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March 24t921
Batcred as second class matter Jan- j
wry 6, 1911, at the post office at
Liberal, Kansas, under the Act of
March 8, 1879. ..
Published Every 'Thursday at Liberal
Seward County, Kansas. '
Subscription Price 81.60 Per Year
So Mrs. Grinstead will run for the
The road between Libera and the
river is about as bad as it has been
hi a long time, sandy and rough be
ing cut up badly. The rest of the road
between Sublette and Liberal was
seasonably good. Santa Fe Monitor
There they go again! Always
Knocking that road!
' m
One does not like a "tight wad"
bat he is worth as much to a com
munity as the, fellow who Is always
broke. Pratt Union
John Wanamaker says: "If there is
one business on earth that a "quit
ter" should leave entirely alone, ft
fa advertising." Advertising is the
power which creates sales and builds
business. The natural ' time to in
crease advertising is during wht is
lermea "auir times, in this way wise
merchants by using a little advertis
ing, keep their sale volume up to nor
mal. Mulvane News -
Lots of women would laugh at
their husband's funeral if it were not
the fashion to weep. Washington
Republican-Register. Yep, and np
one would blame them, either.
Guymon is talking of buliding an
east and west railroad. The Herald
has already made considerable head
way through its columns.
The equinox came in with a cold
nap and a snow flurry only to
dissolve into warm windy springlike
V I'M:
Hit n-- pi &w$ml
mrA 1 rr L " i
vfl' IaJ v, f Of
- ?VC i - J.r-h '
In spite of the cold days of the
first of the week, the fruit trees are
still safe.
Let's carry the Lenten Season with
b throughout the year.
The season of abstinence of frivol
ity, the thinking of- beautiful
thoughts, and the doing -of noble
Back the Woman's Club and the
progressive citizens of the city by
supporting the Public Library Move
ment Give it your earnest coopera
tion while waiting for election and
the don't forget to vote for it
J will look sometimes- aboul ma for th
things that merit praise:
I will search for hidden beauties that
elude the grumbler's gaze:
I will try to And contentment In the paths
that I must tread: ,
1, will cease to have resentment when
another moves ahead.
-British Weekly.
FOR a choice dish sometime on a spe
cial occasion you may like to try:
Chicken Fillets With Almond 8auo.
Sprinkle two. chicken fillets wltfr
salt Httle pepper and a few
grains of cayenne. Dip In olive ofl
and , cook In a hot frying pan . until
delicately brown. Add to the pan one
cupful of equal parts of white sauce
and cream. When hot thicken further
with two tablespoonfuls of flour rubbed
to a paste with an equal quantity of
olive oil or cream. 8tlr until the
sauce bolls, then add one-half cupful
of thinly sliced almonds.
, Apple Boll.
Mix together one and one-half cup
tuls of flour, one-third of a cup
ful of lard and a teaspoonful of salt ;
when well blended add jurt enough
water to Ynake a pnste of the con-
That the art of hand embroidery is again coming into its
own is signiflcent with the showing of the new spring and sum
Thpsp two Jessco models, which were handmade
by French peasant girls, are striking emamples of the lfttest
creations. The one on the left still retains the straight lines,
which were so prominent last year, yet wltn its Kimono-eneci
cWvpo and ripprwtll T.ftlinr. reilCCIS a aicuucuve iuuiiuuouit.
The other is a charming frock of white voile with figured waist
. 1 1 ft 1 1 1 t...4 AmtlMAIll AtW
ana accoraion-piaiiea skii-i, Bepuruieu uy uau ciuuiwuhji
which makes a striking afternoon frock.
Legion Is Endeavoring to Find Wan
' Alleged to Have Helped Slacker
Reach Germany.
f The American Legion is searching
for the man who Is roporUnl to have
aided Grover C. BerKdolL notorious
Blacker, in his escape from Canada to
Germany, according to Lemuel Bolles,
.national adjutant of the Legion, who
said that the Lnglon Is especially con
cerned in thnt Bergdoll Is alleged to
have obtained bis passport In Winni
peg by using i in American Legion but
ton and the army discharge papers of
a Legionnaire. ,
Mr. Bolles has appealed to the De
partment of Justice, to. ascertain the
facts in the ciim and proposes. If the
report Is true, to see that the man
Is apprehended, expelled from the Le
gion and brought to a speedy trial.
Bergdoll has been the target of nu
merous attacks of the American Le
gion. When he "escaped" from prison
a reward of $.TO0 was offered for his
capture and a number of Legion posts
in many parts of the country took
similar action to bring about his cap
ture. One pos,t adopted ' resolutions
Urging the President to demand the
release of the two Americans who tried
to recover Bergdoll In Germany. '
Familiarity's Breed.
At the grave of the departed the
old darkey pastor stood, bat In hand.
Looking into the nbyss he delivered
himself of the funeral oration.
''Samuel Johnson," he said sorrow
fully, "We hopes you Is gone where
we 'specks you ain't" American
Legion Weekly.
The Greater Shame.
Wlfey Aren't you. positively
shamed that your we and daugh
ter, are out nt the elbows?
Hub Nope. iBut I am ashamed
that they are ull out at the knees.
American Legion Weekly.
FOR RENT 2 Furnished rooms
for light housekeeping. Phone 412.
FOR SALE: baby chicks, 15C each.
Ed. Brier, Phone 10L1 Liberal. 89tf
FOR RENT: two sleeping rooms. 81Q
North Grant 0t2c
Furnished and unfurnished rooms
Phone 804. 89
FOR RENT: a ten arce tract joining
Liberal. See J. DeCamp. 39t3c
FOR SALE: A good reed baby
buggy. Call phone No. 1258. 36t3p
FOR SALE Six lots on No. Sher
man. Phone 184. W. D. Connelly.
WANTED: to rent a baby carriage
for three weeks. Phone 891. 40
Furnished housekeeping rooms for
rent; modern. 224 N. Grant 40-lc
FOR SALE: Perfection oil stove
in good condition. Phone 2405. '
FOR SALE: Colorado apple from
$2.00 to $2.76 per box. First door
East Collins Produce East 2nd. St.
Pure Bred S. C. Brown Leg
horn eargs, $4.00 per hundred. Hen-
ry Fuller, Liberal, Kansas. 39t5
FOR RENT, two light housekeeping
rooms down stairs, water in kitch
en. 230 S. Pershing. Phone 54 40tlr
FOR SALE: few good teams horses
and mules. E. J. Fitzgerald, Lib
eral,. Kansas. - 40tl
One House keeping room, well fur
nished and 2 sleeping rooms for
rent Mrs. W. C. Creed, 102 S. Grant
barb wire, locust posts and fence
posts and other junk. Also a good oak
folding bed in first class condition.
628 North Sherman. 89t2
FOR SALE Everbearing (Pro
gressive) Strawberry plants. $1.25
per 100. postpaid. 8. A. Bauers-
field, Liberal, Kansas. 40t4c
Will care for confinement
in my home. $25 per week. Phone
8405 or call 721 North Penna. Mrs.
Hardy. Ste
For Rent:light housekeeping rooms
furnished or unfurnished. Also two
romt house for rent N. J. B. Wood
contractor. Close McKinley school.
Phone 2251. A. J. Bowles. 40tl
FOR SALE: Buick roadster easy
terms, good shape. 2 good town lots
at a bargain on easy terms. Dr. 1. H.
Neighbors. 195t7
FOR SALE: one quarter of level
land six miles north of Richfield
Kans., Price $2250. $1250 cash bal
ance terms. F. L. Norris, Mulhnville
Kansas. ' 40t2c
FOR SALE: fresh, rich milk and
clean. Milk saved by request uIwrvs
FOR SALE: A number of work hors
es and mares at reasonable prices.
Liberal terms to .responsible parties.
Addres E. F. Prints & Son 40t4e
Will pay highest price for old gold
Towns and bridges or artificial teeth.
Mo matter how badly broken. Bring
them in. Dr. Beaty's Dentists, Lib
eral, Kans. wtfe.
21 and 22 in Block 1 Baughmaa's
first addition Liberal, aKnsas. Send
bids to L. M. Murray (owner) 1730
W 13th Street, Pueblo, Colo. dltStf
Oklahoma Dwarf Broom Corn Seed
$3. Spur Improved Feterita, Texas
Seeded Ribon Cane Seed and Orange
Syrup Cane Seed, $2 per 100. G.
B. Stone, Lorena, Okla. w37 t4c
12x25 tractor in good running shape,
for a Ford Truck or cattle. J. W.
Lewis, Phone 7Y, Tyrone, Okla.
1Tftl CAT.1T Tin lttin1A,9
rom the same cow, for your baby. - . ., , . . .
T. H. Taylor, Phone 3329. Lake-iof row cr0D ontatinK pf maize, kaf-
view Dairy.
and two
plows, also 1
40tfc corn and cane, on the Guttridge
1 30-60 Rumley tractor mlace. 4 miles west and 7 North
section Saunders disc . T.ik,ni inmiir. ti i
oo Tin . : i" ' -
&-iir nvcnui eiiKUic.
86-60 separator. All ready to eo.
E. F. McPherson, Phone 4459, Llb-i
eral. 89tfc
iT. Willis.
STRAYED: 2-year old brockle face
heifer came to my place about Jan
1st. Owner my have same by paying
for pasture bill and advertising. L.
T. Henry, 4 miles north and 1 west
of Liberal. 40t3c
TAKEN UP One stray yearling
heifer; white, spotted, dragging rope.
See City Marshal. Phone 285. 4UUC
Up-to-date sewing done. See Mrs,
Anna Hobson or Mrs. Ives, North Ok
lahoma St or phone 1258. wt3p
WANTED: place on farm, either by
month or on share. Have 'two boys
can work, accostumed to handling
stock. . References given. Inquire at
Mcnermot Kooming house John S
Francis. . 40t3c
Whoever borrower my
tackle, please bring it home. E. J.
Fitgerald, Liberal, Kansas. ' 40tl
' ond-hand Allen Car. W. C. Bry
an, 4 miles south, 6 east of Lib-
block and ' w39tfc
TAKEN UP About November 1,
a bay mare colt, about 8 years old.
Owner may have same by paying pas
ture bill' and advertising charges.-'
S. P. Gentzler, 6H miles northwest
nf Liberal, w88tflp
Broomcorn Seed for Sale: Poor seed
oftentimes puts the cuss In a good .
customer. Therefore plant the best
Webber's Oklahoma Evergres
dwarf. Saved from long, fine fibered
full tipped brush and treated for
smoot. For sale by Vickers Grain
& Seed Co., Price $4 per bushel Lib-
eral, Kansas. J. M Webber, Hugoton,
Kansas, Route A. 40t3e
Arkansas Officer's Unit Made Record
for Number of Men Discharged
In One Day.
Heher 1 McAlister of Conway, Ark.,
chairman of the Americanism commit
tee of !lu Arkan'
sns (lcpiirlnicnt of
the, Anici'icuu Le-,
glon, ctiitonred
himself to ninny
ex - (loui: h hoys
when his milt at
Camp Dlx, N. Y
discharged more I
men In one day
than any other
unit in the army.
The score which
he commnnded as
a major, was 1,
530dlHcharges In one day.
A member of the. Arkansas Nation
al Guard, Mr. McAlister entered the
federal service early In the war end
served In America and France. He
rose from second lieutenant to major.
Mr. McAlister was educated In the
common and high schools of Mississip
pi and wm' graduated from Mississip
pi college, lie t an assistant In
mathematics nt alma mater for
one year nnd then became a member
of Hie faculty of Ouachita college. He
was acting president of the latter In-
ntltntlon when Iia rMtimpri to enter !
the service. Mr, McAlister Is now di
rector of extension at Arkansas State
Normal school.
TO TRADE: farm 160A for. city
property. Possession at once. J. A.
Brooks Land ft Auto Co. 40tlc
Big Black Recorded Jack for ser
vice. Young jacks for sale or trade. '
G. B. Stone, Lorena, Okla. wS7 t4e
Ready-to-wear Hats
At $6 to $10, Worth $8 to $15
Progressive everbearing strawber- j
ry plants, $1.00 per hundred. Mrs. g
M. V. Welch, 612 North Prospsct
FIVE-Room house with bath. cIorp 1
in; $3,500.00. $1000.00 will han- I
'die. Chas. W. Rogers, basement of)
George building.
EGGS for hatching, rose comb leg
horns. 1 team of mares, good
teams. 1 Emerson disc plow and one
disc harrow good as new. 89tf
FOR SALE: good clean locust bush
es, good tee, and cheat). Some
These Hats are of the finest
grades; trimmed in the latest
styles by experienced trim
mers. 'Our one small profit makes it
possible to buy a good hat at
a reasonable price.
Lyon Bros. Hats
Liberal Ambulance
1 Ul UL i'-Vi ,?M
TO TRADE: 860 a. fine New Mexico
valley land for house or lots in Lib
eral. 0. E. Rennick, Peoples Cash
Grocery. 89t3
-t i ' ' :
Light's Best Flour
The Flour for the discriminating
Housewife who wants the best
Best Iri Quality
Best In . Value
The Proof Is In
the Baking
3Light Grain & Milling Co.
1 ; . TRY A SACK
Liberal, Kansas
YES, Builds a Home and be C ft A
p; V your own landlord. A home 7. XJ 'i J Jr
YES, Builds a Home and be
your own landlord. A home
will make you independent
of the "rent hoff. It will
give you a chance to laugh at him.
And in years to come you can look back and eay: "WellI
. have something more than mere rent receipts to show for
'. mv existence." MWWWW$m&T?p-
Let us show you how it can be done. We will go into this
matter thoroughly with you and demonstrate the advisabil
ity of building your home RIGHT, NOW.
Phone 121
Griffith & Baughman
Rey Kennedy. Mgr. City Property. ' , '

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