costs being assessed to
the defendant.
Olive Smith was granted a di
vorce from Clarence Smith on the
ground of gross neglect of duty.
The costs were assessed to the
The divorce suit of Daniel Per
ry vs Lucinda Perry was continued
for further evidence.
S. L. Mangham was granted a
divorce from Virjril Mangham on
the ground of abandonment. The
care and custody of the minor
child Lulu, was given to the moth
er. The costs were assessed to
the plaintiff.
Blanche Evans was granted a
divorce from Rutherford B, Evans
on the ground of neglect of duty
and drunkenness' The costs are
to be paid by the plaintiff.
Ilattie Spencer was granted a
divorce from D. A. Spencer on
the ground of neglect of duty.
The plaintiff was awarded the care
and custody of the two boys,
Clarence and Arthur, and it was
decreed her to be the owner in her
own right of several lots in Ty
rone, Okla.
S. II. McCamant and Leonard
Matthews confessed judgement on
the Stevenson bond and judge
ment was awarded against them
tor $1,020 costs. The amount of
the bond, when paid, will go to
the county school fund.
(Continued on page 7)
John Kelly, of Hjgoton was
here Wednesday on business.
Ultimately, you will go to
Jarrett's to do your holiday &hop
ping, so why not do it today?
Liberal Woman's Club.
The Liberal Woman's Club was
delightfully entertained Tuesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Charles E. Pratt. The regular
program was given after which
light refreshments were served by
the hostess who was assisted by
Mrs. W. O. Woods ahd Mrs. T.
F. Hopkins. The Woman's Club
has now entirely paid for their
property on West Second Street
and contemplates some improve
ments on the residence in the near
future. The invited guests were
Mrs. A. L. Knisely, Mrs. T. J.
Smith, Mrs. T. F. Hopkins and
her mother, Mrs. F. 0. Kindom
and Mrs. Deano Samson.
For Sale
For sale A folding go-cart and
an Arlington sewing machine. In
quire of Mrs. A. L. Knisely,
Eastern Star Election
The regular annual election of
officers of the Eastern Star occur
red Monday night. Miss Kate
Wright was elected Worthy Ma
tron, Will Rezeau Worthy Patron.
Mrs. F. G. Boles Associate Ma
tron, Mrs. A. L. Knisely Conduc
tress, Mrs. D. A. Henry Associate
Conductress, Mrs. V. H. Grin
stead Secretary and Mrs. E. J.
Thayer Treasurer. The Eastern
Star and the Masonic Order will
hold public installation of officers
Tuesday evening. The Masons do
not select their new officers until
Monday evening. The place at
which the installation is to be
held has not yet been decided upon.
New Dry Goods Store
The new Blake Bros., dry goods
store opened its doors for business
the first of the week, in the Tuck
er building. Their new stock is
tastily arranged and their windows
are indeed attractive. The firm
comes to Liberal well recommend
ed and will probably do a nice
business here. The Democrat
welcomes the new people to the
business fraternity of the town.
Work on the new store build
ing, north of the Natienal Hotel,
which is being constructed tor the
bm ef Beyer & Gray, is progres
sing rapidly. Tho window frames
were set the first of the week and
the brick wall are about half wa
up and it is expected that tlfe
building will be enclosed by the
first of tho year.
J. A. McMullen of Bartlesyille",
Okla., is Here this week looting
after a case in the District Court.
Where are you going when you
What do yon stand for now?
It is the character you build
here, that will count hereafter.
Join one of the Men's Bible class
es, and learn more about this
Come next Sunday morning to the
Presbyterian church at 9:45. You
will want to come again.
Took Special Prize in The
Contest This Week
In the count of the votes Wed
nesday afternoon, the judges were
surprised to see Miss Vanda Cross
take a big lead, and win the spec
ial prize, a beautiful leather hand
bag. The color of the votes will
change on January 1, 1912. See
another page in this paper for the
special Christmas prizes, and the
rules governing award of same.
At the count Wednesday the
standing was as follows:
Maude Saunders ltil,2it0
Vanda Cross 89,4:15
Susie Ellsaesser fi0,0!0
Ethel flantla Su.SiK
Clara Chlldears " 3(U50
Mrs. S. R. McCamant 28,.'il0
Amy Dowlas 24.0.10
8'reda Harris 18."1!0
Opal .'ennlson U.IW5
Ida Hayes 8,tH0
Rena Booher u,:ioo
Laura Wood e.uso
Kulah Stamper 0,440
Ruby Hamilton 0,21)0
Jennie Karau 0,040
Mary Akers fi.340
Grace (Jleasen 5.550
Vlvla.lone8 6,960
Resale Odncal 4.400
Clara Wt ods 3.70
Alene Clearman 4,300
Minnie Swlnk .7,650
Gertrude Carpenter 4,010
AnnaVauRhn ... 8,210
tlott Briley 2,280
Miss Brier ,7,880
Miss Bryant 4,410
Gertrude Andrews 3,040
Elsie Montgomery 5,360
Hessa Print. 3,210
Mae Gainson 2,340
Elma Wilson 1,860
Minnie McOold 3,370
Miss Sinclair ))
Sarat) Lane , 6,610
AudriGerkin O ' l.dito
iVrchie Fields 7,oiW
lit. Kaon VViHtJnsf ; , ' 3,VM
ftlaml WartenbcW, - 3.570
Carrie Ied ' 4,070'.
Lottie Flnley s 4,0.(0
Miss Lett. RIkmIhs ' 1.23ft
Eldeara Iil(,'ties 3.17(1
Sarah Thompson 4,050
Gladys Lontf 1,380
Emma RagsdalH 1.250
UtIM MCLrl,J " 1,230
Flossie May 2, loo
Mav Anderson v 2.000
Ida Wlllielm , 3.360
Marlon Wilson ' ' 1,010
Jessie Jordan 1,100
Dorothy Stall , 1,540
Jessie Brandnm 1,150
Kate Wrliiht .... 2.880
May Clifford 1,020
Dot West 1,020
Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
V r-atarX? itttC wm ...
roil Tovii
fi S
'MrL toYouii own
;'i 'jjMK'Ziii
CREATE OR CRUMBLE Every man should create
a foundation for success before old age crumbles his
earning powers. A small saving account started to
day, NOW, will start you on the road to indepen
dence. The farther you travel on this road the less
you will wish to turn aside.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank.
Deposits Guaranteed by the Guaranty Fund of the
State of Kansas
Liberal, Kansas

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