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of the mobilization orders. We first
By Frank E. Maion
, BERLIN, Feb. 3. German spies j secured wind of it by agents in Pctro
making up that vague, mysterious ' 8d reporting the removal of large
army credited with spreading bombs, ! BUms of money from a Petrograd
flu, poison and propaganda in Allied j banl to the Dresdner bank in Berlin,
hands, kept the home sector on the They could find no business trans
alert until the armistice. - Even now actios behind the money payments,
the newspapers occasionally report Investigations disclosed that at stat
German spies or their ghosts stalking ed intervals the colonel came to Ber
through the land perpetrating fearful . ln under an assumed name and drew
A high German officer, for many
years an influential leader in the
General Staff, in an exclusive inter
view with the International News
Service, pulls aside the curtain re
vealing Germany's peace lime army
of military spies in France. Shadows
from this account.
"A few days later a committee of
three German and Austrian officers
visited the colonel in his apartment
in Prague. He broke down and con
fessed and explained how the Rub-!
treason after which he had accepted
the money and continued in their
Rev. A. E. Henry asks us to say
that while Helen has scarlet fever he
is quarantined out and is in no way
The Seward county branch of the in contact with it. All the regular
National Defense League of Kansas services of the church will go forward
was not organized Wednesday, as ' as usual.
was expected.
Johnny Allen made a good talk and
told how Townley manipulated the
machinery of the state government
and proved his alliance with the so
cialist party in manner which should
have been convincing xto any- open
minded person.
However, the crowd, email at the
start,, kept leaving, until when the
talk was finished, but a handful re
mained, and no attempt was made to
Those who went from Liberal to
the meeting at Salina, and attended
Townley's meeting, realize the grav
ity of the situation, and felt that
something should be done to stop
Townley in Kansas. The meeting
was called and it was the intention
to lay the matter before the farmers
and let them decide for themselves
whether or not they wished to organ
ize and backfire against the Townley
service. The senior officer informed j invasion.
They did not come out in suf fi-
cient numbers or show sufficient in
terest to get the organization started,
cant hv rliafnnt: licrht. silhouette H
giants the tiniest of men. As the light the colonel that he would be given
falls on the giant shadow of the Ger- fifteen minutes to arrange his f-
I fairs. Whether-one of the officers
France the shadow fades and one , handed the old colonel a pistol as go thepe js n0 or(tanization and likely i "om the hospital
finds scattered here-and there wee he walked alone into the next room ; tfc wi be none unles9 another R.,N
pigmies of men, revealing in their y 1 start is made.
Mrs. Fred Grimsley and baby and
Miss Sarah Snow spent Saturday ev
ening and Sunday with Mrs. I. H.
Howard Pennington, wife and baby
took dinner at Harry Thompson's last
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Condit went
to their ranch in Oklahomn Friday.
Mrs. Swan visited at Mrs. Guy
Lowers Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bide Pennington of
Liberal, have a baby girl at their
home now Mabel Elizabeth. '
Mr. Bluin and Roy Lockhard, and
Miss Jessup took dinner with Miss
June Erlewine Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hary Dodd visited
at Mondo Pennington's Sunday.
Mrs. S. E. Dodd spent Friday with
her daughter, Mrs. Lee Erlewine.
Mrs G. S. Erlewine attended the
Ladies Aid Thursday. '
Mr. Harding has been suffering
with severe pains in his hend.
Lester Young has returned home
I . . a 1 1 m 1 1
nakpdness. human vice and was the sound oi a snoi. i ne co.oi.ei
frailty. ihad with his own hand carried out
. . i the penalty for traitors,
Spy Stone Popular. ! ; ..,,.
The spy story was a popular plot,Ku,,la r,d We"'
for mazagine fiction during the war. "The reason I am tclling-you this,
The German spy, according to the i and whit wasespecially interesting
author was usually soulless, a devil, to the. German General Staff, is the
incarnate, but leading' a dashing life , liberality with which the Russian es
of picturesque adventure. A glance pionage system paid their agents,
behind ahe scenes shows more fre- An examination of the bank trans
quently a weak and shivering soul, actions of the dead colonel establish
. living in ugly sordidneBs, experienc-1 ed that the Russian Government had
ing none of the devil-may-care thrills ! paid this one agent alone in the series
of the magazine villain. of years he had been in their service
Herr von-von (the name and rank of 600,000 marks. That was
of the" officer must be withheld for amount the German Reichstag
the German military cast still has its
The expense of the hall and the
Miss Mary Farmer, a journalism
advertising will be borne by trie student at Kansas University, repre
three men who gave their time to go sente(j the gchool before the state leg.
Salina to get the information, and jaature in behalf of dormitories at
the matter will be dropped.
the college. In a letter to her father
gave the German Army to conduct
M:i;t..t. lnf nii;avia fni an pn.
methods such as ostracism to punish """ "
officers who incur its displeasure)
was in the military intelligence sec
tion of the General Staff when the
war broke out.
"The reason for this is that it would j A. A. Farmer, Mary says the legis
be no use to have an organization lators are the hardest-headed bunch
of business men go against Townley. ghe has had the misfortune to meet.
Most business men know what the She expresses herself enthused over
deal is, and would be glad to spend over being a representative and says
their money to save the state from ' ghe has a notion to become a candi
ruin, but it would help Townley just . date when she returns from college,
that much, for his great plea is that i She could no doubt get the nomina
the business interests are fighting . tion easily enough and might mnke a
him. The business men are posted good race for the place,
on his plan, but the farmers are not, The Democrat would certainly be
and It was planned to give them the for her.
information and let them do as they ; , ,
tire year; not for one country, but
: 1 I ' 1 J II
me entire worm service. . ,i,..
. . , .. . . I The writer was one of the tinee
The Germans changed their system 1,11 ( . wn
during the war. Money for the work . K fa""a- " j C. A. Hunter, traveling freight
wn. mm nW.if,.l and there was no lroad lare ana noiei o" , for the Chi(.He0 RocU Island
"How many thousands of agents to out the pat5ent plnn. gave two days of our time to the trip. . Papinc railway compnny wn8 a Lib-
did Germany have in France in peace necessary to the opening of I We have n interest at stake, other
time?" the correspondent asked him. B0urce8 of 5nformation of the quaiity .than promoting a healthy condition m rf the M y and it pa.
"Thousands?" Herr von-von gave TVio rpaiilfwna that aorents be-1 ansas- vve uo m.t
v' rv t ..nHnu Tnnmlavttinl 1 11(1 UP
a sharpe look a.-, though he were camg more numerousnd their value
afraid of falling into the trap of an- ... fl(..or(iim.iv.
other American joke. "Thousands?
How on earth could you expect us to
1 use a thousand agents in France?
r- How could you keep the employed?"
"One of America's most popular
-- weekly magazine's published an arti
One Wild Rumor.
Germany's knowledge of the secret
methods of her own spy service did
not prevent her from falling a victim
to the unknown terrors conjured in
her own mind of the dangers from
cle three years ago which showed how Fnncx and Rv,ssian agent8i
Germany had planted isu.uuu Bpies in .. . . of moDilization in
a family under Townfeyism-nnd we . mRny
won t, we naa rnncr improvements in freight service and
of Kansas, but ,f he has to come, we Mr fa 1mportant
can leave, and that is just what we tQwng be to
expect to do. handle the business.
After reading a list of the books ,
in the circulating libraries of North DOINGS. OF "BLUE BELL'S COM
Dakota, after learning how he is us-1 MUNITY CLUB"
ing every endeavor to put social- -
istic and anarchistic literature in the , The Blue Bell Community Club
I -Mm- THk 1
jualtty Keguiates
' Prices the World
Prices of food stuffs, along with other com
modities, have taken a. drop from pre-war
prices. This is a fact we know, but the bet-1
i ter grades show a much smaller decline I
I than the ordinary stuff, and in consequence
1 of that fact we do not feel justified in meet-
1 ing the cut prices of our competitors, for
I the simple reason we do not use ordinary
1 food stuffs of any description in our cafe. 1
This fact should appeal to the average per-
1 son of even ordinary intelligence for the!
I simple reason it is pretty poor business to
I cheat the best friend man or woman ever 1
I had their stomach. If you doubt 'this
I your doctor could explain .to you that fifty
per cent of your ills are caused from eating
I inferior, poorly prepared food.
So, when the pi'ddlm of the prunes.
The biicon and (he hum,
Hit dear old Liberal for a feed,
Why should they eare a d - in?
I For at the Sanford New Cafe
1 You will find good things to cat,
I And considering quality and service
Their prices can't he beat.
The best of eats are none loo good,
When you've worked bard all day,
So treat your stomach on the square,
I You'll find that it will pay.
1 You will -lie free from all kind of ills,
I know this to be true,
You'll love your neighbor as yourself,
Anl poor old cookey loo.
I So, when you're feeling on the blink
I And want .something good to eat,
The quality is always here,
I ' And I lie I'vicrx Can't be Beat.
j New Sanford Cafe
northern France before 1914'nnd told r.ermanv manv a rumor gave the de-' schools, we want none of it, and held its third meting at Blue Bell
. ,j i. Germany many a rumor gave me uc- Wnre we .ntir.nl hnn on WMv niaht .Tanu-
now tnese a cents were onranizeu iu i ,,t.K;i0 .1,00 tnno. , " v- - 01
cooperate with the German Army port5ng French gold straight across
when war should wcur. Germany from France to Russia.
"Why, even the Russian Czar , In tne excitement of the first days
couldn't have supported an espion- ' the Generaj staf f believed the rumor
age system of those dimensions. We and isgued Btrict orders that every
had sufficient difficulty getting automobile chpuld be stopped by
enough money from the Reichstag to a. As there was a guard about
keep up the work at all. j evcry miie or tw0t ;t meant holding
"The article stated that the Ger- up and seriousiy delaying the auto
man agents were badly paid," the mobje eourjers speeding over the
correspondent replied. ' ! country with mobilization orders. An
....One Hundred Splea. 1 f fiPPr who was shot at five times in
"The truth is we had about one getting to the post to which he. had
- - getting w uie ijbi- i uu uc. iu . iiv.t
hunted military agents in France been assigned estimates that the Ger-! ers decide they want to fight
when the. war commenced, siaiea man gtaff,g gullibility in believing
.the officer. "Our maxim was quality, guch a yurn deiayed the mobilization
not quantity. The popular theory of gt ,eaf.t twenty.f 0Ur hours,
using waiters,- dancers, porters and ; Another testimonial to the reality
the like ia the creation of the brains of Germany.g spy phobia is the wife
of novelists. . of a prominent business man in Ber-
"Even an ordinary lieutenant or ,jn Born jn Engiand and a German
captain in the foreign army was of by marriage, she was arrested during
no value. It was our practise, and, the fin)t weeijS 0f be war charged
as we proved by exposures, the prac- wJth being B gpy Again the charge
tise of the French to seek only the wag ri(jcl1i0us; she was imprisioned
highest officers as agents. A chief of , only a gh jrt timC) but when she came
staff or a general who could give us j out her bhjr wag wbite. She refused
mobilization plans was of some value. . dj . -a tl.;ri gut to the pros-
would submit to it. ary 28th. The meting was cnlled to
We have asked the farmers of order by our president, Mr. Wade
Seward county to come in and get Zimmerman, and the following pro
some of the literature, giving the gram was caricd out.
facts of Townleyism, but we have Song, America, by the audience,
not yet had a request for any of it. I Reading of the Clubs constitution
Therefore, we have concluded that and by-laws. -the
farmers are not interested and Adoption of the same, with a few
that we are backing a proposition in slight changes,
which they do not care to have a . The object of our Blue Bell Com
nart munity club shal be to conduct pub-
As far as we are concerned, the lie meetings once a montn, ior rne wen. and it was enjoyed by all.
incident is closed. Any time the presentation and open discusion 01 Song by the school girls was good
projects for community improve
ment, and to cary. out such projects
successful completion.
Rending of the minutes by our
secretary, A. D. Shafford.
Report of special committees.
Report of standing committees.
Treasurer's report.
Unfinished business.
Appointment of committees.
New business Special program.
Reading, "Pillow Fights," by Miss
Gertrude Mahan, was greatly appre
ciated, and she responded with an
other, "Getting Ready For School."
Dialogue, "Paddy's Letter," by Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Ferguson, was' acted
Reading, "The Inventor's Wife,"
by Mrs. Roy Ferguson, received great
General discussion.
Adjournment and eats, which con
sisted of sandwiches, pie, cake and
hot coffee, after which all departed
for their homes, having spent a very
enjoyable evening together.
Our club's membership now con
sists of forty-two members, and we
are expecting more to join at our
next meeting night, which will be
Friday night, February 25th, 1921.
To all who are Interested in our
work we extend a cordial invitation
to come and met with us, and spend
a social evening.
But a captain in the other army who ecutoI ...
ould only report that 'regiment so- .
and-so did close order ami ior inree
hours this morning' was worthless.
A Typical Cae.
The continental espionage system
verity in
attempting to
Townley they will find us ready and
willing to go the limit for the puonc
good, but we feel that it would be a
waste of time to go further at this
What the other members of the
trio think, is another matter. We
are giving our views of the case as
we see it ,
(By International Newa Service)
LONDON, Feb. 3. "Radiant"
stockings announced from Paris have
not yet startled promenaders in Lon-
The ci (; ..-nt;il py system seem don, thougn lootwear xasnions vi w
to depei 1 ;.icfly on the services of -.moment in England could by no
traitorf, r.-it on the resourcefulness ; means be called conservative in con
ception and design.
One of the mildest designs is the
and sane frofd of picturesque story-
used bv both the French and Russians ' . ,
tirnoa AvnrifP find creed stim-
is typified by the case of an Austrian uate the gervice not fervid patriot-: spider and fly design, the web, in deli-
colonel in frague. This coionei was
chief of staff of the Austrian Army"
division which had headquarters In jju JITSU EXPERT
Prague, He was one-of .about three ; WHIPS BOLD BANDIT
or four officers who knew the secret
7 mohilizations tilans of his corps which SISTERSVILLE, W. V,a., Feb.3.
i.i. .nma of his corns, which Along a lonely road Leon H. Fleming
included some' of the German divis- local plumbing contractor and for- f ered to y,e p.ossamer stockings!
mi a. 1:.. :.-.. nHt:0f of a vnnntr man ' . . , , HHi.
cate silk tracery, is designed o come
just above the strap of an ankle-band
shoe. Bird's, wreaths of. flowers and
fruit, animals and swastika signs,
which, appearing on milady's veil,
used to have the effect of decorating
the tip of her nose have been trans-
- !na n emitfiem Saxonv. These secret . mer jiu jitsu artist, met a young man
1 orders stated exactly where each equipped with a revolver, an auto
unit of troops was to go in case of matic rifle and a trifle shaky nerve,
war against Russia. Obviously the "Throw up your hands," demanded
Russians were very anxious to secure the bandit pressing a revolver against
this information. Fleming's side.
The colonel had some very un- Instead of complying Fleming
fortunate personal habits, a total grappled with and disarmed the high-
l : lack of morals, rather abnormal, of wayman and made him waif down the
such" a nature as to ruin him among road a short distance.
.his officer comrades were the. facts . Fleming then emptied the gasoline
" to become known. In gome manner or out of the bandit's auto and let the
V-otKer, never brought to light, the air out of his tires. ,
' f cni... lo.m.i f ffc. nlonal'a sec-' Than Flemintr came to Slstersville
A sVim golden or silver anklet,
worked in the silk of the stocking,
is one idea which gives an Eastern
effect to an otherwise Western toilet.
Tiny sprigs of old-fashioned flow
ers worked in the correct colors on
the front of a pair of stockings were
seen in wear in Bond street.
Can you find our teachers, James?
' MissSurber, the best Walker went
one day to the Brink of a Steele fac
tory to fee a jiew spicie of a berry
called the Yarberry, on her way back 1
ret and by threats of exposure black- and reported the attempted holdup to ghe saw Miss Edson feding the chick-1
mailed him into delivering up copies the police. ' ens in the Bar'nard. ,
; kTMwm Aw&i&frsK
r$0$.- Jf;fy lCCf
I v k f . . k ZK ' &y??7! f ;-A A
Graduate of the Palmer School

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