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'PuMUhad bjr lha Journalism CUm Of
Liberal High School
. The borrowing or taking of books
without the Permission of the owner
ii getting to be quite a habit with
7 Borne people. It was made plain at the
'.' beginning of the year that anybody
found with somebody elses belongings
: -. is very likely to get into trouble, "un
i less they had the consent of the own
: . r. Mr. Steele 'says that some severe
punishment will be placed on those
. n I. i. Ill . .
ii ebuv ik ii rrnw nv w Titnnr nnmiiK.
ion" if It doesn't dtnn
The Debate and Oratory Club was.
' 1 it ' i. M it. t mV.M
will meet on Monday after school.
Their work will consist of parlimen
tary practice, formal debating and
' extemporaneous speaking. By .this
course of work under the instruction
t4 Vii S4-.&o1a Vi Imna rt naln a
knowledge of what constitutes evi
dence; the relative value of evidence;
and how to find evidence, as well as
the valuable practice in public speak
ing, Debates will probably be arrangr
ed with neighboring towns. The of fl
' cers of Nthe club are President, Alva
iam; vice-rresiaent, unester Boies;
Secretary, Virgil Rennick.
In their regular meeting Wednes
day evening the Jouranlism class
gave their high school notes a name.
and elected the staff officers for the
' remainder of the year. There are now
- twenty-four members in the class
and we are doing he work in such a
wav that Wo think we will commence
" putting out a paper of our own by
next year.
There will be no. Declamation
vClub this year. If enough contest
ants will answer the call . made in
chapel last .week, we will, go ahead
' and prepare for the spring contests.
Miss Pittman will have charge of this.
. Senior New
' Mrs. Crowell reports that Normal
Training girls visited the second
grade Arithmetic class and witnessed
four different methods of teaching
arithmetic. ,
Gertrude . MaloneJ former Senior
L. H. S., writes that she read in the
Bulletin that Liberal was playing
basket ball again and she wishes she
was here to yell for them
American History people are con
sidering deeply the term? of the Mon
roe Doctrine.
Senior girls had a meeting Wednes
- tay to discuss costumes for Com
mencement. Physics classes are beginning the
study of electricity. Mr. Meyer thinks
this will be less difficult than what
we have been having. Now watch us
shock him with some good grades.
Laura . Barrier as absent from
school part of Wednesday.
Elsie -Wettstein was absent from
school Tuesday due to the bad roads.
Blanche Jones has returned to
school after two days absence.
Anna Shelton, a graduate of last
year's class, is now typewriting for
the National Cloak & Suit Company
of Kansas City. She received her
training for this work at L. H. S
- - ' We are having fine weather and
the wheat is looking fine. :
Rev. Stipe, of Fowler, Kas., who
- has been helping our pastor, Rev.
' McCormic, in . a revival at Eureka
church the last two weeks, closed on
Sunday night There was a good
many converted in the meeting and
roach good done in the community.
He is a real man of God and his ser
mons -were appreciated by everyone
who had the privilege of hearing him
and those who did not come out' to
hear him have missed a lot '
1 ft
The Juniors are proud of the fact
that' Frank Highland, the basketball
star of the southwest, is a Junior.
' .Alice Eidson who was formerly of
the Junior class here writes that she
is very homesick for L. H. S.
. Dale Nichols is absent from school
because of scarlet fever at home.
Agatha thinks that Julius Ceasar
must have been a very patient man
hot to have1 "slapped his enemies. If
he had. as much trouble understand
ing them as. she does, he would have
she says. . "
The English Vi classes' are going
to take up the study of, Macbeth They
have just finished the study of "The
The Bookkeeping class la beginning
the study of practical office work
this week. '
Sophomore Note
Donald Brown is again in school
after two days absence.
Alice Nichols, a journalist, as well
as a Sophomore, is entertaining the
scarlet fever.
Mabel ' Harness was absent from
school Monday and Tuesday on ' ac
count of the bad roads.
Myrl Engel is confined to his home
with scarlet fever.
Mabel Yarberry was absent two
days on account of sickness.
The Domestic Science classes have
taken up their work in sewing. The
classes studied cooking the first
. Freshmen Notes
Goldie Warner was absent from
school Wednesday.
Mr. Wood in Modern Progress:
Would the Kaiser have to have a
passport to leave Germany?
Class: No; there wasn't any one
to give him one.
Mr. Wood: Oh, he was the govern
ment himself? '
Walter D: Well, I bet he didn't
ask himself all those questions. .
j Lawrence Harness is absent from
I school on account of illness. . '
. The present enrollment of - the
high school is 238. The total enroll
I ment for the year wbb 263. Twenty
: five students have .left or quit for
some reason, most of them having
gone somewhere else to school. This
shows that there is a pretty good In
terest in the school work. The fol
lowing shows the cause for leaving
i scnooi: une was married, two went
to the navy, five quit because, of
health, five to work, one becaus of
lack of Interest and the cause of the
other two for quitting is not known.
. The scarlet fever contagion seems
to be clearing up somewhat this week.
Several new cases broke out last
week, but very few have been reportd
this 'Week. The health officer and
other officials concerned have been
working with the proposition and
they say things are going good but
it will have to be watcrred very close
ly for some time yet.
Mrs. Crowell in American History :
"Those people who' Interpret the
waste paper, basket as a receptacle
to hold their gum- for forty minutes
are as mistaken as those who inter
pret the finger bowl as a bath-tub."
: Grandma Capper of Tyrone, is out
at her daughter's near Waukeny, and
has been "tending the revival mt it
tags. Elbert King is quite sick and has
been for a week.
Mr. and Mrs'. C. H. Morehouse
spent Sunday afternoon at W. T. Cap
per's, west of Tyrone., ' '
Mr. and Mrs. Morehouse spent the
Sabbath afternoon with their daugh
ter and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
Capper, west of Tyrone7
rM. and Mrs. Meredith called at
the Walter Capper home Sunday ev
ening. 7
'The Proof Is In The Baking
Every Sack Guaranteed
Light Grain Gf Milling
1 ' : 1'-'
NO. 3
. General New ,,-X
Dr Day and Mrs. Meyers are busy
every day inspecting the school chil
dren. They keep close tab on those
who are sick or not feeling well.
Mr. Wood has offefed the follow
ing rule for pronouncing French
.words: Take out half of the letters
and pronounce the rest and you will
have it.
We wonder:
Why the, Doctor never iooks to
Miss Lance's mouth. ,
Why the Seniors never have any
more parties. ,
Why Estella Heath pat alone in
chapel recently. , ,
How about those Freshmen speech
es that we were going to have? We
would like to have them.
Since Mr: Steele can walk a block
a minute we wonder how fast he can
The Ten Commandments for The
i Freihmen
1. Thou shalt not have whispered
conversation during chapel.
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee
any paper wads.
3. Thou shalt not bow down thy
self to thy teachers and obey them.
4. Thou shalt not take the names
of thy instructors in vain.
5. Thou shalt not go to picture
shows during quarantine,
' 8. Thou shalt not whisper without
7. Thou Bhalt not shoot beans in
study hall.
8. Thou shalt not tell thy class
mates answers during exams.
9 Thou shalt not covet thy upper
classmen's prestige.,
iO. Thou shalt not swipe thy seat
mate's paper and pencil. .
Heard at noon:
"I wish they would lift this quar
antine. I'm out of powder."
"If I do not get to go to the barber
shop I'll soon, have to pay dog tax"
"Nawl I stay at home all day."
"They won't do anything to you
for going to the country."
"I think orgnndie would be pretty,
etc., etc." , '
v Jokes '
A little girl wrote a composition
on "Men" something 'Ike this:
"Men are what women marry.
They swear, drink njid don't go to
church. They might go if they had a
new bonnet to show off. Men and,
women . both sprang from monkeys,
but women sprang the farthest"
In Modern Progress, Virginia had
been telling about an article in the
paper. It was that the people in Ice
land had sent to Europe for ice so
that they might keep their fish. Mr.
Wood asked her to bring the piece
and she did so the next da;t When he
had read it she asked, "Don't you
believe it?" .
Coach : "Of course I do." '
'Virginia: "But you said it was a
fish story."
Coach u "Well it is.".
The staff of the Liberalite will ap
pear in the next issue.
Fred Malone left on No. 2 Mon
day for a short business trip in Her
ington. ' i ,
Mr. and Mrs. John Kern were up
from Gray Saturday. Mrs. L. M.
Calvert and daughter Bess, and Ora
Cole returned with them Sunday
morning and spent the day.
The Hutchinson News says: "The I
contract for construction of the
Byers road from Forgan to Liberal,
now being built, has been let 0 E5
Strickland & Smedley company, ofiss
Forgan. The cost is $800,000."
' ' Improper Hand Signals Caus6 Many Serious Accidents ' I I
.' ' ; ' , TUItN TO THE RIGHTi I!
i - -v5 . i
'i t'
The arvcrage "driver i p r.ulo m y. c U ft si.Io of his car. If he is going
to turn to the righ'. there" is only o;;:- Bg.mi to v. Put your left hand up in the
air and hold it there for a sufficient length of time for anyone behind you to see
it. Dun't lean v;iy nci-obK r:id ; t out. yo.r hand 01 t!;a rig'. t hand side of the car
If someone ilse is ridin gwitb you it is propc for them to 1 it,, 'tut oftimos they
dn riot know when youm-c 2.hi? U tn-n. ?; i i..'.'ul.whi n yoj turn ,to the right
put your !e.ft h :nd :ip in the w: y u hi'jh "i ovTone cvn si-e it Drivers com
ing here from the const or other t(iintp, vt'-.uai'. cwiy time ti.ey no on the street at
the cavelt'ssncs.) here in giving sijtiir.lr. Thwe ju''' ' show th ri-o:er way hv which
to signal and a little c:.rc' will n-.ik. .ecife-.t-! ,o.. h;it fvwer' than' they are at the
present time,
T Jlav" 'A'O T'iS'LEFT.'
.. ft ... , ! j
i r5
l h "ry rir-i : !"i!n- ' " -rtt !fl Iii-i-t? the
left, fii.nply ; 0 I y 1 ! -t :.:it;.; : .1,1 :.,!; 1, ,: r. .1 Mi.'f and straight.
Don't j 'l I. cu: n. 1: !t ! . :, : ... It.'it :; ll.eiv '-n- a .' w seen ids'. Be
careful and don't lot jmv i.m !: ! te.-P!.f lie -Jriver uAur.i i,. nmf think
you ore geiny to Von. '! ib?,. .. v.. ': ivf. every diy up the streets of
Liberal people i.rc tjivlnr, ll.e vorong f ip.val.s or i!.:o fcivi' u them in such n fu&hLn the
person in buck does not l.n .w wl: i i..- iv-v,; i. :vt ftnitrt't out from- tho left
hand side of th': ear iaei.:iK "I t:i.:.: to le."," .;nd Ly ivinj it v.i. ny acci
dents are vuifK'vl. t
Frequently 'cars stop KiH-n t-wn witi.onf ? !.";:!' i.T"l .".,cti 'h? drivert This is
exceedingly dangerous, ami accidents may bj vn?i".j b," n -'iwiila li-tie signcl such as
the one shown above. The arm droppej down on the oulsido of the car at about 5
degree angle means you ore going to stn't your car. '1; is nl.iuys well to leave the
arm down from the mo.neat ycu d.iciJc to stop the car until the car has lost all mo-?
tion. In this way machines ccming from behind at quite a distance will be mat
aware that you are sloping up. The same signal may be used if you are about to alow
up and not. stop. The three pictures shown on this page of the proper way to signal
are based on universal usage. , They were posed by Chas. Molter.
' v ' ,'
Mr r if m on .
E 2
' E3
, ' - i-. ut ; .
r :

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