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Offical Ciiy and County Paper
: : js .
Murder Probably Occurred Friday Afternoon,
But Body Was Not Discovered Until Mon
day. Frank Cook Makes Find
John Longenecker, a bachelor liv- pared for shipment to Unionville,
in; alone on hh farm in Beaver Iowa, where 1 services will be held
county, Oklahoma, eight miles south- and interment made. Lester Shel
and east of Liberal, was found dead ton accompanied the remains, which
ibtween two stacks of feed Monday were shipped on No. 2 Wednesday.
Jjafternoon with a bullet hole through His sister, "Mrs. I. Shelton, was uH
- his head, every evidence pointing to able to accompany the body to Iowa,
murder. The deceased has a brother, S. S.
Road Overseer Frank Cook made Longenecker, residing at DeQueen,
the guesome find. He went to the Arkansas, and a brother-in-law at
Longenecker farm Monday morning
to get Longenecker to work on the
road. Not finding him at the house1
he went to the barn and noticing a
team with the harness on, and the
harness badly disarranged he remov-
ed them and went on his way.
. About noon he returned to the
place and seeing the team still in
th bam decided to turn them l6ose
to rustle for feed. A calf in the barn
outside the barn where there were
1 M - i i . .
, v , , ,
loose bundles picked one up and in
doing so uncovered
neaa 01
man which proved
to De L,onge
He called Longeneckers sister Mrs bakng surface and is known, as
I. Shelton who lives in the Lorena continuous bake. It HT one of the lar
neighborhood, who phoned cororner gest thlg s5de of Hutchnison.
S. A. Miller of Liberal. Miller notifi- The Quaiity Bakery is improving
ed the county attorney and sheriff at it8 equipment all the time and is be
Beaver and they arrived at the farm 'jng enlarged constantly,
about 2 o'clock. A Justice of the The bread is -wrapped in a new
Peace was deputized as coroner and wrapper which ireads: "Morning
a hearing was held, the verdict of the Glory Bread. Fresh as the morning
jury being that Longenecker came giory ad COvers Liberal like the
to his death as a result of a gunshot
Vouna miuciea Dy parties unknown.
' Indications are that Longenecker
was killed and dragged to the feed
stacks. He had a bullet hole through
'his head, the bullet entering back
of. the left ear and lodging in the
cheek bone on the right side of his
face. There was a cut on his forehead
about 2 inches long clear to the
skull, but the bone was not fractur
ed. Longnecker probably met his
death soon after noon on Friday. He
was in town that day and about one
o'clock stooped at the Otis Turner
grocery in South Liberal and bought
some groceries for a lunch. That he
was killed withiir a few minutes af
ter eating is attend by physicians
. who viewed the contents of his stom
ach and noted that digestion had not
been started. ,
His car was found four or five
miles southeast of the place. One
tire was down, but there was plenty
. of gasoline in the tank. The coils
had been .removed, but whether 'the
car was driven off by the murderers
and the coils taken by them is a
matter of conjecture.
When the body was found some
thing like $ 10 i change was found
in the pockets, which does not coin
cide with the theory of robbery.
While there are rumors afloat as to
hlfl H ianln vfn tr 1 arcra unta r9 m n n n i.
. a - " r " n u 1 1 in u . ii i w 1 1 jr
relatives are of the opinion that'
tj are mistakes as none of ,them
evSfr knew him to practice the habit
Longenecker was about 47 years
old, and had lived by himself since
. the death of his mother about a year
go. Previous to that time the two
occupied the farm home for many
years. At the -death of his mother
he inherited the. home place by tea
ton of Ms having taken care of his
mother. He had considerable live
stock, but was not known as a man
of means.
A search of the house revealed
tnat nothing had been disturbed, an
other incident which does not bear
out the idea that he was killed dur
ing a robbery.
Really, the motive' of the murder
er is difficult of solutionThat
Longenecker was murdered, no one
can doubt, buf the motive for the
deed is beyond conjecture.. He was
known as a good-natured gentleman.
not given to making enemies," and
relatives are a loss to explain why
anyone should wisji him out of the
The body was brought to the Lib
, Undertaking parlors and pro-
Rathburn, Iowa. He also has another
brother whoso address is unknown.
The murder of Mr. Longenecker
stirred the people of two counties,
and while there is not the slightest
clue to his assailant at this time, it
is understood that a determined - ef-
fort win be made to hunt his B8sal
fort wiU be made to hunt down the
VS Party. 4
' . . .
I The Quality Bakery on N. Lincoln
Ave ha9 !nstalled a large new
oyen thig week which wl bake g44
loaves of bread at one time. The
oven has a SDace of 109 sou are feet
morning dew."
In the base ball game Saturday
afternoon at Tyrone, Liberal won
the game with a score of 5 to 3.
Jap Scott and family of Satanta
were in "Liberal on business Friday.
WILL ERECT A $50,000
Mgr. Tucker of Photo
play to Build Mag
nificent Theatre
Henry V. Tucker, manager and
owner of the Photoplay theatre of
this city has let a contract, for a
new building which will be 60 x 130
feet, with a seating capacity of 962.
Here are some of the statistics:
Main floor, 703; balcony, 155; loges
104; estimated cost $50,000. Stage
size 60 x 26. Will have rigging loft
45 feet high which will take care of
any show that will probably come
to Liberal for years. Will be com
plete with scenery, rigging and
switchboard. .
There will be four office rooms
on the second floor and two small
store rooms in lower floor.
Has entrances vestibule, inter
ior lobby and main foyer.
There will be toilets on both floors
Loges located on front of .balcony
equipped with upholstered chairs.
Main floor with good heavy veneer
The contractor J. D. Woodside of
Enid, Okla., is an experienced thea
tre builder. The architect, Carl Boi
ler & Bro of Enid Okla. This will be
the 80th theatre designed by them.
Work will begin about May 16th.
And will be completed in August.
Very little time will be lost in shows
as the new building will be erected
around and over the present one.
J .
; Marshall Higgins killed two dogs
last week, on the South Side which
were reported to him as having tried
to bite people living there. The head
of one animal hat been sent, foe ex
Salesman Toole a Sack With Him
on Rid In a Big .Armjr
E. E. Curtis, salesman for the
Light Grain & Milling Company was
in El Paso, Texas, last week, and?
took a. flight in one of the large
army balloons stationed there.
Just for advertising purposes he
took a sack of Light's Best Flour
with him and while up in the air a
mile or more had a picture taken.
Ira Salley, manager of the firm, was
present at the flight and brought
back several views.
The, balloon carried a motion pic
ture camera and made views of the
city. One of the pictures shows the
mechanic working on h'8 motor at a
great, altitude and the sack of
"Light's Best" standing near him.
While Salley appears in one of the
pictures it is easily noticed that he
kept his feet on the ground. .
Mrs. H. Riggle fl from the back
porch of her home on N. Kansas
avenue Thursday morning, and broke
her left arm above the elbow. The
bone was set and is healing satis
factorily. .
Dr. E. F. Pellette, osteopath, will
leave Sunday for Kansas City to at
tend a State Osteopathic Convention
returning home Sunday, May 8th.
Have Contracted With
Skaer to Drill Hole.
Work is Started
The Seward County Oil & Gas
Company well, nine miles north of
Liberal Was spudded in Wednesday
and everything is in shape to com
plete the hole in record time.
The company drilled a considera
ble distance sometime ago, but the
hole was spoiled, making it neces
sary to start over. Consequently, a
contract was made with Mr. Skaer
to take charge of the work and he
has contracted to make the hole,
which is pleasing news . to Liberal
folks as all have the greatest confi
dence in the ability of Mr, Skaer.
He has drilled a number of wells
and knows how it is done.
The starting of this well should
increase interest in the. Liberal field
as many oil men of prominence have
pronounced the location good, and
there is little doubt but what oil
will be found in this well. The time
for doubting the possibility of the
Liberal field has passed and that the
Seward County Oil & Gas Company
well is on such a structure as to be a
good producer is conceded by the
best conformed oil men in the coun
try. The rig is in fine shape and every
thing necessary to be done has been
done to insure speedy work and
Skaer has a good crew of drillers
to make the hole.
The Blue Bell school held gradu
ating exercises last Friday evening,
when Miss Edith Lofland received
her diploma as a graduate of the
common school. The Rev. Eli
Walker of the' Christian church gave
the commencement address before
a nice crowd. Mrs. Walker and Miss
Emma Thompson comprisd a duet
which sang several pleasing selec
tions. Miss Gertrude Mahan is teach
er of this school.'
Frank Fraim who' was driving n
Grant Six Monday afternoon turned
the corner at 9th and Kansas when
a car coming up the street struck
him with' such force that his car was
badly damaged. It happened that
Marshall Swarta witnessed the ac
cident and arrested the Ford driver
as he was on 'the wrong side of the
street and was driving at the rate of
30 miles a hour. ' v ' ' .
RAILROAD $381,000
Meant Present. Mortgage. Will Be
Paid and Work Raumed on
Granting of a loan of $381,000 to
the Wichita and Northwestern - rail
road was approved by the Inter
State Commerce Commission accord
ing to a telegram received from
Chester I. Long, Cowan and Deputy
attorneys for the holders of the $260
000 mortgage held on 80 miles of the
As the government does not allow
a loan without taking a first mort
gage, the approval according to C. I.'
Depuy, means the present will be
paid off. Chester I. Long of the le
gal firm has been in Washington
several days and it is understood has
aided in securing the loan.
With payment of the mortgage,
$131,000 will be available to im
prove the road. O. P. Byers of Hut
chinson is president of the railroad,
v The above is taken from the Wich
ita Eagle and will be good news to
the people of Liberal vicinity.
While it has been impossible to
get authentic- information regard
ing the future of the Kansas & Okla
homa railroad from Forgan to Lib
eral,' we have it from a party close to
the inside that the granting of this
loan to the Anthony & Northern
will in all probability release enough
of Mr. Byers' resources that he can
construct the K & O to the Kansas
line, at which time it is expected the
township and city funds will become
available to assist in finishing' the
road. 1
Let Contract and Ma
chinery Now Being
Taken to Location
In order that the wtter supply of
Liberal be a sure thing, and that the f
volume be ample at all times, the
city council has let the contract for
another six inch well in all respects
similar to the one recently com
pleted. There was some doubt in the minds
of the counciimen as to the advisa
bility of a six inch well, but since
the completion of the first well these
are all dispelled, for the well is giv
ing perfect satisfaction in every way
and the decision to drill another
was easily reached.
The location of the well will be
300 feet north of the first one, and
work will begin at once. The ma
chinery for making the hole 'is here
and is being taken to the location.
The well will be drilled by the
same firm which made the first one,
and they will use a rotary drill the
same as before.
Mayor Griffth is in receipt of a
letter from the company furnishing
the pump that it is ready for ship-
ment upon receipt of shipping orders
This pump is an exact duplicate of
the one now working in the big well
and giving the best of service.
Mr. Griffith says that he is of the
opinion that the present well would
be sufficient to supply the town for
a year or more, but that in the
event there should be trouble and
it would be out of comflrisson for a
week or more the situation' would be
desperate, -and that the council
deemed it advisable to have a two
unit plant and be on the safe side.
The consumption of water is go
ing to be materially increased on
account of the paving. Since the
streets ha& been paved there is a
general movement in the direction of
better yards and more trees and
these are going to require a lot of
water. It is for this reason that the
second well was deemed necessary
for a week without water during a
hot season would undo ail the hard
work expended in beautifying the
It is expected to have the well
completed by the first of August,
and the pump will be here by the
time the well is finished. i
With the additional power to be
supplied by the new unit at the light
plant and the two big wells the water
problem is solved in Libearl for sev
eral years to come, and all that will
be necessary in the futur. is to drill
more big wells. The water question
U. S.
T, ICE &
Will Make Liberal Plant Fourth Largest in West
Third of Kansas. Addition to Building
Necessary to House Unit
has passed the experimental stage
thanks to the Judgment of the city
administration, and with the funds
made availabde by the bond issue
one of the greatest drawbacks to the
average town has bcome but a dream
The work of the present administra
tion in regard to the water problem
has been most commendable and
they have the thanks of the entire
city for the effort they have made
and are to be congratulatet upon its
successful culmination.
Rolland Morgan, 14-year old son
of Sheriff and Mrs. Will Morsran
of Hugoton was killed Sunday af
ternoon when an auto in which he
and his friend, Harold Flower were
riding, turned over near Hugoton,
killing Rolland outright and injuring
Flower, he having a broken leg and
fractured hip. Flower was driving
the car it is said.
A movement is on foot which
may result in Seward county having
some bloodhounds residents of the
city. There should be a pair or trio
of these animals in easy distance and
several Liberal business men are talk
ing of going in togther and getting
a set. Had we had had them here
Monday and they could have been
put on the trail of the murderer of
John Longenecker, there might have
been some cftue found of the crimin
al. The presence of the dogs might
have a tendency to avoid crime in
the community. -
. '
Lena Marie, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Smith, who has
been in a local, hospital was able to
be taken home Tuesday.
Installing Feed Mill to
Increase Output of
Mill Feeds
Another addition to the mill of the
Light Grain & Milling Company is
under way this week.
This is heing made to the big
elevator on the east of the main mill
building, and when completed will
hniian t.hfl nev fppd orindlnir machin-
ery purcnaged to inCrease the output
of mill feeds.
The company has been unable to
fill all the orders they receive for
mill feeds and realizing that the way
to keep business was in giving ser
vice decided to put in, the additional
machinery, necessary to handle
the business coming their way.
The equipment is of the most,!
modern pattern and will give suffi-
dent additional capacity that they
will be able to handle all orders.
The company is gradually enlarg
ing its territory and is doing a nice
business, helping to build up Liberal
while building' for Itself.
The commodious new office build
ing attests the success of the firm
and they are keeping their product
up to the highest point of perfection
that they may continue to expand.
They will manufacture a complete
line of mill feeds, chicken and
dairy feeds and expect to make this
an Important part of their business
in the future.
. , , -i . -
Tne report came nere ino inn vi, , .
xue 'every resource to affect a perman-
the week that the safe In the Gray ent solotion 0f the problem,
mercantile store had been blown and As a resuit of certain financial ao
$30 in cash taken and $260 in checks, commodations that . we have suc
The robbery.took place last Saturday, ceeded in perfec ting we are pleased
, , . . . to announce that additional central
and had the appearance of having Z . ,
been done by professionla. (Continued on last page.)
A new 365 H. P. Diesel oil engine
is to be installed at the plant of the
Liberal Light Ice & Power Company
at an early date according to an an
nouncement made public the first of
the week.
The new unit will be the very lat
est design in Diesel engines and will
be complete with an 812 K. V. A.
The addition of this unit will give
the plant a total combined horse
power of 830, making it the fourth
largest in the western third of Kan
sas, the plants at Gt. Bend, Dodge
City and Garden City being the only
larger plants and these serve a con
siderable section of country, while
the Liberal plant serves the city of
Liberal only.
To house the new engine and gen
erator a room will be built imme
diately north of the present Diesel
room. This will be 86 x 42 with 13
inch brick walls and will be equipped
with a traveling crane to faciliate in
stalling and repairs.
A cut of the new engine showa
it to be a massive affair and ita
weight is given as 155,000 lbs. The
engine and building including instal
lation will cost approximately $70,
000, the cubic yards of concrete in
the foundation for the engine alone
being greater than in any building '
in the city. These figures will give
an idea as to the magnitude of the
This is buf another step ln the
growth of the city, and is a far step
from the small steam engine which
pulled the first generator in the lo
cal . plant The plant now has-two
large Corliss steam engines besides
a Diesel and with the new machine
will be able to handle the local load
in a perfectly satisfactory manner.
There are two things absolutely
necessary to the growth of any city
ample power and water. With the
new engine installed there will be no
question as to light and power for
many years apd the fact that there
is plenty of power assures the water
supply of the city, and it is pleas
ing to Liberal folks to know that the
light plant is to be thus improved.
The light plant has been a big
factor in the development of Liber
al, and has labored under many dif
ficulties since the start, but the peo
ple have for the most part been pa
tient and overlooked the occasional
inconviences realizing that the man-
aeremet was putting forth its best
efforts and now that these improve
ments are to be made they feel that
their forbearance was warranted.
The following is self explanatory:
Members New York Stock Exchange
N. Y. April 27th, 1921
To the Honorable W. V. Griffith,
Mayor of the City of Liberal, Citi
zens and Customers of the Liberal
Light Ice & Power Company.
Gentlemen1 1
" The local nublic utility situation
has been affected during the world
war period and the months immedi-
atelv following with the same dif-
fculties in obtaining new capital for
extensions, betterments and plant
allition as have other industries. New
capital has been difficult to secure
and under most favorable circums-'
tances increasingly expensive. War
conditions resulted in such abnormal
increases in costs of labor, fuel and
materals as to ' make it impossible
for public utility companies to fur
nish attractive earning statements
that could be used as the basis for
new credit or financial accommod
ations. At no time have we failed to
recognize the growing needs of the
city of Liberal and we have been
disappointed that it has - been im
possible to provide sufficient central
station capacity to meet every de
mand that your growing city has
thrust upon us. However, we have
labored faithfully and conscientious
ly to render the most adequate serv
ice possible under prevailing condi-
biuus cum uavc vuiiMuueu w CAiiauo

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