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The Liberal Democra
(Successor to The Independent)
Th Saward County PublUhinf Company
Editor and Publisher.
Published every Friday morning
at Liberal, Seward County, Kans,
Entered as second-class Diatu-r January il,
Ittll. at the Dost ofllce at Literal, Kansas
under the Act of .March 3, I87.
"There's so much good In the worst
of us, and there's so much bad In the
best of us, that it doesn't behoove any
of us to speak 111 of the rest of us.
Stubbs' Cases Fail
As usual, the final disposition of
the liquor prosecutions in Chero
kee county, has been very quietly
made by the present republican
administration. A few months
ago, Stubbs threatened to turn the
entire state up side down, when
the attorney general hesitated
about prosecuting the alleged
booze joints in Cherokee county.
The newspapers took that dope for
the real thing and Stubbs got
away with bis play in front of
the grandstand. Special assist
ants from the office of the attor
ney general tiled the cases and
drew the easy money from the
state. Then the cases were all
dismissed and the tax payers of
Kansas are holding the sack for
another of Stubbs' famous spot
light acts. Yet, soma have even
been so incautious as to ask why
taxes have increased 100 percent
in the Stubbs administration.
The outcome of the present cam
paign for the election of a Member
of Congress from this district,
will be anxiously watched by
every state in the union. While
'the evidence may not be conclu
sive, yet it will certainly indicate
a gain in the strength of democ
racy in the middle west, and the
turning of a big republican dis
trict into a democratic one. This
is indeed a rare opportunity for
the democrats of the Seventh Dis
trict to deliver this district to the
party. The republican nominee,
known for years as a s andpatter
by reputation and association, be
gan to court the insurgents as
soon as he was nominated. In this
campaign he is endeavoring to
carry water on both shoulders,
and it is pretty certain some of it
will be spilled before' election
There is only one chance for the
Democrats to lose this election
and that is by staying away from
the polls on January 9, This is
indeed an excellent chance for an
easy victory and every Democrat
in the district should make up his
mind to vote and then do it.
For Rent
Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping for rent. Inquire of
Mrs. Buckland -Sherman
On the order of the Council,
the ordinance regarding spitting
on sidewalks will be rigidly en
orced. J. T, Gray. Marshall.
For Sale '
By the owner twenty-four lots
in block live of the Terwilliger
addition. Will sell cheap. In
quire at the Liberal Democrat.
A Newsboy's Contribution
''Here's a penny for the Anti
Tuberculosis League," said a little
newsboy, stepping up to the visit
ing nurse of a western league, who
was selling the Red Cross Christ
mas seals in one of the moving
picture thoitres.
"Here, tnke one of the seals,"
said the nurse, as the boy dropped
the penny in front of her.
"Aw, I ain't got no use for de
seal, but I wants to give youse de
penny 'cause youse did so much
for me mudder," replied the lad,
running away before he could be
questioned further.
We are still headquarters for
pictures and for picture framing.
Come in and get your pictures
framed before the rush.
F. K. Sutton,
LESSON TEXT Malaehl 3:1-4:1
GOLDEN TEXT 1. "Return unto me,
and I will return unto you, sailh the
Lord of hosts." Mai. 3:7.
2. "Unto you Is born thla day In th
city of David a Savior, which U Christ
the Lord. "-Luke 2:11.
TIME Some time during the atre of
Ezra and Nehemiah, but It Is not certain
whether about 458 (Ezra) or 444 or 430.
PLACE Jerusalem and vicinity.
blades at Athens. The Peloponneslan
war (431-404). The republic at Rome. gv
erned by consuls and military tribunes.
About this time Socrates was teaching
the only approach to a pure morality
which Athens ever Rnew. Herodotus was
nearly through his travels (4S4-40O). Plato,
the philosopher (430-300). was now a boy,
listening to Socrates. Xenophon (444-354)
leads the retreat of the ten thousand
back to Greece (400), which retreat he
has Immortalized In his Anabasis.
There la no certainty as to the
definite time when -Malaehl uttered
his prophecies, because no data Is
given In the book, and the sins which
he sought to reform were present
throughout the whole period of Ezra
and Nehemiah, from 458 through the
rest of the century. Most place hlra
soon after Nehemiah's second coining
to Jerusalem, between 433 and 430.
He is plain spoken, and direct, with
out high eloquence, or supreme poetic
power, but abounding in effective
similes, metaphors and Imagery which
hit the mark, and do the work. What
a London paper says of a distin
guished man's straightforward
speeches applies well to the sermons
of Malaehl: - "A sound and healthy
gospel doubly welcome because 'the
world Is waking to the consciousness
of intellectual and moral hunger
which only these truths can satisfy.' "
If we read the later- chapters of
Nehemiah and compare the sinB and
evils which Nehemiah labored to re
form, with the sins and -evils which
Malaehl denounces, it will be seen
that both are laboring for the same
ends, and realize the same necessity
of reform. God was dishonored, and
religion made a mere form and farce,
by offering mean things for sacrifices,
as polluted bread, and lame and sick
animals, by refusing to do the sim
plest service In the temple without
pay, by refusing to pay tithes for the
support of the temple worship, by
being weary of , serving the Lord, by
intermarrying with the heathen. In
all these things they broke the di
vine law; they showed that their
minds were all wrong.
One of the peculiar glories of the
Bible is that from the very beginning
Its golden age Is in the future, not, aa
In other ancient nations, In the past.
And as the golden age must have a
maker, God's revelation soon brings
into view the one, the Messiah who
alone can make the age 'of gold which
Is the Kingdom of Heaven. Isaiah
tells us that "unto us a child Is born,
unto us a son is given; and the gov
ernment shall be upon his shoulder;
and his name shall be called Wonder
ful Counsellor, the mighty God, the
everlasting Father, the Prince of
In the last book of the Old Testa
ment, about 400 years before Christ
was born, the last prophet brings the
hope and Ideal and goal in the person
of the Messiah, Christ, the Jesus who
wag born on the true Christmas day.
Behold I, God, will send my messen
ger, one coming In God's name, and
bearing a divine message, whose
work shall be to prepare the way be
fore me, the coming of God himself.
This messenger, Interpreted by our
Lord himself on two occasions, was
one who should come In the spirit
and power of Elijah, doing the same
work, rebuking sin, denouncing all
wrongs, calling men to repentance,
awakening the consclonce.
It Is nosslhle that thenn wnrda had
a partial fulfilment In . Nehemiah, a
foreshadowing on a smaller scale, of
John the Baptist who completely ful
filled the prophecy. Nehemiah's re
forms were a part of the preparation
for the coming of the Kingdom of
Heaven, and fixed the eyes of the
people on the great Ideal toward
which they were slowly moving.
Snpone we make two maps of the
world on the plan furnished by the
United States census to show the de
gree In which Ignorance, certain dis
eases, and many other things prevail,
by means of hifc'uor and darker
shades. On one map we will note the
countries where the purest Christian
ity prevails, by white. A darker shade
will mark the more Imperfect forms,
and then let the shades grow darker
and darker through Mohammedanism,
and the various forms of heathenism
till we come to the blackness of the
lowest fetishism.
Then, with entire- Independence,
make a similar map of the moral and
Intellectual condition of men. Where
there Is the most manhood, the no
blest womanhood, the highest moral
ity, the best social conditions, the
most done for the sick and suffering,
the most of all that elevates the peo
ple, and brings the greatest happiness
these put in white. Darken the
shades as these things grow less, till
we come to the blackness of the low
est savagery. The two maps will al
most coincide. Where there is the
most Christianity there will be the
most that Is good for man.
Of Hutchinson,
Democratic Candidate for Congress
Seventh District.
If elected, I pledge my whole en
deavor to enact into law the follow
ing declaration, of principles:
1st. A Presidential Primary.
2nd. The Initiative and referen
;ird. A national income and inherit
ance tax.
4th. A law providing for the re
call of all unfaithful public olllclals.
5th. The election of United States
Senators by direct vote of the people.
tith. An Immediate revision of the
tarill downward, and the placing of
all trust made-goods on the free list.
7th. The regulation of public ser
vice and other corporations by the
state and nation, and a strict law
prohibiting over-capitalization of the
same, providing both tine and 1m
prlsonment for the violation thereof
8th. Increasing the powers of the
interstate commerce commission so
that they shall have Jurisdiction over
all Interstate business, including ex
press, telephone and telegraph companies.
Nth. Amending the long and short
haul clause of the Hepburn bill so
that the common carrier may not
charge, a higher rate for the short
haul than for the long haul in the
same direction thereby retaining the
discrimination against the jobbing
centers of the Seventh district.
10th. I believe In the further
weeding out of useless ollicials wli.o
are parasites upon the body politic;
cutting out every graft and reducing
the expense of the administration of
affairs so that every employee will
give a "dollar of service for every dol-
ar of pay.
11. 1 believe In the further exten-
tlon of rural deliveries, and of furth
er federal aid to Agriculture, good
roads and irrigation In this district.
12. The government of the United
States owes a sacred duty to its de
fenders, add I believe each soldier of
the Union army Is entitled to a pen
sion of one dollar per day during the
balance of his lite.
Respectfully submitted,
Good Thing to Eat.
Fresh ever.? day-
Apple pies each 15c
Peach pies " 13c
Apricot pies " loc
Mince pies " 15c
Gooseberry pies " 15c
Chocolate layer cakes " 30c
'Uocoanut " " " 30c
Caramel " " " 30c
Angel food 20c
, Jelly roll 10c
Drop cakes per dozen 10c
Cookies, lemon vanilla, ginger or
molasses per dozen 10c
Bread, per loaf ' 5c
Bread checks 6 for 25c
Rolls per dozen 10c
Doughnuts " " 10c
Cinamon Rolls " " 10c
hone 63 Free delivery to all
parts of the city starts at 11 a. in.
and 5 p. m.
For Rent
A good farm, near Liberal, well
uiproved 160 acres.
11-24 -It Ellsaesser& Henry
$100.00 Reward.
I will pay the above reward for
the arrest and conviction of any
person or persons illegally hand
ing, driving off and disposing of
or butchering any of my stock.
C. M. Light,
Liberal, Kansa .
Dissolution Notice
McCamant & Mathews of the
City Meat Market have dissolved
partnership. Mr. McCamant tak
ing the entire business, and all ac
counts are payable to the under-
County Clerk
County Treasurer .
Clerk Dlstrlrt Court
ItetfWter I eda
Uunty Attorney
I'ri-tiate Judge
County Suix-rlnteiulant
.1 K r'uest. Chairman
1.1 K Fuest.Chal
VV. W. Antrim
I Ell Taylor
K. !. Coouer
Geoive A Hmlth
F. S Irwin
C W Klnley
C. It. Common-)
J. W. CumilieU
. n. H. Kldson
f. O. Trimlle
A L Kiilaely
Man- KTixld
.fud(tc32nl Judicial District, Hon William II.
inooinson, address, harden City, Kans.
Wednesday after third Tuesday al Aurll
Wednesday aftr second Monday of Seutember
Wednesday aftersecond Tuesday ot December
Mayor Dr. R T. Nichols
A. Iv. Stoufer
I C. Summers
Councllmen Tom Smith
.1. E. Oeorice
I P. A. Craig
Police Judire H W Lane
Marshal J. T. Gray
Clerk J, Karau
Treasurer E.J. Thayer
Fargo Lodge No. 300
A. F. & A. M.
Stated communications first and
third Monday or each month.
M. H. FLOOD. W. M.
E. 8. IRWIN, See'y.
Liberal Lodge 555
a o. a f.
Meets every Tnesday nlirht
at 8 o'clock.
E. D. COOPER. Sec'y.
Liberal Encampment 144
I. O. O. F.
Meets every 2nd and 4th
Thursday nlirht at 8 o'clock.
FRANK ONH Scrlls-.
Liberal Rebekah
Lodge 522
I. O. p. F.
Meets every 1st and llrrl
Tuursday night at 8
Inez Prater. N. O.
Gertrude Thicrer Sec.
Liberal Lodge 283
A. O. XT. W.
Meets every 1st and 3rd Mon
day nk'hl In the Craig lliiildlug
at 8 o'clock.
J. I). LANE. M. W.
Liberal Chapter No. 104
Meets the second and fourth
Monday of each month.
Mrs. .1. A. BLACK. W. M.
Mrs. CHEEK. Secy.
Modern Woodmen of Amer
ica M. W. A.
Meets every 1st and 3rd Mon
day nights of each month, at
Craig Hall.
J .A. BLACK. Consul
For Bargains in Land Write to
Gardner & Shinklc, Liberal, , Kans.
Land For Sale
Five, ten, or twenty acre tracts,
just outside the Corporation of
Liberal, Kansas, at prices and
terms that will interest you.
f If L 1 . mm mm n mn
mainv. JJl ivb vl J uui
n ni iti "WimI Miuti1 "NiiY ' MiiT num' 'liw' 'mM' '"i ''nam1 mil
Seward County t
Complete Abstracts of Title to all
Lands and Town Lots in Seward Co.
X Office in the Printz Huilding Flume 314. Liberal, Kansas
The Royal Nieghbori of
SHORT (iUASS 1,01)1. 15
NO. 42."4.
Meets on the 3nd and 4th
Til il I. v lays a Cralu hull.
Visiting neirllini'sui-o In
v let
MRS. .I.E. MANX .Orac
Canton Liberal No. 22
The recular canlon
nieetlnirs are held the 2nd
R-TjMnl4tJ Thursday of iMM-h
II. T). DAVIS.Capt.
Victor Hugo Lodge
No. 186
K. P.
Meets every Wednes
day nlirht. Vlsitluir
Knlithtsare welcome'
S. L. Wrlitht. C. C.
L. C. Chamlierlain. K.
8 & of R.
headache, biliousness, In
digestion, rheumatism,
pimples, blotches, yellow
complexion, ' etc., are all
signs of poisons In your
blood. These poisons
should be driven out, or
serious illness may result
To get rid of them, use
the old, reliable, purely
vegetable, liver medicine.
' Mrs. J. H. Easier, of
Spartanburg, S. C, says:
" 1 had sick headache, for
years. I felt bad most of
the time, I iried Thed
ford's Black-Draught and
now I feel better than
when I was 16 years old."
Your druggist sells it, in
25 cent packages.
Insist on Thedfortfs
Office on Kansas Ave., 2d Door South Taylor's Drug Store
I Of fice Over P. O. Res. Phone 180. Office Phone 235
Dray and Transfer Work
APPLES $1.25
Idaho Potatoes and Cabbage at
Right Prices
gj we maise anytning
you want
that can be made
out of
Sheet Metal
Specialty on E 2nd St
If you want to keep abreast of Times on all the Important
Topics of the Day
S. R. McCamant.

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